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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Discovering Tracey Ch. 02

 — Two lesbians find one another. by Wicked_Angel09/01/034.42

Discovering Tracey Ch. 03

 — Two lesbians find one another. by Wicked_Angel09/26/034.42


 — She discover her friend and pee. by X_Christina_X11/26/074.32


 — Two young women meet and begin an exciting journey. by dgowre06/04/134.39


 — A naive girl receives a practical lesson in sex. by RaulBloodworth02/09/164.48

Discovery in a Mailbox

 — What she finds opens a whole new world. by LoverOfEmlissa06/02/054.54HOT


 — Denise watches Jane on hidden camera, & gets caught. by MarciaR10/04/034.30

Dish of the Evening

 — Kath and Luce share a different meal. by Gee_star01/10/104.54HOT

Disobedience and Grace

 — Grace shows Cora how she's made men obsolete. by DeviouSquirrel02/14/143.87


 — Naked girlfriend distracts her from the dishes by X_Christina_X08/07/074.06


 — Two friends ride out a storm. by Carnal Syn04/23/024.14

Divine Love

 — Convent fun and frolics. by bradley_stoke09/02/014.03

Diving in the Deep End

 — A laboratory accident transforms two young women. by TE99904/20/144.34

Diving Partners

 — She gets more than scuba lessons from sexy coworker. by Dakota_North02/01/024.40


 — After the divorce... by WFEATHER03/27/093.59

Do Anything

 — Words have meaning. by Dotrice101/19/094.73HOT

Do Dreams Come True?

 — A secret admirer in Venice. by Aussie_Kiss10/12/024.11

Do It Like You Mean It

 — Ms. Colgan invites her aide to a party. by Janelle04/04/014.40

Do Onto Your Neighbor...

 — She gets surprised for helping her neighbor. by Hea_2_sta01/28/024.49

Do Talk To Strangers

 — She experiences lesbian sex for first time. by fawnie03/12/034.27

Do You Trust Me?

 — Her first experience with light bondage. by kelly_h_adams01/13/024.20

Do You Trust Me?

 — Natalie finally gets what she's wanted. by ElysiaLyn02/24/144.22

Doctor of Desire Ch. 06

 — Tit for Tat: Casey is drafted to be a sperm donor. by LargoKitt08/18/074.63HOT

Doctor Stevens' Special Treatment

 — Dr. Jessica helps sexy patient with a problem. by Mr_Owlow07/26/094.48

Doctor's Orders Ch. 04

 — Liz goes to see doctor Monique. by jamboman05/20/114.47

Doctor, doctor

 — Patient and doctor form a not so professional relationship. by bustybabe2302/03/044.46


 — French doctoress nurses her secretary girl. by romane11/29/033.91

Does My Body Distract You?

 — My lecturer teases me until I can’t take it anymore. by FutureSexLoveSound03/26/184.50HOT

Does That Make Me Gay?

 — Girl falls for the cute guy at work...or is it a guy? by AngelSCC06/13/104.60HOT

Dog Day

 — Two women meet at a doggy park. by Iluv2knot06/15/104.18

Dog Days

 — After a hot workday, the beach is a cool fantasy. by jmleblanc310/02/074.16

Dog Days

 — A ringtone leads to fun at the lake. by Saxon Stonedyke08/24/124.35

Dog Walks and Bike Rides

 — Neighborhood Moms share an evening together. by MsKari07/26/154.65HOT

Doing Dishes

 — Butch/femme lesbian couple have a little strap-on fun. by kitnkittykat02/19/094.25

Doing It In The Woods

 — Hot summer night gets hotter in girls' tent. by kala2504/18/014.63HOTContest Winner

Doing the Dishes

 — Bad things can happen down there in the kitchens. by majikle02/26/153.52

Doing the Student

 — Girl has chance rendezvous with pretty student. by Janelle10/12/004.23

Domestic Bliss Ch. 01

 — Woman is fucked senseless by her loving wife. by jenf7710/24/084.28

Domestic Bliss Ch. 02

 — Two women enjoy each other over & over again. by jenf7710/25/084.34

Domestic Tranquility

 — A typical evening at home for you. by waverlysgirl05/07/034.00


 — You are the boss here, and you will get what you want. by ArcherDarke04/08/114.18

Dominant Black Femme & Irish Butch

 — Irish Butch falls for Black Goddess in the city. by Samuelx11/23/093.35

Dominated by the Camera

 — Two art students take an adult-themed assignment. by lustfuldesires05/25/124.21

Dominating Amber

 — Amber Rose gets Dommed by the Author. by syreatadiva12/04/153.65

Dominating Tara Louise

 — I take control of another woman at an erotic retreat. by LadyFrederika06/14/123.89

Dominican Slut: Cunt Muncher

 — MILF is blackmailed into licking pussy for the first time. by silkstockingslover06/16/154.48

Dominican Slut: Humiliated Pet

 — Submissive slut is literally trained to be a good loyal pet. by silkstockingslover07/14/154.38

Dominque, April, Summer

 — She saw a pic of three chicks and thought yum. by DireLilith06/10/07

Domme Punishes Cheater

 — Cara is handcuffed and punished. by Sarisa05/09/083.74

Don't Be Shy

 — She shows her how good she can really feel. by loveyou1808/09/164.53HOT

Don't Cry

 — Jillian consoles Sarah in a different way after her breakup. by MyMichele08/23/024.11

Don't Forget Me... I Won't

 — A lonely train journey home takes an unexpected turn. by TeganJones09/05/124.04

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

 — I couldn't if I tried - or could I? by LimeyLady11/23/174.60HOT

Don't Make the Gym Teacher Angry

 — Mary Grace's graduating in question when issues come out. by Madabouthair05/22/174.44

Don't Resist Ch. 02

 — Dee takes Susan deeper into femdom. by GirlFan185506/07/084.31

Don't Say It Ch. 01: A Rough Start

 — Can Jess resist the temptation of her sitter? by for_shitz_and_gigglez01/08/174.58HOT

Don't Stare

 — An uptight English teacher learns an important lesson. by GymTeacherYouDeserve06/22/163.83

Don't Stop

 — She thought she wouldn't give into it. by loveyou1803/24/164.47

Don't Stop!

 — A rowdy encounter gets interrupted by an excited neighbor. by tubmilk11/19/03

Don't You Remember?

 — A straight girl is reminded of her naughty drunken behavior. by butttickles10/07/143.65

Donna and the Swedish Au Pair

 — A MILF stalks a beautiful blonde Swede. by joelight06/11/124.46

Donna the Dom

 — Black girl longs to dominate White women. by LustyLee7705/13/114.29

Donna's Angel

 — On a cold and rainy winter night, Donna is rescued by Karen. by DAB3269710/11/094.74HOT

Donna's Neighbor

 — Donna is seduced & spanked by another woman. by JohnOne04/20/024.33

Donna's New Move

 — Donna meets a neighbor with a big surprise. by lickcum01/30/133.58

Doomsday Trickery

 — She thought she knew her roommate. And herself. by Amanda_T02/25/134.74HOT

Doomsday Trickery Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the minor cliff hanger and exit from limbo. by Amanda_T05/27/134.84HOT

Door to Door

 — Older woman finds adventure with a young girl in need. by robinkhinke08/04/164.51HOT

Dora Shares Her Dongs

 — She shares her toys with a new playmate. by Boxlicker10105/22/074.34

Doris' Itch Ch. 04

 — A visit to the Lingerie store brings a surprise. by Menderman11/29/054.71HOT

Dorm Fun Ch. 2

 — Jen & her roomie share secrets. by Swtt2109/24/024.24

Dorm Neighbor's Favor

 — Lindsay's neighbor from across the hall just wants to talk. by Purple_Parli05/20/124.33

Dorm Room Bliss

 — Lisa has her first lesbian experience in college. by sweetpea7905/28/013.72

Dorm Room Experiment

 — College roommates share a joint, and more. by Longshanks01/28/014.26

Dorm Room Fun

 — She experiences her first time with a girl in her dorm. by Persephone54212/24/033.84

Dorm Slut

 — Freshman lesbian dorm fun. by PrincessJNK11/22/083.93

Dots and Dashes of Color Ch. 07

 — Unfulfilled, Mr. Marcus takes action against blackmailer. by HarveyMarcus09/14/054.58HOT


 — Norma Jane has sex with two women. by NormaJane08/23/174.16

Double Birthday Surprise

 — A photo spread cums to life in Derrick's livingroom. by ExquisiteOne07/16/064.02

Double Blind Date

 — Two women who believe they are straight are set up on a date by YKN494908/14/144.83HOT

Double Duty

 — Two girls and a gift. by leapingfox06/16/064.14

Double or Nothing Ch. 08

 — Emily sleeps over. by Brandie6906/29/124.50HOT

Double Play

 — Two girls have fun in a cab & at home. by myfavthing07/19/014.23

Double the Pussy, Double the Fun

 — A threesome after a bad break-up. by DMay61902/22/134.37

Down Low Sisters

 — Black lesbian falls for black female professor. by Samuelx03/29/093.64


 — She has an encounter in the ladies room. by litpervgrrl06/08/044.14

Downtime Ch. 1

 — Megan finally takes a break to... by hdm303lj05/21/013.71

Downtown Train

 — Biker chick lands school girl. by DarkLordPriapus09/03/154.63HOT

Downward Dog in Heat

 — My hot yoga instructor introduces me to some new positions. by hot_wrider12/08/174.48

Dr Tracy and I

 — A trip to the gyno leaves Missy hot and satisfied. by AshleighWrites07/19/094.50HOT

Dr. Harden at Your Service Ch. 06

 — Adora the maid makes Cee Cee feel good inside and out by Romantic_Whispers06/22/10

Dr. Jane

 — Dr. Jane can't keep her hands off of her young patient. by Bones Malone11/18/034.15

Dr. Kshama Patel, Lesbian Mistress

 — Adventures of a Mistress in India. by Zills10/26/093.54

Dr. Patty

 — Jennifer has a problem. by glitteryfingers07/25/114.40

Dr. Stephanie's Story

 — A house call takes a new twist. by forcryinourloud10/08/094.39

Dragon Boat

 — Two women discover the uses of ultimate technology. by Blondemustang11/10/034.60HOT

Dragon Knight

 — A young woman learns how to fight dragons... by Jessika_Thorne12/24/174.65HOT

Drawing in the Sea

 — Genderfuck erotica. by diamonds4pearls11/19/073.57


 — Dark thoughts of being taken by my lover. by jenyes10/08/054.41

Dream Come True

 — Lonely single girl has her dreams fulfilled. by Kitty Ninetails08/20/054.39

Dream Come True

 — Bestfriends finally take it to the next level. by Rainbow69now01/23/144.05

Dream Come True

 — She makes her feel loved again. by loveyou1801/30/164.46

Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — College student finally gets the woman of her dreams by 38Fslut03/22/164.15

Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Things get steamy. by Rainbow69now01/31/144.12

Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Lizzy gets a good cumming. by 38Fslut03/25/164.13

Dream Come True Ch. 1

 — Hawaiian lesbian gets her wish with her Japanese friend. by TroubleZ4u04/15/01

Dream Come True Ch. 2

 — Korie enjoys a shower the next morning. by TroubleZ4u04/18/01

Dream Come True Ch. 3

 — Hoku gives Korie a deal she can't refuse. by TroubleZ4u04/20/01

Dream Come True Ch. 4

 — Korie gets jealous seeing Hoku with another woman. by TroubleZ4u04/21/01

Dream Come True: The Final Dream

 — Korie realizes how much she loves Hoku. by TroubleZ4u04/28/01

Dream Girl

 — Can true love overcome all obstacles? by AwkwardMD04/12/184.64HOT

Dream Invaders Ch. 1

 — Kimmy yearns for female pro-wrestler. by Wil E. Harden10/13/003.94

Dream Invaders Ch. 2

 — Carmen's candle power Electra-fies Kimmy. by Wil E. Harden10/13/003.40

Dream Invaders Ch. 3

 — Kimmy jolts Jenny. by Wil E. Harden10/13/004.25

Dream Invaders Ch. 4

 — Two Kims work out. by Wil E. Harden10/13/003.67

Dream Invaders Ch. 5

 — Kimmy, the Surfer Babe. by Wil E. Harden10/13/003.83

Dream Invaders Ch. 6

 — Porn producer Kimmy. by Wil E. Harden10/13/004.44

Dream Lovers Ch. 03

 — Jeri finds love of her life. by SplitLicker6905/10/114.38

Dream Lovers Ch. 04

 — Jeri shares Leslie and Lucy. by SplitLicker6905/27/114.33

Dream of the Beach

 — Making our dreams of this Beach come true. by KAnneMeinel07/19/114.26

Dream Sequence Ch. 01

 — Dreaming a little dream. by destinie2102/17/053.71

Dream Sequence Ch. 02

 — Dreaming a little dream. by destinie2103/10/053.98

Dream Sequence Ch. 03

 — Dreaming a little dream. by destinie2110/30/063.83

Dream Shower

 — A dream comes true in the shower. by Prodigy0110/08/114.15


 — When life becomes a dream, the dream is alive. by Vickymp11/05/054.06

Dreaming or Drugged

 — She is taken by a nurse while in hospital. by lustyem02/13/064.29

Dreams Do Come True

 — She makes her feel loved again. by loveyou1802/04/164.24

Dreams of Britney

 — She finds herelf in your bedroom. by la_femme01/30/033.96

Dreams of Paula Ch. 1

 — Carole remembers lost lesbian love. by Original Playgirl12/05/004.27

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