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I Should Have Known Better

 — You can win when you lose; and lose when you win. by Harddaysknight04/21/054.08

I Shouldn't

 — A married woman's delimma--should she or shouldn't she? by Captain Steve11/24/024.00

I Showed My Wife The Video I Found

 — He shows his wife mysterious pictures! by mfmfantasy08/12/133.25

I Spy

 — Wife gets revenge on husband & friend breaking rules. by budsrus08/29/053.95

I Spy On My Wife Being A Slut

 — We catch our spouses cheating but don't stop them. by CeasarBoobage07/29/104.14

I Started Out Roasting a Pig

 — ...and ended up cooking a goose. by qhml101/01/134.79HOT

I Still Can't Believe This Happened

 — Hooking up with your ex girlfriend, in front of her husband? by reginainthebutt04/11/114.29

I Stop Losing

 — A sequel to TQM's story "Lost Her to the Ex". by FD4511/29/114.40

I Submit

 — Her boss has power over her & husband likes it. by jeninflorida09/13/034.26

I Submit Ch. 02

 — What happens when things go to the next level. by jeninflorida11/23/034.39

I Submit Ch. 03

 — First time she takes a lover. by jeninflorida03/06/044.39

I Talked Her into This

 — Loyal wife becomes unfaithful at husbands request. by NeilMc12303/13/144.09

I Talked with Rob

 — "Forced" Exhibitionism and Non-Consent. by Sabineteas05/08/123.96

I the Juror

 — A tale of conspiracy and adultery. by Bazzza01/14/084.30

I Think She Liked It

 — Wife gets more from a younger man. by dirtyOldMan01/02/043.40

I Think You Should Do It

 — His wife takes the first step. by Lolisa02/10/103.64

I Took A Memory To Lunch.

 — Man discovers something very important about memories. by Denham_Forrest08/01/084.67HOT

I Took the Job

 — My wife got yet another job. by wifelvrman06/16/163.86

I Took The Long Way Home

 — Only to find the wife's affair. by chilleywilley10/05/144.22

I Wanna Be Your Handyman Ch. 01

 — Short of cash customers pay him by using one of his tools. by dezurtdawg04/08/114.70HOT

I Wanna Learn a Love Song

 — Full of happy things. by BigGuy3310/13/164.19

I Wanna Watch

 — He loans his wife to his best buddy by KarennaC03/02/094.16

I Want

 — Monologue of a slut wife being satisfied. by Mr_Neb05/09/014.10

I Want It Bad, Real Bad

 — Linda has sex on the dance floor. by Linda Jean08/27/014.32

I Want To Fuck His Wife Again

 — A brief memory of the year I spent taking a friend's wife. by mesqueunhome01/20/133.91

I Want To Live

 — What happens when you don't... by Slirpuff09/16/154.24

I Want To See The People Fucking Ch. 1

 — Chinese wife surprises husband with request. by kaf05/23/014.23

I Want To Tell You

 — Man reads Cosmo story and realizes wife may be cheating! by Harddaysknight03/17/174.41

I Want You....

 — ...and only you. by Kandy564707/16/133.44

I Want Your Cum

 — Peggy tries to defeat his immense self control. by rick_oh07/26/134.29

I Wanted to Have a Baby

 — An EROTIC Loving Wives Story. by SharedSigne07/04/163.91

I Wanted to Watch

 — I wanted to see my wife take a huge cock. by dmbdriver101/10/173.61

I Was Bored

 — Proper wife loosens up, maybe too loose. by Harddaysknight03/24/044.08

I Was Bored Ch. 02

 — Wife continues to learn. by Harddaysknight03/26/044.32

I Was Bored Ch. 03

 — He shaves his wife. by Harddaysknight04/02/044.47

I Was Bored Ch. 04

 — Deeper into wife's training. by Harddaysknight04/04/044.53HOT

I Was Bored Ch. 05

 — There's more than one bored wife to be trained. by Harddaysknight04/04/044.58HOT

I Was Bored Ch. 06

 — He loans out his wife. by Harddaysknight04/20/044.59HOT

I Was Bored Ch. 07

 — Training wives and influencing clients. by Harddaysknight04/25/044.61HOT

I Was Cucked

 — His wife meets a man in the jacuzzi. by slavenjoe11/25/082.89

I Was Curious

 — His wife gets wild on a stag night. by Henrythe9th07/25/053.57

I was Drunk

 — A little story of the pitfalls of inebriation and cheating. by JLRemora206/27/154.11

I Was Targeted by a Horny Hot Wife

 — Pickup, seduction and parking lot sex as husband watches. by SlyDog96906/06/134.39

I Was the Hunter

 — She realized that she was truly a slut wife. by TopflightWife06/22/064.11

I Was The Trailer Park Saviour

 — Stranger uses his wife's body to pay bills. by ARGEE12/06/014.33

I Wasn't Expecting That!

 — Wife takes fantasy to a new level. by BawdyWriter08/08/103.89

I Watched In Amazement

 — Wife brings man into bed for sex. by ARGEE01/14/033.43

I Watched My Wife Being Fucked

 — Wife fucked roughly by a friend. by 05/04/093.92

I Watched My Wife with An Older Man

 — I watched my wife with an older man. by RCleo06/06/144.08

I Whore My Wife Out

 — She never thought making money could be so much fun. by Wildfire42703/06/034.50HOT

I Wish I Had Never Met Him Pt. 01

 — How long can a secret stay secret? by AliHomeygrass07/31/153.81

I Wish I Had Never Met Him Pt. 02

 — Why did she hate me so much? by AliHomeygrass08/07/153.47

I Witnessed My Wife's First Affair

 — My wife takes a lover, unaware that I am present. by licyou6903/09/123.85

I Won The Bet...

 — I never knew how exciting buying shoes could be. by Pughbare08/19/034.33

I Won't Stand For It

 — Wife cheats and hubby won't stand for it. by michaellajones09/30/164.24

I Won't Tell: Emma & Adam

 — Secrets are hard to keep. by LittleLymph10/31/16

I Wondered If She Would Do It

 — My GF had fond memories of this guy she used to "date". by ThreesomeFan05/18/142.79

I Wouldn't Call Her a Hooker Until Ch. 01

 — She won $250,000 in Sport Sex Olympics. by Rumpole77708/04/17

I Wouldn't Call Her a Hooker Until Ch. 02

 — Winning sport sex Olympics as western civ sinks. by Rumpole77708/05/17

I Wouldn't Hit You

 — I’m just not that way. by PTBzzzz10/28/124.26

I'll Be Back

 — Cuckold returns to his home town and bad memories. by Harddaysknight10/23/104.61HOT

I'll Do Anything...

 — Separated wife is desperate to get husband back. by wishfulthinker10/15/053.73

I'll Drop My Panties for U

 — Tom McFerson is propositioned by two MILFs at a fund raiser by mitchawa10/07/134.24

I'll Drop My Panties for U Ch. 02

 — Tom McFerson has sex with three MILFs. by mitchawa11/06/134.30

I'll Drop My Panties for U Ch. 03

 — Tom McFerson has sex with three MILFs. by mitchawa12/11/134.19

I'll Drop My Panties for You Ch. 01

 — Tom McFerson is hit on at a Democratic fundraiser. by mitchawa03/05/154.18

I'll Follow the Sun

 — Husband feels the pain of betrayal. by Harddaysknight10/15/154.38

I'll Just Help Myself

 — Naked when an unexpected visitor enters. by Ashson05/06/144.06

I'll Make It All the Way

 — A little revenge never hurt a man. by PAPATOAD08/08/10

I'll Never Understand Women!

 — The title speaks for itself. by imhapless10/21/164.41

I'll String Along With You

 — The husband had a plan that he was committed to. by dangerouslydead05/23/133.94

I'm A Cuckold?

 — Husband finds his wife has been making him into a cuckold. by Saraandcucksam04/27/16

I'm a Financial Planner

 — A sequel to 'My Financial Planner'. by maninconn09/11/083.48

I'm a Naughty Girl

 — Wife re-discovers her libido. by robilji02/18/09

I'm a Slut!

 — Wife's fantasy is fulfilled with husband's friends. by geilguy05/18/07

I'm Drinking Doubles

 — She's acting single, and I'm drinking doubles. by woodmanone05/15/094.06

I'm Glad I Didn't Have To Find Out

 — Wife reflects on her first experience with a big cock. by zeke8108/31/094.04

I'm Going Out

 — Wife goes out & comes home unfaithful. by jcace04/18/033.02

I'm Going to Have to Live with This

 — It was going to be an interesting thesis on stimulation. by curiousfun07/03/123.43

I'm in Trouble

 — His wife is going to have a lover, can he handle it? by likebstar10/19/023.75

I'm in Trouble Ch. 02

 — She has a date with Dave. by likebstar12/14/022.99

I'm Just Going Off for a Bit

 — How not to conduct a honeymoon. by Britease11/06/094.14

I'm Loving It Ch. 01

 — Unappreciated girlfriend visits an old friend. by Silkess07/20/164.37

I'm Loving It Ch. 02

 — Aurora tells Steve about her cheating. by Silkess07/26/164.31

I'm Loving It Ch. 03

 — Aurora cuckolds Steve. by Silkess07/31/164.49

I'm Loving It Ch. 04

 — They take it to another level! by Silkess08/09/164.26

I'm Loving It Ch. 05

 — Aura has a date with Tamara. by Silkess11/26/164.11

I'm My Teacher's Hubby For 1 Night

 — He finally gets to make love to his busty teacher. by ilovebarbiestits07/08/083.80

I'm not an Evil Man

 — What was her intent? by Huedogg203/20/134.19

I'm Not Dead Yet

 — What happens when you realize there's more to life. by Slirpuff10/02/094.48

I'm Not In It For The Money

 — Couple makes extra cash the fun way. by p_p_man03/29/014.09

I'm Not One of Your Porn Girls

 — No sexy dance, just dirty talk. by cerection12/05/154.01

I'm Not Really A Whore

 — Married teacher flirts with a yonger man and balls him. by cungy2212/30/094.17

I'm Not That Stupid

 — I guess the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. by Slirpuff07/18/094.43

I'm Only Sleeping

 — Wife suddenly behaves oddly; can this be a good thing? by Harddaysknight04/23/074.53HOT

I'm Over You

 — The life and times of a simple carpenter. by Jckpnsvg03/17/183.88

I'm So Proud Of My Children

 — They all have such interesting careers. by qhml111/28/124.57HOT

I'm Sorry John

 — By the time they apologized it was already too late. by zeke8102/05/093.76

I'm Sorry Sir but This Elevator...

 — The elevator was going up. by Giff04/13/063.37

I'm the Monster Now

 — My journey from Lover to monster. by StangStar0603/01/134.57HOT

I'm Tied Up Right Now…

 — Older couple teaches and bonds with younger couple. by Slickman11/02/044.66HOT

I've Been Raped!

 — Jealous friend of Connie's gets what she deserves. by PeterR07/30/043.23

I've Just Been Fucked

 — Louise just needs to tell someone. by SirDuction02/13/133.65

I've Just Been Fucked Ch. 02

 — Things just keep getting better. by SirDuction02/25/133.78

I've Just Been Fucked Ch. 03

 — Terry gives his version of events. by SirDuction03/01/134.00

I've Just Been Fucked Ch. 04

 — Louise now has a great sex life. by SirDuction03/01/133.24

Ian Samples Forbidden Fruit

 — A fantasy with neighbor comes true. by ktsema06/14/064.40

Ian Samples Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

 — Ian & Marie's affair discovered; punished by vengeful husband. by ktsema12/25/063.27

I’d Die If My Husband Found Out

 — Pat took off her wedding ring and spread her legs wide. by LynnGKS10/14/103.86

Ibiza Club, Tina

 — Wife Tina is seduced by friend in Ibiza. by TINADEBOURG08/07/173.03

Ibiza Holiday

 — Wife with an unfulfilled need on Holiday. by RonClarkeson01/24/074.04

Ice Cream

 — A tale of revenge. by StangStar0606/23/114.57HOT

Ice Heart Ch. 01

 — You thought the diamond was the hardest thing on earth? by JimBob4409/11/104.46

Ice Heart Ch. 02

 — A hard heart grows even harder. by JimBob4409/20/104.48

Ice Heart Ch. 03

 — Can a pregnant little hottie melt his heart? by JimBob4409/26/104.53HOT

Ice Heart Ch. 04

 — The thaw begins. by JimBob4410/03/104.65HOT

Ice House Seduction

 — She spends wild night out during ice storm. by foxysue02/20/054.26

Ice Might Help?

 — Second time cheating, based on a friend's experience. by PajaroNalgon10/14/172.84

Ice World of Curan

 — On a frozen world, a homestead wife receives a visitor. by cuckoldwriter10/27/114.18

iCoud and the Iron Corset

 — He went to a party, she to a friend in need. by hansbwl10/09/163.82

Ideas Pt. 01

 — A husband persuades his wife to go on a date. by Robsound11/20/14

Ideas Pt. 02

 — Irene edges nearer to cuckolding her husband. by Robsound12/01/144.28

Ideas Pt. 03

 — Irene goes on a date. by Robsound12/17/14

Ideas Pt. 04

 — Wife describes her evening to husband. by Robsound12/23/14

Ideas Pt. 05

 — Irene cuckolds her husband in front of him. by Robsound01/18/153.62

Ideas Pt. 06

 — Oscars whole fantasy is fulfilled. by Robsound02/11/153.79

Ideas Pt. 07

 — Oscar's Revenge. by senorlongo05/01/154.26

Idle Conversations Ch. 01

 — A real life tale of wife swapping & group fun. by BDLR11/07/083.79

Idylic Relationship: Prologue

 — Dan & Michelle's open relationship. by danfowler01/21/074.24

If a Tree Falls in a Forest...

 — How does Kevin answer an age old question? by amischiefmaker02/10/153.70

If at First...

 — Sometimes, the chase can build the tension. by Azuldrgon10/08/073.45

If Ch. 01

 — An examination of a failed marriage. by GirlintheMoon12/06/164.40

If Ch. 02

 — Claire makes a decision. by GirlintheMoon02/27/173.91

If He Knew

 — A wife and her fantasies. by Sir_Erotica11/18/074.02

If He'd Ever Told Her 'No'

 — The baby shower might have been different. by JimBob4403/08/173.95

If I Fell

 — Can a wife keep her promise to be true? by Harddaysknight04/02/074.73HOT

If I Needed Someone

 — How much do you owe a person that saves your life? by Harddaysknight04/30/064.37

If I'm Lying, I'm Dying

 — One of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life. by BiggamusBoyRex08/31/143.59

If Only Her Husband Knew!!!

 — Proper little office slut. by Clansmansco11/16/053.80

If Only I Could See

 — Start of a new phase in their relationship. by lesvosgirl07/29/024.30

If Only In My Dreams

 — A Christmas letter to her man in Iraq. by patricia5112/07/054.41Contest Winner

If Only She Had Known

 — She's was a hot wife, but she would go much higher. by allenethanm10/28/123.81

If Only We'd Known

 — Wife betrays her husband and pays the ultimate price. by JLRemora201/10/174.45

If Slut I Be

 — Sexy wife makes an alliance with older lover. by rha spike11/23/043.79

If Tattoos Could Talk...And They Do! Ch. 2

 — Tupperware lady shows sexy inking. by PeterR10/11/003.90

If We're Not Back in Love by Monday

 — Couple faces a crossroads in their marriage. by jack_straw01/08/094.52HOT

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them

 — His second wife is in a swinger group. by moonkisser10/02/063.44

If You Like Piña Coladas…

 — A rift in their marriage leads to surprising discoveries. by AverageBear12/29/144.03

If you like Pina Coladas

 — The song becomes reality for a married couple. by zeke8110/19/073.90

If You Really Love Me...

 — A couple's cuckold fantasy comes try and goes way too far. by maninconn02/23/164.17

If You Want To Be Happy

 — Should you make a pretty woman your wife? by BillandKate06/17/164.44

Igniting the Tinder of Lust Ch. 01

 — Husband pushes his wife until her hidden lust is ignited. by j26704/02/174.66HOT


 — A confession to another leads to a rekindling of passions. by BadKat13505/31/133.98

Ignorance wasn't Bliss

 — When your daughter isn't. by Slirpuff11/02/173.78

Ignored Secretary

 — A married secretary has been ignored by her drunk husband. by Wifeswatcher10/08/144.44

Imaginary Beach

 — Couple tests nude beach plans with a friend. by Magna1211/26/114.21


 — A brief sexual autobiography. by cooper01/12/013.76

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 01

 — Broken dominant promises, broken submissive heart. by EdgarJames3411/26/11

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 02

 — Five years earlier - how it began... by EdgarJames3411/27/11

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 03

 — Dream or reality...time to choose. by EdgarJames3412/21/11

Imagining My Surprise

 — Not everything is what it seems, thank goodness. by Malinov05/23/123.72

Imbalance Pt. 01

 — Wife tells her husband that she is unhappy. by javmor7905/14/164.57HOT

Imbalance Pt. 02

 — Frank meets someone new as his marriage dissolves. by javmor7905/18/164.46

Imbalance Pt. 03

 — The Conclusion: No Honor Amongst Thieves. by javmor7905/20/164.61HOT

Imitating a Romantic Movie

 — Latina imitates a torrid movie scene. by Latina04/11/013.56


 — What happens when she hits the bottom? by Dyrtytailz09/08/023.61


 — Tanya's friends helps Dave recover from an accident. by BigDave134001/19/034.06

Impregnated by My Nephew

 — A well-endowed nephew impregnates an Indian wife. by sansar10/18/124.37

Impregnating Christina

 — What a rain storm can do to a quiet morning. by Christina13503/24/154.27

Impregnation Vacation

 — Young couple travel to get wife pregnant. by Englishdick12/03/113.96

Improving On Perfection

 — How Dr. Fong's curvolium ruined my marriage. by Magister_Lewdi06/15/14


 — A wife full of surprises. by magmaman08/27/104.00

Impulsive Ingrid

 — Jumping to conclusions can be all wrong; right? by imhapless10/23/143.94

In a Far Far Away Place Pt. 01

 — A young man discovered adult online dating. by codpeace10111/02/154.52HOT

In a Far Far Away Place Pt. 02

 — POV of the wife after an online stranger recognized her. by codpeace10112/05/154.47

In Between

 — Two good men, one hot woman, nothing said. by smysecret09/17/073.90

In Due Time

 — Why was she doing this? by TizWin08/09/083.90

In Front of Husband

 — Marnie gives hubby a show. by Mr. Mister10/16/004.20

In Her Eyes

 — A husband doesn't like what he sees. by Jidoka06/19/134.62HOT

In Her Garden

 — Making love out in back; getting dirty can be fun. by Stephen7Redo06/03/094.21

In Her Own Words

 — A long separation after we were married invited trouble. by InMyStead03/19/113.68

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