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The Beginning

 — As foreplay, he watches his wife with a stranger. by Rascal16412/14/014.39

The Beginning

 — Sharing the wife. by tanda987602/05/07

The Beginning

 — A wife gets a new lover. by Trurider01/27/094.13

The Beginning and The End

 — Nohj did not pay attention to his wife. by Nohj205/05/163.75

The Beginning of a Dick Slut Wife

 — Dick Slut Wife's first group sex. by barn940804/06/134.26

The Beginning of a Dick Slut Wife Ch. 02

 — On the prowl at dance clubs. by barn940804/19/134.05

The Beginning of a Dick Slut Wife Ch. 03

 — At the Hot Springs. by barn940804/20/134.13

The Beginning of a Dick Slut Wife Ch. 04

 — My wife broke the rules. by barn940805/04/133.78

The Beginning of a Dick Slut Wife Ch. 05

 — Wife does a bachelor party. by barn940805/05/133.92

The Beginning of an Affair

 — How my 5 year affair with a married woman began. by bll961810/29/104.26

The Beginning of an Affair - Week 02

 — Taking this affair to another level. by bll961812/31/104.13

The Beginning of My Conquest

 — He makes his move to seduce Deepa bhabhi. by indianhubby01/30/053.75

The Beginning of My Conquest

 — Two couples begin an adventure together. by cplindian02/02/053.82

The Beginnings of a Bull

 — Hot wife sharing experience from the bull's point of view. by becausehesmuchbigger09/24/164.34

The Beginnning

 — First of many interesting nights. by vetteman200605/09/113.89

The Belle

 — Young woman is drawn to prostitution. by Rupa12/04/013.87

The Bellman

 — Hot wife seduces bellboy while hubby watches. by Dutchboy10/15/003.79

The Benefits Man

 — She didn't...did she? by Just Plain Bob11/10/093.50

The Benefits of Being Average

 — Liz and Liam's above-average night with their average friend. by aprguy07/11/104.36

The Bertolini and Marco

 — A young Marco meets a middle aged couple while on vacation. by davechop03/28/133.63

The Best Birthday

 — Wife gets great surprise for birthday. by so100th04/07/064.12

The Best Birthday Ever

 — His wife fulfills his wishes on his big birthday. by Upskirt_fan05/16/114.51HOT

The Best Birthday Ever

 — The surprise gift wasn't what he thought. by FRED_S09/15/144.20

The Best Birthday Present Ever

 — Kyle can't guess what Joan's giving him. by quinn rogan11/21/014.52HOTContest Winner

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

 — Had Jake found the ideal birthday present for his wife? by MattblackUK07/12/124.01

The Best Cums in Thirds

 — An unexpected menage in Miami. by Bardvark05/19/113.86

The Best Fuck Ever

 — When life crushes a fairy tale life, it is not pretty. by phubby09/02/143.70

The Best Game

 — Seducing wives is his sport. by starrkers01/13/073.81

The Best Laid Plans

 — Greg acts out his fantasy & gets a surprise. by Marc DeLancy08/29/034.19

The Best Laid Plans

 — Her plan was perfect...wasn't it? by laptopwriter02/01/173.99

The Best Man

 — Bride to be gets to determine who is the real 'Best Man'. by german_male03/03/024.04

The Best Man

 — A man dies & his best friend takes over his bed & his wife. by ColetteJulie04/15/163.96

The Best of The Worst

 — Finding wife cheating turns life upside down. by techsan08/31/074.28

The Best Orgasm

 — A couple's great sexual adventure. by sharecurious09/12/073.67

The Best Present of All

 — A man gets loads of presents from his wife on his birthday by PenanceS04/26/034.09

The Best Reunion

 — Old friends get together for a good time. by Trebor118608/12/113.52

The Best Revenge Is A Life Lived Well

 — Sometimes you don't know what you risk. by Joesephus12/28/054.52HOT

The Best Surprise

 — Wife surprises huddy with 2 male friends. by couple_4_play04/22/094.32

The Best Tits in the World

 — How a wife shared her husband with her friend. by Doggieman10/31/154.25

The Best Tits in the World Ch. 02

 — Wife's big tit friend excites husband. by Doggieman11/06/154.32

The Best Vacation

 — Island vacation with hubby turns into a swingin' good time! by DeliciousVixenTx03/13/083.98

The Bet

 — She does what she must to help pay man's debt. by Jo_33611/13/024.09

The Bet

 — A wife loses a bet and has to pay by jjbeenzca03/19/034.25

The Bet

 — Carol makes a bet with Lisa but Jon has to pay up. by ausielover6908/10/024.01

The Bet

 — Business partners play cards & bet their spouses. by Captain Steve12/31/024.12

The Bet

 — Wife must meet her husband's gambling obligation. by Alexandra09/02/054.49

The Bet

 — Bet leads to unexpected surprise in Cancun. by SweetVibes10/23/083.79

The Bet

 — Husband gets a surprise special birthday treat. by JSSmutter04/26/103.92

The Bet

 — When gambling on a wife's fidelity, there are no certainties. by ukresearcher03/08/142.69

The Bet

 — Identical twins bet that one's husband can't tell them apart. by norfolklad08/21/164.41

The Bet and the Gangbang

 — Heather's next adventure - sequel to Seduced by the Game. by FatjackFallstaff08/23/134.26

The Bet Ch. 01

 — Day off leads to sexy wager for couple & friend. by StudHummingBird01/19/084.01

The Bet Ch. 01

 — She loses a bet and has to give in to husband's fantasies. by wldhrs06/28/104.51HOT

The Bet That We Won

 — New neighbours open up their minds. by amitch02/22/034.37

The Big 'What if...' Ch. 1

 — Married woman meets online lover. by n.artist11/25/013.93

The Big 4-O

 — You only turn 40 once. by shivadancer03/09/173.71

The Big C

 — An offer of friendship brings complications. by CharlieB407/17/144.75HOT

The Big Favor

 — I was standing there wondering what they were talking about. by bigcarl79606/29/113.93

The Big Favor Ch. 02

 — As Carmen claimed up into my jeep... by bigcarl79607/07/114.31

The Big Game

 — He woke up to his wife sucking his... by innocenthusband05/31/034.07

The Big Game

 — Lara helps host a party. by wrenchwriter12/20/083.60

The Big Game

 — Wife is great hostess on Super Sunday, for all his friends. by formywife05/16/094.39

The Big Get Even

 — Lovely lady's subtle revenge on cheating husband. by The_Dolphin11/28/034.38

The Big Kick

 — Husband likes to watch his wife. by netdog04/09/014.25

The Big Move

 — It all started as a weekend thing. by jhayward02/12/043.05

The Big Question

 — Wife asks and my answer was quick. by DenverYo08/05/123.10

The Big Suck

 — Husband's venture into sharing his wife. by Beachsyrf03/04/054.15

The Big Surprise

 — Lisa's not as alone as she thought... by Sugar_Joe07/09/013.99

The Big Webcast of 2004

 — Is he a cuckold wimp? Is she a slut? by thebullet06/27/043.72

The Big, Big, Big One

 — Adulterous wife and husband's discovery. by lacegrayson03/04/042.94

The Biggest Loser

 — Carl's Wife wants him to lose weight. by StangStar0609/08/114.53HOT

The Biggest Mistake

 — That I/We almost made. by arkrebel04/23/143.71

The Biggest She'd Ever Seen

 — Husband watches his wife ride a gigantic cock. by PapaCass02/27/094.36

The Bike Tour

 — Close friends fall into a compelling threesome. by rjordan08/13/02

The Bike Trip: Day One

 — A wife gets what she needs on a bike trip. by kinsey212/18/014.15

The Biker

 — Wife meets biker for fun, then tells husband. by Max Savage08/02/033.43

The Biker Initiation I Didn't Want...

 — He's forced to watch wife initiated into Club. by ARGEE11/22/013.96

The Bikini Conspiracy

 — Husband's boss & a Black friend trick wife. by Stormbringer08/17/014.39

The Bird Watcher's Wife

 — Frank watches a bird of the two-legged variety. by English Bob06/17/013.69

The Birthday

 — He receives an intriguing gift from his lady. by andrus08/03/063.39

The Birthday

 — My wife gives me the best birthday ever. by SickBoy6905/15/093.63

The Birthday

 — Couple visit a masseuse. by rabbs197205/24/164.25

The Birthday Adventure

 — Wife gifts him an anal threesome with Stephanie. by LuciousBi-Writes4U12/06/044.37

The Birthday Fairy

 — Simon gets some loving from his wife Wendi for his birthday. by Carcosa01/26/133.59

The Birthday Gift

 — A neglected husband gets an unexpected gift for his birthday. by TallMarriedMan01/22/174.66HOT

The Birthday Gift That Never Was...

 — A husband wants to surprise his wife with his black friend. by Instacram06/24/172.75

The Birthday Party

 — A real swinger's orgy. by JohnSeeker09/25/023.56

The Birthday Party

 — Some friends celebrate. by IrishRose121504/19/043.96

The Birthday Party

 — What do you give the man who has everything? by Just Plain Bob02/04/064.08

The Birthday Party

 — Randi show Mike what a surprise party is all about. by Lady Shani03/02/073.86

The Birthday Present

 — What a surprise husband receives! by Joe_Dink01/17/023.45

The Birthday Present

 — Nicole gives Brian with ultimate birthday present. by engaine7702/12/024.14

The Birthday Present

 — She grants his wish and gets a present herself. by msnomer6810/24/034.28

The Birthday Present

 — An erotic gift that any man would want. by Sensuous Storyteller06/12/054.16

The Birthday Present

 — Wife decides to have a threesome surprise. by espeteroh11/01/064.42

The Birthday Present

 — Sometimes birthdays bring the darndest presents. by SluttyKim11/13/113.76

The Birthday Present

 — A husband arranges the ultimate birthday gift for his wife. by DickWittington12/16/124.04

The Birthday Treat

 — A dominant wife takes her marriage in a new direction. by Billshaw198202/03/123.23

The Birthday Waitress

 — Service with a smile. by qdata06/27/034.40

The Birthday Whore

 — Jay treats himself to a whore on his birthday. by jaybabylit01/14/164.46

The Birthmark Ch. 01

 — Married couple rediscovers the passion. by vastiesmith09/23/054.22

The Birthmark Ch. 01

 — That dog don't hunt. by closetcuck05/12/11

The Birthmark Ch. 02

 — She felt warm, satisfied and full of Jack's cum. by vastiesmith09/27/054.19

The Birthmark Ch. 02

 — Stupid is as stupid does. by closetcuck05/17/11

The Birthmark Ch. 03

 — Was Mary using a really big cock? by vastiesmith09/30/054.26

The Birthmark Ch. 04

 — Mary explains she never had any sex with Jack. by vastiesmith10/04/054.33

The Birthmark Ch. 05

 — Will Mary and Bud's love get them past this mess? by vastiesmith10/10/054.18

The Bitch

 — The Mother in Law from Hell. by Enamored09/17/074.42

The Bitch

 — Fighting for us. by Todd17208/26/164.35

The Bitch Is Cheating On Us

 — I'm not going to put up with it. by qhml101/22/144.49

The Black Dress

 — Paula give him a pleasant surprise. by paula and bob12/30/033.71

The Black Hat

 — The strangest things can catch your eye at times. by Just Plain Bob10/31/094.61HOT

The Black Velcro Choker

 — She wore it for him. by murphy62103/23/132.37

The Black Velcro Choker Redux

 — Redux of the ending of BVC in a more equitable fashion. by Q_L_P03/31/134.34

The Blanket Policy

 — Pecker tracks give her away. by sggylvr01/20/183.86

The Blind Date

 — Was he being watched? by Just Plain Bob01/21/053.97

The Blizzard

 — An accidental Christmas orgy. by dreampilot7911/12/044.38

The Blizzard

 — A wife lost in a blizzard is rescued by a macho stranger. by ukresearcher10/16/133.94

The Block Party Incident Ch. 03

 — Mrs. C can't get rid of Billy quite so easily. by tiltgreen11/14/064.23

The Blonde Ch. 01

 — Is there such a thing as being TOO sexy? by ohio07/08/104.58HOT

The Blonde Ch. 02

 — Marriage to a very sexy woman is not easy. by ohio07/10/104.55HOT

The Blonde Ch. 03

 — Is Jack and Tommie’s marriage over? by ohio07/11/104.48

The Blood Orange Moon

 — The sequel to 'The Lazy Lemon Sun'. by Rehnquist10/08/114.55HOT

The Blow-n-Go

 — Sex with robots. No, seriously. by swingerjoe05/05/173.59

The Blowjob Queen

 — From BJ Queen to divorcée to jailed lesbian whore. by Stories06/06/022.75


 — Be careful what you wish for. by Mr Robert08/13/093.30

The BMW Ch. 02

 — Hubby worries about Lisa's date. by Mr Robert09/02/093.81

The BMW Ch. 03

 — Not the way he wanted it. by Mr Robert10/12/093.46

The BMW Ch. 04

 — Lisa keeps it secret. by Mr Robert02/09/103.83

The BMW Ch. 05

 — Secrets. by Mr Robert04/22/103.85

The BMW Ch. 06

 — Black is the colour. by Mr Robert07/13/103.94

The BMW Ch. 07

 — She tells him how good it was. by Mr Robert12/17/103.71

The BMW Ch. 08

 — Lisa is enthralled by her black lover. by Mr Robert02/13/113.46

The BMW Ch. 09

 — Complete satisfaction for Lisa. by Mr Robert02/18/113.30

The Board Game

 — Two couples use new rules for old board game. by Shoota04/23/023.39

The Boat Ch. 01

 — She experiences sex on a boat. by MCJRM07/18/034.31

The Boat Ch. 02

 — Her sexual horizons are broadened. by MCJRM07/20/034.30

The Boat That Rocked. A Fantasy.

 — Literotica writer's wife gets the wrong end of several sticks. by PaxosDaGreek06/08/172.91

The Book

 — The first clue was a puzzler. by Agena09/10/094.24

The Book Club

 — Housewife meets a stranger. by encore76904/12/164.33

The Book of Ruth: Eating Out

 — Awash in babies, betrayal, tragedy, and beyond. by Hypoxia10/23/153.92

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