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Loving Wives Stories

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Red's 3-Some Fantasy

 — Red fantasy is fulfilled and thats not all. by _Red_07/24/064.04

Red's Treat

 — Red & Sparkie's wild night. by _Red_08/09/034.24

Red-Headed Sex Machine

 — Neighborly lust fulfilled. by pleasuremodeloneten05/05/113.98

Redemption Ch. 01

 — Is it possible to heal once you've been betrayed? by chezshirecat03/13/094.25

Redemption Ch. 02

 — Do answers bring salvation or more sin? by chezshirecat03/17/094.32

Redemption Ch. 03

 — Forgiveness means choices must be made. by chezshirecat03/19/094.25

Redialing for Dollars

 — His boss stole his wife, now he'll get his revenge! by Stultus02/26/124.32

Rediscovering Joan Ch. 01

 — She confesses, and he discovers she really is his dreamgirl. by Loveofherlife06/10/094.12

Rediscovering Joan Ch. 02

 — Mike and Joan explore further. by Loveofherlife06/15/094.35

Rediscovering Joan Ch. 03

 — The truth will set you free. by Loveofherlife06/23/093.91


 — Married woman needs her job. by GeePee09/14/014.12


 — Prim wife turns raging sex machine. by Tiger11010/17/003.91

Reevaluating a Life and a Wife

 — He just didn't have any fight left in him. by TCct10/05/134.52HOT

Refill, Please

 — Wife's anger at husband turns to desire. by Stephanie78945607/20/044.22

Reflections of a Dominant Wife

 — She describes key highlights in her years of submission.. by OwnerWife04/25/114.03

Reg, Jill & I

 — Jill & hubby invite another man to a hot threeway. by forfun4406/08/014.22

Reg, Me, & My Wife Ch. 01

 — Threesome with a good friend. by heme01/29/043.90

Reg, Me, & My Wife Ch. 02

 — Couple has more fun with friend. by heme02/13/044.20


 — Husband cheated; will she forgive him? by DG Hear11/26/064.64HOT


 — She had one regret, until she had more. by murphy62103/16/123.95


 — Looking back and wishing things could've been different. by DFWBeast04/14/16HOT

Regrets - Darcy's Story

 — Sequel to 'Regrets'; why Darcy took him back. by DG Hear12/01/064.60HOT


 — She recovers her sexuality. by msgimply08/22/054.33


 — Aud and Libby want Henry to take method acting seriously. by Spencerfiction02/23/153.41

Reigniting On Halloween

 — She has plan to reignite passions. by TabooTeller11/05/034.35

Reinventing Karin

 — Karin gets transformed because of extra-marital sex. by Great_Corruptor09/05/063.71


 — A surprise gift from his wife. by KCWLLW02/06/133.24

Rejuvenated - Cindy, John, and I

 — Threesome between couple & waiter leads to big changes. by smally07/18/083.61


 — Kim plans to rekinle the flame but gets burned. by jjjakoo701/13/043.29

Relatively Speaking Ch. 2

 — Two heads are better than one. by Fritz10/11/014.35

Relatively Speaking Ch. 3

 — A delicious dawn... by Fritz10/12/014.34

Relatively Speaking Ch. 4

 — An acquired taste. by Fritz10/13/014.37

Relatively Speaking Ch. 5

 — The perfect option... by Fritz10/14/014.33

Relax and Enjoy

 — Woman surprises her husband with new experiences. by mysticwoman05/05/094.30

Relax And Let It Happen

 — Husband finds ways to enjoy timid wife. by Learningfast11/25/083.34


 — A couple enjoys a steamy hot tub session. by thewintersofaugust04/18/133.67

Relaxing After Work

 — Good friends and cool drinks lead to fun times. by voltaire_one05/11/094.05


 — His wife's lover continued to plague him. by PAPATOAD10/21/11

Relighting An Old Flame

 — Katie meets her ex-husband. by sweetsuccubus10/09/07

Religion Can Justify Anything

 — Wife finally fulfills husband's fantasies with someone else. by MountainMike05/12/134.12

Religion Can Justify Anything Ch. 02

 — Michael takes control of his life. by MountainMike08/01/134.29

Reliving Her "Glory" Days

 — Wife sucks off husband's dad, brothers, friends and grandpa. by zeke8103/09/074.03

Reliving Old Times

 — Husband and wife visit her former stepfather by droopy dog04/07/064.31

Reloaded, Murder at the M & M Lounge

 — Tragedy inspires confession and reconciliation. by Cuckoldjim02/02/153.16

Reluctant Orgasm

 — Wife encouraged to perform. by mudhentwo12/16/124.13

Reluctant Show Off

 — Showing off leads to sexual release. by sexperience08/23/074.40

Reluctant Swinger

 — Gorgeous wife reluctantly joins husband in swinging. by crosswalk203/19/043.85

Reluctant Wife Trap

 — Hubby finally gets wife to play with clever trap. by sportventure03/09/064.44

Reluctant Wife Trap Ch. 02

 — Hubby's quest to get his wife to play continues. by sportventure10/21/074.50HOT

Reluctant Wife Trap Ch. 03

 — One more attempt to get his wife to accept an open lifestyle. by sportventure06/11/084.51HOT

Reluctantly Seduced

 — His wife and neighbors hatched his seduction. by doniv69101/03/083.56

Remembering Valentine’s Day

 — Is love the price of forgiveness? by sophist80101/26/104.32

Remembering What It Was Like

 — A wedding doesn't a marriage make. by Slirpuff06/04/104.65HOT

Remembrance; Fantasy

 — The night before and the next morning. by moralityloophole07/08/103.90

Ren Faire

 — Wife submits to a whim. by KnightlySeducer01/14/103.34

Renaissance Faire Fun

 — A wife's public punishment for not honoring the queen. by photobiker03/03/174.18

Rendezvous and Revenge

 — A tale of cheating and blackmail. by Mysteria2710/18/142.73

Rendezvous with the Night Ch. 01

 — Good housewife is exposed to seduction. by surraville02/27/073.82

Renee and Her Brother Ch. 04

 — The final chapter. by Jena12107/02/094.31

Renee Ch. 01

 — Young wife Renee tells her story. by alan1370301/29/053.99

Renee, Todd, Nude Day, & Lady Gaga

 — Husband forces wife to entertain friends naked on Nude Day. by SuperHeroRalph06/22/113.06


 — Ashley and Sean renew their relationship. by SplendidSpunk09/11/084.02

Renewed Lust Pt. 01

 — Renewing the eternal flame. by codpeace10108/04/164.14

Renewing Vows

 — A romantic story about a man and a wife. by TripleL02/10/132.84


 — Friend's wife does more then help renovate. by Junior6711/16/164.16

Rent a Room

 — They rent a room to a college student. by Omega1212/03/112.75

Renuka: The Gardeners Wife

 — He has a taste of the gardener's wife. by charas_kigoli10/02/074.23

Repairman Takes Charge

 — Repairman gives wife the BBC she has never had. by dvalla11/30/174.14


 — She moves her lover in to the marital home. by Mrs_jj6203/05/033.17

Replaced - Defective Husband

 — She didn't want revenge, just a husband she could trust. by bucksilver09/07/124.08

Replica Ch. 01

 — A loving wife and her friend fulfill an unusual fantasy. by sagitair03/01/093.85

Requiem for a Cuckold

 — Yes, a man can redefine himself as a man. by c1992w06/25/15

Requiem for a Fallen Wife Redux

 — Fate brings people together sometimes with magic results. by c1992w01/19/17


 — He caught her cheating; she thinks he's overreacting. by Longhorn__0711/02/054.60HOTEditor's Pick


 — If you have a weak stomach for vengeance, don't read this. by imhapless11/10/164.37

Rescue Me

 — Wife at the bar. by likebstar01/21/103.67

Rescue Me Ch. 02

 — Wife at play. by likebstar10/15/123.52

Rescuing Dianne

 — Her Husband wants her to screw a stranger. by Grey Eagle 28606/14/064.42

Research Pt. 01

 — A wife ends up meeting someone online. by michaelwood05/30/173.43


 — Nude yoga snares two nerds. by telemike008/11/024.05


 — France WWII. Do you resist? by Balladeer04/28/123.52

Resolute Love

 — "We'll make it Flarni, just you and me if we have too...." by BlknMild61101/22/113.27


 — His wife's new years resolutions pays off big for him. by Crazy4Tits11/22/044.19

Resolving My Marriage Pt. 01

 — His wife is getting involved with a coworker. by BrettCanon04/15/073.73

Resolving My Marriage Pt. 02

 — The mess with Carol unravels; Dan sees Amanda. by BrettCanon04/16/073.22

Resort Serendipity

 — Workaholics desert their spouses at a resort. by amischiefmaker01/26/174.53HOT

Respect Ch. 01

 — A young wife's search for love and redemption. by rachaelross09/30/06

Respect Ch. 02

 — A young wife's search for love and redemption. by rachaelross10/01/06HOT

Respect Ch. 04

 — A young wife's search for love and redemption. by rachaelross10/03/06

Rest of the Week

 — What happens after Tuesday's massage. by LP195707/15/123.73

Rest Stop

 — You wanna fuck my wife while I watch? by LynnGKS06/19/134.39

Rest Stop Romp

 — A trucker watches them have sex. by johntamps08/27/073.99

Restaurant Encounter Ch. 01

 — A couple meets a shy, reserved young woman in a restaurant. by Bob_Aganoush04/19/174.16

Restaurant Encounters

 — Dinner at a favorite restaurant leads to... by pamper110/16/024.16

Restaurant Teasing is Fun

 — Husband teases wife in the restaurant before heading home. by wickedeagle03/07/144.24

Restless Calling

 — He takes her while her husband sleeps beside them. by spiritlover06/01/013.09

Restless Ch. 01

 — A tale of eroticism, betrayal and forgiveness. by spence596905/24/084.03

Restless Ch. 02

 — A tale of eroticism, betrayal and forgiveness. by spence596905/28/083.99

Restless Ch. 03-04

 — A tale of eroticism, betrayal and forgiveness. by spence596906/02/083.98

Restless Ch. 05

 — A tale of eroticism, betrayal and forgiveness. by spence596906/12/083.15

Restless Pussy Syndrome

 — Is it a real condition? by amyyum06/30/153.27


 — A night of bondage and light S&M with my wife. by Deliciousblossom07/01/153.87


 — Rejected one time too many, she finds passion at last. by Licorne03/03/034.28


 — Would getting even be the answer? by DG Hear11/27/104.54HOT

Retired 07-08

 — A retired woman gets her husband involved. by Jacqueline195101/23/174.53HOT

Retirement House

 — Mike explores his wife & expand their marriage. by fl_mike01/05/024.05

Retirement Package

 — Retired man fancies the pretty young neighbor. by daisysgator04/29/104.33

Retirement Surprise

 — After retiring and moving home man finds out wife is a whore. by SW_MO_Hermit01/09/124.51HOT

Retraining the Little Bitch

 — A gold-digger bitch starts on a road to taking her revenge. by Orexis12/13/054.05

Retreat Treat

 — It’s all about the art exhibit. by sr71plt06/23/144.29


 — Deserved punishment for evil done. by Scorpio4404/29/084.27


 — A very short story of retribution. by Denham_Forrest08/21/084.52HOT

Retribution Ch. 02

 — Another short tale of Retribution. by Denham_Forrest02/22/094.22

Retribution Pt. 01

 — Harold pays the price for cheating. by Labpet105/02/172.73

Retribution Pt. 02

 — Payback's a bitch for Harold. by Labpet105/14/172.15

Retribution, a Different Take

 — Same senario, different outcome. by Scorpio4405/12/084.28

Retro Moresome

 — Fun, unexpected swapping in the 70s. by Barb36D03/13/044.41

Return from Bikapur

 — Kira's adventures, chapter 6. by dan5701/30/083.62

Return to Chicago

 — A traveling couple goes home for their anniversary. by laptopwriter09/16/133.84

Return to Our Own Loving Ways

 — They return from virtual sexual domain. by manavata05/24/053.54

Returning a Favor

 — After a night of passion, it's only fair to give back. by HornyDude212/25/114.08

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