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lovely seduction story

Wow! You really have "the Voice". A lovely, wonderful seduction story fully of tenderness. You nailed it - a 5 star story. Pls. keep it up!


I loved the carnal hunt that developed between them both. Beautifully written.

I can't vote on this because ...

I can't stand stories that are about "turning" hetero women into lesbians, or hetero guys into gay guys either. It's certainly possible that the narrator is in denial about being lesbian, but it's 100 percent wrong for a lesbian woman to take advantage of her.

his also plays up the idea (recently posted on a lesbian-themed website) that a vast majority of all women are lesbians, either overtly or latently. By that reasoning, an incredible number of hetero marriages will go to hell because she is secretly gay, ruining the lives of billions of men who went into marriage with honest feelings. Maybe not billions -- a huge number of men just assume and an incredible number mistreat their wives or girlfriends -- but the men who truly love their wives would be devastated. Even two of my lesbian friends treat that idea with contempt.

If the narrator is truly hetero, she needs to get out of this relationship at once. She should not "settle" for the first man who can give her children; she should hold on for a man who can treat her as well as she needs to be treated (it looks like she needs a lot of boost to her self-esteem), and whom she can love without reservation.


A promising first chapter of a thriller although you could have done with some good editing. I see it's ten years now since this chapter was posted so I guess we're never going to know what happens next. A pity!

Not bad

Not a bad little story but I think you could have done with a good editor. There are a lot of spelling errors and what could be typos, and you had a tendency to change tenses within the tale. However, it was enjoyable enough and I've given you four stars---it would have been five but for the errors.

Great start!

Great start but ended to quick! Hope you add more to this!

Oh My

Dear Sweet Vixy,
You my Dear have painted a true masterpiece. You had me from the very beginning all of the way trough this amazing love story. I have only been a Literotica reader for a few months but your writing style is by far my favorite. I read these stories for new ideas of ways to surprise MY HONEY of twenty eight years. My Karen is the Love of My Life and after reading your stories, I almost wish that I had been born a woman.....
Truly EROTIC, thank you and please don't stop.....
A True Fan

I hope there is more!

I hope you continue with this story. It's very good and personally would love to see them get together! Thanks for putting in your story and hope you write others!

Very well written. I really enjoyed it. Definitely hope there will be more.


Whatever happened to "write what you know"?

" I mean, if you find a face attractive then you find a face attractive. People don't have to be gay or bi to understand same sex beauty." Ridiculous. Apparently it escapes many people (most of whom have never actually been with someone of the same sex) that appreciating beauty is not the same thing as fucking.

Some kind of happy ending for all maybe?

It's possible they could all come out of this happier. Sarah becomes a nicer person, Kate reconciles with her brother, Jake comes out of it okay etc.

Revenge or Recon

Either one. I feel for Jake, and bullies… well they really suck. So either revenge or reconciliation would be good.


I think we got out dose of sadness over and done with. Some revenge might be nice now. Whether that be Jake fighting for his sister or exposing her or something I dunno.

You are a little meanie!
Such a short bit, when this kind of exception is something I have such an insane thirst for!
I love how easily you show the sizzling passion between these two!
You are AMAZING!
Maybe they can't even stop thinking about each other after a week, resulting in deliciously angry sexual tension, for the next chap?

"It's not an exception if we do it again so soon!"

All the power to you!


Excellent read, the story was well written and had a romantic quality. It even had a bonus atcthe end...a reconciliation.

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