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Thanks for sharing

Though not sure how it was a Halloween story it was a pleasure to read.

Hot, sweet, sad

That was incredibly sexy. Pity they never ended up hooking up again. Still, that's how life is sometimes. And you always end up wondering what might have been...


what a wonderfull feel of submission, thank you for the details

Aaah, high school...

My first experience with another girl was with my best friend in high school. That's how it all starts, experimenting and "helping" each other feel good... Nicely written, believable story!

One more chapter?

If you're in a place to start writing again, a Chapter 5 would be a wonderful place to start...

Truly, One of a Kind.

There's just something about this story. Your writing is so authentic vespa! There might be thousands or millions of stories on this site, but there is only one like this one. It's so sexy and and passionate, and yet somehow still incredibly adorable. It's heartfelt but without having to explain why. Beth, Jenn, and Ashley are so genuine. I just want to snuggle them all up! I guess that's why I like it so much. I hope you'll write more stories someday because you have a special talent.


I really like the story. I thought, though, that Andy's family's issues are unresolved. I understand their feelings at the gathering but would they ever change? Would they ever accept Melanie and her? What's the long-term relationship going to be? Anyway, thanks for the story.


Short but to the point. Loved it. thanks

Very Believable

This sorry is very sensitive with regard to how people make the bridge from friendship to sex, with the sex being very hot.

Please continue to write!


Well I just spent my weekend reading all your stories. Your stories r the best that I have read on here. Some people might get turned off on the length of them, but I rather read the entire thing without having to wait for chapters that sometimes never come. Can't wait for the next one.

Next Chapter

For those asking, the next chapter has been submitted and should be posted in the next few days... hopefully. =P


I disagree with all the other comments this is an amazing and sexy story please please continue!!!

oooooo my

I love the story, on edge for more.
to be taken by an older woman, under her sensual control is such a high, willing to do anything for her, oooooooooo
thks again, your super


I just loved that story, so moving, had me in tears several times. I did not want to stop reading it but at the same time did not want it to end, the best I have read!

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