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Lesbian Sex Stories

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 — The perks of working at a farm stand. by kate_tea07/02/084.60HOT

Perks Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by kate_tea09/09/084.63HOT

Personal Ad

 — A woman steps outside her marriage to fuck another woman. by Insatiable_Little_Devil_200311/05/154.40

Personal Ad Pt. 02

 — A connection is building between two women who met online. by Insatiable_Little_Devil_200312/06/154.34

Personal Ad Pt. 03

 — Two women desperately need to connect again. by Insatiable_Little_Devil_200312/08/154.23

Personal Time Off Ch. 01

 — Getting the most out of a Brazilian wax. by Lil_kitty10/28/114.21

Personal Trainer Lust Ch. 02

 — Katherine tastes Rita's delights that she dreamed about. by Rocket101009/06/044.53HOT


 — Shy girl finds happiness and learns about fish and bicycles by Writer34510/25/154.03

Pet Shop Task

 — sue completes a difficult task for her Mistress. by littlesue102/16/074.26

Pet Shop Task Ch. 02

 — Sue is punished. by littlesue103/22/074.21

Pet Teacher

 — A sly student slowly seduces her sexy teacher . by silkstockingslover03/18/114.66HOT

Pet Teacher: Five Tasks

 — Tested: toys, gloryhole, masturbation and interracial sex. by silkstockingslover08/17/114.66HOT

Pet Teacher: Lesbian Club

 — Teacher Pet must pleasure three strangers at lesbian club. by silkstockingslover02/16/124.67HOT

Pet Teacher: Lesbian Toy Party

 — Teacher pet's final task is to be used to experiment toys. by silkstockingslover06/12/124.64HOT

Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submission

 — A bi-curious MILF doctor submits to a young seductive nurse. by silkstockingslover10/20/124.55HOT

Petite Woman Seeks Same

 — Bi woman places phone ad. by 8meout06/26/013.48

Petite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 2

 — She gives Lynn what she's been longing for. by 8meout06/29/014.09

Petite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 3

 — She & Lynn enjoy a 'double-header'. by 8meout06/30/013.85

Petite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 4

 — She leaves Lynn's house. by 8meout07/01/013.79


 — Non-consensual lesbian. by NzWiccan09/29/113.69

Phallic Forte

 — Acid induced cock invasion with lesbians. by sex slave03/19/062.87

Phantom Lover

 — She has a secret love affair. by LadyDartania202/22/053.22

PHIL 226

 — A new thrill in the library. by co102902/14/084.27

Philippines Vacation Pt. 05

 — Exotic Erotic Vacation... by MrsYoung10/30/154.34

Phoebe's After Hours

 — Late appointments at this salon are dynamite. by Georgette Glass10/13/024.47

Phone Sex Diary

 — Sexual conversation between women about one's cousins. by Paris Waterman09/23/114.22

Photo Shoot

 — College girl models for sex manual. by Amber09/17/024.39

Photographic Memory

 — A picture is worth a thousand words. by lucky-E-leven05/29/064.73HOT

Photographs Of My Lesbian Soul

 — A first timer has an encounter with a photographer. by akiss2desire04/01/084.46

Photos with Jane

 — Jane and Robin get together for a intimate photo session. by MarkAndRobin01/28/074.37

Phylicia's Arch Rival

 — Audrey is not as cold as she thinks. by CurvyNicole02/07/044.30

Phylicia's Arch Rival Ch. 02

 — Loathing, confusion, and masturbation the next day. by CurvyNicole02/23/044.31

Phylicia's Arch Rival Ch. 03

 — A lament for disaffection. by CurvyNicole03/08/044.48

Pi Mu Sigma

 — This sexy-girl sorority just got a new member. by Xelover06/27/134.29


 — A tricky situation leads an unexpected direction. by Texienne10/06/094.28

Pickup & Foreplay

 — Two girls try not to get caught in the act. by sandra_roxanna01/02/054.18

Picture Imperfect

 — Nude session photography leads to sappho sex! by BuckyDuckman08/04/124.52HOT

Picture Perfect

 — Catholic school lesbian sees more than she ought to. by portiababe01/15/014.34

Picture Perfect

 — Dana obsesses over a mysterious photograph. by Colleen Thomas02/12/054.71HOT

Picture This

 — A journey from disaster to triumph. by Shenachie09/23/034.36

Picture This: The Farewell

 — Friends discover their feelings for each other have changed. by Belle_in_south02/12/154.75HOT

Picture, Picture on the Wall

 — A lesbian escort finds a new client by Summer_flash11/13/064.64HOT

Pie Dream

 — Nichole guides Katie through her dream of self-discovery. by sandb5004/06/133.70

Piercing Desire Ch. 01

 — New piercings draw two old friends together. by SaguaroRose10/07/034.59HOT

Piglet Ch. 01

 — BBW Kimberly has first lesbian experience. by Clausimotto11/23/113.68

Piglet Part Ch. 02

 — Kimberly gets used by Mary and Debbie. by Clausimotto03/24/134.08

Pillow Princess

 — Receiving oral pleasure. by astuffedshirt_perv02/12/103.63

Pillows & Sheets

 — I cannot wait. by SeattleSex42008/02/124.02

Pink Dreams

 — Where we meet busty brunette Catherine! by NicoleHeat01/15/143.88

Pink Goddess

 — Well how would you act if a goddess visited you? by Brookell04/04/054.40

Pink Pussycat's Pool Party

 — While the guys are away, these girls do play! by BrettJ07/27/103.71


 — A dull grey summer day has some excitement. by infructescence09/09/103.44

Pirate Girls

 — A first time lesbian adventure. by onwardbob08/06/103.86

Pissed Off Bitch

 — Angry jealous girl confronts boyfriend's mistress. by mutterguffin112/11/02

Pittsburgh Women Ch. 01

 — Two sisters, like night and day. by Virginiawild01/06/113.61

Pittsburgh Women Ch. 02

 — We remember what we have in common. by Virginiawild01/07/114.18

Piyli with Mam

 — College instructor has fun with her student. by ananya_sili11/06/054.10

Place Your Bets

 — Two women meet in Las Vegas. by stalford01/02/103.82

Plans Interrupted

 — A lovely day in the park. by DanseParc05/26/064.07

Plantation Porn Ch. 02

 — White mistress dominates strong Black woman. by Samuelx02/28/102.94

Plantation Porn Ch. 06

 — Black butch is seduced by dominant white femme. by Samuelx04/02/102.82

Plastic Cups

 — A boring college party ends up as a great night. by infructescence08/22/094.26


 — Two lesbian couples get it on in the subway. by Enjoy.11/12/054.31

Plath's Place

 — Wife explores romance. by Headhuntertales11/21/043.90

Play Time with Mistress

 — sue passes her test. by littlesue104/28/074.16


 — Daughters play and so do Moms. by bcamer11/02/024.29

Playful Kittens

 — Best friends have a sexual evening. by mythicman6206/30/123.68

Playing A Round

 — A celebration was in order. by Ignoble10/13/114.35

Playing Catch Up

 — A unique way of assessing new job candidates. by carieta01/14/033.98

Playing Doctor

 — A medical exam Mary will never forget. by slitlicker6911/29/074.58HOT

Playing in the Forest

 — She enjoys herself watching a couple of lesbians. by jenny4her03/14/104.02

Playing Misty

 — Her first time with friends. by Paendora09/20/054.43

Playing Pool

 — The wicked games we play... by savismith02/12/124.54HOT

Playing with Alex

 — Finally finding out what it's like with another girl. by zadi04/30/094.43

Playing with Katie

 — An intern and an attorney hook up, which is only the start. by babygirl2711/07/134.20

Playing With Rebecca

 — Two college girls take a break from their studies. by babe1906/23/034.24

Playing with Shirley

 — I found my bisexual side with Shirley. by Plautus6903/01/114.33

Playmates Ch. 2

 — Claire & Vicky have an intimate conversation. by Bob Peale03/02/013.99


 — Young woman is kidnapped, and kept as a pet. by Writer34507/26/154.24

Playtime for Angela

 — A mature woman forced to have sex with another woman. by PJ29603/02/134.23

Please (don't) Stop

 — Motorcycle girl gets fingered for crime. by astrodweeb05/01/014.17

Please Fuck Me

 — Things get spicy at Bella's Nan's house. by Gabs_Blank_Pads11/28/093.54

Please, See Me

 — Will I ever be the object of her eye? by PygmyCoho07/28/124.44

Pleasing a Straight Girl

 — Straight girl decides she'd like to try it. by notabutch03/20/063.77

Pleasing Mistress

 —  The mistress sat down on the couch... by sex_loving_slave03/01/09

Pleasing Traci Ch. 02

 — A perfect evening with a perfect girl. by eroslit03/27/034.62HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 01

 — Julia's top lingerie job leads to lesbian discovery. by julie_julia08/20/054.58HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 02

 — Julia's top lingerie job leads to lesbian discovery. by julie_julia08/27/054.64HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 03

 — Julia's top lingerie job leads to lesbian discovery. by julie_julia08/28/054.72HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 04

 — Julia's top lingerie job leads to lesbian discovery. by julie_julia08/29/054.52HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 05

 — Julia's top lingerie job leads to lesbian discovery. by julie_julia08/30/054.77HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 06

 — Julia has erotic shopping experience in changing room. by julie_julia09/03/054.69HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 07

 — Julia's product launch leads to demonstrations in private. by julie_julia09/06/054.77HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 08

 — Julia explores special way to come with Kirsten. by julie_julia09/17/054.74HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 09

 — Julia learns more about herself and Linda. by julie_julia10/09/054.75HOTContest Winner

Pleasure in Control Ch. 10

 — Julia and Kirsten get together at last. by julie_julia10/13/054.81HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 11

 — Exotic sex in private is watched by Linda. by julie_julia10/26/054.74HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 12

 — Linda gets what she needs from dominant Julia. by julie_julia11/01/054.78HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 13

 — Strategy, fetish and elevators. by julie_julia11/24/054.78HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 14

 — Julia's initiation and Rachel's test. by julie_julia12/23/054.78HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 15

 — Julia and Kirsten's Chain Reaction. by julie_julia02/06/064.74HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 16

 — Julia and friends show off more than just clothes. by julie_julia03/16/064.76HOT

Pleasure in Control Ch. 17

 — Linda and Julia alone together, but for how long? by julie_julia04/05/064.78HOT

Pleasure Times Three

 — Three friends share a hot love affair. by sweet2lips01/03/023.13

Pleasuring Pam

 — Neighbor lends a helping hand. by mistress_diana05/19/034.60HOT

Pledge Week: Day 01 Monday

 — Ten girls in pledge week going through first day events. by Hollow_Eyes03/17/074.16

Pledges Ch. 01

 — A hot, black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose10/11/074.34

Pledges Ch. 02

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose11/03/074.44

Pledges Ch. 03

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose11/28/074.43

Pledges Ch. 04

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose03/27/084.50HOT

Pledges Ch. 05

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose07/15/084.50HOT

Pledges Ch. 06

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose10/17/084.28

Pledges Ch. 07

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose03/10/094.14

Pledges Ch. 08

 — The hottest black sorority recruits new members. by Stephanie_Rose12/02/094.41

Plenty of Leg Room

 — A date between two bisexual women ends in car sex. by BiLaura05/25/163.98NEW

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