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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Revenge: A Dish Best Served Wet

 — Getting back at the hooker-loving BF. by AmyONeil10/17/033.96

Reverse Seduction

 — A teenage girl with a real MILF, her best friend's mum! by mandywilluk200011/26/094.53HOT

Reverse Seduction Take 02

 — A MILF and her daughter's close friend. by mandywilluk200012/07/094.43

Reverse Seduction Take 03

 — A MILF being dominated by a friend of her daughter. by mandywilluk200012/18/094.44

Reverse Seduction Take 04

 — I go on a date with an 18 year old lesbian Domme. by mandywilluk200012/25/094.53HOT

Reverse Seduction Take 06

 — A 43 year old is humiliated by her 18 yr old lover. by mandywilluk200001/12/104.40

Reverse Seduction Take 07

 — Finale: Sammi's dominance over Amanda reaches tipping point. by mandywilluk200001/16/104.41


 — Joanne revisits the loves of her past. by TE99911/22/064.53HOT


 — A tender and sensual time of loving. by matriarch06/15/034.50HOT

Rhea Takes The Train

 — Rhea stumbles upon a wild woman who gets an unexpected treat. by kris_cuteguy10/21/114.30

Ri's Plaything

 — Scotte wants to please her Mistress. by YumaMccall703/19/174.28

Rich Bitch Downfall Ch. 01

 — Well-to-do lady's lesbian experience jeopardizes her lifestyle. by annecinva07/31/064.01

Rich Woman Delight

 — Chance meeting on golf course leads to sex. by bibethhotwet05/06/033.49


 — A ride home turns into seduction and slavery. by Couture04/25/064.71HOT

Ridden Tempest

 — Lovers ride storm of passion without & within. by lucky-E-leven10/05/044.63HOT

Ride on the Wild Side

 — Emily's Spring Break in New Orleans. by Colleen Thomas03/26/044.77HOT

Riding for the Brand

 — Maria falls for state's only female bull rider. by Colleen Thomas07/25/034.80HOT

Riding the Dragon Ch. 01: The Preparation

 — Left at home, a wife indulges in her Asian massage spa. by BuckRivers06/11/144.13

Riding the Dragon Ch. 02: Inside the Spa

 — Left at home, a wife indulges in her Asian massage spa. by BuckRivers06/12/144.66HOT

Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 02

 — New Wife meets other members of King's Harem. by Loverspet04/25/074.33

Riding with Confidence

 — First time rider learns how to loosen up. by TheLitGirl06/03/094.00

Riding with Hannah

 — A first, graphic lesbian exploration in a tack shed. by hannahslover09/21/15

Riding with Kia

 — They make love--on a motorcycle. by alabamacowgirl6905/09/084.28

Rigan and Claire

 — New lovers spend time together. by theRigans11/02/134.11

Rigan's First Woman

 — Bi-curious woman explores sexuality with friend. by theRigans10/23/134.09

Riki and Cassandra Ch. 01

 — The first in a series of firsts. by warmandgentle06/01/114.53HOT

Riki and Cassandra Ch. 02

 — The girls continue to get to know one another. by warmandgentle06/24/144.67HOT

Riley and Jae

 — Riley needs help with calculus. by MerdTheTurd9310/28/164.39

Riley's Exploits Pt. 09

 — The Conference Part Two. by RileyAriadne09/05/164.48

Ring of Wishes

 — Jess receives an unusual package which reveals an item. by warnos07/13/144.13

Ringside Seats Ch. 01

 — A female pro wrestlers struggles in her career. by Evil Alpaca01/24/054.77HOT

Ringside Seats Ch. 02

 — Female professional wrestler gets blindsided. by Evil Alpaca01/28/054.79HOT

Ringside Seats Ch. 03

 — Tiffany is forced to make a decision. by Evil Alpaca02/01/054.83HOT

Risky Business

 — Her plans go wrong in the best way possible. by kinkybiitchx12/13/164.49

Rita & Rhiannon's Bet Ch. 05

 — Rhiannon pays her bet. Love the next morning. by BONNIEBREA02/28/114.58HOT

Rita Like Hymen Girl Jhanky

 — Her maid, she is virgin and she broke her hymen. by reeta07/19/094.25

Rita Steals the Show

 — Jackie's erotic Skype with Ian is stolen by Rita. by Desperado177509/21/164.19


 — Former rivals turn to reluctant lovers. by Couture04/07/134.59HOT

Rivals and Lovers

 — TV Yoga instructor resents the arrival of the new girl. by walterio09/01/084.00

River and Sonya Get Wet

 — Broken hearted neighbors have drinks late at night. by Idarrau01/16/144.05

River and Sonya Get Wetter

 — Time to shower away a sticky night by Idarrau01/23/144.10

River And Sonya Get Xtra Cuddles

 — River calms Sonya's morning with lustful licks. by Idarrau02/06/143.71

River Plus Lake Equals Wet

 — Jessi takes her Barrista girl camping. by jessijessi3406/08/024.48

Road Trip

 — My best friend gives me a very special birthday present. by Milene11/04/034.58HOT

Road Trip

 — My first lesbian experience. by Luvbug4006/15/064.45

Road Trip

 — Can't say no to a road trip... by sexykitten12303/12/134.14

Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Piper and Taylor make their own adventure. by Caitlin Anise04/11/044.30

Road Trip Ch. 04

 — Amber: how I love that name! by sundress197203/18/124.39

Road Trip Wonder

 — A chance encounter on the road leads to your lesbian seduction. by PlainJaneDoe10/23/064.17

Road Trip!

 — Jules and her neighbor, Marni, hit the road... by boo_dreaux12/28/124.41

Road Trip! Ch. 05

 — Discoveries, Delights, oh my.... by boo_dreaux01/20/134.58HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 06

 — Breaking in Jules' new Beemer... by boo_dreaux01/26/134.57HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 07

 — Jules discovers that three is not always a crowd... by boo_dreaux01/31/134.55HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 08

 — Marni and Jules earn their Mardi Gras beads. by boo_dreaux02/11/134.66HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 09

 — Flagstaff proves to be an interesting overnight stop. by boo_dreaux02/15/134.53HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 10

 — 'Sin City' lived up to its nickname for Jules and Marni... by boo_dreaux02/20/134.55HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 11

 — Their last night on the road ends with a bang(ing)... by boo_dreaux02/24/134.71HOT

Road Trip! Ch. 12

 — Endings...Beginnings. by boo_dreaux03/01/134.66HOT

Roadside Attraction

 — Fucking a Bulgarian woman with my sex show partners. by LadyFrederika06/13/124.12


 — She played hard to get. by pjonkml07/11/074.55HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 01

 — Two attractive women get together for the first time. by cymoril000111/11/084.27

Robin & Lisa Ch. 02

 — Storm chases Robyn into a chance encounter with a stranger. by cymoril000112/12/084.49

Robin & Lisa Ch. 04

 — Lisa faces the music for her inadvertent phone message. by cymoril000105/17/094.73HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 05

 — Finals week and Lisa must find some place quiet to study. by cymoril000102/07/104.58HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 06

 — Robyn and Lisa's relationship is clearly defined. by cymoril000103/23/104.60HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 07

 — Robyn's day does not go as she had hoped. by cymoril000101/02/114.72HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 07.5

 — Robyn's day ended well, but her night is just beginning. by cymoril000102/11/114.72HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 08

 — Lisa meets Mark and Robyn catches up with a friend. by cymoril000107/24/114.65HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 08.5

 — Robyn's unexpected reunion results in a blissful evening. by cymoril000104/11/124.74HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 09

 — Lisa manages her time and Robyn honors a promise. by cymoril000107/26/134.80HOT

Robin & Lisa Ch. 10

 — Robyn prepares for her weekend with Lisa. by cymoril000101/24/154.23

Robin's Magic Fingers

 — Robin gives Holly a shave and a massage. by sassypeach03/28/084.30

Rock Me All Night Long

 — Kelly meets her "Rockstar". Is it love? by Rockestarchik06/27/083.50

Rock Paper Scissors

 — Falling in love, the unconventional way. by ThickerThanASnicker08/27/154.83HOT

Rocky Mountain "Hi"

 — Bored wife finds excitment at a mountain lodge. by palles12/22/054.23

Roleplays Revisited

 — Busty woman gets bigger with help of lover. by ArthurianMorgaine04/11/044.39

Roles Ch. 01

 — Coed gets a new roommate. by sintax03/22/054.33

Roles Ch. 02

 — Sarah is turned on by Lisa's attack. by sintax03/30/054.47

Roles Ch. 03

 — Lisa's cheating ex wants to make it up to her. by sintax09/12/054.36


 — She was in charge, usually. by degenerate06/16/044.53HOT

Romantic Desire

 — Romantic. by SMaxwell06/26/134.47

Romantic Enema

 — She introduces her lover to enemas. by VeryDirtyDenise09/22/034.15

Romeo and Juliet

 — A ballerina deflowered. by softbite06/08/074.63HOT

Ronnie's Dress

 — An early morning encounter with an attractive woman. by PrettyPerkys02/10/174.19

Room 220

 — Hotel maid Maria finds surprise in room 220. by Ealing10/08/044.27

Room 621

 — Women strangers get keys to same hotel room. by steffen07/31/044.43

Room for Two

 — Two girls end up together in the shower. by Sean Renaud09/07/093.99

Room for Two?

 — Jamie has been feeling something towards her best friend. by For_the_writing_only07/30/154.48

Room for Two? Ch. 02

 — What happens when dad comes home? by For_the_writing_only08/07/154.24

Room Girls Ch. 04

 — A nice hot bath can ease many tensions. by cheeryorchid06/20/044.11

Room Mates

 — Analisa is awakened by her lusty roommate. by vyronika_knight01/31/074.32

Room Service

 — A young maid finds a pair of sexy panties hanging on a door. by secretLace03/17/153.91

Room with a View

 — Ceilia gets enlightened; four get a hell of a night. by secondskin05/12/064.29

Room With A View

 — Spying on sister in law & friend during a lesbian encounter. by The Freek06/21/063.82

Room With A View Ch. 01

 — Sally meets someone at a business conference. by patricia5107/23/084.42

Room With A View Ch. 02

 — Sally wakes up and can't scratch her nose. by patricia5107/30/084.46

Roomates Delight

 — Trisha walks in on Betty and things get hot. by Master_Vassago06/13/033.64

Roomies 01: Stress Release

 — Siobhan helps Kate relax from the pressure of coursework. by samFX09/27/124.07

Roomies 02: Other Side of The Door

 — Kate and Siobhan give Jess the stress release she craves. by samFX10/01/124.39

Roomies 03: Shared Learning

 — The girls return a favour on the tutor that sparked it all. by samFX10/01/124.38

Roomies Ch. 01

 — Innocent girl gets a lesbian roommate in college. by Goldeniangel07/26/054.13

Roomies Ch. 02

 — Erin finds out more about her roommate's preferences. by Goldeniangel07/28/054.36

Roomies Ch. 03

 — Erin sees some things she never saw before. by Goldeniangel07/31/054.37

Roomies Ch. 04

 — It's Erin's turn to get caught at something. by Goldeniangel08/02/054.33

Roomies Ch. 04

 — Melissa and Angie explore their new relationship. by GentleJake05/09/064.74HOT

Roomies Ch. 05

 — The conclusion for Erin and Shannon. by Goldeniangel08/03/054.66HOT

Roomies: Beginnings

 — Pam, Kim, a bottle of wine & their mutual discovery. by patricia5109/12/064.48

Roomies: Catching Kim

 — Pam thinks Kim is sleeping. She's not. by patricia5102/19/074.31

Roomies: Spring Break

 — Pam stays at a friend's house and seduces his mom by patricia5103/14/074.54HOT

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 01

 — Pam, Kim, & friends share a beach house. by patricia5111/05/074.31

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 03

 — Pam meets a vacationing schoolteacher. by patricia5111/20/074.57HOT

Roomies: Summer Breeze Ch. 05

 — Pam and Kim go skinny-dipping and make love on the beach. by patricia5101/07/084.67HOT

Roomies: The Coach

 — Miss Ford finally catches Pam. by patricia5110/04/074.57HOT

Roomies: The Trackmeet

 — What's going on in the back of the girl's team bus? by patricia5108/15/064.47

Roommate Adventure

 — Two college roomies experiment. by collegegirls00612/23/074.46

Roommate Auditions

 — College girl describes her afternoon of "open house". by innocentwriter09/09/064.41

Roommate Ch. 01

 — How many times can something accidentally happen? by The_Darkness12/23/064.16

Roommate Gets Strap-On Revenge

 — College girl uses strap-on to get revenge on roommate. by VeraNaomi111/22/133.63

Roommate Surprise

 — She was shocked when she opened the apartment door. by shaez05/09/044.03

Roommate's Girlfriend

 — Her roommate's ex introduces her to anal sex. by litpervgrrl02/10/054.44

Roommate's Mother

 — Amy is a predatory female. by leldon mclean05/29/054.37


 — College babes get each other off. by LittleDarling03/02/013.74


 — Two girls experience each other for the first time. by CyberKitten22103/15/024.04


 — Gem discovers her feelings for Anita by Dj_Maximus09/06/023.98


 — If a guy can't finish job, get a girl. by wyo_girl02/07/044.65HOT


 — New roommates meet for the first time. by Seductive_Neko04/17/073.99


 — New roommate proves to be lots of fun. by anna_mcgraw03/07/084.23


 — College freshman relieves stress with her friend and a toy. by lordroxbury09/10/144.15


 — Roommates discover the pleasures of lesbian sex. by Milene03/18/174.70HOT

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