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Pleasee, I hope the next episode is uploaded soon, I'm dying over here, lol.

awesome story, I hope for another chapter wow.. got me going good and hot.


this is a very badly written story, and I am glad it does not go any farther than this


but I could not get into this, it went to fast for me there was no kind of build up for this

Good but short

IT looks like This is going to be a Nice story but the chapters should be longer at leest three pages

I didn't score this as I felt like it was written by someone who's language is not primarily English, and deserved to be judged if and when it's polished a little more. It was rushed and lacked any editing. Layla going from a straight college girl to a submissive lesbian slut in a few sentences. The idea is good but it needs to be expanded to make it anywhere near credible, too many mistakes and way too brief.
Please write more and take it slow, imagine yourself in the same position and write how you think you'd feel.
As I said: I didn't score this because I believe it can be so much better and would deserve a good rating. We learn from our mistakes, so please continue :))


Brook you have a wonderful way of exposing feelings. Do you think the mother might be a new target?


May as well have the company owner gloat "We're going to do the same thing we do every night Pinky...try to take over the world!"

This really belongs in Mind Control.

Second round

You are a wonderful writer with excellent details. Wish I were a young man again. Can't wait to see what's next Thanks

Well done

Loved it. I love to see two women really enjoy themselves. You are a great teacher. Now finish this story. Thanks

Very Good

I think you nailed it for a short story.
It was very erotic.
Thank You for your time you put in it.


Hot hot hot!!!!!!
Plz add more

Highly arousing piece of work. My pussy was all a tingle.


Anonymous complainer. You read all 5 chapters. Had to make sure they all sucked?

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