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Toys & Masturbation Stories

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 — lost in extreme lust by Crissaegrim09/02/092.36


 — She drifts into her favourite fantasy. by LittleRedHen09/23/104.39

Ode to Love

 — Husband wakes to find his wife masturbating. by DarlingVivacia06/17/083.92

Office Alone Time

 — Computer geek makes great use of her break. by Horny_Techie06/03/103.90

Office Discipline Ch. 02

 — Sarah is surprised by her body's reaction. by MikeyXB04/06/114.03

Office Space

 — Sally is alone in her office and bored. by patricia5102/11/084.24

Office Stationary

 — Experimenting with office stationary. by Dv8d_12106/23/154.13

Oh Dolly!

 — Blowup dolls are not just for geeks. by jessy1912/13/033.98

Oh! What I Just Did!!

 — Masturbating in the tub while hubby is away. by DeliciousVixenTx04/04/084.04

Oh, If Only He Was Here

 — Horny and alone. by TatorLikesItHott01/04/133.94

Oil of Erosia

 — An old friend sends a birthday present to enjoy in bed. by Elenriel12/07/154.41

On A Blanket By The Creek

 — She gets all wet. by SL_Beauty12/07/044.35

On A Mission To Get Myself Off

 — A wild couple od days getting myself off. by Xtacyincin08/11/094.33

On My Own

 — She enjoys her favourite vibrator. by ChynaBright03/15/084.00

On My Way

 — Shy and geeky Brooke enjoys herself one day. by Snowz02/22/074.46

On Reflection

 — Girl on Girl Voyeurism with a twist. by GemAri08/03/064.30

On the Bus

 — A horny girl finds an unexpected treat on the bus. by kandymountain04/16/093.97

On the Phone

 — She doesn't have time - and she needs to pee. by 0131aj01/31/103.91

On the Way Out

 — Sublte, erotic, interpersonal, loving. by gowiescorp10/07/023.33

One Hot Saturday Night

 — Couple makes the most of a night together. by mrsdozer11/28/013.99

One Just Isn't Enough

 — Widow finds sweet release. by dirtyjoe6912/25/063.88

One Little Toy

 — A day at the seaside is fun. by Ug!04/27/013.20

One Man's Fantasies.

 — Erotic dream ends the only way it can. by everoptimistic03/25/043.70

One Night with My Roommate's Girl Ch. 02

 — I get one more night with Katie. by litlover9108/05/144.51HOT

One Of Those Days

 — Ever have 'one of those days'? by Wild_Elf10/08/024.05

One on One

 — The two lovers find themselves alone together, and... by Sandman831408/08/144.20

One Red Shoe

 — She has to enjoy her latest purchase all by her lonesome. by flirtalicious08/30/024.16

Online Fantasies

 — She gets a sexy email and needs a release. by papaya_lynne12/07/034.39

Online Sex

 — Horny girl takes care of her needs while her guy is away. by Latinababe01/20/023.87

Online with Sara

 — Sara plays online. by BobDogwood12/07/033.71

Onsen Dreams

 — Alone and hard in a Japanese hot tub. by biboybabe01/13/044.03

Opening Night

 — A special purchase makes its debut. by Ms_Messalina11/14/014.11

Operation Valve

 — Why we all can't wait for technology to get good! by nameuser03/03/104.65HOT

Oral Exam Ch. 13

 — Fun with produce. by gradprof03/07/074.54HOT

Orgasm in Ink

 — Lost in the pain and pleasure of a new tattoo. by Eros515012/28/124.30

Orgasm to Die For

 — The time I hit my P spot and learned the meaning of pleasure. by Convict2609/09/143.44

Ouch, This Is Going To Hurt

 — He is hospitalized but receives unusual medical help by WilliamShakespear02/13/144.36

Our Adventures Pt. 01

 — We get a new toy and it's buried in my pussy over dinner. by lana9712/30/154.04

Our Cock

 — Mouth music and toy play on a lazy Saturday morning. by Ficfi01/06/154.36

Our First Date

 — Liam makes me masturbate, goes directly anal on first date. by stacey_lynne01/01/123.37

Our First Time with a Bigger Dildo

 — He surprises her with something even bigger. by shapeshifter3705/07/054.32

Our First Time with a Large Dildo

 — He surprises her with something big. by shapeshifter3705/06/053.78

Our First Toy DP

 — He fills both holes for the very first time. by shapeshifter3708/25/054.12

Our Girl, Pete, and the Magic Wand

 — The adventure of Our Girl, Pete, and the Magic Wand. by MadaamMeg05/05/103.38

Our Masturbation Journey Ch. 01

 — The first part of a true set of masturbation stories. by Desmondo6605/21/134.23

Our Masturbation Journey Ch. 02

 — The second part of a masturbation journey for husband and wf by Desmondo6608/02/133.75

Our Night

 — She loves you in her own way. by scipio13131301/22/054.44

Our White Room

 — Cyber sex and masturbation. by CTrei09/21/043.71

Out of Control

 — Min Aryan was known as a nymphomaniac. by ImmortalRomance09/05/113.53

Out of Control

 — A short story of forced orgasm. by CarnalDesire06/19/154.17

Out of Season

 — She gets excited over a fight with her archenemy. by JosefinaNewton09/14/143.08

Out the Window

 — Art student gets an eyeful. by moondol11/21/103.91

Over the Rainbow Ch. 04

 — A different kind of toy shopping than Tara is used to. by Tara_Neale12/11/144.09

Overcoming My Fear of Flying

 — Uptight woman learns about masturbation from a rock groupie. by Bluepen45106/05/144.29

OWS - Masturbating for You

 — Reading an erotic magazine by your side. by lars_sunshine07/14/073.79

Painful Freedom

 — A former sub masturbates with a gift from her former Dom. by subkatpunished09/21/154.09

Pam's Chocolate Fantasy

 — Young wife discovers a hidden desire. by coppered02/21/044.36

Pandora's Box

 — An under-sexed girl gets what she needs. by JuliaEV06/24/084.25

Pandora's Panties

 — Single-minded panties dictate some gooey, sticky fun. by legerdemer10/16/154.73HOT


 — Finding panties in his house, he dreams of his ex-girlfriend. by Kaishaku01/10/113.81

Parking Lot Solo

 — Overcome by fantasy, a woman finds herself...alone by sleepyheadangel06/14/064.42

Party for One

 — What would you do to get his attention. by the_shires12/04/134.56HOT

Party Time

 — This is about a girl named Kerrie. by LaceyDesirez04/26/074.07

Passion's New Home

 — New apartment, incredible new possibilities. by PorscheLynn04/11/044.58HOT

Past & Present

 — He has created a fantasy life for her. by MeanElf03/14/044.50

Paul Gets His Girls Ch. 01

 — Paul releases frustration before date. by taxiforthenewguy06/27/042.96

Paying the Rent Ch. 04

 — Jen & Sarah go on a shopping spree. by CelticFrog11/25/034.05


 — American in England gets to know her neighbor. by gina_cronopio01/29/054.47

Peeping Tom Ch. 05

 — Let the games begin! by Many Feathers07/02/114.51HOT

Penis Cream

 — A great cream for his penis. by Blackz_Sidez05/12/054.35

Penis Pump Posts Profits for Paul

 — Paul's plastic, perfect, personal penis pump is a hit. by SusanJillParker07/04/123.49

Peppermint Soap

 — Fun in the shower. by justachicky07/16/064.21


 — A masturbation story. by TwistedSight05/15/163.17

Personal Magic Wands

 — Each their own. by glory_first12/29/133.33

Personal Satisfaction

 — After a day of tormenting talk, she satisfies herself. by GreenDemonGurlie09/25/084.24

Personal Trainer Lust Ch. 01

 — She pleasures herself with images of Rita and Amy. by Rocket101008/31/044.46

Petting the Kitty

 — Gianna masturbates in front of her boyfriend, Will. by EroticLily10/18/143.91

Phew, I Needed That!

 — He enjoys one of his favourite adult films. by baby_face_b02/12/073.70

Phoenix Fun

 — Wives lose game and use toys. by horndogdan04/02/074.04

Phoenix Fun Ch. 02

 — Toy action continues. by horndogdan05/07/074.49

Phoenix Fun Ch. 03

 — Jack off contest gets threesome. by horndogdan05/15/074.25

Phone Call

 — The sound of his voice heats her up. by katlin696910/02/054.32

Phone Call

 — Wife enjoys a steamy phone call on a story night. by bronyaur6712/13/094.00

Phone Fantasy

 — She tells you what she'd do if you were home. by silken_desirez08/09/054.45

Phone Sex

 — Short story of female masturbation. by blondbombshelluk12/19/034.10

Phone Sex

 — Shy Anastasia meets Weston. by niyah202/14/044.28

Phone Sex

 — Do guys really talk like that? Trust me. Yes, they do. by dv81too12/25/074.33

Phone Sex

 — She doesn't know what it is about his voice. by JuicyLemons08/11/074.72HOT

Phone Sex

 — American lady, English guy enjoy sexy conversation. by FitJim12/17/074.57HOT

Phone Sex for Sandra

 — Sandra tries a phone sex chat line. by Dalendria04/29/054.50HOT

Phone Sex Leads To Masturbation Thr

 — I once met a female couple on a phone party line... by jy5510/09/133.54

Phone Sex Party

 — Me & my roommate challenge my boyfriend & his friends. by hblocalgrl08/14/084.53HOT

Phone Sex with a Stranger

 — They meet in a chat room and have sex over Skype. by Blondieaphrodite02/11/153.77

Phone Sex with Jack

 — Woman discovers the delights of phone sex with Jack. by Jeanx2storm06/11/074.41

Phonesex Series Vol. 01

 — To increase your virtual pleasure. by vierge06/07/043.95

Pics for Bill

 — Satisfaction with help of online friend & new toy. by GrapleIRIS12/31/044.43

Picture Perfect

 — She asks her admirer to masturbate to her naked image. by sl_dave07/21/093.83

Pictures from an Exhibition: Ben

 — Highly experimental, slow burn, no actual sex. by SimonBrooke05/21/094.58HOT

Pierced Pt. 01

 — Kirsten contemplates getting a clit ring. by LenoraBlue05/09/144.36

Pink Permission Slip

 — She bought her first vibrator today. by Tastyquim07/13/074.10

Play Time

 — Play time in the shower. by Amanda_Rose04/25/094.31

Play With Each Other

 — Couple enjoys their playtime together. by JackorJill10/16/044.12

Play with Me

 — Two people have phone sex. by ladyhawk10010/28/074.50HOT

Play with Me Ch. 02

 — Rebecca and Michael have more phone sex. by ladyhawk10011/09/074.38

Playing Alone

 — She describes the games she plays. by lustyem03/06/044.26

Playing With Bert

 — She pleasures herself. by misskittyclitty01/22/044.33

Playing With Cum

 — Paul indulges with the pre-cum. by writedoctor06/16/114.35

Playing with Julie

 — Wife's friend shows me how her new toy works. by galileo18108/02/134.42

Playing With Myself

 — Diane writes erotically about masturbation. by MathGirl11/19/024.60HOT


 — She imagines what she'd do to you. by mysty_one10/10/034.38


 — A masturbation story. by Jazzcharacter04/04/064.28


 — They have fun with her new toy. by KarennaC11/20/074.20

Playtime Ch. 02

 — She likes it when he watches. by KarennaC03/06/084.09

Please Deposit 25¢ For 5 Minutes

 — Sarah's phonebooth sex is interrupted by a man. by jaycox04/22/154.17


 — 'Mature student' & college girls masturbate each other. by water_side02/23/094.35

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