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The Gambler and the Debt Collector

 — A tale of love and sacrifice. by Bazzza01/17/074.32

The Gambler Ch. 01

 — It was a sure thing - she couldn't lose. by Just Plain Bob01/07/064.08

The Gambler Ch. 02

 — She just knew she couldn't lose. by Just Plain Bob01/14/064.09

The Gambler Ch. 03

 — The bookie pays a call. by Just Plain Bob01/15/064.10

The Gambler Ch. 04

 — She knew she couldn't lose. by Just Plain Bob01/20/064.22

The Gambler Ch. 05

 — She knew she couldn't lose. by Just Plain Bob01/22/064.06

The Gambler Ch. 06

 — Did she end up losing, or didn't she? by Just Plain Bob01/23/063.52

The Game

 — Two couples extend their friendship into a new game. by voyeurbob05/24/014.44

The Game

 — Husband and wife fulfill a fantasy. by Strangefire09/29/014.27

The Game

 — Wife's game makes everyone a winner. by Moxon401/30/023.99

The Game

 — Their favorite game takes a sudden, erotic turn. by Tim20205/21/033.80

The Game

 — Husband loves watching her play "the game" by Teagan01/27/053.95

The Game

 — A wife's infidelity, a used tissue. by Rich44711/05/053.10

The Game

 — She played it without him--until he found out. by ohio05/12/094.64HOT

The Game

 — A wife sets out to change her husband's view of pornography. by WantABWriter07/23/114.29

The Game

 — Husband sets his wife up for a dinner date with an admirer. by Gale8204/23/12

The Game

 — A wife makes an orgasm bet. by omyballs07/07/083.93

The Game and the Hitchhiker

 — A sexual segue leads to exquisite enjoyment. by WillB10/21/024.21

The Game Ch. 02

 — Husband and Wife game goes even further. by nighttimestories05/12/064.38

The Game Ch. 02

 — Jim and Liz complete the game. by WantABWriter08/19/114.32

The Game Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by Gale8205/06/12

The Game Ch. 03

 — Jeanie tries to lay the ghost. by Gale8206/12/12

The Game Ch. 2

 — Game ends, but they still continue. by Moxon402/12/024.22

The Game for Lovers

 — An idea for spicy love. by aquilegia06/05/053.52

The Game of Three Commands

 — Impromptu dice game leads to extreme public exhibition. by sharedare01/08/064.35

The Game, or What a Little Bitch

 — He wants a kid, but she has other plans. by mxbxr02/02/012.69

The Game: Late Nights

 — Rachel suggests a game to repair their marriage. by DeeperDown12/02/104.51HOT

The Gamers

 — Board gaming friends decide to host a different game night. by carson265805/26/133.59

The Games Linda Plays

 — Wife plays games with boss. by K.K.04/29/033.36

The Gang Bang Debutante

 — A shy, innocent wife lets loose and is gang banged. by mthomas113810/14/104.31

The Gang Bang Party

 — Drunk wife gets her dance partners while hubby watches. by DaddyO Wil05/23/044.29

The Gardener

 — Wife hires Hernandez while hubby's away. by Dutchboy10/15/003.87

The Gardener

 — Life with a rich spouse. by stev224406/14/154.51HOT

The Gardener and My Wife

 — Gardener and wife cuckold and humiliate him. by mixoscopist09/06/053.70

The Geek Files: Stuck on You

 — It sometimes doesn't pay to get too attached. by leapyearguy03/20/084.50HOT

The General's Mistress

 — ...was she my wife? by IronDragon07/20/134.42

The Generation Game Ch. 04.1

 — Claire: coping with marriage to a sex addict. by SarahsHooters10/20/154.30

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 01

 — The start of a long term open marraige. by ballpark6810/19/153.69

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 02

 — The next experience. by ballpark6810/27/153.86

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 03

 — The next chapter in a long story. by ballpark6801/31/163.68

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 04

 — Chapter 4. by ballpark6804/06/163.54

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 05

 — Chapter 5. by ballpark6804/12/163.69

The Gentleman from Indiana

 — It was an unusual way to stop her cheating. by PAPATOAD12/15/09

The Gentleman's Club

 — A love story. by MendonFishers09/18/104.12

The Get Away

 — Couple take pleasure in sex in public & more by ldlarry5202/18/034.00

The Ghost of Red River Falls

 — A Sheriff Pat Quinn Spin-off Story. by soldierboy5040102/25/154.69HOT

The Ghost with a Deadly Bite!

 — Learn how Ron deals with an unfaithful wife and her lover. by double_entendre10/15/114.14

The Gift

 — Husband watches wife unwrap her presents. by Cajun Trucker10/16/003.41

The Gift

 — Her gift is romance, then sex. by htm02/23/023.96

The Gift

 — Sarah gives David everything he dreamed of. by Tonguelasher08/09/034.42

The Gift

 — She shatters inhibitions through adultery. by LuvStar3309/22/043.82

The Gift

 — Perfect gift for man who has everything. by zeke8111/18/044.28

The Gift

 — The two of you enjoy V-Day together. by Saucyminx01/24/054.31

The Gift

 — Sexually frustrated Samantha turns to a friend for advice. by The Bard12/22/024.27

The Gift

 — Injured husband gives his wife a wonderful gift. by jasliz07/23/094.40

The Gift

 — Rich industrialist mistakes a nurse for an Escort girl. by Kingrat09/12/044.31

The Gift

 — A wife takes control of her own Anniversary Gift. by veryfaithfull02/19/114.21

The Gift

 — Wife learns too late the real meaning of the gift by adevilru1211/28/134.62HOT

The Gift

 — Her first time with another man. by Nomufftootough02/18/153.99

The Gift

 — Alone at the convention. by DreamCloud08/16/144.77HOT

The Gift

 — Husband gives his wife approval to have an affair. by namelorb09/22/153.41

The Gift (His Side)

 — They were bonded by love, and graduation. by shrekhot107/03/143.85

The Gift - Again

 — Her first time with a stranger. by Nomufftootough02/22/153.90

The Gift - In the Beginning

 — How we started. by Nomufftootough02/14/153.87

The Gift - Memory Lane

 — The good old days. by Nomufftootough02/25/153.44

The Gift - Pinned

 — The game is afoot. by Nomufftootough03/01/153.22

The Gift Certificate

 — Wife gives "Certificates" for owners unrestricted access. by Scarloochie01/31/133.63

The Gift Ch. 01

 — He gives his wife a special gift that can give back. by Audiomicrowave11/29/053.90

The Gift Ch. 02

 — Wife's account of first month-long gift. by zeke8112/17/044.51HOT

The Gift Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by Audiomicrowave01/03/064.00

The Gift Ch. 03

 — Wife gives details of June installment of the gift. by zeke8108/14/054.47

The Gift Ch. 04

 — Wife tells what happened in month #3. by zeke8108/15/054.55HOT

The Gift Ch. 05

 — Wife gives details of month #4 of year-long gift. by zeke8108/16/054.51HOT

The Gift Ch. 06

 — Wife recounts details of September edition of gift. by zeke8109/22/054.44

The Gift Ch. 07

 — Wife gives details of a September to remember. by zeke8109/23/054.43

The Gift Ch. 08

 — Can orgasms cure blindness? by zeke8102/24/064.55HOT

The Gift Ch. 09

 — December brings more 'gifts' for Jeff, Rebecca, and friends. by zeke8102/27/064.50HOT

The Gift Ch. 10

 — Jeff's cousin Kate fucks Jeff & his timid friend Ted. by zeke8103/25/064.54HOT

The Gift Ch. 11

 — Jeff shows Rebecca's sister Kelly just how beautiful she is. by zeke8105/31/074.45

The Gift Ch. 12

 — Jeff and Rebecca's daughter takes her turn with her father. by zeke8106/04/094.38

The Gift Ch. 13

 — Their youngest daughter spends her month with Jeff. by zeke8103/28/104.39

The Gift of a Massage

 — Erica's husband pays for a massage she never expected. by elpavilion08/19/144.37

The Gift Of A Third

 — Wife has spanking and sex as husband watches. by Machu_Gamesmas06/08/144.03

The Gift That Keeps On Cumming

 — Early birthday present, that unwraps itself. by snaillover6911/06/143.96

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

 — A wife gives her husband the gift of a lifetime. by inqusitivepuppy11/15/123.93

The Gift Wrap

 — She makes his birthday special. by Sweet_Shay01/03/043.95

The Gift!

 — Flashing fun in the marina as they show me our new boat. by mseaking02/11/034.35

The Girl Next Door

 — One man's lust for woman next door. by Sweet_Candi05/27/034.41

The Girl Next Door

 — "Fuck me Joe Bradley. Carry me to bed and fuck me. Rough!" by LynnGKS11/12/104.45

The Girl Next Door

 — She came to borrow something. by Ashson11/03/134.02

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

 — “Shove that big sausage in and fuck,” Nancy Lee cried. by LynnGKS11/18/104.31

The Girl with a Past

 — Can love happen when you decide to date a porn star? by BuckyDuckman10/26/114.59HOT

The Girls From Next Door

 — Their Mom did say they were uninhibited. by magichands10/03/024.25

The Girls From Next Door Ch. 02

 — They wanted to learn. by magichands11/27/024.25

The Girls From Next Door Ch. 03

 — Things used to be simple. by magichands12/03/024.11

The Glamour Model

 — Sexy wife relives her slutty past. by Catesby09/03/084.33

The Glass Elevator

 — A game her husband played with her. by sarad05/31/073.46

The Glazed Donut

 — Young wife becomes a sex Goddess. by Moon Glade05/12/034.32

The Glimpse! Ch. 01

 — Is he doing the right thing? by Macpappy02/26/06HOT

The Glimpse! Ch. 02

 — What happens now? by Macpappy02/27/06HOT

The Glimpse! Ch. 03

 — Is it too late? by Macpappy02/28/06HOT

The Glory Hole

 — Loving wife meets a stranger at the gloryhole. by Skei007/12/104.38

The Glory of the Hole

 — A wife fulfills her husband's fantasy. by _JP_11/03/06

The Going Away Gift

 — A young wife's gift to her husband's best friend. by Whiskey Will05/26/014.20

The Going Away Party

 — Saying goodbye can be oh so sweet...and dangerous. by mr. robinson12/21/103.42

The Golf Bet

 — Innocent wager escalates into more than golf. by Don Beck11/08/014.26

The Good Doctor

 — Therapy very often needs to be intensive and deep. by TheBigandBaldGuy10/06/104.30

The Good Fiancée

 — A fiancée acts naughty for her man in Central Park. by EricBanner01/25/104.54HOT

The Good Girl

 — She never violates her wedding vows. by imhapless10/13/133.96

The Good Guy Loses

 — She's repulsed by bad boy, but ends up doing him. by A. Smith07/04/023.16

The Good Husband

 — Things are not always as they seem. by lgreenwood09/25/104.22

The Good Wife

 — She helsp him get ahead. by NightRAGES03/30/044.04

The Good Wife

 — A good wife knows her place is at her husbands dick. by themindlesswifey02/12/132.38

The Good Wife & Mistress Ch. 02

 — Her tryst with her old lover continues. by Rupa06/27/054.15

The Good Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife meets a new lover; husband waits at home. by tazsis104/21/113.58

The Goodbye

 — Larry's final gift to his wife. by wieliczka01/28/164.22

The Goodbye Ch. 02

 — Larry's final gift to his family. by wieliczka03/08/163.75

The Goodbye Party

 — An account of couple's sexual experience. by Claret6202/08/023.90

The Graduate Ch. 01

 — His professor's blackmail backfires. by The Style Guy06/05/064.41

The Grange

 — Politicians' wives become an embarrassment. by Sirdar10/05/083.98

The Grass is Always Greener

 — The grass is always greener over the septic tank. by StangStar0603/16/124.63HOT

The Grass on the Other Side

 — Was it really greener? by Just Plain Bob04/19/103.85

The Gravel Pit

 — Wife gets carried away at a gravel pit. by matcplnore03/10/073.72

The Great Adventure

 — A trip out to eat turns into much more. by sweetSusan10/22/013.84

The Great Outdoors

 — Husband watches sexy wife entertain fellow campers. by sissycandi09/16/093.82

The Great Outdoors

 — Jane and Paul enjoy the great outdoors with new friends. by nighttimestories04/09/074.42

The Green-eyed Monster Ch. 01

 — Husband and ex-model wife pass time on a plane trip. by aWhaleInFullView12/17/073.99

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