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Her Boss's Pleasure Ch. 01

 — She watches her handsome boss pleasure himself. by TheEnchantress04/27/064.06

Her Boy's Toys

 — Bi guy gets his own. by Mr. Magnum02/05/024.07

Her First Cock

 — One girl's descent into masturbatory addiction. by frozenhero103/07/124.58HOT

Her First Toy

 — Lover brings her first vibrator. by T_R09/24/014.01

Her First Toy

 — How I found out about her first sextoy. by JoeVerde05/04/113.35

Her Last Semester

 — It was hard to control her desires so she avoided temptation. by Lexi_White01/27/183.71

Her Magic Touch

 — Pleasing herself, and him. by every_horizon04/08/043.56

Her Man and His Toy

 — Lisa gets a surprising show from her boyfriend. by bee100007/15/084.55HOT

Her Mind Wanders...

 — Caught by her roommate, Laura can't stop herself imagining by tigerslittleprincess12/29/134.21

Her New Bath Toy

 — Sheila learns new way to orgasm. by Bakeboss07/17/103.64

Her New Toy

 — Her new toy provides pleasure for both of them. by HotWords4You04/08/034.12

Her New Toys

 — Trying to keep cool, things heat up. by sweeterred08/04/024.00

Her Night Alone

 — She takes the night to please herself. by 68niou101/03/033.88

Her Night Alone Ch. 02

 — Fantasies run through her mind. by 68niou103/29/033.78

Her Office Escapade

 — Imaginary visitor. by Greg8203/20/123.85

Her Panties and a Wet Spot

 — She masturbates in thong panties at work. by daves4000401/18/144.53HOT

Her Panty Play

 — Teasing him with panties culminates in amazing sex. by daves4000403/19/144.25

Her Parent's Toys

 — New experiences thanks to mom and dad. by humantouch06/17/134.21

Her Secret Job

 — Will discovers how new girlfriend makes money. by GreenLover05/10/034.02

Her Thong Workout

 — A thong workout at the gym makes him ejaculate. by daves4000401/29/144.31

Here with Me

 — Neither Doug nor Elizabeth could wait. by QBeeKay01/22/114.16

Hero's Gynecologist Round 02

 — Elizabeth has to see the gynecologist again. by BriarReiAmor03/03/183.80

Hi Coach

 — You finally get together. by gypsyeyes06/15/033.58

Hide and Seek

 — She finds a new way to play. by BrnEyedBeauty12/06/074.42

Hiding Toys

 — How toys can help or hinder bliss. by SueBry11/03/024.24

High Plains Drifter

 — Driving solo, an urge proves irresistible. by FlynnMichaels08/26/123.77

High School Custodian Ch. 01

 — High school alumni returns as a custodian. by Timothy_McGee01/05/153.74

High School Custodian Ch. 02

 — Custodian jerks off with girl's panties in locker room. by Timothy_McGee01/14/153.97

Highway Masturbation

 — She brings herself to orgasm in the car. by aquarius013107/11/10

Highway Pleasure

 — Jason was pissed off as he drove home, pissed off and horny. by SunrockSin11/19/083.50

Highway Thoughts

 — Thinking of him while driving makes her passions flare. by Crystal_L_Veey12/07/063.38

His Big Brown Eyes

 — His eyes make her melt. by LemonheadLover05/04/094.17

His Daydream Ch. 01

 — He "thinks" about his on-line lady friend. by mohuney04/29/043.75

His Imaginings Ch. 01

 — His wife is playing as he sleeps. by Tangledskein07/20/153.17

His Imaginings Ch. 02

 — His wife's playing sparks a memory. by Tangledskein07/21/154.00

His Imaginings Ch. 03

 — His wife offers his Birthday presents. by Tangledskein07/22/153.97

His Imaginings Ch. 04

 — He plays with his wife's present. by Tangledskein07/23/154.36

His Imaginings Ch. 05

 — Who is up for thirds? by Tangledskein07/28/154.64HOT

His Imaginings Ch. 06

 — The truth will come out. by Tangledskein07/29/154.75HOT

His Pleasure

 — He takes a little time out to dream, of her. by minutes2memories09/03/094.45

His Roommate's Girlfriend

 — College guy masturates thinking of roommate's girl. by licksit02/27/083.79

His Shower

 — Transgendered FTM takes a shower. by diamonds4pearls11/27/074.00

His Sweet Virgin Ass

 — First time strap-on fun. by kttysbehind07/14/034.58HOT

Hmmm...A Present From the Other Man

 — She receives an unexpected present from the Other Man. by hornyscot7212/20/164.55HOT

Holding Out

 — He discovers her masturbating at the office. by tomtom4505/23/094.60HOT

Holiday Vibrations

 — Newlyweds spice up a family dinner by using a remote toy. by Lyrilen07/19/154.28

Holly in my Pants

 — Office Santa gets Christmas presents instead of giving them. by grgy5612/10/104.34

Holly Visits the Orgasm Doctor

 — Can the doctor help her reach her first ever orgasm? by SnivellingPlatypus02/05/094.08

Holly's Story

 — High class escort girl prepares for an evening with a client. by the_apocalypse08/29/093.68

Home 03: Away From Home

 — Rae struggles with the distance from Tara. by Belle_in_south01/13/074.69HOT

Home Alone

 — Female fantasy and masturbation. by BradCarson08/29/053.62

Home Alone

 — 18 year old Sandy is home alone. by Homer769602/16/064.44

Home Alone

 — A girl home alone finds pleasure. by r_o_w_d_y10/31/093.75

Home Alone

 — When the boyfriends away and theres nothing on TV by jenny4her03/03/104.12

Home Alone

 — I take advantage of an empty house. by Loveofsound11/01/114.32

Home Alone Ch. 02

 — There is more on the DVD. by jenny4her03/09/104.28

Home Alone Ch. 03

 — Jenny watches her sexy neighbour bring herself off. by jenny4her03/24/104.31

Home Alone Ch. 04

 — After her neighbour catches her watching, they play together. by jenny4her04/05/104.51HOT

Home Alone Ch. 05

 — Jenny and Danni share a shower and more. by jenny4her04/21/104.61HOT

Home Health Care

 — Help from a visiting nurse. by Biker_Type10/01/134.19

Home Health Care Ch. 02

 — Second part of the story. by Biker_Type03/09/144.47

Home of the Hits: Leah

 — A guessing game leaves an impression. by genxyyz03/25/043.56

Home Without Him

 — Housewife lets loose as she waits for the husband. by allhornysomecorny11/07/083.64


 — Lonely wife pleasures herself while waiting for husband. by MidnighTWhisperS11/15/044.18

Homecoming Suprise

 — Pegging experience between a committed woman and man. by Ryan_Hero03/14/154.41

Homework Ch. 02

 — The week's homework. Our hero finds some satisfaction. by FrankFriday01/19/153.80

Honi Loves to Masturbate

 — Wife unveils desire to pleasure herself for her husband. by blackpenblueink07/25/064.29

Honoring Laura's Odd Request

 — A new lover asks for an unexpected favor. by yowser05/11/144.06

Horny Helen Wants More

 — After Marco has gone Helen continues to play. by Marcothegod04/21/093.62

Horny MILF Masturbates

 — Finally alone, horny wife plays with toys. by Loves_music_loves_to_dance07/14/144.13

Horny Teen at the Table

 — I just had to jill right there, right then. by ZoeyZola01/20/164.22

Horse Riding

 — A hidden camera sees more than was bargained for. by lfullback12/01/124.51HOT

Hosting a Toy Party Ch. 01

 — Susan hosts the toy party every woman wants to attend. by BlueFish1109/27/083.49

Hosting a Toy Party Ch. 02

 — Many more parties to cum. by BlueFish1109/27/084.28

Hot and Cold

 — Charlotte enjoys an icy drink as she sunbathes. by Daily_Desires11/21/103.27

Hot Blonde Student Gets a DP

 — Jenna combines three of her favorite sexual activities. by Boxlicker10107/31/094.48

Hot Day, Inside and Out

 — Woman masturbates in the shower as she thinks about the nigh by Loraura02/16/033.79

Hot Fantasy

 — My wife lets loose. by wed4804/28/034.04

Hot For Teacher

 — It was forbidden, but they didn't care. by meganelizabeth11/27/133.63

Hot Investment Banking...

 — Preparing for hot boardroom sex. by redgoddess07/23/064.15

Hot Night

 — Hot night at Robin's leads to home video experience. by MarkAndRobin12/29/064.30

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 01

 — Walter masturbates watching sexy neighbor clean her kitchen. by SusanJillParker11/29/143.69

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 02

 — Walter masturbates watching sexy neighbor clean her kitchen. by SusanJillParker11/30/144.06

Hot Shower

 — Feeling hot, she gets herself hotter. by sleepyheadangel06/22/064.37

Hot Shower

 — She takes a hot shower after a chat with her internet lover. by megdarlin02/26/133.33

Hot to the Touch

 — Short, sensual, self-pleasure in a tanning bed. by bb_peaks04/01/094.11

Hot Tub Fun

 — She loves her hot tub. by letia06/03/074.02

Hot Tub Fun Ch. 02

 — The neighbor wants to see why she loves her tub. by letia06/26/074.28

Hot, Wet and High

 — A steamy shower for a stoner girl. by kixiechic11/08/073.71


 — Online chat buddies meet. by NikkiDawn02/13/053.65

Hotel Full Circle Ch. 01

 — She finds an old flame. by Silencedsnow04/10/173.88

Hotel Lust

 — She gets off on stranger's lusty sounds. by Natstar01/02/054.51HOT

Hotel Sex

 — Toy tickles her fancy. by 2lips4licking03/29/053.83

House of Feathers Ch. 01: Loving Bonds

 — Love, bondage and toys on a tropical island. by TarnishedPenny12/07/174.64HOT

House of Feathers Ch. 03: A Contest

 — Merging... by TarnishedPenny12/21/174.55HOT

House of Feathers Ch. 05: Tribute

 — What to give a king who has everything? by TarnishedPenny01/05/184.75HOT

House of Feathers Ch. 09: Midnight Cure

 — Loving hands. by TarnishedPenny02/02/184.59HOT

House of Feathers Ch. 12: The Chair

 — More high-tech tease and denial. by TarnishedPenny02/23/184.58HOT

House to Herself

 — No housemates means time for fun! by WithMyHands02/06/103.50

Housesitter Handles Her Business

 — And handles herself very well. by Violette01/13/044.15


 — Tara gets to housesit for Mrs. Samson for two whole weeks. by blondsubles06/26/174.57HOT


 — His new roommate makes herself at home. by crisdixon01/17/174.44

Housewife's Night

 — I make the most out of a night at home. by LydiaLorne01/13/163.88

How Do YOU Do It?

 — How-to discussion about everyone's favortite activity. by ARobinsHood02/03/143.14

How Hard Can It Be?

 — Lonely wife improvises. by JackJillUT09/22/104.14

How I Fucked Myself out of Depression

 — The story of finding comfort in an alternative sex toy. by Sabrinaseales01/15/163.88

How I Masturbate

 — A different way for men to masturbate. by NoahBody10/21/083.59

How I Met Your Mother

 — How his wife captured his heart. by 0ra11yfix8ed09/09/074.56HOT

How I Think of You

 — What he does when he thinks of you. by baldirishman05/22/054.36

How I Took Him to Bed in My Head

 — A brief foray into mutual masturbation. by mypinkpearl06/22/074.50HOT

How It All Began

 — Indian woman begins her sexual journey. by DevilsAngel36902/09/064.52HOT

How It All Started

 — She masturbates while imagining a fuck with her co-worker. by kellianne10/18/074.22

How to Spend New Year's

 — A depressed girl decides to try out her new vibrator. by yanagirosencratz01/10/124.00

Hub, I Played With It Today

 — Wife fulfills fantasy of masturbating outdoors. by Wisconsin Bookie01/13/054.16

Huge Dildo Invasion

 — I take a 3 inch wide dildo in the ass...barely. by alexandretta12/18/144.04

Hunger Ch. 02

 — Her weekend of exploration and frustration continues. by openzipper04/17/123.90

Hunger Ch. 03

 — Weekend Continues. by openzipper04/18/124.12

Hungry for Self-Love

 — After losing virginity, a teen masturbates with "friends". by Brittni4u02/17/184.54HOT

Hunting for Mushrooms

 — Couple who met online meet for first time. by luv2flirtamswf3408/30/034.26

Husband Takes On Beast of Dildo

 — When the wife is away he has fun on his own. by anal_invasion203/20/074.42

Husband Takes On Beast of Dildo Ch. 02

 — Husband spends 4+ hours mounting a giant dildo. by anal_invasion204/08/074.29

Husband's Revenge

 — Husband gets wife to take a dildo. by Hubby818208/28/163.93


 — Young lady is treated for hysteria with steampunk style vibe. by steve_au11/25/124.00

I Am Beautiful

 — A gynoid with a past enjoys who she is. by LostGynoid06/05/143.62

I Amaze Myself

 — She tells you more about when she masturbates. by Texas Tease05/12/054.23

I Bought My First Dildo Today

 — I didn't even make it out of the sex shop before trying him. by goosexxx06/23/104.08

I Bought You a Present

 — She pleasures herself for him. by MissOh11/02/113.43

I Came for the Show

 — The privilege of watching someone. by micadel07/12/164.42

I Can't Sit On Your Lap! Ch. 02

 — First date leads to mutual masturbation. by siblingspank08/11/094.15

I Didn't Mind Being a Bridesmaid

 — Poolside masturbation at brother's wedding. by MasterGunzen09/27/134.25

I Discover My Ass

 — She recalls adding her ass to her masturbation sessions. by zeke8101/20/043.83

I Have Been Waiting For So Long

 — A filthy daydream... by PinkPinstripes10/20/113.67

I Like to Watch

 — Brad secretly videos his wife masturbating. by Many Feathers06/15/064.46

I Love the Sound of Your Voice

 — Short story about my first time using this site. by david807/29/103.75

I Love You Maria

 — She pleases herself with a vibe as he watches. by 2lips4licking03/13/054.15

I Saw You Again

 — Secret admirer has you in mind. by flawed_ethics03/21/033.14

I Spy

 — Masturbation at its finest. by Fiction Story Teller11/18/053.95

I Thought I Did See It Coming!

 — Continuation of fun at the restaurant. by sam180901/16/074.09

I Thought We Were More Ch. 04

 — Taylor manipulates Jacob and gets what she needs. by DrElectrogasm01/22/153.94

I Treat Myself

 — What I do when you are gone. by txoutlawgirl03/24/114.11

I Want Candy

 — Woman welcomes her man home. by Thalassatx09/21/134.04

I Want Her

 — Lex can't help the way she feels. by HotJRabbit02/10/094.34

I Want to Watch

 — I've never watched him have an orgasm, and I want to. by ellen_devlin09/03/174.19

I Want You to Watch...

 — 45 minutes and two vibrators. by QueenB7711/15/144.19

I Wasn't Expecting That

 — Shy wife gets a birthday treat. by SEAWATER102/19/104.34

I Wrecked it!

 — But the Nurse helped a lot... by magichands05/14/034.15

I'm a Beast Ch. 05

 — There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. by ForeverFaithful12/30/084.27

I'm Just A Girl That Loves Sex

 — She'll tell you a little bit about herself. by Texas Tease04/11/054.33

I've Been Thinking

 — She spends an evening in with her vibrator. by MissOh08/09/114.32

I've Got the Trains to Keep Me Company

 — Young woman discovers Grandma was a naughty girl in her day. by The_Technician09/14/174.54HOT


 — Bound and at a friend's mercy. by Dragonnwolf01/03/034.05


 — Ice sculpture erotica. by poebassmn05/24/033.64

Ice Cream

 — I describe how I eat ice cream and what I think about. by CeirdwynMaraBones05/07/113.69

If He Didn't Have a Girl...

 — She imagines he's not dating anyone. by angiloz02/19/053.44

If He Only Knew

 — What a voice can do to you. by solitarys_one05/03/084.48

If Only They Knew...

 — Perhaps I should have locked the front door first. by storytyme07/16/144.33

If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 01

 — Alexis discovers something new. by MyNameMayBeLucas06/24/144.39

If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 02

 — Alexis makes a wish. by MyNameMayBeLucas06/28/144.32

If You Wish Upon a Star Pt. 03

 — Alexis wakes up to find a girl in her bed. by MyNameMayBeLucas07/12/144.35

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