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Lesbian Sex Stories

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A Lesson Learned Ch. 1

 — Jo learns going back to school isn't so bad. by jbgoode04/27/024.33

A Lesson Learned Ch. 2

 — The learning continues from an older woman. by jbgoode05/01/024.35

A Letter to You

 — Story of losing someone. by ThegeekIam12/29/124.23

A Libertine Woman: Lady Baincourt

 — A libertine in King Louis' court. by romane05/23/044.07

A Library Liason

 — Zoe and Justin meet in a library and explore each other. by sexharvester04/01/113.64

A Licentious Affair

 — A story of forbidden love. by BlueMoonWriter06/17/104.60HOT

A Lick & Now Addicted

 — She enjoys her first taste of pussy. by sexkitten12/02/013.88

A Lifeline for Hayley

 — Hayley's best friend tries to solve her loneliness problem. by fazza9103/12/074.33

A Little Adventure With Kelly

 — Jenny reveals her true nature. by Jenny _S06/05/034.08

A Little Bait and Switch

 — She wants sex and ends up in new and unforeseen situation. by thenycgrrl03/19/034.25

A Little Coaxing

 — She crumbles her best friend's resistance. by sevenofnineteen09/27/014.46

A Little Help From a Friend

 — Tori lends more than a hand to her roommate Claire. by JohnsMom6903/05/064.24

A Little Hug

 — One moment that changed everything... by PygmyCoho10/19/144.82HOTContest Winner

A Little Lust Between Friends Ch. 02

 — Jenna rediscovers Sheila and something more. by Lustin Kink06/18/054.29

A Little Secret

 — Two housewives have fun. by tirreno1210/07/164.13

A Little Slice of Heaven

 — Lonely woman orders a pizza & gets more. by PenanceS08/09/033.77

A Little Tied Up...

 — A double date leaves co-workers tied up for the evening... by HappyAfterGlow04/17/154.47

A Load for the Road Ch. 02

 — Road trips, bit lips, and wet clits. by BouncyBabyGirl01/14/174.34

A Loan from the Bank

 — I never thought getting a loan could be so enjoyable. by Goode2shoos03/18/044.17

A Long Awaited Excursion

 — Victoria finds love & sex with stepdaughter's friend. by rsalvatora02/23/064.64HOT

A Long Night for the Slut Ch. 01

 — I come home to take out all of my frustrations on a slut by mistressdani06/30/144.14

A Long Time Coming

 — She finally experiences the lover she's been waiting for. by whimsicalrelaxed11/10/074.44

A Long Time Coming

 — Best friends consummate their expanded relationship. by LinneaLundin05/20/174.51HOT

A Long Week

 — I ravish you after a long week without sex. by myalteregoisahedonist08/26/124.47

A Loss of Innocence

 — How she met her soulmate. by the_aussie_touch05/03/054.54HOT

A Lot To Learn

 — She tells of her first time with a girl. by kitiara01/18/043.92

A Love Like No Other

 — Emily misses Brittany. by Niorun03/06/054.18

A Love Match

 — Young woman moves house and finds romance. by Milliemoon03/14/084.40

A Love Refined Ch. 01

 — Ideas about a woman's beauty are lovingly changed. by mejau7105/26/054.67HOT

A Love Story

 — Love grows between two women by Molly_Hart05/01/144.39

A Lover's Toll Ch. 01

 — Lesbian lovers blossom. by LadyCharly01/06/164.00

A Lucky Charm

 — Sometimes you just want to try something new. by Ann Douglas10/03/174.53HOT

A Lucky Eyelash...And Elvis

 — Tess and Layla are brought together for Christmas. by tmoney24911/23/124.28

A Lustful Night In

 — Kayla is caught masturbating, but things don't end there. by harveybirdman11/10/144.59HOT

A Magically Sensuous Dolphin

 — Sensuous carving brings two beauties together. by Tawny T01/07/024.41

A Maid Made for Me

 — Delightful 'attendant' hired attends to every need. by winter2bblue07/09/094.49

A Maid Made for Me Ch. 02

 — I use my tongue for her pleasure this time. by winter2bblue04/27/104.63HOT

A Maid's Touch

 — A young lady and her maid share a tender intimacy. by Svejk09/03/124.41

A Married Mother Tastes Life On The Other Side

 — The seduction of a married mother into lesbian sex. by Amanda P01/16/064.48

A Married Woman Looking For Love

 — Carrie found it. by qualitywheat07/17/144.40

A Massage From Sasha

 — She gets a surprise birthday massage. by ClaireM06/30/053.97

A Massage to Remember

 — Morning massage has a lasting impression. by Tetriana03/19/103.72

A Masseur & Her Client

 — Story of love, sex & underlying conflict. by cbrmale04/09/044.56HOT

A Masseuse's Touch

 — A beautiful masseuse puts an erotic touch on Lauren. by Ecstasy_Unlimited05/03/114.61HOT

A Matter of Time Ch. 05

 — Martin and Martin think about Janet; Yvette loves her. by absoluteid01/20/124.41

A Meeting

 — Embracing one's needs. by Dotrice112/09/084.48

A MidSummer Night's Dream

 — It's a power play between girls. by RenRchllus02/16/044.05

A Midwinter's Night Sex Dream

 — A dreamer dreams of the delights of two women by jjsharshaw02/16/033.33

A Mile in Her Heels

 — Dawn's sarcastic comments land her in a pickle..& heels. by Colleen Thomas06/01/024.59HOT

A Milf’s Guidance

 — She teaches her daughter's girlfriend how to fuck girls by sara2sweet09/11/084.40

A Mistress Is Better Than A Master

 — Mistrees and a maid find happiness. by bruce467207/06/103.88

A Mistress on the Plantation

 — Sexy white Domme meets gorgeous black woman. by Samuelx06/22/073.47

A Model Seduction Ch. 01

 — A model seduces a wife into a lesbian affair. by Seductivebeast02/12/164.38

A Model Seduction Ch. 02

 — Tom's wife has more fun at the party. by Seductivebeast02/20/164.68HOT

A Model, a Reporter and Somebody Else

 — How catwalk leads to 'walk' with the cat. by Lil_kitty03/03/074.31

A Moist Date Ch. 1

 — Two girls start a new relationship. by Sizzler01/11/024.16

A Moist Date Ch. 2

 — The girls take their date to a dance club. by Sizzler01/12/024.59HOT

A Moist Date Ch. 3

 — The girls take it to an apartment. by Sizzler01/13/024.55HOT

A Moment in Time

 — One woman's very willing seduction. by SweetestDistraction12/11/074.39

A Mommy for an Orphan

 — Julie becomes lover to girl half her age. by Lovely_Emma_2108/20/054.29

A Morning To Remember

 — 38 year old woman is seduced by 18-year-old girl. by She Needs12/11/044.24

A Most Joyous Reunion

 — Two buxom lovers reunite after several long weeks apart. by ollraigth06/19/164.60HOT

A Mother's Dilemma Ch. 04

 — A cloud gathers with a silver lining by AStropirate03/06/144.64HOT

A Mother's Love

 — A bride has an encounter from an unexpected quarter. by AStropirate08/24/144.29

A Mother's Painful Duty

 — A dominant mother has her way. by Cate11/02/014.09

A Movie Night Turns Naughty

 — Bi girl & a lesbian watch gay male porn. by xxxHotnHorny6906/20/01

A Movie Theater Climax

 — A movie leads to more action than they bargained for. by sexipixi05/13/144.13

A Much Needed Vacation

 — A little unwinding and something more... by sexykitten12306/03/144.25

A Murderous Affair

 — Denise goes on a mission and finds a sexy surprise. by justboycrazy09/11/062.92

A Naughty Shopping Trip

 — Woman looks for that special outfit. by carrie-on09/25/014.27

A Neighborly Experience

 — Neighbor girl and wife have a sexual experience. by twistedgraygoat12/23/143.85

A Nerd's Wet Dream

 — A crush realized, or more like fantasized about. by raven_ariel08/04/084.04

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 01

 — Starting a new life, Sam finds unexpected sexual attraction. by ScattySue11/03/144.67HOT

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 02

 — Sam & Meg continue their relationship and sexual adventures. by ScattySue11/05/144.79HOT

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 03

 — Sam & Meg get kinky and discover more about the naked women. by ScattySue11/08/144.68HOT

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 04

 — Sam & Meg discover more and try to identify the tattoos. by ScattySue11/11/144.75HOT

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 05

 — Sam & Meg attend Erica's gathering and Sam visits her past. by ScattySue11/14/144.85HOT

A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 06

 — Sam & Meg join the Women of Friga and look to the future. by ScattySue11/17/144.79HOT

A New Alexandra Ch. 01

 — College senior learns a new lesson. by Blair_Erickson01/06/164.65HOT

A New Alexandra Ch. 02

 — Alexandra and Kira continue their adventures. by Blair_Erickson04/12/184.79HOT

A New Beginning

 — Softball teammates bring her to terms with her sexuality. by CaroleS3202/22/013.89

A New Beginning

 — New girl in town is seduced by mom & daughter neighbors. by HotLisaG09/29/014.69HOTContest Winner

A New Beginning

 — Jan experiences her college professor. by fantaCman12/02/014.27

A New Beginning

 — Two lesbian net friends meet for the first time. by cybaby7809/29/023.90

A New Beginning

 — New friends become new lovers. by LiveCat08/11/134.72HOT

A New Boss in Town

 — Sarah wanted the job; I wanted her to know who was boss. by dk2k107/27/093.77

A New Chance for Love

 — Recently-single Janet finds a new lover at her favorite cafe. by BrettJ09/05/124.50HOT

A New Client: Ann

 — Julie continues as a lesbian prostitute. by JuilaDixon07/24/064.55HOT

A New Doctor

 — A husband listens to his wife's examination by rjohnson01/18/033.92

A New Experience

 — Beth introduces Nicole to some new ideas. by nikki_202001/26/034.51HOT

A New Experience

 — A married woman tries something new when her husband is away. by blondsubles03/12/174.51HOT

A New Face in the Crowd

 — Kase the pussy bandit is on the prowl again. by kase_pussy_bandit09/17/064.54HOT

A New Fantasy

 — Woman's fantasy of younger girl comes true by HotLisaG02/27/024.63HOT

A New Friend

 — Two classmates find fun with each other. by Potrat06/11/023.93

A New Friend

 — It was time for Pat to move on after her girlfriend moved to. by Sapphosangel03/03/164.38

A New Friend Ch. 01

 — Anna needs a new friend and more. by trappedinside03/03/174.51HOT

A New Friend, A New Car

 — Young girl finds another way to bargain for a better price. by AnnHoytRedlass12/06/104.10

A New Friendship

 — Honesty always pays off. by the_shires04/05/164.37

A New Girl

 — Shae goes to a new school and makes sexy new friends. by YKN494907/21/124.73HOT

A New Kind of Love

 — Frankie falls for Lauryn even though she's straight. by ImSoGay10/22/124.80HOT

A New Life for Debbie Ch. 11

 — Singaporean experience. by dan5707/26/094.27

A New Love

 — Michelle meets Sheila. by silverace105/08/054.15

A New Mistress

 — Miranda's fantasy comes to life. by sweet__princess01/16/083.91

A New Partner

 — Sometimes losing at pool isn't so bad. by crichtondog03/07/073.83

A New Ray of Light

 — Pure innocent love with a dash of the real world. by again10/18/044.07

A New Start

 — College student does a little bit of expirementing. by Evil Princess09/26/023.78

A New Start

 — Shirley meets Toni. by no_inhibitions12/20/034.13

A New Start Ch. 02

 — Shirley and Nancy together at last. by no_inhibitions12/31/034.10

A New Start Ch. 03

 — Gina joins the fun. by no_inhibitions01/07/044.37

A New Start Ch. 04

 — Toni joins the fun. by no_inhibitions01/09/044.34

A New Start: Prologue 01

 — Shirley's life begins to change when Nancy moves in. by no_inhibitions02/18/064.30

A New Thing

 — A wife opens up her marriage to new pleasures. by VanityBaby08/15/114.00

A New Thrill

 — College student finds passion in the arms of a neighbor girl. by jessijessi3402/08/024.47

A New Way

 — Best lover proved to be her best friend. by conz03/15/023.99

A New World

 — She has her first encounter with a woman. by Laine Roberts10/18/053.85

A New Year to Remember

 — Online lovers meet. by lildeb528109/21/063.11

A New Years Indecent Proposition

 — My first lesbian experience. by Bazzza12/27/104.25

A Nice Dinner

 — Friends get to know each other over dinner by curious_valerie08/11/044.22

A Night a the Opera

 — Two young women get an unexpected lesson. by ChazThain08/18/164.16

A Night Among Friends

 — Two girlfriends spend the night with each other. by grlanachronism7803/05/094.10

A Night At Alison's

 — First time lesbian affair between best friends. by sextumbler12/11/034.22

A Night at Debbie's House

 — Jordan, Erika & Lisa rock Debbie's world. by babylez07/18/054.79HOT

A Night at Johnny's

 — Tia and Regan enjoy an evening out. by PrincessErin05/27/083.92

A Night at Millicent's

 — A cheery Brit is trapped alone in a closed shop...or is she? by Smokey12502/05/164.33

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