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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Plumbed During Work

 — Role playing with client gets out of hand. by notnice6602/14/044.53HOT

Plus-Sized Sister Ch. 04

 — Pregnant and horny, I try something new. by JayLikestoRead04/15/154.22

Poetic Justice

 — She finds out her husband's cheating. And gets revenge. by AJWriter109/11/123.75

Pole Dance Gets Screwed

 — She gets rough sex from a gorgeous client. by DollyLyn04/09/083.82

Pole Dancing Christmas

 — Candy discovers previously unknown desires. by CandysHotPuss6912/07/094.21

Police Duty

 — Relieved by female cop on duty by hypno_jane08/08/044.43

Politico, Incorrect

 — The public dreams about its witchy servant. by CeliaisAliena10/03/103.19

Polly Likes Her New Pussy

 — Polly has her first woman. by SplendidSpunk04/03/104.43

Polly Said

 — Lisette meets Polly at a gay bar. by DirtyGeisha02/15/094.35

Polyamory Ch. 01

 — Young lesbian & married friend go to next level. by Bob Waters12/15/024.39

Pool Jet Orgasm with Her Friend

 — Two friends go swimming and stumble upon a jet. by loveyou1806/09/154.17

Pool Sex

 — Older woman meets younger woman for night swim. by SEXGODESS12308/28/024.62HOT

Pool Side Sex

 — Friends get hot by the pool. by the_real_prince200012/05/073.54

Pool Side with Terri

 — Fantasy about watching Terri masturbate by the pool. by SusansStories04/14/044.46

Pool Table

 — She takes you on the table. by Starrzback10/15/003.03

Poolside Awakening

 — Susan enjoys not one but two women. by Leslie06/28/014.06

Pop Music Ch. 01

 — Horny girl has plans for her best friend. by Barnaby06/16/043.71

Popped Stars

 — A concert, a vibrator, and a new relationship. by sexykitten12310/20/124.36

Popsicle Girl Ch. 01

 — Heather and BethAnne's story continues. by Cre8tiveBliss01/18/044.59HOT

Popsicle Girl Ch. 02

 — Beth falls more deeply in love with Heather. by Cre8tiveBliss02/08/044.70HOT

Popsicle Girl Ch. 03

 — Beth finds new way to keep her dream going. by Cre8tiveBliss02/12/044.64HOT

Popsicle Girl Ch. 04

 — Beth teaches Heather the ropes. by Cre8tiveBliss02/26/044.76HOT

Porn For My Partner

 — A story for her, from her. by Funk You02/28/034.02

Porn Store Fun

 — Female employee shows female shopper the works. by porn4fun12/08/114.51HOT

Posing with Penny

 — Ariel's after-school job is fun - & Penny is a bonus. by BrettJ09/11/053.87


 — Lesbian finds a subbie. by SIR_PERRY4410/02/043.91

Possession Ch. 02

 — Nikki begins her transformation. by SIR_PERRY4410/23/044.31

Post-Game Social

 — What happens after a rugby game. by scrummie08/08/054.08


 — What did Rapunzel and the witch do before Prince Charming? by pleasant_nightmares06/14/134.42

Power Out

 — The power goes out and an old friend returns. by marybethf08/15/064.17

Power Plays Ch. 01

 — Claire finds a new job and meets her sexy boss. by virginiaraine06/10/114.70HOT

Power Plays Ch. 02

 — Claire and Madison explore their attraction. by virginiaraine06/15/114.76HOT

Power Plays Ch. 03

 — Claire forces Madison to face her feelings. by virginiaraine07/11/114.61HOT

Power Rangers: LustFilled Space

 — Power ranger girls reunite. by Triple X10/15/004.00


 — Two best friends practice to impress guys at parties. by directorx02/25/094.57HOT

Practice Makes Perfect

 — Varsity cheerleader lusts after her coach. by Lady_Siren10/08/024.23

Prankster Ch. 04

 — Adele makes up with Sue Ann by eating her out. by Paris Waterman09/16/124.23

Pre Wedding Party

 — Bride to be is taught about sex by girlfriend. by Curiousalso910/11/044.25


 — She finds a woman & gets more than bargained for. by Lesly Sloan02/16/023.71


 — Pregnant woman turns to friend for sexual release. by intriguess10/23/013.56

Pregnant Fantasy Ch. 2

 — Lactating Darlene gets to know Todd's sister. by Story_Guy0001/15/014.41

Pregnant Passion in the Dressing Room

 — Mom-to-be gets a helping hand. by Stevie D.10/15/004.38

Pregnant Pause

 — Her pregnant friend opens a new world. by preggo-fan06/11/024.42


 — An innocent's sexual journey begins. by Traviata07/03/043.30

Prelude to a Kiss

 — Becoming a grandmother isn't so bad. by DAB3269709/24/094.68HOT

Presenting Petra

 — Petra's aunt shows her a new way of life. by Calandria206/28/104.45

Presidential Powers

 — A sorority president abuses her position. by hoededoe1204/02/054.58HOT

Presidential Powers Ch. 02

 — Melissa continues her control of Pam, new girls enjoy her. by hoededoe1211/02/134.54HOT

Pressing Matters

 — Simple household chore leads to much more. by matriarch08/06/044.52HOT

Prettiest Family

 — Two old friends find love. by nami04/13/094.63HOT

Pretty Boy

 — Detective Lucy's hunt for criminal yields a surprise. by Lesly Sloan01/18/063.85

Pretty Lin

 — Showing me what the stories meant. by humminbean10/20/084.74HOT

Pretty Lin Ch. 02

 — A Morning Story: happy night becomes morning. by humminbean12/04/084.84HOT

Pretty Lin Ch. 03

 — A day out and a day in. by humminbean09/14/094.89HOT

Pretty Lin Ch. 04

 — New explorations. by humminbean09/28/094.87HOT

Pretty Vacant

 — Valerie knows she isn't hypnotized. She's just... by JukeboxEMCSA03/18/124.30


 — The day that changed everything... by Stephanie_Rose12/02/094.40

Primal Innocence

 — She meets her destiny. by ElisFantasies09/20/024.39

Primal Urge Ch. 01

 — Her entry into the sorority of catfighting wives. by aviendha3306/06/05HOT

Prince Gyllen Ch. 05

 — Gyllen's sisters partake in some princest. by MythMaker06/11/154.00


 — She needed an interview. Instead, she found what she needed. by Ibea_Fox07/26/084.27


 — 18 year old transfers to new school bringing change for all. by Viktor_Delacroix02/22/134.42

Princess Ch. 05

 — Older woman humiliated by a young stripper. by soccermomcheryl04/12/064.45

Princess gets a Birthday Surprise

 — Mistress shows her Princess a good time on her birthday. by Lesbiansexslave6901/18/124.54HOT

Princess Ransom Ch. 04

 — Elle encounters a most welcome visitor. by Wifetheif01/12/154.34

Principal Holly's Mistletoe Magic

 — School Principal and a MILF spend the night together. by CandysHotPuss6912/16/094.50HOT

Principal's Pet

 — Mother and principal engage in extracurricular activities. by Penelope Street07/27/074.61HOT

Prison Bitch Ch. 02

 — Sophie meets her cell mate, Sherri. by pusylvr6901/29/064.57HOT

Prison Bitch Ch. 03

 — See what Sophie gets in the chow hall. by pusylvr6901/20/094.52HOT

Prison Playtoy

 — Missy surrenders her lovely body to a dominant guard. by Kansas02/19/064.47

Prisoner 666

 — Willow loses her virginity in prison. by Maggie Red Rose10/18/064.09

Prisoner Punished

 — A female prisoner is punished by a female guard in jail. by laffytaffy6903/08/083.91

Private Game

 — Lovers play on a private beach, and learn a dark secret... by CruelLines05/04/164.26

Private Lessons

 — Two instructors teach each other some things at school. by destinirains12/31/154.36

Private Lessons Ch. 02

 — The women's steamy relationship is challenged. by destinirains01/22/164.50HOT

Private Lessons Ch. 03

 — The women fall in love but Amelia faces a tough decision. by destinirains03/23/164.57HOT

Private Party

 — Two women explore each other & their D/s desire. by Fetish Secrets09/09/054.54HOT

Prized Inheritance Ch. 04

 — Jake travels, so Janet and Brandi have a girl's night. by gimlisam07/06/074.68HOT

Probably Prada

 — An unexpected affair between seemingly different women. by DaphneX07/29/014.57HOT

Probing Ginger

 — Ginger reluctantly accepts money to experience lesbian sex. by SapphicWriter03/29/164.35

Product Tester Required Ch. 01-02

 — Joanne and Jane land the perfect job. by firstsubmission01/02/164.36

Product Tester Required Ch. 03-05

 — Lesbian discovery and a suspension harness. by firstsubmission01/10/164.52HOT

Prof. K and Angel of Temptation

 — Professor/student. by AlixK05/22/12

Professor Crush

 — Amelia and Blake score with Professor Susan. by JennyX305/15/144.05

Professor Days

 — After Johannes has a crisis of conscience, she moves on. by SluttyRachel03/08/164.11

Professor Follies Ch. 02

 — This female prof is in lust with a co-ed. by DrNeverWrong02/16/104.25

Professor Kale

 — Kelly gets a leg up in her teacher. by grrlongrrrl12/19/094.32

Professor Marjorie

 — A student or a colleague, it's all girls together. by powelldonovan05/13/084.04

Progressive Disclosure - A Lesbian

 — It was a one night stand. by slowtenderman12/05/074.23

Project Down Under

 — Young woman finds love when & where she least expects it. by 2502kelly06/26/084.40

Project Girl

 — Dolly is molested in shower room. by Maggie Red Rose12/19/054.38

Project Girl Ch. 02

 — Dolly learns new lessons in lesbian love. by Maggie Red Rose01/01/064.52HOT

Prom Date

 — Two young women find love after the prom. by Lez_writer09/17/084.13

Prom Date Ch. 02

 — Amber and Sara's date continues. by Lez_writer02/19/094.54HOT

Prom Date Ch. 03

 — Sara's mom has a talk with her. by Lez_writer02/21/094.36

Prom Date Ch. 04

 — Sara finds herself in a porn shop. by Lez_writer04/22/094.37

Prom Date Ch. 05

 — Amber and Sara's relationship becomes official. by Lez_writer04/28/094.67HOT

Prom Queen and Me Part One

 — High school graduate makes a new life as sex slut by Crew Cut02/07/033.53

Promenade in the Park Ch. 02

 — Katrina and mom pick-up two hotties. by slitlicker6901/10/084.53HOT

Promises In the Dark

 — Priscilla meets the bad girl of her dreams in a storm. by JukeboxEMCSA07/24/114.53HOT

Proper Management Skills

 — Vice principal Mindy services her subordinate mistress. by laffalot05/21/144.53HOT

Protecting Marcus

 — A mom finds the saftey and love she needs to save her son. by Myhands31612/31/104.81HOT

Protective Custody

 — A pretty young stripper finds sanctuary with a lady cop. by Dumpington11/02/024.46

Proving Her Point

 — A young wife gets an unexpected ending to a double date. by BuckRivers11/14/144.49


 — Prudence submits to her dominant roommate. by Couture05/14/084.45


 — A therapist and her patient cross the line. by Tall_poppy12/17/104.70HOT

Psych Ch. 02

 — Therapist and her patient lose sight of the line completely. by Tall_poppy12/23/104.79HOT

Psyche's Ritual

 — A priestess enlightens the body and soul of her initiate. by jessiefitzgerald10/26/093.40

PTA Volunteer

 — A lesbian meets another mother at the PTA meeting. by -Ripley-09/06/114.67HOT

PTA Volunteer Ch. 02

 — Christine wants more out of the relationship. by -Ripley-02/03/134.47

PTA Volunteer Ch. 03

 — The resolution to Christine and Kara's dilemma. by -Ripley-03/25/134.64HOT

Public Masturbation in a Steam Room

 — Masturbation leads to her first bi experience. by Racqel11/20/044.39

Pulp Driving Lesson

 — James Dean-like Bette teaches Lorraine to shift gears. by Lyss07/02/023.90

Punish Me Again

 — Oh what good girls you are. What dirty fucking bitches! by Bad_Mazza04/09/134.04

Punished for my Sins

 — Straight woman discovers lesbian Daddy submission. by SuzySuburbanite07/20/024.31

Punished on Valentine's Day

 — Sub gets flogged and caned, not without cause. by RoseWilder02/11/084.55HOT

Punishing Amie

 — Amie did something wrong, now Rachel must correct her. by AdAnne11/11/154.00

Punishing the Babysitter

 — Woman decides her babysitter is a bit too nosy. by rachel_hirt03/20/114.53HOT

Purity and Punishment Ch. 01

 — Punk girl seduces, dominates girls at church abstinence ring. by LucienMarriott02/22/143.49

Purity and Punishment Ch. 02

 — Maxi fantasizes as stern Ms. Grayling introduces shy new girl. by LucienMarriott02/26/143.75

Purity and Punishment Ch. 03

 — Confession and chastisment: Maxi gets a humiliating surprise by LucienMarriott02/27/144.09

Purity and Punishment Ch. 04

 — Camilla helps Maxi capture her nemesis for kinky revenge by LucienMarriott02/28/144.14

Purity and Punishment Ch. 05

 — Camilla confesses to a lesbian encounter at boarding school by LucienMarriott03/01/144.02

Purity and Punishment Ch. 06

 — Camilla taps Ashley's kinky side-Fiona's shocking confession by LucienMarriott03/02/144.53HOT

Purity and Punishment Ch. 07

 — Fiona submits to pony-play with saddle, bit and riding crop. by LucienMarriott03/03/143.82

Purity and Punishment Ch. 08

 — Ashley corrupted, Fiona submits to humiliating lesbian orgy by LucienMarriott03/04/144.11

Purloined Tryst

 — Planned Halloween swinger party tryst goes awry. by sr71plt10/07/063.66

Pursuing Joanna

 — Lesbian cougar tries to bed a hot college girl. by Milene04/07/104.72HOT

Push in the Left Direction

 — A woman helps another to discover herself. by CurareSugar05/14/163.44

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 05

 — Carla's takes a vacation that unwraps her sexually. by Kissytina03/21/154.00

Pussy and Milk

 — Warm milk goes great with pussy. by wetmindey05/07/034.25

Pussy Cat Prostitute

 — Virgin and unknowing lesbian Kimberly finds a prostitute. by ameliapond12303/29/164.32

Pussy for Breakfast

 — ...The best breakfast in bed. by SunnyJohansen05/17/163.91

Pussy on Halloween

 — Cat trick-or-treater gives Lauren an unforgettable treat. by SILKsHEART10/16/013.92

Pussy Pupils

 — Friends get lesson in seduction by unexpected teacher. by EmeraldEye09/02/084.47

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