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Interracial Love Stories

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Vanilla Passions

 — A May-December love between two races. by lady_hawke5606/06/074.31

Variety Box

 — Woman enjoys her Valentines Day with many chocolates. by QueenOfTheNile02/01/094.07

Vegas Anniversary Trip Gone Awry

 — Young white couple have things go not according to plan. by mitlvsmeg07/15/164.24

Vegas Glory

 — Cyber friends visit a glory hole. by jamisonh21307/10/164.27

Vegas Weekend Ch. 01

 — A cuckold's fantasy unexpected looks to come true. by rockymtn06/29/164.31

Velvet Kisses Ch. 01

 — Dane and Jeneda embark on a new chapter. by virgofemme07/12/134.67HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 02

 — He'd unzipped her little black dress. by virgofemme07/22/134.68HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 03

 — Stairwell to heaven. by virgofemme08/06/134.73HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 04

 — Welcome to Shinjuku. by virgofemme08/23/134.69HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 05

 — A night of kink. by virgofemme09/16/134.61HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 06

 — Clamped and collared. by virgofemme10/12/134.66HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 07

 — A family dinner. by virgofemme11/01/134.78HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 08

 — Confessions and bridal dresses. by virgofemme11/17/134.48

Velvet Kisses Ch. 09

 — The yuino. by virgofemme12/12/134.63HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 10

 — An evening of romance. by virgofemme12/31/134.67HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 11

 — Broken ties. by virgofemme01/11/144.59HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 12

 — On the road. by virgofemme01/30/144.82HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 13

 — Edge play. by virgofemme02/19/144.62HOT

Velvet Kisses Ch. 14

 — The wedding. by virgofemme02/24/144.81HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 01

 — The continuation of Dane and Jeneda's story. by virgofemme01/14/164.57HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 02

 — Family history and The Olympic Club. by virgofemme01/28/164.46

Velvet Love Ch. 03

 — Confession. by virgofemme09/02/164.27

Velvet Love Ch. 04

 — Dane shares an urgent desire with Jeneda. by virgofemme09/03/164.53HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 05

 — A night at the opera. by virgofemme11/23/164.59HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 06

 — Posh boutiques and fast cars. by virgofemme04/09/174.56HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 07

 — Dane and Jeneda attend a dinner party. by virgofemme07/23/174.33

Velvet Love Ch. 08

 — Uncertainty looms. by virgofemme11/07/174.12

Velvet Love Ch. 09

 — New Years Eve. by virgofemme02/01/184.76HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 10

 — The loss of something unexpected, and a secret is revealed. by virgofemme03/29/184.61HOT

Velvet Love Ch. 11

 — A night out brings the unexpected. by virgofemme06/06/184.33

Velvet Love Ch. 12

 — A trip to the Bahamas. by virgofemme09/28/184.05

Velvet Love Ch. 13

 — Stormy Waters. by virgofemme11/01/184.29

Velvet Love Ch. 14

 — Chapter 14. by virgofemme08/13/194.70HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 01

 — Female sculptor meets alluring Eurasian male. by virgofemme10/10/124.58HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 02

 — The start of something new. by virgofemme10/18/124.61HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 03

 — Looming shadows. by virgofemme10/28/124.62HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 04

 — Intimate strangers. by virgofemme11/06/124.70HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 05

 — A haunting past. by virgofemme11/20/124.54HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 06

 — Changing tides. by virgofemme11/30/124.71HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 07

 — Yesterday's gone. by virgofemme12/22/124.66HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 08

 — Entangled in darkness. by virgofemme01/09/134.69HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 09

 — The stakes grow higher. by virgofemme01/30/134.65HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 10

 — With roses come thorns. by virgofemme02/15/134.72HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 11

 — A blood bond. by virgofemme03/05/134.82HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 12

 — Their story continues. by virgofemme04/05/134.72HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 13

 — The next installment. by virgofemme04/19/134.75HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 14

 — Paying dues. by virgofemme05/01/134.64HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 15

 — The continuation. by virgofemme05/26/134.77HOT

Velvet Roses Ch. 16

 — The conclusion. by virgofemme06/16/134.73HOT

Venezuelan Paradise

 — A man has mind-blowing sex with an exotic beauty. by Aruri04/23/144.45

Venice Lover

 — She was stressed and ready to get away. by MzSapphiria11/22/114.18

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch

 — Black woman seduces white housewife. by LustyLee7702/13/054.39

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 02

 — Vera turns out her little white bitch. by LustyLee7702/18/054.54HOT

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 03

 — They visit Cathy's family. by LustyLee7704/17/054.57HOT

Vera Makes Cathy Her Bitch Ch. 04

 — They move in with Cathy's mom. by LustyLee7708/12/054.48

Veronica in Japan

 — Veronica grins and bares it in the Orient. by v3r0n1ca08/12/053.82

Very Good Neighbors Ch. 01

 — A suburban stud hooks up with his fine black neighbor. by BlackMadonna01/17/194.54HOT

Vice Angel

 — She enters a new world. by LustyLee7707/29/094.37

Victor's Big Black Cock

 — Asian cheats on her husband. by little_asian_hotty12/29/034.11

Victoria's Belated Birthday Present

 — More than just stockings. by victoriap10/14/104.11

Victoria's Lucky Day At Work

 — Victoria Petersen gets worse. by Terrin212/22/114.09

Victoria, The Black Man's Whore

 — Victoria goes after her addiction to black semen. by Terrin212/15/114.26

Victorian Ch. 2

 — He takes Joy to a monastery. by jordad7501/21/014.20

Victorian Lust Ch. 1

 — Runaway slave flees to France and finds lust. by jordad7501/20/014.04

Victorious Pt. 01-02

 — An office affair can either end, or transcend. by BlknMild61101/28/114.51HOT

Victorious Pt. 04

 — Never Trust a Salesperson by BlknMild61102/02/114.19

Victorious Pt. 05

 — Meredith's fan falls into the flame. by BlknMild61102/03/114.42

Victorious Pt. 06

 — The morning after, and a night at the club. by BlknMild61102/08/113.93

Victorious Pt. 07

 — An excellent 'meal' is enjoyed at the house. by BlknMild61102/09/114.31

Victorious Pt. 08

 — Carmine, Carmine's ass, Meredith, and Victor's Cock. by BlknMild61102/10/114.79HOT

Victorious Pt. 09

 — Another great night at Meredith's house with 'Alice'. by BlknMild61102/11/114.79HOT

Victorious Pt. 10

 — Victor get's the office to himself, and tries to unwind. by BlknMild61102/12/114.63HOT

Video Hoe

 — A guy gets lucky with a girl after a rap video shoot. by Sweet Daisy12/10/034.28

Video Story: Asian Girls' First Interracial FFM

 — Bisexual crush leads Asian dancer to Vegas with gal pal - & her hot Black boyfriend. by LitTV01/13/174.08

Video Story: Exotic Beauty's Latina Threesome

 — Lotus meets a sexy Latina - then her hot Latino boyfriend. by LitTV01/05/174.09

Vidhi and Cyrus in Ottawa

 — Indian woman and Black man meet at Saint Paul U. by Samuelx07/01/192.46

Vietnamese Tomboy For Black Stud

 — Vietnamese tomboy and Haitian connect in Toronto. by Samuelx09/27/131.62

Vietnamese Women into Black Men

 — Doris falls in love with Stuart in Boston. by Samuelx05/21/192.83

Vina and Steve in Cleveland

 — Haitian nerd meets African-American gal in Ohio. by Samuelx06/30/161.67

Vincit Qui Patitur

 — Sequel to Alea Iacta Est; Jack revisits his past, does recon. by tj_shades10/14/184.80HOT

VIP Anniversary

 — It’s a celebration with plenty of surprises. by Barb36D10/22/094.31

Viral Reality

 — Hot Interracial video goes viral. by MeredithEighty805/26/163.87

Virgin Australia

 — Young white Aussie loses virginity to black American man. by brethard10/11/15

Virgin No More

 — A wife lost her BBC virginity. by blcking07/02/194.21

Virgin No More Pt. 02

 — A wife meets a BBC online. by blcking08/28/194.26

Virgin Party Girl Ch. 03

 — She goes black & gives her bf a "videotape break-up". by Marla B07/28/044.31

Virgins for Black Cock

 — Virgin sisters find what they desire from a black man. by dave_jones_5007/28/054.44

Virgins for Black Cock Ch. 02

 — Julie and Sylvia discover the pleasures of anal sex. by dave_jones_5004/15/064.66HOT

Virgins for Black Cock Ch. 03

 — Julie and Sylvia introduce Angie to black lust. by dave_jones_5006/02/064.56HOT

Virgins for Black Cock Ch. 04

 — Three white women plan kinky orgy with six black men. by dave_jones_5010/03/064.47

Vision Ch. 01

 — Fun with Gelato. by MsLuLuX10/09/174.78HOT

Vision Ch. 02

 — Trouble Found. by MsLuLuX10/11/174.80HOT

Vision Ch. 03

 — Dax & Lulu at last? by MsLuLuX10/14/174.79HOT

Vision Ch. 04

 — Honey, Confession & Blue Lights. by MsLuLuX10/18/174.82HOT

Vision Ch. 05

 — An especially rough patch. by MsLuLuX10/22/174.80HOT

Vision Ch. 06

 — Paradise & Paris. by MsLuLuX10/31/174.86HOT

Vision Ch. 07

 — Family: Things can only get better - right? by MsLuLuX11/14/174.78HOT

Vision Ch. 08

 — Be My Baby - My one and only Baby. by MsLuLuX11/21/174.84HOT

Visit to the Doctor

 — A man's doctor visit turns into a sex lesson for her. by sarahfine10/06/144.43

Visiting Bull

 — A white couple invite a black bull to come stay with them. by dsoul07/02/11

Visiting Japan

 — American meets Japanese girl in an unusual way. by creepy_ghost02/14/013.82

Viva Woodbridge: Scenario 05

 — Working close-up with a coworker from a distant office. by Irish Moss04/19/094.47

Vixxen & Sam Ch. 01: Vacation

 — Vixxen and Sam on vacation, things get wild for them. by VixxTheLover12/03/174.28

Vixxen & Sam Ch. 03: Betrayal

 — Vixxen and Sam are manipulated by a wealthy old man. by VixxTheLover05/04/183.97

Vixxen Ch. 02: A Fresh Start

 — A young black woman falls for a much older man. by VixxTheLover02/20/174.51HOT

Vixxen Ch. 03: Life as a Stripper

 — A young black woman works as a stripper to get by. by VixxTheLover02/27/174.55HOT

Vixxen Ch. 04: Trying for Normal

 — A young black stripper tries to leave life as a stripper. by VixxTheLover03/02/174.60HOT

Vixxen Ch. 08: Married Life

 — The perils of a dead sex life in marriage. by VixxTheLover04/06/174.22

Vixxen Ch. 09: The Final Chapter

 — A black woman starts over after divorce, but life improves. by VixxTheLover07/21/174.54HOT

Vonique Ch. 01

 — An ex football player helms a plus-size lingerie company. by peterlordflanders08/01/144.20

Vonique Ch. 02

 — Who is Seducing Whom? by peterlordflanders08/02/144.30

Vonique Ch. 03

 — Darryl loses his cherry. by peterlordflanders08/03/144.47

Wafa Ali of Saudi Arabia

 — Saudi Arabian MILF befriends biracial London student. by Samuelx02/06/18

Wahida Salman of Egypt

 — African American scholar dates Egyptian woman. by Samuelx04/01/18

Wait Ch. 01

 — Black woman and Korean man struggle to remain friends. by Irian12/19/184.83HOT

Wait Ch. 02

 — Repeating tempting mistakes. by Irian01/05/194.69HOT

Wait Ch. 03

 — Decision making. by Irian01/27/194.78HOT

Wait Ch. 04

 — Things better left unsaid/Letting someone in on the secret. by Irian07/06/194.85HOT


 — Is it worth the wait? by chocolatecherry08/16/064.16

Waiting All Along

 — Paul realizes it was all a lie. by moytalkstou06/29/104.46

Waiting All Along Ch. 02

 — His rage. by moytalkstou07/07/104.53HOT

Waiting All Along Ch. 03

 — It's a party. by moytalkstou08/09/104.35

Waiting All Along Ch. 04

 — Limbo. by moytalkstou01/19/124.42

Waiting at Heaven's Gate

 — Eventually love is found - it's up to Him when. by RedHairedandFriendly10/07/124.52HOT

Waiting for the Coed

 — Young half-Asian coed gets a visit from a pervert. by orientaddict10/10/073.86

Wake Up

 — I was walking home from a party... by BBWslut4blackcock10/02/133.76

Wake Up Call

 — A continuation of 'Anniversary'. by Quietmahoganystorm01/20/124.73HOT

Walking Horse

 — In 1812, a black man is brought into an Indian tribe. by eeric01/20/034.23

Walking the Dog

 — Everybody loves a Bulldog. by DenverYo05/23/114.38

Wan Wan Wan!

 — Hyuna is broken as a woman and a Korean. by Frocto05/19/133.41

Wanna Play?

 — It all started with a game of Monopoly. by HotSprings2210/15/084.70HOT

Wanna Play?

 — Teasing Fun... by vampwrrr04/06/134.59HOT


 — When Want Becomes Need. by avrgblkgrl12/22/144.77HOT

Want to Play

 — White man offers to play a game with sexy black woman. by secrecy45608/03/084.48

Want to Play Ch. 02

 — Adam shows Erica his competitive nature. by secrecy45608/06/084.70HOT

Want to Play Ch. 03

 — Erica lets Adam paint her. by secrecy45608/07/084.69HOT

Want to Play Ch. 04

 — Erica meets the family and gets a surprise. by secrecy45608/10/084.69HOT

Want to Play Ch. 05

 — Stuck between a rock and a hard place. by secrecy45608/14/084.72HOT

Want to Play Ch. 06

 — Trouble, trouble, and finally love. by secrecy45608/16/084.75HOT

Wanted: A Black Woman for Nude Day

 — Black man posts ad for an escort on Craigslist for Nude Day. by SusanJillParker07/05/124.39

Wanting Ch. 01

 — She wants it, craves it. And her man can't provide it! by srlmort02/23/174.01

Wanting Ch. 02

 — She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort02/25/174.22

Wanting Ch. 03

 — She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort02/26/174.03

Wanting Ch. 04

 — She wants it, craves it. And her man can't provide it! by srlmort03/08/174.14

Wanting Ch. 05

 — She wants it, craves it. And her man can't provide it! by srlmort03/09/173.89

Wanting Ch. 06

 — FINAL: She wants it. She craves it. And her man can't provide it. by srlmort03/10/174.06

Was He or Was He Not

 — A chance encounter in a parking ramp. by sunshine593009/24/074.36

Wasted Time

 — A guy fantasizes about "what if". by GentWithHandcuffs05/10/132.86

Watching Angela's First BBC

 — Watching my wife's first encounter with a black man. by mrheem77704/13/184.11

Watching Cheryl Ch. 01

 — A wife meets a black guy she met on a dating site. by Karenkay08/20/114.07

Watching Cheryl Ch. 02

 — John & Cheryl meet Jon at the hotel. by Karenkay09/13/114.00

Watching Gail

 — Thick, muscular Asian woman dates a black man. by DaveDevlin03/12/09

Watching Gail Ch. 02

 — Muscular Asian woman must chose between two men. by DaveDevlin03/24/09

Watching Gf Fucked by Her Friend's Bf

 — Watching my gf having sex with her roommate's bf. by myhotgirlfriend0012/19/173.50

Watching Jake and Jana

 — Husband watches wife get wild with black lover. by Tropical_Passion_42006/21/104.18

Watching Jessie (cuckold me)

 — Jessie turns me into her cuckold. by StThomas8303/16/193.67

Watching Jessie at the Hotel

 — Once innocent Jessie can't stop from going way too far. by StThomas8303/07/194.36

Watching My Ex Slut Wife

 — Husband finds gangbang video of his ex wife. by HANDYMANATHOME04/20/153.99

Watching My Slut Wife

 — Slut wife gets fucked by 3 black men. by HANDYMANATHOME02/28/154.28

Watching My Wife

 — Husband finds out his black partner is screwing his wife. by Karenkay07/11/074.24

Watching My Wife Ch. 02

 — Man is afraid to tell partner he's screwing his wife. by Karenkay07/20/073.99

Watching Sooby Orgasm

 — He stood behind her and watched. by NeedYou06/28/044.15

Water Under The Bridge Ch. 01-02

 — The band had a gig in Buffalo. by P209/23/064.39

Water Under The Bridge Ch. 03

 — After the Gig, I meet some new friends... by P206/23/131.00


 — A surprise encounter with a MySpace Hottie. by LexyHarper09/26/104.48

Wayward Asian Wife in Black Orgy

 — Asian wife gets seduced by a trio of wicked black men. by tedwrangell06/14/194.41

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 03

 — It's getting warmer. by theeink07/05/144.37

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 04

 — On the run... by theeink07/21/144.34

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 05

 — A close call. by theeink07/26/144.24

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 06

 — At it again. by theeink07/28/144.13

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 07

 — A moderately shocking revelation...or two. by theeink08/06/144.50HOT

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 08

 — A phone call. by theeink08/12/144.29

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 09

 — Get on with it. by theeink08/19/144.50HOT

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 10

 — Culmination. by theeink08/21/144.17

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 11

 — Bang Bang. by theeink09/02/144.62HOT

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 12

 — Aftermath. by theeink09/04/144.64HOT

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 13

 — Be gone, mask. by theeink09/09/144.75

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 14

 — And the hits just keep on coming. by theeink09/23/144.09

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 15

 — The end of an era. by theeink11/30/144.43

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 16

 — Superfluous. by theeink12/02/144.67

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 17

 — A reverie. by theeink12/23/144.43

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 18

 — Bad decisions. by theeink02/03/154.70HOT

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 19

 — The end is near. by theeink04/14/154.38

We Are Both In The Dirt Ch. 20

 — The end? by theeink06/30/154.82HOT

We Are Only Here To Watch...

 — Tempting fate at a swingers party. by MackMegaload07/03/134.29

We Become Swingers

 — I have always found it very erotic to see my wife riding. by welike2havefun06/07/124.07

We Can Do This...

 — Two colleagues give in to each other. by trapped111/06/084.18

We Can Do This... Ch. 02

 — Co-workers find it hard to stay away from each other. by trapped102/01/09

We Have Something in Carmen

 — A weekend home leads to a surprising Latina connection. by mosprophetic12/09/124.50HOT

We're in this Love Together

 — Al Jarreau, Toni Collette, and a post-wedding hookup. by brethard02/16/17

Wearing My Kilt

 — A letter to my lover. by Whitechocolatier03/04/154.48

Wearing the Tube

 — Wife dates other men while hubby tells his story. by Karenkay05/18/064.16

Web Cam Affair

 — He watches his wife have an affair with black guy. by chasseur1105/26/104.39

Web Cam Affair Ch. 02

 — White wife sleeps with husband's black co-worker again. by chasseur1107/11/104.44

Web Cam Affair Ch. 03

 — White wife continues to film her having sex with black co-worker. by chasseur1104/19/124.32

Wedded Fornication

 — A gf cheats when her bf sleeps. by Brass_ankle11/04/174.33

Wedding Trip #01

 — MWF meets up with an black friend while away from home. by chasseur1108/30/104.43

Wedding Trip #02

 — Wife continues trip and affair from home with black friend. by chasseur1111/29/104.38

Wedding Trip #03

 — MWF continues affair with Blk friend while away with husband. by chasseur1111/05/114.35

Weekend Away

 — A cuckoldress returns from her first weekend away. by rockymtn05/21/133.88

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 01

 — White couple involve neighbors in their lifestyle. by Karenkay02/27/054.47

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 02

 — young white couple continue their journey into cuckoldry by Karenkay05/12/054.56HOT

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Julie brings Frank home for the first weekend. by Karenkay06/22/054.52HOT

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Wife continues to learn the art of cuckolding. by Karenkay07/30/054.49

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 05

 — Wife continues her cuckold training. by Karenkay09/27/054.42

Weekend Cuckold Ch. 06

 — Wife and hubby finally join the club. by Karenkay09/28/054.37

Weekend Getaway with 8" White Lover

 — Japanese hotwife has long weekend of sex with big cock lover. by japacumslut09/07/194.02

Weekend in Memphis

 — Housewife goes to Memphis to meet her lover. by whbonney03/21/024.28

Weekend in Memphis Ch. 2

 — Two lovers enjoy each other by whbonney03/22/024.30

Weekend in Memphis Ch. 3

 — Teri spend her last days before going home. by whbonney03/25/024.16

Weekend in New Orleans

 — A married white woman finds a black lover. by devil_in_white_dress05/05/044.56HOT

Weekend Lovers Ch. 01

 — Two friends begin a relationship over a weekend. by buddhaearl04/12/084.16

Weekend Lovers Ch. 02

 — The continuing development of two friends relationship. by buddhaearl05/30/094.15

Weekend Story

 — A loving couple involve another man on a weekend away. by swooshscoot11/26/143.97

Weekend Story Ch. 02

 — Rob explains his journey and continues the tale. by swooshscoot12/15/144.41

Weekend Warriors: Pay Day Whores

 — Money is tight, and a son witnesses how his parents changed. by DAMND ONE05/02/123.76

Weight of Penumbra Ch. 03

 — Can you convince true love to love? by TalyisBagley05/20/174.70HOT

Weight of Penumbra Ch. 04

 — Guess who's coming to dinner? by TalyisBagley07/24/174.79HOT

WeiLi's Awakening Ch. 02

 — WeiLi continues her education in black fucking. by rich052401/09/074.30


 — A young black man has encounter with his neighbor. by Meow5meow01/29/163.69

Welcome Back

 — He found her hidden in plain sight. by Caramel_Satine07/09/154.75HOT

Welcome Home

 — Rough fuck in the kitchen when my baby came home. by babygirl18181803/21/194.03

Welcome Home Pt. 03: The New Project

 — Jordan starts a new project for the family. by Shadowforce104/03/184.66HOT

Welcome Home Pt. 04: Coming Together

 — Things begin to come together for Jordan and family. by Shadowforce105/30/184.46

Welcome To Johannesburg

 — White tomboy welcomes black male friend home. by Samuelx10/20/153.64

Welcome to the Family Ch. 02

 — Black guy brings out the slut in white woman. by muntusaurus08/07/194.22

Welcome to the Neighborhood

 — 4 old black men take advantage of wife's gambling addiction. by Stormbringer11/01/084.53HOT

Welcoming the Millenium with a Bang

 — Latina celebrates New Years. by Latina10/10/003.77

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Ch. 2

 — Raoul & Ivan return, with a friend. by Stardog Champion10/15/014.11

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers Ch. 3

 — Bobbie Jo fulfills her deepest darkest needs. by Stardog Champion10/16/013.91

Well Matched

 — Sandy meets her match. by auntirotickle01/23/113.93

Wendy & Duane Ch. 01

 — Duane follows Wendy to the woods. by EZ4BLKcock01/31/134.02

Wendy & Duane Ch. 02

 — Duane uses Wendy to get business contract. by EZ4BLKcock05/17/133.96

Wendy & The Witchdoctor

 — Black shaman uses voodoo to impregnate neighbor. by Stormbringer04/29/024.46

Wendy The Haitian Cuckoldress

 — Haitian dominatrix cuckolds her black man with white guy. by Samuelx07/20/153.14

Wendy The Walmart Dominatrix

 — Security guard seduced by a bossy MILF cashier. by Samuelx11/08/163.63

Wendy The Walmart Dominatrix Ch. 02

 — Walmart MILF dominates a black security guard. by Samuelx04/24/173.67

Wendy The Walmart Dominatrix Ch. 03

 — Bossy MILF cashier and black security guard hook up. by Samuelx04/29/172.83

Wendy The Walmart Dominatrix Ch. 04

 — White female manager tops black security guard. by Samuelx11/17/173.44

Wendy's Home Delivery

 — Wendy fucks two BBCs. by wendy5301/27/164.28

Wendy's Wedding Night Surprise!

 — Was this the perfect wedding for both bride and groom? by wendyetmark01/17/074.07


 — Wendy takes a trip. by wendy5306/16/174.06

West Ch. 00

 — Civil War Era Bounty Hunter and Vigilante. by Irian07/10/184.68HOT

West Ch. 01

 — A Forbidden Civil War Romance. by Irian08/30/184.58HOT

West Ch. 02

 — A desert dinner party. by Irian11/07/184.65HOT

West Coast Native Love Ch. 01

 — Amber's former flame comes back into her life. by pyramids_9605/20/184.20

West Coast Native Love Ch. 02

 — College graduation approaches and Amber makes plans with Jay. by pyramids_9605/24/184.23

West Coast Native Love Ch. 03

 — Amber finally visits Jay in Washington State. by pyramids_9605/24/184.46

West Coast Native Love Ch. 04

 — Romance blossoms and Amber is faced with a choice. by pyramids_9606/21/184.58HOT

West Coast Native Love Ch. 05

 — Amber returns to Washington for Jay and a job interview. by pyramids_9608/24/184.47

West Coast Native Love Ch. 06

 — Amber starts to plan a future with Jay and some kinky sex. by pyramids_9611/19/184.67HOT

West Coast Native Love Ch. 07

 — Amber starts her new job and gets settled with Jay. by pyramids_9601/08/194.14

West Coast Native Love Ch. 08

 — Jay and Amber host a housewarming party. by pyramids_9606/01/194.53HOT

West Coast Native Love Ch. 09

 — A steamy trip to the lake house. by pyramids_9606/29/194.13

WestPac Widows

 — Newlywed enters a secret inner circle of military wives. by afrodisiacmwf06/16/054.44

Wet Dreams Really Do Cum True

 — Unlikely lust between principal & 18-year-old stud. by drkgod09/12/054.48

Wet Paint

 — Redecorating wife decides that black is her favorite color. by PenPal200110/02/164.02

Wet Works

 — A slip on the ice is a mistake she was happy to make. by RichardSchwarz6904/05/114.15

What a Girl's Gotta Do

 — Ebony Monica does what she must in order to keep her job. by JonB196902/11/144.21

What a Hubby Found

 — A hubby pays his mom a visit . . . guess what he found. by dsoul07/05/134.11

What a Job Ch. 01

 — Wife becomes a model, then a sex toy by steviet01/05/074.28

What a Job Ch. 02

 — Wife and boss go to a whole new level. by steviet10/06/164.32

What a Mistletoe Can Do

 — Two friends stuck in a cabin for Christmas break. by TheIncognito11/20/104.60HOT

What a Photo Reveals

 — A photo shows a schoolgirl who's really hot, and who's not. by IsaacTolkien06/01/194.63HOT

What Are Friends For?

 — Young sexy widow, meets her match in a bad boy. by cherryontop197301/14/094.45

What Are Friends For? Ch. 02

 — shy, sexy young widow attracts alpha male, sparks fly. by cherryontop197306/25/124.42

What Are Friends For? Ch. 03

 — Isa doubts her sexual self and becomes vulnerable. by cherryontop197307/01/124.36

What did I Just Do

 — Telling friend how wife fucked black guy. by Nojustice201/14/184.24

What did I Just Do... Again!

 — Wife wanted to fuck a black guy one more time. by Nojustice202/08/184.37

What Girls Really Want

 — Black only white woman turns boyfriend into sissy. by jocksissy04/05/053.95

What I Always Wanted

 — A job, an older man who happens to be black. by JimandGarysgirl08/23/123.96

What I Learned in College Ch. 01

 — A young man's sexual journey thru college into adulthood. by JazzBoneDawg05/26/124.37

What I Learned in College Ch. 01.1

 — An edited version of Lenore and the revenge Fuck. by JazzBoneDawg05/30/124.56HOT

What I Wouldn't Do - Where It Started

 — Val wants to say goodbye, Patrick wants to help. by Sully_M08/03/174.57HOT

What the Hell Am I Doing?

 — A happily married woman and her slut-switch. by satinlvr_mwf12/24/124.07

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 02

 — Ben has me first... by satinlvr_mwf12/31/124.27

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 03

 — Submitting to my Owner, and His Desires. by satinlvr_mwf11/26/144.16

What the Hell Am I Doing? Ch. 06

 — Debts get paid... by satinlvr_mwf09/27/154.08

What the Hell Is Wrong With Me?

 — White man sees his girlfriend with a black man. by MidwestLover7911/02/143.67

What To Tell My Daughter Pt. 01

 — Daughter catches mother having sex with black men. by juderboy11/28/064.35

What To Tell My Daughter Pt. 02

 — Daughter wants to find out why her mother does it. by juderboy11/29/064.14

What Would You Have Said?

 — First night at a swingers club and a surprise meeting by misterblue5803/24/144.32

What You Wish For

 — Sometimes you get more than you bargained for by husband10112/13/124.31

What's Done in the Dark Ch. 01

 — Will come to light. A continuation of Lex's story. by SexyPecan07/02/084.15

What's Done in the Dark Ch. 02

 — Revelations, Separations and a Reunion. by SexyPecan07/16/084.17

What's The Password?

 — Mythical sexual encounter awaits those who know the password. by bigdaddysmooth10/17/114.16

Whatever You Like Ch. 01

 — The Man With The Iron Fists by lovewords03/02/144.29

When A Man loves A Woman Ch. 01

 — Nadia loves Joel, but he doesn't belong to her. by lovewords03/02/144.46

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 01

 — How much will a woman endure before she fights back? by Iread2relax09/15/134.50HOT

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 02

 — Fight or flight? by Iread2relax09/28/134.65HOT

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 03

 — Enough is enough. by Iread2relax10/12/134.74HOT

When a Woman's Fed Up Ch. 04

 — A person can only take so much before striking back by Iread2relax11/04/134.79HOT

When and Where?

 — A white woman's dissention into addiction to black men. by MsSandra11/20/124.04

When Arab Girls Love Black Men

 — Yemeni woman falls for Black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx10/03/122.90

When Arab Girls Love Black Men Ch. 02

 — Lebanese Christian woman and Haitian at Carleton U. by Samuelx10/08/121.33

When David Calls

 — New meeting. by alexcarr08/19/113.61

When Fantasy Becomes Reality

 — Husband and wife decide to meet a BBC. by BreakingNads03/13/143.95

When Hip-Huggers Go Bad

 — White wife gets lessons from mature Black man. by midniterider03/12/024.23

When Hubby is Around

 — Excuse me, would you mind if I sit down? by dsoul10/26/093.47

When Hubby is Away

 — ..lonely wife will play. by dsoul09/18/093.97

When Hubby Returns

 — Hubby's back from his trip early...and gets to watch. by dsoul10/05/094.08

When It's Gone

 — He broke her heart, but not her. by melini01/06/144.39

When Latin Women Love Black Men

 — African-American meets feisty Latin beauty in Brazil. by Samuelx10/15/123.03

When Love Gets Corny

 — Love conquers a woman's pride. by komrad115602/23/164.76HOT

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