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Bengali Housewife

 — Boss seduces his subordinate's wife. by varunv76509/24/044.05

Bennie and the Bike Tour

 — Engaged couple ride out together, come home apart. by maninconn07/18/144.42

Bennie and the Bike Tour - The End

 — The Road goes on forever, but people come and go. by maninconn04/22/164.41

Benny and Linda at the Hard Rock

 — Linda does her favorite thing with a stranger. by Laura_108/06/024.05

Bent Slowly

 — He encourages her to pick up a stranger. by Toyman07/25/014.25

Bermuda Surprise

 — A guy considers swinging at age fifty-five. by LynnGKS12/05/124.18


 — Old geezer takes lawyer's wife. by gaylord6003/26/063.81

Bert Ch. 02

 — She's taken by a dominant, older man. by gaylord6004/30/064.07

Best Anniversary Ever!

 — Anniversary on the beach. by chase3401/20/183.27

Best Birthday Ever!

 — My wife and her friend make all my dreams come true. by 0131aj06/08/094.34

Best Car Wash in Town

 — New business thrives. by flashgordon56200605/09/183.52

Best Friend Cuckold

 — Boyfriend to best friend to cuckold bitch. by mrblue0701/19/123.73

Best Friend Revenge Sex

 — Bitter, divorced woman seeks revenge on cheating ex. by veronica_james01/23/11

Best Friend's Father In Law

 — Housewife succumbs to best friend's father-in-law. by premalatha197503/13/064.23

Best Friend's Passions Ch. 1

 — Wife agrees to let husband impregnate best friend. by branl2205/20/024.22

Best Friend's Passions Ch. 12

 — He tries again to make wife's best friend pregnant. by branl2206/03/024.10

Best Friend's Wife

 — Meeting a friend's wife while doing a job interview. by jimidget11/13/163.94

Best Friend's Wife

 — Doing my friend's wife. by AmateurPop11/26/173.99

Best Friend's Wife Ch. 02

 — Wife cheating with husband's friend. by AmateurPop12/29/173.79

Best Friend's Wife Tempts

 — He visits friend and the guy's wife drains him dry. by cungy2212/07/094.20

Best Friends

 — He shares his wife with his best friend. by hammertime01/18/044.48

Best Friends

 — Wife is shared on a drunken night. by jav18404/05/093.87

Best Friends

 — How close should best friends be? by javmor7909/29/164.21

Best Friends

 — Who else can you depend on? by Saxon_Hart12/01/154.66HOT

Best Friends Forever

 — Wife and Best Friend betray him destroying his very soul. by Matt Moreau12/30/163.78

Best Friends Need One Wife

 — A marriage of three. by buffbody08/07/054.07

Best Friends Pt. 01

 — When two married friends take it to the next level. by Athenais_Marcell08/04/174.27

Best Friends Pt. 02

 — Mike and Katie's affair continues. by Athenais_Marcell10/04/174.07

Best Friends Pt. 03

 — Misty knows. Does she tell Phil? by Athenais_Marcell10/05/174.16

Best Friends Trapped in a Storm

 — He is stuck in a cabin with best friend and wife. by subFLmale12/14/034.20

Best Laid Plans

 — Best laid plans could get you laid the wrong way. by pyramider01/02/053.89

Best Laid Plans

 — His plans may go astray. by naked pen01/22/083.07

Best Laid Plans

 — Things don't always work out as you hope. by PAPATOAD10/02/08

Best Laid Plans

 — Who says best laid plans can't better themselves? by dangerouslydead09/20/104.41

Best Laid Plans

 — Should we say no? by frinkhutz01/04/123.64

Best Laid Plans Pt. 01

 — Wealthy Los Angeles couples play. by alma64610/16/044.42

Best Laid Plans Pt. 02

 — They play at Sandy and Bob's house. by alma64611/09/044.15

Best Laid Plans Pt. 03

 — The party list is at five couples. by alma64611/11/044.39

Best Laid Plans Pt. 04

 — Had she really become a slut? by alma64611/12/044.06

Best Man

 — Newlywed bride submits to husband's best friend. by Audio-visual02/11/034.29

Best Man

 — Oh, what a tangled web we weave. by jack_straw08/20/064.58HOT

Best Man

 — The groom is not always the best man. by Ashson07/14/134.06

Best Man

 — When a husband loses his way in life and with his wife. by Bob_604/30/153.83

Best Moment to Nightmare and Back

 — Life isn't just an out and back course for some of us. by Hooked195712/01/174.01

Best Neighbor Anywhere

 — Husband accidentally(?) lets neighbor enjoy wife. by Jim4got06/09/063.83

Best Neighbors

 — Neighbors get to know each other! by OLDER AND BETTER09/02/064.17

Best of Both Worlds - FTDS

 — It's a Matter of Trust - Sequel to AndrewPeter's tale. by FinishTheDamnStory10/11/144.23

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 02

 — She can't stay away from Jacques. by andrewpeters03/25/044.07

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 03

 — Bill gets suspicious. by andrewpeters04/09/044.38

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 04

 — Bill confronts Sarah. by andrewpeters04/09/044.40

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 05

 — The wife finally understands. by andrewpeters04/11/044.37

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 06

 — Bill looks back a few years later at the changes in his life. by andrewpeters12/31/064.38

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 07

 — Sarah reflects back after Jennifer's birthday. by andrewpeters01/30/074.37

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 08

 — Sarah realizes she must confront the past. by andrewpeters01/09/084.31

Best of Both Worlds Ch. 09

 — Bill looks to the future. by andrewpeters01/10/084.02

Best Scotch in the World

 — Just another case. by H20wader08/22/053.47

Best Served Cold

 — A chance meeting at a conference is a reminder from the past. by Badwolf12306/25/114.26

Best Served Cold Pt. 01

 — Bob & Rose plot revenge. by KingBandor05/08/183.57

Best Served Hot Ch. 01

 — Cheating, discovery, suffering, revenge. by FrederickJones05/08/103.48

Best Served Hot Ch. 02

 — Maria gets her revenge. by FrederickJones05/10/102.83

Best Slumber Party Ever Ch. 01

 — Adults enjoy a sexy sleepover. by JoannaK04/18/03

Best So Far

 — Encouraged by her husband, she becomes a wild woman. by HelenHall10/13/104.04

Best Wedding Ever

 — After a leaving a wedding a couple has some real fun. by handyman16908/06/093.72

Best Wife Lessons

 — Inexperienced Wife Gets Experience. by LindasLove09/01/164.15

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 00

 — Stacy - The Hallpass Slut. by Bishopmalcolm0803/07/183.98

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 01

 — Sophia - The BFF Slut. by Bishopmalcolm0803/29/184.11

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 01.5

 — Stacy's trip to Dubai brings frustration and surprises. by Bishopmalcolm0804/17/183.88

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 02

 — Lisa - The Huge-Titty Slut. by Bishopmalcolm0804/12/184.18

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 02.5

 — Stacy needs some relief from her frustration. by Bishopmalcolm0804/24/184.05

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 03

 — Rachel - The Bubblebutt Slut. by Bishopmalcolm0805/16/184.02

Best. Wife. Ever. Ch. 03.5

 — Stacy enjoys Gabe's hallpass, while trouble looms for her. by Bishopmalcolm0806/19/183.28NEW

Bet Gone Awry

 — What happens when couple actually tests their theories? by Biochem02/17/063.79

Bet in Branson - Aftermath

 — Randy wanted more after they got home. So did Judy. by LynnGKS02/02/104.21

Bet the Boner

 — One couple's mouth watering wager. by 99_percent_oral06/25/084.11

Bet Your Ass

 — Highly competitive couple get into making wagers. by Templar_Writer05/30/173.41

Betel Nut Girl

 — A house wife working as a betel nut girl. by amandate05/08/114.15


 — Wife sucks off stranger in downtown hotel room. by Hank Phish11/18/054.41

Beth & Nicole Entertain Ch. 01

 — Wife's friend comes to visit. by jaydice200311/03/044.23

Beth & Nicole Entertain Ch. 02

 — They dance at a bachelor party. by jaydice200312/12/044.20

Beth & Terry Touch

 — Beth touchs Terry while shopping. by mseaking05/29/024.22

Beth - My Girlfriend. Your Whore.

 — Beth decides to turn whore roleplay into reality. by NonGenericBrand10/23/10

Beth and her Boss Ch. 01

 — My girl is desperate to impress at work. by Belgarion1003/01/094.30

Beth and her Boss Ch. 02

 — My wife does what she has to do. by Belgarion1003/02/094.37

Beth and her Boss Ch. 03

 — Beth gets more than she bargained for. by Belgarion1003/03/094.11

Beth Ch. 1

 — She discovers what's good for her. by annagee04/25/024.17

Beth Entertains Another Party

 — Wife Beth bartends and entertains at party. by jaydice200306/09/054.28

Beth Entertains Another Party Ch. 02

 — Conclusion of Beth, Playboy model, entertaining a party. by jaydice200308/10/054.35

Beth Glenda and Frank

 — Just another loving wife story. by Just Plain Bob09/16/144.42

Beth Has Lunch

 — Beth is fixed up with a hung stud by her girlfriend. by TuWatchu03/07/144.10

Beth Tries Her Luck

 — Hot wife at casino gambles for more than money. by camel05/11/014.12

Beth Unbridled

 — Wife decides to act on husband's fantasy without permission. by d_p_sweetie12/13/083.57

Beth's Birthday Adventure

 — My wife and I have our first threesome while vacationing. by HerLittlePiggy04/04/174.24

Beth's Hobby

 — Husband discovers his "good" wife's disturbing hobby. by Cyanlot05/18/113.15

Beth's Husband Gets Smarts

 — Part 3 of 'Beth Entertains Another Party'. by STANISLAW_CH05/04/093.12

Beth's Naughty Gift

 — My remarkable wife and her naughty gift. by I.M. Writer12/09/094.13

Beth's New Ink

 — Hot wife gets a new tattoo. by camel05/11/014.07

Beth's Searches for Satisfaction

 — Her husband is unable to satisfy her. by henry4901/09/063.93


 — She cheats on husband with a friend. by IrishRose121512/06/022.51


 — A hitman's wife should never cheat. by hawkeye00712/02/084.18


 — Wife seeks revenge for her husband's betrayal. by guyinsd12/18/133.73


 — A man catches his faithful wife and an old friend. by CleoRa07/10/143.19


 — A short Story of my love that was Betrayed. by RedTempest01/25/174.06

Betrayal & Redemption

 — I discover that my wife is a bisexual slut. by virusman09/06/163.61

Betrayal Ch. 01

 — Kelly gets on the Internet. by CyrusMann05/11/044.19


 — Wife's past may change couple's future. by homeforbreakfast01/05/083.18

Betrayal? Ch. 02

 — Lynn's background is revealed; she fulfills husband's fantasy. by homeforbreakfast05/20/093.25


 — She wants a bigger dick, and he ain't got it. by Matt Moreau02/25/113.01


 — The consequences of a foolish woman. by charleybear05/24/134.46


 — What do you do when your life no longer wants you? by BigGuy3310/05/164.35

Betrayed By My Slut Wife

 — Car crash leads to more than husband expected. by English Bob03/25/023.51

Betrayed By My Wife

 — A wonderful marriage is ruined by bad advice. by ARGEE03/07/013.95

Betsy Ch. 1

 — Wife uses husband's writing to seduce her girlfriend. by Max deWinter11/24/004.26

Better Advice, Better Marriage Ch. 02

 — Sue promises Jon day of pleasure to repair their marriage. by pjhale12107/25/154.49

Better Advice, Better Marriage Ch. 03

 — Couple conspire to end man-hating counselor’s career. by pjhale12111/16/154.44

Better Advice, Better Marriage Ch. 04

 — Sue offers herself as proof of her changed attitude. by pjhale12111/17/154.56HOT

Better Advice, Better Marriage Ch. 05

 — Sue gives Jon "rights" to her body on date night. by pjhale12111/19/154.50HOT

Better Late

 — A pre-planned meeting in a hotel bedroom with a stranger by pandsal01/24/103.96

Better Late Than Never

 — Two women, one man, lots of sex. by HedonGrimes11/22/024.00

Better Not Pout Ch. 6

 — Stacy gets in trouble. by Bob Peale12/17/013.99

Better off Dead

 — I was kidnapped and my family thought I was dead. by StangStar0606/20/134.53HOT

Better Than Before

 — Recovering from a war wound. by robinhead05/04/18

Better than Counseling

 — He takes control of their sex life to save the marriage. by TheMentalOne12/09/134.11

Better Than Me?

 — It's still only after that matters. by magmaman04/27/124.39

Better Than Test Cricket

 — More than a Holiday Film. by 2_old_2_change09/01/033.76

Better Watch What You Wish For

 — Husband wants wife to seduce young stud. by Foxe-Male06/19/023.99

Bettina Goes to the Movies

 — He watches other men take turns with his wife. by Jaythedog06/23/094.26

Betting On Black 10 Wins Twice

 — He encourages beautiful wife to fuck a man for money. by TCmichael06/25/084.21

Betting On Black 10 Wins Twice Ch. 02

 — Susan continues her profitable ways. by TCmichael06/28/084.27

Betting on Her Panties

 — Wife has to give up her panties to a coworker after a bet. by AndeeLicious02/20/13

Betting the Bride

 — An innocent bet & an innocent bride - certain decadence. by SusanRogers10/17/084.38

Betting the Bride Ch. 02

 — The new bride gets an entirely new meaning for hospitality. by SusanRogers10/19/084.47

Betting the Bride Ch. 03

 — The new finds herself in an erotic peril with her Uncle. by SusanRogers10/21/084.50HOT

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