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A Chain of Events Ch. 2

 — Helen takes a big risk. by Blueboy406/23/024.17

A Chained Wife

 — Firemen help wife trapped in handcuffs. by English Bob09/01/004.17

A Chance Meeting at the Nude Beach

 — Mormon couples meet at the nude beach. by movie_fan196908/14/15

A Chance Meeting Turns Into Fun Four-way

 — Two couples have an erotic night. by kinkycapitalcpl04/16/094.37

A Change in Marital Status

 — Ruth's decision changed Dave's life. by Scorpio44a05/14/124.45

A Change in My Wife Ch. 01

 — A coerced blowjob. by wed8107/31/094.00

A Change in My Wife Ch. 03

 — Hubby gets a call. by wed8108/08/094.08

A Change in Susan

 — Old friend asks a favor, turned out better than Viagra. by Oldfarticus11/27/034.29

A Change Of Colour

 — An interracial story with a switch. by English Bob02/04/034.09

A Change of Scenery

 — Ting and I enjoy the mysteries of the Nile with good friends. by oldfogey12/17/054.08

A Chat With A Loving Wife

 — A chat with a cuckold husband away on business. by bonnietaylor06/30/08

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 02

 — The next part of Bonnie cuckolding her husband. by bonnietaylor07/08/08

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 03

 — Bonnie gets cum from Rick. by bonnietaylor07/09/08

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 04

 — Bonnie tries to get Larry to let her fuck Rick. by bonnietaylor07/15/08

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 05

 — She tells Rick her husband has agreed to watch them fuck. by bonnietaylor07/19/08

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 06

 — Bonnie's dream comes true for all of them. by bonnietaylor08/08/08

A Cheater's Trial

 — Can a cheater avoid a court holding of infidelity? by imhapless07/10/134.54HOT

A Cheating Cliche -- Almost

 — How do a couple overcome cheating? by amischiefmaker05/12/134.02

A Cheating Wife's Disclosures Ch. 01

 — A military man's wife details her exploits in philandering. by Krystal069008/06/143.91

A Cheating Wife's Disclosures Ch. 02

 — A military man's wife details her exploits in philandering. by Krystal069008/07/143.87

A Cheating Wife's Disclosures Ch. 03

 — A military man's wife details her exploits in philandering. by Krystal069008/08/144.15

A Cheating Wife's Disclosures Ch. 04

 — A military man's wife details her exploits in philandering. by Krystal069008/09/144.08

A Cheating Wife's Disclosures Ch. 05

 — A military man's wife details her exploits in philandering. by Krystal069008/10/143.49

A Choice of Gifts Pt. 02G

 — A wife is given the gift of a MFM threesome. by asecretdream07/27/174.20

A Christmas Gift

 — Her husband & Master both give her a priceless gift. by HeavenlyOne12/07/054.05

A Christmas Party

 — A Loving Wife is seduced by her boss at the Christmas party. by rm818111/13/133.44

A Christmas Party Tale

 — Santa gets lucky at the company Christmas party. by Bakeboss12/15/084.12

A Circumstantial Case

 — Did his cheating wife and best friend murder him? by jake6008/27/084.64HOTContest Winner

A Classic Line

 — Adultery and skydiving, what's the difference? by cageytee09/19/054.31

A Classic Line Ch. 02

 — Can they move past her infidelity? by cageytee09/21/054.39

A Clean Shave for My Wife

 — Wife gets her pussy shaved & filled by friend. by meatmywife08/11/054.19

A Clean Slate

 — Jenny tries to be a good girl. by Elynoireberlin01/18/173.83

A Clean Well Lighted Place

 — Don't Mess with the Doctor. by dtiverson10/23/164.76HOT

A Clockwork Wimp

 — ...or may be not so. by Lord_Gino_X04/03/124.17

A Close Encounter on the Plane

 — Jo gets herself in a tangle. by TheVeryIdea08/25/143.81

A Close Friend and My Wife

 — Wife's seduction with husband's knowledge & encouragement. by Petersimpson06/29/064.41

A Close Friend's Gift of Massage

 — Wife gets an innocent massage from close friend. by mannydcamp04/12/023.35

A Closet View

 — Came home early and caught the wife. by droolingweasel02/16/163.63

A Cock and Cum Birthday

 — Wife gives me a 43rd birthday surprise. by Batcum200205/20/034.04

A Colleague Seduces Loving Wife

 — Loving Wife seduced by young, manly colleague . by rm818110/21/133.66

A Collegial Swap Ch. 01

 — Married college profs start down swinging path. by RickieTee06/18/064.27

A Combat Story

 — Soldier takes the journey to sharing his girl. by batman6608/25/103.86

A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

 — The Magic Moment by qhml101/05/144.57HOT

A Command Performance

 — Her new husband held a grudge. by Liz Browner01/16/063.84

A Compromise Ch. 01

 — Watching is stimulating, she finds. by Charly07/17/013.91

A Compromise Ch. 02

 — Charly relives an evening of erotic pleasure. by Charly07/28/014.19

A Compromise Ch. 03

 — Bachelor neighbor may be key to reshaping her life. by Charly08/07/014.17

A Compromise Ch. 04

 — She visits a swing club with a neighbor. by Charly08/15/014.45

A Compromise Ch. 05

 — She explores the pleasures of exhibitionism. by Charly08/24/014.16

A Compromise Ch. 06 Part 1

 — She begins to explore the Internet. by Charly09/04/014.18

A Compromise Ch. 06 Part 2

 — Charlotte begins to understand something about David. by Charly09/05/014.08

A Compromise Ch. 07

 — Charlotte starts off on her plan with a cook out. by Charly09/11/014.29

A Compromise Ch. 08

 — Undaunted courage suggests an Indian solution. by Charly10/16/024.10

A Con Game Interrupted

 — He found out he was the target in a scam. by Just Plain Bob08/25/064.38

A Concert to Remember

 — Drinking and dancing leads to a fantastic night. by needsomerelief05/06/083.80

A Confession For Emma

 — I confess my fantasy to see Emma with another man. by UpskirtMan8912/17/164.47

A Confession For Emma Ch. 02

 — It's party time for Emma. Did she or didn't she? by UpskirtMan8902/09/174.36

A Conservative Woman's Pleasure

 — Wife catches husband with a porno. by English Bob11/29/003.93

A Considerate Husband's Thoughts

 — My husband shares his thought about my holiday date. by TopflightWife11/30/093.68

A Contract Sealed

 — Coleen uses her charms to get the job done. by English Bob03/16/014.13

A Conversation Online with Joan

 — Jim introduces his wife online. by sarahloveitt01/08/10

A Cop's Slut Wife

 — Maria gets gang-banged by the department. by English Bob04/14/014.03

A Corporal's Punishment

 — Soldier finds wife in bed with a stranger. by English Bob10/22/003.06

A Correspondence with Sharon

 — An erotic email exchange begins. by rivertown_rat05/05/094.23

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 14

 — Sharon practices being a slut for Tommy. by rivertown_rat07/17/094.37

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 35

 — The bachelor party and Sharon's dilemma. by rivertown_rat02/22/104.42

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 36

 — Sharon restarts her slave role. by rivertown_rat07/17/104.37

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 37

 — The rest of October, and a new format. by rivertown_rat08/02/104.27

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 38

 — Ron's Birthday Party: Where it all started a year ago. by rivertown_rat09/19/104.17

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 40

 — Sharon has a most unusal New Years Eve. by rivertown_rat06/07/114.21

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 41

 — Sharon is used as a poker slut. by rivertown_rat06/15/114.21

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 42

 — Sharon is the entertainment at a Superbowl party. by rivertown_rat07/12/114.08

A Couple and Husband's Boss Ch. 02

 — A threesome shifted in a liaison. by tirreno1204/09/164.36

A Couple Explore With Friends

 — Two married couples expand their sex lives with each other. by literalvirgin01/21/144.45

A Couple Explore With Friends Ch. 02

 — The Vacation Continues. by literalvirgin10/27/154.62HOT

A Couple Explore With Friends Ch. 03

 — Green Light Means Go! by literalvirgin06/20/174.50HOT

A Couple Finds True Happiness

 — Pete & Jane find their wild side. by Uslezbiz08/13/003.92

A Couple's Journey Into Depravity

 — Leather loving crossdresser and wife have a bit of fun. by johncockenfurs05/03/094.22

A Couple's Story

 — Her first MMF Threesome. by sharedhousewife04/25/094.34

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 03

 — Edward and Pamela fantasize about swapping. by fntsymn03/26/104.34

A Cowboy and My Wife

 — A young cowboy takes my wife with my encouragement. by Twotooto22212/16/134.29

A Craving For Colour

 — Tony discovers Tracy with two black intruders. by English Bob07/22/013.92

A Cream Cum True

 — Exhibitionist wife brings home some pie. by turbocs3704/29/104.43

A Cream Pie Delight

 — Kinky fantasy comes true for husband. by telefunkenU4708/14/044.41

A Cream Pie From Cynthia

 — Wife brings home a surprise from swinger club. by SequenreTao06/02/064.23

A Cream Pie Surprise

 — Hot wife brings creampie; husband gets sloppy second. by Elcalancon08/08/084.19

A Cream-Pie Vacation

 — Squeaky clean wife learns how to be not so much of a lady. by Many_Memories01/09/094.29

A Creampie Keeps The Doctor Away

 — Husband chooses between condoms & creampies. by cpluver07/06/064.32

A Creamy Fantasy Comes True

 — I convince he to let another man cum inside her. by dirty_husband08/03/124.42

A Cruise Adventure Ch. 01

 — A wife, a husband, and a beautiful head waiter. by FUNFORUS211/23/104.13

A Cruise for Kira Ch. 01

 — Kyrhan recovers during a cruise - Kira's adventures Ch7. by dan5701/29/084.00

A Cruise for Kira Ch. 02

 — Kyrhan recovers finally - Kira's adventures ch8 by dan5702/20/083.81

A Cruise to Discovery Ch. 01

 — A couple learns a lot about themselves on a cruise. by GlennH08/28/093.76

A Cruise to Discovery Ch. 02

 — It gets more confusing before it begins to get better. by GlennH09/02/094.11

A Cruise to Discovery Ch. 03

 — Couple finishes the cruise together and take in on home. by GlennH09/16/094.13

A Cruise to Remember

 — Wife who would never entertaina threesome, does just that. by Ravendale703/07/064.35

A Cry For Help

 — Cindy pays off her boss' debt while hubby watches. by English Bob03/28/014.13

A Cuckold Beginning

 — Couple's swap leads to hubby's cuckolding. by ken b02/14/043.96

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 01

 — Introductions. by vyasya01/10/174.06

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 02

 — First episode. by vyasya01/14/174.28

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 03

 — Revelations or Intimate introductions. by vyasya02/09/174.36

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 04

 — Welcome the beast! by vyasya06/16/174.39

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 05

 — Realizations, affirmations, and a sweet treat! by vyasya02/05/183.92

A Cuckold Earns His Horns Pt. 01

 — Submissive sissy cuckold and wife enjoy a hot bull's talents. by lapraline7005/03/164.27

A Cuckold Evening

 — A hotwife humiliates hubby with a co-worker. by withmyfeetup06/28/103.80

A Cuckold in the Making Ch. 01

 — The story of how I became a submissive, cum eating cuckold. by Bicuck4504/19/183.72NEW

A Cuckold is Seduced

 — Black bull wins white husband's consent to pursue his wife. by wants2bsub08/25/074.30

A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 02

 — The cuckolding is consummated. by wants2bsub08/31/074.26

A Cuckold is Seduced Ch. 03

 — A dreamlike world of black masters and white cuckolds. by wants2bsub07/24/084.22

A Cuckold Marriage Evolves

 — A friend shows my wife the way to a female led marriage. by wants2bsub08/05/154.44

A Cuckold Prescription

 — A very unusual cure for erectile dysfunction. by Newlycucked06/07/154.14

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 01

 — They each learn what "cuckolding" really means by Paul Pines02/20/034.25

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 02

 — Cuckold Paul's thank-you letter to his wife after her date. by Paul Pines03/04/034.14

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 03

 — How serious is his wife's affair? Is she still just playing? by Paul Pines03/09/034.02

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 04

 — His wife takes a new lover, with unexpected results. by Paul Pines01/28/064.19

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05

 — She spread her legs for him. by Paul Pines02/26/064.25

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05a

 — Cuckold learns the truth about wife's lover. by Paul Pines03/26/064.17

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05b

 — Wife welcomes her lover back. by Paul Pines04/21/064.17

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 05c

 — Cuckolding becomes permanent. by Paul Pines07/12/064.00

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 06

 — Wife & Lover get more intimate together. by Paul Pines03/12/064.14

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 07

 — It's Not for You. by Paul Pines10/01/063.51

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 08

 — Cuckold learns to savor the crumbs he receives. by Paul Pines10/01/093.80

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 09

 — Cuckold accepts the reality of his role. by Paul Pines05/28/103.96

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 10

 — Life changes, and Sally wants to hear your thoughts. by Paul Pines06/14/103.60

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 11

 — Getting Past Sex. by Paul Pines06/20/103.81

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