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 — Can she 'cure' her porn-addicted husband? by Modessitt07/10/024.33Editor's Pick

Interview with the Sex Therapist

 — Sex therapist shares all. by anglosextantyen4u01/21/112.89

Inthe Interest of National Security

 — A government agent catches his wife cheating. by StangStar0610/21/104.31

Intimate Blackout

 — Of loving relationships, mistakes and redemption. by next2ArchStanton08/15/153.50

Intimate Games

 — A game of fantasy and reallity. by drakeme12/18/064.12

Into the Deep Pt. 01

 — Prim and proper wife begins lusty journey into slutdom. by one2many02/26/154.33

Into the Deep Pt. 02

 — Sam and Kate expand their adventure. by one2many03/13/154.12

Into the Deep Pt. 03

 — Payback can be hell, or it can be heaven. by one2many05/14/154.19

Into the Land of Bethany

 — Innocent wife awakens. by UnwantedLazlo02/16/134.15

Into the Unknown

 — Our first journey into the world of swinging. by marriedpervs06/16/043.85

Intriguing Development

 — Wife uses husband to 'fulfill' her girl-girl fantasy. by latinstud01/07/024.05

Intro to Swinging Ch. 01

 — How friends can be introduced to swinging. by oldfogey09/06/054.32

Intro to Swinging Ch. 02

 — Continuing process of converting friends to swinging. by oldfogey09/07/054.36

Intro to Swinging Ch. 03

 — It becomes something friends love. by oldfogey09/08/054.33

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 01

 — Couple enjoys quickie before leaving for anniversary trip. by LovingMyWife12/06/103.64

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 02

 — A wife enjoys her husband after dreaming about another man. by LovingMyWife12/13/104.13

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 03

 — Husband finger-fucks wife in a public restroom. by LovingMyWife12/16/104.20

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 04

 — Bryce gets to third base with Monica. by LovingMyWife12/20/104.33

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 05

 — Lee, Monica, and Bryce try out their first threesome. by LovingMyWife12/24/104.14

Introduction to Bryce Ch. 06

 — DP porn movie inspires Lee, Monica, and Bryce. by LovingMyWife03/13/114.04


 — Was she cheating? He had a feeling... by ohio01/26/174.07

Invade My Life!

 — Pussy's dream to be a slut comes true - and then some! by LordJim01/04/103.17

Invade My Life! Ch. 02

 — Slutty wife slips up and gets hubby involved. by LordJim01/05/103.15

Invade My Life! Ch. 03

 — Hubby is indoctrinated, wifey is a good slut. by LordJim01/06/103.37

Invade My Life! Ch. 04

 — In which cuck hubby gets enslaved. by LordJim01/07/102.77

Invitation To A Pool Party

 — Fun in sun for horny couple & new friend. by jack_straw06/02/024.36

Inviting our Neighbor In

 — My husband invites the neighbor in. by SouthenDaisyBelle02/22/174.13

Inviting Thomas

 — Husband wants best friend to photograph wife. by Sammy4709/16/084.31

Inviting Thomas Ch. 02

 — Fun continues as Thomas gets his turn. by Sammy4710/02/084.38

Irene & Oscar Pt. 01

 — Irene makes a friend. by Robsound02/25/153.94

Irene & Oscar Pt. 02

 — Irene talks more explicitly with Robert. by Robsound02/27/153.89

Irene & Oscar Pt. 03

 — Irene takes a little control. by Robsound03/26/153.95

Irene & Oscar Pt. 04

 — Irene finally has a flirty lunch with James. by Robsound04/04/153.80

Irene & Oscar Pt. 05

 — Irene finally cuckolds her husband. by Robsound05/16/154.08

Irene & Oscar Pt. 06

 — Conclusion. by Robsound07/19/15

Irene and Sally Pt. 01

 — Sally takes Irene out of her shell. by sexysallysmith04/28/154.22

Irene and Sally Pt. 02

 — Irene finally has sex with another man. by sexysallysmith06/02/153.85

Irene Progresses Ch. 01

 — Sexy wife goes from cam to group with hubby. by medley02/19/074.24

Irene Pt. 01

 — How he met his wife. by arislesbos03/10/164.02

Irene Pt. 02

 — They get to know each other better. by arislesbos03/17/164.10

Irene Pt. 03

 — They are just fuck buddies. by arislesbos03/29/16

Irene's Blossoming

 — A conservative wife blossoms with the help of one fantasy. by gggrena03/12/13

Irene's Fulfillment

 — My wife fulfills my fantasy for her to experience more meat. by TXhardsucker6902/27/144.22

Irene's Fulfillment Ch. 02

 — My wife's new infatuation with big cock in her pussy. by TXhardsucker6902/28/143.92

Irene's Fulfillment Ch. 02a

 — Cuckholding details. by TXhardsucker6910/15/143.62

Irene's Seduction

 — A wife is pushed into cuckolding her husband. by licyou6909/12/133.57

Irish Curse

 — He thinks he is lucky. Wife discovers his curse. by touchedup04/09/063.06

Irkutsk Ch. 18

 — Working hard to catch up. by Wanda_507/22/144.04

Irkutsk Ch. 21

 — A new life beckons. by Wanda_509/30/144.36

Irkutsk Ch. 26

 — Epilogue: Years later. by Wanda_509/14/154.43

Iron Man Trist

 — Man asks his best friend to have sex with his wife. by namelorb09/02/153.90

Ironing Chores

 — Jaynee and Toby spice up their marriage. by RockHardau06/02/063.85

Irresistible Impulse

 — His best friend steals his wife. by ukresearcher04/10/063.25

Irresistible Impulse Ch. 02

 — Toby finds some balls and Jerry almost loses his. by ukresearcher04/23/063.54

Irvin and Isabel Davis

 — She wants him to be okay with Sharing. He's not into it. by Matt Moreau01/07/143.72

Is Bigger Better?

 — Old love returns. by Grey Eagle 28611/21/053.66

Is Cyber-Sex Adultery?

 — His wife blows the discussion away. by horny_giraffe11/08/01

Is Enough Really Enough?

 — A marriage in crisis. by Blue8806/23/064.17

Is Enough Really Enough? My Tale

 — Alternate ending to 'Is Enough Really Enough?' by fdkman26207/26/064.39

Is it a Wishful Dream?

 — What got wife dreaming about sex with her ex? by Winterfrog11/17/063.77

Is It All Talk?

 — I tell my husband about how my lovers fuck me. by tinaneesen04/11/153.86

Is It Live or Is It Memorex?

 — Monica & David extend an invitation from afar. by Lemonrow06/05/014.26

Is It Still Worth Fighting For?

 — How far will you go to save a marriage? by Slirpuff02/26/104.57HOT

Is She Cheating?

 — How his wife has changed. by slick0005/10/033.71

Is She Cheating? Ch. 02

 — He follows his wife. by slick0005/15/033.63

Is That All There Is?

 — Is cheating where she can find lust? by agedmac08/12/033.36

Is That How You Saw It Matt?

 — There was a few things Matt left out of the story. by Huedogg208/27/124.03

Is The Grass Always Greener?

 — Man's will is only as strong as man's sexual fulfillment. by LittleWhiteWolf09/25/053.63

Is There Recrimination Ch. 01

 — Ashkey doubts what she has done. by robin3504/14/043.07

Is There Recrimination Ch. 02

 — Ashkey loses patience. by robin3504/15/043.02

Is There Recrimination Ch. 03

 — Ashkey meets Hank. by robin3504/16/042.61

Is This It Ch. 01

 — A love story about a couple and their marriage. by fawguy8809/13/114.27

Is This It Ch. 02

 — A Shotgum Marriage for Chris. by fawguy8809/14/114.36

Is This It Ch. 03

 — A second child for Debbie. by fawguy8809/15/114.34

Is This It Ch. 04

 — Things come to a head for Debbie and Chris. by fawguy8809/16/114.34

Is This What You Want?

 — Dominant Wife by pantycum9906/21/103.63

Is This Your Wife

 — Another white wife falls into a black man's bed. by licyou6908/06/103.89

Is Turnabout Fair Play?

 — Her encounter with an online friend. by TracyIsCurious10/21/083.21

Is Your Name Ms. Waters?

 — A two-legged pussy plays with two-legged rats. by c1992w01/03/17

Island Bound

 — Shipwrecked, a loving wife finds herself in heat. by Lynn_Elliot04/22/123.73

Island Fever

 — Two couples honeymoon on a private island. by rxstories04/28/114.32

Island Getaway Ch. 01

 — Couple revives sex life during exotic vacation. by MobilEROS04/19/034.26

Island Life

 — A couple moves to the Caribbean and makes a new friend. by slutfreya10/12/154.19

Island Lust

 — Indian wife goes wild on holiday trip. by Mr India01/04/033.94

Islands in the Stream

 — It ain't over until it's over. by dtiverson09/25/164.66HOT

Isle Of Capri

 — Wife and her ex have plans for romantic holiday trip. by Winterfrog07/16/094.26

Isn't That How You Got Her?

 — Once a cheater... by qhml101/20/154.58HOT


 — She's caught by someone other than her husband. by CloseEncounters07/13/03

It All Just Came Together

 — Married woman gives comfort, finds pleasure. by MyMPTP03/03/114.28

It All Just Came Together Ch. 02

 — Twosome becomes a threesome. by MyMPTP03/07/114.31

It All Started Innocently Enough Ch. 02

 — Les with his best friend's wife. by ohnudeone11/21/064.34

It All Started with a Refrigerator

 — Old friend makes deal of his life with hot wife. by SweetVibes02/20/104.35

It All Started With A Song

 — Good wife does what she has to do to be a star in Nashville. by Sfbullrider12/18/143.58

It Began Innocently Enough

 — A couple finding another level of sexual passion. by SearchingForSelf06/01/154.20

It Began With a Mole Mob

 — A bad marriage doesn't mean the end of the world by Winterfrog02/21/124.21

It Begins with a Call

 — Sex in the woods, bound, submission, dominance. by CamillaHumby03/18/123.44

It Can't Happen To Me Pt. 01

 — Mature wife cheats. by TSpank6102/22/173.98

It Can't Happen To Me Pt. 02

 — Mature wife cheats. by TSpank6102/28/173.84

It Can't Happen To Me Pt. 03

 — Mature lady cheats. by TSpank6103/13/173.71

It Can't Happen To Me Pt. 04

 — Mature couple reunited. by TSpank6104/11/173.49

It Could Be Worse Ch. 01

 — Girlfriend leads me to a new normal. by eviltwin5203/02/164.24

It Could Be Worse Ch. 02

 — Cin takes me further down the path to ruin. by eviltwin5203/03/164.34

It Could Happen to Anyone

 — Steve enjoys Sue's university reunion party. by SueandSteve03/10/064.31

It Could Happen to You

 — A story about uncertainty, fear, trust, and above all love. by carvohi03/04/154.49

It Cuts Both Ways

 — No sex for six months, and Jackie is at her breaking point. by LesLumens01/03/074.41

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 01

 — They did his wife, so he has a plan to balance things out. by bucksilver07/03/104.14

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 02

 — Mike brings it into balance. by bucksilver07/30/104.38

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 03

 — Debbie won't do that again, or anything like it. by bucksilver08/06/104.12

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 04

 — Debbie will not ever do anything like that, again! by bucksilver09/05/104.07

It Didn't Mean Anything

 — Cheating has unforseen consequences. by Grey Eagle 28604/15/074.09

It Didn't Work Out

 — Trying to build a life together. It wasn't what I expected. by DG Hear01/22/134.13

It Doesn't Matter Why

 — 15 years and it's over. by leapyearguy07/07/064.46

It Don't Get Any Better

 — Couple spices up their sex life with friends. by Troglodite4509/17/024.38

It Finally Happened

 — After years of asking, wife finally plays away. by Jachin291010/02/143.96

It Finally Happened

 — Wife on Business Trip. by Big_Strokernc10/31/154.15

It Finally Happened!

 — Husband advised by therapist to encourage wife to stray. by d_p_sweetie09/04/154.26

It Gets Better

 — She meets Dan & finds a new level. by lesvosgirl07/14/044.14

It Gets Better With Age...

 — Married couple on a cruise enjoy another couple. by Runner12/28/004.34

It Gets Nasty in Nice

 — The best tits money can buy can't keep her out of trouble. by geronimo_appleby02/05/134.20

It Got Out of Control

 — Fantasy games get out of hand. by wifwat07/15/053.65

It Had Happened

 — Couple comes to a fork in the road. by spence596901/11/053.21

It Happened in Vegas

 — Husband's fantasy of sharing his wife slowly comes true. by Jwhit200904/15/114.43

It Happened Last Night

 — Asian wife gets drunk and becomes a slut. by Jimbei01/07/104.22

It Happened Last Night... Again

 — My wife becomes a total slut. by Jimbei01/08/104.17

It Has Only Happened Once

 — My wife has lunch with an old flame. by mumblegooseegg11/23/103.52

It Has to be Fate Pt. 01

 — Marine Corps pilot finds love & adventure after the Korean War. by Grey Eagle 28608/01/084.64HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 02

 — Marine Corps pilot finds love & adventure after the Korean War. by Grey Eagle 28608/02/084.69HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 03

 — An erotic action/adventure story. by Grey Eagle 28608/03/084.50HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 04

 — Continuing adventures of a Marine pilot in the late 1950s. by Grey Eagle 28608/05/084.65HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 05

 — An erotic action/adventure story. by Grey Eagle 28608/06/084.63HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 06

 — An erotic action/adventure story. by Grey Eagle 28609/10/084.55HOT

It Has to be Fate Pt. 07

 — An erotic action/adventure story's conclusion. by Grey Eagle 28609/11/084.50HOT

It Is Cheating When

 — Wife's affair behind husband's back. by mikoli576305/20/132.31

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 01

 — Watchin big, beautiful wife with another man. by mikoli576302/27/133.38

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 02

 — Fantasy fulfilled. by mikoli576302/28/133.64

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 03

 — Wife and husband talk about experience. by mikoli576303/07/133.37

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 04

 — Wjfe is excited by visit from lover. by mikoli576303/15/133.24

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 05

 — Wife tells husband her latest encounter with her lover. by mikoli576303/21/133.40

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 06

 — The talk and further developments. by mikoli576304/01/133.53

It Is Not Cheating If... Ch. 07

 — MFM threesome. by mikoli576304/14/133.34

It Is What It Is

 — Wife leaves husband because she needs a change. by Sfbullrider12/24/134.23

It Just Could Not Be!

 — But it was.. by magmaman09/08/104.07

It Just Happened

 — Couple meet a guy in a bar. by ilikeherhot08/26/094.18

It Meant Nothin'

 — The cost of one little kiss. by Tory_del_Ricoh12/22/074.19

It Only Seemed Fair?

 — Husband cheats, wife thinks it's only fair she gets a turn. by Sfbullrider10/07/144.02

It Really Happened

 — Threesome. by leiza35008/13/163.91

It Started As a Fantasy

 — She wants to watch her boy-friend with another woman. by Gordon1704/16/153.44

It Started As a Fantasy Ch. 02

 — They meet again. by Gordon1704/27/153.21

It Started as a Game

 — Mary can't say no and hubby won't stop her. by strong2hoop08/27/064.23

It Started as a Silly Game

 — Three couples cure their boredom. by Slickman01/29/034.62HOT

It Started as Janie's Exploration

 — A wife explores new feelings, and 3 friends grow closer. by JohnDrake02/27/094.34

It Started as Janie's Exploration Ch. 02

 — She explores with her husband and best friend. by JohnDrake03/05/094.30

It Started as Janie's Exploration Ch. 03

 — Husband, wife & best friend's relationship evolves. by JohnDrake03/12/094.06

It Started in the Bushes

 — Her husband left her, what else could she do. by StangStar0610/12/104.37

It Started in the Bushes Ch. 02

 — Husband's not back; they meet again. by StangStar0610/15/104.40

It Started With A Blow

 — Wife's reluctant BJ frees her mind; she wants more. by tamol09/18/033.86

It Started with a Key

 — How to really fuck things up. by The Wanderer08/29/053.62

It Started with a Touch

 — My husband likes me to show off but this time I was alone. by dmbdriver101/14/173.93

It Started with Coffee

 — Eve & Marie share coffee and more. by Jake Marlow02/18/114.32

It Started With Not Feeling Good

 — My professional children's help. by wieliczka05/03/143.77

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 02

 — Session 1 Martial Counseling. by wieliczka05/09/144.01

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 03

 — Session 5 Marital Counseling. by wieliczka05/11/143.99

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 04

 — Session 14 Martial Counseling. by wieliczka05/13/143.96

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 05

 — The Accident. by wieliczka05/15/144.08

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 06

 — Session 22 Martial Counseling. by wieliczka05/17/143.98

It Started With Not Feeling Good Ch. 07

 — The return and the future. by wieliczka05/20/144.08

It Started With Social Media

 — Social Media + High School Reunion = Cum-Filled Wife by licyou6911/18/124.00

It Started with Speeding Ch. 01-03

 — Fantasies have consequences. by thesoundandfury04/20/034.39

It Started with Speeding Ch. 04

 — Simon attends Kat and Jamie's BBQ. by thesoundandfury05/13/034.43

It Started with Speeding Ch. 05

 — Adrienne and Simon throw their own BBQ party. by thesoundandfury05/14/034.46

It Started with Speeding Ch. 06

 — Adrienne shows young Tommy the guest bedroom. by thesoundandfury05/15/034.41

It Started with Speeding Ch. 07

 — Adrienne recounts her day with Kat. by thesoundandfury05/16/034.38

It Started with Speeding Ch. 08

 — Adrienne, Kat, and Simon go clubbing. by thesoundandfury05/21/034.38

It Started with Speeding Ch. 10

 — Simon and Adrienne both have confessions. by thesoundandfury05/26/034.36

It Started with Speeding Ch. 11

 — Conclusion: Adrienne's final confession. by thesoundandfury06/01/034.11

It Started With that Talk

 — It started with that talk and a marriage was soon in trouble. by MattblackUK06/11/123.57

It Stays in Vegas

 — Business trip offers second chance for sex. by mtnman200305/14/054.40

It Took Two Years

 — Husbands meet online, and then their wives meet. by WeJaySal08/24/014.32

It Took Two Years Ch. 2

 — Their wives decide to enjoy new experiences. by WeJaySal08/25/014.34

It was a Long Way Round

 — But his mother found him, eventually. by qualitywheat07/22/153.28

It Was All Her Idea!

 — It was all her Idea! Wife goes after the big ones! by MormonChicks02/09/174.24

It Was All Part of The Plan

 — Husband catches wife cheating with old boyfriend. by Sfbullrider04/12/144.26

It was Complicated

 — A cheating wife's plot to frame her husband backfires. by sbrooks103x02/11/174.18

It Was Father's Day

 — A BBQ gets interesting. by rocker_wife06/26/074.10

It Was Her Night

 — Wife takes charge. by makemedoit01/10/114.41

It Was HIS Idea

 — Request for wife to cuck him became her fun. by Leggy_Teaser11/11/073.93

It Was Just A Fantasy

 — Wife considers fulfilling hubby's fantasy. by rpsuch06/01/044.31

It Was Just A Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Married couple tries to overcome a misunderstanding. by rpsuch06/05/044.01

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