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"Oops, Sorry," Dean Flashes Wife #2

 — Kim gives husband's friends a flashing & masturbation show. by SusanJillParker03/25/144.30

"Oops, Sorry," Dean Flashes Wife #3

 — Kim gives her husband's three friends a masturbation show. by SusanJillParker04/07/14HOT

$5.99 A Minute

 — Ralph discovers a ticket to heaven for $5.99 a minute. by Selena_Kitt12/31/083.66

10 Days: Pixie Sticks

 — The joys of a sweet candy. by KokopelliRises01/31/072.39


 — A hot phone lover. by LadyErotic08/26/034.07


 — Annie is naughty with her Ex while her boyfriend sleeps. by misanthrope7507/30/074.17

18 and Bored

 — Home alone, bored to death; Ruby decides to play. by RedHairedandFriendly01/15/124.04

1992 Nissan Maxima

 — Just how much can a man really love his car? by MungoParkIII11/29/073.16

2 I-s

 — He became both loved and lover as his hands circled. by jthserra09/28/043.80

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 10

 — Sisters explore the dark side of the moon. by Wm_Sexspear10/13/024.50HOT

A Barely Legal, Barely Virgin Night

 — Virgin Elizabeth invites over Ryan for fun with her body. by eroticorgasm03/02/054.01

A Bargain Ch. 02

 — Sexual arousal overwhelms reluctance. by LeoDavis06/13/054.59HOT

A Beautiful Secret Ch. 02

 — Rob blindfolds Charity. by InnerDarkness10/03/034.13

A Beer, A Bath, and a Bath of Beer

 — He experiments while away from his wife. by BareBackRider05/03/033.42

A Birthday to Remember Ch. 04

 — Helen's story - Realising the consequences of yesterday. by Mandyxxx4210/28/124.27

A Black Satin Thong

 — Nice surprise awaits at bottom of the bag. by prittyicklekitty10/25/033.84

A Bowl of Cherries

 — Car sex with a twist (Don't try this at home). by Slutterfly10/08/113.60

A Bowl of Cherries Ch. 03

 — I don't know why I didn't come. by Slutterfly11/29/113.00

A Broken Vow

 — A shower scene. by hman10307/03/092.41

A Bullet In The Night

 — Whispering sweet somethings in Mark's ear as he dreams. by Lady Lay02/25/044.05

A Bunny Tale

 — Rabbit vibrator brings them both pleasure. by 2lips4licking05/22/053.52

A Candy Cane From Christmas

 — She enjoys Xmas confection in new way. by eroticorgasm01/19/023.79

A Chair at the Foot of the Bed

 — Devotees Desired.... by Sharlean12/04/133.95

A Chick & Two Bi Men Ch. 1

 — How they decided to try the real thing. by toysrfun01/07/024.20

A Christmas Cock

 — A tragedy is averted with a wonderful Christmas Gift. by MungoParkIII11/27/073.61

A Christmas Gift for Cole Ch. 01

 — Leah gets off. by lipswristsfingertips12/11/133.13

A Cissy & His Dildo

 — He discovers the joy of his own toy...& a friend. by pegboy06/21/023.99

A Conversation

 — A conversation in Literotica private chatroom. by Jay Richards09/05/113.82

A Couple's Toy Party

 — Anything can happen at a toy party. by EZ_CUM_EZ_GO09/28/094.48

A Crazy Deal

 — Friends give sex saddle a ride. by Clayton11/30/003.85

A Curious Roommate Ch. 02

 — Camille's curiosity continues. by tobloved04/07/064.48

A Day at the Museum

 — Museums can be lonely. Kat and I find a way to pass the time. by jalaurie01/05/163.79

A Day at the Office

 — Owner's daughter catches him masturbating. by dmh1dgls09/25/064.13

A Day at the Office

 — A girl takes herself in hand. by Shadowtech12308/07/103.54

A Day for Myself

 — The start of a day full of self indulgence. by enjoyingitall08/15/033.80

A Day to Remember

 — Trip to the gyno & then home. by Kazkan12/28/053.98

A Day with Myself

 — She confesses her masturbation habit. by rakastuja04/30/054.20

A Day with Russ

 — He jerked off for me. by RudeGrl08/18/123.73

A Different Type of Sex

 — Wife suprises husband with a change. by DMaster_1401/12/103.86

A Dirty Little Thought

 — Jennifer is about to embark on a life changing journey. by fearlessandnaked01/19/053.52

A Dream Come True

 — Julia's night of fantasies becomes a little more real. by storm_wind12/20/084.43

A Driver's Seat with a View

 — Sara gets an eyeful while driving... by KenAndSara12/14/143.71

A Dull Conference

 — Your boredom leads to sharing. by Ninjafish11/01/122.95

A DVD, My Wife, Her Friend & Me

 — Masturbator gets caught. by PenanceS12/20/033.03

A Fantasy Realized

 — A fantasy is enacted on a train. by WFEATHER12/09/053.79

A Fleshlight Fantasy Fulfilled

 — He answers a peculiar personals ad with happy results. by MDuchess03/19/124.00

A Friend and a Fleshlight

 — Two friends try out a fleshlight together. by straighttoapoint09/12/134.43

A Full Body Massage

 — Her massage goes way over the line. by MagicaPractica09/04/074.31

A Gift

 — You want to see her enjoying her gift? by TheForgottenPrincess05/29/044.05

A Girl and Her Veggies Ch. 01

 — Marie loved to masturbate with her veggies. by chrissiegirl06/18/073.29

A Girl and Her Veggies Ch. 02

 — I enjoy masturbating Marie. by chrissiegirl06/19/074.02

A Girl Can Only Wait So Long

 — She starts without him, but he soon joins in. by Dragonfly_Seeker01/28/093.58

A Girl's Best Friend

 — A vibrator can be a very good friend. by Bluzworld02/05/103.69

A Girl's Diary

 — She finally moves out of her parent's house. by thijssx02/22/154.12

A Girl's Diary Ch. 02

 — She meets her new roommate. by thijssx04/12/154.24

A Glorious Experience

 — She visits glory hole for a blow job. by Soltero12/28/023.96

A Glorious Mistake

 — Fantasizing, she doesn't hear door open. by endofauniverse04/10/044.01

A Good Teacher

 — Helping women learn their bodies gets very interesting! by LadyLane09/30/134.16

A Handjob at the Doctor Office

 — A young man gets a hand job at the doctor office. by radassat05/08/093.56

A Happy Mistake

 — An internet conversation gets hot and heavy one afternoon. by Quenton212302/02/123.94

A Hard Night Without You

 — Wishing her lover was there, she satisfies herself. by shorty_drea08/21/053.96

A History of Masturbation

 — My life masturbating. by Apophis9911/03/103.91

A Hot Mess

 — His mind races through fantasies as he furiously jerks off. by Adrian1004/26/113.88

A Husband's Fantasy...

 — He uses a toy on his lovely wife. by MaleDesires03/23/014.01

A Jacking Off Treatment

 — A treatment for a poor man. by Blackz_Sidez05/15/054.10

A Lesson In Self Satisfaction

 — A mirror brings him a few surprises. by mraynald02/12/063.58

A Letter To My (Online) Lover...

 — She writes an erotic letter to him. by Titaniaswhim01/03/073.68

A Little Bit Of Voyerism

 — He listened and remembered her. by DarkrSide05/30/043.32

A Little Jazz

 — Just watch and enjoy. by molly_hunter2811/15/084.10

A Little Peace and Quiet

 — All she needs is a little peace and quiet. by sexycareerwoman03/06/113.65

A Little Self Love

 — She indulges in early morning lovin'. by luvspell12/11/044.06

A Little Wanton Behavior

 — Whetting my appetite for you in more ways than one. by DeliciousInRed03/05/114.20

A Little Wet

 — A blond masturbates in the shower. by WayWordGirll07/04/083.60

A Little Xtra Help

 — Martin teases her with toys. by WillowPuss02/08/054.50HOT

A Long Day's Stroke Off

 — A few hours of a hot day. by gene55m11/20/033.40

A Masturbation Club

 — Five girls form a club to end all clubs. by Cousin-Barb07/17/064.62HOT

A Matter of Time Ch. 02

 — Couple avoids touch; time-travelers want to change it. by absoluteid01/09/124.47

A Matter of Time Ch. 08

 — A rapist stopped, Victoria and Marty celebrate their love. by absoluteid05/17/124.69HOT

A Matter of Trust

 — Slight bondage and toys. by tnblondie04/26/074.03

A Mingling Fantasy

 — She imagines him in the room with her & takes it from there. by RedHairedandFriendly02/03/124.18

A Morning Delight

 — A female masturbation story. by sng8505/20/134.20

A Morning Jog

 — A morning jog leads to more exercise. by CWank08/21/073.67

A Morning with Lit Ch. 01

 — Wife surprises her husband while he's reading at Lit. by LuciousBi-Writes4U02/19/063.74

A Morning with Lit Ch. 02

 — Husband and wife watch each other masturbate after reading. by LuciousBi-Writes4U02/20/063.84

A Most Unusual Awakening

 — The day begins with an erotic surprise. by An Awful Cad09/27/053.91

A Movie for Master

 — She obeys his orders in his absence. by sycksycko11/19/134.11

A Naughty Girlfriend

 — Allison met Joe six months ago over summer break... by ringdingaling4812/05/123.60

A Neighbor in Need

 — Aide is given to a needy MILF. by bobbiecox210/29/094.23

A New Day

 — They play. by brown_eyed_kat11/10/084.14

A New Shower

 — Exploring a whole new world by making shower time sexy. by cmw9003/29/134.03

A New Talent

 — Carrie and Carl trade naked pictures of each other. by tk555505/27/134.51HOT

A New Toy

 — Trish learns the passion of a thick dildo. by tufguy35006/29/024.08

A New Toy

 — Breaking in a new toy turns into a most delightful afternoon. by lstn1drlnd09/06/054.16

A New Toy

 — She finds help to live out a fantasy at toy store. by want2watch200406/07/084.42

A New Toy

 — Getting a new toy for my woman triggers a fantasy. by fullpassionking04/08/123.06

A Night Alone

 — A private pleasure. by BBWmomma03/02/134.10

A Night Alone With My Thoughts

 — She's thinking about you. by Arianna Lee12/29/043.58

A Night Away Pt. 01-03

 — She prepares for a night of fantasy. by sammy 200602/07/064.28

A Night by Myself

 — Alone for the night, candlelit bath, & toys. by lickerish04/17/023.97

A Night Of Self Playsure

 — Masturbation turns anal.... by Mistress12/26/014.34

A Night on the Town Ch. 01

 — Hot couple finds new ways to play with toys. by hot_uccouple11/24/043.90

A Night to Remember

 — 18-year-old guy sees his neighbor masturbating. by joseph3018001/31/062.97

A Night to Remember

 — Bob jacks off watching Shellie suck my pussy. by Xtacyincin08/26/093.99

A Night to Remember

 — She doesn't know I'm watching. by wed4811/08/104.09

A Night with My Alter Ego Ch. 2

 — He ravages her without entering her. by Brandy10/08/003.99

A Night With The Neighbor

 — Two neighbors masturbate on back porch. by ONOURL805/22/043.67

A Note to Ava

 — Hank writes Ava about riding his plug for her. by RedTang08/04/124.10

A Paris Afternoon Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by xavierstjohn11/27/142.71

A Peek into the Back Yard

 — A glance toward the neighbor's yard gives a surprising view. by BigDocMojo08/21/104.06

A Pencil In My Ass

 — He discovers the joy of anal masturbation. by littlefatfuckwit08/26/074.32

A Pendant for Wendy

 — He gives her a special gift at Christmas. by geronimo_appleby12/08/134.45

A Perfect Day

 — Couple engages in a little role reversal. by Fair_Deuce07/22/024.37

A Perfect Start to the Day

 — Some pleasure in the shower to start off the day. by pokerdegen09/09/103.79

A Perfect Storm

 — A day of torture leads to mind blowing orgasms. by QueenB7711/24/144.33

A Personal Masturbator

 — A midnight visitor makes his wish come true. by shambles03/22/074.13

A Personal Moment to Share with You

 — Masturbation. by cruiser505001/19/164.08

A Personal Touch

 — She explores a dirty fantasy while masturbating. by DiminutiveDame11/24/103.84

A Perverted Christmas

 — Santa gives her a new toy for Christmas. by dirtyjoe6912/24/063.65

A Phone Call

 — Actually, no - two phone calls. by TPPD05/06/073.65

A Phone Call

 — A horny woman calls her girlfriend for some sexy fun. by jenny4her03/28/104.10

A Phone Call From London

 — Younger man talks to his American lover over the phone. by FitJim09/26/123.75

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