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Closin' Up Shop

 — Slutty wife engages in some fun after work. by sexxxymomma06/25/093.97

Closing the Deal

 — Wife in real estate sale opens her legs to close a big deal. by Harddaysknight03/22/043.22

Clothing Optional

 — Wife exposes hubby. by eekk10/22/113.41

Clothing Optional Hot Springs

 — Wife finally experiments with another guy . by JustJimColo07/31/144.23

Club Adventure

 — Jay has wife expose herself to club guy. by jay hanspard01/30/023.99

Club D'Amour Ch. 01

 — Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club. by PrincessErin08/13/084.04

Club D'Amour Ch. 02

 — Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club. by PrincessErin08/14/084.20

Club D'Amour Ch. 03

 — Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club. by PrincessErin08/15/084.09

Club D'Amour Ch. 04

 — Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club. by PrincessErin08/16/084.02

Club D'Amour Ch. 05

 — Tiana is caught up in the excitement of a new club. by PrincessErin08/17/083.83

Club Lush

 — Wife treats husband to threesome at sex club. by fremiste10/16/054.19

Club Manitou Ch. 01

 — Stories of the new night club fuel Dawn's desires. by Aztek Pagan05/02/044.16

Club Performer

 — Wife Ann plays out husband's fantasy. by Annismyslut10/15/004.05

Club Pick Ups

 — Lissy and I pick each other's partners. by lissylover108/01/173.50

Club Unexpected Ch. 01

 — I see someone I know alone and in need of help. by darkened8801/08/154.20

Club Wild Side

 — Clubbing couple have fun on the dance floor and at home. by rogue0111/12/133.72


 — No reason to suspect. by GToast12/24/103.92

Clueless George

 — George gets a life sentence... and loves it. by janus698807/05/044.34

Clueless Henry

 — Was he really? by Just Plain Bob02/14/104.35

Clueless Wife

 — She thinks she can get away with it. by parts guy11/17/023.78


 — Helpless in the dark at the mercy of. . . ? by FilthyMind05/21/033.65


 — I accepted my husband's girlfriend as my co-wife. by andhravadoo11/11/154.27

Co-Worker & Friend

 — Wife has sex with a co-worker/friend of ours. by bobert5303/22/103.62

Co-worker Crush Ch. 01

 — Wife succumbs to attraction to her co-worker. by geminimission04/08/123.77

Co-worker Crush Ch. 02

 — Wife's continues tryst with her co-worker. by geminimission04/09/123.77

Co-worker Crush Ch. 03

 — Wife is confronted about affair by geminimission04/10/122.95

Coach Turns Bi

 — New PE teacher & wife are seduced by well-hung student. by Coxswain09/29/07HOT

Coached on a Couch

 — A "coach" turned out to be 'more'. by A Toy05/13/064.37

Coaching My Wife Through a Blowjob

 — Wife gets what she's looking for. by Adam G08/08/043.91

Coal Miner Pt. 01

 — He was trapped in a mine collapse; where was his wife? by DG Hear03/28/084.45

Coastal - Slow Descent

 — Couple on vacation is lured in by intriguing landlords. by ChinaSorrow02/05/144.41


 — He forgave her once. by Just Plain Bob04/24/064.21

Coaxing It Out

 — Newlywed school nurse helps student. by chestnutDD12/19/104.52HOT

Coaxing Out Another Load

 — Principal encounters a big problem. by chestnutDD10/03/124.53HOT

Coaxing Out Some More

 — Busty Principal does what she must. by chestnutDD12/16/134.59HOT

Cock For Doris

 — Oriental wife takes more than one kind of cock. by CKit07/11/014.17

Cock of the Walk

 — Wife sharing. by Luckyone45609/10/163.91

Cock Worship

 — Worshipping his manhood orally until he cannot not cum. by Goey07/11/124.33

Cocksucking Girlfriend

 — I meet a cocksucking freak. by watcher_uk10/25/154.05

Cockwhores Sexfest

 — I love turning my husband into a fuckboy. by cockwhores11/06/084.11

Coed Shower

 — Stranger walks in on wife in the shower. by dreamer34708/21/014.26

Coerced and Loving It Ch. 02

 — Wife learns to love new skills. by techsan04/30/054.37

Coffee Bean Stand Ch. 01

 — Julie & John's life changed Forever. by DeesenKirche12/14/173.23

Coffee Bean Stand Ch. 02

 — John and Julie's lives begin to change. by DeesenKirche12/15/173.47

Coffee Break

 — The conversation is as hot as the coffee. by Turbidus06/06/154.05

Coffee in Bed, Now

 — A married light female domination story. by Botanico06/15/164.32

Coffee Shop Payback

 — She shares with the pre-lunch crowd in front of her ex. by CeasarBoobage05/20/124.10

Coffee Table for Three

 — My boyfriend invited his friend to join in. by MrMsScrewloose08/11/154.40

Coffee, Conversation, and Coitus

 — New lovers partake again. by words_images11/25/053.75

Coffee, Tea, or Tammy

 — Swinging wife loves to play. by sharedhousewife08/21/073.85


 — He caught her cold, cheating. by magmaman06/18/104.24

Coincidence Ch. 02

 — Once an Asshole... by magmaman06/27/103.54

Coincidentally By Design

 — "It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea." by PayDay08/11/123.98

Coincidentally By Design Ch. 02

 — Short, and the sweet. by PayDay08/29/123.76


 — Wife tries to convince husband that she should take a lover. by Sexysarah702/02/142.74

Cold Hard Fax

 — Can she cheat Technology? by cpete03/17/174.43

Cold Night Turns Romantic

 — A neglected wife finds love in a snow bank. by baranbrat08/25/13

Cold Night, Colder Wife

 — Sleeping wife, deprived husband. by croat7912/04/103.82

Collateral Damage

 — The Bomb, The Detonator and the Aftermath. by coaster204/30/074.26

Collateral Damage Pt. 01

 — War is hell, even office wars. by justthejanitor11/12/144.46

Collateral Damage Pt. 02

 — Even office wars are hell. by justthejanitor11/14/144.52HOT

Colleague Creampies

 — Nicole relies on a colleague's oral skills to orgasm. by yummicreme02/09/133.98

Collecting The Rent

 — Claire's behavour gets more outrageous. by nylonlover06/02/044.16

Colleen Takes A Lover

 — A loving wife takes lovers. by colleenslittletoy06/28/113.01

Colleen Takes a Lover

 — Everybody was doing it. by BigGuy3302/02/183.91

Colleen's Cuck

 — A frustrated wife finally gets the pleasure she deserves. by michael79811/05/063.83

College Blow Job

 — Mature wife blows young college guy while hubby watches. by johntamps08/11/073.92

College Bound MILF Ch. 01

 — Alexis gets nice surprise after the club. by kleer18506/05/064.08

College Cuckold Ch. 01

 — My future wife discovers her dom side and my sub side by Lauries Husband09/08/084.10

College Friends

 — A married couple reunites with a friend from college. by rest197905/27/084.45

College Girlfriend Cheats Ch. 01

 — A man starts coming to terms with his girlfriend's cheating. by a_random_user10/30/103.85

College Kid Meets Married Lady

 — She teaches him phone sex the exciting way. by Wo0od11/02/04

College Professor

 — College professor gets inspired by a former student. by shecheats02/07/143.83

College Professor Ch. 02

 — College Professor has multiple partners at conference by shecheats05/08/144.19

College Slut Wife

 — A wife surprises her husband with her confessions. by KSBerry09/14/144.26

College Slut Wife Ch. 02

 — College Slut tells hubby more stories. by KSBerry12/29/144.26

College Slut Wife Ch. 03

 — The stories turn into reality. by KSBerry04/13/164.27

Collette Ch. 01

 — Life for married couple spins out of control. by Tim Smith10/21/143.87

Collette Ch. 02

 — Collette's adventure continues. by Tim Smith05/12/153.92

Colours, Contrasts and Conundrums

 — Susan's journey from prim wife to slut. by arghjac09/06/084.18


 — Involving a wife, a confession and a best friend. by ukresearcher12/16/113.84

Come by Appointment

 — Husband & wife have fun. by purplelily09/26/073.97

Come Into Me

 — Wife received an afternoon delight from loving husband. by AnnieJMarshall04/11/154.28

Come Sail Away

 — He wants to see wife with another man. by Sally Tart07/21/044.48

Come See the Game

 — Wife is hostile as she wanted to go out. by Ashson03/31/134.06

Come Share My Husband

 — Her employer asks her to sleep with her husband. by MsErotica195002/01/044.40

Come with Me Ch. 01

 — They help with deployment woes. by always_learning11/21/064.38

Come with Me Ch. 02

 — Morning comes for the threesome. by always_learning12/01/064.09

Come with Me Ch. 03

 — Coming of the second night. by always_learning12/02/063.90

Comforting a Friend

 — Helping distraught friend leads to more. by shadowrider1301/16/054.18

Comforting a Friend

 — Erotic threesome as wife comforts a friend. by Phil56196008/21/163.36

Comforting the Neighbor

 — A couple help their neighbor recover from his recent divorce. by bhollister02/22/134.22

Coming and Going

 — The beginning and the end. by Just Plain Bob02/11/063.20

Coming Back

 — Wife goes back to see the maitre de. by burner4604/30/163.55

Coming Full Circle Ch. 01

 — Charile finds Ilene with his boss. by thecelt01/05/064.57HOT

Coming Full Circle Ch. 02

 — Charlie finds Ilene again. by thecelt01/08/064.14

Coming Home

 — Melinda loves the surprises Ron brings home. by lrgtimber06/18/013.81

Coming Home

 — Wife returns home from a long trip. by YogiInDenver08/04/103.57

Coming Home Early

 — Husband comes home early and discovers... by babylon05/23/022.79

Coming Home Early

 — It's amazing what you find at home sometimes. by patricia5101/26/054.31

Coming Out

 — A wife teaches him to eat cum and suck cock. by Gizmo1909/09/074.23

Coming Out of Shell

 — Loving wife fulfills fantasy. by Joe Bob08/17/074.07

Coming To Her Senses

 — A married woman with fantasies. by Teela10010/07/083.04

Coming to Life

 — Lactating mom finds excitement with college boys. by Strangetwist08/28/044.15

Coming to Terms

 — With weakness of the flesh. by magmaman02/08/173.75

Community Property

 — She was never really mine until I didn't want her. by StangStar0607/05/124.60HOT

Commuter Train

 — Wife enjoys a gang bang on a train. by wifwat07/18/053.85

Companion Fare Ch. 01

 — Wife embarks on submissive journey. by evals2209/30/044.29

Companion Fare Ch. 02

 — Wife's trip into submission continues. by evals2210/03/044.31

Companion Fare Ch. 07

 — Final: The husband responds. by evals2202/24/054.22

Companion: The Uber for Sex

 — My wife sells her body to pay the bills. by whatadisaster04/21/184.07

Companion: The Uber for Sex Ch. 02

 — Rachel takes her second customer. by whatadisaster05/09/183.90

Company Holiday Party

 — Boss's wife surprises employee. by 2wsxcft612/17/074.14

Company Picnic

 — Diane surprises herself with a stranger. by Juliewife01/10/123.85

Company Retreat

 — Trying new things can liven up a boring meeting. by slksca04/15/093.85

Company VIP Ch. 01

 — Wife has sex with Company VIP. by sunflwr5211/26/10


 — Being sexier than her husband's mistress is the goal. by C-Whyte04/09/064.24


 — My wife does what she's told. by Ashson04/02/134.31

Completely Cuckolded

 — Caught wife in bed with black man who kicks his ass. by ezchoice01/12/063.18


 — Wife finally cuckolds husband. by Robsound04/23/14

Complex Infatuation

 — Preoccupation with a sexy firecracker is dangerous. by imhapless05/26/174.24


 — "I'm the same person," she told him. by magmaman06/11/114.09

Compounded Lies

 — A quick read about cheating. by PAPATOAD09/23/09


 — Loving wife yields. by No Panty Girl08/10/064.21

Computer History Log

 — Wife is a cheating slut, but won't tell husband. by MrRobbur09/05/09

Computer Stories Ch. 04

 — The Neighbor gets a load of and from the pool guy. by alan5502/09/104.34

Concert Surprise

 — Cumming in the crowd. by CeasarBoobage09/09/114.18


 — His young wife's boss is a handsome middle aged bachelor. by Goodhusband04/16/103.99

Conditional Return Ch. 01

 — A cheating fiancee returns. Her return has conditions. by Orexis03/24/043.73

Conditioned Ch. 01

 — The honeymoon. by DarkAngelRider04/08/143.59

Conditioned Ch. 02

 — Cheryl tells Rob of her fantasy. by DarkAngelRider04/13/144.07

Conditioned Ch. 03

 — Photos and much more. by DarkAngelRider05/08/144.19

Conditioned to be a Cuckold

 — Laurie leads Mark into a new life. by iwallbt04/13/054.27

Conditioned to be a Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Describes how wife conditioned her hubby to be a cuck -Pt II by iwallbt04/19/054.31

Condoms and Pantyhose

 — Gone fishin'. by qhml108/22/174.70HOT


 — Wife goes to conference. by mikhael4710/24/063.44

Conference Conception

 — Stuck-up wife finds there's more to life than literature. by JennyGently02/01/183.69

Confess, You Bitch

 — Wife admits to being a whore. by Tony King05/09/013.83


 — Infidelity from two angles. by sum12watch06/06/053.65


 — A cheating wife decide to reveal her past indiscretions. by ukresearcher05/20/142.61

Confession of a Confused Husband

 — Correspondence from an aroused yet humiliated husband. by hungry4couple210/26/093.70

Confession of a Desi HW

 — Darker side of a true Indian HW met with real passion. by massagerblore11/15/154.04

Confession Of A Lonely Wife

 — Revelation. by drambuie2001uk07/12/093.65

Confession of a Minister's Wife

 — Pam found more than salvation while checking out churches. by jleisure04/25/133.28

Confession of Adultery

 — Temptation comes in many forms. by FrancisMacomber10/03/144.53HOT

Confession or Not

 — Wife trap or truth? by DarkAngelRider10/15/083.52


 — Desperate wife goes to confession. by Jumeau du Verre04/06/044.16


 — Peter tells Alexandra all. by MarcelTheChamp02/19/064.03

Confessions Ch. 15 - Jake

 — Jake finds a dental visit can be fun. by rlaflamme06/14/143.60

Confessions Ch. 22 - Misty

 — Misty's husband watches her with another man. by rlaflamme09/11/164.13

Confessions From Dixie

 — Dixie confesses a torrid love affair. by kinkyaugustacouple11/25/043.53

Confessions of a Cheating Wife

 — Wife tells history of cheating while still loving husband. by duke9211603/03/122.78

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