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A Dream Cum True Ch. 02

 — The hot tub. by gongore5712/21/064.22

A Dream like Night

 — A Husband, A Wife, Her First Love. by Cafune12/27/162.79

A Drink After Dinner

 — A last drink, then they meet two strangers. by quinn rogan03/23/024.39

A Drive in the Country Ch. 02

 — We arrive at the B&B; our first night. by silverace106/10/054.05

A Drive in the Country Ch. 03

 — Their final days at Jules' and Amanda's B&B. by silverace106/12/053.96

A Drone Overhead

 — A drone above my pool saw more than it should. by robahig06/20/173.89

A Drunken Dance

 — Stud takes advantage of my girlfriend on a horny night out. by EnglishAries03/10/124.22

A Dumb Blonde

 — Husband talks housewife Joy into a GangBang. by English Bob07/27/014.14

A Dumb Decision

 — Jody finally talked Kay into swapping. by thecarolinadreamer02/28/183.89

A Dutiful Daughter-In-Law Ch. 01

 — Introductions. by vyasya02/06/184.04

A Dutiful Daughter-In-Law Ch. 02

 — A private meeting. by vyasya04/11/183.93

A Dutiful Daughter-In-Law Ch. 03

 — New Beginnings. by vyasya05/29/183.59

A Dutiful Husband

 — Wife asks him to do her a favor... by susurrus11/18/014.01

A DVD For My Mature Wife

 — It widened her horizons & neighbor's secret. by kenkx05/13/084.10

A Dying Wish

 — Dave does a big favor for a dying friend. by Many Feathers04/11/084.21

A European in America

 — A young married woman has a moment of weakness. by Fliccy_sub05/21/183.39

A Face in the Crowd

 — Isn't funny, how one particular face stands out in a crowd. by The Wanderer01/24/064.28

A Fair to Remember

 — Street Festival leads wife to explore her wild side. by mojopirate09/02/013.73

A Faithful Wife

 — Background: Meet Jane, Tina, and Raquel. by mark_867530906/24/094.05

A Faithful Wife?

 — Christina would never cheat on Bob... Or would she? by virtualatheist12/12/144.27

A Fall Walk

 — A romantic walk in autumn. by Sexy_Stacey09/30/054.23

A Family Affair

 — A power outage changed his life. by Just Plain Bob07/09/144.21

A Family Affair Ch.01

 — Hidden files show cheating wives, seek revenge with the SIL by handysr06/23/134.00

A Family Coerced Together

 — A family of three is forced into sexual servitude. by Gulliver08/09/023.97

A Family Coerced Together Ch. 2

 — A family coerced by their boss. by Gulliver08/17/024.23

A Family Show Ch. 2

 — Hot couple is caught by mother-in-law. by Redd01/06/013.28

A Family Torn

 — Recently divorced, they were a family being torn apart. by laptopwriter02/08/174.77HOT

A Family Tradition

 — Wife suspects hubby is hiring whores. by Grey Eagle 28602/06/064.38

A Fantasy

 — Drunk wife being used unknowningly. by namelessneh12/08/083.67

A Fantasy Come True

 — She finds her dreams can become reality. by IrishRose121506/06/043.24

A Fantasy Come True

 — She and her husband live out a fantasy to celebrate. by Geilemeid01/08/074.33

A Fantasy Come True Ch. 01

 — Joe dominates his wife & another woman. by joew88909/19/063.98

A Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

 — Joe continues his dominance of his wife and her friend. by joew88909/20/064.10

A Fantasy Come True Ch. 03

 — Nina brings husband into the relationship. by joew88910/08/063.79

A Fantasy Comes to Life

 — Wife succumbs to her (and my) desires while away on business. by veryluckyhusband05/23/164.46

A Fantasy Comes True

 — Watching my wife fuck other men. by Wes9906/08/134.17

A Fantasy Comes True

 — A woman's desire for MMW with her husband. by mdiver10/11/134.17

A Fantasy Cum True

 — Wife turns a fantasy into reality. by trandm11/13/044.17

A Fantasy for My Wife

 — A husband's wish for his loving wife. by lomax111/11/084.10

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — He surprises his wife with several men. by fritz6711/20/014.38

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — The night my wife fulfilled my hottest fantasy. by Rico Suave03/13/124.37

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife has one of her 'bucket list' fantasies fulfilled! by bvrluvr07/14/123.75

A Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Couple realize a fantasy while on vacation. by up4anything084903/18/164.49

A Fantasy Fulfilled (Sort of)

 — He gives his wife the gift of a young stud. by swingtime9101/27/054.21

A Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — Tim finds out his wife's secret fantasy. by tampa03508/28/054.25

A Fantasy He Didn't Want Fulfilled

 — She calls boyfriend while she's with another guy. by m-o-t-o07/09/023.77

A Fantasy Night Gone Bad

 — Young wife takes role play fantasy too far. by wittle_penis07/04/043.48

A Fantasy Night Out

 — A husband and wife explore sexuality after years of boredom. by jstevensjr01/26/173.88

A Fantasy of Black

 — Joanne's racial fantasy is fulfilled. by English Bob11/01/013.94

A Fantasy Realized

 — Husband and wife live out a fantasy. by angin07/02/104.26

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

 — Wife goes on a date and expands her sexual frontiers. by angin10/12/104.29

A Fantasy Realized Ch. 03

 — Wife's business trip takes a surprising turn. by angin04/16/113.89

A Fantasy Weekend

 — Playing fantasies is one thing, but living them is another. by SimonSays101/10/084.20

A Fantasy: Kiss & Tell

 — A wife comes home and tells the story of her night. by ALOVINGHUSBAND11/15/113.79

A Farewell in Texas

 — Lisa Conrad goes to a friend's party. by SweetieBee09/02/113.53

A Farewell to Arms

 — War is Hell. by dtiverson08/13/164.67HOT

A Farmer's Slut Wife

 — Molly pleasures Jarvis & Charlie until she's caught by hubby. by English Bob05/05/014.08

A Farmer's Wife

 — Sexual awareness unfolds with life. by The Bard08/07/054.06

A Father's Vengence

 — A cheating wife is caught. by IrishRose121506/19/033.68

A Favor for Alicia Ch. 2

 — Kevin and Jody go even further. by Christie05278002/27/014.42

A Favor for Alicia Ch. 3

 — Kevin gets out of control. by Christie05278003/05/014.18

A Favour for a Friend

 — A loving wife is asked by her best friend to seduce her son. by virusman11/22/133.80

A Fetish Indulged

 — Man arranges a private shopping trip for his loving wife. by PoissonEros11/18/093.64

A Few Beers Lead To My Humiliation

 — Wife brings a friend home and the game begins. by lrwriter05/03/073.91

A Few Days Away... Night Falls Ch. 1

 — Night falls on 2 couples' sexy adventures. by awiseguy05/09/024.19

A Few Days Away: Day One

 — Two couples share their passions. by awiseguy04/19/024.30

A Few Dead Worms

 — Symbolism and relationships. by DREMAN09/19/062.89

A Few Firsts

 — Wife and I try a few new things. by hornymuse10/29/093.57

A Few Firsts Ch. 02

 — A great lunch. by hornymuse11/10/094.07

A Few Firsts Ch. 03

 — My wife and I continue playing. by hornymuse11/23/093.96

A Few Good Men

 — Danielle enjoys the pleasuring of many. by cosmocat12/11/003.82

A Few Wild Months 02

 — Swinger wife lets stranger gets lucky at wedding reception. by gandj13006/18/133.92

A Few Wild Months 04

 — Swinger wife and husband plan next bit of fun. by gandj13006/20/133.95

A Fiance's Tale of Betrayal

 — Bride to be falls to temptation. by livealitle4902/02/143.45

A Field of Pleasure

 — Hard work pays off. by Gtigal08/24/053.88

A Filipino Married Couple Real Story

 — Filipino couple first time experience with wife sharing. by warlockman24709/16/164.29

A Filipino Married Woman's Story

 — Wife cheats on her husband. by kingv_5906/18/023.44

A Fine Line Between Hate And Lust

 — A hot adopted cousin makes Greg's life miserable. by imhapless08/05/134.29

A Fine Looking Man

 — The debut of a male escort. by Bazzza11/12/064.43

A Fine Weekend

 — Hubby watches while wife fellates his best friend. by EWYancy10/13/044.14

A Fire for Three, Darling

 — Two MILFs and one hubby come together for a night. by Stephen7Redo05/12/094.35

A First Affair

 — A cheating threesome awakes his bisexuality. by DrTonyB02/06/054.08

A First for All

 — A husband and wife share a stranger. by LadyLiz02/25/064.20

A First For Lisa

 — When hubby ignores her, Lisa gets attention. by K.K.11/20/023.54

A Fishing Story

 — We caught the wife later. by magichands10/07/033.90

A Fishing Story

 — Cheating husband's alibi pays a visit to wife. by fireballxl504/19/054.53HOT

A Fishing Trip

 — Wife Ann entertains husband and his buddy. by WeJaySal10/22/004.47

A Fist Full of Firsts

 — David and his wife Mandy explore their sexuality together by Many Feathers08/07/084.30

A Flat In The Rain

 — Bisexual wife decides to fix a marriage. by craigool01/29/044.11

A Flat Tire

 — Married woman is rescued in more ways that one. by joan65810/11/094.06

A Fly on the Wall

 — A wife fucks a young hung boy as a gift to her husband. by Brittni4u05/12/183.98

A Fool and Her Honey

 — A cheating girlfriend story. by StangStar0608/19/104.02

A Fool and His Money

 — A twisted couple become the fools. by FNS26903/22/154.43

A Fool Such As I

 — Man is by nature, a fool to his Pride. by The Wanderer12/20/054.38

A Forbidden Love Story...

 — The beginning of an almost 12-year love affair. by MrsDanno10/02/093.02

A Forced Response Ch. 01

 — A black bull gets his dessert. by Timothy_Dickey12/02/074.17

A Foreign Exchange

 — Spoiled wife gets more than she bargained for. by CloseEncounters09/19/03

A Foreign Visitor

 — A traveller is the impetus for my wife to try her first MFM. by curiouschattycouple01/10/174.32

A Forgotten Wife Ch. 01

 — Adultery of a wife, with her dead best friend's husband. by bioerotica03/10/083.91

A Forgotten Wife Ch. 02

 — Ally and Sy continue to explore their relationship. by bioerotica03/16/084.01

A Frat Party With My Daughter Ch. 1

 — They met at a college frat party. by billyt9836610/26/014.27

A French Encounter - At A Price

 — One night of cheating in Cannes. by Flexibility05/12/143.93

A French Vacation

 — Couple has threesome in France. by tiglio03/04/054.09

A Friday First

 — She gets surprised by hubby and his friend. by venuslovebugs09/02/084.17

A Friday Night to Remember

 — Loving wife gives in to her urges with husband present. by cyzre03/07/083.70

A Friend

 — Wife's threesome fantasy comes true. by ChucknWNC02/10/014.30

A Friend Cums to Dinner

 — Your friend comes to dinner and he likes it. by BiCurSubCplinFL10/18/024.05

A Friend Explored Her

 — Indian wife has erotic extra-marital encounter. by cbe10011/27/023.74

A Friend Finally Cums to Town

 — Horn wife has permission to play and then hubby joins. by smutkitten03/23/163.91

A Friend For Us Ch. 01

 — Girlfriends together provide a nice surprise by jondegwa03/06/034.27

A Friend For Us Ch. 02

 — Jana cashes in some favours. by jondegwa09/12/034.24

A Friend from Out of Town

 — Sameer was from North India. by sxt99905/15/093.70

A Friend Helps Out

 — Husband's friend helps out with home renovations and more. by hotwifejulie03/13/093.93

A Friend In Need

 — Married couple helps out a lonely friend. by Pilgrim07/07/014.41

A Friend in Need

 — A friend's divorce leads to a happy time for Steve. by Harryandsally06/13/103.78

A Friend In Need

 — He goes to help out a friend but he helps the wife instead. by voncock10/19/114.25

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