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Very Nice

We enjoyed your story *VERY* much. Please write another true account of your activities.


This story is Bull$#it!!!

Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback!

Obviously I don't share Carl's views on women or race. It's for realism and flavor, nothing more. I grew up with a lot of little assholes like this and wanted to show some transformation as he fell in love with this woman.

Chapter 2 is in the works. Please keep commenting and rating!

Not bad

But the belittling of the husband's abilities wouldn't help the situation, either this is friendly open sex or abusive cuck bullshit.

Great story

I usually lurk around on the LW page, but I do enjoy a good interracial story. I figured you must be from the South with the different references. I was born and raised in the South, and this has been so taboo for years down here. But the abundance of little mulatto children show that it is wide spread for a nigga to saddle any white pussy he can open, and even better if she is married.
5 *'s

A Florida schoolteacher?

I'm ready to start school all over again but this gal deserves to be a full professor in graduate school.

Still Waiting on the Update

This story is so good; please finish it.

So great...

... one of the best, I'v seen here!

very nice!

Despite I pressed star # 5 I wonder for one thing... what is a real name of heroine? :)
first she was as Jess, then became as Stacey. That Fred/Frank had in the bed of two wives of that 'happy' man? )))

Stupidity runs amok

First off - he isn't a cuckold you moron. They aren't married, he can't be a cuckold. At least understand the crap you are writing before you try and write about it. And at 150 lbs - she's FAT! A truly horrible story, made worse by the fact that you have no idea what you're writing, the characters were all really despicable, unlikeable people and they acted in such implausible and asinine manner. No stars for complete drivel.


Fred - Frank? Jessica~Stacy? I would give higher marks if I was not confused.

Love it

Love to read about white women and girls get hooked by nasty blackmen. Love blackcock sluts.

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