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Slightly Rude

To say it was only slightly is understatement, it was very rude.
How ever I will be Slightly Rude by saying: I am sorry I can't give you negative number, so 1 will have to do!
Don't give up, there is tons more cuck shit to explore!

Decimate = 10% Loss

Decimate does not mean devastate or destroy. It specifically means "removal of a tenth", from decem, the Latin word for ten. Killing 10% of the population of a city still leaves 90%; it doesn't wipe them out.

The Romans used it to punish large numbers of rebels or mutineers, selecting one out of every ten men for death. The remaining nine were then forced to beat their former comrade to death, thus a horribly cruel punishment.

Thank you.

Thank you all. I dusted this story off after having missed last year's Winter deadline. I hope to have a better track record in the new year. :)

I stopped

after the first few paragraphs. Same old bullshit.

Your Male Characters...

I enjoyed this story. It is a rare gem to read about the erotic lives of the people of The Book (you know purity and holiness and all) and you did it in the best way I think it can be done. You used alot of the good book without putting it in. It also didn't reak of the Left Behind Series or the Left Overs which in this day in age is hard to do. Nice work. I've just put you and this story into my favorites.
Also, to speak to the title of this comment. Your male characters are something else. I've only read three of your works so don't know about them all. I don't want to like them but find myself satified with them in the end. Nice.

What! They wank their guests off in africa . No wonder their tourist industry is on the up

Good story

I'm mixed on your ending. After receiving the gift, it was like there was a hurry to get it over with. Keep up the good writing :)


Amazing story, please write the third part. Karen can get pregnant and Eric would be able only spy on them.

Keep it going

Cheryl is learning quickly about the fine arts of Voodoo induced sex and her complete submission to her Voodoo control - Since apparently Claude was born shortly after 1853 he is a REALLY OLD Voodoo King and surely must need an heir to ascend to his throne - And Cheryl seems like the PERFECT MARRRIED WHITE GIRL BREEDING WHORE now to to be BRED BLACK by Claude Johnston with a new son and heir during the upcoming ceremony she has been practicing and will soon find out just what the ceremony will mean for her - That will be OK since Rob will make a great cuckold step daddy to raise the new bastard mulatto Voodoo King Heir Apparent kid - Cheryl is moving to the head of the line to win the school's TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD this year


Hubby will find another black man to fuck his wife. Strange little man. 4 stars.

Problems to come

It sounds erotic in the beginning but she gets more and more involved with Joseph. First how do they know Joseph is clean or even really married? Secondly wife has gotten used to a penis so thick she can't suck it when fully hard. Now is permitted to sex her multiple times in husbands home. What husband has failed to see is that wife has grown accustomed to a wider and longer cock and is giving husband sloppy seconds while thinking about Joseph. Before Joseph goes home wife might decide to accidentaly forget birthcontrol a few times and get pregnant right before Joseph leaves after husband pays for a week vacation for wife and lover. How will this affect them especially when she gets an std from no condoms?

cuck shit

just a warning for non-degenerates because the author was lazy with tags and intros


Just had to get the old cock out whilst reading this.

Love it!

This is going to be one of those beautiful, epic, brilliant love stories! I can feel it! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Cheryl falls into the open trap!

Lateesha has plans for Cheryl and is screwing her from the life of teacher to the life of a prostitute/slut. Putting her in charge of a discussion group aimed at getting Black students to bond with white female students plus Mrs White and two other older women. I have to wonder about Mrs Long's departure attributed to her picking up a PH.D and the topic of her dissertation. Was she impregnated and allowed to leave under supervision of a black woman?

Her affair with Samuel is designed to draw her deeper. Sounds like her teaching duties will be changed to focus on discussion group and My White hiring a conservative woman to teach Cheryl's courses plus be exposed to aggressive Black students filing false claims of racism to wear down her conservatism and put her in a position of being referred to Lateesha who will weaken her resistance to black boys and black girls in the high school.

Lateesha will become Cheryl's mentor who will give effusive praise for close bonding with black people and recruiting clueless white women for their horizons broadened in humiliating encounters with black men. Lateesha will take an interest in Lisa's conversion to BBC in the college she attends after being advised by Cheryl how strongly conservative her daughter, Lisa is.

This story will go places!

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