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Poster of Rose's child

I really like this story, although I cannot relate to it. Fortunately, even while having various shades of brown (I refuse to use the word 'black', because it isn't black, except for the hair and the pupils) in our house, we (almost) never experience serious harassments; I think we do see some suspicion every now and then, but nothing really nasty. Might have something to do with country, area, ... Good friends and family don't pay attention, but I do recognize it does makes a difference at the first impression, and somehow, in larger crowd, you do often see people separating into groups of white and groups of others.

I might have a different view on some things; I think it seems like a nasty provocation to Rose to sell posters of Shavonda and Ethan, indicating that love knows no color. Rose's child, being used to advertise something she doesn't approve - I can see how that makes her angry. It already starts with the fact that I wouldn't want any pictures of my children being sold in general, especially not on poster-format to be displayed, then, there it is a theme she doesn't approve, and thirdly, they are making money on (also) her child's picture.
Nevertheless, it doesn't make any of Rose's actions right...


I can see the beat down. A bit on the extreme side, but I can see being pushed too far. However, the hot tub scenario ad the events's out of place. It feels inconsistent to the characters as previously written.

Liking this, a lot.
Thank you

Oh shit!

Parents finna get ya both. Thanks for the update.

Rose's beat down was probably warranted, but not my cup of tea (especially the licking of yalls cum). Also, my boyfriend will never be naked in front of my friend...that's how cheating and "sharing" happens and I don't do that.

Nevertheless still a great chapter. Can't wait to see what the mom's say and do.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rose knew that ignorant cop. Talking about he was looking for Shavonda for a month. If that was her area to turn tricks he would've already found her.

Does Rose need to be evaluated by a doctor to find out if she has any mental issues? Her behavior keeps getting worse.


Easy to call people a troll online asshole, nothing more pathetic than keyboard commando losers LIKE DRAUSTIN...... He would get his teeth kicked in if he would talk like that to a real you go on being a fake Dom/tough guy and I will keep on laughing....

I your writing style is mostly clear and flows comfortably on the page.
Your editor needs to pay more attention, as there were several type-o's and confusing statements because a word was missing from the sentence.
I agree with another reader that it was quite obvious that Zeck was going to be the therapist. I would have gone with another younger man who she would soon discover was Zeck's son and they would DP her that day with more hot sex and the promise of more men to fuck her later.
One of the things the narrow minded anon's don't seem to think about, is that this site is for erotic story's. If all the authors only wrote about men and women who never strayed and only had sex with their spouses then those same mouth breathers would be soon flocking to other sites where the stories made their pussies wet and their dicks hard
Another thing I have noticed is that most of the highly critical people are not themselves authors.
To sum up I liked your story a lot. true the plot might not have been the most original, but I thought zipp2 did a very good job of bringing it to life and making it believable.


It should not be illegal to fuck up losers who write the garbage.... Nigger loving sluts deserve the disease filled welfare life they crave.......

my 53yr old BBC Hotwife

Hot story and straight to the point. Another truly satisfied white wife and her accommodating husband happy to see her satisfied. There really is nothing hotter than watching your wife completely and truly sexually satisfied. And at the hands of a much younger fit black stallion with stamina. My mature white wife maintains that no man can lay it down like a black man. I can attest. I witness it weekly. Sometimes a few. She takes it whenever she can get it. Great sex for her is a black stud. Amazing sex for her is two black studs. Ultimate sex for her is three or more black studs. And it is definitely no myth. Black guys in our experiences are incredibly hung. And born to fuck horny old white women to oblivion. Keep the hot encounters cumming.


another great story, the mutual anonymity of the protagonists made this very erotic. thank you for your writing.


That Ping has gotten her sister Married . Maybe they can have a Threesome. He should also get a Pre nup. incase she Lindy gets the idea she can chase on him.

Want the next chapter

quickly post chapter 3

Next Story! !!

where is the next story :( ?

Imust read many more tails on Barbie, I picture Valeria lukyanova

Hot story...

This story is fucking mind

Sequel Coming Soon

Finishing up on a sequel to Navy Wife's Diary and looking forward to publishing "Stripper: A Navy Wife's Erotic Adventure."

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