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In Her Rear View Mirror

 — Susan leaves the bad memories of her hometown. by bbare10/28/084.20

In Her Rear View Mirror Ch. 02

 — Susan's life forever changed. by bbare08/07/094.08

In Jail

 — A little time in stir can change everything. by LittleDonny03/02/164.43

In Joyful Surrender

 — A new experience. by paula and bob07/09/053.32

In Katie's Bedroom Ch. 01

 — Sandy and Michael play in their daughter's bed. by sandra4303/06/084.11

In Love We Trust

 — Two couples deal with a near affair. by sbrooks103x09/17/164.22

In Loving Color

 — A un-conventional convention. by mrvandolay02/13/053.80

In Memorium...Aunt Jane

 — He lives with a kinky aunt. by Grey Eagle 28610/24/104.02

In My Mind's Eye

 — The thoughts of a hot wife husband waiting at home. by SlyDog96904/15/153.83

In Over My Head Ch. 01

 — He hears a wager being discussed in a bar. by The Wanderer10/23/054.39

In Over My Head Ch. 02

 — He has an interesting idea. by The Wanderer10/24/054.44

In Over My Head Ch. 03

 — The tables turn, but who's really running things? by The Wanderer10/25/054.46

In Over My Head Ch. 04

 — Anita's story. by The Wanderer10/26/054.41

In Over My Head Ch. 05

 — A different way of looking at things. by The Wanderer10/27/054.40

In Pam's Control

 — After being married for 10 years, Pam fulfills my fantasy. by Scottt01/28/144.26

In Plain Sight: My Wife

 — A man's wife is seduced nearly in front of him. by buddhahat08/08/083.82

In Praise of Your Wife

 — I thought you should know a few things about her. by TheImaginator09/12/173.04

In Search of a Muse: Steph Pt. 01

 — Steph's fantasy was to be a primal goddess of cum. by gamecock_fantasies08/16/163.88

In Sickness and in Health

 — Her cheating reveals an even greater problem. by larrylegendBoston3305/27/163.96

In Sickness and in Health

 — Love goes the extra mile. by CharlieB410/25/144.55HOT

In Sickness And In Health Ch. 01

 — A night of passion ends with confusion. by FaeryFire05/16/063.77

In Spite of Everything

 — They fight, they make up, they make love, they fall asleep. by MaxT11/17/133.51

In the Air Tonight

 — A story of betrayal, revenge, and consequences. by swingerjoe11/19/164.04

In The Arms Of Another

 — Linda tells her husband a story. by English Bob01/18/024.08

In the Begining

 — A white wife starts to lust for black men. by Slut4bbc6907/09/084.15

In The Beginning

 — Making of a Hotwife. by Robertshotwife01/10/124.22

In the Beginning Ch. 01

 — Jen lives out a fantasy for her birthday. by nighttimestories02/10/114.32

In the Company of Nudists

 — A nudist couple reconnect with their lifestyle, by penispalgal07/10/094.02

In the Dark

 — Oral pleasures in the dark. by Loraura02/16/034.08

In the Dark

 — Late night encounter with her best friend's husband. by Eroticmania06/17/064.21

In the Dark

 — Is there a penalty for infidelity? by Saxon_Hart02/04/134.12

In the Darkness

 — Weekend getaway holds adventure for hot couple. by Halo_n_horns06/09/014.10

In The Eyes Of A Child

 — Such hunger, such passion. by gizzmo30103/08/064.24

In The Eyes Of A Child Ch. 02

 — A baby first. by gizzmo30103/12/064.17

In The Eyes Of A Child Ch. 03

 — How far does one go to protect family? by gizzmo30103/14/064.31

In The Eyes Of A Child Ch. 04

 — Tommy is set free. by gizzmo30104/25/064.25

In The Eyes Of A Child Ch. 05

 — One young man's struggle. by gizzmo30106/07/074.22

In The Eyes Of A Child Ch. 06

 — The end or new beginning. by gizzmo30106/08/073.93

In the Garden...

 — Shay's birthday present. by Sweet_Shay06/07/034.26

In The Kitchen

 — Husband walks into her delicious trap. by ReverentMantra10/24/073.85

In the Kitchen With Jane

 — An afternoon quickie, and a cuppa. by wyrdrune08/04/094.04

In The Minivan

 — Mature wife meets younger co-worker at a park over lunch. by zrob05/24/074.17

In The Mirror Behind The Bar

 — Jake sees heart break in the mirror behind the bar. by CarterCounty01/27/114.31

In The Mirror Behind The Bar Ch. 02

 — He recovers from his heartbreak, but it isn't easy. by CarterCounty03/13/114.44

In the Name of Art

 — Wife agrees to unsimulated sex. by luckyseven12/15/063.90

In the Name of Love

 — Wife fulfills her husband's fantasy on Valentine's Day. by damppanties01/30/074.30

In The Nick Of Time

 — I overheard the tale of a woman and the love of her life. by likegoodwine11/13/114.42

In the Nude by Lady Grey Ch. 03

 — Jim allows things to go much further with Rodger on stage. by ladyellen05/30/104.47

In the Park

 — Wife cheats with guys in a public washroom. by maxam05/26/064.18

In The Picture

 — Fiona decides to tempt her husband away from the computer. by J G Parkes05/03/064.20

In the Rooster's Pool

 — Wife enjoys evening at swingers club. by HitchHikerJay12/26/053.97

In the Shadows

 — An encounter beneath a table continues in the rear seat. by DanielWilson09/24/144.05

In the Sweet Bi and Bi

 — Two loving bi couples make love to each other. by biluv01/06/074.47

In the Sweet Bi and Bi Ch. 02

 — Two couples make some new friends. by biluv01/29/074.45

In the Sweet Bi and Bi Ch. 03

 — Bisexual couple makes new friends. by biluv09/29/074.34

In The Tent

 — She finally comes to bed, but with a friend. by OceanDoc12/04/173.42

In The Van Ch. 01

 — On a group campout, husband accepts his position. by cuckwhofucks11/11/123.53

In Your Dreams

 — Wife dreams, and then they cum true. by thebadinus03/01/064.07

In-Laws Are Horny

 — They finally get the chance to suck and fuck. by Boxlicker10104/26/074.31


 — Protected from sexual abuse but only at a price. by ukresearcher11/06/143.42

Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 08

 — Summer at an end, Marie enjoys a date with her husband. by younghungblack11/09/10

Indecent Betting

 — When wife becomes the subject and object of a bet. by P4U01/22/073.73

Indecent Proposal

 — Lottery winner offers best friend's wife money for sex. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/18/073.87

Indecent proposal

 — A wife accepts an indecent proposal and things get crazy. by Tim Smith02/09/053.93

Indecent Proposal Ch. 02

 — Lottery winner seduces friend's wife by offering her money. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER06/15/073.83

Independence Day

 — A man comes home unexpectedly and dies internally. by barney69r10/10/123.71


 — Heather's mistakes lead her to one heck of a one night dream. by AsnyLark01/21/163.83

India: A Marital Massage

 — She agreed to fulfil her husband's wish. by Sulochana01/19/034.35

India: Wife Exposure

 — A loving housewife is manipulated by her husband. by Anuraag02/16/034.28

India: Wife's Forced Awakening!

 — A kinky money lender takes a fascination for his buxom wife. by Makarand Kakkad01/27/034.38

Indian Couple Congratulates Friends

 — Young Indian couple visits friends celebrating anniversary. by rupanita12/15/024.26

Indian Couple Descent

 — Husband falls for in his own trap. by indian34c10/25/123.75

Indian Couple Experiments

 — Indian Couple enliven marriage by swapping. by rupanita07/10/034.19

Indian Couple Go Out With Friends

 — They go for an exhibitionistic holiday. by rupanita09/26/034.15

Indian Couple Have Company

 — A couple is joined by an unexpected friend. by rupanita01/04/093.99

Indian Couple in Rioting Threesome

 — When Threesome was a necessity. by iloveall11/13/114.37

Indian Couple Swap Ch. 01

 — Indian couple's swapping story. by rajkum201312/29/13

Indian Couple Swap Ch. 02

 — Indian couple's swapping story. by rajkum201312/31/13

Indian Couple's Adventure Goes Far

 — Indian couple's idea of exhibitionism goes too far. by funduman4all02/25/164.01

Indian Couple’s Loving Threesome

 — Indian wife's Erotic and loving threesome MMF. by iloveall09/23/114.37

Indian Couples Exchange Partners

 — Two couples spend night with each other's spouse. by rupanita12/11/064.39

Indian Couples First Adventure

 — Loving girlfirend gets turned on in public. by ndnsex09/06/044.21

Indian Cuckold

 — Cuckolded by white gangsters. by ollizvell06/14/123.70

Indian Fiancé Submits

 — An Indian wife submits to her lover, or does she? by ndnsex11/14/104.36

Indian Fiancé Submits Ch. 02

 — Indian fiancé finally goes all the way. by ndnsex04/04/114.43

Indian Girl Has Her Tears Wiped

 — Jilted Indian girl is helped by boss. by rupanita04/18/034.06

Indian Girl on a Lonely Journey

 — Indian wife meets a stranger on a train. by lovepriya06/22/053.69

Indian Hotwife Sona Cuckolds Hubby

 — Got fucked by chat friend. by sultrySona06/20/144.28

Indian Housewife Helpless Ch. 02

 — She is helpless on a crazy night. by lovepriya02/14/054.02

Indian Married Couple Experiments

 — A loving Indian wife is convinced to experiment. by indianmaverick05/27/144.17

Indian Neighbor in Need

 — A neighbor seduces his friend's wife with help of her husband. by iloveall08/27/154.20

Indian Servant

 — Frustrated wife finds love in a hired help. by stuartnayes12/07/034.14

Indian Servant - Sharing

 — Sharing the lover with a friend. by Nayes07/28/073.76

Indian Servant Ch.02

 — Maid and Mistress of the house become intimate. by stuartnayes12/30/034.24

Indian Swaps with White Boss Ch. 02

 — Shy wife, now pregnant, wants hubby's boss once more. by soasma05/31/174.13

Indian Wife & a Threesome

 — She encourages lady friend to have sex with husband. by rupanita01/13/044.36

Indian Wife & Boss

 — Wife seduced by her boss. by tantrik72104/24/144.19

Indian Wife & Boss Ch. 02

 — Wife blackmailed. by tantrik72106/04/144.33

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 01

 — Wife admits to husband she is attracted to construction guys. by aurelius198208/29/104.07

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 02

 — Construction guys put the moves on willing wife. by aurelius198208/30/104.35

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 03

 — More guys join in the fun. by aurelius198208/31/104.46

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 04

 — Purva goes all the way. by aurelius198209/01/104.36

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 05

 — Purva's day a burqa! by aurelius198209/01/104.34

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 06

 — Husband learns new details after 6 years. by aurelius198208/27/164.45

Indian Wife & Friends

 — Camping trip with close friends drives away inhibitions. by rupanita10/23/024.37

Indian Wife & How It Started

 — Husband and others get to see her in changing room. by rupanita09/04/033.76

Indian Wife & Internet Friend

 — Friendship over the Net leads to erotic encounter. by rupanita10/11/024.22

Indian Wife & Photographer

 — Indian wife loses inhibitions & has herself photographed. by rupanita09/04/024.23

Indian Wife & Second Encounter

 — Wife is paid a second visit. by rupanita07/11/044.23

Indian Wife and Bold Neighbour

 — She is taught to bring excitement in marital life. by rupanita02/26/034.14

Indian Wife and Friend's Husband

 — She repays an old favour of her friend. by rupanita08/11/034.33

Indian Wife and Her College Friend

 — Indian wife fucks college buddy in front of husband. by yajiv13210/11/124.29

Indian Wife and Husband's Friend

 — Stripping makes her confident. by rupanita03/13/034.32

Indian Wife and Maid's Husband

 — Indian wife gets caught with maid's hubby. by rupanita09/30/024.12

Indian Wife and Office Outing

 — Indian wife is seduced by husband's boss. by rupanita04/27/084.28

Indian Wife and the Bus Journey

 — A rich husband and wife encounter some unsavory characters. by aurelius198206/11/164.01

Indian Wife and the Bus Journey Ch. 02

 — The journey concludes. by aurelius198206/13/164.34

Indian Wife and Wild Fun

 — She and Sis in Law have naughty fun at nudist resort by rupanita01/04/034.04

Indian Wife and Young Frenchmen

 — Young Indian lady basks in the sun and wins new admirers. by rupanita09/15/024.17

Indian Wife Becomes a Mistress

 — Indian housewife becomes mistress to a guest. by Simran_Ahluwalia10/31/084.39

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