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Good story

I really loved this story. The plot and character development was spot on plus the flow was great. I really loved the fact that Mary ended up black bred. Every white girl/ woman should have at least one black baby, preferably two.

Good story

This was a good story especially without all the oohs and ahs. She definitely needs to feel out hubby as to find out if interracial sex turns him on and if it does what are his fantasies. He just might surprise her where her needs are what he fantasizes about. Keep writing.


I am big tittle and great ass chick. Fortunately or unfortunately I bagged my stud early in life and he has been mine ever since. If not I defo would have done what the bitches in your stories do and stolen the hunk husband of some mousy female. Your stories are super. Please keep writing.
I want to know if Matt fucks his mother in law.

Keep Writing

I enjoyed your story immensely. It is so sexy to read stories from the female perspective and to see their overwhelming need for pleasure.

Ignore the hateful anons.

Thanks for the story!

Glad you got a laugh,

Now you know the joy your wife experiences every time you take off your clothes in front of her.

The story was hot...

Yeah- I do have some sympathy for the hubby ... but, that doesn't detract from the hot story. :)

i like cuckold stories

But not when the hubby is such an idiot that he cant stand up for himself at all. In this story he just goes along like a dupe. I want to see him say," fuck this we are leaving." and dropping his drawers in front of strangers to get way.

Kindly write another amazing story like this !

i cant thank you enough for this story! you are truly an AWESOME writer! please write another story about a fair pakistani hijabi young housewife. who gets fucked by her black elderly gardener and cockolds her hubby . her hubby also enjoyed watching seeing his hijabi wife getting fucked by a old dirty black cock! eventually she gets pregnant and gives birth to a pitch black baby boy. she also breastfeeds the old gardener because he is old nd needs nutrition from her breastmilk! she continues her affair with the old black gardener with her hubbi's permission and gives birth to another 4-5 black babies! also add some sceans where this fair hijabi gets fucked when she is in her abaya nd really turns me on thinking about fair hijabis getting knocked up by black babies!

Racist shite

Nothing more to say but seems lucky the hubby will be rid of the slut soon.


A soldier on active duty and his slut fucking an obvious player. Vile! Hopefully just a fantasy

I love this story. All the characters are engaging. Please keep it going I have to know how it all plays out.

Sounds like a game changer for wife shit happens buddy sorry about your luck I think she's hooked


Laughed all the way...roared in mirth at last sentence. True this is fiction but you need some semblance of possibility. Frigid middle-aged white married woman captures heart of black celebrity and becomes slut for his of course huge appendage.
Happiness follows as well as children and lover is best of daddies.
The only bigots are those black males still trying to get back at whitey by screwing white females. Chech statistics for how many of them have any type of relationship with mothers of their offspring.
Just ask tiger wood's wife

Try talking to hubby first gentle hints ask him about his fantasies.then he will ask about your tell about your girlfriend then hint it makes you slightly know the rumors and all then feel hubby's cock you will then know if he is into it good luck

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