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One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 04

 — My wife finds a new source of frequent fucking. by oldfogey07/14/044.22

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 05

 — They find a new friend. by oldfogey07/27/044.24

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 06

 — They share their experiences with a new group member. by oldfogey08/10/044.20

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 07

 — Wife is back, getting it from a new friend. by oldfogey08/27/044.21

One Is Good, Two Are Better Ch. 08

 — Jay finds his wife on her back. by oldfogey09/30/044.17

One Is Not Enough

 — Erotic ski trip for an American couple. by Eroica07/08/024.36

One Last Date, She Said

 — A story about life's choices. by woodmanone07/24/094.47

One Last Time

 — Sex with ex-wife before her wedding. by atruesag05/02/063.89

One Little Squirt

 — Amazing what it can do. by magmaman03/24/104.35

One Love, Many Lovers

 — Claire takes it to the next level. by SirenSeeker211/10/11

One Lucky Guy

 — A get-away with the wife leads to tucking in the wrong woman. by buntsingle109/08/094.22

One Lucky Neighbor

 — Wife satisfies neighbors craving. by dwaino06/26/133.94

One Man's Fantasy

 — Wife plans a sexy surprise for her husband. by Debbie03/15/014.36

One Man's Fantasy

 — He was living it. by Just Plain Bob10/22/094.42

One Man's Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Just a fantasy. by Just Plain Bob10/20/094.54HOT

One Mistake Can Be Enough

 — Sometimes there are no second chances. by Scorpio4401/25/07

One Month of Service

 — Wife is seduced into service by men's club. by Day Dreaming06/30/034.43

One More Notch on the Bedpost

 — Victimized by a serial seducer. by HansTrimble12/10/143.70

One More Project

 — She had no idea what that project was. by cageytee07/31/063.97

One Night

 — Laura goes on a date, leaving husband at home. by Ray Dario01/25/013.08

One Night

 — Sex with another is like foreplay before sex with my husband by TopflightWife04/11/084.08

One Night

 — This isn't going to change anything, is it? by Naughtyjames04/14/152.99

One Night at a Hotel

 — Wife has a surprise for her Husband. by HornyBone8108/23/123.58

One Night At A Party

 — Charlie gets a shock when he sees wife dancing with Billy. by quinn rogan08/29/014.04

One Night At A Party (Conclusion 2)

 — Mary tells all, & Charlie loves every moment. by quinn rogan10/22/014.36

One Night At A Party (Conclusion)

 — What happened when Mary and Charlie got home. by quinn rogan09/15/014.14

One Night At A Party...Ch. 1

 — Charlie gets the true story, from Mary. by quinn rogan09/30/014.27

One Night at Shenanigans

 — A couple finds unexpected fun at an adult bookstore. by PizzaGod11/26/064.41

One Night Before We Were Married

 — Jill is the life of the party. by Hrbie11/22/023.84

One Night Hooker

 — She becomes her husband's hooker for the night. by callmeishmael08/03/034.21

One Night in Vegas

 — A young woman is seduced into a threesome. by Calibanplayer01/22/094.22

One Night in Vegas

 — A dance with another woman and my husband heats up. by Imstillfun10/07/154.64HOT

One Night Just For Her

 — A long deserved night alone with wife. by Z0neMaster03/14/093.93

One Night of Lust

 — A bored wife needs something more. by Mr. FeelGood07/07/114.10

One Night on the Beach

 — Laurie gets a dance lesson from a lucky local. by Lauries Husband09/05/044.04

One Night Stand

 — She has one night stand while husband watches. by jackal109/10/034.07

One NIght Stand

 — Lonely wife goes out to get fucked by mountainboy12/17/024.24

One Night Too Many

 — He encourages his wife to experiment. by Eroica03/28/044.34

One Night with Chad

 — He answered our ad for a Bi guy. by solstice6607/25/173.58

One of Those Day in the Office

 — Kat's seduction takes an aggressive turn. by MuseShadow08/20/053.92

One Of Those Days

 — Wife caught in the act. by Grey Eagle 28605/29/064.40

One of Those Days.

 — Inspired husband ravishes wife. by L0tsaluck11/04/114.31

One of those Vegas Stories

 — Two couples have one wild vacation. by SPEN STERLING12/10/154.60HOT

One Old Fool

 — An attractive married woman is just too hard to resist. by JimBob4407/07/134.24

One On One With Kathy

 — She gets dumped, I get fucked. by spyman07/09/033.90

One Rainy Day

 — He discovers his wife's infidelities. by gotwood4907/27/042.74

One Really Fucked-Up Contest

 — Bill learns that he shouldn't go through with drunken plans. by imhapless04/12/133.80

One Reason Why I Love Vacations

 — An interesting 24 hours including sex with both sexes. by slicksant12/13/093.99

One Rule for the Rich

 — Wealthy acquaintence reveals just what money can buy. by badidea21110/14/143.95

One Saturday

 — One Saturday opens a loser's eyes. by JimBob4412/19/164.29

One Saturday Night

 — Couple gets pulled over. by Lillyflower7201/13/024.00

One Secret Desire

 — Mark has a secret desire, & Sharon helps him. by JenniferSobe08/13/014.16

One Sexy Night

 — Things happen with out of town. by jeninflorida10/02/074.17

One Sexy Ride

 — Beginning of weekend cabin trip with friends. by ChucknWNC10/10/034.07

One Slip

 — A one time affair threatens to become much worse. by patricia5102/09/044.24

One Slip – Revisited

 — Darts, anyone? by Incoming10/07/064.02

One Slip Over The Line

 — A slip, a slide, a close shave. by juanwildone02/17/113.96

One Slip: A Hard Fall

 — Can a broken marriage be repaired? by Joesephus12/12/054.48

One Slip: Difficult Choices

 — He must decide whether to forgive wife's mistake. by jack_straw12/12/044.03

One Slip: Judgement

 — Troub's ending to classic story One Slip by Patricia51. by the Troubador06/28/043.96

One Slip: Question of Intent

 — An ending to "One Slip" by Patricia51. by Cobbler102309/29/063.94

One Slip: The Aftermath

 — Husband still loves wife after her slip. by TabooTeller06/10/044.19

One Slip: The Aftermath

 — How Steve deals with Donna's infedelity. by andrewpeters11/30/044.01

One Slip: The H20wadr's Ending

 — Author's take on Patricia51's story. by H20wader06/30/062.20

One Starry February

 — My husband surprises me and our neighbor on Valentines Day. by LaSalia08/06/124.12

One Starry January

 — New Year's Eve I surprise my husband with a threesome. by LaSalia07/01/124.36

One Stupid Mistake

 — I didn't think he would just up and leave me. by GotBacon09/06/164.32

One Summer Day

 — Bored wife meets unsuspecting delivery man. by shempus erectus11/15/013.95

One Summer in New Orleans

 — Wife comes across an old friend while in NOLA. by alwaysdaydreaming01/17/174.29

One Summer Night

 — She gets a surprise guest. by mrbill4u10/17/053.20

One Time Birthday Offer

 — Wife surprises husband with birthday surprise. by SweetVibes05/14/123.35

One Time Only

 — A different way to show you love her. by steelring02/28/143.50

One Time, She Cheated

 — A story from our early relationship w/ a cheating girlfriend. by colecouple3701/04/103.50

One Trick Penny Ch. 01

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/13/154.29

One Trick Penny Ch. 02

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/14/154.32

One Trick Penny Ch. 03

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/17/154.44

One Trick Penny Ch. 04

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/18/154.37

One Trick Penny Ch. 05

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/19/154.47

One Trick Penny Ch. 06

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/20/154.37

One Trick Penny Ch. 07

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/21/154.01

One Trick Penny Ch. 08

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/24/154.34

One Trick Penny Ch. 09

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/25/154.44

One Trick Penny Ch. 10

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/26/154.47

One Trick Penny Ch. 11

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/27/154.42

One Trick Penny Ch. 12

 — Wife indulges her husband's fantasy of her as prostitute. by Krystal069003/28/154.46

One Way Love

 — I always loved her more than she loved me. by StangStar0609/06/144.15

One Week In October

 — His wife enjoys a young guy, he's excited by it. by spanishwine12/06/043.95

One Wild Night

 — He shares his wife with two strangers in hotel. by ER Man03/03/034.18

One Wild Night Ch. 02

 — Steve brings Julie camping and she fucks a bike gang. by ER Man03/04/034.24

One Wild Night Ch. 03

 — The gang finds their home and wants more action. by ER Man03/06/034.12

One Wild Night Ch. 04

 — Julie draws droves of men into their lifestyle. by ER Man03/07/034.14

One Winter Night

 — How far would she take it? by rbo11/08/054.03

One Winter Night In Colorado

 — He gets a sympathy fuck from my best friend's new wife. by Darkmagnet01/26/034.48

One Woman Ch. 1

 — The woman of his dreams (and yours, too). by Dark Warrior04/05/024.01

One Woman Ch. 2

 — Desires are revealed on honeymoon. by Dark Warrior04/08/023.76

One Woman Ch. 3

 — She enjoys her first group sex experience. by Dark Warrior04/14/023.97

One Woman Ch. 4

 — They enjoy more new experiences. by Dark Warrior04/23/023.77

One Woman Too Many Ch. 01

 — Husband betrays wife's love for sex with neighbor. by inSanitylane05/29/094.13

One Woman Too Many Ch. 02

 — Candi tells her side of affair. by inSanitylane05/30/094.04

One Wounded Seagull

 — Adultery in the marital bed. by luedon06/06/154.03

One, Fifty or One Hundred 2.3

 — A continuation of SJ's work. by FD4502/20/164.11

One, Only One

 — Playful wife sets husband a challenge. by CamillaHumby06/19/134.16

One-Hour Developing Ch. 1

 — His wife's first experience as an exhibitionist. by paulinmary09/17/014.41

One-man Mandingo Party

 — Will this cuckold's wife ever be the same? by the_harmless12/17/133.55

One-Night Stand With Older Man

 — Husband dares wife to seduce older man. by MrNewHouston10/23/024.20

One-Way Mirror

 — I watch from the closet as my wife fucks another man. by bigcanuck02/01/083.98

One-Way Pendulum

 — Darling, we need to talk... by potsherd2209/24/134.09

Ongoing Punishment

 — Young wife is persuaded into acting out hubby's fantasies. by trevorm04/25/083.63

Online First Meeting

 — Denny finally consummates online affair with married woman. by nclive200104/13/024.35

Online Predator: Mark

 — She meets him in her van. by ladyhawk10002/26/073.57

Online Shopping

 — Online shopping while Derek is away turns into sexy fun. by sexymrs04/06/083.89

Online Soccer Mom and Wife

 — Frustrated soccer mom gets owned. by je71sox04/05/173.60

Only Helping Friends

 — Couple plus her friend. by Irish187609/10/113.78

Only Human

 — We had our time of what I would call "wedded bliss." by Middleagepoet02/09/093.81

Only in a Dream

 — (Revised) Revelations bring back suspicions. by gabapentin05/16/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 02

 — Brad thinks about when he and Kathy meet. by gabapentin05/25/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 03

 — Mistakes from the past and new beginnings. by gabapentin05/30/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 04

 — The journal is found. by gabapentin06/01/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 05

 — Brad finds that his worst fears have come true. by gabapentin06/04/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 06

 — Does Kathy's affair with Matt end? by gabapentin06/06/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 07

 — More troubling revelations. by gabapentin06/08/14

Only in a Dream Ch. 08

 — Some surprises and the conclusion. by gabapentin06/11/143.62

Only Memories

 — What else a loving wife, a lustful husband. by Diane Marie08/13/023.83

Only Missing A Bow

 — Businessman receives gift from his loving wife. by Demonic_Love_705/23/024.12

Only on the Island

 — A husband and wife have fun on island vacation. by SexxKitten6903/20/034.30


 — Will she destroy our marriage or will I destroy her first. by Vandemonium111/10/154.53HOT


 — Friends? Right... by PTBzzzz06/09/124.04


 — She forgot what day it was. by GToast11/12/094.41


 — An attempt to spice up their marriage doesn't go as planned. by Azuldrgon05/20/083.30

Open Door Policies Ch. 01

 — Sexy and subtle flirtations between Adam and Kathy. by JessFlaws10/11/163.81

Open Marriage Weekend

 — He gave his permission, but... by murphy62109/23/122.87

Open Mike Night

 — It was open mike night at the Landing Strip Lounge. by Just Plain Bob08/02/114.22

Open Relationship Gone Awry Ch. 01

 — Grad school couple get more than they bargained for. by blindedwithscience04/28/113.88

Open Relationship Gone Awry Ch. 02

 — Round One: Flawless Victory! Round Two: Begin! by blindedwithscience05/01/114.06

Open Relationship Gone Awry Ch. 03

 — Life spins further out of control. by blindedwithscience05/12/113.32

Open Remote

 — David's wife gives him the controls. by Parris02/20/024.38

Open to Change

 — Wife opens up about exploring other men as open marriage. by Polypaul11/04/113.83

Open Up, Wife

 — Husband forces wife to open up to him and others. by spider00706/17/133.85

Opening Arguments

 — Open vs Closed marriages. Can two friends agree on terms? by jezzaz01/17/163.68

Opening Day at the Pool

 — Brian discovers how friendly lonely neighbor can be. by GreenLover06/06/034.28

Opening Friendships Ch. 01

 — Aoife's new friends help plan her anniversary night. by ShaneLucas09/18/173.60

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