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Beck's: A Night to Remember

 — Drunken night unearths secret yearnings. by Droch12/05/083.85

Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 05

 — Becky relents & agrees to have sex with husband's friends. by SusanJillParker01/25/144.10

Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 06

 — Wife gangbangs hubby's friends for car, kitchen, fur & ring. by SusanJillParker01/29/144.13

Becky & Brian's Birthday Gangbang Ch. 07

 — Four men with one woman, Becky's ready for her gangbang. by SusanJillParker02/01/143.86

Becky At Fifty

 — Best friends can be the best thing or the worst. by Just Plain Bob02/04/073.00

Becky Calls the Shots

 — What can happen when wife reads your fantasies. by RWHWife09/28/024.19

Becky Seeks More Ch. 2

 — Slut wife lays out her issues. by midniterider02/25/024.13

Becky Was Bad (A)

 — She shouldn't have talked him into going to a party. by Just Plain Bob12/27/063.89

Becky Was Bad (B)

 — She shouldn't have talked him into going to a party. by Just Plain Bob12/27/064.35

Becky's First Double

 — His wife has her first double penetration. by Motorsckl12/19/044.33

Becky's First Win

 — Becky get's serious about motorcycle racing. by NPH78609/12/133.61

Becky's Needs

 — She needed what he wasn't giving her. by Just Plain Bob11/08/043.08

Becky's Racing Sponsors

 — Becky's race manager catches her seeking sponsors. by NPH78609/18/133.31

Becky's Really Hot Day

 — A SPOOF on the BTB genre. by no1specific02/20/174.02

Becky's Return

 — Becky returns to the club and is the center of attention. by Forrest_Hump05/15/094.02

Becky's Revenge

 — Becky gives hubbie a taste of what he's missing. by LaffWithMe01/04/013.88

Becky's Revenge Pays Off - FTDS

 — Revenge ramifications - ch2 of LaffWithMe's Becky's Revenge. by FinishTheDamnStory09/12/134.17

Becky, My Wife

 — HotWife's first dalliance. by Motorsckl10/15/034.24

Becoming a Bicyclist

 — Busted by her husband, so why not? by SLC-Ohio08/10/063.14

Becoming A Cuck...The Beginning

 — How I unwittingly became a cuckold... by CuckAndSlut12/31/133.81

Becoming a Cuckold

 — He watches his wife with another man. by njcuckold_hotmail06/25/054.33

Becoming a Cuckold

 — Taylor decided to sleep with Tom again. by sexslave628809/09/143.79

Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A fantasy slowly starts to become a reality. by changer66608/02/044.35

Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Their game becomes more realistic. by changer66608/04/044.34

Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 03

 — She finally fucks another man. by changer66608/13/044.03

Becoming a Houseslut: The Beginning

 — A wife crosses into the realm of infidelity. by SkiDog6411/18/133.96

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife plans makeover vacation in Las Vegas. by Tdisk07/13/114.43

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 02

 — Mary's first full day as a new woman. by Tdisk07/14/114.44

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 03

 — She wears a corset, then enjoys being corseted. by Tdisk07/27/114.49

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 04

 — Tim continued to corset Mary in the leather corset... by Tdisk08/05/114.42

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 05

 — Mary is photograpghed in latex and leather. by Tdisk08/24/114.55HOT

Becoming a Sexier Wife Ch. 06

 — Mary poses professionally. by Tdisk11/20/114.29

Becoming a Slut Couple Jeannie

 — They lost touch with each other. by Just Plain Bob09/03/094.17

Becoming a Slut Couple (1) Martin

 — She didn't seem to care about him any more. by Just Plain Bob12/13/064.50HOT

Becoming a Slut Couple (2) Jennie

 — It took new girlfriends & porno tapes to wake her up. by Just Plain Bob12/14/064.19

Becoming a Slut Couple (3) Martin a

 — The end or a new beginning? by Just Plain Bob12/15/064.37

Becoming a Slut Couple Martin/Jean

 — They wandered away from each other. by Just Plain Bob09/04/094.13

Becoming A Slut For My Fiancé

 — He surrenders to her desires. by Perfekt06/20/044.06

Becoming a Slut Husband Alan

 — He found out she had a boyfriend. by Just Plain Bob09/16/094.48

Becoming A Slut Husband: Ben

 — His solution? Keep them apart. by Just Plain Bob08/28/064.00

Becoming a Slut Husband: Bob

 — He chose the path of least resistance. by Just Plain Bob11/16/054.34

Becoming A Slut Husband: George

 — He couldn't get it at home so he went elsewhere. by Just Plain Bob08/23/064.40

Becoming A Slut Husband: Jake

 — What do you do when the wife says no? by Just Plain Bob08/25/064.30

Becoming A Slut Husband: Jerry

 — He knew she was cheating so he did too. by Just Plain Bob08/27/064.41

Becoming A Slut Husband: Nick

 — He thought she was cheating so he cheated too. by Just Plain Bob02/18/074.37

Becoming a Slut Husband: Ray

 — What was she up to? by Just Plain Bob11/14/054.21

Becoming A Slut Husband: Rob

 — An overheard conversation changed his life. by Just Plain Bob11/08/064.18

Becoming a Slut Husband: Terry

 — Darlene left the house to play, so Terry did, too. by Just Plain Bob04/03/074.12

Becoming A Slut Husband: Tony

 — A different approach to dealing with infidelity. by Just Plain Bob09/02/064.53HOT

Becoming A Slut Husband: Tony (2)

 — He was well on his way to getting even. by Just Plain Bob09/03/064.55HOT

Becoming A Slut Husband: Tony (3)

 — Now for Marie's side. by Just Plain Bob09/04/064.59HOT

Becoming A Slut Husband: Tony (4)

 — A surprise in the kitchen. by Just Plain Bob09/05/064.37

Becoming a Slut Wife Rachel

 — Hubby wouldn't take care of business. by Just Plain Bob09/29/094.02

Becoming a Slut Wife, Maria - Sequel

 — Sequel to a story by Just Plain Bob. by carvohi10/22/164.31

Becoming A Slut Wife: Abby

 — Once was forgiveable, but twice? by Just Plain Bob12/04/054.11

Becoming a Slut Wife: Adrianne

 — The title says it. by Just Plain Bob07/08/053.47

Becoming a Slut Wife: Alex

 — Letting the genie out of the bottle. by Just Plain Bob06/22/053.97

Becoming A Slut Wife: Alma

 — It was all about the money. by Just Plain Bob06/14/064.46

Becoming a Slut Wife: Angie

 — The confrontation didn't go quite as planned. by Just Plain Bob06/29/052.98

Becoming a Slut Wife: Angie Ch. 02

 — A wife and a fucking machine. by Just Plain Bob12/05/054.54HOT

Becoming a Slut Wife: Anne-Marie

 — What he found in her purse. by Just Plain Bob11/01/054.26

Becoming a Slut Wife: Ashton

 — The doctor isn't always right. by Just Plain Bob07/05/053.96

Becoming A Slut Wife: Bailey

 — Getting even. by Just Plain Bob02/26/064.59HOT

Becoming a Slut Wife: Bea

 — Someone besides hubby is getting a taste. by Just Plain Bob07/02/043.63

Becoming a Slut Wife: Bett

 — What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - or does it? by Just Plain Bob08/20/053.47

Becoming A Slut Wife: Bettina

 — Hubby wasn't enough. by Just Plain Bob03/27/063.55

Becoming a Slut Wife: Bev

 — She waited for years and then found that she liked it. by Just Plain Bob01/29/063.84

Becoming a Slut Wife: Carol

 — The making of a slut. by Just Plain Bob08/29/054.14

Becoming a Slut Wife: Charlotte

 — She couldn't stop. by Just Plain Bob12/20/103.65

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina

 — A woman's story of her slide to the "dark side." by Just Plain Bob04/09/064.56HOT

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina (2)

 — She does more to satisfy her husband. by Just Plain Bob04/26/064.45

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina (3)

 — Still giving hubby what he wants. by Just Plain Bob10/28/063.95

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina (4)

 — She keeps on doing what her hubby wants. by Just Plain Bob01/06/074.16

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina (5)

 — The man is never satisfied. by Just Plain Bob03/04/073.96

Becoming A Slut Wife: Christina (6)

 — The continuing adventures of my favorite slut. by Just Plain Bob05/07/074.00

Becoming a Slut Wife: Connie

 — The gift backfired. by Just Plain Bob09/04/053.90

Becoming A Slut Wife: Cora

 — He had something she couldn't get from hubby. by Just Plain Bob03/27/063.96

Becoming A Slut Wife: Corrie

 — Talbot strayed and she didn't like it one bit. by Just Plain Bob08/25/063.96

Becoming a Slut Wife: Dani

 — Something in the air? by Just Plain Bob09/05/053.59

Becoming A Slut Wife: Darby

 — She liked a little exhibitionism in her life. by Just Plain Bob06/25/064.10

Becoming a Slut Wife: Darla Ch. 01

 — Bad choice, but she ended up happy. by Just Plain Bob07/11/043.82

Becoming a Slut Wife: Darla Ch. 02

 — He chose to stick around. by Just Plain Bob07/18/043.46

Becoming A Slut Wife: Darlene

 — It was all about size. by Just Plain Bob02/12/073.92

Becoming a Slut Wife: Dixie

 — She used to be such a prude. by Just Plain Bob09/19/053.74

Becoming a Slut Wife: Doreen

 — Someone else got his gift. by Just Plain Bob09/15/053.84

Becoming a Slut Wife: Edith

 — She hated him all through school, didn't she? by Just Plain Bob03/09/074.44

Becoming A Slut Wife: Ericka

 — Money was tight and she had bills to pay. by Just Plain Bob09/10/063.98

Becoming A Slut Wife: Helen

 — He neglected her so she went elsewhere. by Just Plain Bob08/27/063.27

Becoming A Slut Wife: Helga

 — He warned her before he married her, but she wouldn't listen. by Just Plain Bob06/13/063.35

Becoming A Slut Wife: Hetty

 — She was a cock tease. by Just Plain Bob11/02/054.43

Becoming A Slut Wife: Hillary

 — He told her she could, but she said no way. by Just Plain Bob06/11/063.85

Becoming a Slut Wife: Hot Hunny

 — Found on the Internet. by Just Plain Bob07/15/053.75

Becoming a Slut Wife: Jennifer

 — The New Years Eve party. by Just Plain Bob09/12/053.84

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