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If she felt even a shred of love for her family, there would be some show of emotion but there's nothing. It's like she's single except for a father and daughter she lives with. If she feels absolutely nothing for them, why not get a divorce? Why stay married?

yes your white

husband is taking care of you financially and giving you a nice place to live and now you are hooking up with a on welfare and food stamps LOL

Love the game

Great story, I can't wait for next chapter. xoxoxo Annette

Sexy story

Loved seeing more of the man's desire but he still needs more dialogue while he's having sex with wife's friend. Great job nonetheless

Can't wait to read the next chapter

don't stop now

He needs to dump his load of baby batter into her womb and get what she wants, then Jerome leaves her with a swelling belly to fuck up that beautiful body with a 10 lb baby, where all white cum dumps want to be

goddammit james!!!!!!!

you don't get it yet james? how dumb are you? just cuz your bed partner gets off on it don't give you the right to spew racial slurs where ever you want!!!!!!!!!! say that shit to a brother on the street and see what he says mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!

we both loved it

my wife and i have been playing with nigger cocks for several years now

i have learned to suck them like she does it is so hot

we are with dif ones every week now


my wife can not get preg but we have thought of goin to an island like that if it was true we both luv bbc and get it several times a week now

I just want to know

what would you do if your husband asked to try some other pussy.

Not only you don't answer, you also delete the question. I think I know why.

Alive in the South

Your ability to keep the story going, with increasing involvement by the myriad characters you've brought to bear is impressive, as is the dialogue you use. I can see this growing into a novella. Keep up the good, and stimulating work!

black superiority

AS a 48 yo white female I soaked 2 pair of panties, without touching myself, reading this story

TO: here are your stats

Please tell me, who wrote the article Our Race Is Our Nation? Also, did you not notice how ALL of the "stats" were taken from the 1980's? Have you investigated the authors of the quoted material and have you looked at the stats as well? xt
Shows while the crime rate between races rose dramatically in the 1980's they fell just as dramatically in the 90's and beyond. Fresh data is a good thing. Also, is it your intention to say that all black men will inevitably abuse you? Or will commit some crime or another? If so, then I truly pity you.

Either way, I reject the notion that I will be abused or assaulted by a black man because I am a white woman. I have, by far, received far more abuse here on Literotica (from my own race I might add) than I have from any of my lovers, whatever race they may be. And if you find the subject so distasteful then I am left to wonder what possesses you to want to read such trash?

Deborah Sue

he also risks his life

if her husband finds out n goes ballistic jerome will lose his precious 'bbc' or die bcuz he like all blackmen cant resist the urge to 'conquer' a white wife

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