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I liked it.

My bff and i shave each other and it always leads to a lot of fun. What are best friends for if not to help each other out?


Can we get one please?

You helped me get off

OMG! I had to put a towel down I squirted twice and my orgasm was amazing! Ooooh! I'd love to be dominated for a night! Only for a night though, I'm a feminist at heart but I think I'm bi-curious.... Well we shall see.
J x

Very Nice!

Any day with a story by Vixen is a good day!

Gets better Everytime!!!!!

A sincere thank you

Dear Victoria. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this beautiful story with us.
You truly are a gifted writer, and have a way with words. You've made me fall in love with the characters, however flawed they may be. Please don't stop writing. Should you ever need an editor / proof reader in the future, I'd gladly help. As far as chapter 4 is concerned, while the suspense is killing me yet again, each chapter has been more than worth the wait. Now please, Literotica, approve the story already ! :-)


Oh damn, this was so sexy. I wish there was more of these two beautiful girls


again this is to long for me to read


Some of your readers may like long stories, but I am not one of them these are too long to hold my interest I hope there is shorter ones


this is too many pages for me to read, I read the first and last pages and skipped the middle


I am sure this was a good part, but 8 pages is too long for me to read I read the first page and when I saw it was 8 pages sorry I skipped the next 7 pages and went right to the last page, I hope the rest of your stories are not this long

pretty good

It was a little long for me, I tend to skip pages when it is longer than 4 pages over all it was good, I did find some parts that I did not care for like when she was tied to the bed frame, but that is just me

Great Story! 5*****Stars!

Lovely Story dear PenelopePinn,

Thank you for some nice and loving moments reading your lovely story! mmmmmm

Wet wet kisses
Aunt Helena
55yo Lesbian Aunt from Portugal

I really enjoyed this.

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