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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Football Widow Ch. 04

 — Sue sees Christa's artistic side. by Colleen Thomas02/08/044.72HOT

Football Widow Ch. 05

 — Sue makes her choice. by Colleen Thomas07/02/044.81HOT

For Amy

 — Lesbian fantasy based on author's dream. by Vixen21103/23/014.33

For Bandit

 — Karen has a thing for wetsuits. by OzSteamer05/19/034.39

For Cayla

 — A tender myster lover. by rickripper04/18/064.18

For Erin

 — My Mistress punishes me for being late. by between_love_and_lust11/24/154.67HOT

For Happy Endings It Takes Two

 — A birthday girl gets the greatest surprise gift of her life. by Smokey12501/08/144.53HOT

For Her

 — Your first time with another woman. by heavenlyeuphoria10/04/023.82

For Her: Two Women in Love

 — Their playful joking turns into much more. by felinekittykat01/24/05HOT

For Just One Day Pt. 01

 — Nikki loses a bet to Kate. Now she has to pay up. by blondsubles02/22/174.14

For Just One Day Pt. 02

 — Nikki realizes how much Katy has gone through for this day. by blondsubles02/24/174.31

For Just One Day Pt. 03

 — How long will the day last? by blondsubles02/26/174.31

For Kat

 — Lesbian lovers enjoy each others sex. by TheBiohazard04/02/123.36

For Lucy

 — Lucy visits Nikki. by nikki_202110/23/064.68HOT

For Mark

 — He might've been "the one", but she needed a woman. by Ingenue_7907/25/074.36

For My 40th Birthday

 — Jennifer goes kitten hunting and captures young Ashley. by DAB3269707/19/104.75HOT

For My Baby Ch. 01

 — She makes love to her woman in the shower. by LostInHerHeart09/20/044.08

For My Wife

 — Lesbian lover wakes her wife up with a body shaking orgasm. by LadyPanthea10/11/104.17

For Ruby

 — Girls go all out. by betweenmypages02/03/124.55HOT

For Shanen

 — She has a way about her. by LadyAriele07/02/064.12

For the First Erotic Scene

 — Filming sex can be difficult for an actress. by HeyAll10/09/174.69HOT

For The First Time in Years Ch. 01

 — Nonhuman lovers reconcile and spend the day together. by Moosifer04/25/144.58HOT

For The First Time in Years Ch. 02

 — Nonhuman lovers reconcile and spend day together continued. by Moosifer05/07/144.30

For the Pleasure of the Princess

 — Princess Beatrix finds pleasure at the dress shop. by Myhands31602/23/134.41

For the Sake of Another

 — Kara loves Ashley. by bbmaniac200201/22/054.38

For the Taking

 — Taking control of the situation. by lisaEllyn03/10/134.09

For Us Pt. 01

 — Best friends Sasha and Maggie have a night of drunken fun. by Emblaze7906/15/174.48

For Vicki

 — Straight wife gets turned by shaved hair beauty. by VincentGough11/30/174.38

For Want Of A Nail Kingdom Is Won

 — Conquering heroes or cuckolds? by mintabal323905/15/073.36

For You

 — Quiet CPA meets her match in a video store. by thickfinger02/06/03HOT

For You, From Me

 — Hot evening puts two friends dangerously close. by rhall02/21/064.73HOT

For You, My Love Pt. 01

 — An interracial lesbian romance. by Fallenfromgrace11/17/064.48

For Your Eyes Only

 — Tristen reminisces about their first kiss. by TotallyTristen10/19/174.62HOT

For Your Viewing Pleasure

 — A young woman is introduced to online lesbian sex. by rachel_hirt01/08/114.57HOT


 — Breaking the rules, can these women find the love they need. by Myhands31608/10/104.77HOT

Forbidden Attraction Ch. 01

 — The story of Amanda and AJ. by fullym00ned05/10/074.33

Forbidden Attraction Ch. 02

 — The story of Amanda and AJ. by fullym00ned06/11/074.33

Forbidden Dreams

 — Lust brings friends closer, & nearly tears them apart. by Cokie50004/12/024.54HOT

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 01-02

 — My hot neighbor. by leahsgirl8408/24/114.39

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 03-04

 — The continuation of Calie and Leah. by leahsgirl8408/28/114.53HOT

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 05-06

 — Continuation of Calie and Leah. by leahsgirl8409/18/114.52HOT

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 08-09

 — The falling out of Calie and Leah. by leahsgirl8410/13/114.46

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 10-11

 — Will Calie and Leah ever be back together? by leahsgirl8410/17/114.59HOT

Forbidden Feelings Ch. 12-13

 — Together Again? by leahsgirl8410/24/114.65HOT

Forbidden Fruit

 — She has her first taste. by JusMisbehavin12/03/084.19

Forbidden Fruit

 — Sometimes right or wrong no longer matters. by DelishuslySynful05/09/123.76

Forbidden Fruit

 — Leah gives in to forbidden fruit; her girlfriend watches. by Leah8902/03/164.54HOT

Forbidden Infatuations Ch. 1

 — Mother develops crush on foreign exchange student. by teniellejd06/09/024.53HOT

Forbidden Love

 — Two housewives finally make love. by JenPornMistress03/17/024.11

Forbidden Love

 — Blind date gets more than she expected. by RenRchllus02/21/044.27

Forbidden Love Ch. 01

 — A Gypsy remembers her time with a forbidden lover. by Euphia05/09/104.08

Forbidden Lust

 — Two female friends who become lovers. by MelaniePrice06/05/064.24

Forbidden Massage

 — Two women provide erotic massage to other women. by mandywilluk200008/20/054.33

Forbidden Passion Ch. 01

 — A high school teacher seduces her female student. by sawandsword08/31/164.67HOT

Forbidden Passion Ch. 02

 — Miss Spencer continues to teach Lana. by sawandsword11/14/164.65HOT

Forbidden Passion Ch. 03

 — Erica seduces Lana's Mama. by sawandsword04/14/174.64HOT

Forbidden Pleasure

 — An evening with my sister in law. by Katieb_3805/24/174.43

Forced Entry Ch. 01

 — Woman on woman? by Tangledskein02/08/043.04

Forced Entry Ch. 02

 — Lorna was hot. by Tangledskein02/08/043.84

Forced Entry Ch. 03

 — Katy and Lorna play with a vibrator. by Tangledskein02/09/044.00

Forced Entry Ch. 04

 — Lorna's body betrayed her. by Tangledskein02/10/044.36

Forced Entry Ch. 05

 — Woman on woman? by Tangledskein02/13/044.46

Forced Entry Ch. 06

 — Kay & Lorna climax. by Tangledskein02/14/044.28

Forceful Friend Ch. 01

 — She pushes her friend until she get what she wants. by Whinston02/07/034.41

Forceful Friend Ch. 02

 — Claire takes it one step further by Whinston02/08/034.44

Forces of Nature

 — What happens when two forces of nature meet? by Myhands31609/10/124.80HOT

Forcing the Issue Ch. 01

 — Abigail is fed up with Michelle's pussyfooting around! by zoemiller09/12/164.64HOT

Foreign Affair

 — There's more than one way to close a deal. by Ann Douglas08/16/174.70HOT

Foreign Exchange

 — Hot girl helps German roommate with wardrobe & love. by Dakota_North04/13/024.38


 — Olivia finally reveals her feelings for Jenna. by juicyj1910/01/094.70HOT

Forever Grateful

 — Krista is grateful for her friend's help. by DoubleH5507/26/174.07

Forget Him

 — He helps Jenn forget her ex-boyfriend. by dreamsweet12/13/01

Forget Me Not Ch. 01

 — Mistress reminds Her pet just who's boss. by the_reminx10/17/044.19

Forget Stacy's Mom

 — What actors really do when they're backstage. by notabutch05/07/064.06

Forgetting Her Mistake

 — She touches me to ease the pain. by rush4torque02/16/124.17

Forgetting Her Mistake Ch. 02

 — I share my vibrator with her. by rush4torque04/08/124.34

Forgetting Him

 — Gwen helps a friend in need. by jackalpup07/13/023.89

Forgetting the Past

 — Sometimes we need to forget to move forward. by LiveCat02/06/134.74HOT

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

 — The summer between high school and college becomes a sin. by AbsintheRose01/05/174.57HOT

Former Geek is Now Successful Ch. 02

 — Now he seems to be trapped in a female on female world. by LaPatitMort10/21/094.55HOT

Fornicating Felicia

 — A housewife teaches a shy girl about lesbian sex. by tayla703/09/084.42


 — Irish brogue, calamity and possible true love. by SylverLyf11/13/044.69HOT

Fortune Creek

 — Being up a creek without a paddle isn't always a bad thing. by Ann Douglas01/20/184.69HOT

Found Love in the Cold Pt. 01

 — I tell her my story and get a surprise. by katrinarose08/16/14

Four Play Ch. 02

 — Jasmine and Tara get acquainted. by lizard_lix10/03/154.60HOT

Four Seasons: Summer Lover

 — Simple joys are the best: two women enjoy their differences. by Melissa_A01/03/034.17

Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 11

 — Spring has sprung. by LuckyBastard1306/30/074.60HOT

Four University Girls

 — University girls get to know one another a little better. by jenny4her07/28/104.41

Four Way Fun

 — She enjoys her first lesbian experience. by lisferr08/27/023.72

Four Weddings and a Funeral Ch. 02

 — Sophie's sensual journey continues. by Alex408/01/124.38

Four Weeks

 — A young lesbian couple struggle with their relationship. by deliciousthoughts11/04/114.62HOT

Four Weeks Ch. 02

 — What happened next - Jenny's story. by deliciousthoughts10/22/124.45

Four Years Later

 — Not a bad Spring Break after all. by kylieplimpton04/06/114.19

Four-Way in Vegas

 — Recent girl's trip to Las Vegas to visit a friend. by CoyoteGirl6908/02/074.58HOT

Fourloko Makes Chicks Go Loko

 — Two blonde friends have drunk lesbian sex at a party. by BisexualVampireMistress11/04/114.09

Foursome with Molly and Our Mothers

 — A lesbian couple getting down and dirty with their sexy moms. by lesbian_luvr03/17/173.84

Fourth of July Slumber Party

 — Boy's sister and girlfriend get a little closer. by garnetgirl08/29/114.17

Fox Hunt Ch. 03

 — Jade Fox finds a suitable use for her heroic captive. by Frenemy5405/28/124.67HOT

Fox Hunt Ch. 04

 — Only Pearl Fox holds the key to Violet's release. by Frenemy5405/29/124.46

Fox Hunt Ch. 05

 — Butterscotch Fox learns the secret behind her imprisonment. by Frenemy5405/30/124.16


 — Unsteady beginnings, unsteady ends, unsteady in-betweens. by Chicklet12/04/054.38

Framed then Ravished

 — Nessa resists strip search, then ravished by female officer. by _Lady1SensuaL1Fire_01/06/034.47


 — A shy young woman is seduced by her beautiful aunt. by CindysBob02/07/084.65HOT

Frederica's Pet Ch. 01-03

 — Well-endowed young woman dominates her blonde boss. by soppingwetpanties09/21/174.67HOT

Free at Last!

 — You didn't think she would do it. by horizen8405/31/074.30

Free Birds Ch. 01

 — Continuing Rachel's story from "Ugly Duckling." by Lisa Summers02/21/054.66HOT

Free Birds Ch. 02

 — Sparks fly when Kira introduces Rachel to Emily. by Lisa Summers02/26/054.77HOT

Free Birds Ch. 03

 — Emily's story: why she's the lez slut she is. by Lisa Summers03/03/054.67HOT

Free Birds Ch. 04

 — Emily's initiation into the team continues. by Lisa Summers03/06/054.68HOT

Free Birds Ch. 05

 — Wherein sexy Emily explains her misery. by Lisa Summers03/14/054.68HOT

Free Birds Ch. 06

 — It's Rachel's turn to explain. by Lisa Summers04/18/054.58HOT

Free Birds Ch. 07

 — Rachel concludes telling her side of things. by Lisa Summers10/10/094.63HOT

Free Hugs

 — Mysterious "stranger" has a long day with her hugging friend. by Celeste99908/13/074.55HOT

Free To Fall

 — Found by her Mistress, CJ willingly relinquishes control. by smhgirl200207/19/084.78HOT

Free Weekend

 — Two long distance lovers meet for the first time. by jessicaintheie12/01/084.62HOT

Free Weekend Ch. 02

 — Lovers meet for another weekend of fun. by jessicaintheie02/21/104.00

Freeing the Lesbian Within

 — Coed savors her first lesbian experience. by collegelez09/25/064.48


 — A job turns odd for freelance photograher Simone. by Bad Mischa Bad04/05/064.61HOT

French Connections

 — A newly married model is seduced by a black girl. by deliciousthoughts01/27/114.75HOT

French Connections Ch. 02

 — Adrianna is introduced to the Black Sorority. by deliciousthoughts06/09/124.76HOT

French Hospitality

 — Cindy visits a unisex hostel and gets hazed. by Bones Malone04/24/093.95

French Kissing for Girls

 — Kirsty can play, with Mom out of way. by Alex De Kok06/25/044.49

French Whore Ch. 01

 — He catches his wife in bed with her maid. by nothingisalways06/27/123.39

French Whore Ch. 02

 — She begins her confession. by nothingisalways06/29/124.12

French Whore Ch. 03

 — Her confession continues. by nothingisalways06/30/123.69

French-Kissing the Babysitter Ch. 1

 — Passion arises between girl & older woman. by Sizzler01/23/024.48

French-Kissing the Babysitter Ch. 2

 — Girl & her new female lover go to the next level. by Sizzler01/24/024.54HOT

Fresh Fruit

 — She has her first bi experience, with her best friend. by logophile08/29/044.48

Freshman First

 — She's seduced by her roommate in their dorm room. by terrypa06/16/014.43

Freshman Fluff

 — Freshman is exposed to depravity by her roommate. by leann51102/13/074.44

Freshman Roommates

 — Roommates shower and masturbate together. by Sxy_shorty0306/29/104.47

Freshman Year

 — Kaitlin is seduced by her roommate. by Kaitlinx04/10/084.23

Freshman Year Ch. 01

 — Two friends find a new love for each other on a cold night. by ladyeroticwriter10/26/024.31

Freshman Year Ch. 02-03

 — Kim and Jessi skip breakfast. by ladyeroticwriter11/06/024.37

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