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My Wife and a Buddy (For Real)

 — Wife has a chance to make the fantasy reality. by Jroc692012/04/074.33

My Wife and a Friend

 — Wife shares compassion & more with newly separated buddy. by Jroc692002/24/064.36

My Wife and a Young Dominant Male

 — My 53-year-old wife takes on a young dominant male. by milfwife01/08/154.21

My Wife and a Young Soldier

 — My Wife and I have few secrets from each other. by JSipes11/07/173.81

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 00

 — Man watches his wife betray him for the first time. by CleoRa12/22/154.28

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 01

 — Watching reluctant wife cheat. by CleoRa06/18/144.35

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 03

 — She's been like a lioness in heat lately. by CleoRa06/20/144.24

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 04

 — Watching reluctant wife cheat by CleoRa06/21/144.26

My Wife and an Older Man Ch. 05

 — Watching reluctant wife cheat by CleoRa06/22/143.85

My Wife and Dave

 — Friend seduces guy's wife. by JustJimColo08/25/074.17

My Wife and Dee-Dee

 — Growing into The Lifestyle. by DenverYo12/19/163.83

My Wife and Goddess

 — A naive man gets in over his head. by Bakeboss11/10/082.25

My Wife and Her Bestie's Husband

 — Watching my wife being fulfilled by another man. by Kaleidoscope99907/28/173.96

My Wife and Her Boss

 — Blackmailed into doing what she had fantasized about doing. by edmead08/09/113.98

My Wife and Her Italian Stallion

 — Wife cheats on vacation with a sexy, younger man. by shirereeve07/23/063.64

My Wife and Her Lover

 — Husband learns to share his wife. by slobber04/16/083.86

My Wife and Her Mom -- Mom Returns

 — Esther returns and she and Sophie want to visit the club. by statestreet03/27/134.25

My Wife and Her Mom: Saturday

 — Continuing saga of Pete, Sophie and Esther. by statestreet04/02/134.33

MY Wife and her Present

 — I give my wife the gift of many awaiting men. by Satorie12/15/083.66

My Wife and Her Sister's Boyfriend

 — Wife used to show off to her sister's boyfriend. by Mozagirl08/23/073.77

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 01

 — My wife enjoys herself with a young lawyer. by fishgardengolf12/19/113.73

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 02

 — My wife enjoys herself for a second time with a young lawyer. by fishgardengolf12/24/113.91

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 03

 — My wife enjoys herself for a third time with a lawyer. by fishgardengolf12/29/113.65

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 04

 — My wife enjoys herself for a fourth time with a young lawyer. by fishgardengolf01/03/123.43

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 05

 — My wife enjoys herself for a fifth time with a young lawyer. by fishgardengolf01/08/123.31

My Wife And Her Young Lawyer Ch. 06

 — Final: my wife enjoys herself for a sixth time with a young lawyer. by fishgardengolf01/13/123.10

My Wife and I

 — A two-person story narrating his wife's infideity. by Teves09/26/082.41

My Wife and I

 — The beginnings of long, lustful fantasy. by bthomas4007/20/114.00

My Wife And I At The Adult Theater

 — His wife has fun at the theater as he watches. by anita_hardin03/02/084.24

My Wife and I Go Camping

 — An accidental flash makes wife popular with other campers. by clarkoverns09/16/144.53HOT

My Wife and I Saw Magic Mike

 — Inspired by male strippers, a wonderful night ensues. by sh4ckleton201509/16/153.94

My Wife and Lisa

 — Wife makes husband's threesome fantasy cum true. by Rico Suave01/22/054.38

My Wife and My Boss

 — He fantasisizes about his wife with her boss. by mark91912/30/064.16

My Wife and My Boss

 — A follow on from our first story. by Philwales01/10/084.34

My Wife and My Brother Ch. 01

 — My wife encounters my brother. by Shareherplease01/23/143.24

My Wife And Our Neighbours Son

 — Loving wife seduces the student next door. by millfordboy01/10/074.50HOT

My Wife and the Dirty Old Man

 — Father of a friend likes to goose girls - wife gets more. by doctoryes4805/20/154.05

My Wife and the Grocer

 — While her husband is away, Brenda has fun with the grocer. by whitbyl23404/25/15

My Wife and the Pedal Boat Man

 — Newlywed wife falls for Spanish pedal boat operator. by millfordboy01/05/073.99

My Wife and the Salesman

 — My wife has two quickies in a parking lot. by fishgardengolf04/21/113.73

My Wife And The Stranger

 — My wife does not like to be kept waiting. by TheMagicianWrites08/04/133.25

My Wife and the Teacher

 — Wife has fun with local school teacher. by cage03005/21/154.08

My Wife and the Teenager Pt. 01

 — Nancy gets interested in an 18-year-old. by Calvin42711/01/094.19

My Wife and the Teenager Pt. 02

 — Nancy continues to tease him. by Calvin42711/02/094.33

My Wife and the Teenager Pt. 03

 — He gets the show of his life. by Calvin42711/03/094.42

My Wife and the Teenager Pt. 04

 — Nancy and Bryce get intimate. by Calvin42711/04/094.36

My Wife and the Tree Trunk

 — She likes them large. by 09cutter02/14/163.59

My Wife and the Young Lifeguard

 — My wife fucks the young lifeguard. by Bighoosierdaddy6702/22/173.62

My Wife and Tommy

 — Wife cums over to her former high school boyfriend. by wifelvrman08/13/162.55

My Wife Ann and Arik

 — Her first time with another man. by Seawings10/02/113.70

My Wife as a Bar Slut

 — Wife and husband go public. by ttor 5002/19/034.30

My Wife as a Streetwalker

 — Wife plays a whore for the evening. by ttor 5006/28/034.31

My Wife as Stand-in Escort

 — To win contract, wife acts as escort. by ARGEE01/14/034.24

My Wife Asked

 — Wife asked how my interest in watching began. by IsleWatcher02/13/174.12

My Wife at a Student Party

 — My wife for a bottle of wine. by wife36910/05/123.50

My Wife at Adult Club

 — He watches his wife with two younger men. by topo11/10/024.16

My Wife at the Company Beach Party

 — Wife has blast with her coworkers at resort. by clarkoverns04/29/054.05

My Wife at the Holiday Party

 — Wife plays party game with her husband's coworkers. by clarkoverns11/29/114.28

My Wife Became A Groupie

 — She's his biggest fan. by stev224406/28/154.08

My Wife Became A Real Whore

 — Judy gets taken by neighbors and becomes a whore. by bezelcrix05/05/093.82

My Wife Becomes a Slut

 — Wife fucks big black cock. by Howdy66012/10/133.53

My Wife Becomes Whore to a Gang

 — My 40-year-old milf wife willingly becomes a whore to a gang. by Veri01/30/114.04

My Wife Becomes Whore to a Gang Ch. 02

 — My 40 yr old milf wife who willingly became a ho. by Veri02/03/114.13

My Wife Being Fucked By...

 — Wife tells hubby about the men she's had. by oversexedandlovenit07/20/014.03

My Wife Being Fucked By...Ch. 3

 — They attend their first swinger's party. by oversexedandlovenit07/23/014.36

My Wife Betty's First Adventure

 — Betty has 1st sex with others on work trip with husband. by Dyolf450003/02/154.20

My Wife Brooke

 — Brooke finds out. by UpstaterNY06/01/043.36

My Wife Buys Me A...

 — A shopping trip in Amsterdam presents a sexy surprise. by RikNik11/18/154.47

My Wife Ch. 01: The Awakening

 — Wife agrees to have a cameraman film her & husband. by ldlarry5207/31/014.46

My Wife Ch. 02: The Study Break

 — Wife visits college kid's dorm room. by ldlarry5208/01/014.33

My Wife Ch. 03: The Gangbang

 — She tells hubby she wants to be gang-banged. by ldlarry5208/04/014.32

My Wife Ch. 04: Whore Fantasy

 — Wife fulfills husband's fantasy - & hers. by ldlarry5208/05/014.28

My Wife Cheated

 — They became swingers at their wedding reception. by Usehergood09/10/023.51

My Wife Cheats

 — He watches wife get fucked, then gets even. by sanjayjain05/16/073.21

My Wife Cheats... Ch. 01

 — He catches wife getting gang banged at a party. by Deepdarkimagination09/27/014.07

My Wife Cheats... Ch. 02

 — After the gangbang, wife blows the boss. by Deepdarkimagination10/08/014.16

My Wife Cheats... Ch. 03

 — He shows tape to Crystal. by Deepdarkimagination11/06/044.21

My Wife Cheats... Ch. 04

 — Brad takes Brooke's sister Tammy. by Deepdarkimagination11/09/044.19

My Wife Colleen

 — She taught me. by colleenslittletoy09/08/093.24

My Wife Deanna is a Cock-Tease

 — Deanna rings in the new year with an eighteen-year-old boy. by ableoneable06/08/143.89

My Wife Denise: True Story

 — Husband has fantasies of his Wife with another man. by BarryKnight06/15/014.37

My Wife Disappeared

 — I never found her again. by murphy62111/19/123.91

My Wife Does NOT Screw Around Ch. 01

 — She has an explanation for everything. by FantasizeALot08/01/092.71

My Wife Doesn't "Do" Basketball

 — ...but when it comes to the players... by parts guy09/12/034.26

My Wife Doesn't "Do" Basketball Ch. 02

 — Players can't wait to "meat" wife. by parts guy09/19/034.30

My Wife Donna Letting Go

 — Party Wife. by sharedhousewife11/10/094.09

My Wife Enjoys Playing the Whore

 — She enjoys playing the whore. by headcase3503/01/104.16

My Wife Explores Her Wilder Side

 — The flowering of a sexual vixen. by RodgerDodger04/23/013.87

My Wife Exposed in Reno Ch. 01

 — Nancy's short skirt is quite a hit by Calvin42701/30/094.14

My Wife Exposed in Reno Ch. 02

 — Nancy's show for two guys gets out of hand. by Calvin42701/31/094.29

My Wife Faith

 — His beautiful wife on other men's cocks. by andromon06/03/142.94

My Wife Falls For Another

 — Wife flirts, falls in love and takes control. by hotmetalman03/30/093.66

My Wife Faye

 — What happens when an old friend visits. by Don2Dusk05/27/083.97

My Wife Faye Ch. 02

 — Hank and I get more. by Don2Dusk05/31/084.29

My Wife Finally Agreed To Cuck Me

 — It finally happens. by supermike04/14/094.15

My Wife Gambled and We Lost

 — My wife's gambling cost us big time. by RedTempest09/17/153.69

My Wife Gets A Little Slutty

 — She gets drunk and gets it on. by thehumpman09/04/013.92

My Wife Gets Serviced

 — Two teenage staff members service my wife. by 1FreeOne05/29/114.35

My Wife Gets the Job...

 — Wife overcomes a problem to get job finished. by ARGEE12/30/014.14

My Wife Gets Trained

 — I hand my wife over to a couple of guys for sex training. by xclawman04/14/154.35

My Wife Gives Arthur a Hand

 — Counseling session for classmate goes terribly right. by Calvin42708/22/034.23

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends

 — A wife goes out with friends and comes home with a creampie! by andrewsixpack12/22/104.15

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 02

 — I talk to the man who cucked me and creampied her. by andrewsixpack02/27/113.97

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 03

 — We meet Jeff in person... by andrewsixpack03/24/114.34

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 05

 — Back at Jeff's place for a unexpected hot gangbang! by andrewsixpack05/16/114.38

My Wife Goes Wild

 — Holiday lust with friends, husband, and wife. by braithwaited01/15/083.84

My Wife had a Night to Remember!

 — Wife gets a fucking that was planned by her husband. by arwyvern07/10/173.88

My Wife has a Private Tutor

 — Teacher slowly seduces my wife into his bed. by Newlycucked06/04/153.18

My Wife Honey

 — Attractive housewife must please a client to sign a contract. by Karenkay12/17/034.06

My Wife Is a Financial Planner

 — Mike steps out with Jon's wife. by maninconn09/23/084.29

My Wife is a HO-HO-HO

 — A very special Christmas present for a cheating wife. by Magicidan11/20/174.22

My Wife is a Party Girl

 — My wife goes on vacation and has fun at a party. by happytreefriend05/02/133.84

My Wife is a Sex Surrogate

 — Wife fucks men to help them overcome sexual dysfunction. by combook11/07/093.81

My Wife is Bi

 — Having a bi wife can be great for both. by Toolmo01/12/084.33

My Wife is Finally Fulfilled

 — Holiday fulfilment of my wife and we got to this point. by swalk02/17/174.05

My Wife Is Not A Slut

 — She does a strip contest. by elia_cdl09/21/064.37

My Wife Is Not A Slut Ch. 02

 — She strips for my friends and me this time. by elia_cdl10/05/064.47

My Wife Is Not A Slut Ch. 03

 — Third time's the charm. by elia_cdl10/12/064.43

My Wife Is Satisfied Now - And So Am I!

 — Second wife longs for a larger cock. by ARGEE08/31/013.92

My Wife is So Hot! Ch. 01

 — Wife's confidence leads to hot encounter. by dojparsons03/09/094.44

My Wife is So Stupid

 — Husband must keep careful eye on gullible wife. by zeke8103/20/053.23

My Wife is Still Sexy at Age Fifty

 — My wife shows how a wife over fifty can still be desirable. by milfwife11/20/144.25

My Wife Is The Boss

 — Wife brings out the woman in her man! by Laurasbitch09/13/093.77

My Wife Jay and Young James

 — Our first threesome with young James. by NewUKcpl01/06/074.08

My Wife Joan Ch. 01

 — The perfect wife and her erotic adventures. by Zane12/13/024.32

My Wife Joan Ch. 02

 — Sally joins in the fun. by Zane12/14/024.40

My Wife Judy

 — My wife gets wife trapped. by wifetrapper11/11/103.85

My Wife Judy Got what She Wanted

 — A trip to New York and more. by onthereb09/29/172.97

My Wife Kate...

 — My wife blossoms in her sexuality. by texas201503/04/153.72

My Wife Laid Down

 — My wife laid down on the beach naked. by wifelvrman01/13/173.53

My Wife Likes To Give Handjobs

 — My wife likes to give handjobs. by militaryman305812/07/14

My Wife Lisa

 — Sexy spouse revisits her past. by STHMASS01/02/014.06

My Wife Loves It

 — In the red flickering light, I see my wife fucking a man. by SunrockSin09/28/083.14

My Wife Loves It Ch. 02

 — I begin to understand what really happened to her and I. by SunrockSin09/30/083.01

My Wife Made Me Her Bitch

 — Wife dominates husband in bed. by creamydelight12/04/104.24

My Wife Makes a New Friend

 — My wife's first time with another man. by realscott32509/20/164.15

My Wife Makes Me

 — Wife makes me go to glory holes while traveling for business. by pleasingthewife12/29/123.84

My Wife Mandy

 — Husband and wife meet another couple, wife has a fun ride. by shiningarmor08/14/024.22

My Wife Meets Her Lover

 — My shy wife is seduced by a guy I met online. by giantjet04/01/114.10

My Wife Meets Her Lover Ch. 02

 — My wife's lover comes to stay. by giantjet04/30/113.79

My Wife My... Ch. 01

 — My wife becomes my toy, my slut, my slave. by MarlinPerkins11/04/104.32

My Wife My... Ch. 02

 — The further adventures of my wife Jane. by MarlinPerkins04/11/114.45

My Wife Neetu's Wish Come True

 — It's a story of orgy with my old friend and his wife. by PassionateGuy71103/18/143.38

My Wife Now Loves Big Dicks Pt. 01

 — How my wife, a virgin when we married came to love big dicks. by dudeindallas10/11/163.90

My Wife Now Loves Big Dicks Pt. 02

 — Getting my wife a big one and I get something special too. by dudeindallas10/31/163.88

My Wife on Adult Vacations

 — Eye opening vacation with two men and another man's wife. by mikeytoronto01/07/084.13

My Wife Opening Up Ch. 03

 — Simply put, she goes wild. by shanachie8812/31/044.45

My Wife Performs for an Audience Ch. 01

 — Ben and Nancy get a job offer. by Calvin42702/20/134.13

My Wife Performs for an Audience Ch. 02

 — Nancy and Ben get warmed up. by Calvin42702/21/134.41

My Wife Performs for an Audience Ch. 03

 — Nancy pleases everyone. by Calvin42702/22/134.46

My Wife Plays Around

 — Wife strips in TV game that continues with women fingering. by Rawdon_Crawley02/19/163.56

My Wife Plays the Wild Card

 — Wife uses her wild card for extra-marital sex. by Wpfister02/25/063.93

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