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Promising story

I liked the slow build up, now we want MORE.........

Why the hell should she?

If everyone that is important to her knows then isn't that enough? She cares about her career. She's worked hard to get to where she is. If Jennifer is too naive and immature to see that then Lauren's better off. Especially if Jennifer's go to move is to screw someone else every time she doesn't get her way. Also, what kind of self respecting lesbian tries to force someone out of the closet? Never mind the fact that Lauren isn't even in the closet. She just wants to keep her private life private.

Mixing business and pleasure

Casey sure takes full advantage when her sister is not around. Was so much fun to see Pippa go from resistant to compliant.

Getting kind of preposterous.

You claim she's married, but in three chapters we haven't seen or heard anything about a husband. Well, other than how lame and boring life is with him. The kids are gone for the weekend, and she has nothing to do? Is he traveling, or out working on some urgent project, like looking for her replacement?

Can't wait to see the train wreck coming. Except, it looks like you don't have the balls to tell that story, Vincent.

Do you even understand the irony you've created?

Ruby praises her mother's devotion to her and her brother, her risk and courage to protect them from an abusive asshole father, the sacrifices she made so her children could have some semblance of a loving stable normal home life. And now Ruby is actively destroying the loving nurturing home and family of Victoria's children, and husband. Not that the cock slinger is worth worrying about. She got everything she wanted out of his ass, and now its time to kick him and the kids to the curb and PARTY!! Wow, Ruby is sure paying it forward for all the love and nurturing she got from her family. I suspect Vicki's children will never forget her, or what she and Vicki did to them and their father. What a legacy, for Ruby and Vicki. Despicable.

Are you going to include anything about the pain and humiliation of the divorce?

Just wondering how she was going to explain her betrayal to her husband and children, after she has all this wonderful exciting extramarital sex I mean. You know, adultery, cheating? "Well dear, I was watching these television programs and suddenly realized I'm really a Lesbian." If he wasn't in the room when she gave birth to their children he should have a DNA test done. No woman this shallow and stupid could be a decent wife or mother.

Just another case of Martian Slut Ray.

Thank you, Anonymous, zoemiller, and electricblue

Thank you all for for commenting. As I mentioned in the forum thread, this one's my favorite simply because it's a reflection of where I was with my own sexuality at the time when I wrote this. The overwhelmingly playful fun of exploring things and realizing how much fun sex could be with other women, tempered by a culture and, at the time, religion which ignored at best or condemned at worst the very core of who I am as a person.

My, how times change... :D

One of the Best

Lesbian seduction stories I have ever read. The little twist at the end cries out for a 3 some. The characters were well drawn and the dialog was very engaging. Can't wait to read some more of your stories. (Are you really a straight guy writing lesbian seduction???)

Nice addition to this juicy little series.

Thus was so well written

Great pussy eating action. How about three gals next installment?

not bad

a good part, can't wait for pt 6 to see if Lauren comes out about her and the PA

My favorite characters

I almost said my favorite story, but that would be a lie. I love Carrie and Julie, Sue and Jill. I hate Farin, Darla, Courtney and Rebecca. They are users. Courtney is totally selfish. Darla and Farin setup Carrie for their personal gain. Rebecca is just evil. All in all a great read, but I’m rooting forCarrie and Julie first and foremost with Jill and Sue a close second option.

My least favorite chapter cause 1. Inconsistencies with Amara last names 2. Educating Dani mimicked readers comments to the "T" in prevoius chapter 3. Story felt less organic than previous ones 4. Story feels disjointed with an unfinished ending and 5. Would love to read a more comprehensive chapter that has a true ending with a pretty bow around it:). Overall, a very good series

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