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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Lingerie Party

 — Two girls have some fun before a lingerie party. by butterfly176306/03/113.58

Lingerie Re-fitting

 — Sarah gets ‘fitted’ by Madame Elle. by sapphicphile04/13/064.32

Lingering Perfume

 — The mystery of being helpless. by angiquesophie02/23/184.33


 — Lesbian encounter, Norma Jane and a Slavonic ex-wrestler. by NormaJane10/27/174.44


 — She liked the way my mouth looked doing things in lipstick. by 038430206/23/174.29

Lipstick is for Lovers

 — Woman finds pleasure from another woman. by Bakeboss11/09/093.77

Lipstick Lesbian Treat

 — Marla finds a sweet, young, willing co-worker. by genderbender02/20/014.02

Lipstick Lines Ch. 01

 — A couple can still fuck like they just met. by PassionateBeing08/27/123.41

Lipsticks Stage Ch. 01

 — My search for a manless world. by mandywilluk200002/19/104.18

Liquid & Light

 — In a restaurant, they relive their meeting. by Rainbow Skin10/28/013.59

Liquid Lightening

 — A romp out into a summer storm leads to wet consequences... by TheShadowSeesAll01/21/134.07


 — Her first love was a she. by Mightybrat10/13/004.22


 — Moving on. by HunterShambles07/22/174.27


 — Lisa gets a new toy and makes friends. by mistermidnight202706/15/174.63HOT

Lisa & I Are Reunited Ch. 02

 — She brings in a friend to share with Lisa. by eagle12299904/18/054.26

Lisa & Liz

 — She fantasizes about a friend. by PenanceS12/10/032.97

Lisa and I

 — Single woman teaches divorced woman about the joy of sex. by sensualstories08/08/174.44

Lisa and Me

 — Two MILFs begin a lesbian affair. by hhart70805/23/084.32

Lisa and Me Ch. 02

 — The two add the babysitter to their lesbian fun. by hhart70806/06/084.45

Lisa Ch. 01

 — An old school acquaintance opens Lisa's mind. by secret_steph03/20/064.46

Lisa in London Ch. 1

 — Lisa's adventure begins in the hotel pool. by Joseph3204/05/014.12

Lisa in London Ch. 2

 — Lisa thinks of Amanda & their upcoming evening. by Joseph3204/07/014.10

Lisa in London Ch. 3

 — Lisa & Amanda enjoy each other at dinner. by Joseph3204/09/014.48

Lisa in London Ch. 4

 — Lisa & Amanda's evening goes on till morning. by Joseph3204/12/014.49

Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 01

 — Lisa Jones moves into new digs. by MissLisaJones05/07/114.70HOT

Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 04

 — Lisa's friend Abebi comes to visit. by MissLisaJones05/11/114.76HOT

Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 05

 — Ruth and Jane's story. by MissLisaJones05/12/114.61HOT

Lisa Learns to Love Ch. 06

 — An epilogue. by MissLisaJones05/13/114.74HOT

Lisa's Birthday

 — A night of lesbian love gets rough. by pixie200209/23/054.32

Lisa's Change of Heart

 — My wife's hetrosexual ways changed with Charli's help. by HerLittlePiggy08/27/094.29

Lisa's Dinner

 — Breast feeding mother comes home early to babysitter. by STAR78006/30/014.35

Lisa's Job

 — A woman scorned. by Joe Peters01/06/074.13

Lisa's Lesbian Awakening

 — Bi sexual wife seduces husband's friend's wife. by lisalips11/20/123.96

Lisa's Sweatergirl

 — A sweater-loving gal is seduced by her female boss. by Toucamingo09/02/034.30

Lisa's Truth

 — Lisa discovers her true self with help from Ruby. by scruff87610/02/024.47

Lisette's Summer Holidays Ch. 01

 — An education at hands of the maid. by lisetteuk02/14/044.59HOT

Lisette's Summer Holidays Ch. 02

 — Lisette enjoys the kinky attentions of two women. by lisetteuk02/15/044.70HOT

Lissa's Lesbian Adventure

 — Lissa gets her first taste of lesbian love. by PowerGirl9609/03/044.50HOT

Little 15

 — A bittersweet tale of life's regrets and second chances. by WaxPhilosophic12/22/174.54HOT

Little Fairy Princess | Lesbian

 — She had to dress up for her wife. by LewdLesbian04/07/183.91

Little Firecracker, Big Bang!

 — Big surprises come in small packages. by wetmindey05/07/034.46

Little Girl Lost

 — Haunted school brings romance and a mystery. by Lisa Summers04/05/054.73HOT

Little Jail Bird

 — Defiant woman spends some time on the inside. by darthkytten10/24/054.01

Little Mogadishu Restaurant

 — Somali MILF hires Haitian temptress as kitchen aide. by Samuelx11/02/17

Little Red Ridinghood

 — A modern day tale from the Grim Forest. by pipeman37603/05/123.86

Little Tish Ch. 07

 — New girlfriends find some special pool and bed time together. by howiepumpser606/14/164.69HOT

Little Vixen

 — Mistress gets her LIttle Vixen to giggle. by SerenVale03/03/134.15

Liv's Legacy: Anise

 — Liv's teachings help Anise. by wistfall103/02/124.59HOT

Liv's Legacy: Paula

 — When they meet, everything changes. by wistfall104/03/124.70HOT

Liv's Legacy: Paula Pt. 02

 — Liv & Paula with Eleanore; keeping Liv's legacy alive. by wistfall104/19/124.75HOT

Liv's Legacy: The Group

 — They're told about essay on Bible, Fundies, & Les Sex. by wistfall109/02/124.23

Live Chicken Sandwich

 — New life begins as pain of an old one finally dies. by Alexis Haines08/16/054.58HOT

Living a Lie

 — Can Sue be honest enough to save her relationship? by LiveCat06/17/124.62HOT

Living Heart Ch. 02

 — Another night with Grace and Angel. by cawastedyouth03/04/084.61HOT

Living Heart Ch. 03

 — Angel hears a voice from her past. by cawastedyouth03/05/084.61HOT

Living My Fantasy

 — Wife enjoys a sensual massage from a woman. by Julie3791102/10/014.68HOT

Living the Dream

 — New lesbian urges lead to sex with new roommate. by Living_The_Dream11/02/103.79

Living the Fantasy

 — Two best friends give in to a sexy fantasy. by SexyBrunette00008/12/074.43

Living with Lauren Ch. 01

 — Small town girl moves in with a lesbian. by jfizz06/30/093.94

Living with Lauren Ch. 02

 — Small town girl moves in with a lesbian. by jfizz08/06/093.84

Liyla and Serenity Ch. 01

 — Roommates admit their lust for one another. by rainekvala03/26/064.16

Liyla and Serenity Ch. 02

 — Liyla fucks Serenity properly. by rainekvala02/26/154.23


 — My fantasy with Liz. by Redrum66608/01/144.34

Liz and Donna and Me

 — Will they? Maybe, but I want all the details! by captcasey10/25/084.26

Liz and Sue Ch. 01

 — Sexy new neighbor rolls in. by fictionwriter0002/21/184.08

Liz and Sue Ch. 02 - Floppy Feet

 — A new sex toy called floppy feet. by fictionwriter0003/10/184.44

Liz and Sue Ch. 03

 — Hidden Desires Surface. by fictionwriter0003/18/184.41

Liz's Adventures Ch. 02

 — She learns about herself after her lesbian relationship. by D. Elbee11/08/094.34

Liz's Gang

 — Playtime for the yummy mummies by kevorter107/05/073.77

Lizbet's Life

 — Post-divorce, Lizbet is ready for new, naughty experiences. by BrettJ05/01/124.11

Lizzie's First Time

 — Young Lizzie is seduced by her older boss. by Selena_Kitt02/01/044.51HOT

Lizzie's Mistress

 — Lizzie finds herself sold by her father to a well-off woman. by Palistus10/18/124.37


 — A teacher and her student discover love, lust and loss. by smj54ap01/11/064.42

LJ's Story

 — Jennifer recounts the story of her life. by VF_007902/10/154.74HOT

Lock The Door

 — My girlfriend and I were shocked when we realized we forgot. by little_donna06/07/124.04

Lock the Door

 — I was so shocked when her sister caught us. by DoubleDeesire08/04/174.23

Locked In

 — Joanne and her math teacher pull an all-nighter. by GymTeacherYouDeserve10/09/164.45

Locker Room Confessions

 — Unsuspecting woman showers & only thinks she's alone. by Black Satin03/07/034.29

Locker Room Fun

 — 2 women make use of an empty locker room. by housewife0909/30/094.01

Locker Room Lesbians

 — Lust in the locker room after a morning swim. by iluvmybike06/23/033.90

Locker Room Lust

 — Co-workers find unexpected spark in gym showers. by LuciousBi-Writes4U10/10/053.99

Locker Room Rule

 — Rubi gets lucky in the girls room. by cherrrrrrrrrry01/20/163.91

Locker Room Therapy Ch. 01

 — A distraught girl receives some "Sapphic Healing". by BlueYonder6303/17/134.39

Locker Room Therapy Ch. 02

 — The girls are joined by an unexpected guest. by BlueYonder6303/18/134.58HOT

Locker Room Therapy Ch. 03

 — Chloe and Adele get their reward. by BlueYonder6303/18/134.63HOT

Locking Up the Library

 — What goes on in a library after hours... by RavingRachelWritesStories03/21/134.42

Locking Up the Library Ch. 02

 — After having sex in the Library, the night is far from over. by RavingRachelWritesStories03/31/134.45

Locking Up the Library Ch. 03

 — Sophia and Rachel get intense in the dorm. by RavingRachelWritesStories04/01/134.58HOT


 — Coed shares her bi feelings with friend and falls in love. by smj54ap07/21/064.50HOT


 — Finding you, Ms. Right, in a London Lesbian Bar. by graychick07/25/044.33

London Conference Ch. 01

 — Mature Brit babe takes American bicurious woman. by yogatwistygirl05/06/064.39

London, 1953

 — Old London butch reminiscences on how it all started. by Richard Donnehy10/14/054.59HOT

Lonely Ch. 01

 — Lonely Sri Lankan woman meets a hot young lady. by gen_man6905/23/084.50HOT

Lonely Ch. 02

 — Nirosha and Shani meet another hot lady. by gen_man6910/06/084.63HOT

Lonely Ch. 03

 — Shani meets a straight lady and seduces her. by gen_man6904/28/094.56HOT

Lonely Girls

 — Two friends finally cross the threshold into bliss. by landrumje01/01/074.34

Lonely Girls Ch. 02

 — Alisha and Jen explore anal play. by landrumje01/08/074.16

Lonely Is The Night

 — She finally realizes why girlfriend leaving hurt so much. by amber_now2610/27/044.33

Lonely Road

 — Emma gets searched by a police officer. by Ladyaudley12/09/083.85

Lonely Wives

 — Clerk gets big tip from gorgeous upscale wife. by Mary Q. Contrary10/13/004.40

Lonely Wives Ch. 2

 — Alana follows Celeste home. by Mary Q. Contrary10/13/004.47

Long Distance Ch. 01

 — Cybersex and the Real Thing. by christinelouise1312/31/064.31

Long grass

 — Her first experience is with Kim. by seapearl06/27/064.64HOT

Long Legged Lucia

 — She's an alluring seductress. by LustyLee7712/21/074.38

Long Live The Kinky

 — The beginning. by SplitLicker6903/20/113.86

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 02

 — Nikki's first college pussy. by SplitLicker6904/06/114.16

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 03

 — Laura and Dawn. by SplitLicker6904/09/114.27

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 04

 — Laura and Sheri---finally partners. by SplitLicker6904/12/114.31

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 05

 — Laura and Gwen meet after practice. by SplitLicker6904/14/114.28

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 06

 — Jason and his English professor. by SplitLicker6904/16/114.25

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 08

 — True lovers Candy and Cindy. by SplitLicker6904/18/114.10

Long Live The Kinky Ch. 09

 — Dawn assaulted, Gwen takes leave. by SplitLicker6904/26/114.06

Long Live The Queen

 — Leyna Phelps teaches her wife Cyndi a new way to play chess. by Smokey12512/29/144.00

Long Lost Friends

 — It was good to see her again. by notabutch03/11/064.45

Long Time Coming

 — Giving into what they've spent so long fighting. by Reeve10/16/124.26

Long Weekend

 — Katie has a surprise in store for Caitlin. by beyondthegray12/10/054.62HOT

Longing for Chelsea

 — Mature women plot the seduction of the vicar's young wife. by Leigh2801/20/164.51HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 02

 — Mary moves quickly to entice the innocent Chelsea. by Leigh2801/26/164.65HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 03

 — The vicar's young wife gets the lesson of her life. by Leigh2801/29/164.63HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 04

 — Mary consoles Chelsea and widens her own social circle. by Leigh2802/10/164.61HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 05

 — Mary focuses on Chelsea's lesbian education. by Leigh2802/24/164.71HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 06

 — Mary and Janet bring Chelsea further under their control. by Leigh2803/05/164.60HOT

Longing for Chelsea Pt. 07 - Finale

 — Chelsea submits in expectation and soars in ecstasy. by Leigh2803/18/164.76HOT

Longing For My Best Friend

 — Lesbians at play while hubby's away. by alanc05/30/024.52HOT

Looking at Condos

 — My friend finds a toy stash and uses them. by stephanie_webster01/05/104.43

Looking at the Sun

 — Sienna's Story. by careythomas05/31/174.91HOT

Looking Back Now

 — Jennifer's Story, an Intro. by trianglove11/04/094.12

Looking Back Now Ch. 02

 — Jennifer confronts her new feelings by trianglove11/05/094.53HOT

Looking Back Now Ch. 03

 — Jennifer's dazzling ship arrives. by trianglove11/13/094.80HOT

Looking Down

 — First time. by winnie1605/01/164.21

Looking For Her, Waiting For Her

 — She's known fulfillment and wants more. by Crystal_L_Veey01/19/074.12

Looking For Love and Foucault

 — A freshmanl finds more than philosophy at the bookstore. by JorisKHuysmans06/27/104.05

Looks Like You're Bisexual

 — Expecting her usual massage, receiving an unusual treatment... by CocoCabrona05/13/144.01

Loren's Surprise

 — She gets dominated by a sexy woman. by darkheart6909/25/03

Lori & Leila

 — Lori and Mom learn lesbian lust. by LustyLee7712/23/054.09

Lori and Vicki's First Meeting

 — First visit turns into a webcam show. by hotpinktears07/14/053.80

Lori Meets Valerie

 — Harley-riding Lori finds love with a woman. by joanne697401/02/034.32

Lori's First Time

 — Shower leads to lesbian first. by bewitchedblackcat12/01/073.59

Lori's Submission

 — A young soldier surrenders to her captor. by J_Bonham12/09/144.22

Lori, Karen, and Ryan

 — Lori and her brother's girlfriend have sex. by joanne697412/30/024.26

Losing Control

 — Single mom explores her sexual limits. by aagina01/16/054.55HOT

Losing Control on the Dancefloor

 — A girl has a surprise encounter with an older friend... by HornySexChat6912/10/153.96

Losing Her Grip Ch. 01

 — Angela considers paying another woman for sex. by Pamtimaedias200103/19/153.92

Losing My Balance Ch. 01

 — The classic trope of two best friends. by HeartnSole04/15/154.61HOT

Losing My Balance Ch. 02

 — Dates, hook-ups and confrontations, oh my! by HeartnSole08/19/154.67HOT

Losing My Balance Ch. 03

 — Backed into a corner! by HeartnSole08/30/154.65HOT

Losing My Balance Ch. 04

 — Out of the frying pan and into the fire. by HeartnSole09/20/154.77HOT

Losing My Balance Ch. 05

 — Drunk Jenga. by HeartnSole02/11/164.85HOT

Losing My Balance Ch. 06

 — Clumsy first steps. by HeartnSole01/13/174.83HOT

Losing Pieces of You

 — She lets go of one love while embracing a new one. by KillerMuffin06/02/014.61HOTEditor's Pick

Losing you

 — A secret causes heartbreak. by LiveCat05/06/104.74HOT

Lost & Found

 — Can two people find love in an unusual place? by dahkme03/02/024.51HOT

Lost & Found

 — Finding is almost worth the losing. by snowgirl05/02/024.39

Lost and Found

 — One woman finds solace in the arms of a lesbian. by carrotsandpeas11/17/104.73HOT

Lost and Found

 — A chance encounter for old flames. by LiveCat04/08/134.83HOT

Lost and Found

 — A miraculous turn of fate saves a poor homeless dame's life. by Smokey12512/01/144.77HOT

Lost and Found

 — A lost traveler stumbles upon a recluse in the woods. by lonelyandinlove12/25/163.73

Lost and Found Ch. 01

 — A chance meeting reunites old lovers by Pen_dar03/15/124.76HOTContest Winner

Lost And Found Ch. 01.5: Miracles

 — The backstory of Miss Penny Isabel James. by Smokey12510/10/154.83HOT

Lost and Found Ch. 02

 — Vicki & Jo continue to find each other again. by LiveCat05/17/134.87HOT

Lost And Found Ch. 02: Where The Heart Is

 — Penny and Cesse's new project of goodwill. by Smokey12510/11/154.81HOT

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