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Wife's Night

 — He wants to see her with another wife. by transam8312/07/013.93

Wife's Night Out

 — Night out turns into a memorable night by cajunguy08/08/034.06

Wife's Night Out

 — I give her enough rope to hang herself. by jakewho6910/30/113.57

Wife's Night with Ron

 — Wife's first encounter with a black man. by tatsaw10/20/063.58

Wife's Old Flame

 — Husband sees what she has been missing. by Nightowluk11/06/033.13

Wife's Older Man Experience

 — She confesses to sex with older man. by Darla10/10/034.33

Wife's Older Men Experience Ch. 02

 — Wife confesses to being used by two older men. by Darla11/04/034.38

Wife's One Night Stand

 — She has a fling with a crush. by joevanperez08/13/042.85

Wife's Online Sex Gets Even Hotter

 — It heats up when friend joins in. by voltaire_one04/24/064.38

Wife's Party

 — Wife organizes orgy & forces husband to watch. by bi_janice07/30/083.43

Wife's Promotion

 — Why isn't husband invited to her promotion party? by Winterfrog02/07/054.00

Wife's Revenge

 — Cheating husband tastes his own medicine. by NZr2910/15/003.89

Wife's Revenge

 — Wife finds out she's been cheated on & plots revenge. by black saphire07/21/063.35

Wife's Revenge

 — Cheated wife gets her revenge and becomes a slut. by Driver05/14/094.00

Wife's Revenge on Husband

 — Married woman plays with another man. by desireinu11/10/042.98

Wife's Ride Home

 — My wife is given a ride home after drinking at Bunco party. by Hubby2WildWife12/19/153.90

Wife's Ride Home

 — My wife is given a ride home after drinking at Bunco party. by MyWildWife02/01/174.06

Wife's Second Time

 — Recovering from seeing her fuck another. by pencilnpaper03/08/093.72

Wife's Secret Job, as a Party Slut

 — Husband discovers the truth about his wife's new job. by rev100003/31/093.91

Wife's Secret Past

 — A holiday brings out my wife's side I never knew existed. by contador1312/19/174.11

Wife's Seduction By Ex

 — A week before her marriage,fiance is seduced by ex-boyfriend. by elyong04/25/073.25

Wife's Seduction Ch. 01

 — Wife's secuction by another man. by sunflwr5201/28/10

Wife's Seduction Ch. 02

 — Seduction of wife. by sunflwr5204/23/10

Wife's Sex Act Photos

 — Wife's friend Jill sends pictures. by formaze01/16/094.02

Wife's Sexy Adventures Ch. 1

 — Husband opens up a new world to her. by matl06/24/024.22

Wife's Sexy Adventures Ch. 2

 — Wife discovers how far she will go. by matl06/25/024.26

Wife's Sexy Adventures Ch. 3

 — Another get together with the stranger. by matl06/26/024.34

Wife's Sexy New Panties

 — Husband has wife showing off her new panties. by Sally Tart01/02/064.41

Wife's Slumber Party

 — Her hubby going out of town has an up side. by palles08/31/044.09

Wife's Slut Adventure

 — She likes the big ones. by Foxe-Male01/03/034.26

Wife's Special Vacation

 — A mature couple's first threesome. by naughtynurse5507/15/014.21

Wife's Story

 — She gets revenge on friend for affair with her Hubby. by wifwat10/21/043.19

Wife's Subservient Husband

 — Wife cements her dominance over husband in dramatic fashion. by thannatos04/08/173.38

Wife's Surprise

 — Wife surprise's husband with her own little gangbang. by jdmd262602/21/084.00

Wife's Surprise Date

 — Wife fucks around knowing it turns her husband on. by batman6601/01/104.22

Wife's Teenage Sexual Experience

 — 18-year-old's first experience with two guys. by mav9903/13/073.92

Wife's Threesome Fantasy

 — Husband inspires wife's naughty dreams. by innocentwife01/05/014.15

Wife's Threesome With Younger Man

 — She has her first threesome with younger man. by theedge07/25/044.30

Wife's Train Adventure

 — Wife finds unexpected pleasure on a train journey. by SharingIsCaring05/19/093.79

Wife's Trip to New York

 — It ended her marriage. by chilleywilley03/12/124.40

Wife's True Self

 — She lied. She cheated. He moved on with her sister & cousin. by otherpeoplesstories08/13/164.17

Wife's University Friend

 — Wife's university friend wants to use me for sex. by GlyderFach07/27/134.27

Wife's University Friend Ch. 02

 — Alison comes down for another weekend of sex. by GlyderFach10/27/134.28

Wife's Unusual First Time

 — Wife feels sorry for a younger guy she later fucks. by newbie200801/18/094.49

Wife's Vegas Vacation

 — Couple's exploration of an open marriage. by fhwl2302/18/053.63

Wife's Visit To The Doctor's Office

 — A beautiful young wife get's a throrough examination. by andrewsixpack07/29/114.35

Wife's Warm-up

 — Wife records first step to meet husband's need for a hotwife. by james274109/08/164.28

Wife's Wedding

 — His wife & her lover have a hot wedding. by jcace10/11/033.55

Wife's Wedding Adventure

 — Wife is taken behind husbund's back at wedding. by Irishdragon06/24/024.26

Wife's Wedding Mis-Adventure

 — Her adventure was her downfall - ending Irishdragon's story. by FinishTheDamnStory07/23/144.22

Wife's Weekend at the Beach Ch. 01

 — Wife lets loose during her weekend getaway. by slutwifelover206/16/064.24

Wife's Younger Lover

 — Watching wife fucked by her younger lover. by thurlow08/10/143.79

Wife, Her Cousin, and Old Boyfriend

 — Wife fucks her cousin and an old boyfriend. by combook11/07/093.82

Wife, the Exhibitionist

 — How I began to become a willing voyeur. by Willingly04/16/094.17

Wife, the Exhibitionist Ch. 02

 — How she began to express herself more fully. by Willingly04/20/094.16

Wife-Sharing on Vacation - Later

 — The fun became more adventurous before ending happily. by texashiker200308/12/164.58HOT

Wife-Sharing on Vacation Day 01

 — My friend and his wife set the stage to include me. by texashiker200308/08/164.39

Wife-Sharing on Vacation Day 02

 — My best friend gave his willing wife to me. by texashiker200308/09/164.67HOT

Wife-Sharing on Vacation Day 03

 — The threesome happened, and it was wonderfully erotic. by texashiker200308/11/164.61HOT

Wife-Trapping the Real Estate Wives

 — Wife trapping guy bangs ladies wanting to list his house. by wifetrapper02/24/174.63HOT

Wife: A Porn Star

 — Circumstances forced her to be a pornstar. by GliterySugar01/23/044.16

Wife’s 1st Time~With Hubby's Roomie

 — Couple pick his old roommate for her 1st sharing experience by StoneyLodge07/27/123.87

Wifely Support

 — How important women are to a man's success and happiness. by tony_tiger10/30/144.14

Wifes 1st Massage W/ Happy Ending

 — She gets it from a Black Stud. by mrdnrm02/09/063.89

Wifes Lesson

 — A flirtatious wife pays with her arse. by DaMith06/20/153.20


 — My colleague friend asks me to keep company to his wife. by gemlesgross05/12/124.25

Wifey Flirts, Texts with BBC

 — Wife discovers BBC appeal. by texasguy48xx11/24/173.91

Wifey's Awakening

 — Prim wife recognizes her sexual side. by soulbiter11/19/014.44

Wifey's Awakening Ch. 2

 — Couple continues exploring wife's new side. by soulbiter11/24/014.16

Wifey's Work Becomes Play Pt. 02

 — Wifey enjoys a Real Man in front of femme cuck hubby. by Deviana03/03/173.63

Wig of the Month

 — Wife submits to husband desires to take pictures. by SirRhino96510/08/123.93

Wild 69

 — One couples take on strip poker. by mrbaseballs0911/07/154.50HOT

Wild Card Gone Wrong

 — How to end a marriage. by GotBacon06/16/153.88

Wild Mexican Cruise

 — Wife gets wild in cruise ship hot tub and hot sex in public by jedwr12/02/104.01

Wild Night

 — Wife Swap. by drambuie2001uk04/20/093.81

Wild Night With Friends

 — He went to his house while wife was at work. by Neecer05/17/033.58

Wild on New Year's Eve

 — My wife goes further than we've ever gone with a young guy. by texasguy48xx01/11/154.38

Wild Once Again

 — A white lie leads to a red hot night. by mr. robinson02/01/054.18

Wild Sex in a Noisy Indian Wedding

 — An Indian bride has wild group sex on eve of her marriage. by kinkydreams66705/09/123.23

Wild Sex in a Noisy Indian Wedding Ch. 02

 — Kinky but dangerous Fuck Fest Plan of Priya. by kinkydreams66707/25/133.03

Wild Threeway by the Pool

 — A couple explores wifesharing. by mjbu2709/30/174.25

Wild Weekend at the Shore

 — Wife shows some skin and takes on a bar. by raidernation2503/28/143.82

Wild Weekend with My Wife Ch. 01

 — She's enjoyed by step brothers. by fishgardengolf07/06/114.15

Wild Weekend with My Wife Ch. 02

 — She's enjoyed by step brothers, again. by fishgardengolf07/09/114.22

Wild Weekend with My Wife Ch. 03

 — Wife enjoys drive home. by fishgardengolf07/14/114.03

Wild West Club

 — Black Casanova and feminine politicians cause trouble. by Winterfrog11/07/043.88

Wild West Wife

 — A feisty Eastern becomes a Wild West bride. by amyyum11/23/174.45

Wild, Daring, Little Shit

 — He married the Right Woman. by Softly10/07/014.16


 — A sexual encounter in the wilds of British Colombia. by ukresearcher02/07/142.97

Wilderness Games

 — A mountain vacation quickly gets out of hand. by mindventure10/28/134.07

Wilderness Resort

 — There are always temptations. by magmaman05/29/104.54HOT

Wildlife, Wild Wife

 — Stolen sex with another man's wife. by JohnGalt803/26/084.34


 — A hot wife struggles to respect a married man's fidelity. by rstoppard11/01/024.18

Will & Terri Ch. 01

 — Full Caribbean Moon by adamgunn05/02/093.99

Will & Terri Ch. 02: Lube Job

 — Ah, the indiscretions of our youth! by adamgunn10/16/174.28

Will and Marnie Explore . . . Ch.01

 — "I want your wife to have sex with my husband." by luedon03/24/163.83

Will and Marnie Explore . . . Ch.02

 — Will pleasures Marnie. by luedon03/30/164.01

Will's Surprise

 — Jackie picks up a stranger or two. by DaddyO Wil04/10/044.48

Willing Wife

 — Wife seduces him at a party. by Ashson07/30/164.18

Willingly Used by Wife

 — Wife lovingly exploits my desire for submission. by NL_lover07/29/103.99

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 17

 — Val & Her Sister-Val & Joe do a little cocaine. by Paris Waterman05/28/103.73

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 25

 — Mostly Girl Talk (Bernie flirts with Joe). by Paris Waterman07/07/103.54

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 36

 — The Stag Party - A Talk with Val. by Paris Waterman10/24/104.00

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 37

 — Meeting Gerry Attric (a prearranged seduction). by Paris Waterman10/25/103.61

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 38

 — Money Laundering - Greatest BlowJob - Prison Riots. by Paris Waterman11/09/103.86

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 43

 — Natalie & Vic - She wants a baby, he doesn't. by Paris Waterman11/24/103.56

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 44

 — Joe & Val have sex, discuss having a friend for threesome. by Paris Waterman11/25/104.00

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 61

 — Wanda & Gerry's advice; Joe's meeting. by Paris Waterman04/16/114.00

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 63

 — Conrad meets Joe Marcolina. by Paris Waterman05/13/113.78

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 64

 — Val holds first meeting, tells others how she got pregnant. by Paris Waterman05/14/113.73

Wilson's Web

 — Tom and Clare were determined to start a family. by Octavian04/02/054.14


 — He realizes he may have become a wimp. by rpsuch07/13/044.25

Wimpass Sub Ch. 01

 — Steve's wife entertains the bachelor party. by RipRespon11/11/133.98

Wimpass Sub Ch. 04

 — Steve's wife really does love him. by RipRespon03/01/153.84

Wimpass Sub Ch. 06

 — Steve and his wife must continue to submit. by RipRespon03/03/153.69

Wimpy White Ass

 — So he was a wimp, was he? by Just Plain Bob03/20/074.09

Winding The Room Tight

 — Very low cut wife teases too many men. by ryancolter4501/01/033.58

Window Seat

 — Girlfriend unexpectedly cuckolds him on a plane. by oxco01/20/173.58

Window Undressing

 — Couple attends a swinging party. by DaddyO Wil04/10/044.30

Wine Tasting

 — A Thanksgiving tradition like no other... by bcamer11/26/014.37

Wine Tasting

 — Wendy and I have always enjoyed wine. by dstrockers01/31/113.92

Wine Tasting

 — Sharing the wife after a wine tasting. by paulsprings01/31/164.13

Wine Tasting Pt. 01

 — Night out at the Wine Tasting. by plez2tease11/11/143.69

Wine Tasting Pt. 02

 — Night out at the Wine Tasting. by plez2tease11/12/143.85

Wine, Women, and Music

 — My wife, her girlfriend and I explore our possibilities. by happyhubby21312/13/134.41

Winging It

 — Two loving middle-age couples experiment with each other. by tarkatony08/08/064.26

Wingman Pt. 01

 — Cousins visit sex club; he encounters a new/old friend. by EricOmro04/05/183.49

Wingman Pt. 02

 — Katia and Belle play in the back seat for an audience. by EricOmro04/07/182.77

Wingman Pt. 03

 — Belle at Carl's house, love and sex that happened Saturday. by EricOmro04/11/182.82


 — A romantic road trip turns kinky. by joefelton07/22/164.12

Winner Take Nothing

 — Communicate-Communicate-Communicate by dtiverson04/05/164.60HOT

Winner Takes All

 — Silvia loses a bet & her body for one night. by Tim Smith10/26/034.10

Winner Takes Wife

 — Use of a wife wagered in race. by sharedare05/02/034.29

Winning Hand!!!

 — Wife takes on young studs. by comsnm200308/06/033.66

Winning Shireen Back: Akbar’s Narra

 — Akbar fills in his side on Shireen's Continuing Story. by mughalpunjabi11/24/113.60

Winning Strategy

 — Wife feminizes her husband to win costume contest. by Miguel5902/13/064.27

Winning the Contract

 — A man's wife is confused with an escort. by eswriter04/12/084.03

Winning the Lottery

 — Good news turns bad. by FrancisMacomber04/22/134.63HOT


 — Side bet leads to a night of passion. by Sven the Elder02/05/024.35

Winter Harbor

 — Communal solitude sometimes sits in the eaves before taking. by Mainefiddleheads06/07/164.67HOT

Winter Sport

 — She goes on a winter holiday without her husband. by Adfer07/03/103.02

Wishes Come True

 — Married man realizes his desire to be a cucky hubby. by mojobwoikin01/07/093.35

Wishful Thinking

 — Indian hubby dreams of seeinng his wife with another man. by mixoscopist09/14/053.72

Wishing for a Time Machine

 — The end result isn't perfect when bad choices are made. by PrincessErin07/28/092.84

Witch of the Wind

 — Feminine wiles in the moonlight. by tiedwide08/02/064.23

With a Little Help from My Friend

 — Threesome fantasy comes true for married couple. by G.G. Chandler01/01/064.22

With Best Friend's Father-in-Law

 — It was dirty but very satisfying. by hornygujju06/03/064.26

With Her Boyfriend

 — Wife has quite a story to tell her husband. by A.B.07/02/023.11

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