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Daily i tell people to not drink coffee. It hampers normal life. And now, here is proof.

Love the story, hate the man.

Getting his wife pregnant without her permission is an absolutely disgusting thing to do. He should have just divorced her and found someone else. He clearly would have had a problem doing so if he’s that good looking.
All that aside, I’m looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

A strong Black man.

A good story of an alpha male dominating, giving the white mans wife what she desires.
I also enjoyed the ending with the husbands little cock covered in the Black man's sperm.

Bull shit

Must be written by a woman or a siisy ass bitch

Nice Start

Can't wait to see where this goes. Does he Breed her does he make her bring like Minded Females to him. if for no other reason then to Breed and take the Children home to their Husbands.

Why not

With the abuse, my thought, let the teeth be a weapon, make a lesson to be learned.
The pain of jaws that are locked onto a penis that take control away from the abuser.

just my response...sorry....

Fiction, yes?

This sounds like something written by a racist dreamer. A white husband might allow his wife sex with a black lover but to become a total submissive is beyond believeability.

Daius needs some white milf pussy!

Cathy is awesome, I see Darius and Terrance in a 3 way!


Loved it and your stories. Really hope for another ir sequel.

Well Written Story

I really enjoyed your first story...I appreciated the background and the build-up...but the sexual encounter was so hot. Darius might be a nice diversion, but I know that Terrence will be back for more...much more. I see Cathy and Terrence as long-term lovers even after Terrence is engaged, married, and a father. 5+ Stars.


MILF Cathy is going to turn into a Cougar because Terrance can't get back to service her enough. Hoping you have more Cathy stories for us in the future. Five Stars for this one!

NWR! = Not Worth Reading!

This is not erotic, but it is sick, it totally lacks any arousing depictions, and those are its better qualities!
There is a whole bevy of words that cover this piece of debris: Lame, Moronic, STUPID, idiotic, a waste of time, and perhaps the most appapro’ TOTALLY WORTHLESS!
Other than that it’s great!

Nice first story

Hopefully the adventures with Darius are as good as they were with Terrance.

Love it.

A great story. Excellent writing. Hot, hot, hot (certain scenes in particular)

Very good

Don't get Amanda in the harem though she's a high risk low return commodity, what with std and all yeah just get her a gangbang where her husband catches and bursts his veins

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