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Hope some of that has actually happened?


Waiting eagerly for the next part!

I thought I was a good writer

After reading this story, I feel like an amateur. The build up was amazing. Usually stories on this site are about the sex. You bring out the emotions, as well as the sex. I added you to my favorites list, and gave the story 5 stars. It is currently 2:53 am and I should have been in bed over two hours ago, but I couldn't stop reading. I finally had to force myself to stop reading halfway through page 5 so I can get some sleep. I'll read the rest of the story after I wake up. I hope your other stories are as good as this one. You have inspired me to work harder on my own stories.

Good premise but....

You need an editor not just a spellchecker. There's no background and essentially no build-up. If you are looking for marks above the mid 3's you've got a ways to go.

Feedback for Jenorma

Thank you for the comments.

Ingrid was still a "virgin" when she turned down Hev's advance at Christmas and past the time Hev first went with Rachael (just before Easter). She only took the plunge with Rachael in April, no long before setting off around the world with Hev. In other words, although she was bi-curious, she really was still a scaredy-cat.

Sorry about "pet" and "mistress". "Pet" is actually used in my part of the world as an affectionate term (confusingly, men and women use it for both men and women. If you go in a shop the man/woman behind the counter is likely to say, "Hey up, pet, what can I get you?" regardless of your sex or orientation). The way I've used it in Pt. 02 isn't good, though, and it's not the sort of thing Hev would say. I do quite like the word "mistress" but again, Hev wouldn't have used it in that particular way. Ill be more careful in future.

Six stars

Two for the story - it was pretty straight forward, good, but not very developed as story elements go
Three for the sex - not very detailed, though it did the trick ;)
...and an extra for Damian :)

Loved it 💜
(Just proofread a little better)

You are wrong my friend. Literotica would NOT do this !

It's all on this lowlife writer ! It just keep punching five stars every day to all it's garbage stories, somehow bypassing webmaster safeguards. All you can do is to give this shit 1* and most important, report this to Lit !!
Often they fix it.

eagerly awaiting your update

This is honestly one of my favorite stories on this site. Top 5, easy. I love your descriptions and the complexity of the characters. Could you tell me the name of the dessert you are describing? The "lizard tail" ? Thanks for an amazing story.


Thanks for sharing!

Sweet young exploration. This was sexy.

I feel like the cookie monster on Sesame Street...

Please More! More! More! :)
Very well written and leaving us tantalized for another dozen chapters...Please don't make us wait too long before the next installment.

I'm so sorry some readers were critical

They were in a hurry to get to the sex part, I guess. But it's their loss that they sped through a story by a budding novelist. A sensitive, descriptive. imaginative and sensual one.


You are so gifted!

And a wonderful storyteller. I think I'm in love.

Makes me think about being a pet.

Wow you had me from start to end, but you really need to continue.

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