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Lesbian Sex Stories

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The Intern

 — New intern at work gets it going. by Nite_02/12/074.36

The Intern

 — J.C.'s sexual awakening continues... by jcssexadventures03/06/124.34

The Internship

 — Mature butch woman and college intern find love. by hr618308/13/084.57HOT

The Internship: Consequences

 — A college girl can't get away from her butch lover. by hr618310/20/084.54HOT

The Internship: Week 01

 — Rachel learns from her female boss. by secretlyshameless8903/13/184.64HOT

The Internship: Week 03

 — Rachel faces the consequences with her female boss. by secretlyshameless8903/22/184.58HOT

The Interview

 — Only one person can be in charge of the interview. by SimplySouthern01/27/023.93

The Interview

 — How hot an interview could be. by liebe91103/24/023.23

The Interview

 — A girl goes to an interview not knowing what to expect. by Kanah03/13/094.20

The Interview

 — Gina's needs a roommate, and Amber fulfills her needs. by Spookymuffin08/22/064.33

The Interview

 — Reporter Dawn interviews a female escort for women only. by patricia5105/14/074.55HOT

The Interview

 — A woman conducts an interview for her new personal assistant. by leyna3210/23/094.09

The Interview

 — A young female goes for an interview she won't forget. by Liams09/27/124.49

The Interview

 — A college student has an interesting summer job interview. by sensualsharon03/29/144.14

The Interview

 — She walked in, and found herself begging. by leane03/27/154.12

The Interview Between My Legs

 — Giving an interview to a podcaster, my submissive girlfriend. by KatPissinger11/20/174.17

The Interview Ch. 02

 — Amy flies to Amsterdam to finish her interview with Bridget. by Amy_D01/13/044.03

The Interview of Karen Smith Ch. 01

 — Karen must discuss her unusual relationship with Sarah... by Jokx6004/29/113.78

The Interview of Karen Smith Ch. 02

 — The humiliation continues... by Jokx6004/30/114.14

The Intruder

 — Lovely Kelly is visited by a mysterious figure. by SpringBloom10/09/013.24

The Invitation

 — An erotic vision in a public place leads to an invitation. by DarkAngel200701/10/084.33

The Invitation

 — Their lesbian wedding does not turn out as they expect. by The_Lady_Within03/06/154.39

The Invite

 — She attends a girls-only party. by mercuryskies10/01/044.49

The Invite

 — She finds a best friend in different ways. by Hea_2_sta03/10/064.63HOT

The Irish Girl

 — An erotic coming of age story set in Liverpool. by Shaima3204/11/174.66HOT

The Island

 — Female friends explore new fantasies alone and together. by 1seeyou6903/29/174.63HOT

The It Girl Ch. 01

 — Cassie experiences some magic with an old friend. by LingerieRobot04/23/154.52HOT

The It Girl Ch. 02

 — Cassie goes home and finds some surprises waiting for her. by LingerieRobot01/14/164.53HOT

The It Girl Ch. 03

 — Cassie gets to know Devin. by LingerieRobot03/07/164.69HOT

The It Girl Ch. 04

 — Cassie gets in trouble, and Rainey comes over. by LingerieRobot04/06/164.80HOT

The It Girl Ch. 05

 — Cassie has fun in the shower and at an audition. by LingerieRobot05/11/164.58HOT

The It Girl Ch. 06

 — A sad day leads to Cassie and her stepmom getting closer. by LingerieRobot07/07/164.22

The It Girl Ch. 07

 — Cassie gets some advice from her teacher, and a little more. by LingerieRobot08/10/164.58HOT

The It Girl Ch. 08

 — Mindy has discovered her step-sister's secrets. by LingerieRobot10/14/164.39

The It Girl Ch. 09

 — A going-away party game of spin the bottle gets wild. by LingerieRobot03/02/174.53HOT

The Itch Ch. 1

 — Jesse is overcome by her desire for a lesbian experience. by Lisa Summers08/30/024.65HOT

The Itch Ch. 2

 — Jesse finds a deeper lesbian attraction beckons by Lisa Summers09/04/024.56HOT

The Itch Ch. 3

 — Jesse falls deeper into the labyrinth of lesbian love. by Lisa Summers09/08/024.65HOT

The Itch Ch. 4

 — Jesse faces a family crisis. by Lisa Summers09/14/024.43

The Itch Ch. 5

 — Jesse and Trish consummate their love. by Lisa Summers09/14/024.65HOT

The Jackie Bailey Chronicles

 — Is it easy to find love during a nightmare? by WilBeLes08/30/154.75HOT

The Jacuzzi

 — Two women have hot sex in a whirlpool. by 1Carly_Bloom08/07/134.16

The Jewelry Store

 — I play with a lesbian jewelry store owner and her slave. by LadyFrederika09/25/164.16

The Job

 — To get the job she must give herself to her female boss. by Isambard8205/18/094.45

The Job Hunt

 — Gordana's interview is far from ordinary. by Crew Cut10/13/004.06

The Job Interview

 — An unusual job description. by elvagopequeno04/15/083.67

The Job Interview

 — Lucia puts Helena through an unusual selection process. by amandarachelcourville11/08/124.26

The Job is Hers

 — A sexy exec is tempted by her new temp. by bisexy_butterfly06/16/104.61HOT

The Journal

 — Mattie's secret fantasy gets fulfilled. by bustybabe2307/30/034.33

The Journey of Grace Ch. 09

 — Grace finally accepts herself. by -Ripley-03/20/104.76HOT

The Journey to Recovery Pt. 01

 — Pro snowboarder/actress struggles with sex addiction. by PKitty11105/17/184.65HOT

The Joys of an Innocent Attraction

 — Renee & her former teacher have fun. by GoddessInSC07/10/024.05

The Julie Journals: Ch. 03 Julie's Saviour

 — After running away from biker gang, Julie is saved. by Shady_Lady06/06/024.45

The Julie Journals: Ch. 09 Candy

 — Julie meets Candy the airline stewardess. by Shady_Lady05/17/024.33

The Julie Journals: Ch. 10 Seducing Sarah

 — Julie seduces a 'straight' friend. by Shady_Lady06/23/024.60HOT

The Julie Journals: Ch. 12 I Remember You

 — A return visit rekindles old love between lesbian lovers. by Shady_Lady04/19/174.62HOT

The Julie Journals: Ch. 13 Wendy

 — Julie meets Wendy, the question is, who has the upper hand? by Shady_Lady11/12/024.56HOT

The Julie Journals: Ch. 14 Alison

 — Julie meets Alison for the first time. by Shady_Lady05/14/024.25

The Julie Journals: Ch. 15 Educating Julie

 — Julie explores BDSM by being sub to two Dommes. by Shady_Lady06/20/024.26

The Julie Journals: Ch. 18 Cricket

 — Julie on holiday finds better things than cricket. by Shady_Lady11/04/044.37

The Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 01

 — Two girls come together. by Sapphos Sister01/19/094.57HOT

The Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 02

 — Shopping has never been so much fun. by Sapphos Sister01/20/094.49

The Kat Who Licked The Cream Ch. 03

 — Three (so they say) is a magic number! by Sapphos Sister01/21/094.61HOT

The Kiss

 — A little kiss between girls and look what happens. by JackFlash195909/03/014.26

The Kiss

 — P-Town story continued on the beach. by Nicolelabelle08/08/074.58HOT

The Kiss

 — A sensual kiss between two lovers. by texaz4504/09/083.71

The Kiss

 — Teen friends try lesbian sex for the first time. by twinkletushy04/21/114.20

The Kiss

 — Was she seduced or did she want to submit? by Bakeboss08/22/104.06

The Kiss

 — Kissing a woman change my lifestyle. by MamaRita06/12/133.23

The Kiss Ch. 02

 — 18-year-old lesbians try rimming for the first time. by twinkletushy04/25/114.08

The Kiss Ch. 03

 — Lesbian vampire seduces teen. by twinkletushy05/01/113.92

The Kiss Ch. 04

 — Lesbian vampire seduction. by twinkletushy05/13/113.91

The Kiss Ch. 05

 — Lesbian vampires get very kinky. by twinkletushy06/26/113.93

The Kiss Ch. 06

 — The final chapter. by twinkletushy07/08/113.59

The Kitchen Light

 — A tale of Sapphic curiosity. by Flashlight7.510/31/013.87

The Ladies and the Master Ch. 01

 — A Lady joins a new Master in servitude. by cymoril000111/23/094.21

The Ladies and Their Secret Ch. 01

 — Two lesbian lovers find a new way to play. by Aphroderos6902/20/09

The Ladies of Summer

 — Two women in 1890s France take a walk. by EctoJohn04/24/104.54HOT

The Ladies' Room

 — Lesbian love in the ladies' room. by JennyWrites4Fun01/11/044.43

The Ladies' Spa...

 — Dawn gets a Spa Certificate that she will never forget! by sexynursechef10/29/164.47

The Lady and I Ch. 01

 — The Lady has fallen in love. by ladycarrera06/27/134.19

The Lady and I Ch. 02

 — Greta meets 'Ryla'. by ladycarrera07/04/134.62HOT

The Lady and I Ch. 03

 — Carrera must feed. by ladycarrera07/11/134.45

The Lady Giselle Debut Ch. 03

 — Giselle's maid helps prepare her for the ball. by Kalista07/22/034.15

The Lagoon

 — A group of young girls discover a special lagoon. by Realistic_intentions05/12/164.72HOT

The Lake

 — They celebrate Independence Day with their own fireworks. by britster07/12/014.22

The Lake Ch. 2

 — The girls continue celebrating the morning after. by britster07/13/014.38

The Lake in Summer

 — Laura thought the fishing trip would be boring. by TE99909/30/064.64HOT

The Landlord

 — College girl rooms with an older butch lesbian. by hr618309/10/094.52HOT

The Lap Dance

 — Michelle learns where her roommate really works. by Boo110408/21/054.46

The Lap Dance Ch. 01

 — Laetitia changes Stephanie's strip club exploration, world. by rlabodame09/22/114.25

The Lap Dance Ch. 02

 — The day after Michelle's discovery. by Boo110409/10/054.59HOT

The Lap Dance Ch. 02

 — Stephanie owns up to her feelings and returns to the club. by rlabodame08/14/124.39

The Lap Dance Ch. 03

 — Stephanie's feelings for Laetitia reach a climax. by rlabodame12/25/154.42

The Last Fuck, Good-bye

 — Kelly says good-bye. by Colleen Thomas03/17/044.68HOT

The Last Night Of Our Vacation

 — Hippie Girl & Roxy get wild at the beach. by Horny Hippie Girl02/25/024.22

The Last Wish

 — A mature lady experiences her final wish. by DoubleH5508/07/173.86

The Last Word

 — Dana plans to seduce an older woman. by Phoenix7407/25/054.69HOT

The Launching of Slave Georgina

 — How I met Mistress and decided to become Her live-in slave. by Slave_Georgina05/01/164.43

The Laura Effect

 — At just eighteen, she has them all on their knees. by krr195708/20/074.79HOT

The Lawyer and The Policewoman

 — The story of two women with a hard and difficult past. by fermpera01/08/154.61HOT

The Laywer & The Whore

 — Sexy professional sees old rival selling her body. by TheDarkCloud04/04/074.23

The Leaders of the Pack

 — Two cheerleaders get it on. by SexyKat08/21/084.03

The Leech

 — An amateur lesbian dom finds a new way to use her sub. by The_Lady_Within02/10/154.00

The Legacy

 — A mother's legacy, a daughter's trial. by Couture06/01/084.66HOT

The Legacy Pledge Ch. 02

 — The girl with a silver tongue. by ilovelasagna08/08/174.64HOT

The Legacy Pledge Ch. 04

 — A lesson in obedience. by ilovelasagna08/17/174.41

The Lesbian & My Wife Ch. 01

 — Husband regrets bringing lesbian into the fun. by Astrid_Blew06/28/034.30

The Lesbian & My Wife Ch. 02

 — Husband sets up wife with lesbian and it backfires. by Astrid_Blew07/09/034.09

The Lesbian Boss

 — A boss reveals she has feelings for her employee. by Cherie_love12/11/144.38

The Lesbian Boss Pt. 02

 — The Boss who became my girlfriend. by Cherie_love12/13/144.43

The Lesbian Couples Matching Club

 — A lesbian matching game that these ladies will never forget. by DoubleH5508/11/173.90

The Lesbian Nights

 — Kelly must distract her landlady, or face eviction. by Audrey0701/25/174.46

The Lesbian Nights Pt. 02

 — The Second Lesbian Night. by Audrey0702/01/174.47

The Lesbian Nights Pt. 03

 — The Third Lesbian Night. Things get kinky. by Audrey0702/09/174.59HOT

The Lesbian Nights Pt. 04

 — Who really has the upper hand? by Audrey0704/12/174.54HOT

The Lesson in the Sauna Ch. 01

 — Willow has her first lesbian encounter. by Sexysmith7605/11/033.68

The Letter

 — Heartbreaking words lead to unexpected surprise. by DekeJeffery08/24/054.48

The Letter T

 — Hot girl on girl action! by tigerprawn08/09/094.44

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 01

 — Kate's first experience with a woman. by casey_1306/11/024.60HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 02

 — Kate takes Jordan by surprise. by casey_1306/14/024.65HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 03

 — An unexpected twist. by casey_1306/19/024.55HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 04

 — Jordan. by casey_1306/24/024.56HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 05

 — Kate makes a decision. by casey_1306/29/024.56HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 06

 — Kate wakes up. by casey_1308/02/024.62HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 07

 — Kate receives some news by casey_1309/18/024.61HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 08

 — Kate confronts Jordan again. by casey_1310/06/024.66HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 09

 — Kate makes a tough decision. by casey_1311/28/024.70HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 10

 — She gets what she wants or does she? by casey_1307/30/034.62HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 11

 — A hard woman is good to find by casey_1308/06/034.61HOT

The Liberation of Kate Shaw Ch. 12

 — The final chapter. by casey_1311/25/054.78HOT

The Librarian

 — A woman is surprised by two lesbians. by JosephBarnosky12/12/113.64

The Librarian

 — She's caught in the act - or is it intentional? by JoeBarnosky06/18/113.71

The Librarian

 — Working late can be fun. by JaamE05/30/154.60HOT

The Librarian

 — Unsuspecting librarian is accosted by an exhausted friend... by CleanRoom02/17/183.88

The Library

 — Lesbian encounter at the library by MarieLeClare02/17/034.14

The Library

 — A great place to read, uh, learn about lesbian sex. by RavenSSS03/12/104.25

The Library

 — She has hot times at the library. by hotnspicey05/06/044.19

The Library

 — I decided to see if the local library could fill my needs. by misha_niro06/07/174.49

The Lieutenant's Adventure

 — Female Air Force officer gets taken by surprise. by SamuraiSword05/24/064.50HOT

The Life I Love Ch. 01

 — A different kind of client. by trappedinside01/16/164.31

The Life of Terry Ch. 01

 — The Designer - Terry has found her first sub. by Fantasist07/20/124.06

The Lifeguard

 — Young woman rescued by lifeguard at beach. by LisaBeachBabe01/04/112.31

The Lift

 — Jilted girl finds satisfaction in the elevator. by portiababe01/15/014.25

The Lift Ch. 01

 — Two adult women sexually interact in an Elevator. by pollysyllabic05/17/174.44

The Light of the Golden Afternoon

 — Marlene agrees to model for her best friend, Natalie. by sparklingsilver06/20/184.55HOTNEW

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