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I was there

I felt it all, I was inside, I was outside, it was wonderful. I want to go back. Please make it happen agin. Thank you!


Thanks for the feedbacks and I really want to thank all of you who liked the story. I promise I will try my best not to disappoint you. The next parts will be more passionate (as per the demand of the story) and I also hope you love the story when it actually reveals. Thanks for reading.


When I read the part 1, I thought it was the best setup ever. You prove me wrong on the 2nd part and I hope you have more to come in recent future.

Please more

After that ending, you can't leave us hanging, can we please have a part 3?


I love Wilson. Shit goes wrong blame the dyke and get everyone else to do the same. Would love a sequel in which she becomes his boss and is spying on him and she and her Japanese lovers are just stunned by the evil machinations of this White American Male. They will think if it were a movie, it would be too unrealistic, only its real life. Meanwhile Wilson will believe that he and the White Man in general is the real victim here, but not to worry, he and Trump gonna MAGA


I love the way you setup and hope you have a grand ending. I guess it's to early to decide which way this one is heading upto but I hope you live up to the expectations. All the best.

Rereading all of your works - all 5 stars without a doubt - I find that I really need to see this one on the silver screen, it would make a fantastic movie.


This kept me going from start to finish. Excellent imagery and smoking hot characters!

Worth the waiting

Simply loved it.

Fitting. Very fitting.

For Heather to find something more about her mother. And to be able to realize the love and passion that Marianne and Katherine shared with each other before "Old World Conventions" forced them apart.

I've no doubt that Heather's mother would be very pleased that the date she and Katherine had made so long ago was able to be kept, in a manner, and that her daughter was in good hands.



This is just a pure romantic story that I am so fond of. Keep on writing, I want more.

Excellent Start

This has the beginnings of a really good story please continue.

Ref anonymous

It's hard to write a 20 part story. But there will be another 3 parts for sure, because I have to tell you the story after all. hope you love them as well. Thanks

Ref comments

Thanks, that you like the story. I already send the 3rd part for editing, and I hope I will get the edited version in a few days. Thanks.

Loved It

Alex and Marley will always be the best , but Lil and Katie are a close second. I love the way you write your stories. You draw us in to fall in love with each character. Once you start reading you can't put it down.
Can't wait for your next story 😋

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