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Life, Sex & All That Ch. 05

 — Susan's tries some retail therapy & romance. by Ianb01/02/044.08

Life, Sex & All That Ch. 06

 — The Bill, dinner & romance. by Ianb01/09/043.93

Life, Sex & All That Ch. 07

 — Brian & joys of being an accountant. by Ianb01/10/043.50

Lifestyle Entrance With Friends

 — Couple joins adult lifestyle with close friends. by soaringeagle06/29/023.66

Lift on a Wave

 — On the far side of the night, a simple truth is revealed. by Adrian Leverkuhn04/18/09HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Lightning and Chainsaws

 — Man is forced to do what he has to do. by curious2c03/03/094.65HOT

Lightning Strikes Ch. 01

 — How she came to change her ways. by nightspy8106/15/094.03

Lightning Strikes Once

 — A force of nature disrupts Alisha's life. by amyyum09/24/143.13

Lights, Camera & Plenty of Action

 — He catches his wife with a black coworker. by mysteriousquill03/30/053.51

Lights, Camera, Nipples!

 — He preps first timers for TV appearance. by Magna1212/28/064.10

Like A Good Neighbor

 — A new neighbor enjoys a couple's hospitality. by jnw00102/15/064.16

Like A Million Bucks!

 — She looked so yummy. by likegoodwine12/03/144.34

Like a Natural Man Ch. 01

 — Wife is inspired by husband's infidelity with the maid. by MoeUnleashed02/17/074.24

Like an Elephant

 — Some memories can last forever. by likegoodwine03/04/114.11

Like Daughter...

 — How much sweeter is a bride? by LoneCoyote01/28/144.23

Like Father Like son

 — Both son and father make a choice about cheating wife. by thecelt07/02/064.56HOT

Like Her Mother?

 — Will she look like her mother in twenty years? by imhapless05/04/154.17

Like In The Movies

 — Husband has wife reenact film role. by Sally Tart06/25/044.59HOT

Like Mother Like Daughter

 — Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven. by BigTexan10/12/024.43

Like Mother Like Daughter

 — A fun time at a swinger's club leads back home. by NLDeviant10/05/154.28

Lilac's 18yo Friend: Tawni Learns

 — Pregnant wife lets hubby teach her how to fuck. by NonStopFunGuy08/25/114.24

Lilies and Roses

 — Life moves on without him. by Tail End Pete08/23/05HOT

Lilies and Roses Pt. 02

 — Megan's story. by Tail End Pete10/10/05


 — My Asian wife breeds Black. by CumSlurpingCuckold12/29/153.33

Lilly's Gift

 — Lilly has a special gift for David. by cymry09/07/054.23

Lily Blossoms

 — Young couple's first adventure with friend. by TheFallenSaint02/14/143.85

Lily's Confession

 — Not only good for the soul but highly erotic also. by Bakeboss05/10/103.59

Limbo Ch. 01

 — The swansong of a marriage. by LaRascasse01/09/154.48

Limbo Ch. 02

 — The frightful state between holding on and letting go. by LaRascasse01/12/154.79HOT


 — Just a simple vacation story. by Strapper6609/07/124.35

Limitlessness of Limit

 — Bengali woman satisfies lust with husband's friend. by dhaka_198104/03/044.26

Limo Fun

 — Wife plays with foreign client in limo to the airport. by MrMsScrewloose06/06/104.27


 — Couples party together while cruising Colorado. by LikeTwoHaveFun11/11/004.08

Limousine: The Driver

 — Hot wife fulfills fantasy while husband watches. by dlawson01/04/114.19

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 00

 — An introduction to Kelly MacGuire. by ISawYourMommy04/05/054.03

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 01

 — Dan meets Kelly. by ISawYourMommy04/06/054.43

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 02

 — The taxi driver. by ISawYourMommy04/07/054.36

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 03

 — The Country Club. by ISawYourMommy04/11/054.36

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 04

 — The Honeymoon by ISawYourMommy04/17/054.40

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 05

 — The college student and pregnant Kelly. by ISawYourMommy04/18/054.37

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 06

 — The Miami Recruiting Trip. by ISawYourMommy04/22/054.43

Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 07

 — The bachelorette party; Kelly's last dance. by ISawYourMommy04/30/054.30

Lincoln Park Mommy Redux

 — Demolition Men. by ISawYourMommy09/25/054.11

Lind'a Day Out

 — Sexy Housewife has a day out. by sweetlinda08/05/034.06


 — Couple seeks help in making a video. by Canary05/09/014.31


 — She has fun swinging in a theater. by oldfogey03/16/054.38

Linda & George Ch. 14

 — Linda and I find new partners unexpectedly by oldfogey04/07/034.39

Linda & the Trucker Ch. 20

 — Linda hunts hard cock. by oldfogey07/25/034.39

Linda Alone (Except for Friends) Ch. 19

 — His wife is prepared. by oldfogey07/24/034.14

Linda and the Dentist

 — Dentist drills wife while husband watches. by oldfogey04/09/054.41

Linda Becomes a New Woman

 — A husband shouldn't leave his wife on her own. by fraggle_3608/04/113.90

Linda Discovers Home Depot

 — Linda discovers a new use for day workers. by Johnsexlife01/10/113.62

Linda Learns to Cheat

 — Linda is taken during a business trip. by arlene54806/03/053.85

Linda Opens Wider

 — His lovely wife takes another man. by oldfogey03/16/034.30

Linda Works Late at the Office

 — Extra hours and - EXTRAS. by fraggle_3608/09/114.17

Linda's All-Over Tan

 — Questions about wife's tanned tits lead to adventure. by quinn rogan11/13/014.29

Linda's All-Over Tan (Conclusion)

 — John sees much more than he bargained for. by quinn rogan11/19/014.15

Linda's First Husband

 — Linda's wild sex first marriage. by Johnsexlife11/03/083.78

Linda's Homecoming

 — A darkened room. by Just Plain Bob02/21/053.27

Linda's Late Night

 — Wife stops for a treat on the way home from work. by dispatcher5905/17/133.94

Linda's Latest Confession

 — Shy wife is persuaded working out with personal trainer. by PymGordon77704/09/133.54

Linda's Teacher's Conference

 — Mature married teacher let's loose at a conference. by Linda5909/25/084.31

Linda's Thousand Mile Rule

 — Cabo foursome and more. by Johnsexlife03/23/093.79

Linda's Training

 — Kira's adventures, Ch. 01. by dan5701/11/083.97

Linda's Training Completed

 — Kira's adventures chapter 2. by dan5701/11/084.11

Linda's Wildest Ride Ch. 17

 — Our swinging lessons continue, with one hot couple. by oldfogey05/22/034.36

Lindsay Loves It Ch. 01

 — Lindsay has a military fetish. by Thadsgood07/11/14

Lindsay Loves It Ch. 02

 — Lindsay begins to live out her fetish. by Thadsgood07/13/14

Lindsay Loves It Ch. 03

 — Lindsay goes back to Jeff. by Thadsgood07/15/14

Lindsay Loves It Ch. 04

 — Lindsay gives Jeff what she promised him. by Thadsgood07/17/14

Lindsey and Rob and...

 — A wife neglected... by muirmadra10/16/084.24

Lindsey Gets A "Hole" New Look!

 — A married woman finds lust in the Lingerie Department. by TheDriffieldStud10/20/094.06

Lindy's Change of Life

 — She was always a loving wife! by qualitywheat02/17/122.71

Linen Pants

 — Sharing the wife for the first time. by Galangal08/13/113.82

Linn Plus Two Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife have long night of great sex. by meohmyoh09/11/094.26

Linn Plus Two Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife share great sex with new friend. by meohmyoh09/15/094.04

Linn Plus Two Ch. 03

 — Oh what a climax to an evening of MFM fun. by meohmyoh09/16/094.00

Lip Slips

 — How panties can betray a lady. by julesteve11/13/143.53

Lisa & I Ch. 3

 — It continues. by lapitup02/22/024.36

Lisa Adventures

 — My swinging life. by Lisa34d04/17/114.29

Lisa and I Ch. 1

 — Tonight she took charge, & he loved it. by lapitup04/29/014.48

Lisa and I Ch. 2

 — Lisa enjoys her role as the dominant one. by lapitup05/21/014.39

Lisa and Me and Sean Makes Three

 — Husband helps his wife enjoy a neighbor guy. by KingofCucks06/08/114.32

Lisa and Me and...

 — Couple explores threesomes & other fantasies. by tacobob02/08/054.42

Lisa at the Nudist Resort

 — Playing at a nudist resort. by Lisa34d05/22/114.01

Lisa Can Do It Better

 — It was a porno tape that got it going. by Just Plain Bob12/27/063.69

Lisa Deals with Depression

 — Sex helps depression. by Lisa34d12/16/113.39

Lisa Does a Bachelor Party

 — Bill's friend has a bachelor party and I entertain. by Lisa34d08/11/114.27

Lisa Finds A Friend For Bill

 — New friend for hubby and I. by Lisa34d04/28/114.34

Lisa Gets Naughty

 — Lisa takes her hubby home with friends. by P40eBu510/16/054.09

Lisa Goes Back to the Theater

 — Playing at the theater. by Lisa34d08/26/114.16

Lisa Goes to BikeWeek

 — Our annual trip to Bike Week and the fun we have. by Lisa34d05/26/113.87

Lisa in the Bedroom

 — His wife’s changed behavior makes him fear the worst. by ohio07/28/104.44

Lisa is Offered a Senior Position

 — Lisa’s boss entrusts her with developing a new client. by lucioz05/27/104.45

Lisa Meets an Old Friend

 — Old party friends reunite. by Lisa34d12/02/113.92

Lisa Pays The Price

 — He was the perfect husband until.... by Web_Spinner07/21/104.18

Lisa Plays

 — She loves to go out and tease and play with strangers. by sharkeez04/06/033.94

Lisa Plays Again

 — Playing while away from home. by Lisa34d01/24/123.25

Lisa Plays at Swing Club

 — Fun at swingers club. by Lisa34d09/02/114.19

Lisa Puts On A Show

 — Girlfriend gets more than she expected. by R&L_UK12/21/033.51

Lisa Tastes the Slut Life

 — Steve hires out wife as a last-minute replacement. by Wanton and wet03/14/064.42

Lisa Teases the Pool Boy

 — Bored wife entertains a handsome young man. by KatieBreckenridge07/31/094.44

Lisa the Hostess

 — Hubby's friends visit. by Lisa34d04/21/114.10

Lisa the Slut Next Door

 — A teasing slut gets what she deserves as hubby watches. by easyballs04/24/153.24

Lisa Tries a Strip Club

 — Couple meets hot slut at strip club. by greek goddess11/02/024.68HOT

Lisa Visits a Porn Theatre

 — My wife becomes a hotwife for strangers in an adult cinema. by thecomedian6908/20/104.30

Lisa's 30th Birthday GB

 — A surprise gang bang. by Lisa34d05/03/114.00

Lisa's Adventure...Ch. 1

 — Wife becomes a toy. by MiamiCuban09/01/004.24

Lisa's Adventures Swing Party

 — Fun at a swingers party. by Lisa34d04/17/113.99

Lisa's Bike Rally Memories

 — Fun at a Bike Rally. by Lisa34d11/04/113.35

Lisa's Birthday

 — Two sisters go out to celebrate her 40th Birthday. by Rich5Spot10/21/043.76

Lisa's Birthday Surprise

 — Lisa's husband has a surprise for her birthday. by Reader_to_Writer04/10/154.29

Lisa's Business Trip

 — Business trip playmates. by Lisa34d04/24/113.78

Lisa's College Days

 — Lisa and friend gang bang girls. by Lisa34d06/03/113.58

Lisa's Continuing Adventures

 — Swinging and playing at the beach. by Lisa34d04/03/113.90

Lisa's Divorce Party

 — Divorce Party for a friend. by Lisa34d06/09/113.51

Lisa's Early Days

 — How we got started. by Lisa34d06/16/114.18

Lisa's Frat Party

 — Frat house gang bang. by Lisa34d10/08/113.88

Lisa's Friend

 — Playing with a girlfriend. by Lisa34d11/14/113.79

Lisa's Friend Spends the Night

 — Friends have a party. by Lisa34d12/05/113.33

Lisa's Fun Weekend

 — Having fun in Daytona. by Lisa34d06/24/113.90

Lisa's Holiday Season Ch. 01

 — How to enjoy the holiday season. by Lisa34d01/24/123.62

Lisa's Holiday Season Ch. 02

 — Holiday season continued. by Lisa34d01/30/124.15

Lisa's Holiday Season Ch. 03

 — Holiday season continued. by Lisa34d01/31/123.41

Lisa's Home Alone

 — What Lisa does when hubby away. by Lisa34d05/12/113.95

Lisa's Horny Day

 — What I did to relieve my hornness. by Lisa34d05/15/113.83

Lisa's Important Decision

 — Wife struggles to remain faithful. by Day Dreaming11/26/024.17

Lisa's Labor Day Party

 — Labor Day weekend swingers party. by Lisa34d09/25/114.12

Lisa's Labor Day Party Day 02

 — Swingers party action. by Lisa34d10/03/113.76

Lisa's Memorial Party

 — Memorial weekend swingers party. by Lisa34d06/04/114.15

Lisa's Naughty Night Out

 — Playing in public. by Lisa34d10/08/113.83

Lisa's Naughty Night Out Ch. 02

 — Bar pick ups. by Lisa34d10/23/114.04

Lisa's New Body

 — Lisa works with a trainer. by LiteRuby01/26/103.73

Lisa's Older Gentleman Returns

 — Young wife has another go with older gentleman. by TWolf08/29/054.32

Lisa's Older Man

 — Older gentleman takes his wife. by TWolf08/08/054.12

Lisa's River Boat Trip

 — Swingers on the river. by Lisa34d05/19/114.04

Lisa's Secret

 — Lisa tries to keep her cheating ways a secret. by PrincessErin11/29/123.54

Lisa's Sexual Release!!

 — Prudish wife finally gives in to her temptations. by Crazy4Tits11/30/044.06

Lisa's Slut Days

 — When I'm real horny. by Lisa34d06/09/113.92

Lisa's Swinging Life

 — Being a real slut. by Lisa34d04/20/114.29

Lisa's The Cougar

 — Younger guys fun. by Lisa34d04/25/113.86

Lisa's Vacation

 — Vacation fun. by Lisa34d08/12/114.12

Lisa's Vacation

 — Vacationing with husband and another couple. by amandate01/29/144.38

Lisa's Wedding Night

 — Newlywed wife's honeymoon is everything she dreamt of. by User112/19/013.89

Lisa's Weekend Getaway

 — Out of town swingers club. by Lisa34d04/30/113.92

Lisette's Conflict Ch. 02

 — Rich and Lisette reconnect with an old friend. by LisetteJ10/07/144.25

Lisette's Conflict Ch. 03

 — Conclusion to Rich and Lisette reconnect with an old friend. by LisetteJ02/11/153.92

Listen Very Carefully

 — Neighbors' noises entice couple. by dchatterly10/31/023.78

Listening In

 — Man enjoys hearing ex-wife fuck by phone. by POFD06/03/063.93

Listening In

 — A bedroom wired for sound. by Gale8212/02/12

Listening to Chloe

 — Listening to my future wife in action... by inretrospect04/25/123.44

Listening to the Wife

 — My wife takes her friend downstairs while I wait and listen. by iacouple4fun12/01/103.60

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