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I'm so sad... this story is so... beautiful .. so poignant. . Wow
Thank you so much for writing it and sharing it... this story pulls me in, he calls her his violin. . I love this story , you are an awesome story teller.


the white women wants the Big Asian Cock now and trashed the white and black dicks


Doesn't remind me of my college days one bit....thanks for the terrific writing


Thanks for this masterpiece. I have been waiting the whole of last year.

There was am excellent haircut scene, however it was slightly difficult to visualise what Sharon looks like now. I think you mean Christy Mack the porn star.

At this point in the story, it wold be really interesting to bring in the husband and son, with a lot of jealousy, humiliation, defeat. This is just to counterbalance and make it more real.

Thanks and good luck with the subsequent chapters

jesus christ

You changed her name from krystal to kristen to crystal in the span of 4 sentences. Learn to write

To the anon re: censorship and growing up

On the chance that you may revisit your comment let me offer an explanation as to why there was no use of the racial epitaph you mentioned. I don't use any derogatory terms about any race, group or religion in my tales and try hard not to be disrespectful to women either unless there's a point to be made in the story.

That's my choice. It's not censorship. Your claim that I should "grow up" and use terms I am uncomfortable using is absurd. How throwing around "n" bombs indicates maturity eludes me and using that word would not have improved the tale. I don't use the "b" word either. You of course are free to write stories here as well and what words you use in them are up to you. For me to object to that would actually be censorship.

How Shall I Put This...

I liked the writing even with the few spelling and punctuation mistakes. I hate Jason and think he is a punk for his lack of self-control and his selfishness that caused all this. I think Nigha could be forgiven her first mistake considering that she was tricked, but to continue as she did was a slap in the face to her family. I decided to read all the way through before I added my comments. If the story didn't contain any cheating I would have liked it a lot more.

One problem was that all the people were TOO perfect and desirable. Jason was a god, Nigha was a goddess. Their siblings were almost exact copies of the two lead characters. Even their parents were perfect. There wasn't anything Jason couldn't do or be (handsome, built, hung, well-mannered [except for the planned rape], well-dressed, singer, dancer, medic as he fixed her cut hand, desired by every woman in the story, etc.). The same held true for Nigha as she was desired by every man in the story. She was the perfect woman with the perfect body and totally lovable and likable. I understand that you wanted to build up their desirability and likability for the reader but there is such a thing as going overboard.


Just another RUBBISH as usual

Can't get enough.

It didn't take long to persuade my wife to have a big black cock. Now, years later and 4 black babies so far, she still can't get enough. So much so she's set me up with a couple of young black girls to keep me happy. It's fantastic and I love her so much.


A story that has a person committed to reading and focuses on the relationship and how it grew. Curious to see how Kendra and Keith reconnects, if Kendra confronts her dad, how Keith's "friends" are dealt (truthfully or with lies) and how that affects Kendra and Kieth's relationship/friendship. It could take many different turns!!! Please don't have us waiting too long for follow ups!!!

To Quick

Let the sex build up, Use more of your imagination.

Love it!

I like how the characters and situations are realistic. I really appreciate how you made race a big deal without fetishizing anyone. I also like how you did not pretend that bareback sex is without risk; the risk is a huge turn-on for me. You wrote a story that sends a message about healthy relationships and safe sex without sacrificing Amy of the fun. Kudos!!!!!

More please!

So happy to see the updated chapters!!! So glad they've reconnected even though it was scary for Kendra! I knew her mean ol' daddy didn't send her letters to Keith. Dammit. His family sucks too. Can't wait until they are truly reunited... Looking forward to chapter 6!!!


i actually laughed how all this seem so unrealistic. i'm sorry.


You are best at what you do.

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