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Loving Wives Stories

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Breaking the Rules

 — A kiss was harmless but swapping wasn't on the agenda. by Susan McK11/10/034.15

Breaking with Traditions

 — Sam, Callie, & Sissy make their own traditional. by Canadagander02/20/05HOT

Breaks Down

 — Angry wife gives in & takes control. by 1Stranger11/06/023.66

Breast Worship

 — A start to finish titfuck. by spunkzalot08/09/123.55

Bred in Room 159

 — A marriage is saved by another man's sperm. by ForceFull06/05/083.64

Bree's A Naughty Girl Ch. 01

 — Poor Timmy returns from army duty. by acdd12302/14/072.94

Breeding at the Vet's Office Ch. 01

 — He gets the vets wife when he is out of town. by Irishdragon08/18/034.45

Breeding at the Vet's Office Ch. 02

 — The day after. by Irishdragon05/09/084.17

Breeding Melissa

 — Husband seeks sperm donors for wife. by No Panty Girl12/02/064.14

Brenda and Bobby

 — An adventurous wife learns she is free to have affairs. by Goodhusband08/02/074.29

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 02

 — Married couple discuss her freedom to play around. by Goodhusband08/03/074.27

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 03

 — She learns about her husbands fantasies. by Goodhusband08/08/074.34

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 04

 — She and her husband revise the rules of their marriage. by Goodhusband08/09/074.32

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 05

 — She feminizes her husband then plans to cuckold him. by Goodhusband08/13/074.14

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 06

 — A dominant wife toys with her submissive husband. by Goodhusband08/16/074.31

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 07

 — A husband helps his wife prepare for a night out. by Goodhusband08/20/074.32

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 08

 — His wife taunts him as he drives her to a nightclub. by Goodhusband08/21/074.28

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 09

 — Wife tells her husband she's bringing a man home. by Goodhusband08/23/074.25

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 10

 — A wife brazenly brings another man home. by Goodhusband08/27/074.27

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 11

 — She lets another man fuck her while husband watches. by Goodhusband09/01/074.27

Brenda and Bobby Ch. 12

 — Husband has cleanup chores after his wife's lover leaves. by Goodhusband09/03/074.16

Brenda and David

 — The wife plays and hubby finds out. by Just Plain Bob03/26/064.31

Brenda and Linda

 — Double down, nothing else would work. by magmaman10/01/104.44

Brenda Ch. 01

 — Wife submits to interracial sex by blackmail. by oldfart4fun06/23/06

Brenda Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife enjoy telephone sex. by thorbet01/12/094.35

Brenda Finds A Movie

 — And there we were watching xxx with Bob. by FloridaLee05/12/054.14

Brenda Is Exposed

 — The story of a wife exposed, and liking it. by FLrider08/06/134.29

Brenda Likes It Hot

 — Wife's hot ass entertains the guys. by Marvelmar10/26/074.15

Brenda Likes Three

 — Wife likes the attention by Marvelmar10/26/073.86

Brenda Says Yes

 — Wife decides to tease and please. by Marvelmar02/08/08

Brenda's Choice

 — Couples play a crazy adult board game. by Wordsworth202/28/014.43

Brenda's Confession

 — Stud takes on one wife too many. by thecarolinadreamer01/19/163.94

Brenda's First

 — Wife takes things in her own hands. by FloridaLee04/25/053.51

Brenda's First Ch. 02

 — Is this really my wife? by FloridaLee04/28/054.01

Brenda's First Ch. 03

 — Their first threeway continues. by FloridaLee04/30/054.17

Brenda's First Time

 — Shy wife discovers big cocks. by Marvelmar12/24/063.65

Brenda's New Refrigerator

 — Young wife encounters two husky delivery men. by Marvelmar10/27/073.81

Brenda's Second

 — She takes a short ride with a neighbor. by FloridaLee05/06/054.01

Brenda's Story

 — Another shared wife story. by sharedhousewife12/10/094.37

Brenda's Story Ch. 01

 — A middle-aged woman gets her best friend to fulfil a fantasy. by trevorm08/24/093.71

Brett and Barb Ch. 01 & 02

 — Wife enjoys husband's family on wedding night. by dirtykinkysex02/03/064.34

Brian & Sheila

 — Not all mild men stay mild. by Scorpio44a10/20/084.49

Brian Ch. 01

 — Brian finally gets Wendy. by tkdguy4406/15/054.41

Brian Ch. 02

 — Brian and Wendy on the second date. by tkdguy4406/23/054.44

Brian Ch. 04

 — Dylan saves Wendy. by tkdguy4407/13/054.35

Brian's Next Morning

 — He starts the day off right. by bighockey03/13/084.00

Brian's Story

 — He turns shy wife into slut. by elia_cdl08/13/074.39

Brian's Sweet Slut Pt. 01

 — Man encourages wife to take a lover. by rgjohn11/22/034.68HOT

Brian's Sweet Slut Pt. 02

 — Sara seduces Brian's best friend. by rgjohn12/13/034.69HOT

Brian's Sweet Slut Pt. 03

 — Brian shares wife with his best friend. by rgjohn01/16/044.66HOT

Brian's Sweet Slut Pt. 04

 — Sara goes out with Terry. by rgjohn03/28/044.63HOT

Brian's Wife

 — Brian offers his wife to his guest. by tedswoman01/03/033.95

Brian's Wife

 — A very slutty wife and a breeding party with a happy ending. by GoldenCojones01/05/183.74

Brian's Wife's Tale

 — Brian wants his wife to cheat. by Imstillfun04/02/164.51HOT

Brian, Sarah and Eric

 — Can he forgive his cheating wife? by GotBacon04/15/152.88

Bridal Butterfly

 — Vicky has the best of two men: her groom and best man. by Xamphos07/17/083.58

Bridal Creampie

 — New husband gets a wedding night surprise. by rick_oh12/27/104.12

Bridal Slut's Gift

 — Harry adores his slut wife. by English Bob07/05/024.09

Bridal Suite

 — A newly married couple's first night together, but not alone. by jaF009/11/153.60

Bride & Best Man

 — The aftermath of the wedding day. by taurents01/16/023.69

Bride Slut Jenny Ch 5

 — They watch tapes of Jenny on her 18th birthday. by goo_6207/25/024.02

Bride Slut Jenny Ch 6

 — Jenny gets a job by goo_6207/26/024.28

Bride Slut Jenny Ch 7

 — Jenny meets the Board of Directors by goo_6207/27/024.24

Bride Slut Jenny Ch. 1

 — Husband learns about his wife to be. by goo_6207/18/024.30

Bride Slut Jenny Ch. 2

 — Jenny meets three friends on her wedding day. by goo_6207/19/024.24

Bride Slut Jenny Ch. 3

 — Hubby goes away for a night. by goo_6207/22/024.29

Bride Slut Jenny Ch. 4

 — Jenny & her girlfriend get together. by goo_6207/24/023.66

Bride Slut Jenny Ch. 8

 — Jenny hosts a party. by goo_6208/03/023.94

Bride Spoiled at Sea

 — Spoiled bride taught a lesson on her honeymoon cruise. by RogueAlan01/11/104.23

Bridesmaids Revisited

 — Twenty years on, my wife's bridesmaids come for a visit. by Entry_Level01/19/144.20

Bridge Group Ch. 01

 — Young friend becomes a hunk. by Charly07/11/024.42

Bridge Group Ch. 02

 — Jack contrives to play on his wife's unadmitted fantasy. by Charly07/27/024.41

Bridge Group Ch. 03

 — Crush on young man raises the excitement. by Charly08/06/024.45

Bridge Group Ch. 04

 — A wedding stages Joannes fantasy with young man. by Charly10/15/024.45

Bridge Group Ch. 05

 — Joanne continues teaching young neighbor. by Charly05/14/034.43

Bridge Group Ch. 06

 — Dressed as 20s Flapper, Jody gets rise out of Danny. by Charly08/08/034.41

Bridge Group Ch. 07

 — Danny takes Joanne on a real date. by Charly08/30/034.41

Bridge Group Ch. 08

 — Joanne teaches Danny well in long day of sex. by Charly11/08/034.35

Bridge Group Ch. 09

 — A year of Turmoil. by Charly01/07/044.35

Bridge Group Ch. 10

 — Hotel room sex, remembered sex, new sex. by Charly02/25/044.32

Bridge Night

 — She's a bored housewife going through mid-life crisis. by jbarb11/11/043.97

Bridge of Sighs Ch. 01

 — They get to know the couple next door. by johngalt4708/24/054.21

Bridge of Sighs Ch. 02

 — Sometimes you burn the bridge. by johngalt4708/27/054.19

Bridging the Gap

 — He struggled to believe his young wife's faithfulness. by GetToIt12/10/143.51

Brief Encounter

 — A confident man makes a cuckolds wish come true. by djonlothario03/22/143.64

Brief Encounters

 — Her husband and his wife ordered them to cheat together. by edrider7304/17/143.94

Bright Eyes

 — No sex - a Loving Wives story. by wetapap02/23/074.38

Brigid Has Her Way

 — She was every bit a lady. by 0ra11yfix8ed05/19/064.11

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