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Interracial Love Stories

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Tom and Mary Foster Ch. 02

 — Demo goes delightfully haywire. by mark_867530911/29/064.62HOT

Tom's Son

 — Suzanne can't deny her needs. by Loansum07/31/154.02

Tommy & Liza's Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Tommy wants to add anothe woman to the mix. by NeedYou02/04/063.81

Toni's Unintentional Weekend

 — She got totally blacked and turned. by qualitywheat01/28/134.19


 — An interracial romance begins between young adults. by Lynnluvs09/28/084.42

Tonisha's Torment: College Daze

 — Two college girls "get off" on the right foot. by Lynnluvs09/30/034.44

Tonisha's Torment: College Daze Ch. 02

 — When's he coming? by Lynnluvs11/04/034.54HOT

Tonisha's Torment: College Daze Ch. 03

 — She is rewarded for her generosity by Lynnluvs11/16/034.35

Tonisha's Torment: Karen's Cuck

 — Roommate helps turn boyfriend in a new direction. by Lynnluvs02/23/054.26

Tonisha's Torment: Karen's Cuck Ch. 02

 — Just look around you. by Lynnluvs03/15/054.33

Tonisha's Torment: Karen's Cuck Ch. 03

 — Kip has a close view. by Lynnluvs06/22/064.02

Tonisha's Torment: Karen's Cuck Ch. 04

 — Misty is ready with the help of Karen's cuck. by Lynnluvs04/19/093.84

Tonisha's Torment: Match Point

 — Black girl, white girl passion explodes. by Lynnluvs08/17/034.61HOT

Tonisha's Torment: The Night Before

 — Black girl's lust burns for white girlfriend. by Lynnluvs08/03/034.69HOT

Tony's Navy Larks

 — Tony takes a marriage potion with side effects. by Sirdar08/04/024.23

Tonya's First Time as a Sex Slave

 — My sexy girlfriend's involvement with black men. by janandjustin06/07/074.34

Too Big?

 — Curiosity cost him dearly. by luvpsy05/28/064.13

Too Good to Pass Up

 — White housewife takes on sexy black neighbor. by hotgal10/12/024.24

Too Late Joining the Party

 — My wife parties alone and finally goes Black... by davidsj4912/03/114.06

Too Smart for Her Own Good!

 — An intellectual wife finds out some myths might be true! by dr13bone10/07/143.86

Toon and I

 — White girl gets fucked by hot Asian bad boy. by emmalovesit10/08/114.00

Torrie's Year

 — A wife/mom's year of discovery, betrayal, and change. by tw_holt11/22/144.07

Tory and the Gardner

 — Tory finds extra chores for her Hispanic gardener. by Sean Renaud04/17/144.03

Total Domination

 — An Indian wife gives herself to a white man. by VENIN08/10/104.01

Touch of Mocha

 — Playful roleplay between a couple. by MSTarot07/03/124.56HOT

Tour of Washington D.C.

 — A cuckold seduction story. by oralguy8212/20/123.96

Tracey and the BBC

 — Tracey fights her desire for the BBC Bill tempts her with. by Shabobo04/27/124.54HOT

Tracey Helps a Friend in Need

 — Tracey comforts her BFF with the help of BBC. by Shabobo05/13/124.31

Tracey's (almost) Christmas Miracle

 — Tracey and Billy give each other the perfect holiday present. by Shabobo12/25/124.05

Tracey's Family Affair

 — Tracey and Billy tempt each other at a family gathering. by Shabobo06/10/124.30

Traci's Weekend

 — The continuation of Traci's adventure. by TheVoyeur06/19/024.52HOT

Track & Field

 — He helps his mom's sexy friend through a divorce. by IronDragon06/17/134.65HOT


 — Man gives wife black male for her birthday. by elia_cdl08/15/074.29

Tracy Gets a Ride

 — A retired cop meets a teenager on the run. by JustLikeEwe09/22/104.50HOT

Traditions Ch. 01

 — What happens when a traditional gypsy guy meets a black woman. by honeyblood06/18/124.66HOT

Traditions Ch. 02

 — Another encounter. by honeyblood06/20/124.67HOT

Traditions Ch. 03

 — First date. by honeyblood07/27/124.81HOT

Traditions Ch. 04

 — Bump in the road. by honeyblood10/21/124.81HOT

Traditions Ch. 05

 — Secrets come to light. by honeyblood12/28/124.79HOT

Traditions Ch. 06

 — Feelings revealed. by honeyblood10/18/124.75HOT

Train Bitch Ch. 03

 — Her oral offices leads to a cumbath. by mnbvc01/18/033.88

Train Bitch From Italy Ch. 02

 — Gangbang at the complex. by mnbvc01/03/034.16

Train Encounters Ch. 01

 — Amazing sexual encounter on a train between strangers. by TreySteele08/02/11

Train Encounters Ch. 02

 — Amazing sexual encounter on a train between strangers. by TreySteele08/13/11

Train Encounters Ch. 03

 — Amazing sexual encounter on a train between strangers. by TreySteele08/14/11

Training A Teen Slut

 — Black stud orchestrates Cindy's descent. by ceemo09/17/064.43

Training Her Bull

 — The wife has a new bull. by hotwifeclw12/25/143.33

Training of Angie Ch. 01

 — A wife gets herself blackmailed into to being a sex toy. by jaybee99401/28/154.36

Training of Angie Ch. 02

 — A wife gets herself blackmailed into to being a sex toy. by jaybee99401/30/154.25

Training of Angie Ch. 03

 — A wife gets herself blackmailed into to being a sex toy. by jaybee99401/31/154.11

Training Session

 — Black man is seduced by a semi-androgynous white woman. by HiddenScribe04/02/124.17

Transatlantic Tryst

 — Andrew has an incredible rendezvous with a black woman. by Calandria09/22/064.44


 — He comes down from his ivory tower to taste some chocolate. by AfroerotiK11/20/064.35

Transformation of a Husband Ch. 01

 — Wife finally agrees to turn her husband into a cuckold. by Karenkay07/30/113.70

Transformation of a Husband Ch. 02

 — Linda joins a cuckold club and makes plans. by Karenkay07/30/114.00

Transformation to Her Slave

 — Becoming completely owned by her. by hotwifeclw12/21/143.66


 — A hot night with lovely LaTonia. by Orion201207/07/124.55HOT


 — Busy job leads to dark encounters. by ali1bali09/28/133.68


 — Husband's former teammate comes to town & pleasures wife. by chocolatecherry08/16/054.14

Trey Ch. 02

 — Wicked fun in the shower. by chocolatecherry08/24/054.36

Trey Ch. 03

 — Love in the afternoon. by chocolatecherry08/26/054.41

Trey Ch. 04

 — Fun with food, as the tryst continues. by chocolatecherry08/28/054.24

Trey Ch. 05

 — Public exposure and a good hard ass fucking. by chocolatecherry08/29/054.39

Trey Ch. 06

 — A picnic, an unexpected gift, and a raging storm. by chocolatecherry09/09/054.19

Trey Ch. 07

 — Overcoming innate shyness to please her black lover. by chocolatecherry09/18/054.37

Trey Ch. 08

 — A night on the town & fantasies fulfilled. by chocolatecherry09/23/054.11

Trey Ch. 09

 — The story's conclusion. by chocolatecherry10/21/053.88

Trey Ch. 10

 — Conclusion and epilogue. by chocolatecherry03/17/063.48

Trial By Gang Bang

 — A bit of e-mail, a bit of phone sex. by Tim Smith08/16/044.51HOT

Trial Trip

 — New roommates take a road trip to get to know each other. by LiterateRotica06/29/064.20

Trial Trip Ch. 02

 — A continuation of the roommates' get-to-know-you trip. by LiterateRotica07/26/064.42

Tricia Takes One for the Team

 — New York student introduces a southern coed to the team. by Baxter7201/01/073.91

Tricked Into Screwing 2 Brothers

 — Brothers who trick girl into screwing both of them. by JimandGarysgirl12/11/112.93

Tried Black And I Loved It

 — First time having sex with a black man. by JimandGarysgirl03/01/124.09

Trip to New York

 — Ruth goes further than just exposure. by Tall_Fred04/28/104.21

Trip to New York Ch. 02

 — What Ruth gets up to next. by Tall_Fred05/06/104.19

Trip to Walmart

 — Milf makes friends while shopping. by ApolloS06/10/104.26

Trisha's Excellent Adventure

 — Trisha and Tony meet two black men and Trisha fucks them both. by HerLittlePiggy10/18/154.18

Trisha's Transformation

 — New diet device makes women go black. by Stormbringer08/30/024.33


 — Nurse wife and BBC. by Berticus3411/11/153.97

Trophy Wife

 — A prim wife's secret lifestyle. by afrodisiacmwf12/17/044.23

Trophy Wife

 — Michelle finds "fullfilment" with a gangbang. by No Panty Girl10/05/054.36

Tropical Delight

 — White male, black female horny tropical vacation. by Cassie86408/16/114.01

True Blue

 — Rocky's wife was Miss Perfect...Miss True Blue. by Stiffness04/24/014.18

True Blue Ch. 2

 — Leesa was caught completely off guard by phone call. by Stiffness05/15/014.62HOT

True Blue Ch. 3

 — Leesa gets another phone call. by Stiffness06/08/014.72HOT

True Friendship

 — Oriental wife lets male friend experience her gifts. by Steve_x02/12/024.37

True Love Between The Races

 — Alexis had the best climax of her life. by NeedYou10/15/044.62HOT

True Love Between The Races Ch. 02

 — She needed oral sex. by NeedYou10/24/044.57HOT

True Love Between The Races Ch. 03

 — She knew he was going to cum. by NeedYou10/25/043.98

True Love Between The Races Ch. 04

 — They only had an hour to make her cum. by NeedYou10/25/044.24

True Love Between The Races Ch. 05

 — It's Rufus's last piece of Alexis's ass - ever. by NeedYou10/27/044.23

True Love Between The Races Ch. 06

 — Alexis would cum a 100 times that night. by NeedYou11/03/044.35

True Love Between The Races Ch. 07

 — Could it be that Lee was getting hard? by NeedYou11/07/044.41

True Love Between The Races Ch. 08

 — Lee felt wonderful inside her again. by NeedYou11/12/044.34

True Love Between The Races Ch. 09

 — She leaves with John for 3 days. by NeedYou11/13/044.05

True Love Between The Races Ch. 10

 — The loving ending to this story. by NeedYou11/20/043.89

True Slut

 — Charles watches his wife with her black lover. by Dr S Crow08/17/014.01

Truly Unreal

 — What happens when a musician meets his favorite fan. by sayit4Blue01/02/154.49


 — When vengeance clouds judgment. by aparadise04/08/123.80

Trust Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1 "Curiosity, I'm Afraid". by honeyrider151711/10/144.38

Trust Ch. 01

 — She is his, and he is coming for what is his. by avrgblkgrl11/10/154.66HOT

Trust Ch. 02

 — Running emotions. by honeyrider151711/13/144.60HOT

Trust Ch. 03

 — The Give In. by honeyrider151711/15/144.69HOT

Trust Ch. 04

 — Flee and Pursuit. by honeyrider151701/01/154.55HOT

Trust Ch. 05

 — Runaway! Runaway! by honeyrider151701/10/154.62HOT

Trust Ch. 06

 — Stife of Passion. by honeyrider151702/09/154.65HOT

Trust Ch. 07

 — Wants and Needs. by honeyrider151703/10/154.64HOT

Trust Ch. 08

 — I run to you. by honeyrider151704/03/154.65HOT

Trust Ch. 09

 — Welcome To My Space. by honeyrider151705/21/154.77HOT

Trust Ch. 10

 — My Drug. by honeyrider151707/07/154.64HOT

Trust Ch. 11

 — A Fearful Decision. by honeyrider151708/04/154.50HOT

Trust Ch. 12

 — Open to Me. by honeyrider151709/25/154.60HOT

Trust Ch. 13

 — One Side Two. by honeyrider151710/06/154.61HOT

Trust Ch. 14

 — Friendship Torn. by honeyrider151711/15/154.54HOT

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