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This was amazing! Seriously can't wait and madly hoping for chapter 2 of this!!!!

Nice surprise

Great story. Loved the twist.
Keep up the writing.

Too many things left unresolved

I agree with the many who say a second part is needed. Frank's trouble with Deanna, the secretary, Beverly and Trish need their own resolution also, not to mention the rest of the family. Great writing, though.


Interesting solution to her menaoause, however hubby is only on dalliance number one and Wifey is out carpet munching in secret. So much for the open nature of dealing with their sex drive differences.

Are you sure you're not a lesbian?

'Cause you write some damned good lesbian stories. Love it.

This is love for no doubt!!!

They were so lovely like two teenagers in love, I can't believe they weren't in love with each other!!!

Thanks for informing us

i completely understand those who came here everytime to check if the next chapter's up then again be disappointed because I am one of them. Begging and wanting to have the next chapter posted are what readers do if they truly enjoyed reading your writing so basically its a compliment. But being rude is another thing. Well, this is the internet era: anyone can post anything they want to without ever being concerned of hurting someone's feelings. Besides who cares no one's gonna point that to their face.

Hilarious plot twist!

MST, you did it again. Another skillfully written contretemps of the human condition. That beginning with your Noora character, made me cringe in experienced sympathy. When yah gotta go, yah gotta go now!

At my age, Mother Nature doesn't call. Mother Nature yells! The way the bitch treats me, you would think we were married.

I liked how you developed your characters of Noora and Ann. And even revealed some of the character of Bridgette and Samantha. And that ending! I love plot twists.

However, I do have one strict criticism. Bringing a glass bottle to the beach is barely tolerable only if you take it away with you when you leave. Bringing glass to the beach is illegal in many jurisdictions. Have you had ever stepped on shattered glass shards? That is not an experience you would ever care to repeat.

Please tell me there is a part 2! Awesome read!



Your writing is superb, and your imagination is wicked. I wish I knew you.

Five stars for everything of yours I've read (all three of Girl Power, and this). Please keep these wonderful, erotic stories coming.


Terrific start! Don't make us wait too long for chapter two. I'm hooked!

I don't know why but when I come to this site I check if there's any update from you. Maybe some day tortoise will reach that lightyear distance. Until then curious mind wants to know what your demanding job is , Harmony.

And to those impatient , arrogant 'WTF' people: try writing something remotely close to this masterpiece then post your 'WORTHLESS' comment .

Love you Harmony cause : When the going gets tough , the tough get going.

Sensual love

Wow, what an amazingly beautiful story. I'm a straight guy but really loved the bond between these two beautiful young women. Thank you for sharing this with all of us :)

Thank you

This was a great story. I really enjoyed it. Helped me "relieve tension" many times. ;)

Great work! Engaging storyline and characters, flowing erotic scenes, and a cliffhanger. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. :)

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