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Loving Wives Stories

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Lovers on Tap

 — Will her novel plan to cure her husband's impotence succeed? by mintabal323909/14/053.79

Loving Carolyn

 — Carolyn's husband has no problem with boredom. by jacktar4810/25/014.29

Loving Carolyn Ch. 2

 — Carolyn continues to involve Cynthia in her marriage. by jacktar4810/29/014.19

Loving Carolyn Ch. 3

 — Why is Carolyn doing this, anyway? by jacktar4810/30/014.29

Loving Carolyn Ch. 4

 — Brian remembers a night before they met. by jacktar4811/05/014.16

Loving Couple Adventures

 — The adventure begins with a three-way. by formywife06/18/094.38

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 02

 — They get the young waiter involved in their adventures. by formywife09/19/094.15

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 03

 — The adventure continues at Lyle's poker party. by formywife09/25/094.30

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 04

 — Sherrie brings home another woman to play with. by formywife11/16/094.28

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 05

 — Kevin has a big birthday surprise for Sherrie. by formywife11/20/094.14

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 06

 — Lyle invites them for a thank you swing and they have to go. by formywife11/24/093.94

Loving Couple Adventures Ch. 07

 — Their adventure concludes with an orgy. by formywife12/24/094.22

Loving Eyes Can Never See

 — A housewife no more. by lovewords05/14/113.30

Loving in Silence

 — Deaf couple enjoy a rousing morning with plans for more. by RedHairedandFriendly05/19/064.39

Loving Jackie!

 — Jackie likes them big! Another wife cheats on her husband. by MormonChicks04/29/174.05

Loving Literotica

 — I get my wife to perform lustful acts through Lit. by Jay Richards12/08/134.28

Loving Mimi Ch. 01

 — Hot little Mimi does everyone but me. by otherpeoplesstories01/25/123.40

Loving Mimi Ch. 02

 — Hot little Mimi does everyone but me. by otherpeoplesstories02/01/123.66

Loving My Wife

 — Husband Loves Wife Unconditionally. by flashgordon56200610/18/183.27

Loving Three

 — The start of a permanent arrangement amongst three. by loves_to_share05/11/114.24

Loving Three Intensifies

 — Elena take the adventure to the limit. by loves_to_share01/18/123.28

Loving Wife

 — She makes his fantasy come true. by Timkitten09/01/054.14

Loving Wife has sex with Ex-Lover

 — Hubby permits his loving wife to have sex with ex-lover. by manjjand03/21/173.28

Loving Wife Or A Cuckolding Slut?

 — He finds his wife's sex secret. by gonzi211/06/024.05

Loving Wife Secret Adventure

 — Husband gets exactly what he was looking for. by craz80hub10/08/154.20

Loving Wife Tells All

 — Hot wife shares her addiction to men & women. by kitty4bi03/04/054.17

Loving Wife's Toyboy

 — Slutwife runs into an old fuck buddy by Mr_Boston07/07/113.69

Loving Wife, Unlovable Husband

 — Wives are cool, husbands are crap. by istanbulnoir04/16/083.96

Loving Wife: Colleen

 — Husband has to decide, should he keep her or not. by Zeb_Carter10/17/183.89

Loving Wives

 — The story of a sexless marriage lights a fire. by ChaseQ08/31/054.35

Loving Wives: My Obsession

 — I'm just so sick of it! by sirsemega06/15/083.91

Lovingly Awakened

 — He takes his wife's best friend while she watches. by Arrows00608/22/014.04

Lovingly Awakened Ch. 2

 — He takes you while wife watches, then joins in by Arrows00608/25/014.38

Lowering Masks

 — Young married couple discover things that turn them both on. by Gina_B_3302/18/164.68HOT

Loyalty Ch. 01

 — A story of the two most important people in my life. by AesopsOtherTales01/24/174.16

Loyalty Ch. 02

 — Finishing off the Loyalty story. by AesopsOtherTales01/31/174.33

Luci Meets John

 — New Years Eve turned out to be just a preview for today. by lucioz01/29/104.08

Luci's Erotic Phone Call

 — Luci's husband enjoys phone sex while she is away working. by lucioz02/24/114.38

Lucid Complication

 — Love is strange and complicated especially for dreamers. by MatchesMalone10/24/123.83

Luckily for Us

 — Two men and one hot woman menage. by DeniseNoe06/29/083.60

Lucky Bull

 — First time couple finds a good match. by Magna1208/09/144.14

Lucky Day, Lucky Me

 — You won't believe her story. by dsoul09/11/093.43

Lucky Guy

 — A man's wife drinks and sleeps around, he likes it. by MetaSigil10/11/113.15

Lucky Man Ch. 01

 — Duncan and Kelly discover something surprising. by Mentalcase06/07/164.76HOT

Lucky Man Ch. 02

 — Duncan and Kelly suffer the after effects of the revelation. by Mentalcase10/13/164.68HOT

Lucky Man Pt. 01

 — First of a two part story. The truth will out. by DeYaKen05/07/154.52HOT

Lucky Man Pt. 02

 — 5 Yrs on and John knows he has to make decisions. by DeYaKen05/08/154.70HOT

Lucky Me Ch. 1

 — Delivery guy gets an eyeful of wife as husband watches. by nokia336012/03/01

Lucky or Smart?

 — Which would he rather be? by Skippy4703/18/193.99

Lucky Seven

 — Couple plays dice game with 2 college guys. by SweetVibes07/02/084.41

Lucky Trucker

 — A short tale about a quick stop. by HitchHikerJay212/22/104.16

Lucky with the Landlords Ch. 02

 — His married landlady comes to turn on the power. by X-Factor08/17/044.48


 — Something wakes her up. by desideuce05/20/13

Lucy & Ana

 — He hadn't had sex in so long. by Phil_O_Gynist01/13/064.19

Lucy Loves Her Husband...

 — Card night ends up very good for Lucy. by ARGEE05/13/014.03

Lucy Propositions Don Ch. 01

 — Our guy hooks up with an old friend. by HarryHaversackers03/28/074.33

Lucy Propositions Don Ch. 02

 — He gets more than he bargained for. by HarryHaversackers04/03/074.17

Lucy's Arrival

 — Husband watches while his wife enjoys 3 men. by herenow14706/20/024.18

Lucy's New Lover

 — Lucy sleeps with him. What does she say to her husband. by MitchFraell10/04/133.68

Lucy's Ultimate Fantasy Realized Ch. 01

 — Lucy met a guy through work. by Undecided2Bsure09/27/173.72

Lucy's Ultimate Fantasy Realized Ch. 02

 — Lucy's adventure with Trent continues. by Undecided2Bsure09/29/173.18

Lucy's Ultimate Fantasy Realized Ch. 03-04

 — Lucy's adventure continues. by Undecided2Bsure09/30/173.57

Lucy's Ultimate Fantasy Realized Ch. 05-06

 — Lucy's adventure with Trent. by Undecided2Bsure10/01/173.51

Lucy's Ultimate Fantasy Realized Ch. 07-08

 — Lucy's adventure concludes. by Undecided2Bsure10/02/173.44

Lue to Lucy and Back - Complete and Expanded

 — A story about a wife who wandered. by luedon02/29/163.52

Luke and Lelia Ch. 01

 — Wife admits to cheating. Husband kicks her out. by Rob Conner02/23/034.24

Luke and Lelia Ch. 02

 — He has to decide if he went too far. by Rob Conner03/16/034.38

Luke and Lelia Ch. 03

 — The final revenge. by Rob Conner03/31/034.35

Luke and Lelia Ch. 04

 — Sean meets the mistress. by Rob Conner04/07/034.12

Lulubell's Lament

 — Ozark wife talks to her husband about screwing. by tony_tiger04/13/153.31

Lunch at the Office

 — Wife surprises him with a delectable lunch. by silverace108/21/054.21

Lunch Break

 — She meets a man at a café. by fantasyreveiled11/27/074.10

Lunch Break

 — Wife has a bit of fun with a buddy during her lunch break. by mromac11/25/113.38

Lunch Date

 — Becky looked as nervous as a whore in church. by Magicidan10/12/144.26

Lunch Date for Our Fantasy

 — Threesome with my wife and friend. by erotic_star11/13/113.79

Lunch Time

 — I could see the dust plume coming from a ways off. by dainii09/04/143.77

Lunch Time

 — Tuesday used to be boring... by rnebular02/04/193.46


 — Wife finds strange sounds coming from the bedroom. by isoelectric07/26/013.51

Lunchtime at the Library

 — A rendezvous with my wife takes an unexpected turn. by photobiker05/19/164.30

Lunchtime Cheating Ch. 01

 — Wife fucked in public. by jrnooner06/20/173.32

Lunchtime Cheating Ch. 05-06

 — Husband's friend gets cheating wife to fuck huge black man. by jrnooner07/29/173.67

Lunchtime Cheating Ch. 07-08

 — Wife's gangbang. by jrnooner08/08/173.94

Lunchtime Cheating Ch. 09-10

 — Julie gets kinky at a bondage party. by jrnooner11/29/173.29

Lunchtime Rendezvous

 — With 3 months of flirting and texting it will finally happen. by Polypaul09/02/123.56

Lunchtime Shopping

 — Seduction in a supermarket car park at mid day. by ukresearcher04/14/143.11

Lust & Found

 — Wife's lost bet turns into new found lust for cocks. by tonysnow01/12/084.13

Lust and Descent

 — A wife's gradual descent into sex with a stranger. by ReFlexions07/27/173.46

Lust and Descent Pt. 02

 — Tragedies and glimmers of hope following a steamy affair. by ReFlexions09/14/173.53

Lust Begins At Forty

 — Indian traditional wife awakens at forty. by Mr India04/16/023.97

Lust Bursts My Bubble

 — Thinking with one's dick gets strange results. by imhapless02/27/144.22

Lust Conquers All

 — Faithful woman finally cheats as her man looks on. by Archer205009/03/094.04

Lust Finds a Way

 — The lust of a faithful wife overcome her judgement. by JoeBethoveen06/26/163.78

Lust for a Loving Wife

 — Intense desire of a husband for his lovely wife. by RobbieDarcy11/08/182.54

Lust for Ma'am

 — His lady boss was his fantasy until the right time comes. by markdlover02/10/094.12

Lust for Ma'am Ch. 02

 — His sexual escapades with her lady boss continue. by markdlover03/02/094.04

Lust in Bombay

 — Online chat buddies meet in bombay for serious fun. by Rohit_Agarwal12/26/063.59

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 01

 — Young man receives an unexpected going away present. by DITF02/28/104.35

Lust In The Tropical Sun

 — She's gang banged while hubby watches helplessly. by Foxe-Male06/17/024.04

Lust Not Love Ch. 01

 — Peter wants his wife Caroline to have his old school buddy. by The Big Bopper12/26/114.29

Lust Not Love Ch. 02

 — Peter & Jerry tell how Jerry having Caroline was for them. by The Big Bopper12/27/114.12

Lust Not Love Ch. 03

 — 28 years on, Caroline makes it up to her first love. by The Big Bopper01/07/124.02

Lust of a Faithful Wife

 — Faithful wife and mother choose to cheat. by JoeBethoveen06/29/163.87

Lust Online

 — Nothing like a little on line chatting at work. by TheBigandBaldGuy11/14/103.44

Lust, Like True Love Never Grows Old

 — An elderly couple's unexpected adventure at a B&B. by calipie12309/11/13

Lusty Joshnaa

 — Traditional Indian wife discovers the pleasures of sex. by Mr India09/19/014.26

Lusty Lyn and the Italian Stallion

 — Lyn gets stuffed in more ways than one. by horndog201411/07/143.61

Lusty Lyn Visits San Francisco Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by horndog201412/14/143.42

Lusty Lyn Visits San Francisco Ch. 02

 — Chapter 2. by horndog201412/19/143.35

Lusty Lyn's Adventures Ch. 01

 — Lyn gets a big cock. by horndog201411/04/144.03

Lusty Lyn's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Lyn gets some more big cock. by horndog201411/05/143.86

Lusty Lyn's Adventures: The Beginning

 — Lyn's size queen adventures begin. by horndog200806/20/114.25

Lusty Lyn's Early Years

 — Lyn's first fucks. by horndog201411/29/143.64

Luxury Whore

 — How my husband challenged me to act like a slut. by titina10/08/144.10

Lydia Ch. 07

 — How to introduce a crippled Dalit in the fun. by dan5710/11/114.07

Lydia Ch. 08

 — Lydia opens new horizons for Sherlyn. by dan5701/05/123.54

Lydia Ch. 09

 — Lydia’s universe crumbles. by dan5701/16/123.43

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 01

 — She's cheating - he sees it in her eyes. by Longhorn__0706/22/054.45

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 02

 — It's too late to reconcile. by Longhorn__0706/23/054.57HOT

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 03

 — The videos expose the betrayal. by Longhorn__0706/25/054.65HOT

Lyin' Eyes Ch. 04

 — Picking through the wreckage, can they salvage what's left? by Longhorn__0706/25/054.30

Lying Eyes

 — Constance had it all, until... by StangStar0605/24/124.68HOT

Lying for Peace

 — He's not happy when she gives up her lover. by Adfer07/27/103.60

Lynette and Russ

 — Lynette has a go at another guest. by wcuddyf09/30/06

Lynette Does Newbie

 — Lynette seduces a new member. by wcuddyf09/21/06

Lynette Scores at Halloween Party

 — Lynette finds a new friend at party. by wcuddyf10/07/06

Lynette. I'm Baaack!

 — Has Lynette been fooling herself w/this lifestyle. by wcuddyf10/26/06

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 01

 — Wife has big cock fetish; husband tries to save marriage. by LynnGKS12/31/093.98

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 03

 — Husband needs to watch his wife get fucked by another man by LynnGKS01/02/104.44

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 06

 — Lynn learns about voyeur-cucks. by LynnGKS02/05/104.32

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 09

 — How to bring happiness using the “The Cuckold’s Chin Rest.” by LynnGKS05/26/104.31

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 10

 — Lynn’s fetish returns and it makes Bobby impotent again. by LynnGKS05/27/104.34

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 11

 — Princess rides to the rescue and Lynn has to pay her off. by LynnGKS05/31/104.20

Lynn Confesses: Cheating Anal Wives

 — Lynn gets another cheating wife to try anal sex. by libidinal06/13/084.02

Lynn Expands Her Horizons

 — A married couple decide to embrace adventures. by SimonLeBonMot01/21/134.05

Lynn Finally Lives Her Fantasy

 — Fiancé gets fantasy fulfilled on her birthday. by swapperz07/28/023.85

Lynn Gets Even

 — The second chapter in an ongoing adventure. by SimonLeBonMot03/01/134.02

Lynn Goes Beyond Her Limits Pt. 02

 — Lynn's exhibitionism goes beyond her limits. by BillnLynn0302/11/184.43

Lynn Spreads Her Wings

 — At her husband's urging a housewife goes out to a bar. by redpilldad02/22/184.31

Lynn Turns The Table

 — Hot wife has an affair! What her husband always wanted? by jayman4407/06/143.29

Lynn's Fantasy

 — Lynn finds a way to get all her desires fulfilled. by Soazoldman12/15/183.92

Lynn's First Time With Another Man

 — A wife's totally unplanned night of lust with another man. by easygoinginca09/03/134.07

Lynn's Story

 — Business trip - is it a dream or a fantasy. by Papasmurf0103/14/153.63

Lynn, Tom And Steve: A Couple Trans

 — Friendship leads a wife's first sharing igniting new passion. by Bardvark05/01/114.08

Lynne Changes Her Life Ch. 01

 — Middle aged woman is used and humiliated. by Risktaker4806/25/113.97

Lynne Changes Her Life Ch. 02

 — Middle aged woman makes her own pleasure. by Risktaker4807/02/114.19

Lynne Changes Her Life Ch. 03

 — Lynne's plans go astray. by Risktaker4808/06/113.33

Lynne Takes Revenge

 — Caught by my wife. by Morpheuse07/25/172.73

Lynne's Awakening

 — Prudish housewife opens up. by whbonney11/09/014.21

Lynne's Awakening Ch. 2

 — Lynne enjoys her first black man. by whbonney11/10/014.32

Lynne's Awakening Ch. 3

 — Lynne meets Alex and Willie. by whbonney11/11/014.10

Lynne's Awakening Ch. 4

 — Her descent into depravity. by whbonney11/12/014.16

Lynne's Awakening Ch. 5

 — Wife continues descent. by whbonney11/13/014.15

Lynne's Awakening Finale

 — Lynne becomes Marvin's whore. by whbonney11/14/013.95

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