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Interracial Love Stories

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Another Boring Day in DFW

 — Black guys gets pegged by his white wife, and a redhead. by erichian07/11/073.94

Another Chance Ch. 01

 — He cheats on his wife. by tachi8507/05/083.63

Another Client For Lisa

 — Lisa finds her black clients to be the best. by lucioz12/18/104.55HOT

Another Co-Worker Fucked 02

 — Zeke, Janet, Gloria & Yvette go to the movies. by ittakestwo26901/20/043.90

Another Coworker Fucked Ch. 01

 — Zeke, Janet & Gloria seduce another coworker. by ittakestwo26906/09/034.27

Another Illicit Weekend...

 — Another secret weekend with my lover... by MrsYoung10/22/154.39

Another Time, Another Place

 — Sheik buys sex slave for Sheikha. by KeKaneAnoi08/12/054.16

Another Union Training Session

 — Janet and Zeke get more training. by ittakestwo26904/22/034.36

Another Union Training Session Ch. 02

 — Zeke, Janet and Phyllis have fun. by ittakestwo26905/08/034.53HOT

Another UPS Special Delivery

 — Wife craves a "special anal delivery". by dennyboy208/24/064.14


 — Interracial couple meet for the first time at a hotel. by daisygirl_196211/13/043.98

Any Port In A Storm

 — Stranded white guy helps tempest-tossed black fox by Sir Galahad01/19/034.67HOT

Anyone For Tennis?

 — Fantasy interracial threesome w/ my husband and coach. by AnnPickford05/20/113.83

Anywhere But Here

 — She married in a church not a whore house after all. by azzure102010/07/093.91

Apartment 7 has a Golden Ticket

 — Vasily comes calling on Carie with a special ticket. by l8lastnight12/25/134.56HOT

Apartment 8 Has a Golden Challenge

 — A side bet lands Vasily and Carie in a male strip club. by l8lastnight12/17/144.63HOT

Apartment 8 has a Golden Ticket

 — Carie's turn to come calling on Vasily. by l8lastnight04/23/144.71HOT

APC Ch. 01

 — Two naive couples set out on an eco-safari in Swaziland. by hubbyhw08/09/144.03

APC Ch. 02

 — The Zebra Party had nothing to do with animal migration. by hubbyhw08/22/144.37

APC Ch. 03

 — Heather and Staci will soon start hooting like Cheeta. by hubbyhw09/09/144.53HOT

Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 01

 — A lucky loser is invited on an erotic cruise by his girl. by markydaysaid05/21/124.11

Application Accepted

 — Young Asian woman gets a new job as a secretary. by ilove2write4u05/01/124.18

April Gets a New Stud

 — I find April some new meat. by Cash095602/15/143.91

April Gets a New Stud Ch. 02

 — We go to the movies. by Cash095602/27/144.12

April Makes A Change

 — She went black and now comes back. by Cash095603/31/142.81

April’s Child

 — Young mother trapped by 1912 Southern conventions. by 4glory603/03/154.49

Apt. 408

 — He loves to watch her. by midniteblueflier04/08/043.65

Arab Christian Femdom in Ottawa

 — Arab Christian dominatrix strapons Nigerian guy. by Samuelx02/25/132.60

Arab Christian Sluts In Ottawa

 — Black Muslim bangs hot Arab Christian psychiatrist. by Samuelx12/21/142.89

Arab Cuckolds Do Exist

 — Saudi wife cuckolds husband with Somali man. by Samuelx04/29/173.43

Arab Daughters and African Sons

 — Syrian woman and Haitian man battle prejudice together. by Samuelx01/15/142.25

Arab Dominatrix

 — Arab Dominatrix strapons arrogant White slut. by Samuelx06/13/103.83

Arab Femdom For Ethiopian Studs

 — Lebanese lawyer meets Ethiopian student in Toronto. by Samuelx02/05/153.00

Arab Femdom in Australia

 — A white girl beats a black man at basketball. by Samuelx09/24/111.89

Arab Femdom in Vanier

 — Arab MILF fucks Montreal-based Haitian in Vanier. by Samuelx09/29/11

Arab Femdom: So High Above Me

 — Macho Arab falls for Boston blonde woman. by Samuelx09/30/113.00

Arab Girls and Black Men

 — Arab girl who loves dogs meets African-American guy. by Samuelx10/22/112.69

Arab Girls Dating Black Men

 — Students from different worlds meet at Canadian school. by Samuelx03/21/132.10

Arab Girls for Haitian Boys

 — Lebanese Christian woman meets Haitian man. by Samuelx12/23/111.89

Arab Girls into Black Studs

 — Exotic Arab lady meets black man in Boston. by Samuelx02/01/141.78

Arab Lady For Cute Black Guys

 — Afro-Arabian man dates Lebanese Christian girl in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/31/131.00

Arab Lady Marries Black Man

 — Arab woman falls for Black man in Ottawa. by Samuelx09/07/122.30

Arab MILF For Black Studz

 — Anthony connects with Halima in Ottawa. by Samuelx07/31/143.33

Arab Queen For Haitian King

 — Lebanese MILF seduces Haitian christian in Ottawa. by Samuelx03/21/122.86

Arab Torture Ch. 2

 — Torture from the two girls reaches new peaks. by Animal11/30/014.38

Arab Wife For Black Husband

 — Lebanese woman falls for Haitian Christian in Ottawa. by Samuelx04/13/132.68

Arab Woman into Black Men

 — Lebanese Muslim woman meets Haitian Christian student. by Samuelx04/20/132.00

Arab Women Bodybuilders

 — Arab female bodybuilder meets black man at gym. by Samuelx12/05/133.17

Arab Women for Black Men

 — Arab women for Black men in Canada. by Samuelx10/22/112.93

Arabian Adventure Ch. 01

 — Sensual surprise encounter with a Muslim woman in Syria. by alphata04/15/064.32

Arabian Adventure Ch. 02

 — A sexy Syrian project assistant knows how to flirt. by alphata05/02/064.29

Arabian Adventure Ch. 03

 — A Syrian secretary finally submits to my seduction attempts. by alphata06/07/064.31

Arabian Adventure Ch. 04

 — Secret encounter with Syrian housewife & her girlfriend. by alphata06/09/063.96

Arabian Adventure Ch. 05

 — Side trip to Beirut and a spying hole in the hotel. by alphata06/18/063.71

Arabian Adventure Ch. 06

 — How an evening with the sexiest woman alive turns out. by alphata07/14/063.91

Arabian Fire

 — I will never forget the first time I made love to you. by missjaybird04/30/114.17

Aratego: A Cuckold's Paradise Ch. 01

 — In Aratego, the cuckold life is the way of life. by thegerotica07/11/174.09

Aratego: A Stormy Night

 — Tim and Rosa's bull waits out the storm. by thegerotica08/18/173.84

Are Those Boobs Real

 — Older East Indian guy fucks young blonde Caucasian. by goalei123407/15/134.12

Are You Lonely?

 — Student flirts with her teacher when his wife is away. by Aussie_Teacher01/08/05

Are You What I Am Looking For?

 — A young woman gets a little sexual fix from a stranger. by virgin_sexpert10/28/104.28

Ari in Los Angeles

 — Ari has fun in the city of angels. by DivaGoddess196912/24/173.55

Ari's Wish

 — A young woman's wish to be completely free comes true. by DivaGoddess196912/09/173.12

Ariel Feels Daring

 — Petite Japanese-American girl goes clubbing. by crossedlegs01/09/014.51HOT

Arigatou Gozaimasu

 — A genuine, heartfelt thanks. by WFEATHER07/02/094.22

Arizona Summer

 — Emitt peeps through his older, wiser neighbors' window. by TheB1801/19/153.61

Arkansas Cuck Ch. 01

 — This is fantasy of my girlfriend cuckolding me. by fire411404/23/183.45

Armore Gets Jason

 — White middle aged woman deals with racism. by yenyang07/29/034.10

Armore Gets Jason Ch. 02

 — Friend uses family for sex. by yenyang08/18/034.30

Armore Gets Jason Ch. 03

 — Friend uses family for sex. by yenyang09/03/034.40

Armored Love Ch. 01

 — Love found between an unlikely couple. by Koco_Kyss01/11/094.39

Armored Love Ch. 02

 — Unlikely couple starts thier relationship. by Koco_Kyss01/18/094.38

Armored Love Ch. 03

 — Bianca and Anthony get closer. by Koco_Kyss04/06/094.55HOT

Armored Love Ch. 04

 — Emotions run high between Bianca & Tony. by Koco_Kyss04/17/094.45

Armored Love Ch. 05

 — Tony and Bianca become closer. by Koco_Kyss08/31/094.58HOT

Armored Love Ch. 06

 — Will unexpected revalations tear them apart? by Koco_Kyss11/20/094.60HOT

Armored Love Ch. 07

 — Will Bianca and Tony make it? by Koco_Kyss12/18/094.65HOT

Armored Love Ch. 08

 — Tony and Bianca become even closer? by Koco_Kyss02/06/104.65HOT

Armored Love Ch. 09

 — Will Tony and Bianca make it? by Koco_Kyss02/11/104.62HOT

Armored Love Ch. 10

 — Will Bianca make it? Will they make it? by Koco_Kyss04/13/104.69HOT

Arms of Steel: The Lost Crusade

 — A Maharaja's daughter loves a brawny Christian Knight. by CrisIdolBouncer08/17/074.05

Army Life

 — Black man finds benefits in the army. by Bakeboss08/21/103.75


 — 19-year-old Maori woman's story. by harryr4u08/22/083.00

Around Midnight

 — Trying something new to fill a void. by TxRad11/03/064.71HOTContest Winner

Arrangement in Black & White

 — Swinging couple celebrate anniversary with old friend. by Nigela Lamont10/31/054.34

Arrangement in Black & White Ch. 02

 — Carol and Todd find a new playmate. by Nigela Lamont01/24/064.40

Arrogant Mother-In-Law

 — Binging mother-In-Law to heel by goolwaman1711/15/104.21

Arrogant Mother-In-Law Ch. 02

 — Challenge is tame the Mother in Law. by goolwaman1701/06/114.24

Arrogant Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

 — Amanda is deceived into her own submission. by goolwaman1704/20/114.19

Arrogant White Woman Punished

 — Black man dominates rich white woman. by Samuelx05/15/093.46

Arthur's Second Chance

 — Boss takes a chance with his secretary. by Soft101709/01/14

Artist Girl

 — Sex with a hot Asian guy turns out to be really fun. by functioncurve06/24/104.04

Artist Girl Ch. 02

 — Café Girl: a blowjob in the boss's office. by functioncurve07/03/102.90

Artistic Talents

 — Young, black artist falls for young, white artist. by rexprime107/02/034.44

Artistic Touch Ch. 01

 — Art teacher gets visited by a former student. by freaky.tales11/05/014.03

Artistic Touch Ch. 02

 — Art teacher gets taught a thing or two by former student. by freaky.tales11/17/014.36

Artistic Touch Ch. 04

 — Teacher is taken by former student. by freaky.tales12/18/044.30

Artistic Touch Ch. 05

 — The prequel to 'Artistic Touch'. by freaky.tales01/24/054.31

Artwork Ch. 01

 — Macke wants Eli more than he knows. by lutchien08/16/034.54HOT

As Different as Black and White

 — A blind date of exact opposites. by JustLikeEwe05/16/084.60HOT

As It Seems Ch. 01

 — Stuck up bw meets thug wm and the fighting begins. by rowan307/17/084.34

As It Seems Ch. 02

 — Stranded Alexa thinks things through. by rowan310/24/084.49

As It Seems Ch. 03

 — This really was a bad day. by rowan310/29/084.50HOT

As It Seems Ch. 04

 — Confusion and they meet again. by rowan311/23/084.52HOT

As It Seems Ch. 05

 — The truth comes out. by rowan311/26/084.57HOT

As It Seems Ch. 06

 — The silence between them was strained. by rowan312/16/084.52HOT

As It Seems Ch. 07

 — Will they ever stop bickering? by rowan308/08/094.58HOT

As It Seems Ch. 08

 — Her head was still heavy from last night's wine. by rowan311/26/094.58HOT

As It Seems Ch. 09

 — Connor bowed his head into his chest. by rowan303/03/104.66HOT

As It Seems Ch. 10

 — The alarm screeched in Connor's ear. by rowan307/06/104.68HOT

As The Petals Fall

 — An impossible friendship turned poisonous attraction. by xxChellaBellaxx12/15/143.46

Ascension of a Black Dom

 — Black man & white girl discover thrill of racial roleplay. by JeffersonPierce08/24/054.51HOT


 — An autobiographical account of anal sex. by bonitatheassslut01/18/014.51HOT

Ashima Shaji of Kerala

 — Indian kleptomaniac seduces Haitian-American officer. by Samuelx08/11/171.67

Ashlee and JD Ch. 01

 — Shy blonde surprises black first date with a road blow. by DrHuge08/16/114.46

Ashlee and JD Ch. 02

 — A seat by the kitchen gives privacy for under-table action. by DrHuge08/18/114.43

Ashlee and JD Ch. 03

 — She promises not to blow him again then looks for a loophole. by DrHuge08/23/114.43

Ashlee and JD Ch. 04

 — The date ends with a bang in front of a hidden audience. by DrHuge08/24/114.40

Ashlee's Sister Meets JD

 — The girl who said "stay away from black guys" reconsiders. by DrHuge01/07/124.07

Ashlee, JD, Kelli and Todd

 — Black stud gets caught in the middle of two roommates. by DrHuge11/18/114.08

Ashlee, JD, the Anniversary Dinner

 — Blonde surprises black boyfriend with a friend. by DrHuge11/21/114.08

Ashlee, JD, the White Girl Buffet

 — Her black boyfriend begins building his harem. by DrHuge01/04/124.27


 — She graduates in more than one way. by meop02/21/064.23

Ashley & Chantel Call on Me

 — Eating a chocolate covered cherry. by Boxlicker10105/22/044.50HOT

Ashley and Jabari

 — Ashley returns with a desire for more Black. by BabyGirlLOVESBrian05/16/063.93

Ashley and Jonah

 — A young couple finds love. by Iread2relax05/01/154.56HOT

Ashley Ch. 02

 — Ashley returns. by meop03/28/064.51HOT

Ashley's Dark Awakening Ch. 01

 — Ashley falls for a dark, dirty trick with a black man... by uh-oh01/15/124.45

Ashley's Dark Awakening Ch. 02

 — The black seed has been sown... by uh-oh06/19/124.48

Ashley's Dark Awakening Ch. 03

 — Dark horizons open up for Ashley... by uh-oh03/01/134.60HOT

Ashley's Story

 — A BBC-loving college girl has an encounter that changes her. by tw_holt10/29/144.31

Ashley's Transformation

 — I witnessed the transformation of the hottest girl in school. by heftylefty5501/18/183.87

Ashley's Walk Home

 — Girl gets a surprise on her way home from the club. by TooCool2106/13/113.84

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic

 — MWF gets seduced by BBC after fender bender. by texasguy48xx11/26/174.44

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 02

 — Ashley can't resist the old black man's 10 inches. by texasguy48xx11/30/174.71HOT

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 03

 — This time, Ashley takes Leon to her house. by texasguy48xx12/06/174.67HOT

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 04

 — Ashley does things for Leon she never does for hubby. by texasguy48xx12/19/174.51HOT

Ashley's Wreck Turns Erotic Ch. 05

 — Leon spends the weekend with the married blonde. by texasguy48xx12/24/174.53HOT

Asia's Persuasion Pt. 01

 — Asia gets a craving for a taste of chocolate. by asiapersuasion05/20/173.97

Asia's Persuasion Pt. 02

 — Asia gets a big package of chocolate and a little surprise. by asiapersuasion05/26/174.33

Asian Adventures

 — He sets out to end his life, but instead discovers himself. by Aussie_Teacher04/29/05

Asian Ass

 — He gets a wonderful gift from wife's Asian friend by Z-Man13808/12/034.14

Asian Babes at Uni

 — Uni student gets the ride of a lifetime. by BangoSkank03/07/054.30

Asian Co-Worker Fantasy

 — Lust for cute Oriental co-worker leads to elaborate fantasy by orientaddict11/18/073.21

Asian Coach

 — Asian coach enjoys sexy blonde soccer player. by mett04/09/064.63HOT

Asian Dancer

 — Black man gets the lap dance of his dreams. by feltatl12/14/034.25

Asian Dick Ch. 02

 — How I ended up sleeping with my housemate. by jm637901/10/144.08

Asian Donuts

 — Married man decides to try some exotic desserts. by jojo_dlls04/06/124.56HOT

Asian for Black and White

 — American and his Chinese girlfriend take on Black stud. by Doug68901/14/154.51HOT

Asian Girl For Black Gentleman

 — Haitian gentleman meets Vietnamese woman on campus. by Samuelx06/25/113.27

Asian Girl For Cute Black Gentleman

 — Chinese woman meets Haitian man at Canadian school. by Samuelx06/27/112.57

Asian Girls For Black Gentlemen

 — Vietnamese woman meets Haitian man at university. by Samuelx06/24/112.47

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 04

 — Curvaceous Asian virgin on a steep learning curve. by BeamMeUp08/14/084.29

Asian Men Have Big Dicks Too

 — White woman meets well-endowed Chinese student. by Samuelx05/19/113.66

Asian Men Have Really Big Dicks

 — White lady discovers sexy Asian man's secret. by Samuelx05/27/113.39

Asian Persuasion

 — A wake up call with his hot Asian girlfriend. by SamStuart06/28/022.82

Asian Princess of Barrhaven

 — Chinese lady dates Somali guy in Ottawa. by Samuelx11/15/152.86

Asian Silk

 — A Chinese woman falls for a man with a huge cock. by Tattered_warrior10/07/094.63HOT

Asian Slut Finds Lover

 — Asian slut cuckolds boyfriend. by Asiaphilia12/01/173.30

Asian Slut Girlfriend

 — Asian girlfriend gives away pussy. by Asiaphilia11/28/173.00

Asian Wife Pays the Loan

 — A racist rant leads a wife to having to pay off the loan. by dr13bone04/08/154.39

Asian Women 4 Black Men Now

 — Chinese student seduces black man in Toronto. by Samuelx03/20/122.12

Asian Women Strapon Black Men Too

 — Big-booty Chinese woman strapons Black guy. by Samuelx05/19/113.46

Asma the Libyan Hijabi MILF

 — Asma the Libyan MILF meets a Jamaican stud. by Samuelx06/10/172.62

ASMTD Ch. 12

 — July 31 - Rai confronts her father. by Tappinthat10111/23/164.82HOT

Aspen Summer

 — Korean girl and boyfriend experiment. by johnmale05/14/054.23

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