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Tarotica Ch. 11

 — A 'tail' of the balance of positive & negative. by Anais09/20/023.80

Tart Ch. 01

 — She lets her husband have outside sex. by ZotDragon02/21/044.32

Tart Ch. 02

 — Wife discovers her own perversity. by ZotDragon02/22/044.38

Tart Ch. 03

 — Margeaux can't get enough. by ZotDragon02/26/044.31

Tart Ch. 04

 — Getting their lives back to somewhat normal. by ZotDragon02/29/043.93

Tasha: Reluctant Sex Nurse

 — Recent bride finds work demanding. by Triedtobegood08/27/044.27

Taste of Success

 — She gives him a blow job, with extras. by muckymailer03/30/063.67

Taste Sensations

 — Lin handcuffed, blindfolded tastes to get what she wants. by BlueFish1101/28/093.89


 — Two couples share a new gastronomic experience. by shinheat04/12/083.90

Tasting A Cum Filled Cunt

 — He eats the cum from his slut wife. by Anal Slave02/14/063.83

Tasting Ch. 02

 — Two couples gastronomic appreciation of each other. by shinheat04/30/084.25

Tasting Sarah

 — Bitter-sweet is the sweetest taste of all. by steelring11/21/143.88


 — Should he tell his best friends wife he is cheating on her? by SW_MO_Hermit03/02/144.43

Tax End

 — Wife is taught anal, but not by him. by Chuckie05/20/034.06

Tax End Ch. 02

 — A married woman's continued anal usage. by Chuckie09/09/034.33

Tax End Ch. 03

 — Continuing usage of married woman. by Chuckie01/24/044.05


 — Wife does the driver while husband watches. by chelsealover03/31/054.25

Taxi Driver Rides Thai Girlfriend

 — Sexy Thai girlfriend enjoys a Thai cock while hubby watches. by StarfireMayo07/19/123.78

Taxi Office

 — Cuckold and his drunk wife's adventure. by wifwat06/09/034.23

Tea and Sympathy

 — All The World's a Stage. by dtiverson01/03/174.76HOT

Teach Her, Teacher

 — She learns to live, love, & laugh. by DukeDakota05/21/043.77

Teach the Children Well

 — Because everyone else has a stupid song title story. by FD4511/03/134.52HOT


 — A young teacher's marriage flounders. by newjayne09/28/124.10

Teacher Allie Ch. 01

 — This young teacher wants the attention she never got. by TimRailing12/15/154.32

Teacher Allie Ch. 02

 — This young teacher wants the attention she never got. by TimRailing12/16/154.21

Teacher Allie Ch. 03

 — This young teacher wants the attention she never got. by TimRailing12/17/154.33

Teacher at the Beach

 — Two friends run into their bikini clad teacher at the beach. by OblongMilk09/16/124.50HOT

Teacher Becomes Gang-Toy

 — ...and betrays her LAPD husband. by Coxswain04/14/09

Teacher Ch. 1

 — New teacher finds out how close staff can get. by Patrick12/22/004.38

Teacher Ch. 4

 — Prep for Parent/Teacher evening proves exciting. by Patrick01/19/014.47

Teacher Enjoyed Huge Cock Ch. 01

 — Catholic school teacher discovers love of huge cock. by junkman12304/06/183.17

Teacher Enjoyed Huge Cock Ch. 02

 — Catholic school teacher enjoyed huge cock overseas. by junkman12304/11/182.94

Teacher Gets a Hall Pass

 — Husbands cheats, wife wants a hall pass to make up for it. by Sfbullrider04/24/154.17

Teacher Wife Ready for Her Own

 — Impotent hubby learns he can't give his wife what she needs. by cuckedbymygirlfriend05/30/173.55

Teacher's Blackening

 — Teacher finds a way to spice up her life. by MrDeep08/24/103.92

Teacher's Pet

 — After kids go to college, wife goes back to school. by MistyMorgan03/24/063.72

Teacher's Pet

 — Taken from the headlines. by Saxon_Hart08/07/164.54HOT

Teacher's Pet Ch. 06

 — The plot thickens. by Sunnie11/11/043.86

Teachers Are People, Too Ch. 02

 — The next day. by Wicplx01/19/163.90

Teaching a Lesson

 — Because some people are slow learners. by Magicidan08/06/144.36

Teaching Claire Ch. 01

 — Teaching my loving wife the joy of kinky sex. by dreamerboi03/28/123.74

Teaching Her Husband a Lesson

 — He teaches Joy's husband not to take her for granted. by Scribler08/05/024.37

Teaching My Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife learns to be a whore. by jdrew200110/27/09

Teaching My Wife Ch. 02

 — Wife's refresher course continues. by jdrew200110/30/09

Teaching My Wife Ch. 03

 — Wife learns new things. by jdrew200110/31/09

Teaching My Wife Ch. 04

 — Wife's learning continues. by jdrew200111/13/09

Teaching My Wife Ch. 05

 — Wife gets paddled and more by fraternity boys. by jdrew200111/28/09

Teaching My Wife Ch. 06

 — Wife's bdsm gang bang. by jdrew200101/31/10HOT


 — Bonnie discovers husband's hidden fantasy. by NightmarePrincess01/24/044.24

Tear It Up

 — Husband and wife reveal secrets and make a deal. by SEVERUSMAX10/20/153.67


 — Innocent tease turns into a big please. by Foxe-Male06/13/024.31


 — Two couples get it on in the spa. by marriedpervs07/10/044.26

Tease Ch. 02

 — Husband gets sloppy seconds. by rene_tx08/14/073.91

Tease Deuce

 — Old Georgey boy is back, bigger & meaner than ever! by Foxe-Male07/11/024.06

Tease On

 — A Teaser Ch. 6. The New Years party. by Dyrtytailz01/12/034.31

Tease the Bull...

 — Sexy wife pushes boss over the edge. by cueball96104/16/123.65

Tease the Bull...Payback!

 — Willis strikes back. by cueball96105/27/124.38

Tease Too Much

 — Naive wife teases hung sailor. by lattewine05/22/154.19

Teasing Her Husband

 — She gets exactly what she needs. by Nola07/04/034.18

Teasing the Neighbor

 — Sexy housewife teases hung neighbor with promise of blowjob. by samandrews12/05/064.30

Teasing The Peeping Tom!

 — Dee teases and then pleases. by marriedpervs06/20/044.00

Teasing the Pool Boys

 — After blowing neighbor, sexy housewife does the pool guys. by samandrews12/29/064.32

Teasing Wife

 — She takes the tease further. by sharedhousewife12/02/074.01

Teasing Wife

 — Her teasing was driving him crazy. by Omega1207/17/103.51

Teasing Wife Ch. 02

 — On our second night at Gary's cabin... by sharedhousewife12/08/074.10

Teasing Wife Ch. 02

 — Don't play with fire or you'll get burnt. by Omega1209/28/112.86

Technical Sex

 — She has a risky idea for improving their erotic life. by paukenator05/11/093.10

Technically, Not in Breach!

 — Wife's spanking by a stranger leads to new awakenings by badidea21104/19/164.00

Technician Returns with a Helper

 — Maggie is serviced by two repairmen and loves it. by okayjack11/16/134.03


 — Middle-aged redhead and hubby explore cuckolding. by redpilldad05/23/174.15

Ted The Bear

 — A delicious erotic treat for hubby. by DebraDarling07/23/013.61

Tee-Ball Mom

 — He gets a chance at Dawn's gorgeous ass. by bigcanuck01/13/084.10

Teen Bride Charna Dates...

 — Dick photographs his friends with Charna. by Audio-visual06/25/014.33

Teen Bride Charna's Going-away Gangbang

 — His best friend & colleagues enjoy his wife. by Audio-visual06/25/014.39

Teen Bride Charna's Honeymoon Adventures

 — He photographs & then displays his lovely bride. by Audio-visual06/25/014.39


 — My sister-in-law was a dream come true. by 003705/10/104.32

Telemarketing Turnabout Pt. 07

 — My Darling wife proves that life can be better than dreams. by ilikeithot630803/06/154.78HOT

Telephone Blitz

 — Listening in a call spins husband's world. by PAPATOAD05/09/08

Telephone Education

 — Married student learns details of her Prof. by geekcock02/04/142.79

Tell Barbara

 — Wife meets bull online. by MistyMorgan09/21/034.07

Tell It to the Judge

 — My wife's night out with her sister. by Britease06/02/094.28

Tell Me what You were Thinking Ch. 02

 — I tell her what I'm thinking about... again. by trixie_leigh09/30/173.13

Tell Me Why

 — When do you cut your loses? by Harddaysknight03/06/054.23

Tell Me Your Fantasies

 — She coaxes him to 'fess up. by Soltero12/29/024.25

Tell The Truth

 — Brother's woman forces him to lie. by DebsDesires09/10/023.68

Telling Tales

 — He describes a sexy lesbian film to his wife. by aquilegia08/02/074.24

Telling the Wife

 — Confessing to being sucked by a man. by glory_first05/15/083.93

Telltale Signs

 — Loving husband sees working wife's telltale signs. by REGade06/09/054.15


 — If you lose your temper, you can't control what follows. by Ashson10/18/134.19

Temper Tantrum

 — Wife shoots a hole in his heart without a bullet. by Writewinger08/19/173.22

Temporary Employment

 — Something I never thought I would do in my life. by zipper694u11/04/083.73

Temporary Separation

 — Honey. We need to talk. by GotBacon10/31/154.22

Temptation & Punishment Ch. 01

 — The only way to resist temptation is to give in. by Goldeniangel02/03/134.28

Temptation & Punishment Ch. 02

 — She was tempted, now she'll be punished. by Goldeniangel02/12/134.04

Temptation Island

 — My Boss took me to a cheater's paradise. by StangStar0603/14/134.23

Temptation Meets Reality

 — Mary fucks her son's team mate. by Waxme03/29/164.24

Temptation of a Social Worker Ch. 02

 — The Chess Game. by loosepetals11/04/143.43

Temptation Pt. 01

 — A family in danger and doesn't know it yet. by rnebular12/10/164.11

Temptation Pt. 02

 — The situation unravels quickly. by rnebular12/11/164.05

Temptation Pt. 03

 — Aftershocks are felt. by rnebular12/12/164.28

Temptation Pt. 04

 — Striking Back. by rnebular12/13/164.22

Temptation Takes Over

 — Loving wife submits to husband's friend. by idyllic_interludes02/25/094.07


 — Sometimes giving in is the best thing to do. by MannequinJoe10/13/073.08


 — Sometimes it might be difficult to resist temptations. by Winterfrog05/02/123.82

Temptations and Decisions

 — They played with fire and somebody got burned. by NicoleSix06/11/113.91

Tempted by Huge Cock

 — My wife saw more than she should have. by edmead04/01/083.42

Tempting John

 — John must resist cumming for a week to impregnate wife. by Obsessive_john07/25/084.26

Tempting Tamara

 — Couple goes on a sexual adventure. by geronimo_appleby01/06/084.16

Tempting Wife

 — A voluptuous wife reveals more of her past. by sherwood100006/30/173.84

Ten Dates

 — Bored wife and Hubby make a deal by Dyrtytailz02/02/033.91

Ten Dates Ch. 02

 — Wife & husband continue the daring bet. by Dyrtytailz02/04/034.32

Ten Dates Ch. 03

 — Date 4 exposes Eileen in public. by Dyrtytailz02/11/034.07

Ten Dates Ch. 04

 — Eileen falls apart. by Dyrtytailz02/16/033.88

Ten Degrees Above Zero

 — Chilled to the bone, I was quickly heated by my wife. by dedimm12/29/084.17

Ten Men for Tina

 — Slutty actress gets gangbanged. by Catesby09/12/074.40

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Wife

 — Teasing leads to wild orgasm. by cactiphile03/10/013.94

Ten Seconds

 — Caught in the act. by Britease10/21/134.25

Ten to One

 — She paid him back in kind. by Alison3406/29/103.16

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 01

 — Wife tells husband she wants to attend her college reunion. by robertl09/07/173.95

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 02

 — My wife and I attend her college class reunion. by robertl09/15/173.78

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 03

 — The foursome play a very fun game. by robertl09/19/174.21

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 04

 — The game changes into truth or dare. by robertl09/26/174.40

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 05

 — The night continues. by robertl10/05/174.18

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 06

 — Wife swap for the day. by robertl11/03/174.01

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 07

 — Another night of spouse swapping with new friends. by robertl11/23/174.34

Ten Year Reunion Ch. 08

 — Our reunion weekend ends. by robertl12/04/173.79

Tenerife June 08

 — Making new friends. by Danieluk01/03/094.00

Tenerife June 08 Ch. 02

 — They leave the club. by Danieluk01/04/094.07

Tenerife June 08 Ch. 03

 — Husband watches wife getting fucked. by Danieluk01/07/094.04

Tenerife Revisited

 — She meets new friends and lives out her fantasy by BigDave134004/26/03

Tennis Anyone

 — Jess fulfills her tennis fantasy & Jon eats it up. by Cabernetforme09/15/054.05

Tennis Dresses are Fun Ch. 01

 — Mixed doubles sets scored three-love games and four-love games. by MrMsScrewloose05/28/164.49

Tennis Dresses are Fun Ch. 02

 — We really play mixed doubles this time. by MrMsScrewloose10/19/164.47

Tennis Lesson

 — Wife joins me in the men's locker room. by photobiker07/09/124.29

Tension Tower

 — A simple party game with a new twist. by Horny John05/19/053.80

Tequila Night

 — Husband has friend over in hopes for a good time. by CasualErotica03/04/104.27

Teresa and Miles do D.C.

 — A true loving wife. by Forever Lucid05/05/054.02

Teresa Plays Pass the Parcel

 — Wife takes on the champion gymnastics team. by Unihorn11/02/043.94

Teresa's Summer Race Redux

 — A hubby and wife having sex in the LW section? You betcha. by WifeWatchman09/29/154.50HOT

Teri Ch. 01

 — Wife surprises husband in more ways than one. by JackJillUT10/22/104.21

Teri's First Lover

 — Wife has first extra-marital sex. by whbonney03/21/024.19

Teri's Golf Game

 — Cock out/Cunt out golf. by twosides12/16/073.67

Terrana Understands His Desires

 — Desires finally take a turn for the right direction. by OrientZion05/02/183.52


 — Middle-aged housewife finds sexual satisfaction. by Seymour_Klitz08/27/014.21

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