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Great story

Very captivating story! Kept waiting for each step in the relation. Hope there are more likel this to come.

Thank You

Your stories are the reason that I made an account on this site, so that I wouldn't lose track of them. Your stories have real conflict and struggle between believably flawed characters, something that I haven't found much of on this site. I hope you continue to write more, because I'd love to keep reading.

Stick to the vernacular

Your word useage quickly became distracting. Don’t over complicate your story.

Beautiful and

...so fucking hot! That was without a doubt one of the hottest sex sceens I have ever read. You built the tension through the early chapters well. Lucille's dominant personality fits very well with Annika (and Nika). And I haven't thought of combining weed smoke and the glorious scent of pussy in years. Five stars!

Cute, but.....

I appreciate what you're trying to do, but after a while, it became too much. You also misused some words (altruistically soaped herself?). Maybe less is more with this type writing.

I am right?

Stupid Candance couldn't keep her mouth shut during pillow talk. Or is she on the mission from the shop onwards? Jill could easily set it all up.

Jill, such a beautiful trap to extract formal consent from Carrie. She never release her, not for a moment. But she needs Carrie to think she consented to whatever Jill is planning for her, and it is indeed a hard limit to use her in public as planned. We may or may not find out what Jill's goals are, even more probably not unless the target is Carrie's daddy from the beginning.


Amazing story, love how it encompasses the journey of their love and isn't a 'wam bam thank you mam' story. Feel like it needs a third story to wrap up the wedding and truly send the lovers on their way to happily ever after.

Throttling kills people :-)

... and wouldn't let the really important point come through - that Lizzie is truly, seriously, loved by her friends. Even if she interrupts their happy time.

This may be one of the best-written (structure, grammar, etc.) stories I've encountered here.

The last two lines sum it up perfectly

Most of this story was, as advertised, just background and buildup. But the last lines:
"I'd give my soul for what you two have" and
"Well that is the price yes - she gets mine and I get hers. I don't think you'll find either of us unhappy to have made our payments though."

I can't think of a more poignant way of putting it.

Personally, I'm going through a divorce. But I would still make that trade myself.


wonderful story, totally enjoyed reading it, very well done


Really well crafted and erotic. Thanks.


This is so the _hit!! It grabbed my attention from the word go til the very end. Never say never cause the Universe has a way of saying, "Oh yeah, we'll see about that" and bring you life experiences to test your gall. I'm so glad these two got to be each others. What a wonderful read. And thank you Carey for sharing your creatve work and energy with us yet again. All the best

5 stars as always, but North Melbourne Bombers? Lucky Im a Crows fan, but you may have upset a few NM Kangaroos or Essendon Bomber fans ;)

Nice job. I'm glad you took your time.

Story development keep my interest. Story was done well and not predictable. Thanks

Another wonderful story!

I just recently stumbled upon your collection of stories, and I am really enjoying them. This was a particularly good story, and I liked how you worked the supernatural into it. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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