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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Home at Last

 — Jilted BBW wife finds love in an unexpected place. by drlust07/20/054.73HOT

Home at Last

 — Rae welcomes Tara to Nashville. by Belle_in_south11/10/094.70HOT

Home Early

 — She surprised me with a little domination. by pjonkml04/25/074.49

Home for Christmas

 — A Most Pleasant Surprise! by RoseBrn02/13/114.13

Home for Christmas!

 — How I was in for a most pleasant surprise! by RoseBrn01/30/114.41

Home for Spring Break

 — Katie brings her lover home from college to meet Mom. by EzRyeter06/16/104.55HOT

Home for the Holidays Ch. 02

 — She does guest while daughter does her roommate. by jt12309/27/034.56HOT

Home for the Taking

 — She's home alone gets visit from a woman.. by Suebustybi3503/29/064.35

Home on the Range

 — Erica discovers she can have it all. by Colleen Thomas10/07/044.65HOT


 — Tessa's long day ends on a sweet note. by Shylady12/18/014.13


 — A weary traveler receives a welcome home from you. by waverlysgirl05/07/034.04


 — Linda gets together with old friend Danielle. by Lesly Sloan06/14/073.57

Homecoming Ch. 01

 — Coed Amanda learns to fly, in a different way. by Nomansland6911/30/064.22

Homecoming Ch. 03

 — Amanda losses her bikini at the beach. by Nomansland6912/13/064.32

Homecoming Meal

 — Cassie and Jenny go for a meal and more. by jenny4her04/03/104.24

Homecoming Meal Ch. 02

 — Cassie and Jenny invite the waitress to join in the fun. by jenny4her04/14/104.31

Homecoming Slumber Party

 — Teenage girls get together for some hot fun. by britster06/01/014.32

Homespun Happiness Ch. 01

 — She meets her new college roommate. by Georgette Glass03/11/054.37

Homespun Happiness Ch. 02

 — She still has her cherry at 19. by Georgette Glass03/12/054.37

Homespun Happiness Ch. 03

 — Gracie's renaissance begins with Allison. by Georgette Glass03/22/054.49

Homespun Happiness Ch. 04

 — Gracie meets Dianne. by Georgette Glass03/31/054.31

Homespun Happiness Ch. 05

 — Gracie's surprise. by Georgette Glass04/06/054.19


 — A night of studying leads to something more. by siemprekate06/21/094.41

Homework Ch. 02

 — Show off in Houston. by jackiegirl19908/28/034.43

Homework Ch. 03

 — Another night in Houston. by jackiegirl19909/07/034.39

Homework Help

 — Alice can't do an assignment and Sarah offers to help her. by Palistus10/21/124.30


 — Brooke gets more than just a new car. by MissPimp08/25/094.11

Honey Covered Delights

 — An all-female lusty orgasmic feast. by Savannah Skye04/13/01

Honeymoon Surprise Ch. 01

 — She has her first experience with a girl on her honeymoon. by Libra198211/11/104.16

Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 01

 — Honeysuckle lingerie has some very satisfied customers... by nightvoice211/15/154.56HOT

Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 02

 — Another satisfied customer... by nightvoice211/19/154.49

Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 03

 — A sales rep visits; but how can Casey be sure her toys work? by nightvoice211/22/154.60HOT

Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 04

 — One of Stacy's ex-girlfriends visits the store. by nightvoice211/25/154.52HOTNEW

Hooked Up for Loving

 — Shell and Donna meet on a personals website. by Maggie Red Rose05/17/084.14


 — Woman refuses to believe in impossibles. by arzauk01/16/044.60HOTEditor's Pick

Hope Remains

 — Christina and Mary find each other on a cold, snowy night. by Yolanda_Bixx09/05/104.08

Horizontal Persuasion

 — Elisha persuades her gf to stay home for extra lovin'. by nursing_a_habit08/12/074.20

Horny Experimentation

 — Drunken roommates are horny & feeling open-minded. by Goldeniangel03/06/083.78

Horny Meetra

 — When her fiancée is overseas, friend helps out. by chartersaveme03/09/074.53HOT

Horny Singapore Women

 — Two Singapore Chinese women locked in lust. by johara07/07/033.87


 — Sarah is taken to a new shop and then taken. by EasilyConfused02/19/124.53HOT

Hospital Daydream

 — The consciences of two women during their first encounter. by PoeticDreamer_03/19/133.53

Hot & Horny

 — Two girls play around with food...& each other. by the_black_panther6905/20/013.61

Hot and Spicy

 — Lesbian is in for some Chinese tricks & treats. by portiababe01/15/014.17

Hot Bitch

 — One crazy encounter with a woman and a dominant stranger. by shysub1906/14/134.45

Hot Bitch Ch. 02

 — A woman is caught in a strange situation. by shysub1906/24/134.35

Hot Bitch Ch. 03

 — All hope for self control is sent reeling away ... by shysub1902/06/144.49

Hot Blood

 — Erotic lesbian first time mild bdsm true story. by llcooljay06/01/103.56

Hot Bodies

 — Two bisexual women meet by chance. by biDotty03/04/014.08

Hot Cherries and a Banana

 — The girls get their daily dose of fruit. by Lia Monde10/24/134.22

Hot Chocolate Photography

 — Outdoor lesbian sex. by LushDiva11/13/083.81

Hot Coffee

 — I get my cup filled - twice. by beginnergurl08/31/084.16

Hot Flight: Lesbian Tale

 — Part 1 of tales of sex aboard airplanes. by Harrowborg10/16/023.96

Hot for Teacher Ch. 01-03

 — Teacher is drugged and the lessons begin. by watchdwag01/13/114.47

Hot for Teacher Ch. 04-06

 — Teacher gets a lesson in B&D from lesbian instructors. by watchdwag01/26/114.48

Hot for Teacher Ch. 07-08

 — Teacher learns to give the perfect lesbian massage. by watchdwag02/11/114.47

Hot for Teacher Ch. 09-10

 — Michelle accepts that she is a lesbian. by watchdwag02/16/114.46

Hot for Teacher Ch. 11

 — Lesbian teacher shares her lesson plan with coed. by watchdwag02/18/114.47

Hot for Teacher Ch. 12

 — Lesbian teacher wants her friend to be head of the class. by watchdwag02/23/114.51HOT

Hot Hands & Oil

 — Health farm masseuse seduces her lady client. by Patchwork12/17/044.13

Hot Luv In Texas

 — Married white woman falls for gorgeous black friend. by Lynnluvs11/27/084.34

Hot Luv In Texas Ch. 02

 — Interracial couple has erotic workout in women's gym. by Lynnluvs01/01/094.44

Hot Romance

 — A young blonde falls for a tall hot butch. by BeautyB5210/18/054.22

Hot Sex in Madrid Ch. 02

 — What happened next. by LouisaLove12/03/094.25

Hot Time, Summer in the City

 — Pretty girl's sizzling encounter with former coach. by Kansas06/24/024.27

Hot Times at a Campground

 — Straight girl goes bi. by hotnspicey03/12/034.35

Hot Tub Hangout

 — Two female friends get frisky in a hot tub. by the_black_panther6905/19/013.59

Hot Tub Love

 — Two women getting "wet". by Missxc3607/20/064.41

Hot Tub Love Ch. 02

 — You get even more "wet". by Missxc3608/17/064.54HOT

Hot Twilight Ch. 01

 — A casting director's adventures. by SapphoLust04/17/084.30

Hot Twilight Ch. 02

 — Darla and Adreana meet in the evening of the same day. by SapphoLust04/18/084.05

Hot Waxx

 — Candlelit foreplay with an unusual flair. by Ranefox06/30/044.15

Hot Wet Canadian Summer Ch. 01

 — A beautiful lesbian longs for her dream woman. by daprich4904/26/124.69HOT

Hot Wheels

 — A customer become much more. by marybethf08/18/064.48

Hot Work

 — Hot welder and her classy lady. by Ironmaiden1410/15/124.16

Hotel Heiress: Nashville

 — Valerie records an album in Nashville. by AudreyHepburn07/16/084.00

Hotel Lesbian Encounters

 — Lesbian meets young woman at a hotel. by MarieLeClare03/06/044.20

Hotel Love

 — Linda and Adele get together. by sweetlinda01/31/054.26

Hotel Room

 — Young maid helps gorgeous hotel guest with her bra. by Hectic10/13/003.75

Hotel Room Service

 — Hot girl on girl sex with the hotel room manageress. by kinkybiitchx05/16/114.17

Hotel Sapphira

 — Woman seduced in bar is controlled and exposed. by julie_julia01/20/094.61HOT

House Hunting Ch. 03

 — The real estate agents continue. by macuser6003/22/074.44

House Sitting Ch. 2

 — Her Asian friend Maggie visits. by Chrysalis10/13/003.71


 — Out of town meeting leads to sex on the road and at home. by call_me_dana06/05/094.45

Housebound Ch. 02

 — Bound and frustrated, the girls find some relief. by Doctor_Tease07/27/094.24


 — Housesitting brings a welcomed surprise. by sylvir03/25/074.36


 — We christened the bathroom. by iheartdandan02/11/074.52HOT

How Beth and Tracey Met

 — Tracey loses and wins when she meets betting Beth. by Brookell07/11/074.45

How Did I Learn to Ejaculate?

 — Her husband asks her, and she answers. by TerribleTina02/20/05

How Did That Happen?

 — You lose some, you win some. by Dotrice111/06/084.09

How Did You Know?

 — Ex-lovers with unresolved feelings leads to a torrid affair. by BelleLindsey06/21/154.51HOT

How Emma Became Sexually Liberated

 — This is the story of how I discovered my bisexuality. by lustyemma04/10/134.22

How Far We've Come

 — Martine conducts spring-cleaning in her harem. by JukeboxEMCSA12/29/114.70HOT

How High the Moon

 — Lynn is a New York jazz musician. by bradley_stoke11/16/063.86

How I Became a Lesbian Slave

 — A straight, married woman becomes a lesbian sex slave. by laffalot09/10/124.57HOT

How I Became a Slut Ch. 03

 — Sophie's Internet threesome. by sophiewilliams09/16/104.29

How I Became a Slut Sub and Loved It Ch. 03

 — Her first female lover. by bonnietaylor03/18/08

How I Became a Slut Sub and Loved It Ch. 04

 — Saturday night with me servicing Maggie's pussy. by bonnietaylor04/07/08

How I Became a Submissive Lesbian

 — A coed's sexual awakening. by Amysalez09/17/054.46

How I Became a Teen Lesbian

 — Turned lez with help from porn, friends and a horny stepmom. by alanabirequest03/13/154.42

How I Came To Love Laura

 — From Friendship to Lovers. by WickedJinni05/25/104.31

How I Fell in Love Ch. 01

 — She craves her best friend. by funfitfem05/29/094.51HOT

How I Had My Secretary Seduce My Wife

 — Hubby tapes a secret seduction. by humpty07/28/014.54HOT

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 2

 — To keep her job, she must seduce boss's wife. by humpty08/08/014.54HOT

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 3

 — Straight wife enjoys lesbian sex with secretary. by humpty08/22/014.37

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 4

 — Bi Linda asks wife Sharon over for lunch. by humpty08/28/014.51HOT

How I Had My Secretary...Ch. 5

 — Secretary controls wife while hubby is away. by humpty09/08/014.56HOT

How I Imagine It

 — A first-time lesbian relationship story. by RazeByFire04/04/013.90

How I Met Abby...

 — She falls for a sexy young student. by MelanieK09/02/034.52HOT

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

 — Lesbian woman takes a vacation. by alonzo1407/03/024.21

How I Spent My Summer Vacation... Pt. 01

 — Coed Carol Hitchcock goes wild. by Rogue Writer01/10/044.63HOT

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