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Lesbian Sex Stories

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The Cyber Seduction

 — Alicia confronts Jeff with her other love. by wild_jay01/09/014.41

The Dance

 — Wife is seduced by lovely woman while husband watches. by 3M_TA308/12/014.18

The Dance Pt. 02

 — The Huntress becomes the Hunted. by janellef01/23/164.58HOT

The Dance Teacher

 — Stressed mom Liz finds a unique way to relieve stress. by Jake Marlow04/02/104.48

The Dancer

 — It's only a show, but... by hiyasv06/21/034.06

The Dancer

 — A moment of sensual power exchange. by TheMaenad03/06/184.29

The Dangers of False Advertising

 — Straight girl gets unexpected surprise at lesbian bar. by Bob Waters07/01/024.46Editor's Pick

The Dark Revenge

 — Flavia's friends help her find revenge against her rapist by Jimnewsphotos07/15/144.49

The Dark Side of Flavia

 — Lesbian lover with a dark secret. by Jimnewsphotos05/21/144.81HOT

The Date

 — Two married women coworkers go to a company dinner. by saucy_angie06/07/094.63HOT

The Date Ch. 01

 — Candace gets Jenn excited about her date tonight. by Iravera04/05/134.30

The Daughter of an Empire

 — A captured Queen and Princess adjust to their new roles. by Generalgums11/30/174.32

The Daughter-in-law

 — Lonely daughter in law finds love from unexpected quarter. by AStropirate08/18/164.34

The Davis Complex

 — Kim needs to shift her paradigm. by randomencounter200310/05/054.75HOT

The Day a Guy Tried to Interfere

 — She won't let him take you. by littlemissnaughtygal04/14/033.14

The Day Has Come

 — A small question, leads to a large outcome. by thextreme2009/01/144.04

The Day Has Come Ch. 02

 — Liz and Molly's relationship take the next step. by thextreme2009/04/144.00

The Day I Caught You Cheating

 — She catches her girlfriend with another. by littlemissnaughtygal04/09/033.43

The Day I Shaved Myself Bare

 — Horny girl & friend play with themselves. by Carol Brady03/11/013.63

The Day I Shaved Myself Bare Ch. 2

 — Schoolgirl's lesbian fantasy continues. by Carol Brady03/15/014.18

The Day The Music Died

 — and the night it was reborn. by LaRascasse08/07/134.65HOT

The Day The World Came Pt. 06

 — J-POP girls cum together on O-Day. by A_Non_A_Moose03/19/153.83

The Dealings of Two Suburban Beauties

 — Beautiful friends get together for a swim & a shave. by Nyala05/26/014.12

The Dealings of Two Suburban Beauties Ch. 2

 — The girls relish their newfound relationship. by Nyala06/03/014.08

The Debate Team Pt. 04

 — Teammates satisfy one another. by Dafunks08/15/154.10

The Delight of Angels

 — Tihana's journey to her dark side continues. by Tihana09/05/124.12

The Delivery

 — A regular flower delivery turns into something more. by BlueMoonWriter04/20/064.44

The Delivery Girl Ch. 01

 — Delivery girl helps a lonely woman out. by PenanceS08/17/033.31

The Delivery Woman

 — An office worker gets a delivery. by rosebud_605/11/094.40

The Demands Ch. 05

 — Get-n-to me! by derek3306/13/154.35

The Demon Mistress Ch. 01

 — Arriving in 'Hell'. by kellym0101/23/153.91

The Demon Mistress Ch. 02

 — Welcome to Hell. by kellym0101/26/154.16

The Descent

 — A successful lesbian domme notices her life changing... by cutebabysadie04/23/164.44

The Descent Ch. 01

 — I don't know why I went there. by Sorian10/22/094.56HOT

The Descent Ch. 04

 — Heidi takes the dominate position. by Sorian11/05/094.44

The Desk Ch. 03

 — Before The Desk: Chloe reminisces about Nila. by fishophile11/02/054.73HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 01

 — Lesbian motorcycle club comes to town. by Quantuman07/17/114.55HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 02

 — The girls began claiming the town as their own. by Quantuman07/20/114.57HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 03

 — Connie is further initiated into the world of sorcery. by Quantuman07/21/114.52HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 04

 — Further descent into Anaconda's spirit world. by Quantuman07/29/114.68HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 05

 — The East and North Winds blow in. by Quantuman07/30/114.58HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 06

 — The war begins. by Quantuman08/04/114.58HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 07

 — The Amazons complete their circle of power. by Quantuman09/15/114.72HOT

The Devil Dykes Ch. 08

 — Lord Rachnid's evil plan unvails. by Quantuman10/10/114.45

The Devil Gets Hers

 — Mistress gets her own reward from her slave. by LLanerla06/02/144.63HOT

The Devil in a Black Dress

 — She finds her inexplicably turned on by a strange woman. by LLanerla04/09/144.45

The Devil Next Door Pt. 02

 — Katie gets close with the neighbor's fiancée. by HisDirtyLittleSlut12/07/144.48

The Devil To Pay Ch. 03

 — Sapphic Slavegirl Performs At Party. by TheDarkCloud03/09/164.43

The Devil's Gateway

 — The love of Caryn's life is hindered by church teachings. by wistfall106/22/114.59HOT

The Devil's Gateway Ch. 02

 — Caryn learns to overcome church teachings and to love freely. by wistfall107/03/114.58HOT

The Diary

 — Interesting things can be found in one's new home. by BlueMoonWriter11/10/054.44

The Diary Ch. 02

 — The tale of the mysterious diary continues. by BlueMoonWriter01/13/064.64HOT

The Diary Ch. 03

 — The Diary continues... by BlueMoonWriter09/28/064.68HOT

The Difficulties of Mrs Blair

 — Amy in control. by MaryR09/23/124.25

The Dinner

 — Friends pass the time at a boring social function. by herslave42008/04/054.47

The Dinner Party

 — Stella meets Ms. Right under most peculiar circumstances. by emmakaufmann11/23/014.19Editor's Pick

The Dinner Party Ch. 02

 — Barb and Maxine spend the afternoon exploring. by Kiwilass02/12/144.51HOT

The Disc Jockey

 — Exhibitionist shows disc jockey the joy of lesbianism. by leanne2k03/15/024.17

The Distraction

 — Eve has an encounter with a sexy woman sharing her taxi. by Cumilla08/29/104.21

The Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 01

 — A shocking family discovery requires an open mind. by PanzerFeck06/07/164.59HOT

The Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 02

 — Clinging onto the notion of normality. by PanzerFeck07/02/164.53HOT

The Divorcee's Proposition Ch. 03

 — Donna sets up Rachel on a date with a beautiful girl. by PanzerFeck07/05/164.50HOT

The DJ Ch. 01

 — A lesbian learns to accept her sexuality. by happyday12/05/074.53HOT

The Doctor

 — An inticing wet, erotic story for women by poeticjustize03/05/034.27

The Doctor and I

 — Anne gets more than an exam from her doctor. by ShyHottie09/06/054.56HOT

The Doctor and the Witch's Spell

 — The second installment of Requiem continues as love thrives. by TheAbsurd_student10/18/134.78HOT

The Doctor and the Witch's Spell Ch. 02

 — Chaos meddles with fate as Veronica learns from past faults. by TheAbsurd_student02/10/144.92HOT

The Documentary Interview Ch. 01

 — A College Professor is intrigued by a younger woman. by SapphoLust04/03/134.33

The Documentary Interview Ch. 02

 — Susan interviews Sonia, a Brazilian bombshell. by SapphoLust04/05/134.51HOT

The Dragon Lounge

 — A curator finds herself smitten with a mysterious artist. by virginkinks11/13/093.50

The Dream

 — Her dream leads her to explore a new lifestyle. by StanSmith12/17/014.45

The Dream

 — Fantasy Lesbian Sex. by summershade05/05/124.48

The Dream

 — Young woman's first time with a woman starts with a dream. by Skye_sub06/08/174.68HOT

The Dream Ch. 02

 — Jamie discovers something new about an old friend at a party. by Skye_sub06/22/174.68HOT

The Dream Ch. 2

 — Sara follows Rachel's lead. by StanSmith12/27/014.47

The Dress

 — She falls for the girl who stole her guy. by Crew Cut10/13/004.24

The Dress Shoppe

 — Lesbian shop owner does more than mend. by MarieLeClare06/19/044.25

The Dress Up

 — Missy and Jenny go on another adventure. by MissSenses11/09/084.34

The Dressing Room

 — Marcie seduces girl in clothing store. by FeJuggler04/08/024.06

The Dressing Room

 — A mishap leads to more. by erxticwhxre10/14/114.22

The Dressing Room Ch. 01

 — She finds more than sexy lingerie. by summaswine05/08/064.39

The Drive-In

 — Our Heroines enjoy an evening of cinematic entertainment. by JLinsky01/09/134.13

The Dry-Erase Temporary Tattoo

 — Two friends after a night of partying. by quite05/06/094.33

The Dyke-clit Exploder

 — The further adventures of Janice. by mef12/21/063.61

The E Was Good Ch. 1

 — Straight girl falls for lesbian at festival. by Scotsdude06/02/024.26

The E Was Good Ch. 2

 — The girls discover the joys of dildos. by Scotsdude06/06/023.92

The Ecstasy of Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Lesbian Love. by AdultAuthor901202/10/16

The Edge of Reason

 — Girlfriend tries to sooth Catherine in a cabin. by Fetch06/11/054.22

The Education of Emily Rose Ch. 01

 — A young woman's life takes a surprising turn. by MysteryMaiden05/13/094.36

The Education of Emily Rose Ch. 02

 — A college student embarks on a sexual journey. by MysteryMaiden03/27/104.22

The Education of Lisa

 — She wanted experience. by eroticorgasm07/27/104.27

The Education of Lisa Ch. 13

 — Night school teacher. by Christian Black10/28/064.18

The Elevator

 — It started out as worship. by Akireon08/07/084.50HOT

The Elevator Ride Ch. 01

 — Lesbian love on an elevator. by dyhanemmm04/18/034.06

The Elf Who Shagged Me

 — Tina's a real elf. Maggie plays one in a department store. by FiveWolves12/02/134.71HOT

The Email

 — Amy receives an intriguing email with specific instructions. by kitnkittykat01/21/104.36

The Emergence of Emily Ch. 01

 — Emily & Sara experience each other. by talk_tome02/11/034.63HOT

The Empath Cycle: 1949 In The Beginning

 — Two women discover they have a special bond. by AnAngelReally06/12/164.77HOT

The Empath Cycle: 2001 It Takes One - Book 1

 — An unexpected coming together of minds and bodies. by AnAngelReally06/13/164.71HOT

The Empath Cycle: 2001 It Takes One - Book 2

 — This explains that, but there's more to it. by AnAngelReally06/14/164.65HOT

The Empath Cycle: 2010 Carpe Diem - Book 1

 — Two very different women go through a crucible. by AnAngelReally06/15/164.64HOT

The Empath Cycle: 2010 Carpe Diem - Book 2

 — A new form of life is born out of love. by AnAngelReally06/19/164.48

The Empath Cycle: 2013 Two To Tango

 — Good intentions go bad. Mia gets a playmate. by AnAngelReally06/20/164.40

The Empath Cycle: 2013.1 Tamed

 — A predator finds her match. by AnAngelReally06/21/164.55HOT

The Encounter

 — Mysterious stranger gets involved. by Ranefox12/23/034.00

The Encounter

 — Lesbian Party Sex. by IlonaSkye01/08/153.99

The Endeavors of Costume Shopping

 — Young woman wants to find sexy costume for Halloween. by heyperkynipples10/12/174.36

The Enemy Who Loved Me

 — Agent K1 is captured. by 88girfriend01/17/104.30

The Enforcer Ch. 05

 — Vinny brings Candy and Maya together. by OmegaZone04/25/044.48

The Enforcer Ch. 20

 — Mandy make a new friend while in England. by OmegaZone12/11/044.46

The Entity from Beyond

 — A succubus forces herself on Erin. by Maggie Red Rose12/03/074.54HOT

The Erotic Adventures of Lenore Ch. 02

 — A widow discovers the joys of girl on girl sex. by Tenniecee01/20/154.39

The Estate Agent Ch. 02

 — Innocent saleswoman sells herself to get a job. by Dave93305/08/114.64HOT

The Estate Agent Ch. 03

 — Karen gets to know the maid - the phenomenal Fernanda! by Dave93305/16/114.71HOT

The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 09

 — Alexis helps Karima feel like a goddess. by KrisCherita12/09/154.42

The Event

 — Cheri's first female experience. by munchkin_luv07/05/084.34

The Exchange Student

 — Girl on girl loss of innocence at college. by Rebeccabranch04/30/154.58HOT

The Experiment

 — Is it really just her? by learnin12/10/103.33

The Express Train

 — A beautiful stranger on the train inspires some feverish fun. by LadyAlana11/11/174.49

The Extent of Friendship

 — When relationships go beyond friendship. by Sessa02/03/043.96

The Extra Mile

 — She has a hot little quickie. by destinie2108/05/044.30

The Fair Traveller Ch. 01

 — A straight woman has her head turned by a young musician. by Wellhung24103/20/144.30

The Fake

 — How far is she willing to go? by adambishop01/17/114.13

The Fall of Angela

 — An 18 year old girl wins the loyalty of an older woman. by Angela_Adamson05/29/173.72

The Family Friend

 — Family friend treats 18-year-old to a new experience. by mercuryskies07/05/034.30

The Family Pet Ch. 01

 — A tale of a loving lesbian marriage, in past and present. by Emmainpink06/22/144.48

The Family Pet Ch. 02

 — The young couple's first time and discussing dark fantasies by Emmainpink06/29/144.63HOT

The Family Pet Ch. 05

 — A romantic wedding and a steamy honeymoon in Lesbos. by Emmainpink07/22/144.64HOT

The Family Pet Ch. 06

 — Tay and Amy's honeymoon, while Karen is lured into a trap. by Emmainpink09/14/144.69HOT

The Fanny Tickler Ch. 01

 — Extract from the memoir of a professional erotic tickler. by CareBearPunk01/13/133.73

The Fanny Tickler Ch. 02

 — A young woman is tickled intimately on a TV Gameshow. by CareBearPunk01/26/133.89

The Fantasy

 — One woman's way to get to sleep. by Jaaamannn05/12/033.86

The Fantasy

 — A birthday fantasy turns into something kinkier. by MrBlack8602/10/183.98

The Farewell

 — Is it too late for the Truth? by Boo110412/02/074.60HOT

The Farewell Story

 — A night of passion and love, first-time between the two. by vv3mm05/05/153.96

The Fated Storm

 — Harper never thought a storm could turn out good. by Alex the Cat03/13/134.72HOT

The Favor

 — She helps out a cute young student, and is rewarded. by Carol Marie10/12/004.32

The Favor

 — Tracy could only remember one thing when she woke up... by AwkwardMD04/14/184.55HOT

The Fight Ch. 01

 — Female underground fighter falls in love. by KansasTrouble03/13/103.79

The Fight Ch. 02

 — Underground Fighter: conclusion. by KansasTrouble03/14/103.70

The Fireworks Continue Ch. 01

 — sub initiates a married woman. by sonyales07/10/044.51HOT

The Fireworks Continue Ch. 02

 — Sonya adopts a naughty pet. by sonyales07/17/044.63HOT

The Firs

 — A roommate's curiosity culminates within a copse of firs. by LadyAlana12/24/174.69HOT

The First

 — Seduction of a young woman. by GoldieDavis09/10/134.21

The First Approach

 — Her first attempt at approaching a woman. by sexkittendea6905/12/064.13

The First Date

 — Two women find what they're looking for in each other. by Sadean10/04/084.34

The First Date

 — 2 longtime acquaintances finally get it on. by goalie2606/06/124.42

The First Date Ch. 02

 — She brings out the strap-on to finish off the night. by goalie2604/08/144.42

The First Encounter

 — Two co-workers realize they have much more in common. by krazyck11/07/113.39

The First Five Days

 — Two online bi curious friends get together. by JazzyRockGoddess03/02/144.45

The First Lesson Ch. 1

 — An older woman plays footsie with Emily. by Chicklet09/08/024.29

The First Lesson Ch. 2

 — The lesson continues at Tiffany's place. by Chicklet10/16/024.36

The First Summer Weekend of '08

 — She and Cate at their little house in P-Town. by Nicolelabelle07/11/084.39

The First Supper!

 — My love for her gets stronger! by mairi92302/02/114.51HOT

The First Taste

 — You meet and explore with your internet friend for the first time. by MidnightTemptress07/15/104.34

The First Taste is Free

 — A vampire, a pixie, and sex in the snowy dark of night. by ZephyrIndigo10/11/134.63HOT

The First Time

 — Oh my God, you're a girl! by Memories07/17/023.90

The First Time

 — She finds female love. by LadiesKiss05/09/034.60HOT

The First Time

 — A fantasy lesbian experience. by Suavemente08/08/033.81

The First Time

 — She gives you a very special first time. by littlepoof12/17/034.25

The First Time

 — Married BBWs explore there lust for each other. by allysynn03/23/133.65

The First Time I Coached Softball

 — Two military wives are drawn together and find love. by Freewheel08/26/164.53HOT

The First Timer

 — Kelly shares a special moment with a single mom. by grrlongrrrl01/07/114.44

The Fitness Trainer Pt. 01

 — An interracial lesbian encounter in a gym setting. by grover1003/14/174.18

The Fitting Room

 — Two young ladies have sex while trying on prom dresses. by DaisyDuke02/20/033.85

The Flick

 — She pleasures you for film. by Silverwolfen12/27/003.14

The Flight

 — Summoned to meet my Mistress. by sylvie755704/08/084.39

The Flight Attendant

 — Donna meets a beautiful flight attendant. by q-tip01/28/014.48

The Floor

 — First, she wants a kiss. by Braide10/27/053.69

The Flop at Hopp Inn

 — Hygienic forgetfulness causes bad sex. by DeniseNoe07/13/083.53

The Flying Scotsman

 — College student is seduced on a train journey. by Sam Cornell09/15/044.54HOT

The Forbidden

 — Two couples, friendship, sex and ultimately love. by Diane Marie08/01/024.37

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 02

 — Part 2: tonight’s matches. by deepkick108/07/094.04

The Forbidden Gift Card

 — An office party gift is not what it seems. by MSTarot11/11/154.79HOT

The Four of Us

 — Two moms and their daughters plan a slumber party. by megan01/15/013.58

The Fox and the Hare

 — A young woman's first lesbian experience. by decoy8803/09/154.44

The French Connection

 — College girl finds love with French exchange student. by smj54ap01/26/064.53HOT

The French Girl

 — A girl crush on a Spanish holiday. by rescatooor06/26/174.67HOT

The French Gown

 — Wife goes out with girl friend and meets a lover. by KawGuy02/08/064.49

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