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Great story. Chapter 2 is long overdue.


Love the series. You must write SEVERAL more chapters. Her bull has too get her pregnant somewhere along in the story. Does she fuck some of his teammates too, perhaps a gang bang?

So need another chapter

Great series, but there must be many more chapters!


Loved it and I also love the fact that my name is in it very cool. Hope you add more to this story

1 star

These people are actually worried about degenerates, when they're degenerate themselves? They're talking about being "progressive" when they're in fact racist as hell? Because that's the thing with all these IR cuckold stories - they're all racist. Blacks are only sex toys/dildos/fetishes to be utilized in a manner which dehumanizes them and even humiliates the one in the act of it.

Real neighbourly

Great story. My cock was rock hard. I wish I could do the same with my wife.

It is a hot story but for me only as a fantasy. I couldn't deal with cheating and all the lies that follow. I'm also not a racist but I don't agree with all the stories of the giant black guy with the massive dick . In my experience in school and gyms over decades where guys will walk around naked , most men are around the same with maybe 5% that are over sized and huge. It's not a black think just a percentage thing. Porn finds the biggest dicks they can so it's a bad judge. Letting a bigger dicked guy fuck your wife who fantasy it's is is a disaster. Also a friend who is not black with a massive huge dick say sometimes it's a curse. Girls are amazed by it but then they can't take it or are afraid it's gonna tear them so it takes the enjoyment out of it . He fucked this 57 year old married woman who wanted it but was afraid. She screamed like he was killing her he said but after he got it in he pummeled her ever taking her ass after the third time they hooked up. He's been fucking her for two years as her marriage falls apart but she is the rare desperate for his giant dick that he has encountered

As it should be

Just what they all
For to be used as fuck toys for multiple Black men

Amazing writing and story, 5 STARS!!!!!

The best story I have read on the site. Absolutely brilliant, I enjoyed it so much!!!!!


The Black man had a v.large penis.

Doesn't End Here...

Nicely written, sexy, sensual, stimulating and well portrayed....every aspect from their marriage to their days activities to smoothly getting involved with Mark and - of course, the seduction was erotic, the actual sex - very arousing so....some thoughts.

Most of us would like a chapter two and not just because of how well this chapter moved smoothly through what easily could be any real people being seduced into interracial sex BUT - how well and deeply and wantonly Vanessa had progressed so....

Hubby falls asleep and probably with no hesitation Vanessa moves comfortably with Mark to the bedroom where their intimacy went from erotic and exciting sex to making love. Hubby had been asleep for awhile so I'm going to figure that they made missionary love first and moved to the doggy position for continued pleasure which is where hubby finds them.

Vanessa is on cloud nine, ecstatic with erotic and whole body orgasms and wanting all Mark can give her. Mark is programming her to agree that her pussy is his and she has no problem giving it to him and agreeing that her pussy is his.

Now, what would happen here is that Mark would cuddle with her, love her, loving French kissing and encouraging her to enjoy herself because it is a one time encounter for a lifetime of memories. Mark will slowly convince her to spend her evenings with him (without Mark) for the ultimate experience and pleasure for the balance of their vacation and her days with hubby after Mark leaves for the day. Mark will have hubby agree that this ultimate experience for Vanessa would be very special and with lifelong memories and he agrees telling Vanessa she will always love him (he knows) and always remember and appreciate the great memories.

Vanessa will be Marks lover for the next 5 days and I mean lover, falling totally in love with having Mark as her lover and when the vacation ends and they all bid farewell, Mark will have Vanessa's E-Mail, cell phone number and work phone with the secret that she and Mark will get together every once in awhile when he can get to her hometown. Of course, she is now a fervent Black Cock hot wife and eventually she will seek the occasional tryst with a good looking black - of course, when hubby is out of town or working late.

There is no way she will give up Mark and the occasional black tryst! ...'Once You Go Black....!!!

This story is sh*t

This chapter and story is sh*t. the author and anyone who like this story should be ashamed of themselves since the story is racist.

OMG !!!

All my deepest fantasies are rolled into one - Kal, and all of us in his harem, sharing him and each other ! - Whew !!!

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