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Lesbian Sex Stories

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The Waiting

 — Pet worships her Mistress. by Stephanie10107/08/023.21

The Waiting Game

 — A wife's trip to the parlour leads to unexpected fun. by wazer04/09/084.05

The Waiting Game

 — A light bondage encounter with a blindfold. by Nevada4104/14/174.38

The Waitress

 — Alex goes hunting for some fun. by alex_cat06/23/024.30

The Waitress

 — The pretty litle waitress drew her attention. by Shaima3212/05/164.54HOT

The Waitress Pt. 02

 — After their sexual encounter, Marina takes Lynne on a date. by Shaima3201/30/174.64HOT

The Wall

 — Two moms share sex in alley outside club. by jjsharshaw08/28/024.27

The Walled Garden

 — A new bikini and privacy leads to Sapphic exploration. by KayPS08/18/134.59HOT

The Watcher

 — Excerpts from the diary of a watcher. by LiveCat10/10/104.82HOT

The Waterfall

 — How wet will they get? by lizthewizz200008/12/024.15

The Way You Make Me Feel

 — A space cadet fights a hidden telepath at the Academy. by JukeboxEMCSA10/03/114.29

The Weakness In Me

 — Everyone has a weakness...and Mistress finds them all. by JukeboxEMCSA02/20/124.22

The Wedding

 — What happens when the bride's cousin meets her best friend? by LadyArduiana09/16/094.58HOT

The Wedding

 — The best way to disarm a jealous girlfriend? Seduce her. by KaraJ10110/26/164.66HOT

The Wedding Day

 — A bride and her mother each indulge in a little lesbian sex. by tayla701/02/054.40

The Wedding Domme

 — The pleasures of being a domme never get old. by CuntsuckerAbby8808/01/134.07

The Wedding Domme - Seduction

 — Our protagonist finds herself searching for a new plaything. by CuntsuckerAbby8810/22/134.35

The Wedding Dress

 — A woman finds her 'destiny'. by DottieWom01/31/054.54HOT

The Wedding Night

 — Kate and Sara cross their own threshold. by matriarch06/27/034.71HOT

The Wedding Night: The Morning After

 — Kate and Sara wake up to loving. by matriarch04/26/044.38

The Wedding Party: Claire and Tina

 — Claire and Tina become closer Bachelorette weekend. by Imstillfun05/11/164.58HOT

The Wedding Present

 — Her wedding day is nothing like she imagined. by RightThere02/16/064.54HOT

The Wedding that Didn't Happen

 — A bride gets revenge with her girlfriends. by PinkIris09/10/134.54HOT

The Weekend

 — She seduces her sexy girlfriend. by Indy10/12/004.42

The Weekend

 — Finally some alone time with the girl of my dreams. by bwelch8205/28/174.00

The Weekend Getaway

 — It was more relaxing than she thought. by sexxxyshuga2505/02/063.50

The Weekend Pt. 01

 — A First Time Lesbian Experience - 40 something women. by BiGrrl04/15/154.62HOT

The Wench's New Pleasure

 — She explores pleasure with another woman. by CreativeUK11/11/033.50

The Wheels of Beauty

 — I am invited for a very nice session with a special girl. by LadyDaisy04/28/174.07

The Whipping Post

 — Former domme initiates soccer mom into sexual submission. by Nikita_writer04/20/074.36

The Whitney Diaries Pt. 01

 — Two college friends finally acknowledge their feelings. by CamScorp05/22/174.25

The Whitney Diaries Pt. 02

 — Steph gets butt plugged and is fisted. by CamScorp06/16/174.64HOT

The Whitney Diaries Pt. 03

 — Whitney has fun with Jen and her boss. by CamScorp08/04/174.38

The Wifey & Me

 — New roommates have something in mind. by BlondeLoveBug06/18/024.05

The Wildwood Cabins: Cabin 3

 — Two new female guests meet up with Erin. by eroslit11/17/024.58HOT

The Willcotts - Nora

 — Hotel concierge submits to wealthy woman. by AmandaNightly07/10/094.10

The Willing Accomplices

 — Two girls enjoy tormenting captive female. by lustfuldesires06/12/093.79

The Windjammer Cruise Ch. 05

 — My daughter's first woman. by pouyqwert11/29/084.36

The Window

 — She watches another woman masturbate. by litpervgrrl04/06/044.45

The Window Opposite

 — Spying on antics of girls across the road. by Nomean_feet11/28/034.33

The WINE Party

 — Traci makes some new friends at a "meet and greet." by eroslit04/25/034.63HOT

The Witch and The Bitch

 — Is there something that can change her attitude? by adambishop06/25/114.24

The Witch of Elthian

 — A peasant girl learns to believe in legends. by Venereae06/19/174.15

The Witch of Hidden Valley

 — Halloween night, a witch casts a powerful love spell. by obscured10/13/014.41

The Witch Trials

 — Dorcas and Sarah risk forbidden love in Colonial-era America. by Fatwa_Morgana07/04/084.31

The Wolf

 — Jamie meets a mysterious woman. by Belle_in_south03/05/044.44

The Woman down the Hall

 — An editor and an assistant D.A find love in NYC. by Shaima3202/28/174.72HOT

The Woman in Black

 — Mrs Jennet Humfrye torments a new female visitor. by Pamtimaedias200103/20/153.77

The Woman in the Elevator

 — Leila's interview turns into something else entirely. by evelynarize05/02/174.31

The Woman in the Elevator Pt. 02

 — Leila gives a fantastic interview. by evelynarize05/17/174.56HOT

The Women at Work

 — She lets coworker in on her secret. by Fxfrc12/07/003.97

The Women Generals

 — Holiday seduction; military plane down; both at investigation. by slfoxx03/30/183.85

The Workout

 — Two sexy women enjoy a shower at the gym. by Dingy_Jo10/09/004.22

The Workplace

 — Sam decides to make another move on Amy... at work. by kjplotts09/28/124.40

The Wreck

 — Underwater Archeologist finds more than she bargained for. by Colleen Thomas02/19/064.74HOT

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

 — Better late than never. by BlueMoonWriter08/18/074.60HOT

The Wyrm's Curse Ch. 01

 — First chapter; fantasy setting; lesbian content. by Felix92108/10/124.50HOT

The Year of 1969

 — Discovering another side of seduction. by Cassandra198112/07/034.13

The Year You Missed Ch. 01

 — Two stargazing girls wind up doing a whole lot more. by PearlWulff11/23/124.07

The Yoga Instructor

 — Prequel to "First Lesson of Yoga". by Michelle_Maev02/03/044.76HOT

The Yoga Instructor Ch. 01

 — Adele suddenly finds herself attracted to a woman. by BookLuv101/07/113.52

The Yoni Massage

 — A frustrating day at work leads to a sensual tantric massage. by Nevada4104/15/174.49

The Young Sisters Ch. 02

 — Becky has fun with Sara while Jenny has fun with teddy. by pointless03/11/034.17

The Young Widow

 — Widow finds release. by flman02/21/104.65HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 02

 — Widow finds release. by flman02/24/104.66HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 03

 — The widow & babysitter continue a loving relationship. by flman03/07/104.54HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 04

 — The story of Anne and Jen continues. by flman03/08/104.67HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 05

 — The story continues as Anne's sister Lori comes to town. by flman03/19/104.66HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 06

 — Lori joins Anne and Jen in the Cayman. by flman04/19/104.70HOT

The Young Widow Ch. 07

 — The story of continues as Anne's sister joins the fun. by flman06/06/104.69HOT

Theatre of Dreams

 — Couple share their love of the theatre and each other. by All Red11/27/084.72HOT

Their First Time

 — Trans-Atlantic cyber lovers meet for the first time. by WillowPuss06/23/023.72

Their First Time Together

 — A young lesbian couple make love together for the first time. by justanothereroticafan02/21/144.45

Their First Time...But Not The Last

 — Internet love becomes a reality. by Missxc3608/09/064.22

Their First Toys Ch. 03

 — The Toys, but then Tongues! by leBonhomme04/30/134.54HOT

Their First Toys Ch. 04

 — Two and three girls enjoy each other - and a better toy by leBonhomme05/02/134.29

Their First Toys Ch. 05

 — Anything girls can do with tongues and toys and a cock. by leBonhomme05/10/134.18

Their Love was Meant to Be

 — She turns her rival into a lesbian using magic. by manyquestions12/15/083.78

Then Exhaustion Set In

 — Roommates too frustrated to care. by quite04/21/09

Then, She Kissed Me

 — The story of ElectricGinger's first time with a girl. by ElectricGinger11/06/114.08

Therapy After Hours

 — Best friends realize their feelings for each other. by flamingmushroom03/17/064.52HOT

Therapy Ch. 05

 — Maybe more BDSM and Lesbian..still slutty wife. by evals2203/08/054.24

Therapy Sessions

 — Therapist wants to take her to next level. by Wicked Ways05/08/044.13

There's a First Time for Everything

 — Woman who thinks she's straight finds she's anything but. by innocentflower01/02/074.53HOT

There's a First Time for Everything

 — Straight Girl Realizes Maybe she's not so perfectly straight. by shavedkitty2305/28/124.34

Theresa's Arrangment Ch. 01

 — College coed finds new ways to make it through school. by zerik7712/06/093.80

Theresa's Deportment

 — A female marital survival strategy. by reavan12/19/024.25

These Risks for You

 — You and your love are risky. ;) by drip_for_me08/01/174.25

These Two Girls Are Flirting

 — A sexual event occurs late at night in a small room. by Callidora07/29/064.37

They Both Recognized Each Other

 — Two classmates remember their short time together. by loveyou1807/29/154.34

They Change the Letters Ch. 01

 — She explains what took place with her neighbor by Op_Cit07/27/034.57HOT

They Change the Letters Ch. 02

 — Erin continues to explain her relationship with neighbor. by Op_Cit08/01/034.53HOT

They Change the Letters Ch. 03

 — Erin continues to clarify events. by Op_Cit08/08/034.64HOT

They Change the Letters Ch. 04

 — Erin established firmly that they are not gay. by Op_Cit08/08/034.75HOT

They Finally Meet

 — If Julie met her online lovers this is how it might go. by Shady_Lady10/28/044.57HOT

They Made Marion... Pt. 01

 — A mature athletics teacher is seduced by two petite teens. by JSF7912/25/174.50HOT

They Made Marion... Pt. 02

 — A teacher and two students find love in their own way. by JSF7903/02/184.29

They Took Their Places On The Bed

 — It all comes in twos, doesn't it? by mysterwriter03/09/033.81

Things can Only Get Wetter

 — Two women in a steamy shower session. by Lady_smut05/04/174.08

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 18

 — His first penalty. by icumonyourshoes08/09/074.14

Thinking of You

 — Barberboi thinks about her lover after she has left. by crewcut200006/02/024.08

Thinking of You

 — A buzz from THC can do a lot more than inebriate the mind. by TheAbsurd_student07/07/104.35


 — A vampire stalks the night for her victim. by Dyke_Writer01/25/084.11

Thirst Ch. 03

 — Pre-amble to Chapters 1 and 2. by dulcisfontis11/11/084.25

This Choice We Make

 — When Anne is on life support, her lover is must choose. by LadyTigeress09/30/054.55HOT

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 01

 — Ethan doesn't woo Audrey quite the way Maggie does. by MaggieG04/06/134.43

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 02

 — "So you're a lesbian now?" by MaggieG04/12/134.51HOT

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 03

 — Audrey stumbles upon Maggie in a delicious way. by MaggieG04/27/134.59HOT

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 04

 — Vodka, Peter Vaughn, Mom, and taking it all in stride. by MaggieG05/14/134.58HOT

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 05

 — New York, New York: It's a hell of a town. by MaggieG05/19/134.42

This Could Get Interesting Ch. 06

 — Peter - 0: Maggie - 1. by MaggieG05/25/134.66HOT

This Doesn't Mean I'm A Lesbian

 — Phoebe has fun while Sophia sleeps. by ElleEmm03/27/154.12

This Might Get Interesting Ch. 01

 — College girl has a lesbian fantasy. by ajiowa08/07/054.33

This Might Get Interesting Ch. 02

 — Marie's fantasy becomes a reality. by ajiowa08/19/054.43

This Time...

 — A second chance to start over again. by cawastedyouth08/05/114.64HOT

This Woman's Work

 — , give them back to me. by Anonymous Author11/18/064.35

Thongs & Things

 — After hours newbie initiation at a lingerie photo shoot. by Nicolelabelle12/17/054.54HOT


 — Her dominant lover has a long night planned. by windowswindows01/18/124.39

Those Eyes

 — A DJ and her girlfriend get naughty in a Beijing Club. by krewlife07/25/144.34

Threat of Foreclosure Ch. 03

 — Tanya proves her value to the studio. by fantac6303/08/174.60HOT

Threat of Foreclosure Ch. 04

 — Tanya visits the soon to be ex in-laws. by fantac6303/17/174.39

Threat of Foreclosure Ch. 05

 — New playmates arrive and Tanya gets initiated. by fantac6304/02/174.31

Threat of Foreclosure Ch. 06

 — It's time to head for home. by fantac6305/24/174.05


 — We both want to hear you come. by 038430208/28/174.16

Three As One

 — First time lesbian is a thrill for you and me. by hammy4909/05/123.70

Three Coins in the Fountain Pt. 01

 — On a recent trip to Italy I met a very special girl. by little_donna11/26/134.08

Three days before Christmas

 — Lucy makes a new friend. by LeggieLibby12/05/124.50HOT

Three Girls Ch. 01

 — Three girls get to know each other. by Otazel04/18/064.38

Three Horny Moms 03

 — Serena seduces Jill, or is it the other way round? by SirSinn08/30/134.58HOT

Three Is a Party

 — An intimate lesbian threesome. by xxsophiexx12/16/123.68

Three Nymphs and a Princess

 — Three girl students initiate their new roommate. by welshman11/12/024.36

Three of a Kind Ch. 06

 — The triangle broken (formerly the Four-Side Triangle). by hotmann09/22/064.41

Three On One!

 — Nan's first lesson sure is fun. by OneWhoKnows01/29/074.27

Three Steps to Heaven

 — A doorway collision changes Jessie's life. by Maonaigh11/07/174.83HOT

Three Threesomes Ch. 01

 — Summer encounter between my girlfriend, myself and a friend. by tempr197402/07/184.31

Three Times a Lady

 — Threeway fun. by LimeyLady09/10/174.44

Three Way Surprise

 — She's given her first experience with a threesome. by SoulPatch08/29/034.41

Three Weeks

 — The new girl in school has plans. by -Sadie26-06/11/044.11

Three Women

 — A chance encounter of three women looking for fun. by Aphroditee11/05/033.96

Three Years, Two Months, One Week..

 — ...and Roughly 22 Hours. Part Three of Erin and Kate's Story. by 18408104/16/184.92HOTNEW

Three's a Circle, Not a Triangle Ch. 01

 — Risking being caught, Susan and Crystal do one another. by SusanJillParker02/10/133.92

Three's A Crowd

 — Friends get together for a threeway that isn't... by Ranefox03/21/043.23

Three's Company

 — It's always nice to share with friends by mercuryskies03/17/034.24

Three's Company

 — Jessica & Britney spice things up on their anniversary. by Yort00910/07/044.04

Three, if by Sea

 — Bisexual wonder and lesbian desire. by Eldro Rolod211/02/054.74HOT

Threesome Weekend

 — My two friends come to visit for a girl's weekend. by CoyoteGirl6906/13/074.69HOT

Threesome with Lizzy and Michalla

 — Three friends spend the night at Katie's and have some fun. by loveyou1806/18/154.28

Throbbing Pussies

 — 1 female turns into 2 brunettes pussy grinding hard. by cliterotica___07/17/154.08

Through Thick and Thin

 — A lesbian stuck in a troublesome marriage makes a new buddy. by Smokey12507/15/154.68HOT

Thru-hiking the AT: Hiawassee, GA

 — Four hikers spend a couple of nights in a hotel in Hiawassee. by 2Write2Live03/14/184.51HOT


 — Demure girl is taken roughly by another woman. by girlfridae05/08/05

Thursday Night

 — Unexpected phone sex. by JennyX307/06/124.13

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