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Distractions 1 & 2 are on Amazon

So, I got curious after reading this story and went to Hotsprings22's bio page on here, where they sometimes post updates, and she wrote that her stories were up on Amazon now. So I went to Amazon and not only is this story on there >>> ook/dp/B00REQJLTO#nav-subnav, but it's a new, expanded version with a ton of character development that wasn't there before...AND the sequel, Distractions 2 is there as well >>> k-Bianca-Dean-ebook/dp/B014ZBLJXG#nav-subnav

I read them both in 2 days, and they're amazing! I tweeted out to the author yesterday and she said she finished the 3rd book, but hated it, and is rewriting it, so it won't be out until later 2016. But if you have Kindle Unlimited, like I do, the books are free to read! Hope this helps!!


Fucking lawyers! So small, two giant cocks, I gave one star!

mmm girl

My new favorite. loved it.

Why post the EXACT same story twice? 1* for 'both'.

Great writing.

Excellent and very hot and descriptive.


stomach racist garbage of this magnitude that advocates slavery. Offensive in the extreme.

Not as good as your older stories but still good. Not as realistic as some other stories but at the same time you stick with your theme. A white wife cheating fantasy. Even if the likely hood of your plots actually happening is slim to none.

People have been watching too much bad porn. This mandatory ass-to-mouth stuff isn't only utterly disgusting but dangerous.

Thanks Christian. Your thoughtful feedback is really welcome. I've pondered trying to write Charles' side of the story, but that's a step beyond me. If you fancy having a go at writing something that I can weave in to this story, let me know.



Ha!! Unfortunately, or fortunately (depending on your view)...Charles remains very much alive throughout this story...and possibly beyond ;)


Charles falls overboard and drowns on take off


I've been following Jane's side of the story with great interest and delight and now find Mike's installment of it just as entertaining. As a black man, I've often wondered what the husband or boyfriend is thinking - your honest assessment of your feelings, your confidence in your relationship and your subtle insecurities is a paradox to me. You know what a treasure you have in your wife and proudly display your marriage for the world, yet you understand that you don't own her and know only too well that the woman inside is self controlled but unpredictable. And yet, like many of us, black and white, you acknowledge the beauty and eroticism in the color contrast of black and white together. The raw passion and the atmosphere you portray in your story makes the reader yearn for more. To see what happens next. Well written! I can't wait for either side's next side of the adventure. Christian.

A little over the top

The ‘worshipping’ black cock is taken to far at times….

Ooooooooh Myyyyyy Gaaaaaaawd!

I've read plenty of erotic stories in my day but this one has to be one of THE BEST I've ever read! I wish I could give it a 10 because a 5 just doesn't do it justice. It has almost all of the things that make my heart race - interracial sex, same sex sex, first time cocksucking, BIG black cock, submissiveness, young dominating older and much more. I read this over a two-day period edging throughout the story over both days, sampling my cum along the way until I finally couldn't control my edging and came uncontrollable four times before finishing the story. This one is getting tucked away so I can read it and re-read it over and over again. Loved it and will be back for more! Thanks for writing and sharing such an erotic story! Marti

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