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Very Good

I say always leave them hanging, and you sure did a good job of that with your ending!!

Just Stop

Get therapy, some writing lessons, then maybe come back to Literotica

Very good ending

Use your brain just a little

People like Dominant.... should realize this story is fiction, even though the human behavior factor, and some other points in the story are 100 per cent correct. The story is intended to be entertaining, not to claim there may be somebody out there bigger than Shane Diesel. He by the way, may be recorded as having the thickest dick in the porn industry, but most certainly does NOT have the longest cock!

Are you trying to be more racist than ever?

If you are, you're doing well. Your writing sucks, but you got the racist part down pat.

Your racism knows no bounds.

Hot story

Love hot BBC who aren’t afraid to make some $$$. Xoxoxo Annette

Love BBC and lots of it

Not much into casinos, but sure would like to receive that treatment from a group of BBCs. Xoxoxoxo Annette


WOW what a hot story totally my fantasy

These stories are so fucked up. Write something original. 1


if you have something more you can always shoot me an e-mail.


name calling, come on dude. I only came over to the I/R section because I saw it was a story from you (you should be honored). With your last comment should we assume (bad word) that Jean Zombi turns into Mister Jasper.

Grendel, I think you have got me all wrong, I don't care if you write I/R, I don't care if you post in L/W my complainant has been from the start that you have painted every White male character with the same brush, wimpy, small dick, doesn't know how to please his wife and submissive. You paint all of your Black male characters with the same brush, Hugh cock, cum's like a fire hydrant, makes the White woman cum like there is no tomorrow and always invites his friends.

If I could give you any advice that you would head it would be try writing a story from a different angle. Try your reverse I/R, write about a proud Black family and their sex life. Hell dude write about space aliens where your hero is Black and the female (if she is female) is blue and how much greater he is than them. If all else fails write about some guy who was picked on growing up and he gets his revenge writing sex stories about them till he gets found out.

Grendel I follow you not because I want to tear apart your stories but because I want you to finally write a story based on fact not some hyped up White vs Black theme. I can see you do some research for your stories so why not put out two or three good stories instead of hundreds of bud ones. Just saying.


You are correct that the Haitian revolution began in 1791.
The revolt lasted fifteen years.
The genocide of whites occurred primarily in 1804-1805.

Fort Astoria was established in 1811. I took a few literary liberties on timing

The American Civil War didn't begin for half a century but slavery was a contentious issue during the American Revolution.

If you were a Zombi who had just repented from 1000 lifetimes of murderous killings, would you take your new family to a country that would be having a civil war within your wife's lifetime?

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