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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Maid to Order Around

 — College dropout finds work submissive sex maid. by Cicero605/10/033.74

Maid to Serve

 — Mistress requires a maid to serve at a 'special' dinner. by SweetJosie112/04/064.54HOT

MAID'en Love Ch. 1

 — Girl falls in love with her older maid. by girlloverrekha07/09/023.77

MAID'en Love Ch. 2

 — Lesbian love between lady & her lovely maid. by girlloverrekha07/17/024.16

Maiden Voyage

 — Latent bi curiosity is sparked by amazing puffy nipples. by BiCuriousKitty8203/14/154.58HOT


 — The mail, a moving van, an open door, all lead a new life. by marybethf08/28/064.53HOTEditor's Pick

Make It Up To Me

 — Two longtime friends cross a line. by BelleLindsey06/06/154.56HOT

Make It Up To You

 — Brooke decides she owes Allison a very personal apology. by DreamPisces02/24/114.45

Make You Feel Better

 — She discovers another woman is the solution. by shapeshifter3705/06/054.33

Making a New Friend

 — How one young girl was made to feel welcome in a new city. by Gutterslut09/20/024.05

Making a New Friend

 — Girls night out ends very differently than expected. by snowbo05/14/124.43

Making a New Friend Ch. 02

 — What happened later that night and the next morning. by snowbo11/18/124.49

Making a Pornstar

 — Norann helps Bonnie overcome her nervousness. by PantyhoseFan05/22/053.73

Making Blue Want Me

 — Two married lesbians - I made my hot wife pounce on me. by SunnyJohansen12/01/154.37

Making Ends Meet

 — Katie and Cher find another roommate. by Katie_did_it04/11/084.47

Making Her Cum and Cum and Cum Pt. 01

 — I just want more and more of her. by SunnyJohansen06/18/164.33

Making Her Cum and Cum and Cum Pt. 02

 — Deep, primal, sexual urges and needs take over... by SunnyJohansen07/01/164.09

Making Her Submit

 — A fun night of submission. by Desi9012/24/164.00

Making Love to a Nipple

 — Fascinating lust and love with a nipple. by bi_cathy04/19/124.47

Making Me Beg

 — Megan finds her begging - then she makes Megan beg. by LazyDays122103/11/084.43

Making Music

 — Choir roommates bond in new ways while on tour. by seetheartinme02/19/074.44

Making Music Ch. 02

 — Choir roomates rekindle their passion in the practice room. by seetheartinme03/16/074.55HOT

Making Music Ch. 03

 — Choir roommates relieve tension before a concert...and after. by seetheartinme11/19/104.47

Making Music Ch. 04

 — Alexa flies solo-then later performs duet with Juliet. by seetheartinme02/14/114.30

Making of a Motorcycle Mama Ch. 03

 — She returns home to recruit Patricia. by jazm4904/28/03

Making Out at the Movies

 — Married girlfriends discover a new relationship. by Sizzler01/11/024.56HOT

Making out at the Movies

 — Abby learns something about herself. by hockeyman110/15/094.03

Making the Call

 — Natalie takes up an old offer. by LingerieRobot11/12/094.55HOT

Making the Cheerleader Squad

 — Coach and captain select and bed the two girl finalists. by walterio07/14/134.32

Making the Grade Ch. 01-02

 — Coed experiences lesbian sex for the first time with teacher. by watchdwag11/26/114.40

Making the Most of Chloe

 — Two women meet up for a weekend and make the most of it. by Degausser12/25/084.41

Making the Most of Chloe Ch. 02

 — The girls have fun with a double dildo. by Degausser12/29/084.23

Making the Most of Chloe Ch. 03

 — The ladies experiment with food. by Degausser10/05/094.37

Making The Sale

 — A door-to-door sale turns into a very pleasant surprise. by Milene03/20/064.62HOT

Making Us Lesbianese

 — Arab American young women discover lesbian sex. by DeniseNoe07/02/084.14

Mala, The Last Vampire

 — Anna Lund meets her nemesis. by Marie Marshall05/05/054.59HOT

Malicious Malice

 — Alice is angry and out for revenge against her lesbian lover. by KAnneMeinel03/22/124.21

Mama Told Me Ch. 1

 — Motherless woman grows close to girlfriend. by Bill Smith11/25/004.24

Man, Those Tits!

 — Janice finally gets her hands on them. by mef10/10/063.38

Management Training Ch. 1

 — Female boss takes naughty girl. by Ralfy Riley10/13/003.96

Management Training Ch. 2

 — Boss & sexy girl get further training. by Ralfy Riley10/13/004.01

Management Training Ch. 3

 — Judith "comforts" boss's daughter. by Ralfy Riley10/13/004.38

Mandi's Fantasy

 — Mandi has her dream cum true with another woman. by lilangel20000105/19/023.05

Mandy & Brandy

 — Lovers taste the sweetest nectar. by sanityisgone4eva06/17/044.41

Mandy The Flower Girl

 — How one girl becomes gay. by Iconbuster5703/16/09

Mangy Threesome

 — Dani and Tori pick up a third women for a night of fun. by HeyItsDani12/24/114.51HOT

Manipulated Destiny

 — Even time could not erase the love that existed. by Alex the Cat08/29/134.83HOT

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 06

 — A bi-sexual encounter gets out of control. by BeamMeUp02/15/084.35

Manipulating Jenny Ch. 14

 — Fucking machine exhausts two curious sexy women. by BeamMeUp09/11/084.02

Manipulating Meghan

 — Sophisticated lesbian seduces a country girl. by tayla702/12/054.42

Mannish Girl

 — From the back, Kyle had looked like a man to Alice. by Madabouthair12/16/134.32


 — Witness Manuel's gift, and an unusual lesbian affair. by glenlover08/05/104.16


 — An exhausted runner gets help in more ways than one. by BuckRivers06/29/134.59HOT

Marathon Girl Ch. 02

 — Getting caught stirs some long-dormant desires. by Zedsded12/07/054.20


 — Love is found without really looking for it. by BarbaraG04/25/064.50HOT

Marcy's Late-Night Phonecall

 — Marcy calls Leah and Jack, listens to their bedtime routine. by unexplored_worlds02/27/174.30

Mardi Gras

 — Butch girl meets fantasy mate. by Crew Cut10/13/004.06

Margarete at the Window

 — Margarete and Lise make love and plans. by golden smog03/07/024.26

Marge Tries Bi

 — Marge seduces the pool cleaner girl. by gamma3305/15/014.27

Margie Gilday Ch. 02

 — Margie finds a career and a friend. by Madge06909/06/154.67HOT

Margie Gilday Ch. 03

 — Margie's adventure with her new friend continues. by Madge06911/19/154.61HOT

Mari and Petra: The Run

 — After a hard run, they have a workout of another kind. by TrueNorth196905/11/124.49


 — Maria finally gets her hands on me. by seeyoumonday03/05/143.26

Maria & A Bottle Of Tequila

 — Coed roomies destress together. by abracadabra_197710/30/014.24


 — A beautiful woman picks her up in a bar. by LaLaLady06/26/063.72

Marie's Toy Education

 — Lynn teaches Marie about vibes and dildos. by LadyJelli09/09/024.26

Marisol: The Summer of 07

 — My 1st experience with an older woman. by syreatadiva06/20/153.67

Marital Sex

 — Sex between a married, lesbian couple. by MistressJoanna08/04/164.16

Marleigh & Me

 — This time the teacher is taught by the student. by misspvamu03/21/114.09


 — A short story of roommates. by jjcole10/21/113.82

Marrying Angel

 — A little pre-wedding wager and festivity. by Mountain Rider06/04/094.66HOT

Marsha Seduces Her Daughters Best Friend

 — Soccer mom seduces 18-year old Amy. by Marsha_might10/27/044.33

Marta's Story

 — Marta has a love affair with a beautiful Turkish woman. by Pamtimaedias200112/16/144.28

Marte's Challenge Becomes Passion

 — Marte takes a massage from her friend and gets more. by storytyme04/13/044.62HOT

Marte's Cruise to Remember

 — Three girls embark on a Cruise, two drunks enjoy each other. by storytyme09/12/124.26

Marte's New Set of Challenges 02

 — Terra eats Cindy then gets teased. by storytyme07/04/124.32

Marte's New Set of Challenges 08

 — Three friends join in their newest dare with each other. by storytyme11/08/134.35

Marte's Newest Challenge

 — After 5 years, Marte is challenged to endure her friends. by storytyme06/28/124.53HOT

Marte's Newest Challenge Ch. 02

 — Marte will do whatever to get hers. by storytyme06/29/124.32

Martha in America Ch. 09

 — Martha and his sister talk and quickly do more. by leBonhomme08/09/134.78HOT

Martha in America Ch. 10

 — Admitting they like it and proving it without reservations. by leBonhomme08/13/134.53HOT

Martha in America Ch. 11

 — More lesbian sex. by leBonhomme08/22/134.59HOT

Martha in America Ch. 13

 — Martha and Becky do it again, anticipate brother's coming. by leBonhomme09/13/134.64HOT

Martha in America Ch. 14

 — Another day, waiting for Becky's brother - the best way. by leBonhomme09/27/134.67

Martha the Maid

 — The maid takes over. by LustyLee7708/06/084.29

Mary and Maria

 — Maria is seduced and has the best night of her life. by CountessPrim02/03/134.34

Mary Ann

 — I had to have her. by Seethru5710/31/094.24

Mary Peters Ch. 01

 — A young woman's lust for her strict school teacher. by Zeldas slave10/15/074.12

Mary Peters Ch. 02

 — Young woman's lust for her strict teacher continues. by Zeldas slave10/21/074.32

Mary Peters Ch. 03

 — A young woman's lust for her teacher continues. by Zeldas slave10/31/074.44

Mary Peters Ch. 04

 — The torrid lesbian affair continues. by Zeldas slave10/23/084.54HOT

Mary's Evolution: Book 03

 — Mary's horizons keep expanding - with and without Greg. by furryfan07/24/094.54HOT

Mary's Evolution: Book 10

 — Mary gets introduced to the inner circle. by furryfan09/21/094.44

MarynWood: Jenny Cleans Up

 — Alice is licked clean by beautiful nurse. by PallasAthena06/02/043.85

Masha Ch. 1

 — Acting student Kelsey finds true lust. by alphaslut05/03/024.72HOT

Masha Ch. 2

 — Kelsey makes a decision. by alphaslut05/05/024.77HOT

Masha Ch. 3

 — Kelsey runs into Lindsay. by alphaslut05/06/024.58HOT

Masha Ch. 4

 — Masha & Jane share wine. by alphaslut12/03/024.75HOT


 — Rich beauty's birthday ball takes a turn for the erotic. by BABYLUSH0510/04/014.30


 — Claire accepts an invitation to a sexual fantasy event. by JonnyD102/22/123.67

Massage As Therapy?

 — A massage after workout. by MsHoudini03/06/134.21

Massage Mat Ch. 04

 — Beth's horizons continue to expand. by KatieAnnBB02/26/134.67HOT

Massage Orgasm

 — Girl gets a massage, has first orgasm. by girlinpink07/15/054.05

Massage Orgasm Ch. 02

 — April's massage and her orgasms continue. by girlinpink08/20/054.58HOT

Massage Orgasm Ch. 03

 — April falls under a sexual spell. by girlinpink08/30/054.65HOT

Massage Orgasm Ch. 04

 — April embraces her lesbianism. by girlinpink01/11/064.58HOT

Massage Orgasm Ch. 05

 — April and Lisa become lovers. by girlinpink01/22/064.77HOT

Massage Orgasm Ch. 06

 — April and Lisa continue their lovemaking. by girlinpink02/25/064.73HOT

Massage Orgasm Ch. 07

 — April decides to call Mary France. by girlinpink04/15/064.78HOT

Massage Room Four

 — A woman's touch ignites a fire. by ronaldmiller42009/12/144.45

Massage Therapy

 — Liz's masseuse turns the tables on her. by smoothtones05/20/114.23

Massaging Darcie

 — Curiosity about a massage parlor pays off in spades. by Darcie O.08/23/074.44

Master J's Wet Orchid

 — An email to my Master, telling him about my naughty daydream by Wet_Orchid01/06/104.00

Master Told Me to Pick Up a Woman

 — I describe my sexual adventure to my Master. by KatikaSsorc09/02/154.37

Masterful Malice

 — When Alice is in command, don't we all feel safer. by KAnneMeinel03/27/124.65HOT

Masturbating with Sales Girl

 — Bi girl exposes her tits to sales girl and they cum together. by PalomasPussy07/27/114.22


 — Her best friend teaches her how. by ianbornscots02/04/133.96

Masturbation Club - Spin Off

 — Four girls spend an afternoon at Ann's. by Cousin-Barb07/26/064.37

Masturbation To Lesbian Lovers

 — Friends find they are more alike than they think. by HotSam11/25/012.71

Match Point

 — Opponents become lovers after heated tennis encounter. by Fay3206/09/154.38

Matching High Heels

 — Employee helps shy girl find her match. by snowynight08/16/114.30

Material Martyr

 — The stitch pulls tighter and the blood gets brighter. by TMAJO04/10/074.61HOT


 — Ever wonder what happens in a dark theatre? by secondskin04/29/064.12

Mating Rituals of the American Midwest

 — A sexy stranger seduces a local bartender. by ruby_slippers7606/15/154.60HOT

Matrimonial Malice

 — Alice is confronted with an unfamiliar by KAnneMeinel06/09/124.78HOT

Matt and Brad: Gay Lovers Ch. 02

 — Mom dates Matt's counselor. by SplitLicker6904/03/114.10

Mature Black Mama & Black Girl

 — Mature Black woman dominates tough Black girl. by Samuelx08/09/093.21

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