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Interracial Love Stories

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Taste Of Vanilla

 — Tamlynn and Darrius find themselves in a "sticky" situation. by cupcake_coochie10/27/044.55HOT

Tasting Salt

 — The coach's daughter finds a date. by sweetalmondbrown02/28/104.71HOT

Tasting Sheila

 — White man & Black BBW live out online fantasy. by Bacomicfan07/04/014.50HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 01

 — Polynesian male piques a black female's interest. by virgofemme11/24/114.45

Tattoo of Love Ch. 02

 — An unexpected meeting. by virgofemme11/25/114.59HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 03

 — Vibrators and an afternoon lunch. by virgofemme11/30/114.56HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 04

 — A moment of passion. by virgofemme12/01/114.59HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 05

 — An awkward meeting. by virgofemme12/07/114.65HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 06

 — A motorcycle ride... by virgofemme12/18/114.66HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 07

 — A passionate coupling. by virgofemme12/27/114.74HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 08

 — Changes on the horizon. by virgofemme01/09/124.71HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 09

 — A family visit. by virgofemme01/16/124.70HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 10

 — Road trip. by virgofemme01/28/124.72HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 11

 — The twists and turns of life. by virgofemme02/04/124.71HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 12

 — Adjusting to change. by virgofemme02/09/124.71HOT

Tattoo of Love Ch. 13

 — A family dinner. by virgofemme02/20/124.82HOTContest Winner

Tattoo of Love Ch. 14

 — The end is only their beginning. by virgofemme03/08/124.79HOT

Tawny's First Time

 — She forgot she had a big project due. by cardinalsfan1309/15/073.95

Taxi Fare

 — Another way to pay your fare when broke. by melodytokis02/09/164.26

Taxman's Wife

 — A mature black woman and white male after doing taxes. by mustanger7up03/06/034.46

Taylor's Tailor Ch. 01

 — She alters his pants, a little here, a little there. by jay.palin01/18/044.63HOT

Taylor's Tailor Ch. 02

 — Vindictive Asian beauty cages him in. by jay.palin02/01/044.58HOT

Taylor, Amy, and Tom

 — Three's Company. by chasingDan05/18/134.10

Teach's Darq Secrets

 — The school marm gets more than she bargained in this deal. by Tara_Neale12/07/124.29

Teacher Appreciation Day

 — A female teacher's passions are reawaked by rowdy student. by HottTeacher05/14/124.19

Teacher's Pet

 — School Teacher's Fantasy Cums True by Innocent212/11/134.31

Teacher's Pet

 — Ebony college student learns respect. by JonB196909/21/154.43

Teaching Wade

 — Wife and her boss teach cheating husband a lesson. by passiondeflor02/23/144.06


 — Thirty something bw teases white guy in his twenties. by rocketgirl201108/17/134.62HOT

Teddy Bear for Valentines Day

 — Jessica is in for the biggest surprise of her life. by JessicaJolie01/25/154.12

Teddy Bears

 — Frank & Latina make up after argument. by Latina10/10/003.50

Tee Time

 — Seduction on the golf course. by Colleen Thomas09/28/054.73HOT

Temporary Help Ch. 1

 — White guy assists wife's Ebony employee. by sonnet_lyric04/13/024.17

Temptation in the Showers

 — Indian guy submits to white man in the gym shower. by SlaveIndian05/28/124.04

Temptation of a Social Worker

 — Meticulous social worker gets her perfectionist fucked out. by loosepetals09/12/134.23

Tempted and Bound

 — Woman finds the one person she can't resist... by Jessielle01/05/164.05

Ten Shade of Black

 — Loving on the Low. by Queen_Vicki02/04/133.94

Ten Thousand Kisses

 — All over your beautiful Mexican body. by Strapping Young Lad09/09/064.48

Tentacles Ch. 02

 — Dee discovers something shocking about Sys. by Nephylim03/29/134.56HOT


 — Black stud young enough to be her son. by TeretheTree04/16/034.12

Terri Goes All the Way

 — A crazy lust is inflamed and fantasy is fulfilled. by frankie_babe12/11/114.01

Terri's Man

 — A virgin finds a man who understands her. by collegegurl8312/13/024.36

Test Day Rendezvous

 — Being a stranger's schoolgirl fantasy. by cybergirlsex03/15/113.75

Test Drive

 — She couldn't resist the black car salesman. by blackmonsterdick01/26/123.64

Testing the Myth

 — White guy finds out if it's true. by da_nigolo11/23/013.99

Texas Dirt

 — Two black bitches drain the nuts of Texas cowboy. by ChokoLitStixxx33211/15/143.73

Texas Dirt Pt. 03

 — The ladies are unmasked as undercover agents. by ChokoLitStixxx33203/21/153.81

Texas Dirt Pt. 04

 — Perilous and KiKi make amends. by ChokoLitStixxx33208/20/154.12

Texas Romance

 — Two people meet by chance in a small Texas town. by valjean09/03/013.34

Texas Woman and Nigerian Man

 — Redneck woman marries African-born former Muslim. by Samuelx04/07/122.59

TGTBT Ch. 01

 — To good to be true... by hubbyhw07/07/144.32

TGTBT Ch. 02

 — We're invited to the Mandingo suite party. by hubbyhw07/09/144.28

TGTBT Ch. 03

 — Mandingo party fun. by hubbyhw07/17/144.50HOT


 — Married man finds happy ending. by Aussie_Ton11/01/104.09

Thailand is Paradise

 — Man discovers a world of sensuous pleasures. by CAP81102/09/084.66HOT

Thailand Temptations

 — Holiday in Phuket yields exotic pleasures. by Frisky George11/06/014.25

Thanking the Babysitter

 — A tale of a single Mum and her male babysitter. by JustJayne11/16/033.90

Thanks Little Sister

 — Her little sister finds her a good man. by Dai Raku05/29/054.16

Thanksgiving Playdate Ch. 01

 — We are a professional couple in our 40s. by hotnccple4u06/04/134.09

That 90's Gap In-Between Ch. 01

 — Just a hot summer night in June. by KinkNaWink04/29/164.37

That 90's Gap In-Between Ch. 02

 — Harlee meets Alex again... Sort of. by KinkNaWink05/14/164.27

That Four Letter Word

 — Ariana and Patrick embody a four letter word, but which one? by Ariana_Garvey01/23/164.63HOT

That Man

 — Love between a happy couple. by Bayjaytay01/15/134.39

That Night

 — Interracial lovers turn normal massage passionate. by Dana Gallagher04/28/063.94

That Side of Campus

 — Kaitlyn studies beyond the lines. by defyingexpectations12/28/144.45

That Special Night

 — Making love to my black lover for the first time. by JimandGarysgirl11/28/113.89

The $100,000 Porn Collection

 — A husband pushes his wife to date. by Bob151511/10/093.84

The 'Blacklion' Ch. 01

 — Black Adonis is ultimate black fantasy for white ladies. by thebruce208/03/053.43

The 'Blacklion' Ch. 02

 — The continuing adventures of the ultimate black adonis. by thebruce209/13/054.40

The 'Blacklion' Ch. 03

 — The continuing adventures of the ultimate black Adonis. by thebruce207/23/074.54HOT

The 8th Hole: A Golf Fantasy

 — Couple enjoys the rough. by WildRussian02/28/024.02

The Academy Ch. 3

 — Mistress Lily takes a much-needed vacation. by Sateema Lunasi03/22/013.64

The Addicted Mrs. McNeil

 — Married white teacher services young black resource officer. by badtitties10/22/103.68

The Adventures Of Bob Ch. 01

 — Bob is an enlongated, vile Black man that have women falling by shotgun22709/21/064.39

The Adventures Of Daddy And Baby

 — A chance meeting changes her life. by blk_cyberman08/26/074.62HOT

The Adventures Of Daddy And Baby Ch. 02

 — Elise and Lee have a busy morning. by blk_cyberman10/31/074.58HOT

The Adventures of Jenny Ch. 01

 — Jenny gets made into a nympho by her teacher. by tcorbett69112/20/154.44

The Adventures of Jenny Ch. 02

 — High school girl becomes a BBC slut. by tcorbett69101/31/164.43

The Adventures of Jenny Ch. 03

 — Jenny gets caught! by tcorbett69102/16/164.45

The Affair

 — Latino man falls for lovely Black woman. by ElWapo01/27/013.91

The Affair Ch. 01

 — Married black female has an affair with white older man. by the usual suspect11/12/034.59HOT

The Affair Ch. 02

 — Married black woman continues affair with white man. by the usual suspect01/18/044.50HOT

The After Party Ch. 01

 — White girl's first time. by mytasteislikecandy12/16/024.35

The After Party Ch. 02

 — White girl falls deeper. by mytasteislikecandy12/20/024.39

The After Party Ch. 03

 — White girl can't believe the things she's doing. by mytasteislikecandy01/07/034.44

The After Party Ch. 04

 — White girl goes public. by mytasteislikecandy01/12/034.45

The After Party Ch. 05

 — White girl makes a decision by mytasteislikecandy02/08/034.34

The Agony and the Ecstasy

 — My wife went with a black guy. by veldwalker08/27/153.84

The Air Conditioning Guy Ch. 02

 — Apartment dweller finds lust at the pool. by gypsee09/22/044.25

The Air Force at Work Ch. 1

 — The adventures of Enforcer One. by Enforcer One09/18/024.29

The Air Force at Work Ch. 2

 — The continuing adventures of Enforcer. by Enforcer One10/12/024.42

The Airport

 — Young Asian woman has her first black man. by MankoZ2805/29/094.18

The Alpha's Assassin Ch. 01

 — Bradley Eastwood is a 37 year-old Dominate Alpha. by ApplejuicexD01/29/164.34

The Ambassador Ch. 01

 — Wife strays at fancy dress ball. by steviet01/09/074.05

The Ambassador's Daughter Ch. 01

 — Sexual diaries of Yara, an Arab girl. by Scheherazade8811/05/133.95

The Ambassador's Daughter Ch. 02

 — In the beginning- The Road to Israel. by Scheherazade8811/16/133.89

The Amsterdam Coffee House

 — Shel is super horny. by SexyShel03/11/084.29

The Anniversary Ends

 — Jenny falls again. by CharlieB406/20/133.73

The Anniversary Present

 — Bill finds perfect gift for their 25th anniversary. by dave_jones_5001/31/054.32

The Anniversary Weekend

 — Weekend away takes an unexpected turn. by CharlieB406/13/133.98

The Anniversary-Six Months On Pt. 01

 — While the cats away she decides to play. by CharlieB407/30/133.89

The Aquarium

 — White guy & black girl share a great 1st date. by mgwauthor06/23/11HOT

The Arrangement

 — Mutual pleasure when wife takes Black lover. by cassiejames200007/10/044.19

The Arrangement Ch. 01

 — Sometimes the lines between right and wrong are blurred... by Quietmahoganystorm01/20/124.64HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 02

 — Wife takes a group of Black men. by cassiejames200011/24/044.23

The Arrangement Ch. 02

 — Bathroom romp, clarification made and a new development. by Quietmahoganystorm02/21/124.76HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 03

 — Cassie finds more men to satisfy her lust for big cocks. by cassiejames200010/30/054.41

The Arrangement Ch. 03

 — History can be a painful memory. by Quietmahoganystorm03/26/124.75HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 04

 — One step forward, two steps back. by Quietmahoganystorm12/27/124.72HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 05

 — Further developments and a new twist or two. by Quietmahoganystorm11/17/134.76HOT

The Arrangement Ch. 1

 — Business conference warms up with Ebony beauty. by ReturnedOne03/15/024.25

The Arrangement Ch. 2

 — The afternoon continues. by ReturnedOne03/17/024.26

The Art Gallery Encounter

 — Sexual events lead to an encounter in an erotic art gallery by physique05/01/034.59HOT

The Artist

 — White artist and Black subject decide to create a bit more. by Lady Zendora02/25/034.48

The Assignment Ch. 01

 — A spy gets an interesting assigment. by jaz47907/02/134.15

The Assignment Ch. 02

 — A new mission. by jaz47908/14/134.26

The Awakening of Susan

 — A white wife falls in with a new crowd. by hotmilf4black11/13/084.23

The Awakening of Susan Ch. 02

 — Young woman gets married to a workaholic and wanders. by hotmilf4black11/23/084.30

The Ballad of Trey London

 — He plays like no one else... by nerd4music01/23/084.76HOTEditor's Pick

The Bang-Quet

 — Zeke goes to the Union Banquet. by ittakestwo26902/26/044.44

The Bang-Quet Ch. 02

 — Fun after Zeke goes to the Union Banquet. by ittakestwo26903/03/044.30

The Bank Inspector

 — A beautiful executive consumed by black heat in Jamiaica. by Paco83310/10/044.30

The Bar Pick-Up Ch. 03: Final

 — The last chapter. by satinlvr_mwf09/18/14

The Bathroom

 — Interracial flirtation gets rough--as she hoped. by UCE10/02/023.35

The BBW Chronicles Ch. 04

 — African American Queen takes BBW lover for a ride. by soflabbwlvr06/18/104.30

The Beach

 — A trip to the beach leads more. by Rose Panfier03/07/054.17

The Beach

 — Beautiful white wife used by black bum. by steviecom09/26/113.49

The Beach Ch. 02

 — The Police Investigation. by steviecom10/10/114.33

The Bed & Breakfast

 — She meets her ebony lover on a cool summer day at her B&B. by GaGirlKatie08/01/074.39

The Beginning of Something New

 — To spice up the marriage they start trying new things. by Milkonface201502/23/164.20

The Beginning of Something New Pt. 02

 — Things start to go further, getting out of hand quickly. by Milkonface201502/26/164.26

The Benefits of 'Overtime'

 — Young Black worker gets involved with older boss. by ChocolateKisses03/31/024.52HOT

The Best Birthday Ever

 — He receives a total stranger as a gift. by Wayne Extreme03/28/024.17

The BEST Friend

 — Joe parked his car not too far from the house. by dsoul05/16/123.66

The Bet

 — LSU and Alabama never had so much riding on a game. by hammertime01/09/114.45

The Bet

 — Hmmm, how to make my husband cheat on me? by Queen_Vicki05/11/112.73

The Bet

 — A black woman and white woman make a sexual bet. by poetichustler821910/05/094.21

The Bet Ch. 02

 — He can't get to Treasure. No matter how hard he tries. by Queen_Vicki02/02/123.89

The Big Easy

 — Business trip and a little interracial. by susansnow08/31/133.87

The Biggest Cuck Ch. 01

 — Story of my three marriages and how my wives cuckolded me. by B_Fuzzy02/14/113.82

The Biggest Cuck Ch. 02

 — Second Wife Tami gets drunk. by B_Fuzzy02/20/113.73

The Biggest Cuck Ch. 03

 — Tami's story continues. by B_Fuzzy02/21/114.04

The Biggest Cuck Ch. 04

 — Tami is seduced. by B_Fuzzy02/22/114.02

The Biggest Cuck Ch. 05

 — Depression. by B_Fuzzy02/26/113.01

The Bikini

 — A trip to the beach goes horribly wrong. by Bob151512/16/084.29

The Bikini Ch. 02

 — Sara tells her story. by Bob151512/23/084.35

The Bikini Ch. 03

 — The conclusion. by Bob151512/26/083.82

The Birthday Bang

 — He helps out sexy black woman on her birthday. by GuyJD10/10/004.43

The Birthday Gift

 — Little Joanne gets DP'd by two immense guys. by smotp08/13/074.18

The Birthday of Ali

 — A Russian woman, her beloved husband and... the second wife. by Joe45605/14/154.17

The Birthday Present

 — Black wife surprises white husband on his birthday. by Thinman08/04/024.35

The Bitch Ch. 01

 — Black tease seems to go too far. by GirlMidnite04/04/044.47

The Black Angel

 — The girl I've watched grow up is now a beautiful woman. by scotjock101/23/134.40

The Black Angel Pt. 02

 — Alexandra and me fall in love more as the spark grows. by scotjock101/24/134.41

The Black Angel Pt. 04

 — James and Alex slowly rebuild their lives, bit by bit. by scotjock101/29/134.39

The Black Breeding Network Ep. 01

 — Another episode of America's favorite Black Bred newscast. by uh-oh04/15/153.75

The Black Cock Club

 — Cuckold adventures at the club, culminating in pregnancy. by TomWard04/22/104.10

The Black Football Roommate and Gf Ch. 01

 — Chapter 01: The Introduction. by gman1357901/22/154.32

The Black Football Roommate and Gf Ch. 02

 — Time to follow Jason and Dana. by gman1357901/29/154.34

The Black Football Roommate and Gf Ch. 03

 — Apartment Party. by gman1357907/26/154.31

The Black Knight

 — A first date turns into a hot tryst in the park! by OooBabyBaby12/21/144.24

The Black Man's Story Ch. 01

 — Thomas tells Mormon Chick Story from his point of view. by MormonChicks10/06/154.60HOT

The Black Power Virus

 — BCS scientist decides to remake the World with a virus. by amb_anonymous05/13/144.08

The Black Power Virus Ch. 02

 — BCS scientist decides to remake the World with a virus. by amb_anonymous05/18/144.42

The Black Power Virus Ch. 03

 — BCS scientist decides to remake the World with a Virus. by amb_anonymous06/01/144.31

The Black Power Virus Ch. 04

 — The virus spreads to those in isolation. by amb_anonymous07/16/144.30

The Black Power Virus Ch. 05

 — The virus becomes a part of everyday life. by amb_anonymous08/10/144.11

The Black Power Virus Ch. 05 Ch. 02

 — The Virus brings about unintended consequences by amb_anonymous05/10/154.14

The Black Power Virus: Bombshells

 — A WWII era super spy encounters a strange NAZI experiment. by amb_anonymous01/20/164.43

The Black Power Virus: Cabin Fever

 — An experiment run by Dr. Leblanc goes awry. by amb_anonymous11/11/154.44

The Black Power Virus: Gold Digger

 — A Gold Digger finds a different kind of treasure by amb_anonymous05/10/154.48

The Black Power Virus: Graduation

 — A student takes advantage of a Post-Virus Holiday. by amb_anonymous05/12/154.56HOT

The Black Power Virus: Patient Zero

 — Society struggles with containment. by amb_anonymous05/10/154.40

The Black Santa Scheme

 — Housewife tames black stud's ego. by FreelancerX112/08/064.39

The Black Tutor Ch. 01

 — White girl learns power of BBC. by DomD09/25/074.45

The Black Tutor Ch. 02

 — The corruption continues. by DomD10/22/074.66HOT

The Black Tutor Ch. 03

 — The final chapter. by DomD11/22/073.89

The Black Wedding

 — The bride wore white, but the groom went black. by TheTalkMan11/12/154.76HOT

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