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Therapy Ch. 02

 — Wife succumbs to the temptation. by evals2202/24/054.42

Therapy Ch. 03

 — Sub wife gets what she wants. by evals2202/27/054.41

Therapy Ch. 04

 — The receptionist becomes involved. by evals2203/01/054.35

Therapy Ch. 06

 — Frank is back in town. by evals2203/10/054.34

Therapy Ch. 08

 — The long-awaited ending. by evals2206/04/053.71

Therapy Session

 — Couple gets unexpected help during counselling. by IL_JOCK04/14/024.09

Therapy Uninterupted

 — A woman's release. by tootsy04/17/104.30

There and Back Again

 — A young wife nearly loses herself. by stevieraygovan06/04/114.57HOT

There Came a Knock on the Door

 — What the heck did Sandy want? by magmaman02/17/064.34

There Goes The Neighborhood

 — Husband learns that swapping wasn't such a good idea. by Kippy18910/06/103.86

There Goes the Neighnorhood

 — What I did was awful...Or was it? by StangStar0612/08/114.58HOT

There It Is

 — Living your own life may work...for a while. by wanderer4701/22/083.27

There Was Confusion

 — She made a decision without discussion, then so did he. by looking4it10/28/144.33

There's a Girl in My Soup Ch. 02

 — Wedding reception adultery. by SteveLee114611/14/133.71

There's Only One Way To Find Out

 — Married couple experiences their first mmf. by reginainthebutt02/10/104.39

Theresa Takes Twenty

 — Theresa closes the door on her past life. by kurious10/04/053.83

Theresa: The Ship's Slut

 — She submits to hubby's fantasy and pays the price. by maggie200212/08/023.92

They Came to Portland

 — Wife-sharing husband sucks her cum-filled pussy. by elia_cdl07/08/064.35

They Fix a Pipe, She Cleans Pipes

 — Sam tips the repairmen by cleaning their pipes. by marriedtoamilf05/12/074.38

They Get Revenge Together

 — After the cruise, they get revenge on Tom. by GlennH09/26/093.90

They Helped Themselves

 — Public sex games end in a gangbang. by wifwat04/01/053.86

They Met Online

 — She wanted more than her sexless marriage. by hey_baby01/23/08

They Say That Cheaters Never Win

 — Is it possible that spouses never discover an affair? by imhapless07/05/133.56

They're Everywhere: Mailman Ch. 01

 — Wife cheats for the first time with mailman. by vastiesmith06/13/054.01

They're Everywhere: Mailman Ch. 02

 — He catches her. by vastiesmith06/18/054.27

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 01

 — Orgasms with boss were better than with Jeff. by vastiesmith07/02/054.06

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 02

 — Ann took on five men and her husband now knows. by vastiesmith07/03/054.27

They're Everywhere: Politicians Ch. 03

 — Jeff watched the four men fuck his wife. by vastiesmith07/10/054.15

They're Everywhere: The Co-worker

 — He took her right by the front door. by vastiesmith06/14/054.28

They're Everywhere: The Co-worker Ch. 02

 — Her husband watched her ride her lover's cock. by vastiesmith06/15/054.22

They're Everywhere: The Truckdriver

 — There it was again! by vastiesmith07/09/053.98

Thicker than Blood

 — I fell in love with a fat girl. by StangStar0605/02/134.67HOT

Thicker than Blood

 — The betrayal is truly first water, but... by Matt Moreau01/26/164.04


 — He's hated me without reason. Well, now I'll give him one. by Pultoy06/15/123.74

Things Are Not Always That Obvious

 — Jumping to conclusions is never good. by oldiethevoyeur06/18/13HOT

Things Change

 — Young wife discovers her husband's nasty sexual desires. by Linda Jean04/27/084.34

Things My Mother Told Her

 — I don't listen to my mother...too bad my wife did. by StangStar0609/06/124.49

Things Past Pt. 02

 — Young wife continues to be abused. Is there salvation? by Castlemania10/14/164.26

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 02

 — Saturday morning alone turns her into a porn star. by icumonyourshoes02/05/074.32

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 03

 — The Perfect Slut becomes his Bride for a day. by icumonyourshoes02/06/074.30

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 04

 — A business meeting turns complicated. by icumonyourshoes02/12/074.31

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 05

 — Day at the mall furthers the adventure. by icumonyourshoes02/18/074.30

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 07

 — He thinks they're over. by icumonyourshoes03/06/074.35

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 11

 — Emma rewards him for his efforts. by icumonyourshoes04/01/074.36

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 12

 — Emma takes him out to eat. by icumonyourshoes04/27/074.12

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 13

 — An unexpected visit. by icumonyourshoes07/15/074.30

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 14

 — Emma gives him a fantasy. by icumonyourshoes07/16/074.27

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 15

 — A substitute tryst while Emma is at work. by icumonyourshoes08/05/074.31

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 20

 — Emma punishes her sister. by icumonyourshoes08/11/074.31

Things We Do For Love

 — Everybody loves a party, but this one was different. by Susan McK05/20/034.22

Things We Do For Love

 — Divorce or regular sex, what to choose? by tamol01/29/043.26

Things We Said Today

 — Can a husband get past a wife's infidelity? by Harddaysknight11/19/074.51HOT

Think For Yourself

 — Can a wife see the truth in time? by Harddaysknight04/25/074.41

Think of Laura

 — How much pain can a man endure? by Slirpuff06/01/164.63HOT

Think Twice Before You Act

 — She looked good but was she worth my marriage? by Slirpuff03/09/103.86

Thinking About Last Tuesday

 — A woman reflects on past sexual fun with you. by Cleokitty10/25/053.84

Thinking Back and Looking Forward

 — Remembering our first threesome & hoping for another. by LTS12301/16/103.51

Thinking Man’s Action 01

 — Wife’s actions make him think about marriage. by cpete12/02/124.57HOT

Thinking Man’s Action 02

 — Wife's actions make him think about marriage. by cpete12/04/124.67HOT

Third & Final Courting Of Wife

 — What will the poor husband do? by Winterfrog10/08/043.87

Third Encounter with Husband's Friend

 — Hot Wife Threesum. by joanymike07/23/133.95

Third Party Candidate For Wild Sex

 — He watches his wife with hard-bodied man. by MaryAnn67810/14/084.04

Third Party License

 — The third party takes liberties with the husband and wife. by man_as_dog05/09/133.74

Third Person Ch. 01

 — Wife seduced by woman; tells husband the tale. by Christian Black05/14/024.39

Third Person Ch. 02

 — The affair ends badly. by Christian Black08/27/053.73

Third Try's a Charm

 — How many times does it take to get it right? by Slirpuff09/03/114.42

Thirteen Steps

 — Not the ghost they were expecting. by qhml110/22/154.56HOT

Thirtieth Surprise for Husband

 — Lap dance turns into a lot more fun happy birthday. by allanandjoy07/23/073.85

Thirty fourth B'day - Day 01

 — Well that escalated quickly. by chase3403/23/182.89

Thirty Minutes

 — Just a flash in the pain. by Ntropy58601/04/163.80

Thirty Seven Days

 — Wife expects slave hubby to earn release. by Robert_Anthony11/20/113.58

Thirty-One Days a Bitch Ch. 01

 — Daisy Bitch has got only thirty-one days to fall pregnant. by livebeornwulf04/28/153.56

Thirty-One Days a Bitch Ch. 02

 — Daisy is a good wife and a bad bitch too. by livebeornwulf04/30/153.20

Thirty-One Days a Bitch Ch. 03

 — Sofia Vaccaro teaches Daisy how to be a sweet, nasty BDSM bitch. by livebeornwulf05/01/153.40

This Charming Man

 — Wife fantasizes about her husband and his lover. by LoopGaru01/10/114.38

This Charming Man Ch. 02

 — Wife and husband say farewell to their Caribbean maid. by LoopGaru12/27/114.14

This Charming Man Ch. 03

 — Her husband teaches the babysitter about the power of pussy. by LoopGaru05/19/124.03

This Cock Tastes Like My Wife

 — Fantasy lived vicariously via internet changes reality. by Turned03/23/103.96

This Cock Tastes Like My Wife Ch. 02

 — Online game with Lit writer sets the wheels in motion. by Turned03/27/104.16

This Conversation Never Happened

 — A misunderstanding between a cheating couple. by Britease06/11/114.42

This Could Be a Dream

 — He spends tiem with a friend's wife. by kamal1234510/17/064.23

This Fantasy Sucks

 — A fantasy, or a dream. Visionaries or deviants. by FantasyXY07/12/172.90

This Fucking Economy

 — Wife's new job complicates relationship. by fiestyfeast04/24/153.63

This Guy Walks into a Bar

 — A Not So Funny Joke On Modern Times. by fanfare09/23/133.96

This Is A True Story

 — Couple meets intriguing man on the beach. by Anais04/25/024.02

This is His Wife

 — A wife tries to take on the Boss of her husband. by sirajahmed1005/11/173.66

This is Madness

 — How much can one little decision hurt? by Vandemonium109/24/164.18

This Is What Friends Are For

 — My best friend fucks my wife with his big cock. by milfwife09/04/144.26

This Is What I Need

 — Is honesty always best? by Adrianaloves2doit06/27/094.26

This Morning

 — Reflections on life and love. by Max ODrive07/12/014.33

This Should Never Happen

 — At first he couldn't believe what he was seeing. by crisscross203712/30/093.79

This Was Going To Be The Last Time

 — Wife cheats at New Years Eve party. by StangStar0612/30/104.45

Thomas & Susanna

 — Susanna's reintroduction into the world of interracial love. by SusannasHusband12/27/104.07

Thong Bait

 — Married man applies sun tan lotion to daughter's friend. by cungy2210/07/094.40

Thongs & Things Ch. 02

 — The party continues as Nicole, Penny & P add toys. by Nicolelabelle12/28/054.31

Those damn Polaroids!

 — Husband shares wife's sexy Polaroids with friends. by cravernew10/25/173.92

Those Damn Shoes

 — Couple on vacation let go and and she gives all. by LT196301/18/143.39

Those Damn Traffic Light Cameras

 — Wife makes big mistake, husband finds out in a strange way. by radk09/22/134.10

Those Gorgeous Eyes

 — The first time his wife experienced a black man. by sgtfury01/20/053.98

Those Magic Sunglasses

 — Now we're cruising along. by Avalanche Man09/23/054.09

Those Piercing Eyes

 — An old retired army officer and my grateful wife. by iloveall01/15/174.37

Those Seven Days Ch. 01

 — Stranger visits Antara and Vivek. by vyasya08/14/094.39

Those Seven Days Ch. 02

 — Antara and Vivek reminisce their past. by vyasya08/16/134.41

Those Things Don't Matter

 — They Don't? by BigGuy3302/15/173.67

Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back

 — Her horny admirers have plans for pretty wife. by Winterfrog01/25/114.15

Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back Ch. 02

 — A high time for the moment of truth in their marriage. by Winterfrog01/29/113.73

Thou Shall Commit Adultery

 — Slutty wife confesses to her sinful ways. by Catesby08/01/074.13

Thou Shall Not Gamble...

 — If you do you may lose more than you bargained for. by glenlover03/02/103.32

Thoughts Ch. 01

 — I'm Bob Beal and this story is about my life. by DG Hear11/06/114.21

Thoughts Ch. 02

 — I told her I'd try to do better. by DG Hear11/07/114.28

Thoughts Ch. 03

 — Some past family history. by DG Hear11/09/114.36

Thoughts Ch. 04

 — My new life after the divorce. by DG Hear11/10/114.49

Thoughts Ch. 05

 — Bob's life, the conclusion. by DG Hear11/11/114.44


 — A married couple is joined by their friend. by Mintie06/09/074.17

Three Becomes Four

 — Husband joins wife in sex foursome. by SallyForth4406/26/023.99

Three Bi Night Ch. 01

 — Married couple has a no-boundaries night with male friend. by Two_Curious03/09/094.37

Three by Three the Beginning

 — His wife's first adventure with another man. by meatmywife08/10/044.30

Three Choices

 — A man addicted to gambling loses his wife. by Mordant9607/21/173.30

Three Couples Meet

 — This is the fourth and final tale of how we came to have sex. by luckylogger12/07/124.07

Three Cups

 — A wife sharing adventure. by Froggyman0008/22/124.32

Three Day Husband

 — Nightgown-clad husband spies on unfaithful wife. by suegsusan05/24/013.27

Three Fantasies For Halloween

 — Loving wife shares tricks & treats. by Lemonrow05/21/014.32

Three Feet of Cock

 — Wives measure others' husbands' cocks on a bet. by MatthewVett08/30/124.41

Three for a Day

 — She gives in to her fantasy. by The don08/25/023.49

Three for Fun

 — A story of sharing the wife. by xxx_photos01/22/104.06

Three For Sex Ch. 01

 — Bill finds a couple who all want their first threesome. by Curiousalso912/20/054.33

Three Friends

 — Friends experience the sexual aspect of their relationship. by kuroneko08/27/104.18

Three Friends Ch. 02

 — Beth assumes control. by kuroneko09/05/104.02

Three Friends Make an Unusual Deal

 — Buddies decide to make a deal regarding their wives. by SweetVibes03/14/104.28

Three Friends Make an Unusual Deal Ch. 02

 — The truth comes out, 2 wives knew. by SweetVibes03/22/104.20

Three Friends, Two Cuckolds

 — Tim takes his friends' wives at will over weekend. by Epmd60711/03/153.92

Three Friends, Two Cuckolds Ch. 02

 — Two loving wives spend a weekend away from their husbands. by Epmd60711/10/154.13

Three Friends, Two Cuckolds Ch. 03

 — Kate's boss comes over for dinner. by Epmd60706/16/163.99

Three in a Bed

 — Old friend adds spice to a couple's relationship. by Catesby08/09/074.55HOT

Three in Penang

 — Anglo Moroccan couple persuade Spanish beauty to join them. by tetherer11/15/084.07

Three IS Company

 — I knew my lovely wife was bi when we met. by jjskylark10/17/094.46

Three Is Just Right

 — Husband shares wife with lonely friend. by wifeshare09/26/064.01

Three is NOT a Crowd

 — A couple's first threesome. by skylane807/03/044.01

Three Just for Fun

 — My husband invites two friends over. by JapaneseBlackDragon12/08/074.35

Three Leather Jacket Tassels Ch. 02

 — Cowboy joins wife and her slutty lesbian lover in threesome by RichardDickensAlcock05/27/143.90

Three Months in One Day

 — A wife proves her love for her husband after a business trip. by CuriosityCanKill08/28/103.85

Three Play

 — Two students seduce married teacher. by Jane in Boots01/16/054.30

Three Shower and Then...

 — Wife's friend comes for dinner. by shinheat05/07/084.01

Three Steps

 — Three friends stage an intervention for Eddie. by swtna11/29/124.04

Three Strikes And A Home Run

 — Three time loser finds love with a two time loser. by SW_MO_Hermit10/15/124.76HOT

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