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Hello Vision Party People

Thank you all so very much for reading and or following me. This is my first submission and I am super nervous about it believe it or not. Writing is a very personal and intense ordeal, but I love it.

I especially love the kind words and adulation - like Lady gaga says - I live for the applause applause applause

I am going to attempt to respond in kind to some of the lovely readers that have been kind enough to comment.

@ the anonymous person who relates to the tragedy, you have my sincerest apologies for your loss. I will be praying for you. thank you so very much for reading

Toni Morrison - I am so very flattered you think so :) I am going to try to figure out why Dax is the way he is about Lou - what makes him so intense? Is it just love - bear with me.

@LitLover 469
Thank you so much for reading :) Yes you're right they did skip quite a few steps in the getting to know one another process and its funny you bring up cutting back and focusing on the non-physical side of things as the story does indeed go in exactly that direction for a moment.

@fawnsage - thank you for reading!!! I am a fan of your work as well - Ms. MIA

The sista likes the jewish javelin huh

Shame he didn't knock her up


I m indian and i love the story. Want more like this. Contact me white guys

Great Series

Liked the whole thing. Hope you have more Tale's to tell.


This was an intense ass chapter. Shit their relationship is so deep, but I love how much they love each other and how they flow so well together.

The pregnancy ordeal was so sad, but the aftermath was som much sader. I miss them together and I hope they work it out.

I’m eagerly waiting the next update.


Move over Toni Morrison; there's a new sheriff in town. Don't know where to start as this was all so good. Glad to find out more of Lou's background as well as why she's like she is. This is like 'Les Miserable' sort of.

Dax's mom went upside his head a couple of times over his "stalking" issues, yet he did't take her advise. I can't judge him though; he loves him some LuLu. I know what it's like to have your heart torn out of my chest & run through a meat grinder. Needs to be more retrospective to adequately deal with his love for Lou.

Thank you so much MsLuLuX for posting this update (ch. 5) in such a short time. Your finger tips are probably sore from the continuous typing.


Excellent! Can't wait for the next installment.

Oh My!!

What a NASTY lady you are my dear... I LOVE to read about rich,older women who takes control of young,black guys!! The dirty talk was spectacular,also loved how you thru that little incest line.. Mmm,Momma & son talk...
I'll definitely add you to my favorites and I'm so glad you have even more stories submitted..
Btw,there's nothing more sexier than a women crossing and uncrossing her legs while sitting on a small stool and sucking on a big dick,like as what you described in this yummy story....


I adore this story but this chapter is the best one yet! The bit about the roasted bad children had me hollering!!! I love Lou! It is so refreshing to see a complex well written black woman character. What a damn good chapter! Kudos!

First of all, Dax and Max? I love it. lol.

There's so much to say... where to start?

I actually thought Dax and Lulu had been together much longer than a few months. Their relationship has been intense... I guess in both a good and a bad way. They did kind of skip past a lot of the getting to know you part of their relationship. Not to say they haven't become familiar with one another, but they haven't had those stay up all night talking about each other conversations either. They stay up all night doing other fun thangs instead.

Dax is convinced Lulu is his future wife and baby mama, but he hasn't shared his college basketball experience with her or told her about Angela and her abortions, for example. And Lulu hasn't been the most forthcoming about her own history either. It seems like they tend to find out the more personal details about each other through other people.

The good thing is that they are on the same page.

They are two very passionate, stubborn, selfish and inexperienced people, but they are very much in love with each other and I think they are both willing to figure out how to make this relationship work.

The time away from Dax is good for Lulu because we're seeing the absence makes the heart grow fonder adage at play. She can't deny the depth of her feelings anymore. She's said she's in love with him, but now she truly feels it, which is the kick in the pants she needs to course correct their relationship. The time away from Lulu has been good for Dax because he was on warp speed with her. Hearing their loved ones tell him that they don't really know each other very well is what he needs to hear to be able to course correct.

I hate to say it because they have fantastic sex, but they should have a no nookie policy for the next few months. They need to use their words and not their bodies. Lol.

I love how their family and friends seem to be rooting for them even though they recognize that their relationship is quite flawed at the moment.

I can't wait for Lulu to see Dax! (Even if he didn't take his mom's advice to be less stalkery. LMAO.)

PS-- If they have a no nookie policy, then maybe they can get in one last sexy times?

PPS-- Babyfriend shouting out goodbye to Uncle Dax was too precious.

Scintilating dialog

"What?" "Huh?' "What?" "He did?' "What?" "You did?" "What?"

Please try harder.

another good stroke tale

well written and well paced, a little toooooo short for my liking bt very erotic


I am now a staunch believer in Hitler's Mein Kampf. I regret clicking this not knowing what this story was. Next time I will be more careful as to what I read. "The filth will propagate the filth, the only way to excise it is to cleanse it."

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