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Absolutely loved this story. Ohne of the best ok this Wohle page

Still don't like it

“I'd written three series where Nicole and Nick stayed together, and I felt (and still do feel) if they'd stayed together this time, it would've been a betrayal to their marriage, and you, the readers.”

Yes, but those series are connected. It's not like xleglover who occasionally rights different iterations of the same characters. If they stay together in three series and break up in the forth, the end result is that they're broken up.

I wasn't kidding when I said that its going to make rereading the earlier series hard. All of those little heartfelt moments of Nikki and Nick reconnecting after a meeting with Colin or reconfirming their love each other, are going to feel bitter and empty now. I'm almost wishing I hadn't started Ripples. That's not a slight against you as an author, but an acknowledgment that I really liked the earlier series and I can't see myself rereading them again after this ending. I'm not looking forward to the new series and that's saying something as I checked the sight every couple of days to see if you'd posted a new chapter of ripples.

I'm not trying to be overly critical here, as you are a good author. If you had the intent of keeping them together but it wasn't realistic in the end, that's a result of the ground work you layed. Specifically, I'm mentioning Nikki's drastic character change in Ch.04. If the woman who had been worried about her marriage being, “squeezed out” had stuck around a few more chapter, maybe shown some sort of reluctance to pull away from Nick during the open marriage, then it wouldn't have been unrealistic.

Can you address the abandonment of the kids? Even if their marriage was over, moving across the country and abandoning her children, really doesn't paint Nikki in a very good light.


Thanks, for your statement. I still have a questions: Will Nick be part of the new series? Over time I really come to love his character. And what about Nicole's relationship with their daughters? Their separation must be quite hurtful.
Oh, JC just ignore the bashing comments.

Curious of author intent.

It seems in all your stories, you champion blacks over whites, is it because you are a frustrated black man, that was jilted by a white woman that you desired? Maybe you feel that the white race needs to be thined out, by black men impregnating white women. You certainly seem to feel that blacks [especially men] are superior to whites.

JayCuck Update

Hi All,

First, thank you for the comments. As most of you know, I read them all, and I appreciate the time and effort many of you put into your comments.

The ending. I knew when I wrote it, a significant number of my readers wouldn't like it. I wrote it, re-wrote it, and re-wrote it again. I couldn't find a credible way to keep Nick and Nikki together, and truthfully, I think it would have devalued Cassidy and David, if they'd remained married. Was it hard to separate them...heck yeah. I moped around for a few days after I'd edited it, still thinking maybe I would re-write it. A few have mentioned the ending is like Friends with Benefits, and I don't know how to answer that, except to say I disagree, and it wasn't intentional. I'd written three series where Nicole and Nick stayed together, and I felt (and still do feel) if they'd stayed together this time, it would've been a betrayal to their marriage, and you, the readers.

Sex. Sex. and Sex. I know my stories need more. There's a balance between the story, and the sex, and I'm thinking maybe I'm leaning more towards the story, and the pendulum needs to swing back a bit. Nikki's series will feature more sex, hopefully the story won't suffer.

Nick and the First Person Story: The entire Nick and Nicole saga has been told through Nick's eyes, and that's felt confining for a while. Part of the reason folks haven't felt much toward Nicole is that it's a challenge to bring her perspective into the story, when it's written entirely from Nick's POV. That's one of the reasons I wanted to write the last part in third person, and it's also why the next series will be in the third person.

Nikki Series: In case you're wondering, the series staring Nikki will be on Literotica. I always see myself posting stories on this site. Will all of it be erotic stories? No. I've got some sci fi ideas I'd like to try out, and I'll post them in the non-erotic section. In the Nikki series, Cynthia will be a main character, and Karma will finally introduce itself to David.

Frequency of Stories: I'm trying, really trying, to get stories posted faster. I'll continue to do my best that's all I can offer. I hear you though, and I agree that long breaks between stories lessens the emotional connection.

Thanks again for reading and posting comments.
Take Care



Hot wife

What a hot story could see myself as her husband getting off watching them fuck my wife with their BBC! Enjoyed the story and your writing.

Wonder why?

I never have thought I write this, but indeed, if you know Nick and Nicole from the very beginning, I understand and share the feelings of some readers here, who feel sad and depressed about the separation of Nicole and Nick. No doubt, I would have prefer for Nicole and Nick to stay together and get rid of David instead
If I'm correct they were married for nearly 20 years. It’s kind of heart- wrenching to see their marriage disolve. Maybe that is the intention of the author to create this emotions in his readers.

It's not only, that Nicole picks David over Nick, with this she also favors him above her daughters. That's really hard to take in. Look, Nicole was for sure not the best mother and wife at the very end of this, but I don't see her as a colt-hearted bitch. Maybe it just me guessing and hoping, but like others, I feel that maybe there is something more what explains Nicole's behaviour. Maybe some kind of "dark-hold" that David has over Nicole.
It’s maybe far fetched, but it's only me guessing.


I am finding hard to read some of these stories because they aren't worth my time but this story is amazing please keep writing I don't want this story to disappear

Hurry With the conclusion!

I just started the series yesterday and was surprised to see a new chapter posting yesterday. I want to see how Michael, Max and Kyle handle David and his cousin Isaac. I also want to see how you wrap up the weddings and births!! Hurry, hurry!!!!

@ BobNbobbi

Ah, thank you for your response

To Anon - Question?

The books JC has published on Amazon, Smash and maybe other book seller sites (I get mine from Smashwords and I have bought the first five) cover only the One Less Travelled series. The new book as I understand is just the first five in one volume but I can not swear to that much.

As I understand JC's intentions the Walking series will be the next one to come out in a single or two volume(s). Hope this answers your questions.

Great read, but depressing

First , let being said that this story is great piece of work by the author

Credit to JC, with David he has created a character I really come to disgust. There is no way to sugarcoat him for me in the future. If ever a character deserves his life and reputation getting ruined, than it's David.

Like some other readers here, I have to admit that I'm depressed about the split-up of Nick and Nicole. Despite everything, I hoped that Nick and Nicole would be together at the end. She choosing Nick over David and them being a happy, married couple again, with Cassidy. Both girls are bi-sexual, so sharing Nick wouldn’t have been a problem...;-) Hope no one minds for me spinning around a little.
Probably, it's only my naive romantic mind for wanting a happy-end. I get it, Nick has Cassidy now, but still, a this point the story leaves me behind with quite a sad feeling.

I agree, that Nicole deserves to suffer a little in the upcoming story, but I also don't want her getting hurt permanently. Would really love seeing her redeeming herself. Like others, I hope there something more to the plot. There are some loose ends as other commentators already mentioned.
Well, with David, like I said above, that's a complete different matter.

Looking forward to the next part.

The best

I just want to thank you for taking the time to write such an amazing story. I have you as one of my favorites and I look so forward to you writing again. You seem to have started very similar to my beautiful wife and I.

Part Happy, Part needing more, Part ENRAGED!!!

I know you said you'll take care of Nicole in the future, but come on!!!, the bitch cheated on nick for who knows how long and she just got out of that just like that....

(glad I didn't!). That bitch needs to suffer, and on nick's side, why did he hang onto her for so long, it wasn't like she showed any inclination to save their marriage from the start....

While the ending with cassidy and daughters was nice, it didn't really do justice for Nick, specially cause if you look at it as a whole, the guy got cuckolded and lost his wife and decided to go a separate ways. Ofcourse by the end nick had to choose cassidy, (I'd have killed him otherwise) but Nicole should have suffered at nick's hand, and David should have been struck with zeus's bolt of lightning, that would probably satisfy me, or not...

Lastly but not in the least, great writing and I agree that sex scenes should be practical and probable but you could definitely give more time and details of each scene, after all,that's why we're here on literotica instead of reading some other tragic drama book with no sex at all...

Hope to see more great work and a lot of hot,Steaming, mind blowing sex......

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