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So fuckin good!

Erotic. Delicious. Sexy as all hell.


Please write a second chapter.


You have to continue.... I wanna know what happens ..... If shandy becomes lesbian!!!

Loved it

Wow, I'm so fucking wet right now. Very good job on the story.

So far so good.

I like this character Lauren. Please continue. Could you make it a bit longer next chapter? Pretty please??? 😊

Sabine At School

Please continue Sabine At School.

Well Done

Truly well done!!!!!!

Anon II

Well, thanks, my other friend. Yeah, when I say that, the "reason you're Anon" thing, I mean there are reasons lots of them are Anonymous, not all...I realize not all of them are the same basic type of individual. When I saw the title of your comment, I just kind of sardonically chuckled and thought, UH-oh, heh...but I'm really glad you liked it and you're a fan. You're the GOOD kind of Anonymous. ;)

A good story? Well of Course!: Being seduced like this - one can only wish. You knew the seduction was coming, but you didn't know how. And whew, how Francesca did it should be required reading for heterosexual men, lesbians - hell everybody! It's a nice slow burn that will have a body squirming and worked up. I'm not reading a lot of comments on this story, I'm surprised. THIS IS A GOOD ONE! CHECK IT OUT

Also honestly anon

I liked it. Did characters thoughts occasionly run in circles a bit, yes. Odd, since it never ever happens to people in life ;). I like how you make me happy your characters connect. Thanks for another lovely story. AQ


very poorly written, though that's probably due to your age. this couldn't have been written by anyone with any adult experience. teachers do not come to students' houses; they certainly do not come back after they've been caught (if somehow they were dumb enough to do it in the first place); and parents do not give their children permission to fuck their teachers. why didn't the main character go to the teachers house and save all the drama? btw there was no plan. ever. this entire story was random, sloppy, and directionless.

Way too fast

She has no qualms about sleeping with a woman? Just leaps in after being hetero her whole life? And after freaking out after the first kiss? Not believable. The pace was too fast.


IT IS JJ AND ASHLEY not "the older woman," "The Blonde," "The smaller Girl." You dehumanize them and the reader loses the identity you have been trying to create. Use only their names, and keep the reader a part of the story. It is a mistake some writers make, and leaves a "cold" disinterested feeling, especially in a story
this long. Too bad. When you finally put JJ and ashley together, you broke the bond with the reader by dehumanizing them by not using the names you gave them. I stopped reading.


loved the characters and confident tone of the story, very sassy.

Only wondered why she was wearing a bathrobe if she was fully dressed?

And amend sentence "As I headed out of classroom, a boy I recognized from another of my classes called out to me and came to talk."

Keep writing, thumbs up! Check out any of my stories if it interests you too

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