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more please!

I sure hope there's more coming soon, literally and figuratively. Lol!

Too Horny to Think of a Proper Title

Oh Aimie, the things you do to me with your words! This story is so incredibly hot that I can't even think straight to give you a proper comment. Mewling mess indeed! You English girls don't play fair.

Thank you

For the update... Appreciate it lots.

Will wait for it!

Constructive Feedback.

KumquatMay I would just like to thank you for your comments.
I can assure you that I am not a man but a first time writer/submitter who obviously has a little to learn.
I do appreciate your comments as I think they are constructive.

Almost there. But not quite.

There were phrasing problems, some small grammatical and spelling errors that disrupted the flow. Letting the story rest for a few days and a critical proofreading would have helped tremendously, as would an objective editor.

Your writing is more sophisticated than many of the stories posted to this category. I like your storytelling and hope you post more in the future

I liked the perspective of the subjective experience of the one wearing the strapon but too many parts were left out, like how she became aroused - what brought on her physical response and what brought on her intense arousal, because when you're wearing a strapon there's no sensation so the stimuli needs to be a combination of visual, auditory and tactile, either from self or partner, or from an attachment on the prosthesis itself that causes the stimulation. That was missing, which leads me to surmise that you're a man penning a fantasy piece that has no research or realism behind it. Which is okay, but really detracts from your story's perspective. This could have been so much more - so much better.

Five hours?

Surely that didn't take 5 hours? I would have liked the story to have gone a little longer to fill that 5 hours. Otherwise, nice.

Excellent story

....apart from the bullshit squirting nonsense.


I love your story. You both will be remembered for my lifetime, I promise. How lucky of you to have had fifty years. Thank you.


If only this was real life! I'm so wet right now!!

Is this true

I wanr the dam video

That was great! I hope you continue writing


You cannot leave us hanging with them not getting into a serious sex session.

Try checking your country's Amazon page

If you're not in the US. I just checked and it appears live and well on .com.

Plus, :D to Harmony for that last update!!!!!

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