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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Where The Women Are Ch. 03

 — Morning-after with more than a little excitement. by KR12/17/054.50HOT

Where There's Hope Ch. 01

 — Late at night, Hope watches a DVD of two women. by Liv Blake04/06/054.48

Whetstone High Sluts

 — New student at Whetsone high has a great first day by Guy23r2306/30/142.76

While She Sleeps

 — A girl dares to taste her new friend while she sleeps. by AngieGS04/14/124.39

While She Sleeps Ch. 02

 — The other girl takes advantage of her sleeping friend. by AngieGS05/23/124.22

While the Boys are Away

 — Two wives make love while their husbands are gone. by Bakeboss12/18/094.07

While the Kat's Away

 — Girl arrives home to find her roommate masturbating. by cherrypoptart05/01/013.68

While Wet From The Shower

 — What happened when two women showered together (extended). by Otazel11/26/084.59HOT


 — My favorite cafe, a beautiful stranger ... and a whim. by Dru_Druthers01/03/134.38

Whisky and Cigarettes Pt. 01

 — An erotic encounter at a party. by RedKirsten05/06/154.35


 — Dressed in silk, Katherine comes to get what she wants. by dollybird06/03/013.58


 — Whispers come alive at Christmas. by Carnal Syn12/27/03

Whispers & Fantasy

 — Brenna visits her submissive side with two beautiful women. by terramyr12/28/034.39

Whispers and Brush Strokes Ch. 02

 — Freedom is contagious. by KinghtWhisper11/24/084.58HOT

Whispers From My Heart

 — Hannah learns what her heart has been yearning for. by wistfall106/03/144.53HOT

White Bread

 — Sheltered White woman meets a Black woman. by portiababe01/14/014.07

White Lies

 — The greatest love story that never happened. by LaRascasse01/31/134.47

White Out at the Spa Ch. 01

 — Two women meet an older one at an upscale spa. by SapphoLust03/04/114.41

White Out at the Spa Ch. 02

 — Two women meet an older one at an upscale spa. by SapphoLust03/05/114.47

White Out at the Spa Ch. 03

 — Two women meet an older one at an upscale spa. by SapphoLust03/06/114.42

White Princess and African Queen

 — White princess falls in love with African Queen. by EbonyGoddess198705/31/103.29

White Princess Conquers Black Queen

 — Sexy white princess conquers ebony queen. by EbonyGoddess198706/06/103.67

White Woman Dominates Black Females

 — White woman dominates black and Hispanic ladies. by Samuelx07/17/093.44

White Woman Dominates Black Slut

 — White housewife turns tables on black businesswoman. by Samuelx05/21/093.32

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 01

 — White woman shows Black Mistress a good time. by Samuelx12/09/093.43

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 02

 — Butch black lesbian meets bossy white femme. by Samuelx12/10/092.50

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 03

 — White Mistresses dominate strong Black women. by Samuelx12/11/092.48

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 09

 — White chick dominates Black female college athlete. by Samuelx01/11/103.27

White Women are Goddesses Ch. 10

 — Mature white woman dominates strong Black woman. by Samuelx01/12/102.89


 — A dark tale. by Marie Marshall05/04/054.30


 — Jordan enjoys her private nurse. by Nellskitchen12/30/114.25

Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring

 — A hot, fast and wild first encounter with another women. by JStarG03/11/123.47

Who Needs Him?

 — Christine finds that her lover is married. by Mr James05/15/043.98

Who Woulda Known?

 — Trick and treat again and again. by sr71plt10/09/114.17

Who You Calling A Butch!

 — Two women have a hot encounter in the hood. by lordpdown02/08/043.16

Who's on Top

 — Two best friends let out frustration from daily stress. by wetandslippery12/22/083.65

Who's The Boss Here?

 — A bi-sexual fantasy comes true for Debbie. by andyomama6611/10/124.06

Who's the Boss?

 — When the boss makes a house call... by HarperBliss06/09/124.01

Who's Turning Me On?

 — A girls night out sex toy party turns erotic. by curlyspurs07/07/124.45


 — An unpleasant first encounter turns into much more. by beyondthegray03/28/064.55HOT

Why Black Women Love Black Women

 — Black college student falls for Black woman. by Samuelx09/07/093.48

Why Don't You Come Over?

 — An intense love/hate relationship comes to a blissful climax. by PisceanMystique07/16/093.62

Why I'm Pro Military

 — A woman in the Navy isn't asked and doesn't tell. by notabutch03/08/064.49

Why I'm Pro Military Ch. 02

 — They met again at a bar. by notabutch03/24/064.43

Why Not?

 — A tale from her past...and what a past it was. by hdm303lj03/11/014.00

Why Not?

 — A rough erotic lesbian encounter. by hdm303lj05/20/014.16

Why Not?

 — A MILF widow lets loose. by MsHoudini05/09/134.06

Why Should Priests Have All the Fun? Ch. 01

 — A girl meets a nun. by jeeves.sounds.off01/03/053.49

Why Were You on THAT Website?

 — Two old chums discover that they are both bi. by leBonhomme07/07/133.76

Wicked Game

 — A dream fantasy, a night of pleasure & pain. by Cre8tiveBliss05/01/044.62HOT

Wicked Game Ch. 04

 — Task Number Three. by velvetpie05/31/044.50HOT

Wicked Games in Chelsea Ch. 01

 — Stephanie will do anything to get her ex-lover back! by SinfulPriestess11/27/143.52

Wife's First Trip To NYC

 — She unexpectedly finds more than success. by Chantee12/30/044.66HOT

Wild Cats

 — A wild encounter of an unexpected kind. by scheherazade_7905/10/054.62HOT

Wild Side

 — Young woman seduces a good friend. by TUCSON RED12/15/003.24

Wild Side Saturday

 — She continues exploring her bi side. by TUCSON RED12/16/003.68

Wild Summer Fling

 — Christina has a fling with a member from the Country Club. by f1racer2209/17/14HOT

Wild Summer Fling Pt. 02

 — Christina's summer fling continues. by f1racer2209/18/14HOT

Wild Women

 — Girl becomes lesbian. by sexnovella06/10/153.96

Will Try To Deliver Again Ch. 02

 — Monica continues to make discoveries. by Sas It Up207/11/044.51HOT

Will You? Ch. 01

 — A heartbroken lesbian meets an 18 year old virgin. by Redinabed11/17/114.72HOT


 — My night of love with a lesbian detective by D. Campbell11/11/103.64


 — A female trucker's bittersweet story by Lisa Summers11/21/094.58HOT

Willing Ch. 02

 — 'Bittersweet' gives way to 'hot,' for Linda the trucker. by Lisa Summers11/25/094.71HOT

Willing Ch. 03

 — Linda and Virginia come together in their journey. by Lisa Summers12/05/094.65HOT

Willing Ch. 04

 — Linda and Virginia shock each other. by Lisa Summers12/10/094.76HOT

Willing Ch. 05

 — What can you do after making love for the first time? by Lisa Summers12/15/094.66HOT

Willing Ch. 06

 — Some unexpected surprises greet the women! by Lisa Summers12/26/094.70HOT

Willing Ch. 07

 — Linda and Virginia have a night 'out' in Atlanta. by Lisa Summers01/04/104.75HOT

Willing Ch. 08

 — The conclusion to the two women's sensual Sapphic journey. by Lisa Summers01/15/104.77HOT

Willing Prey

 — Straight Lisa meets a persistent Butch bent on seduction. by CaroleS3602/04/104.44

Willing, But Not

 — She was afraid to try, but did. by farbutnear05/17/133.88

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 26

 — During Val's 2nd Pregnacy, the summer of '84. by Paris Waterman07/08/104.05

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 27

 — Val gives Birth, later has affair with Bernie. by Paris Waterman07/09/104.22

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 65

 — Natalie succumbs to Katy's desires. by Paris Waterman05/19/114.15

Wing Babe

 — Beth seduces Courtney, or is it the other way around? by erotichajj02/19/154.63HOT

Winter Love

 — A cold night becomes a very warm morning. by O210/18/054.56HOT

Winter Love Ch. 02

 — Julia and Leslie renew their passion. by O211/15/054.70HOT

Winter Love Ch. 04

 — Leslie gets a gift. by O204/14/074.60HOT

Winter Night Delight

 — She lusts for sensuous redhead. by skyeclad08/28/044.36

Winter Of Angela

 — Shy sophomore blossoms with her roommate's guidance. by subtleperfume02/07/104.79HOT

Winter Wanton Land

 — Maev finds refuge and sex in the Scottish Highlands. by Maggie Red Rose03/08/084.09

Winter's Heat

 — Two friends keep each other warm while stranded during storm. by Bridget6907/28/074.61HOT

Wise Up

 — Greg's cheating leads to a new expierence for his friends by amyyum03/26/144.33


 — A woman ties and teases her lover, at her request. by rachelg02/03/073.80

Wish You Were Here

 — On vacation, Tiffany sends letters to her best friend. by JukeboxEMCSA04/02/114.16

Wishful Thinking

 — Is Ashley's dream come true nothing but a dream? by Vicki0405/11/104.30

With a Maid

 — How I had my first lesbian experience with a maid. by Lucifer01302/24/153.79

With an Audience

 — Meghan's hard up, but she doesn't like to be watched. by badwich09/18/084.33

With Chocolate On Top

 — One of her best friends is a lesbian. by margo_x_x06/27/023.57

With Strings Attached

 — Alice is tricked into a relationship with a dominant girl. by maxout0904/20/094.48

With Strings Attached Ch. 02

 — Alice experiences Nicole's hobbies. by maxout0905/20/094.58HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 04

 — Alice is instructed on how to pleasure Nicole. by maxout0911/22/094.58HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 05

 — April gets some new cloths and puts on a show at the movies. by maxout0902/21/104.66HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 06

 — Web-cams, toy shipping and Hooters. by maxout0911/11/104.65HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 08

 — Alice returns to the strip club to seduce April. by maxout0905/21/114.71HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 09

 — Nicole meets Alice's parents. by maxout0906/30/114.54HOT

With Strings Attached Ch. 10

 — Alice goes to April's to start an affair. by maxout0910/21/114.65HOT

With Which, With What...

 — Hot dyke meets horny queer. by Dingy_Jo10/09/002.12

Within Horizon

 — 19 year old Brittany is sentenced to a women's prison. by CosmicMission01/05/112.68

Without a Name

 — Through hazy thoughts of the night before, she wakes me up . by x_penny_lane_x12/19/134.06

Without Reservation

 — Friends let go of their fears. by logophile01/28/054.68HOT

Witness Protection Ch. 06

 — Yvonne's & lover have sex when Tom's out of town by stoneypoint05/10/063.11

Woman on Girl Ramblings

 — Girl is blackmailed by an older woman. by flaborn195705/08/054.19

Woman on Woman: A True First

 — She fulfilled her fantasy of experiencing another woman. by AnaLeePleasured08/12/093.85

Woman Power

 — Strong women and weak men. by zangs10111/06/063.53

Woman Power Ch. 02

 — Strong women and weak men. by zangs10111/23/063.95

Woman Power Ch. 03

 — Strong women and weak men. by zangs10112/24/063.68

Woman Seeking Women

 — He sets his wife up, or so he thinks. by StevoHawk03/20/083.93

Woman To Woman... To Woman

 — A holiday from the ordinary for one Brit. by Stygian Blaze03/07/064.08

Woman, Interrupted

 — Caught having phone sex by the boss, the fun begins. by noisymother04/24/094.09

Womanly Desires

 — She fantasizes about a girlfriend. by pamper103/28/043.94

Women in New York

 — We met, we enjoyed, we parted. by JANAMARIE03/31/064.30

Women Know

 — Sweet ladies together. by Pervis Brown10/18/063.82

Women's Cup

 — Sexy sporty story. by sexnovella08/03/134.11

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 03

 — A night at the theater. by cafetray03/05/074.54HOT

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 04

 — Prof. Sawyer's plan begins to take shape. by cafetray05/20/084.47

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 05

 — The End of the Beginning. by cafetray05/20/084.53HOT

Women's Retreat Ch. 01

 — Two women from church find a new sisterhood. by lisa3605/26/113.47

Women's Sexual Confessions: June

 — Men and women talk candidly about their sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/22/094.02

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 01

 — A hairy redhead's sexual awakening. by j_zep200108/19/084.02

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 02

 — Shy redhead meets hairy beauty. by j_zep200108/20/084.33

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 03

 — Lucy exposes her hairy beauty to Rose. by j_zep200108/21/084.53HOT

Won't You Be My Neighbor

 — Probably not what Mr. Rogers had in mind. by PuckFinn09/16/144.37

Won't You Smile Awhile For Me

 — Sara's first date in a long time and the nicest of her life. by Smokey12503/20/14

Wonderland: Evening, Night, Morning

 — Two online friends, mature women, meet & make love. by Wanderer4909/10/104.81HOT


 — University lesbian mallet play ;) by LesbianMuses03/06/144.20

Words Made Flesh Ch. 01

 — She finds her friends in the bathtub reading erotic stories. by ungenderless08/10/063.85

Words Made Flesh Ch. 02

 — She receives an email by mistake. by ungenderless08/19/063.90

Words Made Flesh Ch. 03

 — Amelia has a sexy new mousepad! by ungenderless08/27/064.55HOT

Words Made Flesh Ch. 04

 — A dinner gathering goes wrong...? by ungenderless09/04/064.23

Words Made Flesh Ch. 06

 — Things get very hot for the three girls in a restaurant. by ungenderless09/14/064.55HOT

Words Made Flesh Ch. 07

 — A sexy dream and a gift from Amelia. by ungenderless09/22/064.24

Words Made Flesh Ch. 08

 — This leg of the story comes to wildly sexy conclusion. by ungenderless09/29/064.21

Words Made Flesh Ch. 09

 — Sophia reads about a sexual experience that rivals her own. by ungenderless10/15/063.81

Words Made Flesh Ch. 10

 — A trip to the mall ends with a steamy affair. by ungenderless10/24/064.15

Words Made Flesh Ch. 11

 — Depressed Sophia gets seduced by the wrong person. by ungenderless10/30/064.23

Words Made Flesh Ch. 12

 — Kaylin reveals her true intentions, and everyone pays. by ungenderless11/07/064.32

Words Made Flesh Ch. 13

 — Can the girls pick up the pieces to save their relationship? by ungenderless11/12/064.50HOT

Words Made Flesh: Bound

 — Three women in love must overcome their personal demons. by ungenderless12/23/064.72HOT

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