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Thank you, sir

for letting Mr. Darius Duncan lose interest in our heroine. And for not letting Scott lose interest in her—not to mention his (improbably?) warm and welcoming family. And for not letting Kampala lose interest in her education.

But one wonders if Ritchie will ever cross paths with Dave Robicheaux. Could be interesting.


look at all these butthurt white people

very good

As a Brit, I don't understand the big deal a lot of white Americans have against blacks, but I do know this story, though probably a fantasy is a good reason for interracial relationships.. Very well written, and grammatically good. Keep writing please!

What is interesting about an Ex?

Nothing at all! Exs are to be forgotten so people can start a new life. So these episodes about an cheating ex, are sad and sick...1*

Another good one

Always smile when seeing a story from you posted. Enjoyable characters and real life situations make your writing stand out from other writers. Especially appreciate your stand against racism.

Please keep the stories coming.


Fantastic story as usual. This coonass sure does love your style as well as your stories. I can’t wait for your next submission.


Do you have any plans to continue this story any time soon?

Great story

It's a nice change from the usual stories you find on the site. You captured the cultural differences very well and probably the best coon ass vernacular you can get via reading.

Truly enjoy your stories!

This one seemed a little “blue sky” but like all your other stories I’ve read I loved the characters and the Cajun dialogue. And when I say I love the characters, I really mean that. Like I wish they was real and part of my life. Only stories I miss is in categories I just don’t do! You seem so fine with no editor, but maybe a friend could proofread? :-) I’d volunteer if you got no friends!

Thanks for the stories, and please keep writing!

Good Story

I like the characters that you created and the storyline was nicely done. You write good dialogue. I don't mean so much the Cajun vernacular as the realistic conversations. Enjoyed it.

Hot! Love it: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5)!

Indian Wife sex stories are the BEST. Full stop.
This one is no exception.

I love you

I'm anonymous who keeps asking for a followup to the minor characters in Honey, etc., thank you for informing me that your not going to do a follow-up and though you seem grumpy as hell-I love you for your writing and for finding the good for those who deserve good and the bad for those equally deserving but also for sharing the redemptive joy of second keep writing I'll keep reading.

Another cuck

who doesnt get any at the end so what's in it for you?

Write how and what you want.

An author writes from his heart and with feeling. Your story was well appreciated.

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