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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Jackie's New Job Ch. 02

 — Jackie gets ready for her new job. by Jackiegirl01/05/064.52HOT

Jackie's Revenge Ch. 01

 — Jackie gets revenge on Laura. by NaughtyCollegeChic04/17/064.18

Jackie's Revenge Ch. 02

 — Jackie's transformation of Laura by NaughtyCollegeChic04/24/064.36

Jacking Jills

 — She gets off watching roommate masturbating. by ThomX11/17/013.97

Jacqueline & Diane

 — Young woman learns so from her beautiful boss. by Heels Lover08/27/044.70HOT

Jacqui and Estelle

 — Jacqui introduces Estelle to a few friends. by solahsystah2206/05/054.40

Jacuzzi Ch. 06

 — Female to female, outside the Jacuzzi. by SteveLee114602/12/154.54HOT


 — An Interesting and Unforeseen Turn of Events. by lollipop2301uk06/07/164.33

Jade and Mila

 — The appointment that changed everything. by loveyou1801/16/184.63HOT

Jail Bait

 — Love and lust behind bars. by kellygirlaj05/31/094.19


 — A waitress is seduced by a stud. by Tastisha12/17/054.52HOT

Jake and Naomi

 — Butch Jake finds sweet femme Naomi. by Stamman02/21/164.17

Jamaican Queen

 — Beautiful amazon seduces young blonde All American girl. by LeasaJ01/03/034.50HOT

Jamaican Queen Ch. 02

 — Leasa has her first date with Amazon heart throb. by LeasaJ01/17/034.58HOT

Jamaican Queen Ch. 03

 — Leasa becomes the life of the party for middle-aged lesbians by LeasaJ01/30/034.62HOT

Jamie & I

 — Jamie gets her first taste of Sweet Heaven. by hotnhorneyslut12/01/044.35

Jamie & I Ch. 02

 — Jamie fulfills her promise. by hotnhorneyslut12/08/044.29

Jamie Teases Sean Ch. 01

 — A tale of girl-girl sex reaches out to touch someone. by EroticaSeanStyle08/31/034.26

Jamie Teases Sean Ch. 02

 — The girls call him up about Monday's fun. by EroticaSeanStyle10/11/034.19

Jamie's Encounter Pt. 02

 — Sexy brunette nympho makes her straight friend turn by fiftyshadesofwade07/21/144.38

Jamie's First Love

 — Jamie finds love and acceptance. by bwelch09/21/134.49

Jamie's New Experience

 — A young teacher is used as a sex object. by jxr95502/09/104.65HOT

Jamie's Turn Ch. 01

 — Five girls, one vibrator... by caligula21509/03/094.54HOT


 — Long over due reunion. by solitarys_one02/13/073.98

Jan & Her Stepmother Pt. 01

 — Jan's problems become Kelly's delights. by link777707/31/024.62HOT

Jan's Story

 — Her massage takes an unexpected turn. by Wanderer4911/28/084.47


 — Ebony schoolgirl loves a blonde classmate. by Donnafse10/13/004.05

Jan’s Bisexual Fantasy With Carole

 — Jans's bisexual fantasy with Carole comes true. by fantasyboy05/27/134.27

Jane's Licking

 — A Plan Unfolds. by lover198812/11/154.35

Jane's Love

 — Cyber lovers manage romantic weekend away. by hisemerald03/30/044.08

Jane's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Jane seduced by best friend's mom. by slitlicker6905/31/164.47

Jane's Unexpected Evening

 — Beautiful lesbian captures "straight" woman's eye. by antien02/24/164.27

Jane, Living and Loving Ch. 01

 — Naive young woman discovers new passions. by shadow89andmore01/17/094.46


 — She's young, hot and loves the ladies. by smj54ap07/19/064.44

Janet & Her Niece

 — Mature aunt & her niece Teri grow even closer. by Janet5107/04/014.12

Janet and Kim Ch. 01-03

 — Janet and Kim's friendship through Janet's Husband's Eyes. by sluttaryslut06/09/163.49

Janet's Dinner Surprise

 — Janet had never met her boss's family. by softspokenstephen12/18/134.25

Janet, Debbie Meet Donna

 — Janet and Debbie meet Donna on the town. by Janet5110/19/014.33

Janey Stuck In A Lift

 — Janey has affair with female exec in an elevator. by jon.hayworth04/08/023.98

Janey's Workout

 — Minx of a client works out on Miss Z. by DoItAtTheGym07/10/103.97


 — Young Janice's mother hires professional support. by Lil Baby09/02/023.74

Janie & Michelle

 — Janie stops for gas and gets a whole lot more. by VenusButterflies08/05/134.42

Janie & Michelle Ch. 02

 — Michelle starts training Janie. by VenusButterflies02/01/144.38

Janie Meets Kelly

 — College girl discovers lesbian lust at a party. by divergirlxoxo08/27/054.36

Janie's Summer Internship

 — Janie and her new roomie Mariah study each other's anatomy. by divergirlxoxo09/29/054.56HOT

Janie's Summer Internship Ch. 02

 — Mariah and Janie meet new pal at the sex shop. by divergirlxoxo10/26/054.61HOT

Janine Loves Jenny

 — College coeds discover something new. by ANNE24002/08/054.21

Janis & Anjie

 — Janis seduces her son's girlfriend. by Dr Kink06/06/024.32


 — A woman arrives at a lesbian sexual utopia. by Blips07/13/164.41

Jasmine Ch. 01

 — Proud slut becomes female professor's pet. by lolitalacedjezebel02/10/084.41

Jasmine Fantasies: Pet Teacher

 — Teacher is seduced by a cute nylon wearing student. by silkstockingslover05/08/144.63HOT

Jasmine's Discovery Ch. 01

 — New day and a new college. by SawyerDickeyDori06/06/174.42

Jasmine's Vacation

 — Jessie's sister has her own tale to tell. by Boo110407/28/024.52HOT

Jason + Sarah Ch. 03

 — Kind of only half finished. by evilfairy03/23/074.67HOT


 — Jasmine fantasises about a sexy stud... by honeybunxo04/16/164.20

Jay and Noami Ch. 01

 — Can a one-night stand turn into something more? by Lilmiss2404/20/184.60HOT

Jay and Noami Ch. 02

 — Can a one-night stand turn into something more? by Lilmiss2404/23/184.70HOT

Jay and Noami Ch. 03

 — Can a one-night stand turn into something more? by Lilmiss2405/03/184.71HOT

Jayne and Becky

 — Childhood friends play in the morning. by crazyr07/31/023.83

Jayne and Her Neighbor

 — Jayne's neighbor knocks on her door asking for a favor. by jaynedixon12/09/163.94

Jayne Returns Ch. 01

 — Reunited with Jayne. by justachicky11/20/054.26

Jayne's Latin Licker Ch. 2

 — Jayne cums down the phone by jayceebird02/16/024.62HOT


 — A reluctant lesson. by Colleen Thomas06/01/054.73HOT

Jealousy Explained

 — Kayla finds out why Jaime doesn't like Arianna. by DreamPisces02/20/114.32

Jean Engels Ch. 02

 — More about Mona's sexual proclivities and her mother's. by leann51102/20/074.43

Jean Engels Ch. 03

 — Jean runs into trouble with Mildred the cook. by leann51102/22/074.59HOT

Jean Engels Ch. 04

 — Jean's beauty causes her to become a supermodel. by leann51102/23/074.59HOT

Jean Engels Ch. 05

 — Jean ends up at a biker bar for dykes. by leann51102/24/074.47

Jean's Fantasy Come True Ch. 01

 — A beautiful blonde makes love to her. by FUNFORUS212/18/103.99

Jeannie's Journey Pt. 01

 — Jeannie discovers her love for pussy in a threesome. by jeannie505/03/164.27

Jeannie's Journey Pt. 03

 — Jeannie gets an unexpected visitor to her bedroom. by jeannie505/06/164.15

Jelena Meets Jodi

 — Jelena is a hot, lesbian player by Stamman10/13/133.95

Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 02

 — Jelena is overwhelmed by Jodi in the bar. by Stamman10/18/134.40

Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 03

 — The women finally end up in bed together! by Stamman10/27/134.47

Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 04

 — The women are still in bed; Jelena is questioning herself. by Stamman11/07/134.43

Jelena Meets Jodi Ch. 05

 — Jelena accepts her feelings for Jodi. by Stamman11/14/134.54HOT

Jemma's Dilemma Ch. 09

 — Jemma has her first consensual lesbian experience. by LexiRoseLexi09/07/124.18

Jen and Alice Through Until Morning

 — Continued love making for a first time couple. by Topographic03/19/124.23

Jen and Alice's Big Night Out

 — First time affair. by Topographic03/16/124.13

Jen and Liz

 — Her first lesbian experience, right after a break up. by DireLilith08/21/07

Jen is Late Again

 — Boss punishes blonde for her tardiness. by clark_kent03/07/034.24

Jen Likes to Cum

 — Chronicles of a sexual being. by JenPB11/13/104.16

Jen Likes to Cum Ch. 02

 — Chronicles of a sexual being. by JenPB11/21/104.60HOT

Jen's Journal

 — Jen introduces herself. by HoodedPriestess11/22/113.53

Jen's Journal Entry #01

 — The seduction of Cindy or I step out of my comfort zone. by HoodedPriestess11/24/114.30

Jen's Journal Entry #02

 — The seduction of Lekiesha. by HoodedPriestess11/27/114.38

Jen's Secret

 — Married, frustrated, yearning. A request from a reader. by StackedAction05/14/174.63HOT

Jen's Trip Ch. 02

 — Jen's trip turns reluctant lesbian toy time. by Lisa Denton07/07/044.59HOT

Jenn and Sabine 03

 — Toys and at Jennifer's. by Sabineteas10/14/154.70HOT

Jenna and Emily Do More Than Kiss

 — The continuing story of Beth and Jenna. by BrookeJones01/25/174.78HOT

Jenna and I Get Wet in the Shower

 — The continuing story of Beth and Jenna. by BrookeJones09/28/164.70HOT

Jenna Comes Back for More

 — Chapter 3 of Beth and Jenna's story. by BrookeJones10/05/164.83HOT

Jenna from the Club

 — Claudia becomes the dirty girl she wants to be. by KatLeonie02/19/164.68HOT

Jenna in Beth's Bed

 — Part 4 of Beth and Jenna's story. by BrookeJones10/10/164.70HOT

Jenna in the City

 — Young Jenna finds lesbian love in the city. by m1ma312/28/054.17

Jenna in the City Ch. 02

 — Jenna gets a playmate. by m1ma306/19/064.35

Jenna's & Kate's First Time

 — Coeds get closer. by H0LLYW00DxWH0RE07/16/083.88

Jenna's New Piercing

 — She gets pierced by Katia and fisted by Alexis. by twhrider1306/30/034.29

Jennie's "Nightmare" Ch. 05

 — Just the ladies. by JoeDreamer11/01/074.66HOT


 — A night of discovery for two young women. by CC03/05/013.78


 — Meeting the girl of my dreams. by Doglover1234505/22/134.66HOT

Jennifer & Heather

 — First-time lesbian exploration. by huntershesse07/17/044.04

Jennifer Ch. 02

 — Can Jennifer and Alex find their way back to each other? by Doglover1234505/28/134.74HOT

Jennifer Ch. 03

 — Happy Ending? by Doglover1234506/26/134.78HOT

Jennifer Loves Becky

 — Blonde lusts for younger companion. by jenlover08/27/064.29

Jennifer's Fury

 — Jennifer and her friend Dina make discoveries. by Laurie04/12/044.13

Jennifer's Lesbian Affair

 — Two 18-year-old's fool around. by VertigoJ02/29/044.55HOT

Jennifer's Predicament

 — Jennifer is pleased in an unusal way. by writedoctor08/27/084.26

Jennifer, Now Called Ginger

 — Mature lady seduces 19-year-old girl, or is it vice versa? by Laurie07/28/064.44

Jenny & Sydney

 — Passionate lesbian sex at the office by JennyX304/20/144.11

Jenny & Sydney Ch. 02

 — Lesbian lovers enjoy one another. by JennyX308/25/144.15

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 01

 — Story of two cousins who become sisters and later lovers. by JenniElizabeth08/26/104.09

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 02

 — Story goes on about their lives. by JenniElizabeth08/27/104.03

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 03

 — The girls learn and adapt to their life careers. by JenniElizabeth08/29/104.40

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 04

 — Getting tighter together and gathering fame. by JenniElizabeth09/01/104.55HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 05

 — Family additions and being famous. by JenniElizabeth09/02/104.69HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 06

 — Closer, and then evil shows up. by JenniElizabeth09/06/104.70HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 07

 — Coming back from the attack, and overcoming another. by JenniElizabeth09/07/104.75HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 08

 — Determined and winning. by JenniElizabeth09/23/104.50HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 09

 — Finally 18 and becoming lovers. by JenniElizabeth10/08/104.69HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 10

 — Their college year was over. by JenniElizabeth10/09/104.71HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 11

 — Going pro and Med school. by JenniElizabeth10/16/104.31

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 12

 — A suprise twist. by JenniElizabeth10/17/104.56HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 13

 — A nasty war and a big surprise. by JenniElizabeth10/29/104.74HOT

Jenny and Carrie Ch. 14

 — The sisters gather. by JenniElizabeth11/16/104.49

Jenny and Me

 — I make love to a woman as my husband watches. by Catmoore06/21/114.45

Jenny Ch. 02

 — Tanya has another job for Jenny. by justarandomguy05/18/064.36

Jenny Loves "Arse"

 — Jenny & Fiona crave each other, front & rear. by libidinal06/06/034.42

Jenny Seals the Deal

 — Jenny is about to meet Deana. Good things are coming. by GenGdreams07/27/174.50HOT

Jenny Seals the Deal Pt. 02

 — Deana teaches Jenny how to make love to a woman. by GenGdreams08/03/174.52HOT

Jenny's Diary Ch. 01

 — Diary of an 18 year old who discovers her aunt's secret. by hfernandez198306/24/164.30

Jenny's First Time

 — Her boss introduces Jenny to lesbian love. by pixie200206/03/064.62HOT


 — The male counterpart to my ex-girlfriend. by KansasTrouble03/13/103.67


 — Two close friends enjoy a lesbian romp. by Selene_Scarlett11/08/094.05


 — It is possible to be too beautiful. by ABigCat01/13/164.48

Jess & Kel Get Closer

 — The story of two girl's first time. by my dirty secret05/11/054.62HOT

Jess & Steph's Shopping Weekend

 — Two friends go shopping for toys. by desirea69er05/07/034.21

Jessi & Her Niece

 — Jessi's sexy niece comes for a visit. by jessijessi3403/06/024.63HOT

Jessi & the Barristas

 — Jessi gets some hot coffee. by jessijessi3405/07/024.57HOT

Jessi Finds a Mistress

 — Jessi finds more than she seeks at nightclub. by jessijessi3403/10/024.51HOT

Jessi's Christmas Holiday

 — She meets her online girlfriend face to face. by jessijessi3405/10/024.39

Jessi's Girl Ch. 1

 — What happens when four girls share a cabin. by MyMichele05/05/024.09

Jessi's Girl Ch. 2

 — Jessi & Lanie aren't alone anymore. by MyMichele05/16/024.24

Jessi's New Mistress Ch. 2

 — Jessi makes her choice & enters a new life. by jessijessi3403/23/024.50HOT

Jessi's New Mistress Ch. 3

 — Jessi meets another Domme & her sub. by jessijessi3405/09/024.66HOT

Jessi's Wild Birthday

 — Jessi's best friend takes her to a strip club. by jessijessi3403/11/024.62HOT


 — On-line chat buddies meet for the first time. by ANNE24009/24/034.16


 — Taylor has her sights on one of the girl's in her group. by AlexPHenson08/28/134.18


 — First college party and first kiss with Jessica. by JulieMcGregor02/15/124.37

Jessica & I

 — You meet with your Net friend. by abracadabra_197711/04/014.17

Jessica & I Ch. 2

 — You & Jessica join her for a Sapphic threesome. by abracadabra_197711/06/014.08

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