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Same old Shit?

I call it perfecting your craft. Keep doing what you do. Please and thank you.

From another "sinner"?

Your satory, as a story of a sexual encounter is very good.

For me (albeit a male) though, it is a brilliant illustration of why I, brought up as a Christian, am now a Pagan.

The Christian God is the biggest bastard, tyrant and hypocrite ever in recorded history.


This is a waste of space and reading time.


My gf and I did this in high school. We traded which one was in front, that one wiggling into the other's delta, with the one in back busy with hands exploring equatorial hot spots. We sure came to enjoy the smell and taste of the other by kissing and sucking fingers.

Very well written!

Same old shit

Write something without the same over re-used ideas.... Geeze

yeah fast and lose as a guy i like it but i dont no about the actual lesbians

Obviously written from deep experience

WOW! This could not have been so well written without your having done extensive research. The woman who wrote this would have to be an expert at eating pussy and having her pussy well-used - by another woman. I wish I had read this when I was datiing -- I could have been a GOD!!!

Just great

Now I''m going to smoke a cigarette to trick my body that I just had sex after reading this story.

And I don't smoke.

Did it again

You did it again, you lovely writer. I enjoyed it very much. You made me soo wet.

So fucking hot, made me cum hard


I love all your stories but this by far is your greatest work yet.

Read carefully before publishing.

This is a good story.

It is, unfortunately, prevented from being a great one by errors in spelling and grammar.

Always use the spell-check facility and, if English is not your first language or, like my daughter, you are to some degree dyslexic, get a good friend that you trust to check it for you.

Keep writing stories; the practice, even if you do not publish them all, will help you to get things right.

What a marvellous, knickers-drenching story!

Without doubt, this is one of the hottest stories in its genre that I have seen here -- thank you, SSL -- I enjoyed every word. Five stars seems a paltry reward for such delicious excess!


Another great story x hope to see a sequel to the one written for me

Dione xx

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