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Great character development! Thank you very much. Hope there's more, both of this tale and new stories down the line. Stop eating, drinking and sleeping - just keep writing.

Fantastic story!

Loved both chapters. The visceral attraction they had for each other was so hot. Also loved the attention Sean paid to her pretty toes!

Sequal and More Chapters Please!!

Great story line. Very well written. would like to see how the boss continues to own and groom the married pussy he conquered. How will things change in the office? Wife going to be part of the future business development program?


I wonder if she confesses to Eric what she because without his say so she cheated. She will want more big cock poor Eric a cuckold now and he doesn't know it.
Sorry only one star as it is implied that all black men have exceptionally large cocks,not true only a myth for those that are well endowed there are probably thousands that are not so.

Idea for a future story

Maybe have Remy refuse to use the syringe Denzell gave him and instead use his wits and charms to get in the pants of women?

And then have Vanessa find it instead...perhaps causing her to refine the virus in order to go "notice me senpai!"

My 53yr old bbc Hotwife

Well this white lady has finally found out what a real proper fucking is all about. And she loved it. Orgasmed several times and so powerfully that she passed out. That is what happens to a woman at the hands of a black stallion. My mature white wife has been a slut to black since her first thorough fucking by a stud less than half her age. Fucked into oblivion. And has craved it ever since. And it is really quite something to watch. It really is.


Just ..saw dis story's so good...can't wait to read more. ...Thanks

Want afrique adventure

write the afrique adventure as soon as possible :)

Still Waiting

I really enjoy your stories but.... isn't there always a but!!! It has been almost a tear since you posted Part 2. I see you have posted other stories since then and am just wondering if you would be so kind to post Part 3.
Looking forward to reading it!!!

you say you have low self esteem

why exactly? is it from being gay? being a doormat? being unable to maintain a balance of power in your relationships?
1 if you are gay, then be gay. dump the beard she seems quite the cunt
2 dont be a doormat take up a sport, or a martial art it will do wonders for your self image
3 restore the balance, explain that you are done, and violence will be met with a baseball bat
personally i think you are just a faggot who likes the abuse

Turn On

So very sexy. I love your comfort with your lifestyle. Sounds great to me.

It started out as an interesting story but then you lost me after you said that she had no panties. Then the guys put her on the pool table and removed her skirt and the panties that she was not wearing. You need to proof read your story. I did not read any further, so I have no idea about the rest of it.


Only one star minus because of the racial abuse and the brutality involved.

again and again

I think I've read this story more than ten times. it doesn't get old, have you published this? If so, where can I purchase the book. Awesome read.

@ Just pathetic

I warned you (and everyone like you) not to force yourself to read the story. But you read it anyway and now your panties are all bunched up. If you open stories on this site you're going to read about white women and black men. Don't pretend to not like it.

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