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I would tell you but that's a spoiler :)! I promise you'll understand when Logan explain it.


Get down there and start eating. I would love to have this happen in my life. They could make me there CUCKOLD CLEANUP boi. YUM YUM YUM


I don't know why people opposed to this type of story read it or even read the comments. Who do you think you're bluffing - you all love it. White wives/girlfriends should be encouraged to enjoy the pleasures that those superior BBC's can give. Husbands/boyfriends should support their woman's graving (NEED) for black cock. Black cocks deserve fine white pussy and white pussies should "belong" to big black cocks

Hall is a fucking liar !!

I am an Caucasian, and recently I left China where I spent 7 years working. There are very few niggers in China and if they got a job there they never last long. Blacks are despised there and Chinese people actually spit on them !
If a woman go with nigger there is a real danger they both would be killed.

What in the complete hell?

I sat here and read everything in one sitting and it's not finished? I need this rectified please. I loved this story. Don't keep us waiting any longer.

I am glad to see that I am not only annoyed by Sally. That constant back and forth is iring me.

DONT STOOOPPP! :( More! Please more!

Wish I can give you above 5 stars!

Great chapter! I love the little nuances and personalities of all the characters and how they interact with each other even when they don't see eye to eye. All of your character developments are wonderful and very human. I agree that both Jazz and Rain have some insecurities but I think one has to take into account that they are both battered women in one form or the other due to their past relationships. It is easy to tell Jazz to get over it and move on since she has Connor and her son but those ghosts just doesn't disappear overnight especially for someone who was in an abusive relationship and finally having that freedom to be themselves so it is hard to sit on the sidelines and do what you are told even if it maybe for the right reasons and some people do need closure. But Rain is coming from the opposite spectrum of being hurt by the people she love but finally finding family and a love to hold onto that she doesn't want to jeopardize it for nothing even if it means keeping certain truths and lying. And the men are just being macho "we do work, we protect woman" to 21st century women. But I can't wait to see how all of this comes together and how everyone will fair once it is all over.


I think it could be really great. But It's going to fast with not enough details. They barely know each other , they're dancing, they're discussing sex and then having it..but you want this to be a continuing story? Slow down. build the characters so the sex is mind blowing

JayCuck Update

Hi all,

I'm planning to start the next chapter in October. It usually takes about a month for me to complete a chapter, so I anticipate posting the next chapter in November. Hopefully before Thanksgiving.

The second book in The One Less Traveled Series is out on Smashwords, and Book three should be out by early November.


I rate it a 2

Rushed and unfulfilling

fawnsage is right.....

Homegirl needs to chill relax and learn to enjoy life, maybe storm can teach her how


I don't care about jazz story i wanna know about Rain. useless chapter

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