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A wonderful start to what I hope will be an excellent series.

Great story! Don't end it now

The son needs to find his bi side, make it happen. xoxoxoxo Annette


This is an awesome story so I hope you will finish it soon. I have read it several times already. Poor Isa has no idea what is happening but Lance will not be able to get her to forget Logan. She and Logan has too much history. I'm just sitting and waiting. 5 stars.

Part II

Thank you for reading my story. I have Part II finished and it is being edited now. I will post as soon as it is done. I am writing several stories at once and I have several parts ready ahead of time. The editing process takes time. Please feel free to message me ideas for stories. Many ideas from readers make their way into parts of a story. Thanks for your feedback!


Your description of the 'dance' and the sex are spot on. Not many people write so bluntly and honestly.

Great story, needs a sequel!

This story is amazing! Could you write a sequel about her continued descent (i.e. the time between her husband leaving her and the pregnancy), or perhaps another story like it with that added in? Perhaps I'm in the minority here but I love your longer work showing how the ladies give in and then give themselves over. I also second the request for a comic!

Either way thanks for the story and please keep writing you're excellent at it!

Stereotypes to the fullest.

This is not how adults speak. It's like you watched a teen drug dealer move and tried to use the same dialog. Not even spelled right. a black man doing this is going to be very intelligent and will not speak like that. And it's just the same old stereotypes. Man all of a sudden in a night turns into a child with no backbone. Wife overnight turned into a bitch and sour without any issues. Just too much

Omg, I love it.

Really groundbreaking. Xoxoxox Annette

I Think There

is more to tell on this story. And please continue with this and any other stories you have about white men and Korean women. I developed a weakness for them during my two tours of duty in Korea while serving in the army

More, more. Love it

Great, I'm sopping. Give me more. XoxoxoxAnnette

Keep it cumming, hot

Love chapter 2, I'm hooked Xoxoxox Annette

Cannot have enough black babies,

I loved fucking my wife through junior high and high school and I knew that she loved fucking black men. We married as soon as we finished high school. We went on our honeymoon to a largely filled island with black men. She was ovulating at the time and made sure that I did not cum in her. Our first night there we were treated to an event that all of the newly married white women would be bareback gangbang by hundreds of black men. Almost all of the women were fertile and would be pregnant by the end of the twenty four hours. The best man at our wedding was black and he loved fucking my wife all through her pregnancy and getting her pregnant after she had four very black daughters.

Very hot

Great first chapter, can't wait to read more, I see me in you. xoxoxo Annette


i've just read this story almost three times and eachone shows that you're great writer.
But now don't stop (as you've just done with another story) and make us happy with another chapter. by the way, can you anticipate if there's a chance to see one of elderly's sons involved, maybe in a threesome?

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