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Interracial Love Stories

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 — Four Black women discover the ideal White lover. by DanielOrme11/08/024.56HOT

Truth Ch. 02

 — Four dark beauties compete for Ben's attention. by DanielOrme08/05/034.61HOT

Truth or Dare

 — Margo's competitive side wins her a night of pleasure. by BBCXXX11/02/184.43

Truth Or Dare Clusterfuck Ch. 02

 — The foursome and their friends get closer. by SEVERUSMAX06/27/194.28

Try Softer Pt. 01

 — Two power forwards get a little nasty at college. by Tulip_Tallulah08/23/154.56HOT

Trying Farmers Only Dot Com

 — Chubby lonely woman looks for love on a dating website. by furryfan04/05/194.39

Trying On Her Favorite Color Ch. 01

 — Julie goes shopping. by WhiteAndWet02/21/134.22

Trying To Do The Decent Thing

 — She first cheated reluctantly but then couldn't stop. by ukresearcher03/24/143.23

Trying Trial Separation Pt. 02

 — An estranged young wife meets a black from the past. by PenPal200108/16/193.89

Tryst of Fate

 — They had it made. by My I12/09/173.82

Tucker's Revenge

 — A promise of revenge leads to a terrible revelation. by tekkenmanq05/16/094.00

Tucker's Studio Ch. 05

 — Kaley Newman, NewsChannel 4. by riverboy01/10/164.74HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 20

 — Race Relations. by riverboy04/25/164.83HOT

Tucker's Studio Ch. 28

 — An Old Friend. by riverboy06/19/164.80HOT

Tuesday Lunch

 — Co-workers have a tryst. by pagrl01/04/064.45

Tuesdays in Chinatown

 — Tale of torrid interracial affair. by mf143811/11/174.34

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 05

 — 16th century Tunisia: a Dutch slave and her Arab master. by RubiaLaFaye04/21/174.62HOT

Turkish Bride For Nigerian Stud

 — Nigerian student marries Turkish lady in Toronto. by Samuelx03/01/153.62

Turkish Chicks For Haitian Bros

 — Haitian Muslim tourist meets Turkish Policewoman. by Samuelx02/26/152.38

Turkish Delight

 — Vacationing American meets a Turkish treat. by Alexis66102/18/064.27

Turkish Delight

 — Another busy day at work for Andy. by AMG197901/27/074.59HOT

Turkish Delight In Texas

 — Turkish Muslim tomboy meets black man in Austin. by Samuelx02/26/152.88

Turkish Femdom for African Men

 — Biracial stud meets Turkish dominatrix in Ottawa. by Samuelx12/23/151.00

Turkish Girls Into Black Men

 — Afro-Algerian meets Turkish woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx01/31/141.29

Turkish Princess For Somali Man

 — Two kindred spirits meet at an Ontario university. by Samuelx03/24/131.90

Turn of a Hired Gun

 — He tries to pull one-up on his dangerous colleague. by sweetalmondbrown03/18/104.52HOT

Turned Out?

 — Jackie's crush leads to unexpected bliss with coworker. by Boo110403/22/034.63HOT

Turning Her Out

 — Biker husband lets Black friend take his wife. by User112/22/014.14

Turning Karen

 — Bodybuilders turn wife into BBC slut. by suewatcher07/31/114.38

Turning Teacher Black

 — A white teacher succumbs to her black submission fantasy. by silkstockingslover04/04/124.59HOT

Turning the Tables

 — Clare gets a woman when her husband tricks her. by maxslack04/06/07

Turning the Tables in Butler

 — Congresswoman and family blacked. by JohnBlack11306/29/193.56

Turning to the Dark Side

 — Phoebe finally gives in to her dark curiosity. by Phoebe9208/28/134.04

Turtle Bay Golf Ch. 02

 — Hawaiian layover on the beach with golf partners. by Travel Girl04/06/064.69HOT

Tutor for a Day Ch. 01

 — Tia tutors Mikey in more than Spanish. by gunshotglitter7707/23/064.66HOT

Twenty-One Cock Salute

 — Thea discovers she's pregnant again. by Thea Dryor08/28/044.43

Twice The Charm Ch. 01

 — A blast from the past. by cassandraharper10/26/114.39

Twice The Charm Ch. 02

 — The secret is out. by cassandraharper10/31/114.59HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3: Halfway there. by cassandraharper11/09/114.59HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 04

 — Chapter 4: Putting the pieces back together. by cassandraharper11/20/114.58HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 05

 — Coming to the next hurtle. by cassandraharper11/30/114.58HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 06

 — The truth comes out. by cassandraharper12/10/114.55HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 07

 — The drive home was filled with silence. by cassandraharper12/19/114.55HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 08

 — Trying to fight the feeling. by cassandraharper12/24/114.55HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 09

 — Manni rushed through the doors of the hospital... by cassandraharper01/21/124.59HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 10

 — Manni's emotions overtook her sense of reason. by cassandraharper01/26/124.56HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 11

 — Scott wasn't the same, at least not to her. by cassandraharper01/31/124.60HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 12

 — Finally getting it right. by cassandraharper02/07/124.78HOT

Twice The Charm Ch. 13

 — Final Chapter: Marking her territory. by cassandraharper02/11/124.71HOT

Twilight Express Ch. 01-07

 — Japanese businessman pursues a young foreign woman. by MelinaReilly12/30/064.75HOT

Twilight Express Ch. 08-12

 — Japanese businessman pursues a young American woman. by MelinaReilly01/06/074.76HOT

Twilight Express Ch. 13-21

 — Japanese businessman pursues a young foreign woman. by MelinaReilly01/24/074.75HOT

Twin Peaks

 — One office party you wish you were at to get over your Ex. by Bob_605/16/154.39

Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 22

 — The Nigerian's first white woman. by regularguy1310/06/084.59HOT

Twisted Love Ch. 01

 — Twisted Ink. by Soft101705/25/134.58HOT

Twisted Love Ch. 02

 — The First Session. by Soft101705/26/134.57HOT

Twisted Love Ch. 03

 — Luke makes his Mark. by Soft101705/27/134.68HOT

Twisted Love Ch. 04

 — A Night of Pleasure. by Soft101705/29/134.65HOT

Two Brothers & Me

 — Brothers visit her while boyfriend is away. by pamper107/13/034.37

Two Friends Share A Halloween Costume Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by floridaguy200111/03/114.26

Two Heads Better Than None

 — First day in Asia goes better than planned. by AvgWhiteMan08/17/103.78

Two Surprises

 — Headley and Sherry make important discoveries. by sammyded10/27/083.86

Two Teachers

 — One's a tease and the other a man of action. by cirene06/20/024.13

Two White Married Wives

 — Two wives stray for black cock. by easyballs01/15/174.43

TX 105

 — A husband gets his wife to go black with a little help. by Bob151502/02/104.34

Ty's Sexual Adventures Pt. 01

 — Ty Gets out of prison and fucks his pastor's wife. by TyBBC198211/27/183.67

Tyler and Candace

 — A young black mother's struggle. by wantajerseyboy01/02/103.50

Tyrone’s Gambit

 — His love for white wives becomes his livelihood. by Moonshine5710/14/184.23

UCLA to Big D Ch. 05

 — Black bull puts devious wife-thieving scheme in motion. by FifthEstate04/11/184.69HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 06

 — Night of B&W debauchery continues till first light. by FifthEstate04/22/184.71HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 07

 — Wife pleasures BBC while husband watches unknowingly. by FifthEstate05/01/184.71HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 08

 — Sans the surf lessons, Jenna rides the longboard. by FifthEstate05/12/184.72HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 09

 — Formerly tormented husband has cuckold revelation. by FifthEstate06/07/184.71HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 10

 — HS teacher becomes BBC pawn in USC recruiting scheme. by FifthEstate06/22/184.85HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 16

 — Blonde wife binge fucks BBC after husband cheats. by FifthEstate09/02/184.58HOT

UCLA to Big D Ch. 18 Epilogue

 — The saga ends: A star is born. by FifthEstate09/19/184.64HOT

Uganda 1972: Priyanka's Tale

 — Indian woman and Uganda man find love in terrible time. by Samuelx10/09/163.14

Ultimate Black Fantasy Realized

 — His dream of a beautiful black woman comes true. by ljmwriter03/17/014.53HOT

Ultimate Black Fantasy Redux

 — Lust for black women leads to a second dream. by ljmwriter04/19/054.68HOT

Ultimate Black Fantasy Three

 — Black woman fantasy reaches new heights. by ljmwriter07/20/084.64HOT

Ultimate Black Fantasy Threesome

 — Two gorgeous black goddesses take on their white lover. by ljmwriter08/30/104.56HOT

Ultimate Black Fantasy Vanessa

 — Oversexed black beauty wants to get fucked. by ljmwriter06/01/134.61HOT

Ultimate Line

 — Baron's surprise. by Erosa00703/21/134.38

Ultimate Line Ch. 02

 — Change is the one constant in life. by Erosa00703/31/134.43

Ultimate Resort: The Medical Ch. 02

 — The new guest checks in - to Paradise. by BorderReiver05/05/184.51HOT

Ultimate Temptation

 — Forbidden interracial love and temptation. by Arrow2703/30/104.34

Ulysses' Therapist

 — Why am I doing such horrible things? by tw_holt03/22/164.43

Un Más Tiempo: Cassie in Costa Rica

 — She takes a big black cock while hubby's next door. by luvz2x01/05/094.17

Un Sur Trois

 — Vol 1 Chapter 26 in "Annie and Charlie" saga. by Bardot199009/10/184.14

Uncircumcised Men Are Better

 — Uncut men and the women who love them. by Samuelx02/20/083.14

Uncommon Family Ch. 02

 — A story about the Lansing Family and their sexual escapades. by TLMorgan09/29/174.15


 — Roxanne and Jarrett. by Songbird_07/20/144.52HOT

Unconventional Ch. 02

 — To tell or not to tell. by Songbird_08/11/144.34

Unconventional Ch. 03

 — And so it begins... by Songbird_08/30/144.69HOT

Unconventional Ch. 04

 — Just friends but with benefits. by Songbird_09/04/144.59HOT

Unconventional Ch. 05

 — Home for the holidays. by Songbird_10/14/144.57HOT

Unconventional Ch. 06

 — Roxanne is most thankful for. by Songbird_12/04/144.53HOT

Unconventional Ch. 07

 — Ups and Downs. by Songbird_12/06/144.53HOT

Unconventional Ch. 08

 — Letting go... by Songbird_09/09/174.32

Unconventional Ch. 09

 — It's time to move on. by Songbird_09/17/174.65HOT

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 02

 — Donald's acquiescence to cuckoldry continues. by 99_percent_oral06/12/094.22

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 03

 — Donald meets other cucks at group session. by 99_percent_oral06/15/094.16

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 04

 — Dr. Perry sets date for Donald's cuckolding. by 99_percent_oral06/18/094.23

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 05

 — Cuckolding Day: Preparations. by 99_percent_oral07/04/094.05

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 06

 — The conclusion: Donald becomes a cuckold. by 99_percent_oral07/11/094.04

Under Covers Stakeout

 — Two cops, one naughty assignment. by griffin5711/20/124.36

Under His Spell Ch.01

 — Black female meets a Native American shapeshifter. by virgofemme05/09/144.64HOT

Under His Spell Ch.02

 — A passionate night and unexpected outcomes. by virgofemme05/11/144.65HOT

Under His Spell Ch.03

 — The truth emerges. by virgofemme05/18/144.67HOT

Under His Spell Ch.04

 — Their bond strengthens. by virgofemme05/20/144.77HOT

Under His Spell Ch.05

 — A fateful evening leads to a dangerous encounter. by virgofemme06/03/144.56HOT

Under His Spell Ch.06

 — A battle ensues. by virgofemme06/09/144.66HOT

Under His Spell Ch.07

 — Their story continues. by virgofemme06/10/144.59HOT

Under His Spell Ch.08

 — The next installment. by virgofemme06/11/144.66HOT

Under His Spell Ch.09

 — The conclusion. by virgofemme06/16/144.70HOT

Under the Flag Ch. 1

 — Tammy watches co-workers in store room. by Stardog Champion12/29/003.63

Under the Flag Ch. 2

 — Tammy's aroused by what she had seen. by Stardog Champion12/29/003.78

Under the Flag Ch. 3

 — Tammy's past comes back to haunt her. by Stardog Champion01/01/014.18

Under the Flag Ch. 4

 — Tammy's husband tries to settle his debts. by Stardog Champion01/03/014.14

Under the Flag Ch. 5

 — Jahon and Kelly visit Patrice, then Tammy. by Stardog Champion02/21/014.26

Under the Table Deal

 — Business meeting results in a battle of wills. by Spassmacher500009/02/094.15

Under the Table Deal Ch. 02

 — The new boss completes the takeover. by Spassmacher500009/20/094.30

Unexpected (Trick or) Treat

 — Night out with her boyfriend turns into an unexpected treat. by DinaDevereux10/12/154.51HOT

Unexpected Fun

 — Wife has some fun at work with co-worker. by kazuma2611/20/154.12

Unexpected Fun at Resort

 — Man finds unexpected fun at a resort. by DanielB357906/17/174.36

Unexpected Fun at Resort Ch. 02

 — Part of Unexpected fun at resort. by DanielB357907/03/174.30

Unexpected Interest Ch. 01

 — Natasha and Bobby meet. by CoCoNiy10104/26/124.55HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 02

 — Natasha and Bobby move slowly. by CoCoNiy10105/05/124.67HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 03

 — Natasha meets the family, but it doesn't turn out too well. by CoCoNiy10105/24/124.63HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 04

 — Natasha and Bobby. by CoCoNiy10106/08/124.63HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 05

 — Natasha and Bobby... The conclusion. by CoCoNiy10106/20/124.70HOT

Unexpected Interest Ch. 06

 — Epilogue... by CoCoNiy10107/13/124.72HOT

Unexpected Job Benefits

 — I was working overtime when suddenly it became playtime. by patdown02/19/103.67

Unexpected Motivation

 — A college girl feels unmotivated until one night... by Lilypadsa02/24/113.87

Unexpected Passion

 — A white woman longs to feel a black man. by collegechick121905/28/083.79

Unexpected pleasure

 — Two soldiers get a pleasant surprise on guard duty. by elevenbravo09/16/133.91

Unexpected Relief Ch. 01

 — A wounded man finds relief in the arms of a former pupil. by tendermindholes08/09/114.64HOT

Unexpected Relief Ch. 02

 — A night of passion becomes morning, what will they become? by tendermindholes11/19/114.64HOT

Unexpected Visitor

 — "You look like a man who likes to eat pussy." by Brybrad08/25/054.37

Unfair Negotiating Tactics

 — Redhead unwittingly participates in business transaction. by beaugueste02/10/154.61HOT


 — She discovers her husband's fidelity and moves on. by SpankMeDaddy06/21/074.43


 — Young mistress makes a surprise visit. by dragonfire610/07/103.96

Unfaithful Christmas

 — Dillon wakes up to find a mysterious email and much more. by mrpmp04/05/083.26

Unfaithful Nights

 — Husband learns his wife has been unfaithful. by Karenkay10/14/113.24

Unfinished Business

 — How do you move on when there's still unfinished business? by leeleeMarie08/04/184.33

Unforgettable Fire Pt. 02: 10 Years Ago

 — The last day Finn & Hero spent together before he left. by Nanaya05/25/164.73HOT

Unforgettable Fire Pt. 03: The Present

 — Hero & Finn's eventful attempt to set the past straight. by Nanaya05/31/164.82HOT

Unforgettable Fire Pt. 04: Epilogue

 — Hero & Finn's first 'date' and a little of how Finn saw things. by Nanaya06/08/164.88HOT

Unforgettable Fire: 10 Years After

 — Hero & Finn meet again after ten years of lost love and time. by Nanaya05/18/164.79HOT

Unforgotten Promise Ch. 01

 — Dani and Caid's black and white beginnings. by in4sin02/09/084.51HOT

Unforgotten Promise Ch. 02

 — Danielle and Kiccaid meet after 5 years. by in4sin02/27/084.63HOT

Unfulfilled? Not Anymore!

 — A stranger shows Danni what she has been missing. by Caramelangel24704/10/124.48

Unfulfilled? Not Anymore! Ch. 02

 — The morning after arrives and secrets reveal themselves. by Caramelangel24705/31/124.53HOT

Unfulfilled? Not Anymore! Ch. 03

 — Hunter isn't willing to give up that easy. by Caramelangel24706/11/124.70HOT

Union Station China Doll

 — Trains, planes, & a new digital camera. by Frenchman02/01/024.27

University Life Ch. 04

 — Black coed gets big white bamboo. by blindjack10/23/064.47

Unreserved Access

 — Canadian meets a lovely girl on an Indian train. by dingdongbong09/10/014.17


 — Shes unsatisfied with him and needs something more. by morena_6906/07/093.70

Unsatisfied Ch. 02

 — The beginning of an interesting camping trip. by morena_6907/04/094.15

Unscheduled Meeting

 — Literotica cyber friends meet for the first time. by Caribbeanwoman04/11/114.35

Unsuspecting Fiance Cheats

 — Stewart's turn to get laid. by CaptJRackham02/07/194.47

Untamed Passion

 — Beautiful African refugee finds romance and tragedy. by smoldering_passion06/10/094.69HOT

Until The Day I Die

 — Biracial Haitian meets Lebanese French woman in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/27/121.00


 — He holds my hand as I drift in and out. by brittybee01/15/134.28

Untitled Ch. 02

 — It was Saturday... by brittybee11/28/134.45

Untitled Ch. 03

 — Confusion and Advice by brittybee05/04/144.22

Untouchable Jade

 — Giving in to secret desire without compromising reputation. by JadeThomas04/13/074.35


 — A BWWM erotic remake of Tarzan. by LoveisLoud12/19/184.61HOT

Untouched Pt. 02

 — A bwwm historical remake of Tarzan. by LoveisLoud12/30/184.58HOT

UPS Special Delivery

 — Wife receives a special, Special Delivery package. by dennyboy208/02/064.34

Urban Love

 — The rose that grows from concrete. by urbanlove08/27/064.30

Ursula Again

 — Charlie and Ursula experiment a little more. by benjie408/25/174.04

Ursula's Surprise (Revisited)

 — A revision of an earlier story. by benjie408/10/174.21

Used and Abused by Big Black Cocks

 — Juniper Amado is about to put on a show... by ThePiperRai10/05/174.06

Used and Abused Ch. 03

 — A horny white slut. by nikkigreen07/27/113.90

Used and Abused Ch. 04

 — A turn of events. by nikkigreen07/28/114.36

Used by My Friends

 — Black co worker and his friends bang drunk white woman. by gypseeroze08/02/104.25

Used by My Neighbor

 — What a birthday present I got from my neighbor. by dirtyfuckingwhitewhore03/12/114.00

Used Ch. 01

 — The game begins... by nerd4music03/25/084.66HOT

Used Ch. 02

 — The game continues. by nerd4music04/17/084.70HOT

Used Ch. 03

 — The game changes... by nerd4music05/15/084.75HOT

Used Ch. 04

 — Game over. by nerd4music05/24/084.75HOT

Used Ch. 05

 — A new beginning... by nerd4music06/15/084.78HOT

Used Ch. 06

 — Time to grow up... by nerd4music06/29/084.82HOT


 — White military man meets an Ebony goddess. by Mushrom08/15/144.23

Vacation Ch. 04

 — John goes to her. by Isthatright22808/06/034.39

Vacation Encounters Ch. 02

 — Hot wife on a hot date and then it is all over. by maturemadness205/20/114.18

Vacation in the Brazilian Jungle

 — Family vacation into untouched Brazilian jungle. by cowboy10911/10/103.30

Vacations Gone Bad

 — A couple is conned into swinging. by hornywhitemale11/19/113.52

Val's First Black

 — Older Black man has way with blonde wife. by rufun200105/01/024.04

Valentine's Day

 — Love at first sight can happen twice. by milf2602/05/044.54HOT

Valentine's Day

 — Two lovers, a sexy story, & sushi. by devil_in_white_dress04/24/044.31

Valentine's Day Ch. 02

 — Love at first sight can happen twice. by milf2602/08/044.70HOT

Valentine's Day Ch. 03

 — Love at first sight can happen twice by milf2602/12/044.65HOT

Valentine's Day Party

 — The group is back together to celebrate Interracial Love! by cuck2serveU03/04/173.98

Valentine's With Our Friends

 — Naomi and James are back in town, how I have missed them. by desireexperienceit02/21/154.04

Valeri Gets Her Needs Met

 — Single woman gets black fucked and bred. by syn432112/06/164.18

Valerie Becomes A Slut

 — Drunk wife lets strangers have their way. by xxlarge06/13/044.09

Valestock Ch. 02

 — A threesome and interracial sex: Valestock heats up for GF. by The_shadow_rising03/26/114.58HOT

Vampires are Only Human

 — Shelia is set up with Max, who has his own secrets. by Pelwrath04/27/174.31

Vampires are Only Human Pt. 02

 — Continuing the story of Max and Shiela. by Pelwrath08/23/174.20

Vanessa and Eddie

 — Yearning for a white man cause Filipino to stray. by ashadebetter10/13/154.52HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 01

 — The girls are told. by kalamazoo70701/27/124.61HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 02

 — Where are you? by kalamazoo70702/02/124.73HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 03

 — The meeting. by kalamazoo70702/07/124.77HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 04

 — Dinner. by kalamazoo70702/13/124.75HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 05

 — Ethan, Rik and Luc. by kalamazoo70702/21/124.72HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 06

 — The matings, who goes there? by kalamazoo70702/29/124.73HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 07

 — Rosie. by kalamazoo70703/07/124.73HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 08

 — Know thine enemy. by kalamazoo70703/16/124.76HOT

Vanessa and Veronica Ch. 09

 — The rescue. by kalamazoo70703/24/124.85HOT

Vanessa's Downfall

 — True story of a teenager who discovers true evil. by venturer1510/28/114.30

Vanessa's Nylon Obsession Ch. 03

 — Teasing with nylons; then phone sex in a theater. by fanofpantyhose07/30/114.43

Vanessa's Tale

 — Vanessa goes to the gym. by scuik02/08/133.83

Vanilla Escape

 — Two black women hook up with two white men at a sex club. by justboycrazy07/03/143.92

Vanilla Papi

 — Latina women share mature man. by Mystery_Meat04/18/074.60HOT

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