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Loved it

Please continue this storyline, it's amazing


Loved the way you gave the reader Closure.


Please continue because it is a great story and you are telling it so well

10/10 would not read ever again

I wasted my time thinking the plot was going to get better, guess what, I was wrong.


Sure wish that you would've taken this further than the two chapters you wrote it is not finished.
Anyway I loved chapter one. 5🌟's

Way Hott

More please!!!

Oh yeah

Must continue. So freaking hot.


This story made me orgasm so hard while I was masturbating and reading it. Good job writing it!

Big Toy And A Hot Throbbing Anus,,, Wow!

Hallo Sunny, more yummy anal sex,,, mmmmm,,, yes I like, I like..

Anal sex, anal toys and some real kinky anal fetishes are very common in Europe, especially among Gay European Women,,, (Ich bin ein Gay European und viel mehr als ein wenig Kinky ,,, so sollte ich wissen ..) If you think that's German,,, yes!

Thank you,,, 5&5 _ 5-Stars and 5-Orgasm..

Your very wet and horny lesbian friend,

Gay Kat.



Really enjoyed it perhaps a little unlikely to turn someone that fast, but really good. Thanks


You have enough lingering questions that you could write the other chapter.

A Good Start and Well Written!

Hallo PP,

This is turning into a very interesting story,,, can't wait to read chapter 3..


Gay Kat.

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