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I love how you let the characters' relationship develop realistically - I'm sure it's a personal preference but for myself I have trouble with stories that have people jump straight from meeting to full-blown relationships (probably because when I tried that in real life, they never went anywhere and the best have been slow and deeper).

Now the funny thing is, I could swear I just read Nancy's story in the last couple of days!

Please Finish

I am beginning to get the feeling that there might never be a part two and that you are just leaving us all on a cliffhanger. Though a cliffhanger preserves the quality of the writing, resolving the tension would make the story much more enjoyable to read. Please Please Please Please add an ending to this wonderful writing.

Thoroughly enjoyed this story even when I was choked up!

You told us a marvelous and powerful story. The sorrow and the joys seemed very real and were extremely moving. All the way to the end, you had me worried something would happen to destroy the happiness they were building. Excellent job!


Cool story! Laughed at the ending. Looking forward to the next installment. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you. I was afraid it wouldn't be up to par because I have been so busy lately.


Nice Story!


not my kind of story


Once you give a character a name. STAY with it. It is boring, and dehumanizs the character when you repeatedly refer to them as, "The older woman, or the beautiful teen." and all the other nouns you keep referring to them. Read a Good novel and see how a trained author holds the story line and keeps the characters real. It is a good story; just use the names you gave them, or get a lot more creative. Most of the writers on Literotica do what you do.

As a sufferer of Chronic Pain, due to damaged vertebra in the neck, I would sign up for this Treatment even with the possibilities of changing gender. As It would stop me enduring pain on daily basis, which can only get worse. Therefore I can fully understand Joe pushing for this. I notice that some have commented that the sex scene is from a masculine view point. This is hardly surprising, as Joe did not suffer from gender misalignment. So his initial approaches to lesbian sex would be male centric.
If there are more chapters to this story, which I hope there is. Then as his mind adapts to his new body and learns what it can do and how to properly please another woman. The question is as he becomes used to this new body, would she start to fancy men or would the mind stay orientated towards women. As this appears to be his first day in his rejuvenated body whilst conscious. The speed of the narrative is faster than it should be for a si/fi story. But for an erotic transformation about the right pace.

Nice premise

I am intrigued by the story idea and this could have been a five star story but the continuity issues deducted from the enjoyment. A good editor would help

Just goes to show

What a very interesting little story and it's good to know that things were turning out right for 'Cally' at the end. I think what leapt out at me more than anything was that some butch lesbians can be just as offensive and crude as certain kinds of men. It just goes to show that people are people regardless of gender or sexuality, the good, the bad and the ugly.


Wonderful strory with great character development and dialogue. Thank you!

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