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No no no

Oh hell no, do not dare stop! This is one of.your best and is nowhere near finished. There is much left unsaid. Most, if not all, of the potential chapters should be done. Really good series. Ten stars if I could.

Thank You

Please carry on, I love your work. I build things from blue prints, no out box thinking allowed. I enjoy folks who have the ability to think of new ideas, Thank You, hope you keep going, you have not led us wrong yet.

It's Member's Extended Self-Indulgent Author's Notes, Y'all

Hi, yes, hello, thank you for reading! This story had a really interesting gestation period and I'd like to tell you about it in exhaustive, borderline obnoxious detail.

So, I was a fan of a somewhat prominent Lesbian Sex author who decided to pull her stories from this site. There wasn't any drama, at least as far as I'm aware; she just wasn't into it anymore and was uncomfortable with her work being public. But we started a friendly on-again/off-again rapport while she was publishing and we kept it up after she had Laurel nuke her profile. I was always kind of interested in writing girl-on-girl before, but after talking to her for long enough, I really wanted to do one so she (a gay woman herself) could actually maybe enjoy something I had written.

In one of our conversations, we shared a mutual love of Black Lagoon—if you haven't heard of it, it was this ridiculous, over the top modern day pirate anime that had some of the sickest action scenes of its day. It also had a female action hero in Revy, who took the so-called "strong female character" cliché and pushed it to such an extreme, she became a literal psychopath whose few mushy feelings for the hero, Rock, were buried under so much pain and anger and stress they were never coming out into the open. The show ruled, and it ended up being the base inspiration of this story; no, this isn't a modern pirate adventure, but I wanted to write a lesbian romance that also happened to be an insanely violent action-adventure, with a heroine that wrecked just as much ass as Revy did.

From there the story started to conflate with some other interests and images I had. Let's break this down bit by bit.

• I have a thing for historical erotica, which isn't terribly hard to find on here but I can be kind of particular about it.
• I also have a thing for Native American women—same deal as above.
• I already knew what I wanted the big sex scene to look like: in the desert, under the stars, lit by campfire.
• Most of all, I had an itch to play around with the "mysterious stranger" trope. My friend did something similar in a story she wrote that made me first take notice of her, so I thought it might be a neat way to pay tribute.

So pretty quickly, I knew I'd be writing a western, and my cast came together really easily from that. The first character I had was a Clint Eastwood type being filled by who would normally be the polar opposite of Clint Eastwood—my Native heroine, Wind. From the jump, I knew I wanted to wear down her mysterious facade over the first half of the story, so she goes from this badass of few words on a mission to someone who's effortlessly bantering with her love interest. Problem was, I only had enough ideas for scenes to fill a few days without spinning my wheels, so I needed a strong, bubbly personality who could force a person like Wind out of her shell and make her fall in love (and vice versa) almost instantly. Luckily, I have a thing for blonde cowgirls as well; enter Sally.

The idea of Sally turning out to be an infamous badass in her own right was part and parcel of my piss-take on the mysterious stranger trope. To me, presenting Wind as some unstoppable force of nature, gently breaking her down to reveal the thoughtful, tortured soul underneath, and then have the person who broke her down come out of nowhere to be just as much of an utter beast, struck me as fucking hilarious and awesome. That said, I ended up making her past a lot more obvious than I intended, to the point where hopefully it's not about shocking you with the reveal, but making you wonder as you read when it's coming out and how.

From all that, I knew I had a story, but what surprised me was just how little sex was in it. Discounting the scene of Sally masturbating and the two scenes of Wind teasing Sally, the sex only really makes up a tenth of the story; I actually struggled to justify this as erotica and wondered if it belonged on the site. In the end, I decided to go for it because I felt the sex was explicit enough and ultimately there for the reader's edification. I'd also argue that the explicitness was warranted; the love and intimacy Sally and Wind share in the desert had to be proportional to the violence they visited upon their enemies in order to help put across how much they mean to each other.

Anyway, let's go over some other random bits. As I've implied, my frames of reference tend to be more movies than literature, so most of my characters would spring out of some of the references I made and parallels I wanted to draw. Jake, for instance, was originally named "Big Jake" as a direct homage to John Wayne, and his character is based on a popular archetype that would show up in John Ford's movies. Here are a few others:

• Banshee, a recently-ended Cinemax show which was kind of a modern day western in a few ways, was a BIG influence. I specifically drew the character of Goss to evoke some of the monsters that the show's main character, Lucas Hood, would occasionally find himself up against, particularly The Albino and Chayton Littlestone. The way Wind and Charlie take him out is actually inspired by a scene in the show's first episode. If you think it reads sick, the show's version is even sicker in motion, despite being tamer (in Banshee, the bottle never shatters in the dude's throat). The first two seasons are currently on Amazon Prime if you have it; hit it up. Highly recommended for people who love pulp.

• Before that, Wind's fatal beatdown of George Brinley-Foster, aka The Englishman, was inspired by the first scene of Wild At Heart, necessitating George to stand out against the environment and the other characters. My take on it still doesn't have the weird chemistry between stringy, strung-out Nicolas Cage and tiny, profane Gregg Dandridge, nor does it go from 0 to 20 to HOLY FUCKING JESUS SHIT to OH MY GOD IT'S STILL GOING and back to 20...basically I'm saying watch Wild At Heart if you liked that scene because while my story isn't cinema, *it really doesn't matter,* I'm embarrassed to have lifted from something too great to possibly do justice.

• Wind kissing Sally before confronting Garrick was a straight-up Drive reference, as was Charlie caving Goss's head in. I suppose it could've come from anywhere, but because I'm a white male film nerd, we're contractually obligated to tip our hat to that movie at least once in our lives. So there you go. I am now A Real Human Being and A Real Hero.

• Of course, I've taken inspiration from here, too. Fans of this category might recognize the banter between Jake and Sally to be a way amped up version of June and Jim's banter in SweetestThing's "A Proper Send-off." Another big influence from this category: loverofFUN, who wrote a blast of a lesbian action-thriller herself with "The Retrieval..." Also, I didn't discover this story until after I finished my first draft, but AwkwardMD wrote a spiffy lesbian western of their own called "The Incident at Last Home." Check those stories out, as well as their other works, if you haven't already.

• Regarding "Bright Star": Wind's background as a young girl with genius-level intellect who was taken in by a white family came to me relatively late in the process. The work made a lot of sense as something she'd obsess over and something that drew a couple of interesting parallels to my narrative (you may find it interesting that Wind recites this sonnet to Sally, Joyce's last before he succumbed to TB, just as she was getting ready to do something she was sure would get her killed), so I dropped it in and reverse engineered a background from it.

Finally, I did my best with research, something I'm notoriously bad at. Luckily for me, True West Magazine has been obsessively chronicling The Old West for over 60 years and had been super helpful four times out of five. It actually gave me some surprising information about homosexual lifestyles in the frontier age, teaching me the significance of Leaves of Grass and even the term "koskalaka." Their work really informed my approach to the story, so shout-out to them. If I got any period details wrong, it's probably because I didn't read the site enough.

All right, you're done! I bet you only rolled your eyes once or twice, too!

...oh. That many times, huh? Well,

Thank you all so much!

Thank you guys! to answer a few comments:
yes, this is my first story ever :D
this story is set in the future, where the army is a bit more relaxed and gender norms like co ed squadrons are a bit more regular. I was really hesitant to make something like this, as it's not only my first time writing a sexual story, but the first time i've ever made a story up whole cloth. You guys have inspired me to try and continue this with another chapter, maybe a bit longer this time. Thank you all so much again!

More like a dead end

So we never did find out what Abbie decided to do after all. But she would be crazy to throw away her future to travel with a group of people that have no stable job or place to live to be with a girl she only just met.

Great story

Very nice read and wouldn't mind reading more about these two

Second time reading this wonderful piece. I love a good love story and this is definitely up there as one of the best. Can't wait for chapter two.


PLEASE! Kindly finish the story!


Enjoyed the story immensely. Liked the way Macey took control over Danny. Loved the descriptions of the lesbian party (8 participants were a lot to keep track of, but still manageable). Thought the crime brûlée ending was hilarious. Don't ever tell mam, though, if it actually happened that way.

Part 2

This has the ability to be an awesome series. Great writing and imagery. Waiting for part 2.


I just love this story. All your stories are a sexual romp but this one seems alittle different. To me it is also very romantic, wonderful!

You know how most stories here like have too little character build up or none at all? Well this was far far better. A beautifully written story.


I'm a grown up male with tears going down my face, please say there will be more to come?

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