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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Lost Angelica

 — She encounters a sultry ghost chica. by dusty12/19/004.05

Lost in England

 — Two American women on holiday in England upset bikers. by leighclyde11/08/023.54

Lost in Her Eyes

 — A growing love and friendship between two women. by melcat6908/25/084.25

Lost in Space Ch. 01

 — Two women take a voyage into the unknown. by Ignoble01/04/134.16

Lost in Texas Ch. 01

 — Three girls lose their way and then find it in Texas. by Evil Alpaca12/05/044.79HOT

Lost in Texas Ch. 02

 — The girls leave ranch for adventures at college. by Evil Alpaca12/13/044.81HOT

Lost in Texas Ch. 03

 — The girls find themselves enduring new experiences. by Evil Alpaca12/15/044.81HOT

Lost in Texas Ch. 04

 — Will a single lie destroy two girls' lives? by Evil Alpaca12/18/044.83HOT

Lost in Texas Ch. 05

 — Girls of the band have a date with destiny. by Evil Alpaca12/21/044.82HOT

Lost in the Fire

 — You come together with another woman. by Azleumas03/31/093.94

Lost In Translation Ch. 01

 — A struggling student seeks guidance from her professor. by soxjaded04/27/114.15

Lost In Translation Ch. 02

 — Jamie gets a beautiful surprise. by soxjaded05/06/114.31

Lost Lover Ch. 01

 — A woman helps her young lover get ready for her husband. by Boheminxen09/17/124.04

Lost Loves Reunite

 — Absence makes heart grow fonder & other things wet. by CHEWEY04/21/024.14

Lots about Me Ch. 06: Knives and Threats

 — Surprise knife-play. by TessMackenzie01/07/154.05

Lots about Me Ch. 08: Trying BDSM

 — She spanks me, then whips my chest during sex. by TessMackenzie03/14/154.33

Lots about Me Ch. 09: Belts

 — Flogging and licking with someone I love. by TessMackenzie03/17/154.27

Lots about Me Ch. 10: Salads

 — We make salad dressing with me. by TessMackenzie03/18/154.27

Lots about Me Ch. 12: Origin Story

 — Fingered in a pub (also why this!) by TessMackenzie04/29/153.67

Lots about Me Ch. 15: Mild Sadisty

 — Two stories about being hurt. by TessMackenzie05/02/154.00

Lots about Me Ch. 17: Tied Up

 — Two stories about being tied up. by TessMackenzie05/04/153.07


 — Smooth and soft in the bathhouse. by infructescence08/22/093.91

Lou's Girl

 — Butch/femme lust & love. by Katherine-T10/03/034.28

Louise's Humiliation Ch. 01

 — A middle class wife is shaved and humiliated on a gameshow. by CareBearPunk01/20/133.90

Love & Desire

 — Dreams come true in the unlikeliest of places. by GigGleS196807/31/043.89

Love & Obsession

 — Does love conquer all? by mummys dirty angel06/04/044.37

Love (Unofficial)

 — A lust affair between an Andro and a Married woman. by pinknpowerful05/22/154.25

Love (Unofficial) Pt. 02

 — The story of Claire and Megan continue, will there be love? by pinknpowerful07/09/154.53HOT

Love and Lust in the Welsh Valleys

 — A beautiful, young Welsh nurse succumbs to temptation. by Sultry_welsh_girl10/30/144.50HOT

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 04

 — Kurdish female fighters. by Scheherazade8801/25/143.90

Love and Support Your Stripper

 — A girl and her friends go to a strip club. by LexxiAnn01/13/11

Love and the Sort Of Rock Star

 — Caitlin and Brenda decide to rock each other's worlds. by DreamPisces02/06/114.51HOT

Love At First Sight

 — Lust and disappointment Turn into a steamy meeting. by minx_em03/22/064.27

Love Beach

 — Was it a dream? by suziesdad12/10/134.16

Love Bites

 — Reesa gives Shanda a new experience. by ladylove716902/21/074.35

Love Bites

 — When her heart is placed in the wrong hands... by smhgirl200208/03/043.96

Love Bites

 — A vampire LARPer runs into more than she bargained for. by JukeboxEMCSA02/12/114.37

Love Bites

 — Emily is compeled into a night of bondage pleasure. by Naughtykittykat1307/25/114.36

Love Comes Later

 — I love my best friend, finally. by Tayamo11/25/104.37

Love Eternal

 — Lesbian vampire seeks dinner and possibly eternal love. by RuthieMoore05/04/114.28

Love Found

 — Lesbian love, waterfall sex. by Naughtykittykat1306/28/124.11

Love in the Club

 — Kayla learns about love in the unlikeliest place. by SpicyPepper08/01/084.11

Love in the Park

 — Clara and Skye find a new relationship. by TMorgan06/18/054.26

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 01

 — Two long time friends go further after drunken night. by OldKingClancy05/29/114.16

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 02

 — Heather and Amanda both reveal their own secrets. by OldKingClancy07/08/114.35

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 03

 — Heather will always love Amanda but is the feeling mutual. by OldKingClancy07/22/114.43

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 04

 — Heather battles with her head and her heart. by OldKingClancy08/03/114.12

Love Is

 — A straight woman meets the love of her life at the park. by ijay03/01/114.36

Love Is Blind

 — A blind masseuse has her first time. by carieta07/21/033.87

Love is Strange

 — Two girls who aren't complete strangers find out something. by RainbowKnight05171309/16/133.90

Love is Universal Ch. 01

 — Denny has been hurt can Kari heal her and be loved in return. by Mega1504/17/113.94

Love Is Where You Find It

 — Nurse finds love in female mental patient. by Helen43205/11/024.26

Love Lost And Found Anew

 — She loses a guy and gets her woman. by Belisana02/16/064.68HOT

Love Lost And Found Anew Ch. 02

 — Continuation of Teri and Bri's new love affair. by Belisana12/20/074.67HOT

Love of Another Kind

 — Two women very new to each other. by vickster_84007/24/033.98

Love on the Farm

 — They find love where it's least expected. by RightThere06/06/054.74HOT

Love Thy Lovely Neighbor

 — Wife discovers neighbor Bonnie. by Bebe C10/13/004.26

Love Thy Neighbor

 — Sometimes lending may get you interest in return. by Charlotte35f03/04/064.51HOT

Love vs. Love

 — Goddesses Aphrodite and Venus vie for Athene's love. by Maggie Red Rose11/09/064.45

Love Without Limits Ch. 02

 — Roz reminisces about her past with her best friend Amber. by Rozalin_012312/01/134.52HOT

Love Won't Die

 — Religious trauma can't keep Polly from loving Cerise. by wistfall103/06/154.73HOT

Love's Trail

 — Brenda discovers love with the guide. by lilymay04/05/024.55HOT

Love: At What Cost

 — Two women fall in love on a cruse, but at what cost? by Myhands31609/27/104.80HOT

Love: Finding the Cost

 — Kim's story. by Myhands31601/14/114.77HOT

Lovebites Ep. 01

 — A young woman in London acquires two tastes. by Iggy_Ego05/29/123.91

Lovebites Ep. 02

 — Sophie Meets Her Maker. by Iggy_Ego05/30/124.29

Lovebites Ep. 03

 — Plans are made; a very special kind of toy is used. by Iggy_Ego05/31/124.17

Lovebites Ep. 04

 — Softbite initiation night. by Iggy_Ego06/07/124.41

Lovebites Ep. 05

 — Lady Christine's foreboding dreams. A half-breed makes a doll. by Iggy_Ego06/08/124.26

Lovebites Ep. 06

 — A sister-witch is made to beg. by Iggy_Ego06/12/124.50HOT

Lovely Cries by a Songbird

 — Jacqueline and Leah talk. by spellofasiren04/15/104.22

Lovely Cries by a Songbird Ch. 02

 — The day after comes early. by spellofasiren08/25/113.94

Lovely Day

 — An all-girl enema story. by bi susan02/07/044.10

Lovely Lingerie Lady

 — She lusts for undies model. by Tawny T07/17/004.72HOT

Lovely Lisa

 — Pretty girl has her first homoerotic experience. by Karie Love10/13/004.06

Lovely Night

 — You make love. by why4u06/25/073.88

Lover That Is Amber Ch. 01.1

 — My ex girlfriend and I have sex while watched. by laurambell06/22/094.00

Lover's Atonement

 — Lesbian torments girlfriend for past misdeeds. by BadHairMan10/17/082.70

Lover's Games

 — Bobby Sue experiences tough love. by Joseki Ko07/15/043.83

Lover's Surprise

 — Lesbian couple enjoying exhibitionist with slight domination. by Naughtykittykat1305/17/114.27

Lover's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Lesbian couple romantic loving. by Naughtykittykat1305/25/114.26

Lover's Surprise Ch. 03

 — A Religious Experience Lesbian Sex Style. by Naughtykittykat1306/02/114.26


 — She binds and pleasures you. by Wild_Elf11/10/013.79


 — Three is definitely not a crowd. by babydoll1710/10/07


 — Love and lust in a lesbian marriage. by Katherine-T10/07/034.48

Lovers Game

 — Lovers discover a new kind of love. by nickiche01/30/123.60

Lovers Without Realizing It

 — Love takes a woman and her boss by surprise. by RedEmerald03/15/094.83HOT

Loving a Woman

 — My fist time experience with lesbian sex by Lilamani10/31/104.02

Loving Amanda

 — An older woman provides lessons in love. by ChazThain07/15/134.61HOT

Loving Amanda Ch. 02

 — Amanda turns the tables on her lover. by ChazThain05/17/144.48

Loving Amanda Ch. 03

 — A former lover gets what she wants. by ChazThain11/06/144.43

Loving Audrey after Amanda

 — Danica tells of her and Audrey's lust affair after Amanda. by DAB3269711/26/08HOT

Loving Danica through Amanda

 — Danica rides out her first hurricane with an older woman. by DAB3269710/02/08HOT

Loving Family Ch. 04

 — She starts college. by slutbunny06/27/034.43

Loving in Italy Ch. 02

 — Getting to know Tessa. by jklqs200307/23/094.38

Loving in Italy Ch. 03

 — Telling about Tessa. by jklqs200310/01/094.41

Loving Las Vegas

 — Wife on vacation in Vegas encounters a sexy stripper. by CaroleS3202/22/014.27

Loving Lesbian Ladies

 — Fast friends discover lesbian lust. by Tawny T03/13/014.71HOT

Loving Memories

 — A woman finally gets the girl she loves. by ARaynes12/27/014.19

Loving Neighbours Ch. 01

 — Indian women's New encounter. by AZOE07/06/113.71

Loving Rachel

 — Two women, an affair, a new wife. by SweetArtemis12/29/094.39

Loving Shelly

 — Married woman explores her bisexuality. by nitengale02/10/014.34

Loving Tammy Ch. 01

 — A romantic tale between two young women. by givemenevergets04/17/084.19

Loving Tammy Ch. 02

 — Sara and Tammy's outing to the mainland. by givemenevergets06/19/084.32


 — Maggie wins more than a Grand Slam. by Slickman03/17/054.43

LtIG: Lesbian Till I Graduate

 — College girls get carried away after modeling. by Marilynmwf12/23/034.25

Lucid Dreams, Real Desires

 — A young woman's first lesbian encounter. by MermaidTears04/26/133.26

Lucky Day

 — A bad day turns good for a southern butch. by Saxon Stonedyke03/11/124.19

Lucky Fuck-ups

 — Claire takes her roommate clubbing and gets heartbroken. by LotsOfToys07/01/154.05

Lucky Girl

 — Her first girl in the shower by bigballs3409/28/093.61

Lucky Penny

 — She's a very fulfilled wife. by No Panty Girl11/20/053.14

Lucy Ch. 01

 — A young woman is desperate for her Teacher. by purrfectp04/08/104.27

Lucy the Temtpress

 — Lucy and Maya a sexy Russian girl get together. by sexy_bi_gal10/10/074.33

Lucy's New Direction

 — Lucy is caught, and learns something new. by emma_sub04/03/014.58HOT

Lucy's Story Ch. 02

 — Aunt Brenda fulfills Lucy's Dreams. by erosdreamer08/10/064.28

Lunch Can Be So Tasty

 — Two women meet for lunch, which leads to an afternoon of sex by dgowre04/09/134.30

Lunch Date

 — An afternoon encounter. by destinie2105/03/054.12

Lunchtime Fantasy

 — Taylor fantasizes about anonymous lesbian love. by mistressmine09/10/113.95

Luscious Lactating Lady

 — Naughty Nurse Jan teaches a new Mom. by Tawny T08/03/014.76HOT

Luscious Lola

 — Amateur dramatic dykes fall for an ingenue. by Crew Cut07/05/053.19

Luscious Longue of Lust

 — Two sexy teenagers engage in a sinful encounter. by SimonSays4403/06/033.36

Luscious Mae. Give Me a Whirl

 — Mae never slept with another woman until Michelle. by Sexylicious11/18/074.16

Lust for A Sexy Mother, Sexy Daughter

 — Lust for Mother leads to unexpected bonus. by Tawny T02/08/024.66HOT

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 02

 — Big sis enjoys Jake's visit, and so does her lover. by DITF03/01/104.58HOT

Lust in the Classroom Ch. 01

 — Freshman watches two hot teachers making love. by smudgebucket06/03/034.55HOT

Lust in the Classroom Ch. 02

 — More steamy sex in the classroom. by smudgebucket06/14/034.62HOT

Lust in the Locker Room

 — She shares her first bi experience with co-worker. by smj54ap05/18/064.38

Lust Letters

 — Two women find each other online. by peithos12/13/123.60


 — Lesbian sex. by pinknpowerful10/25/144.35

Lustful Art Ch. 02

 — Stacy and her student in the studio. by SapphoLust04/07/084.11

Lustful Art Ch. 03

 — Lisa sketches Elle in her studio. by SapphoLust04/08/084.33

Lustful Art Ch. 04

 — Lisa is hired by Janelle as a physical trainer. by SapphoLust04/09/084.23

Lustful Diary of Erica Ch. 01

 — Erica steals her friends panties and has fun. by brttsnchz03/21/094.03

Lustful Diary of Erica Ch. 02

 — Erica's dreams become true. by brttsnchz03/31/094.24

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