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As Luck Would Have It

 — Hot sex for a Miss., then Mrs. by Softly03/19/024.00

As The Worm Turns

 — Wife surprises husband, husband surprises wife. by patricia5103/25/044.40

Ashes of Love

 — Cold as ice? by PTBzzzz07/18/134.53HOT

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

 — Few hold the meaning that Earth Day means to Henry. by SuperHeroRalph03/28/114.23

Asheville Nightlife

 — Slutty Mom out on a wild date with her renter. by jenni200202/12/104.04

Ashley Discovers The Shocking Truth

 — Even the best plan can go awry. by corky31909/06/033.40

Ashley Fulfills Hubby's Desire

 — Husbands cuckold fantasy leads to hot encounter. by crax197607/25/104.52HOT

Ashley's Boyfriend Makes a Bet

 — If he wins, I leave. If I win, she's mine for the night. by Rembacher09/12/134.22

Ashley's Journey

 — Young women's journey to becoming a submissive wife. by Jwhit200901/27/144.42

Ashley's Misconception

 — What really happen in the bar. by sftswg4us08/05/013.58

Ashley's New Job

 — Wife and husband discover new things. by curious2c03/24/043.53

Ashley, Released Pt. 01

 — He thinks she's smokin' hot. Others do, too. by Aymar3106/16/184.21

Ashley, Released Pt. 02

 — Their new fantasy is taking over. by Aymar3107/23/184.29

Asian Blow Job Wife

 — Asian wife gives head to friends, students & coworkers. by itisgregory05/24/083.91

Asian Date

 — Asian wife's affair found on video tape. by Billybond0608/29/073.31

Asian Massage

 — Couple enjoys sexy massages in the Far East. by Franglais04/07/064.34

Asian MILF Explores Swinging

 — Beginning of Asian wife's adventure. by myasianwife6902/02/094.27

Asian MILF Explores Swinging Ch. 02-03

 — Loving wife and mom prepares and meets him. by myasianwife6902/09/094.31

Asian MILF Explores Swinging Ch. 04

 — The swingers dance part 01: exhibitionism. by myasianwife6906/27/094.12

Asian Webcam Wife

 — Wife enjoys husband's cock and watching hung stranger. by ltp79911/24/104.19

Asian Whore Wife takes a Bull

 — Thai Wife sells her pussy to white bull. by StarfireMayo01/12/173.95

Asian Wife

 — Modest Asian wife's sexual exploits in the Philippines. by billyjack903/23/014.28

Asian Wife Cuckolds Husband

 — Asian wife fucks miltary man to filfull husband's fantasy. by cuckoldguy8406/10/134.24

Asian Wife Goes Black

 — He arranges for black colleague to fuck his wife. by StarfireMayo10/03/104.03

Asian Wife Sucks Ex-Students

 — My asian wife sucked off former students. by itisgregory07/30/084.02

Asian Wife Wants Real Cock

 — Asian wife cuckolds husband on a bus. by rdm345610/30/083.81

Asian Wife Wants Real Cock Ch. 02

 — He finally gets a piece of her ass - with a surprise ending! by rdm345604/12/094.09

Asian Wife Whore Ch. 01

 — White guy and beautiful Asian girl fall in love. by Spiritogre10/31/103.96

Ask Aunt Agatha

 — An advice columnist needs help. by FrancisMacomber04/16/124.77HOT

Ask For It

 — Wife uncovers hubby's sub side, & takes advantage. by indentcouple06/25/014.46

Ask For It Ch. 2

 — Tim becomes a cuckold. by indentcouple07/08/014.08

Asking Wife's Friend

 — Friend gives details of wife's sexual past. by WestVaCouple07/17/044.36

Asperger's Is No Drawback

 — A guy with Asperger's lands a plasma hot "loving" wife. by imhapless05/20/144.45

Asshole Ch. 01

 — Living up to the name. by Just Plain Bob04/16/074.09

Asshole Ch. 01

 — Is it her husband? by azboyscout05/30/113.99

Asshole Ch. 02

 — Living up to the name. by Just Plain Bob04/17/073.98

Asshole Ch. 02

 — The madness of Mark. by azboyscout06/10/113.97

Assignment: Dangle a Carrot

 — Jennifer the carrot. by barkirk05/09/184.10

Assistance Appreciated

 — Hummiliated husband wants help and get it in unusal way. by Winterfrog03/13/063.86


 — I thought I knew my wife. by 62_goo12/12/144.12


 — The path where bad assumption leads. by SteveWallace01/30/163.59

Astrid: A Viking Story Ch. 02

 — Leif and Inga receive company. by WarriorWordSmith12/28/154.02

Astronomy 01

 — Husband watches lesbian wife. by LadySappho6906/14/084.29

Astronomy 03

 — Kitchen sex for husband and lesbian wife. by LadySappho6906/17/084.38

Astronomy 04

 — Husband watches lesbian wife. by LadySappho6906/18/084.30

Astronomy 05

 — Husband joins lesbian wife. by LadySappho6906/19/084.40

At His Request

 — A young wife fulfils her husband's lustful request. by Cherry_Rose03/01/134.07

At His Request

 — My husband knows my needs must be met. by JaneSaysIt03/15/164.31

At Home Show: The Second Time

 — Wife shows off and entertains a group of guys. by showife01/06/074.41

At Home with(out) Abby

 — A cuckold's wife comes home from her lover. by hagendaz07/05/102.85

At Home with(out) Abby Ch. 02

 — A cuckold lifestyle working in otherwise normal lives. by hagendaz07/10/103.49

At Last

 — After waiting for years... by mrrnice01/10/044.17

At Last

 — My wife finally accepts my offer of becoming a cuckoldress. by thegoodhusband10/28/123.92

At Last Ch. 02

 — The day after learning my wife wants to cuckold me. by thegoodhusband07/19/133.24

At Last I Am Pregnant

 — Wife finds someone to fulfil husband's duties. by anarrator12304/23/074.16

At Last My Dreams Come True

 — His wife finally agrees to fuck another guy in front of him. by Welshcouple1980lrnew06/28/123.92

At Odds with Herself

 — A devoted wife finds herself unable to resist a stranger... by Bodytraveler06/19/094.00

At Odds with Herself Ch. 02

 — Anne's husband has a secret of his own. by Bodytraveler06/24/093.78

At The Club

 — Wife brings home new lover from the club. by ALOVINGHUSBAND10/23/114.05

At The Conference

 — Couple passively discover a different side to each other. by lucy5411/24/064.36

At The Conference Ch. 02

 — The following night at the conference. by lucy5412/29/064.46

At The Conference Ch. 03

 — The aftermath of London and conclusion. by lucy5409/13/123.95

At The Grindhouse

 — Couple's visit to an adult cinema leads to a wild time. by Catesby08/20/074.49

At The Hotel

 — Mature wife agrees to meeet her young lover at a hotel. by zrob05/30/073.83

At The Lake Ch. 3

 — The last of nude wife's adventures. by crbrianb03/04/024.37

At The Mall

 — Husband and wife play sex games. by English Bob08/13/004.09

At The Officers Club

 — A young wife's MMF initiation. by sharedhousewife01/02/094.32

At the Poker Game

 — A man's wife intrudes on the boy's poker game. by rollingcoffe07/20/114.39

At the Pool

 — A man shares his wife with two of his friends. by rollingcoffe05/22/114.41

At The Swimming Pool

 — Wife is assisted by stranger at the pool. by Razor1004/29/024.12

At the Tennis Club

 — He and his wife encounter strange men. by mark91912/30/063.88

At the Waldorf

 — She had it all under control until she didn't. Then he did. by MichaelFitzgerald12/08/183.97

At Tom & Cheryl's By Myself

 — She visits intimate friends without her husband. by LindaL02/18/053.94

At What Cost Friendship

 — A man helps an old friend and loses his fiancee. by woodmanone08/01/094.37

At Your Desk

 — Your neglected wife takes your mind off your work. by Jenuwine01/18/014.28

Athena of the Porn Studio

 — Hubby discovers wife's association with porn films. by silberdrachen07/25/093.76

Atlantic City Ch. 01

 — A peculiar proposal. by RickTurner10/29/074.32

Atlantic City Ch. 01

 — Hotwife and her husband take a trip to Atlantic City. by ggkcmw4m11/27/164.20

Atlantic City Ch. 02

 — Caught in the act. by RickTurner11/02/074.30

Atlantic City Ch. 04

 — Debased and degraded. by RickTurner12/07/073.85

Attack & Defense

 — A woman's husband gives her a wonderful morning. by artichokehearts05/15/133.94

Attack of the Heart and Conscience

 — Life's twist on serious issues. by LenardSpencer02/06/173.50

Attitude Determines Your Altitude

 — Something discarded is exactly what another desires. by moreandmore07/28/184.41

Au Revoir Mon Amour

 — Husband learns of family's betrayal and reacts by BillandKate03/18/164.55HOT


 — Sharing my hubby in an oh so dirty way. by motos4001/11/173.90

Auburn Bluegrass

 — BBC cuckolds a redneck at a trailer park, disaster ensues! by Brass_ankle11/23/173.60

Auburn Bluegrass Ch. 02

 — He returns seeking revenge, but finds the unexpected! by Brass_ankle12/23/173.40

Auction Affair

 — A young husband catches his wife and...well... by carvohi05/16/134.23

Audacious Guest

 — Wife's co worker comes to dinner and cuckolds me same night. by Abehere05/14/104.01

Audit Surprise Ch. 01

 — What Marty saw out the window changed his life. by radk04/17/134.67HOT

Audit Surprise Ch. 02

 — Sheryl reviews her mistakes. by radk04/20/134.34

Audit Surprise Ch. 03

 — Do Marty and Sheryl Make it after all? by radk04/23/134.58HOT


 — It isn't what she thinks it is. by Balaak04/14/054.15


 — Just a little tale. by Just Plain Bob03/04/174.47

Augusta's Sin

 — Wife gets her first double penetration. by No Panty Girl04/18/064.25

Augustina's Confession

 — Young, married, pregnant, and cheating. by Serafina121001/21/163.77

Auld Lang Signe

 — A wife gets her New Year's wish. by morganalafaie12/23/113.69

Aunt Ethel

 — A shotgun wedding truns out great. by imhapless12/14/154.49


 — A tempting tale with an international flair. by sparty_party04/20/083.82

Auntie Sarina

 — Going back to make amends. by BigGuy3305/30/164.25

Auntie's Favorite Niece

 — Hot Niece gets Married auntie laid and includes uncle. by dkmywife09/20/154.29

Aural Sex

 — Wife decides to end his asking. by AnnabelleandJay03/20/023.99

Aural Sex

 — What you hear is what you get. by English Bob11/27/034.00

Aurora Blue Ch. 01

 — Janine’s ex lovers become a hot topic in the bedroom. by Odeon12/16/084.30

Aurora Blue Ch. 02

 — The fantasy develops, but how far can too far go? by Odeon12/17/084.11

Aussie Couple and Me in Aitutaki

 — Tuyen and Darin invited me to watch. I had other ideas. by WildcatAdventure01/18/144.35


 — An extra special night at the club. by RightNextDoor03/02/173.87

Austin Ch. 01

 — A wife becomes a slut on a trip to Austin. by Dash0502/03/054.17

Austin Ch. 02

 — Night on the town reveals Julie's exhibitionist side. by Dash0504/13/054.36

Austin Ch. 03

 — An after party follows the bar. by Dash0504/12/074.37

Australia Day

 — Prim wife down under lets loose on a special holiday. by Ray Dario06/07/014.41

Austrian Ski Vacation Surprise

 — A cuckold awakens. by mrvandolay12/02/043.67

Author's Confession

 — The affair that started it all. by JaeLewis6902/27/174.00

Author's Unite!

 — Two lit authors meet for the first time. by daremo6808/18/173.51

Auto Accident

 — She almost died and I found out about her affair. by murphy62101/08/123.47

Autumn Night

 — Wife has fun at the concert and more. by LT196301/18/142.92

Ava Enjoys Another Man's Cock

 — Wife does a big dick, and loves it! by Twococksforme12/26/103.76

Ava Plays Pool

 — Wife plays an erotic game of Pool. by Twococksforme01/06/114.12

Average and Regular

 — Did she do for money or love? by cpete05/10/114.68HOT

Average Wifey Files #02

 — Pervy Hubby has table turned on him by wifey. by averagewifey09/08/133.60

Average Wifey Files #03

 — Forbidden Fantasies Hubby imposes on Wifey. by averagewifey09/10/133.96

Average Wifey Files #04

 — Wifey gets to see and touch something special. by averagewifey09/15/134.02

Average Wifey Files #05

 — Online cybersex suprise for hubby and wifey. by averagewifey09/16/134.13

Average Wifey Files #06

 — Day one at Disneyland. by averagewifey09/17/133.77

Average Wifey Files #07

 — Wifey gets caught in web of sexual surprises! by averagewifey09/18/133.91

Average Wifey Files #08

 — Sensual massage with unspeakable, naughty visitor. by averagewifey09/19/134.09

Average Wifey Files #09

 — Disneyland anniversary trip ends first day very wet. by averagewifey09/20/134.11

Average Wifey Files #10

 — Wifey secretly discovers Hubby in the act of cybersex. by averagewifey09/21/134.09

Average Wifey Files #11

 — Wifey's self-pics emailed to hubby result in a naughty twist. by averagewifey09/24/133.98

Average Wifey Files #12

 —  A debate along the beach becomes very arousing. by averagewifey09/25/133.89

Average Wifey Files #13

 — Phone sex problem solved with... phone sex! by averagewifey09/26/134.33

Average Wifey Files #14

 — Hubby and Wifey leverage tension for great sex. by averagewifey09/28/134.06

Average Wifey Files #15

 — Day 2 Disneyland anniversary trip enjoys a perfect start. by averagewifey09/29/133.87

Average Wifey Files #16

 — A rare glimpse into the fantasy life of an average wifey. by averagewifey09/29/134.08

Average Wifey Files #17

 — A sundress proves to be "fucking magical" by averagewifey09/30/134.05

Average Wifey Files #18

 — Wifey's fear turns to curiosity turns to arousal. by averagewifey10/01/134.14

Average Wifey Files #19

 — Beware: Not all of wifey's fantasies are safe to reveal. by averagewifey10/02/134.28

Average Wifey Files #20

 — Emailed selfpics from wifey to hubby reach new limits. by averagewifey10/03/134.03

Average Wifey Files #21

 — Wifey's email game gets naughtier than she imagined possible by averagewifey10/08/134.29

Average Wifey Files #22

 — Wifey enjoys premeal offering of hot dog and cucumber. by averagewifey10/12/133.81

Average Wifey Files #23

 — Email pic game gets hotter and more naughty than ever! by averagewifey10/13/133.93

Average Wifey Files #24

 — Husband stumbles upon wifey in the hands of a married couple by averagewifey11/03/133.87

Average Wifey Files #25

 — Hubby's Journal Discovered - Part 1. by averagewifey09/01/154.14

Average Wifey Files #26

 — Hubby's Journal Discovered - Part 2. by averagewifey09/09/154.20

Average Wifey Files #27

 — A naughty secret between wifey and neighbor. by averagewifey03/02/163.93

Average Wifey Files #28

 — Wifey plays dangerous game with Hubby's chat blunder - Pt 1. by averagewifey03/26/164.32

Avery Hot Vacation - New Things

 — Avery tries a BBC while her husband watches from his hideout. by Hank_Avery12/21/173.91

Avery Hot Vacation 02 - Jason's Friends

 — Avery gets BBC gangbang. Hank watches. by Hank_Avery03/03/183.84

Avery Hot Vacation 03 - Antonio & Tasha

 — Avery fucks the masseur, Hank fucks Tasha. by Hank_Avery03/08/183.35

Avoiding Divorce

 — Couple reinvigorates sex life. by L0tsaluck01/03/093.75

Avoiding the Kids

 — David and Kelsey sneak away for anal. by Yogakay06/05/154.60HOT


 — Dave wakes to something better than his blaring alarm clock. by BrassMonkey03/06/033.84


 — Fiancé teases and pleases girlfriend. by Angelscuck09/14/093.81


 — Husband makes secret video of couple. by SplendidSpunk02/11/144.05

Awakening a Fantasy

 — Awakening fantasies of three people. by rjohnson08/17/024.32

Awakening Ch. 01

 — Faithful young wife administered drug. by CleoRa06/24/144.26

Awakening Ch. 02

 — Young wife is drugged into sex. by CleoRa06/27/144.38

Awakening Ch. 03

 — Young wife is drugged then likes it. by CleoRa06/28/144.31

Awakening Ch. 04

 — Young wife spirals out of control. by CleoRa07/09/144.03

Awakening Desires Ch. 1

 — Young housewives find their inner fires stoked. by Humble04/01/024.27

Awakening Desires Ch. 2

 — Carol takes her husband's dare. by Humble04/04/024.30

Awakening Desires Ch. 3

 — Carol goes on stage & finds it a thrill. by Humble04/06/024.39

Awakening Desires Ch. 5

 — Carol gives in to her urges. by Humble04/09/024.37

Awakening Desires Ch. 6

 — Carol begins a new life. by Humble04/16/024.37

Awakening Erica Ch. 01

 — Erica's husband uses her to land a client. by sxinxs111/08/064.27

Awakening Erica Ch. 02

 — Erica makes a pit stop on the way home. by sxinxs111/13/064.27

Awakening Erica Ch. 03

 — Erica and David come to terms with her new found sexual libe by sxinxs111/22/064.31

Awakening Linda's Lust

 — He watches wife with a black man & lesbian couple. by LustyLee7703/06/054.27

Awakening My Wife's Sexual Desire Ch. 01

 — Michelle decides time has come to sample other cocks. by roomfor1more01/04/123.71

Awakening My Wife's Sexual Desire Ch. 02

 — Second Chapter of Michelle's sampling of other cocks. by roomfor1more01/05/123.36

Awakening of a Loving Wife

 — From shy to slut. Times are changing. by hunger4sum12/15/174.16

Awakening of an English Housewife

 — Lonely housewife finally gives in. by Forgotten_Wife05/13/174.09

Awakening of an English Housewife Ch. 02

 — Once again led into temptation whilst my husband works away. by Forgotten_Wife05/17/174.31

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 05

 — Fannie's husband sets her up for her first gangbang! by STEVEN VANE07/28/094.28

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 06

 — Fannie must find someone to help her continue her slut life. by STEVEN VANE08/05/094.44

Awakening of Fannie Ch. 07

 — Slut Fannie must kiss her boss's ass for a raise. by STEVEN VANE08/13/094.30

Awakening The Slut Inside Donna Ch. 1

 — Husband devises plan to turn conservative wife into his slut. by TMONY10/15/024.23

Awakening The Slut Inside Donna Ch. 2

 — Dirty dance leads to Pool Hall fun. by TMONY10/16/024.48

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