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Heartwarmingly beautiful

Captivating, mesmerising, enchanting.
Nothing else to say, really.

Love it

Love your writing, haven't heard from you in a while.

Limited writing skills?

You're overestimating them by a wide margin.

not that great

Is the next chapter the honey we have to talk before the divorce when hubby sues them all? The concept that hubby never had sex without a condom is not believable. The dialogue between her and the BBC is kind of ridiculous for a big powerful business woman.

make it happen

I for one love your story. My wife and I are both in our 50s and have a young black boy of 19 that we serve. he degrades and humiliates us both and we love it. he has a huge cock of 9 and3/4 in. and way fatter then mine. and I think we rely would do anything he wants just to have him use us like the fuck/pigs we are.

Loved it

Hope you continue, wonder how he likes his wife now? She change in bed or is she sneaking around now and then?
Great work Keep it up

You go girl!

dats wat i am talkin about! ! sexy muslim arabian hijabis producing some nice nigger babies! ! super excited to read the afrique hijabi impregnation sex story. ..pls add some lactating fetish too


Keep going...


One of Jane's Awakening chapters came up on random for me earlier today and I skipped to this last chapter to see if there might be one I overlooked during the holidays, alas not yet. I perused the comments section and I see there are several who are anxious for a continuation of this high class story. I certainly understand the reader's desire and frustration but I also understand all too well Ag's point of view as author. Life gets in the way of avocation and writing these stories is, for most of us who create and post stories here, strictly an avocation. Writer's block is all too real as well. Translating an idea in head to a story told with coherence on a page is a creative exercise that requires significant mental focus. Getting a single paragraph to ready for publication maturity can come in a flash of inspiration or take several days of hard work and rewrite.

Like other readers I want to know what was going through Mike's mind bobbing in the ocean watching Jane starring at, getting close to, that black snake package hiding in a thong bathing suit? Will Jane allow male hands to traverse and stimulate her body as she reaches inside his thong as she really wants to touch? Who is going to remove the first half of Jane's bikini, hubby or lover? Which of the men takes the final half? We simply have to be patient and wait for the story to develop just a little more.

This has been a well told story so far and worth waiting just a little longer for just a little more. Good job Agvaniva.


Been reading stories here for years. The first time I have ever posted. Simply the most authentic interplay of 2 people building a relationship, and believable supporting characters [not 1 dimensional], that I have come across in the hundreds of stories I've read.

Last story 2015 01 27

Dear DarkBlush,

are you all right? You haven´t published any in the last 2 years.


You are an awesome writer. Managed to not cum reading Ch. 01 but wonder if I will get through Ch. 02 without blowing my load!

Love this story

This story was great. A few years ago I brought up the subject of bringing another man into our bed. My wife did not seem receptive. However I noticed she liked the interracial porn. One night while fucking her doggy style I began to role play telling her I was a black stud taking her to breed. She really got into it yelling for me to give her my black cock. We incorporated this into our sex. Then one night I asked her if she wanted a real black cock. She said the idea really turned her on. We put an ad on on Craigslist and got several responses. We invited one man over. His BBC was enormous. My wife went wild fucking him. Since then we have enjoyed nearly a dozen black men in our sex lives. I really get off on watching her take those black cocks in her white pussy. I now clean her out afterwards and have come to enjoy sucking black cock myself.

Hot sex

But totally fucked up the names. It seemed as if there were 6 or 7 people there, and it was difficult to be sure who was doing what to whom. Even the absent husband, James, made an appearance! Very poorly written, but you get 4 stars for the hot sex.

Would like more

Great story. Would love it to continue and see the wives turned into real whores.

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