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maggie loved this story! wonder why??

Oh my

That boy ate a lot of cum.
It made my penis hard reading about it.

Good but almost Great Story

Excellent job of showing her hesitation and reluctance, and how that was replaced by lust. However, you should have remained with lust instead of her being converted to wanting the stranger's baby before she knew his name. If you wanted to go that far, you should have waited and done a chapter 3 following a chapter two where she embraced the lust while conscious of her behavior.

Cautious sweetie

There is such a lack of good stories on here... this one has it all! The narrative with the visuals and descriptions has me hooked. This is quality... please continue it!! I check for this story updates at least 3x a month.

Love It!

Hope Jenna keeps lovin’ that BBC!!

Jenna rocks!

Keep it cumming FifthEstate!

More please

FifthEstate, this rocks...give me more Jenna and Bull Steele!

Surprise at the Truck Stop.

I wonder what would have happened if he had gotten and erectile dysfunction?
But, everybody seemed to be happy in the end.

And as I walked out of the room

I didn't even wave... I wonder if she ever tried to find me... She never will you know... as I took my new wife's last name

Jason sets it all up

The idea of Julius getting Eric all coked up, on his knees sucking his dick could only be better if Jason sets the whole think up so Karen can be there watching. I will wait for part 3 I know the author has something In mind for Eric that involves eating from Julius cock, hope I don’t have to wait long

Our first Black cock experince

We had been watching interracial porn for some time and it seemed a huge turn on for us both . We had decided to go one night to an adult theater across town to take it a step further . A few drinks and we were on our way . We were in the very dark theater and finally found some seats to our liking . The movie was a very hot couple of BBC guys working over a sexy blonde . We were soon touching each other and kissing some . I noticed a few guys moving closer to us and enjoying watching us more than the movie . I had Tara's blouse unbuttoned and was enjoying her tits and stiff nipples , when i noticed two Black guys now standing in front of us with their cocks out and stroking .They each took one of Tara's hands and guided them too their hard cocks and I saw Tara open her eyes wide to see what was going on . After a few stroke , they helped her to her feet and said down to me , stay here we will be back in a few with your sexy wife . I sat there for 30 or 45 mins wondering what they were doing to my wife . It seemed more like hours . Another Black guy sitting close to me laughed and said , don't worry guy they won't hurt her but her little married pussy will be lots bigger when then return her to you .

IMHO: erotic story

as a counterpoint to all of the negative comments so far, just wanted, no NEEDED to voice my comment in support of the author and this story. as a white male, i can appreciate the situation the 'writer' of the story describes. basically, when i was much younger, and having been in a similar situation (though i didn't really know if my first wife really was cuckolding me), had i know and felt the way i do now, i too would have welcomed being submissive to a dominant Black Man, and offering to do anything to ensure my wife's pleasure and willingly agree to basically all the things in this story.

What an idiotic bunch of crap!!!

First why do you need a black men for the cheating? Second why do you degrade women to a level no real women would go?Third why do you need pathetic idiotic men as symbol for your husband? Is it because your real life it like that? At real life the husband would take some pics go to his divorce lawyer and file for divorce and sue his boss for millions! But that wouldnt allow your lechery the mainspring for your crap story!!!

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