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Fuck Melanie

I hope she and Ahmed crash and burn in a fucking car accident, the cunts. Rob can move on with his life

Good start

Realistic characters and situation. Often times there is a spark with two people thrown together by work.

I like this story as well:)

Proofreading is important, but other than that. I like where this is going.

Keep it going

So far so good, it could use slight editing but that's minor. This story has a lot of potential and can't wait to see where it goes!!

Loved it!

I liked the fact there was just good fucking & a Lot of it!! No humiliation. Thats very refreshing.

Liked it.

I liked the story & the fucking, but could do without the forced humilation. I love big tited cunts getting blacked big BBC. A weekend of fucking her could be a nice interlide for us readers. We would like to know what she got & how she handled it. Thats what we like to read in this catagory, Black Dicks fucking White cunts & making them love it!!

Interesting so far...

John may not be a nice guy but story not boring. He could be lying about a wife to get into her pants. Looking forward to next chapter ...


Tried and true concept
But you always put just enough spin and human desire into it to make it excellent

I'm with fawnsage

I like your writing, but John is sounding like a scumbag. I am quite interested to see where this story goes though, and I gave you five stars because even though I think John is a scumbag, it's a skill of a good author to bring their characters to life 😃

Loved it!

Very well written. Please write a second chapter!

I like sorta. Don't like him cheating on his mentally ill wife, but like the story. Hope chapter two is near.

great find!

are you going to keep on with the history?

Getting better

This was much more well-written than the first part, which contained too many unrealistic elements and spelling/grammatical errors when the author got too excited.

Much better build up. Bravo.

-- করিম

Good, but unrealistic

Certain parts were very unrealistic. The "every white girl in the c/l squad having black boyfriends" part was a little silly. There were also obvious spelling mistakes where the author was rather excited writing it.

Also, the point when Tyrock got to f**k Myron's girl was brought on too quickly. There should have been more build-up. The basketball games should not have been so one-sided as to make the whole thing an absurdity. Why the hell were such a wimpy white team even playing? Can't imagine what the sponsors must have thought with such an atrocious scoring rate, not to mention the coach. Details like that matter. Suspension of disbelief works best when it is combined with SOME realism.

Also, did this white chick have quadruplets? If so, it should have been mentioned as that seemed to occur WAY TOO FAST for it to have been a normal set of births.

OK overall theme, but needs more subtlety.

-- করিম


I must admit Karen Kay has some competition. It felt like a "Karen-Lite" story and this is by no means a criticism. It's great getting a story that doesn't just go on for pages. I think 2-3 pages is plenty for one chapter. I must say I absolutely adored the characters of James and Rebecca. You didn't fall into many traps of describing them in every detail straight away. You let their attributes and desires evolve organically over time. If there was one slight criticism perhaps a bit more description during the actual love making and a few more details or descriptions wouldn't go amiss, but all in all a very auspicious post. It's inspired me to "play" in your universe if I may do so.

Very well done :) X

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