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another installment?

VERY VERY CUTE & LOVABLE CHARACTERS! It would be nice to have another chapter. Thank you !


Am holding my breath while reading and my wild theory Vanessa is the mastermind

More Suggestions

Although a lot of you may not be into it, a few of the stories written by "onehitwanda" are really good lesbian stories.

Fair warning they are Lesbian incest/taboo stories.

Also can't wait for the next chapter Harmony! Amazing work so far.

made me tear up

This story was very effecting and had a real touch of hopelessness to it. It made me think of how I would feel if I lost my wife. Heart wrenchingly sad.

another plz

I to feel like this should continue at least for another chapter or to to show if there are any changes that go on I Wendy's psyche. Or my start a new series follow Wendy's POV after the last chapter

Really good

A really, really good read. I hope you continue writing as you have an interesting style that I find very intriguing, one that draws me into to the characters themselves. To the extent I almost feel I'm listening to them tell me their story in the conversational way friends speak to each other.
Again, a great story that I hope you will continue beyond the two parts you have already written.


Good reading

Very well written


Surprisingly this was an amazing story. The ending was really good.one of the best stories i have read on this site.

Fuck! I'm So Wet!

I have already been masturbating all day. And I'm already soooo wet! I imagined myself being in that position and getting my throbbing wet pussy licked, up and down, up and down.

Bravo, Gal

Such an erotic story and I'm not even gay, but that was a pretty hot story-line...nicely written!


The wait was worth it. Nice story. Please let Vanessa and Nat end up together. Awaiting chapter 3. Love the story lyk crazy.


This was amazing im sitting across my grandma now. Under a blanket touching my pussy amazing ohhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yeah she easily wins because the general level on literotica is not high. So she is good but not that much. ;)

Why couldn't the two women have at least been attracted to her?

I really, really loved the idea of a pretty young British girl being picked-up by a pair of wealthy, decadent, older lesbians who want to take her home and make her their little sex-slave, but why couldn't they have at least appeared more attracted to her beautiful young body? Instead, they both seemed more interested in humiliating her and/or having her lick their "cunts." That quickly turned me off. I mean, why the long set-up of her wearing a short-short skirt and thigh-high stockings if all the older women really wanted was somebody to lick their "cunts?" I mean, she could just as easily have shown up in that bar in sweat-pants and a winter coat for all they cared! Seriously, you had an excellent overall story-idea, silkstockinglover, but please add some interest on the part of the dominant older lesbians next time for this pretty young girl's gorgeous legs & butt! It would be so much more enjoyable & hotter!

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