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love it again

I reread everything so good. Please come back to us here 😀

fuck CED

could have left ced and the other new guy out, what's next the black club in the ghetto gang bang.... the more realistic cheating behind hubby back stuff is hotter than the cliche black dude who does not wash his ass and sets up you to be gang banged mess. lots of WW flirt hard with black men behind their old men backs but if you try some ghetto goon crap some of these writers write they will cut you off. plus most BM not sharing the white pussy

Great Story, keep it coming!

Love this series! Please post new update soon. I love all your stories!

Invite Them on A Cruise

When the Ship is in International Waters Barry disappeared (shark food) Then Take the Slag (thats S L A G) and sell her to a Latin American Whore House Problem Solved ! Then find a decent woman who wont cheat! Again if this one cheats Deja vu Try again If the Third cheats Hubby Jumps over board! Story is OK ★★★★ WOOF!


@Bit Dull
Thanks for the feedback. With the thousands of stories here from a 1st or 2nd person POV, I don't think submitting one from the 3rd person is too out of line. I'm sorry that you didn't like the perspective I chose to write from, hopefully you read another story here before you give up. Basing your assumption on a person's sexuality on a ~4,000 word piece of fiction probably isn't healthy.

Bit dull

Having an outsider tell the tale moves the reader too far from the action. The main character needs to be involved. As it is, we don’t get to know Ashley or Ty at all. Hell, Ty is just a big dick that the narrator seems to obsess over. (Being a repressed homosexual isn’t healthy).

Chapter 4?

Please don't stop here, let us see what happens once he comes home and finds her and Vincent in bed fucking. Will he be as excepting and willing to become the cuckold, or get upset with himself?

Brilliant contribution

Ignore the idiots who berate you (no doubt having read the whole story) your writing style and control over the content is superb some of the best writing (perhaps the best) I have read on here for overall quality. You have written a proper story built up the tempo beautifully and restrained yourself in ways that so few are able to do writing on subjects like this. I found myself willing her to resist as much as I was compelled to see her the that brutal Black cock and cuckold her husband. The mixed emotions you detailed so succinctly, be it their desire to give in to their fantasies and the temptation of this Alpha Black male yet that innate resistance to crossing the line scared where it may lead sounds like it is from someone who has experienced those seminal moments that may change a couples life, or certainly someone who has long explored such emotions in their mind. So many couples must have gone through an experience like this and fallen both sides of the fence with no doubt regret or cultural release on both sides. Thank you for writing something of substance on the matter while not dragging it out too long in trying to capture every nuance that takes place. I too hope there will be a follow up and I will now certainly read your other contributions with great hope and excitement. A 5 from me.

Loooking forward

This is one of the best stories you wrote, really looking forward for the next chapters.
I hope they are released soon :-)

Lovely story

This is a great well structured and very erotic story.

I hope that you are able to continue.



Love this story!

I love Katy's evolution. I particularly enjoyed her unexpected acceptance of her "new" self and the scene at the mall with the two strangers. Katy has found herself. I hope she seeks and finds more.

Stereotypical crap. All white husband’s have little dicks, all black bulls have giant dicks,...

....all wives are gorgeous beyond models-lovely. Very staid conservative wive become rabid whores for Black cock and throw out every value they’ve lived by their whole lives, suddenly engaging in impossible sex acts and parties, best described as porn olympics. All white husband’s LOVE sucking black cum out of their women after the debauchery is over. Somewhat unique to this story is that a couple of the wives want mixed-race babies by any one of their many black bulls.
Of course, the loving husbands fully accept, then embrace this outcome, being fully willing to support their wives and their bastard children, all for the privelage of keeping them around.
Frankly, Doreen should have stayed gone, or hubby should have taken up with wis AA, getting her pregnant and bringing her home to live with their love child. Of course he doesn’t love her, but he loves having his own baby at home and couldn’t possibly seperate mother and child, now could he?
Hmm. I wonder how wifey would settle for that?
I know cucky lifestyle includes the vastly lop-sided ethos of the wife that fucks anyone but hubby, and the hubby that stays moony eyed and loyal to wifey to the point of worship.
Hmm. This is a fantasy that lasts until the fan shoots off, then goes back to wishful thinking and hating the reality of their life.
I know people whose private lives have had some/many of the elements of those stories and others like it. Not a single marriage in my knowing of these tortured souls lasted more than two years after the infidelity began. And only rarely did any of these outrageous stereotypes apply.
I can only say, eww.
Oh, and if my comments offend, don’t post these for-crap, loser stories....

Strange that IRL I've never seen a snowbunny who wasn't a trailer trash skank.

Yeah, I think we've all seen a woman or two who had some life controlling fetish for giant dicks or for men of a certain race or for extreme bondage or some kind of shit, but they tend to be the kind of chicks I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole to begin with, usually ghetto trash or trailer trash who could barely hold a conversation with a child without outing themselves as no class vapid whores. I've dated quite a bit, was married once, was in the swinger scene for a while even. I'm white, I've always been a tad heavy, and my dick's only about 5 and a half inches as well. I'd say that almost all of the women I've fucked have also fucked at least one or two black guys in their time, a few even fucked really hung ones. None of them got "hooked". None of them developed a thing for IR porn any more than other kinds of porn (taboo/bdsm/group, etc.) and none of them ever showed any "huge dick fetish" for men of any color. Hell, most of them had a few complaints about the really hung guys, that they couldn't fuck as often because it always leaves them sore, that guys with big ones get real lazy in bed and forget what their tongue and fingers can do or they never learn good technique cause they think the world revolves around their dong, others have claimed that the hung guys tend to cum too quickly. Some of my buddies who I know for a fact are seriously packing have also confided that they've had women turn them down after seeing their size more than they've ever had women seek them out because of their large size. As for me, I do wish I was bigger, but then again since I got a nice upward curve, when I fuck a woman I'm shaped just right so that my cock head is "speedbagging' her G spot in most positions without having to angle my hips in any odd way (for men with straighter dicks, you have to adjust your angle a bit to get the same effect) and I've had a bunch of compliments on that, no complaints. Also, like any guy with a normal sized dick and who grew up in the age of easy access porn (which can make you think every dude is packing serious heat down there) I was self conscious enough to also learn a lot of tricks with my tongue and fingers so I'll put my skills in the sack up against any giant dong having motherfucker any old day of the week. So assuming there is even a shred of truth to your tale, maybe instead of freaking out if your chick likes IR porn you should work on your fucking technique, fingering technique, and your pussy/ass eating game and a few other things like proper erotic spanking and how to properly tie a woman up for proper dom / sub sex (easy to do, but hard to do it RIGHT).


You are so full of shit it must be coming out of your ears!! A different type of happiness....shit! What fucking planet do you live on? He is a cuckie plain and simple and she is a matter how you try to dress it up! Just how is their love verified by her fucking someone else. C'mon....all you cuckie's take stock of just what the fuck you are. A no balls person who somehow got a woman to marry you, probably under false pretenses and she enjoys you being a cuck and letting her fuck whoever!

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