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Well it's different for men it's no way im going off anywhere for 13 weeks . Then coming back bi or gay it sounds like you was having a identity crisis and wanted to blame Andy for it.

Something to think about!

So many of you people (writers) should be writing in Fantasy section.
I know that the story is about her, but plastic husband just pick her up,
and life is going as normal.
In yours and hoard of cuckolds dreams, but not in LIFE!
Please don't take me wrong. There are cases, but 1:1,000,000.
Considering number of stories, population at large is well out.

Pleased I've found it...

I don't know how I missed Chapter 1 of this story but I'm pleased that I've found it now and caught up. "Kismet..." is a decent combination of erotica and SF thriller with an interesting set of protagonists and a suitably cold villain in Dr Miranda. The overall theme of the story reminded me a little of a ScattySue story on this site called "The Girl Who Wasn't There". Check it out, Jodi, if you haven't already seen it. Anyway, five stars for each of the current chapters.

Please learn from George Lucas

Don't do a sequel. The story is great as is, the only thing you could possibly do is take these two characters who were clearly at a happy place and destroy them with sagging boobs, dry vaginas, and bitchy in-laws. No one wants or needs that.

well done

It was a great story, well written and just right. it was fantastic. pity it couldnt develop into alonger story series

I enjoyed reading this. I hope there's more to come of these two lovely ladies. And I hope Kelly doesn't fuck it up either.

Response to Stroudle

What can I say. I'm bi, the story is autobiographical, so works for me. Thanks for your response though.

I was enjoying that until the male friend came in.
Short hot story up to that point.
I like your style , women just enjoying each other. A bit more background would be nice , but i appreciate that would alter the feel you are creating.

5+ Romance

What can I say...You Nailed It!!

More though right?

Consistently my absolute favorite story for almost 3 years , I believe, and I would definitely read as many as you'd write

Good read

Good read and a great story. I am in the process of introducing a lesbian relationship in a story I am now writing.

Please update

Please update I need to know what happens next.

Love it

I couldn’t put it down had to keep reading please bring chapter 5

Needs Chapter 4

Cracking read, but the story needs an ending

Fake news and white lies...

Hearing "fake news" and "little white lie" made me think fondly of Hope Hicks....lol

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