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All the fucking feels

Morena and Travis made me smile and also made me feel things.... I wish someone really wanted me that much or loved me that hard... well could just be fiction. Hands down my favourite story.

WTF did I just read?

from a strong independent she turns to be waiting for a "strong man" to tell her what to do?
and he end up sharing her?


racist BS.
Absolute garbage and totally agree with prev commenter in that the revolting comments against the the husband by the mongrel and wife would be tantamount to me saying, then fucking stay with the arsehole and collect your shit in the morning. See how he likes the resposibility of paying for her.
One point, knowing that the invite to dinner was to get his wife in bed why the fuck did he go? and why not tell the arsehole at work that the invitation was inapropriate.

This is too good not to finish. I have already read it a couple of time and I'm still waiting on the rest. Hurry please

I know you like sex but pay attention

Seriously, i have to say this why do you have your female characters instantly accept sex with the male characters?

The transition between flirting, intrigue, more flirting, followed by some emotion or grand gesture thus leadinv to romance and/or sex, needs to be flawless. However, because you don't add enough detail and romance into the story, especially the transitions, your female characters come off as a slut that will fuck anyone if they are attractive or is well endowed. Also, your female characters tend to contridict themselves and why they act the way they do.

Due to this your work seems amatuerish and ugly like a house without supports colapsing in on itself.

I'm deeply sorry, If I offended you by pointing out any of your shortcomings.

Keep Going!!!

Don't pay the cave troll any attention. I love reading this story and I'll be happy when the next chapter is up!

commented be4

I've commented be4 on how formulaic the black cuckolding stories go;wife mesmerized, instant mult orgasm, verbal mental abuse of spouse from stud and whore wife, inability of either spouse to resist or even verbalize uncertainty and doubt; its tiresome and trite, does anyone write outside of the template?

someone mentioned it was ok until the verbal abuse, i disagree. My thoughts as i read;Are these intelligent white people helpless and stupid when in the grip of their fantasy? I would'nt want many of my fantasies coming true, to dark. The woman (in the grip of white superiority-kidding) is positive she can resist the lure of the big dick and I think most women in fact could and would, but in the story gets drunk, eyes glaze over and she fails. Man is not sure what he wants to happen but goes to house, drinks booze he has'nt seen poured, passes out, when"alert" can't seem to verbalize his concerns and doubts and then passively allows/permits his cuckolding.These people are not representative of the people that work, pay taxes and make america work, they are reps of what I think democrats personify; weak, appeasing, indecisive and passive in face of strength,(except when demeaning and resisting conservatives). Why do jigs always in these stories end up humiliating the husbands of the wives they're fucking, and why do the wives go along?If i was part of this sick shit and had allowed my wife to fuck some else and they started trying to humiliate me(as if i was'nt humiliated enuf going along w/ this crap) it would immediately put me in the mood to get revenge on the two people cuckolding me. Revenge that would definitely include physical pain to both and mental pain if possible(stomping stud in the nuts and throat while breaking wife nose to start.

These formulaic stories stretch fantasy to far into ridiculous BS,. Takes enjoyment out of reading them as does reading about men and women acting as if unable to control their emotions, urges and thoughts. The mystique of the big dick is massively overdone.
Maybe I don't know what fantasy is? Enlighten me.

Yawn, I loved this at the start, but it really is dragging now. I'm done, now knowing how you drag things on needlessly I'll know not to read anything by you again.


Why did you even bother coming back...if you were just going to half-ass the story? Typos, poorly constructed sentences, no cohesive storyline...geez. This was so disappointing. I don't think I've ever been this disappointed with a story. Just wow.

not worth

It just not worth commenting on the BS frequently expressed on these "pages". While i expect there are a few weird, deviant , perverted people who may have tried or maybe done and felt as this story describes but I bet its a miniscule #. I wonder why so many people write and are obsessed w/ black sex and big dicks?
Reality; many white men and women may be fascinated by big dicks and black sex but I bet most would have a very hard time persuading themselves it would be OK to try it out. Morals and ethics are still somewhat important to many in the caucasian race, vows made at the altar or elsewhere are also some what more important than a yen for something illicit and different. And I'll bet big dicks would feel different and interesting but knowing how bestial blacks seem to be w/ each other i doubt their treatment of their white whores would endear said white whores to the black "studs". the whores might very well prefer vanilla sex w/ security to being demeaned, shared and brutalized by bigger dicks belonging to human(maybe not) dickheads. I'd bet serious $ tyhat once you black you never go black is a black dream vs reality.

You have serious mental problems faggot !

You should be in an asylum for insane, forever !! "1*" !!!!

That was hot ass!!

U are NOT an American !

U are fucking repulsive nigger! 1* of course.

so hot

I love this story. It would be cool if she came home with a queen of spades tattoo on both tits and put the word above her ass black cock only.


Please update, lovely beginning.

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