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Shauna was lost till the end. I understand she was hurting and wanted others to care for her but I don't feel sorry for her. She was basically trying to force something between her and Tristan that wasn't going to be. She only created more problems with killing herself. But those suffering with their demons sometimes don't think clearly and rationally. Tristan is going to feel guilty for a long time. There was nothing he could do to change anything. Drug users will lie and manipulate others to fulfill their needs.

Really wanted to like it,

But, the condom took me right out of it. Also, there was no mention that I noticed of her skin tone or of the contrast between them. Good start and build-up, though. Three.
-EbnyLvrBryan, via mobile phone.

Very nice!

Looking forward to the next episode.
You write dialogue very well.

Along the thoughts of GrandPaM

Oh Yes Publishing would be Interesting, BUT A Movie NOW that would be so much more FUN!

Good to revisit this story.

Liz is certainly taking to their new lifestyle and Steve seems to be onboard as well. With it written as a one page story, it allows us to fill in the blanks more so than your other stories. When she left the house did Freddy pick her up. If so the neighbors may have seen her get in his car and exit the car 2 hours later. Her hair was damp and disheveled. Did they go to his place and bed each other or did they go dancing? Time for Steve to go upstairs and reclaim Elizabeth! Excellent writing and 5 star!

mmmm thank you, looking forward to more of Elizabeth and Freddy's adventures!

Short and to the Point

I wish you had returned with Cucked on Vacation 2, but I will take what I can get! I like this one because the wife seems to be taking control over the situation more so then in some of your other work, but, if this is about cuckolding, then you will have to impregnate her. You seem to be heading in that direction, so this is more of a nudge then a suggestion.

Am I the only one disappointed in who was at the door? A cliff hanger like that 3 years ago then we get Stephan bringing him condoms, bit of a let down. I'm thanking you for not just abandoning it like many others do with theirs, but please don't wait too long for the next chapter.

Welcome Back!!

Thanks for continuing this fine story. After this length of time, you could've just bailed but didn't. It's appreciated by many of us readers.


I read the other 8 chapters; compared to those your writing has drastically improved...After catching up though I hope it doesnt take as long for updates granted TONS of writers on here abandon their art never to return. Good job overall...

To Everyone

I will take on your advice Anonymous, but give me a break mate I'm fucking trying. I'm no Stephen King or George RR Martin. I'll improve my work.

I am glad my stories have fans :) I came back for those who like my stories.

And for the Weed, sort of literature mirrors reality and he does it to relax, and uses it to block out some things he'll slowly divulge to Alesha as they get closer.

Thanks everyone, honestly it's good to be back :)

More please

Please this needs more chapters

I agree with the other Anon... where does this even pick up??? This chapter was okay.

Come back

Update this.....

Richard has a v large black penis.
John's is not as big.

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