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Thank You!

Again, thank you so much for all your lovely comments. It is heartwarming that you've taken the time to read my story and leave me a comment or a mail. I checked and it's around 38000 words so far. I can't believe I've written these many words! Thank you for all your encouragement. I've started part 8 and will have it to you soon.

Keep the momentum going !

I am a new member of those anxiously awaiting the next chapter. Great Stuff.

good story

The story was enjoyable and well written. For me the only drawback was that Jenna seemed to be just a teeny bit too eager to be seduced. I would have liked to see Beth have to work just a bit harder.
Nonetheless I would definitely read more of your work.

Feedback for rusty333

I am really glad you are enjoying it.

Pt. 06 (the concluding part of this series) was submitted to Literotica yesterday and should be viewable in a day or two. Another "Heather series" will follow shortly, that being the official sequel to the first series, "Heather's Busy Week".

Happy reading!!

A real shame...

this hasn't been continued after a promising start. It would have been great to see another chapter or two.

I love the way you have been developing Vanessa and Heather's relationship.
As for the pace of the story and the characterization, I want to congratulate you. You have managed to make it so there's nothing rushed, and so the story is also very sensual. In my opinion it's perfect this way. Your characters are slowly connecting, and readers can feel it with intensity, which is positive - so much so that in a previous chapter even a spooning scene became such a hot scene, without it having to be raunchy. This was possible because the characters were so into each other and the reader felt it too. It has everything to do with characterization and pace. (I don't dislike "raunchy", but this is not what I'm trying to convey!)
Anyway I like this chapter too. I remember that you said that you had to decide the way the story was going, and that it was damn hard. Whatever decisions you had to make, for the time being I think you chose well. This chapter's scenes too are good; they were so damn hot. Can't wait for your update!


So nothing really progresses

Susan's erotic night

Terrific concept. I'd LOVE to read a detailed description of Susan's ravishing by her father and, then, Susan's revenge on Jenny. Maybe after a few more dates with Jenny, Susan could be tuned into a willing lesbian slave?

Would love more of these two!

Great example of eroticism without explicit sex

I really liked it, especially the constant erotic sexual hints throughout, without an explicit sex scene. I also liked the various little jokes.

More detailed comments and a few criticisms where you asked for it at
http://forum.literotica.com/showthread.php?t=1353 808

More please Selene!


Shotgun Willie's is a topless club. In Colorado, where the 'Gun is located, all nude clubs cannot serve alcohol and in topless clubs the girls must wear 2 't-bars' to prevent accidentally flashing the customers. Pretty fun story and since Shotguns has a woman owner and has had a couple female managers, Aunt Fiona is an easy character to imagine as is Lily.

I liked it.

Very Good Story

I hope this story continues. Lots of possibilities here. Maybe Jenny brings her friend by next time for assistance in seducing her. Maybe a neighborhood Milf or two could be seduced. Could even be the preacher's hot wife or daughter. Maybe even Jenny seduced a teacher or two.

Loved it

The uncertainty. The seduction. The emotional commitment. The sometimes clumsy dance toward happiness, including some huge missteps by both characters. I really enjoyed all of it and by the end I was emotionally invested in the characters, not simply reacting to the story framework. I enjoyed it immensely. 5 stars worth of immensely.

okay, after reading it again (for the 3rd time actually)

I stopped letting the focal point of the story be the comparison of 'men vs women". The extended narrative really took some getting used to. But it is a good story. can move on to the rest of the chapters now.

Guessing subsequent chapters will tie together the "Mom and Daughter are Lesbian" story line. And may even answer the question of the age of the women involved. Every time the "Mommy is a lesbian" came up, the first thing I asked was "exactly how old is Heather?" That is only important to me as a point of reference to the story.

Another great chapter, more please.

Like I said can't wait for next chapter. Really intetested.

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