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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Lace Wedding

 — Meeting at wedding leads to an intimate encounter. by stox04/01/014.37


 — Underwear shopping leads to an unexpected encounter. by CollarsAreVarar08/04/164.42

Lacey and Olivia

 — Bits and pieces of a Dorm Room love story. by SweetestThing11/11/104.77HOT

Lactating Lesbian Lady

 — Rosita aids mother with swollen breasts. by Tawny T07/17/004.69HOT

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 2

 — Two lactating ladies find delicious new delights. by Tawny T05/27/014.77HOTContest Winner

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 3

 — Three lusty lactating ladies + sexy Rosita. by Tawny T12/18/014.66HOT

Lactating Lesbian Lady Ch. 4

 — Three ladies + 1 enjoy each other's milk. by Tawny T12/27/014.72HOTContest Winner

Lacy's New House

 — Lacy looks for a house with a sexy real estate agent. by pooky1234909/24/154.14

Ladies Auto

 — An autorickshaw ride that lasts all night. by siriuf05/07/144.17

Ladies First

 — Two college girls go from best friends to lovers. by love_neverfails07/09/114.11

Ladies First Ch. 02

 — Alex and Cass continue their exploration. by love_neverfails07/19/114.65HOT

Ladies Hostel

 — Sex with college seniors. by raaaj01/30/043.21

Ladies Medical Agency Ch. 01

 — Victorian era treatment for hysteria. by Finchley02/13/144.14

Ladies Medical Agency Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of Florence and Elizabeth by Finchley03/03/144.14

Ladies Network

 — Penny is seduced into a private lesbian club. by Maggie Red Rose07/04/074.58HOT

Ladies Network Ch. 02

 — Penny is lured and forced by two fem-doms. by Maggie Red Rose08/19/074.46

Ladies Network Ch. 03

 — Penny becomes the sex toy at the annual dinner. by Maggie Red Rose08/29/074.59HOT

Ladies Network Ch. 04

 — Penny is involved in erotic private sex party. by Maggie Red Rose09/01/074.49

Ladies Network Ch. 05

 — Penny gets sexually involved with exchange student. by Maggie Red Rose09/12/074.48

Ladies Network Ch. 06

 — Penny and Headmistress Rhoda share hot sex. by Maggie Red Rose09/20/074.55HOT

Ladies Network Ch. 07

 — Headmistress Rhoda and 18 yr old Gayesha enjoy hot sex. by Maggie Red Rose10/11/074.70HOT

Ladies Network Ch. 09

 — Penny greets her new neighbour & is sensually surprised. by Maggie Red Rose02/29/084.66HOT

Ladies Network Ch. 10

 — Penny's two daughters are seduced at fundraiser. by Maggie Red Rose03/25/084.63HOT

Ladies Night

 — Two women meet across a crowded room while with their dates. by KarmaMoonfairy05/16/124.08

Ladies Night In

 — Her first experience with another woman. by Ladybatt03/28/044.04

Ladies Night In

 — Two friends have trouble getting out of the house. by SpyderJohn08/26/084.14

Ladies Night In Ch. 01

 — Friends discover how much fun it can be to enjoy a night in. by SexxxyCuriosity12/23/074.27

Ladies of the Bordello

 — Simone's final tale. by Boo110401/30/034.30

Ladies of the Bordello Ch. 2

 — Fairen and Angela come together. by Boo110408/09/024.41

Ladies of the Bordello Ch. 3

 — Simone's tale. by Boo110408/10/024.41

Ladies Room Connection: The Meeting Ch. 01

 — Online friends share an intimate first meeting. by Emily_M06/06/064.51HOT

Ladies' Choice

 — Ladies find lust at a convention. by femmepen11/10/034.39

Ladies' Night at The Gay Cabellero

 — Tom helps his wife Penny find a lesbian lover. by MarkCane12/26/164.11

Ladies' Spa Weekend

 — Four girlfriends enjoy a weekend away at an unusual spa. by DragonflySong03/21/164.81HOT

Lady Alicia's Arousal Ch. 3

 — Lady Alicia meets up with the stable 'Lad'. by alexis_elizabeth02/07/014.17

Lady Arianne's Domain

 — Jess finds her place in submission. by Lady LeStat -A-10/28/054.24

Lady Belinda's Awakening

 — Bel arranges sex for her friend, but gets it herself. by johnniedee00405/26/054.11

Lady Charlotte

 — A sensual haunting or the ghost of my dreams. by Brandy Chase10/16/024.53HOT

Lady Comet Meets the Baroness

 — Two powerful women meet. by wonderer408/27/144.52HOT

Lady de la Dia Ch. 05

 — Frustration and temptation begin to envelope Amy. by Gabriel Orr03/26/064.47

Lady de la Dia Ch. 06-08

 — Epilogue: Amy reaches the breaking point. by Gabriel Orr03/28/064.59HOT

Lady Fitness Ch. 01

 — Wendy visits a women's health club. by SexySandyOttawa01/27/024.40

Lady Fitness Ch. 02

 — How fun can buying a fur coat be? by SexySandyOttawa01/28/024.57HOT

Lady Fitness Ch. 03

 — Wendy sucks a cock for dessert. by SexySandyOttawa02/02/024.29

Lady Fitness Ch. 04

 — Wendy relaxes at her hotel with a hot masturbation session. by SexySandyOttawa12/14/064.48

Lady Fitness Ch. 05

 — Wendy has a foursome at the club. by SexySandyOttawa01/06/074.47

Lady Fitness Ch. 07

 — Wendy & Mandy pick up a young woman and service Mark. by SexySandyOttawa01/20/074.62HOT

Lady in the Boutique

 — A woman took her breath away. by RedHotLass09/02/104.28

Lady Love!

 — An introduction to lesbian sex. by Grace2309/13/103.47

Lady of My Heart Ch. 01

 — Sparks fly between Warrior and Mage. by Saxon Stonedyke07/16/144.60HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 02

 — Defender of my soul. by Saxon Stonedyke07/18/144.74HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 03

 — The journey begins. by Saxon Stonedyke07/19/144.69HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 04

 — Healing a Dragon and sealing a bond. by Saxon Stonedyke07/20/144.86HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 05

 — The battle begins. by Saxon Stonedyke07/22/144.76HOT

Lady of My Heart Ch. 06

 — Flying high. by Saxon Stonedyke07/23/144.78HOT

Lady of the Lake

 — Friends enjoy sexy nights together at a lake. by peithos01/31/134.29

Lady of the Manor - The Library

 — The lady is pleasured by her maid. by Brung06/19/073.61

Lady of the Night

 — A hooker's exciting night. by Tribade06/30/074.26

Lady Rabine Ch. 01

 — The slave sale heats up. by mkc11212/23/154.28

Ladybug Waltz

 — A waking dream of submission and desire. by JukeboxEMCSA07/31/113.93


 — A math tutor gets an unexpected gift. by hoededoe1201/22/064.16

Laila and the Glass Armonica: Blonde

 — Laila hunts her prey in the club. by LaSalia06/08/124.41

Lainey Loves Books

 — Young bookworm learns secrets from a librarian mentor. by robinkhinke08/11/164.67HOT

Lake Fun

 — Sara and I have fun at the lake. by bizombie2401/20/134.23

Lake of Sensations

 — Dess and her friend take a break near their favourite lake. by RavenousJester10/23/154.47

Lamb and Wolf Ch. 01

 — She finally pushes her over the edge, and discovers more. by Manzi08/07/154.44

Lamb and Wolf Ch. 02

 — After a week apart, they're finally together. by Manzi08/26/154.41


 — Her first rimming. by Marie Marshall07/19/054.45

Lana Back at School Ch. 02

 — Lana and her old schoolmates recommence their old tricks. by TheMOster05/25/133.50

Land Of Enchantment

 — Sexy older woman welcomes girl to the Southwest. by ShyTammy06/20/034.17

Landing on the Right Key

 — Esmeralda discovers why her relatives are so secretive. by AmeriRam08/25/124.24

Landing on the Right Key Ch. 02

 — Exposing a secret can mean becoming a part of it. by AmeriRam10/14/124.14

Landing on the Right Key Ch. 03

 — A juicy exhibition, then the first taste of the society. by AmeriRam04/08/134.11

Landing on the Right Key Ch. 04

 — Acceptance into the fold. by AmeriRam12/12/133.83

Lanni's Birthday Ch. 02

 — Lanni wants it all for her birthday. by Lucity04/28/104.05

Lap Dancing Lesbians

 — Two Mitchell Brothers lesbians spread the wealth. by genderbender02/21/013.73


 — Falling in love with a Domme. by Rumblepur01/06/074.49

Lara and Lori

 — Based on a story an old lover told me. by Molly_Hart04/02/134.38

Lara Goes Back to School

 — Young mother goes astray. by 0131aj06/12/104.47

Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 01

 — Female doctor examines a schoolgirl. by 0131aj06/29/104.50HOT

Las Vegas

 — A wonderful birthday trip. by UTOutdoorGirl04/10/044.72HOT

Lascivious Lesbians

 — Maxine and Emily release long-suppressed sexual energy. by Monotonous_Angel06/27/114.35

Last Dance

 — Jeannie and Lauren put on a show. by KarennaC03/01/083.96

Last Day of School Pt. 01

 — Maria couldn't keep her hands to herself anymore. by KittyKat23106/12/163.94

Last Night, First Time

 — She leads you where you wanted to go. by redhot19101/20/024.48

Last Time

 — Ex's have last-time sex on New Year's Eve. by ThatStudJD02/17/153.82

Last Words

 — If you insist on always having the last word... by susansnow12/12/083.50

Lasting Love

 — Lily accidentally meets up with a familiar face online. by Palistus03/01/124.42


 — An over stressed woman needs some special relaxation. by aehammock06/30/144.49

Late Admission

 — Stacy & Robin are falling in love. Will they admit it? by MarciaR10/28/044.33

Late Hour Romance

 — Drunken party night leads to dreams come true. by HugMeLover01/28/164.02

Late Morning

 — Ladies enjoying a different breakfast in bed. by punkreader05/29/113.67

Late Night at the Gym

 — Will Kelly and Jessie ever get along? by cdavvis04/05/124.40

Late Night Bliss

 — She cheats at the office. by smhgirl200212/11/034.21

Late Night Bliss Ch. 02

 — Linda held up the diamond bracelet. by smhgirl200212/11/034.46

Late Night Coffee Break

 — Straight Kim meets lesbian Jeanie. by Lisa Summers06/27/024.64HOT

Late Night Encounter

 — A short but hot vignette about a random girl-girl hookup. by Milene07/07/084.17

Late Night Experimentation

 — A young woman has her first lesbian experience. by CattySwinger03/10/034.24

Late Night In The Parking Garage

 — A co worker stops to see if she can offer some help. by peeking_mike742802/01/054.17

Late Night Meeting

 — A lesbian story. by Shorthairdontcare02/09/164.19

Late Night Visits

 — Full time employee, part time lover. by Colie0309/18/113.62

Late to the Theater

 — A sensual cab ride. by TE99907/14/104.17

Late Valentine

 — Tanner tries to show Casey that the holiday is worth it all. by Alex the Cat02/06/134.72HOTContest Winner

Late-night Entertainers

 — Listening to a lesbian reunion. by WFEATHER08/18/062.93

Late-night Shower

 — Sapphic moments following a frat party. by WFEATHER02/11/073.22

Latin Ladies In Lust: The Stalking

 — She went to the Hollywood party with a date... by Sizzler10/15/024.58HOT

Laughing Pistachios

 — One reason she liked the pistachios was the way it opened. by MungoParkIII12/31/073.28

Launch Day

 — Only with the assistance of her staff will she succeed. by Summer_Sparrow04/13/134.36

Laundrymat Seductress

 —  by medusathesedusa03/29/144.05

Laundrymat Seductress Ch. 02

 — A lesbian threesome. by medusathesedusa04/13/143.55


 — Straight girl is enamored with nude model. by Simone LaFleur09/01/003.45Editor's Pick


 — Her first lap dance from a woman. by morganlefay0202/18/023.88


 — Husband leaves, so what are friends for? by TxRad06/03/054.45

Laura & Jill

 — Coeds discover their mutual lesbian desires. by bandelero06/16/064.49

Laura and Rachel Meet

 — Finding love leads to lust and pain. by poisonivy6910/16/124.12

Laura and Rachel Meet Ch. 02

 — Can Laura forget Rachel? by poisonivy6910/28/124.21

Laura and Rachel Meet Ch. 03

 — What is Laura going to do? by poisonivy6911/30/124.20

Laura and Rachel Meet Ch. 04

 — Can Laura stay away? by poisonivy6912/07/124.22

Laura Gets a Surprise

 — Alice shocks her. by tigerslittleprincess01/24/144.17

Laura's Awakening

 — Laura comes to terms with her power and influence. by BannedinBoston03/06/093.96

Laura's Education

 — Coed receives lesson in love from older woman. by MariusMcG11/04/044.44

Laura's Education Ch. 02

 — Coed offers an older woman dinner. by MariusMcG11/10/044.44

Laura's Education Ch. 03

 — The first part of the make-up sex. by MariusMcG12/05/064.40

Laura's Return

 — A hot reunion between 2 past lovers. by Missxc3604/03/114.53HOT

Laura's Return Ch. 02

 — I gave to her now she gives to me.. by Missxc3604/14/114.82HOT

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 01

 — An engaged young woman runs into an old acquaintance. by TheImaginator09/18/114.37

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 02

 — Cassandra gets closer. by TheImaginator09/22/114.62HOT

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 03

 — Laura struggles to stay on her feet with Cassandra. by TheImaginator10/16/114.63HOT

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 04

 — A little bit of give and take in the bedroom. by TheImaginator01/22/124.71HOT

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 05

 — Their night ends, but will the seduction continue? by TheImaginator01/29/124.69HOT

Laura's Sleepless Night Ch. 06

 — Months later, Cassandra is in the midst of a new lifestyle. by TheImaginator05/23/154.47

Laura's Story Ch. 01

 — You come home to find Laura has company. by latesummernight12/21/044.16

Laura's Tale

 — A lost love, a found love a family reunion and young love. by HunterShambles02/15/154.43

Laura's Weekend of Debauchery

 — Leading Lady seduces naive aspiring young actress. by walterio01/06/104.34

Laura, Her Sister, and Friends Ch. 04

 — Weekend with my girl, her sister and friends continues. by johnnydrama01/15/104.52HOT


 — Coworkers become lovers. by Anothersideofme06/02/084.28

Lauren and Alison

 — Although they were best friends, are they meant to be more? by Breathsonherneck12/19/134.25

Lauren's Break

 — Lauren comes home to her best friend Chelsea. by PenguinTheThird12/16/134.37

Lauren's Favorite Lapdance Ch. 02

 —  Lauren tells Kitty what she did to Tony during his lapdance. by fukensploogin06/18/063.88

Lauren's Lesson

 — A rainy night, a babysitter, and a lonely mom. by EmeraldEye09/24/084.48

Lauren's Visit

 — A friend of Jessie's needs her. by RedVixon01/18/124.45

Laurie Learns

 — Her god-mother teaches her respect at work. by lilnymph2811/12/034.47

Laurie's Final Request

 — My best friend has a final request. by KansasTrouble01/27/104.17

Laurie's First

 — Laurie gets her first taste of female. by obscurefruit05/25/084.31

Lavender and Jasmine

 — Two flowers take awkward first steps . by MSTarot06/20/134.72HOT

LaVonne and Nila

 — Lunchtime Treats. by Yman6712/15/154.00

Law Librarian

 — What makes the Ice Queen so nasty? by Virginiawild01/07/114.09

Lawyers In Love

 — A law student discovers her sexuality. by vanpeebles09/02/124.43

Lawyers Need Love Too

 — Sarah & Chris enjoy holiday season together. by eroslit11/22/044.62HOT


 — I got stuck in Chicago with a girl named George. by SubmissiveVirginSlut02/15/094.40

Lazy Afternoon

 — I remembered about of my best friends. by Nomansland6908/16/093.95

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