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Bring Him a Woman

 — Wife shares husband with another lady. by fantasyfulfiller06/10/054.18

Bring Your 'A' Game

 — Husband helps out wife's best friend. by skiierman04/05/094.20

Bring Your 'A' Game Ch. 02

 — Round two begins. by skiierman04/30/094.24

Bringing Her Around

 — Thoughts and fantasies on sharing his wife. by socabi5012/20/073.77

Bringing Him Home

 — My wife brings home a stranger after work. by PricklyDoom03/19/154.11

Bringing Home Dessert

 — Loving wife gets to experience what she always craved. by jekl_n_hyde03/31/063.20

Bringing Out the Bitch

 — Video games ruined my life and made my wife a bitch. by StangStar0606/20/124.54HOT

Bringing Work Home with Me

 — Wife, forced cuckold, interracial, humiliation. by digimoo211/05/154.01

Bringing Your Work Home

 — Hubby's request for three-way may cost him a wife. by Toyman04/14/024.19


 — Turns out he didn't know his wife as well as he thought. by ohio02/06/074.49

Brisket Ch. 02

 — More of Rob and Helen's story. by ohio11/28/094.37

Brisket Ch. 03

 — Is Rob seeing Helen again? by ohio01/27/104.19

Britney L Biggs

 — Enjoying a cheating wife. by dogen703/01/133.44

Brittany & Jon: Anniversary Ch. 01

 — Wife lied once & now hubby believes video. by TabooTeller01/01/044.16

Brittany & Jon: Anniversary Ch. 02

 — They visit friend for an explanation. by TabooTeller01/05/044.26

Brittany & Jon: Anniversary Ch. 03

 — They find answers, celebrate & get peeked at. by TabooTeller01/07/044.16

Brittany & Jon: Thrice Tempted Ch. 01

 — They have temptations and problems. by TabooTeller08/08/054.01

Brittany & Jon: Thrice Tempted Ch. 02

 — Lots of sex; different temptation; a shock. by TabooTeller08/09/054.05

Brittany & Jon: Thrice Tempted Ch. 03

 — Tommy's last try, rough one, and the end. by TabooTeller08/11/053.76

Brittni's First Huge Cock!

 — I cheat on my boyfriend with an older man's huge dick. by Brittni4u07/24/154.38

Broadening Horizons

 — Linda stepped throught the door and found more fun by oldfogey02/02/034.30

Broadway Video Club

 — Neighbors swap homemade sex tapes, and more. by Schwingprose08/31/014.45

Brock and Judy Ch. 04

 — Married couple add another woman. by mikoli576309/12/134.17

Brodricksburg Pt. 01

 — Marital problems and murder. by K.K.03/10/074.58HOT

Brodricksburg Pt. 02

 — Lt. Hobbs story continues. by K.K.03/11/074.70HOT

Brodricksburg Pt. 03

 — The mystery's final chapters. by K.K.03/12/074.78HOT

Broken Bra Strap

 — Denise's flopping tits cause an incident. by amyyum10/02/164.16

Broken Ch. 01

 — To fix it by breaking it. by some1unknown2u04/03/172.93

Broken Down

 — Car troubles lead to pleasure. by marriedpervs06/05/044.18

Broken Dream

 — She broke it all to pieces. by bezelcrix02/23/064.13

Broken in

 — A one man woman becomes a slut by Stena10103/27/033.94

Broken Promises

 — His wife broke promises and paid the price. by charleybear03/30/144.25

Bros Befo'e Hos

 — Husband and wife recount eventful football watching party. by misterstan10/14/113.95

Brother Cucks Brother: Or Does He?

 — Who's the father of Caitlyn's baby? by scouries10/21/104.54HOT

Brother Cucks Brother?

 — Older brother cucks him. by schwiftnschure01/09/063.44

Brother In Law Comes to Stay

 — A Loving Wife teases her brother in law. by naf1234508/15/164.31

Brother in Law's Birthday Gift

 — Wife's brother in law gets birthday gift request. by mgablea04/08/124.13

Brother Ray Cums To Stay

 — Conservative wife loosens up when Ray stays over. by DavePunter09/17/094.24

Brother, Wife. Brother

 — Swapping girls is what they'd always done. by hammertime11/07/054.48


 — Jessica finds herself cornered in the shower. by Sean Renaud05/26/143.91

Brother-in-Law's Masseuse

 — Donna gives brother-in-law a prostate massage. by sharedhousewife10/08/084.33

Brother-In-Law's Morning Treat

 — Kathy gives Mark quite a treat. by SusanSeeker07/23/064.35

Brother-in-Law's Seduction

 — While spouses sleep, a wife and her brother-in-law play. by heartofdixie199210/24/133.77

Brother-in-law's Treat

 — Wife accidentally exposes herself to brother-in-law. by SusanSeeker04/25/064.01

Brotherly Love

 — Jennifer meets her brother-in-law for the first time. by suegsusan06/24/014.13

Brotherly Love

 — Her lover's brother is hiding something in his pants. by dchatterly10/19/024.06

Brotherly Love Ch. 01 of 03

 — Uncovering a mystery of paternity. by fanfare09/28/133.97

Brotherly Love Ch. 02 of 03

 — Uncovering a mystery of paternity. by fanfare10/03/134.01

Brotherly Love Ch. 03 of 03

 — Not Justice but Accepting what can not be undone. by fanfare10/14/133.75

Brotherly Love Ch. 2

 — Gordon comes for another visit. by suegsusan07/05/013.79

Brothers and Sisters

 — Strange revenge doesn't work, but stranger does. by imhapless04/10/144.34

Brothers In (her) Arms

 — Marine's wife holds life together while he's away. by mountaincat402/05/174.20

Brown Eyed Women

 — A friend's curiosity opens new doors for two couples. by oldmarriedcyclist08/11/134.24

Brownwood: A Long Goodbye

 — A painful end to a fairytale marriage. by DFWBeast11/02/15HOT

Brownwood: Ghost of XMas Past

 — Facing the ghost of choices past. by DFWBeast11/13/144.34

Brownwood: Hedge Funds Ch. 01

 — Affair from the past comes back to haunt couple. by DFWBeast08/22/144.63HOT

Brownwood: Hedge Funds Ch. 02

 — Betrayed husband's revenge & attempted reconciliation by DFWBeast08/24/14HOT

Brownwood: The Dance

 — What's a guy to do when ex-wife dangles the right bait? by DFWBeast04/10/154.62HOT

Bruce's Journey

 — Bruce and Tom have a plan. by Plato200205/14/094.29

Bryan, Nirmala & Subhash

 — Threesome. by take the wife08/06/03

BTB Chapel

 — We have to live a lie to join this Chapel. by oggbashan03/03/163.81

BTB Forum: Founder’s story

 — A husband scorned. sequel to deepemerald's My Secret Life by outofshadows11/22/153.83

BTB, Incorporated

 — P.I. investigates client's cheating wife, with a twist. by SimonDoom01/02/173.42

BTB: Alex

 — Burn the Bastard. by Corsair4609/04/143.68

BTB: Anne

 — A cheating wife gets hers. by Corsair4608/29/143.87

Bucket List Boning

 — Fiance encourage to sow wild oats before wedding. by L0tsaluck04/26/114.14

Bucket List Boning Ch. 02

 — Fiance completes item 2 on premarriage bucket list. by L0tsaluck05/18/114.19

Bucket List Boning Ch. 03

 — Fiance fills the void in her sexual experience resume. by L0tsaluck06/21/114.12


 — What are buddies for? by BlBones01/23/104.34

Buddy Gets A Surprise

 — Fantasy is fulfilled by a good friend. by Shocker200407/30/044.09

Buddy Wanted to See My Wife Naked

 — What do you do when your buddy wants to see your wife naked? by Ache4Sex06/16/154.44

Buffy & Hubby Go Out

 — Buffy takes Husband to a strip club. by BustyJ02/17/053.79

Buffy & James' Sexual Adventures

 — Husband & wife savor shower fun. by BustyJ03/04/053.90

Buffy Puts On A Show For Hubby

 — You watch your wife unwind. by BustyJ02/09/053.80

Buffy's Dreams Come True

 — Wife fantasizes about your homecoming. by BustyJ02/09/054.11

Built Like a Brick House Ch. 01

 — Wife changes body image and takes control. by morganipfw07/03/094.17


 — Even in an open relationship, a little humiliation is needed by Louise Brown10/26/054.22

Bukkake Dee

 — Hot wife gets bukkaked & loves it. by marriedpervs06/11/044.21

Bull for Mature

 — I watch as my man pleasures an older woman for her birthday by Goey08/01/124.05

Bull Search

 — Cuck goes to Nudist Camp to find Bulls by MistyMorgan06/29/034.11

Bull with a Conscience Ch. 01

 — My first experience as a bull. by PapaRomantic12/31/164.41

Bull with a Conscience Ch. 02

 — Fun with Caitlin continues; first thoughts of branching out by PapaRomantic01/05/174.44

Bull with a Conscience Ch. 03

 — First satisfied customer for Bull service. by PapaRomantic01/15/174.42

Bull with a Conscience Ch. 04

 — Bull finds a new favorite...then hangs up his horns. by PapaRomantic02/01/174.48

Bullet 02

 — Lynne wants her husband out of the way. by JimBob4408/10/094.12

Bulls Corner

 — James and Mistress find a very nice restaurant. by MistyMorgan02/16/063.89

Bulls Mountain Lodge

 — Cuckolds find Bulls for their Mistress. by MistyMorgan07/25/064.02


 — Blackmailer. by qualitywheat08/01/113.66

Bully Ch. 01

 — The circle came around. by qualitywheat08/10/113.36

Bully Takes Three

 — Bully takes mother, wife, and daughter over 25 years. by remnick1311/28/133.58

Bum Rush

 — Di helps the homeless. by parts guy11/01/024.42

Bumpy Ride

 — Horny wife has fun in the back seat. by Skei005/30/064.45

Bumpy Road Ahead

 — Husband tries to understand open marriage with wife. by Polypaul11/24/113.45

Bunkhouse Bang

 — Stranded with husband, Jenny pleases the cowboys. by Axeltheswede06/16/024.44


 — Husband services ass & pussies of neighborhood ladies. by ToddDad07/05/074.04

Bunni's Tales Ch. 01

 — Discover what sexual debauchery he finds while moving. by GothBoiBlinkie01/22/093.90

Bunny & Mr. B - Made For Each Other

 — Mr. B and Bunny discover things about themselves. by MyEroticBunny06/28/143.84

Bunny’s First Time

 — Bunny takes a lover while Mr. B watches. by MyEroticBunny06/24/144.27

Bunny’s Gets Inseminated

 — An old friend finally gets his hands on Bunny by MyEroticBunny06/26/144.38


 — Does smoke mean fire? by cpete05/13/154.59HOT

Burning Bridges

 — A well-meaning intervention goes bad. by DFWBeast07/09/144.44

Burning Desire Pt. 01

 — Husband enjoys pushing wife into the arms of a lover. by buffninja12310/29/154.29

Burning Desire Pt. 02

 — Husband secretly watches wife while on her date. by buffninja12311/04/154.48

Burning Desire Pt. 03

 — Husband away on weekend trip convinces wife to stray. by buffninja12303/29/164.50HOT

Burning Desire Pt. 04

 — White wife falls in love with boyfriend. by buffninja12304/21/164.10

Burning Passion

 — Jan got caught twenty years after her affair. by juanwildone10/26/054.25

Burning the Witches Ch. 01

 — A Halloween Loving wives Tale. by StangStar0611/04/134.35

Burning the Witches Ch. 02

 — The conclusion to this year's Halloween story. by StangStar0611/12/134.42

Bus Ride in the Night

 — The big bus raced on into the night. by tkoberon11/25/133.64

Bush Drums

 — Hindsight can be so painful. by MichaelStream09/28/033.07


 — Wife is forced to save the couple's business. by Indiandevil05/20/053.33


 — His cheating wife left and Dan went into business. by StangStar0610/20/114.68HOT

Business & Pleasure

 — She returns from trip, tells hubby the nasty details. by Marla B06/24/044.14

Business and Pleasure

 — Best friends become lovers. by bbare07/12/134.25

Business and Pleasure Don't Mix

 — When it comes time to cut your losses. by Slirpuff07/01/104.42

Business Before Pleasure

 — Marcy and her husband love going out of town on business. by SweetPrettyAss05/03/143.40

Business Ch. 02

 — She plays to Sam's tune. by Indiandevil06/07/053.33

Business Cums First

 — Wife seals the deal. by Danieluk11/24/074.02

Business Function

 — How a relationship expands into more. by jeninflorida06/14/034.26

Business in Boston

 — Wife gets very personal off-site training. by CyndiPM07/02/044.11

Business in Chicago

 — Mature woman and her young lover attend a business trip by zrob08/07/073.98

Business is Business

 — Housewife lets the men of town pay to play. by C_FRISKY04/01/053.81

Business Opportunity

 — He watches his wife enjoy another man. by stormyknight09/05/06

Business or Pleasure?

 — Sex in the boardroom provides both. by Quillman10/15/043.69

Business Proposal

 — It started with a sore back. by magmaman12/02/084.33

Business Proposal Ch. 02

 — Whatever it takes to succeed. by magmaman12/05/084.40

Business Proposal Ch. 03

 — There are always loose ends. by magmaman12/09/084.08

Business Strip

 — Gabriella Clarke travels interstate on business. by OzmanA12/11/143.65

Business Trip

 — Dinner, dancing, listening to others, then getting some. by Strangetwist09/06/024.20

Business Trip

 — Business trip takes a different turn with secretary. by Toolmo09/03/054.14

Business Trip

 — Her coworkers become her sex partners. by Chuckie03/31/054.33

Business Trip

 — Sweetie plays long distance baby roulette for hubby. by BobNbobbi11/15/113.01

Business Trip Ch. 02

 — Married woman continues with her co-workers. by Chuckie05/07/054.13

Business Trip Leads to Pleasure

 — Couple run into wife's old boyfriend. by fraoch07/07/084.27

Business Trip Misbehavior

 — We met on a business trip and I set my mind to seduce you. by Allegrissimo02/14/133.90

Business Trip Pt. 01

 — Wife gets a little naughty. by Warbird282812/23/143.64

Business Trip Pt. 02

 — Wife continues to get a little naughty. by Warbird282812/27/144.15

Business Trip Transformation

 — Husband and wife see marriage crumbling around them. by curious2c03/06/093.47

Business Trip With Family Ch. 01

 — Faithful wife submits. by Sam332311/28/044.36

Business Trip With Family Ch. 02

 — Linda's Mom gets into the action. by Sam332312/07/044.33

Business Trip with Wife

 — Wife comes along to play. by Max4710/17/074.23

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