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Lesbian Sex Stories

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Sapphic Fire

 — She comforts battered friend. by Brigit Astar10/08/004.20Editor's Pick

Sapphic Healing Ch. 01

 — Danni comes out of coma and into a new world. by fantac6406/08/084.45

Sapphic Healing Ch. 02

 — Danni's angel returns. by fantac6406/09/084.56HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 03

 — The girls learn that the truth can have a happy ending. by fantac6406/13/084.70HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 04

 — Danni sheds blood for the cause. by fantac6406/14/084.62HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 05

 — Jenni does phone sex and the girls get a surprise. by fantac6406/15/084.60HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 06

 — It's Danni's birthday. by fantac6406/19/084.57HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 07

 — Danni's first anal. by fantac6406/20/084.54HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 08

 — Jenni confronts Mom and Mom talks about her lover. by fantac6406/26/084.57HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 09

 — The girls meet the lover and make love to a fantasy. by fantac6406/27/084.61HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 10

 — Elaine's cottage and Danni's cum soaked face. by fantac6406/30/084.66HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 11

 — A minor crisis and a borrowed toy. by fantac6407/01/084.70HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 12

 — Danni and Mom take their relationship up a notch. by fantac6407/02/084.59HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 13

 — Jenni gets sneaky and Danni's new toy arrives. by fantac6407/05/084.52HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 14

 — Jenni learns the truth; Danni's body takes a beating. by fantac6407/11/084.65HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 15

 — The women recover from the new toy; Elaine & Danni. by fantac6407/13/084.72HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 16

 — Mary and Elaine reach an impasse on the relationship. by fantac6407/30/084.62HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 17

 — Stunned by Elaine's actions the girls seek a compromise. by fantac6408/19/084.69HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 18

 — The girls nearly destroy each other. by fantac6409/21/084.69HOT

Sapphic Healing Ch. 19

 — Mom turns to the girls for help and gets a lot more. by fantac6409/29/084.48

Sapphic Healing Ch. 20

 — Final: new lover arrives; the house dynamics change. by fantac6410/25/084.70HOT

Sapphic Love

 — First meeting for two lovers. by Miss Oatlash06/28/044.05

Sapphic Masturbation Fantasy

 — Lesbian fantasy in the parking lot equals a huge squirting O. by PalomasPussy10/15/114.25

Sapphic Seduction

 — Housewife accidentally wanders into gay bar. by CaroleS3110/12/004.42

Sapphic Soiree

 — A prudish husband leads a wife to sapphic pleasures. by libidinal12/02/024.44

Sapphic Solicitors Ch. 01

 — Attorney Stephanie decides to teach Rose a thing or two. by naughtykitten2101/24/174.57HOT

Sapphic Solicitors Ch. 02

 — Stephanie wants to know all about an exploit of Rose's. by naughtykitten2101/29/174.65HOT

Sapphic Stewardess

 — Passenger and stewardess enjoy sapphic thrills. by libidinal01/20/044.50HOT

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 1

 — New neighbor makes very good friends quickly. by Tawny T02/10/014.53HOT

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 2

 — Sexy Sue joins the two new friends. by Tawny T02/11/014.69HOT

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 3

 — Beautiful Joanne joins the intimate group. by Tawny T02/12/014.73HOT

Sapphic Surrender

 — Best friends want more from each other. by CamScorp08/18/114.07

Sapphic Treasures

 — Celebrating the beauty of girl-on-girl love. by jakladd05/16/044.29

Sapphic Wrestle by the Kettle Ch. 01-02

 — A young woman wrestles with a Sapphic relationship. by eroticbodhisattva02/13/154.64HOT

Sapphic Wrestle by the Kettle Ch. 03

 — A young woman wrestles with a Sapphic relationship. by eroticbodhisattva02/18/154.29

Sapphidex Ch. 01

 — There is a new wonder drug in town for straight girls. by Giveinforgood01/07/094.60HOT

Sapphire Eyes

 — You take a trip to New Hampshire. by querida206/25/073.89

Sapphire Eyes

 — Very old story of Mine. by cupcakes2411/20/124.10

Sappho Love

 — Sarah is frightened by a new friend. by sarah_siddons01/01/084.33

Sappho Night In Manhattan

 — Two friends meet again. by Darlene205/21/034.07

Sappho's Amulet Ch. 01

 — Woman finds an amulet with magical sexual powers. by gystex09/21/034.44

Sappho's Amulet Ch. 02

 — Victoria faces lust & danger. by gystex09/27/034.59HOT

Sappho's Legacy

 — Passion unleashed on the lesbian isle. by rkm1007/24/074.24

Sar: First Mission

 — Creation, training and mission, with a side of sex. by emap01/03/114.52HOT

Sar: Mission Two

 — Secret Agent Robot goes after the men hunting her. by emap09/22/114.50HOT


 — Coming home after the first date with Sara. by writer251201/07/184.04

Sara & Abbi Ch. 01

 — Finally two women become lovers. by LuckeeLust12/29/144.24

Sara & Abbi Ch. 02

 — Their love and drive continues. by LuckeeLust01/28/154.37

Sara and DeAnn

 — A woman with big tits faces competition. by leann51102/07/074.48

Sara and Lee

 — After playing with boys, the girls enjoy each other. by Kawaii Anime06/29/053.97

Sara and Linda in Mountains

 — Two coeds stumble across a lesbian couple in remote cabin. by Laura Smythe09/15/084.16

Sara Ch. 01

 — A college romance heats up when a secret is revealed. by hunterwren06/13/044.46

Sara Ch. 02

 — Sara tells Jennifer her story. by hunterwren12/26/044.25

Sara Gail

 — She fantasizes about her boss/sister-in-law. by rebelroze10/05/074.19

Sara Learns

 — She forces herself on another woman. by alirk11/12/073.26

Sara Submits Ch. 05

 — Sara goes clothes shopping as she prepares for the party. by Tappy_McWidestance11/09/074.61HOT

Sara Visits a Strip Club

 — She gets more than a lap dance. by Artist10106/10/033.89

Sara's Friend

 — Girls reunite and take their friendship to the next level. by Hea_2_sta10/13/004.49

Sara's Friend Ch. 2

 — She fantasizes about Sara. by Hea_2_sta10/13/004.37

Sara's Friend Ch. 3

 — Sara gives sleeping Michelle a treat. by Hea_2_sta10/13/004.47

Sara's Reawakening

 — High School friends pick up where they left off. by Jackie201/20/014.07

Sara's Secret Crush Pt. 01

 — In a dystopian future, Sara finds the girl of her dreams. by WaxPhilosophic04/25/174.61HOT

Sara's Secret Crush Pt. 02

 — Erica offers a welcome distraction while Kira's away. by WaxPhilosophic05/02/174.65HOT

Sara's Secret Crush Pt. 03

 — Sara rescues Kira and winds up in trouble. by WaxPhilosophic08/18/174.51HOT

Sara's Silken Ladder Ch. 01

 — Sara comes to accept her submissive Lesbian tendency. by Calandria211/05/094.56HOT

Sara's Silken Ladder Ch. 02

 — Sara's transformation, at Helen's hands, is complete. by Calandria211/06/094.48

Sara's Silken Ladder Ch. 03

 — Sara meets Kirsty and watches her caned. by Calandria211/07/094.45

Sara's Training Ch. 03

 — Sara returns to Cindy for more education. by Tappy_McWidestance11/28/074.54HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 04

 — Sara goes to Mistress Heather's House. by Tappy_McWidestance12/06/074.66HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 05

 — Sara returns Maggie's shoes then gets a workout. by Tappy_McWidestance01/28/084.65HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 08

 — Sara becomes a film star and party hostess. by Tappy_McWidestance05/16/084.67HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 09

 — Sara heads to Vegas for the Mistress / Slave ball. by Tappy_McWidestance07/26/084.66HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 10

 — Sara and Mistress Heather spend the day in Las Vegas. by Tappy_McWidestance02/07/094.68HOT

Sara's Training Ch. 11

 — The Mistress/Slave Ball is finally here. by Tappy_McWidestance04/21/094.70HOT


 — Friends live, and put up with one another. by Clare_Ca_209/03/093.45

Sarah & Christy

 — A recent divorcee discovers a sultry Jazz singer. by bogey10212/01/044.50HOT

Sarah Acts Out

 — Sarah misbehaves in public and is punished by her Mistress. by RoseWilder08/24/124.44

Sarah and Dominique

 — A Fashion Designer hires a Photographer to help her. by SapphoLust12/27/144.00

Sarah and Jenny Ch. 01

 — Jenny discovers that men are unnecessary. by teppictoo06/08/144.19

Sarah and Jenny Ch. 02

 — Jenny is unsure. by teppictoo06/14/144.32

Sarah and Jenny Ch. 03

 — Black Knickers and a Cucumber. by teppictoo06/21/144.54HOT

Sarah and Kelly

 — Two college friends share their first lesbian experience. by BustyLaTarte07/28/064.63HOT

Sarah Awakens in Paris

 — British wife is enchanted by the Countess. by Edwina11/18/003.69

Sarah Awakens in Paris Ch. 2

 — Sarah continues adventure with Countess. by Edwina12/25/004.21

Sarah Becomes a Lesbian

 — Sarah realises she likes to have sex with beautiful women. by derekcanwin7009/25/174.49

Sarah Comes Out Ch. 01

 — Sarah becomes infatuated with a sexy barmaid. by fishingrod4804/05/164.41

Sarah Has A Party

 — Sarah has fun with a brunette at her party. by sarahsmith198905/11/144.03

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 01

 — Twist on Sex with a cop. by alabamacowgirl6902/05/084.17

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 02

 — They take the next step. by alabamacowgirl6902/09/084.45

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 03

 — They continue their encounter. by alabamacowgirl6902/15/084.62HOT

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 04

 — Brooke goes home with Sarah. by alabamacowgirl6903/20/084.43

Sarah Meets Brooke Ch. 06

 — A night of raw sex between friends. by alabamacowgirl6905/23/084.60HOT

Sarah's Adventures Ep. 01

 — A wife gets suprised at a spa. by WritersBlockHead03/14/084.24

Sarah's Awakening

 — She explores feelings she never knew she had. by strange monkey07/28/033.41

Sarah's Bisexual Awakening Ch. 01

 — Voyage into lesbian sex, bondage and discipline by Sarah the Lioness06/03/034.43

Sarah's Education

 — A young woman's admission leads to a new experience. by PinkIris10/29/144.71HOT

Sarah's First Lesbian Encounter

 — Sarah visits her best friend's mum and loves it. by SinfulSarah09/01/084.64HOT

Sarah's First Spanking

 — Sarah wants a spanking and her female mate Jo helps her. by wwekiller03/12/094.36

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