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River Ride

 — A woman's masturbation fantasy. by ScottishChieftan07/12/033.79

Road Home 01

 — Michelle incorporates as sex expert in fuck machines. by tawriter03/04/134.18

Road Rules

 — James needs a release on the road. by nust8ofmind07/26/053.43

Road to Arousal

 —  by NakedBella07/19/144.29

Road Trip

 — Road jacking. by guitargal8101/09/164.09

Rob and Cate's Play Date

 — Rob's veggie vacation produces toe-curling results for Cate. by angryjimmy05/29/073.90

Robin & Lisa Ch. 03

 — Lisa's Ritual. by cymoril000101/19/094.41

Rocking Chair

 — She takes care of herself while waiting for him. by dustbunny6903/16/073.69

Roger the Banker

 — Ivy relieves herself to thoughts of Roger. by BuckyDuckman02/23/144.08

Roll With It

 — Adding a strap-on to a couple's "Saturday date". by bobocity03/12/064.45

Ronna's Adult Video Store

 — First visit to an adult video store. by cvent_black06/26/053.43

Rookie of the Year Ch. 1

 — Boyfriend introduces her to toy fun. by Ronny10/09/004.01

Room 126

 — When playing with yourself doesn't cut it anymore. by Salacity02/12/054.40

Room Girls Ch. 03

 — Veevie learns to read between the lines with her client. by cheeryorchid06/09/044.25

Room With a View

 — Mutual masturbation twenty stories high. by Shysquirter01/30/144.59HOT

Roomate with a View

 — Temporary roomate needs a place to get herself off. by playn4fun01/05/094.50HOT

Roommate Discovers Vibrator

 — Shy college girl discovers pleasure from a toy. by Racqel11/12/023.87

Roommate Rule Number Three

 — He watches her film herself taking on giant dildo. by angryjimmy05/14/064.38


 — Cohabitating coeds. by artmp301/29/144.05

Rootin' Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Longtime friends go on a fuck fest. by master696906/04/093.46

Rootin' Road Trip Ch. 02

 — Longtime Friends go on a fuck fest. by master696906/05/093.95


 — Karen doesn't read the manual, gets trapped in a sex toy. by astuffedshirt_perv09/11/134.61HOT

Rubbing Myself In the Tub

 — A session of cyber sex leads me to self-pleasuring. by angel_6910/13/104.07

Run Rabbit Run

 — Britney adpots a new "pet". by palles07/29/073.79

RuneStone Ch. 01

 — A young woman finds an object that transforms her life. by isxa02/12/124.40

Rush Hour Remedy

 — A little help from her hairbrush eases rush hour. by Annie_O12/23/124.29

Rush Hour's Surprise Ch. 01

 — Secret admirer leaves an unlabeled disk in her truck. by Sultry Tease11/07/05

Rusty Knife Ch. 01

 — Rusty goes from boy to man. by MissBri01/19/064.10


 — His girlfriend leaves for the summer. by PenanceS08/24/033.67

S&P: Interrogation Ch. 02

 — Lesbian cop & her straight partner compare ways to love. by Captain Midnight08/09/054.00

Sabah's Self-love

 — Sabah is an artist, activist, and a prolific masturbator. by TSA198404/21/163.56

Saddle Up

 — Mutual masturbation goes to the next level. by SpankMeDaddy07/20/044.05

Safety First

 — Annie takes on large, unlikely sex toy as he watches. by angryjimmy02/12/074.08

Salad Days

 — Horny housewife finds pleasure with a cucumber. by LadyPervette05/16/104.23

Sally Rides The Storm

 — Sally plays while a storm rages outside. by SallyLee02/11/084.08

Sally's Small Breasts

 — Sally entices Rob for feedback. by kingerob10/11/084.55HOT

Sally's Small Breasts Ch. 02

 — Sally has a public birthday surprise for Rob. by kingerob10/31/084.60HOT

Samantha's First Toy

 — Samantha needs help finding the perfect toy. by ambitious0701/31/124.19

Samantha's Self Pleasure

 — She gets an email from you. by Chubby Chic03/31/034.32

Samantha's Self Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Samantha masturbates whilst watching her favorite DVD. by Chubby Chic04/09/034.41

Samantha's Self Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Samantha & her lover masturbate together. by Chubby Chic07/11/034.37

Same Room Different City

 — Renee enjoys her own company while traveling. by irishkenny197406/12/123.63

Sammi Masturbates with Her Rabbit

 — A little time alone last night with my rabbit! by sammiluvscock11/06/114.05

Sandra Cross's Xmas Toy Workshop

 — Ergonomic masturbation toys sold only online make the mall. by andtheend12/04/102.78

Sandy and Graham

 — She's surprise guest at all male circle jerk (CFNM). by WhosOnFirst03/08/054.21

Sandy Ch. 01

 — Sandy needs a place to stay and pays with a movie. by TxRad03/18/084.45

Santa Cums Once a Year

 — An 18 year old virgin lands dream job in lapland. by icebaby12/12/024.35

 — What happens when Santa sends you an IM? by lindiana12/01/054.39

Sara's Date With Her Co Worker

 — The power of your one finger. by KEN207/20/044.42

Sarah & Her Pussy

 — Sarah wants herself. by notlib11/21/043.82

Sarah and Brian: A Lonely Afternoon

 — She decides to take care of herself. by aerisetaether06/30/063.13

Sarah and The Big Black Dildo

 — He finds her with her special toy. by angryjimmy03/29/064.06

Sarah and the Green Giant

 — Veggies aren't just for eating for this girl in need. by angryjimmy04/07/063.82

Sarah's Gangbang Simulator

 — An engineer makes herself a fucking machine. by Allesol12/29/134.42

Sarah's Heart Ch. 01

 — Sarah and her bf plan their first face to face meet up. by McSarah_Sora03/15/164.50

Sarah's Race To Get Home

 — Sarah has had a rough day, which has got progressively worse by electrictingles03/24/154.28

Sarah's Special Box Ch. 01

 — Sarah decides to have a good time while her roommate is out. by browneyed_demonic_angel09/16/113.62

Satisfying Sauna

 — A woman masturbates in the sauna at her apartment complex. by TremblingTexan0103/25/113.44


 — Mom masturbates in the afternoon. by HotKittySpank08/24/054.18

Saturday in the Office

 — A man fantasizes about his co-worker. by Series 603/26/063.74

Saturday Morning

 — Enjoying each other on a lazy Saturday morning. by i_would08/22/124.03

Saturday Morning Benefits

 — Co-worker crush ends with mutual masturbation. by Series 604/08/064.45

Saturday Night Fever

 — Secret masturbating while she's in the room too. by NottinghamHarry01/18/123.84

Saturday Night With My Best Friend

 — A single, horny woman finds ways to relax. by Pink Sugar01/29/064.29

Saturday Seeds at the Office

 — A lady tries to help a co-worker get over a crush. by kjane07/06/084.35

Saturday...It's A Blast

 — Fun in front of webcam. by ohblackwater03/07/064.62


 — Horny BBW fantasizes while getting off. by Chrissy_BBW_Bi09/27/024.09


 — Bottling up all her desires. by VeniVici03/05/074.20

Scenario 01: Getting the Edge Off

 — She thought she could get in a quickie while he showered. by lyricalcandy03/24/064.07

Scent of Cherries

 — A girl gets off on the smell of her friend's shirt. by JediMistress01/06/123.59

Scott Gets Some Candy Ch. 03

 — Scott and Candy are left craving each other's company by hells_belle12/14/124.20

Scratching An Itch

 — They meet for mutual masturbation at rest stop. by slstealer05/22/044.24

Screams of Joy

 — Joy works off her tension in the shower. by Racking08/25/123.83

Screw Me

 — She has some fun with office supplies. by Foxdiva902/04/133.54

Secret Moment to Myself

 — I wanted just the right memory while I made myself cum. by recordshop05/09/124.39

Secret Sin

 — Emerald has a secret solitary vice. by IntenseQuiet04/25/074.43

Seducing a Friend Ch. 02

 — She puts the first part of her plan into action. by Greta12308/31/124.06

Seducing the Imagination

 — Reader is touched by erotic story, all over! by KillerMuffin03/15/014.51HOT

Selena's Play Time

 — Orgasm after orgasm rips through my body as I masturbate. by Selena Down03/14/054.47

Self Appreciation

 — A quiet morning to enjoy himself. by HighPlainsDrifter08/19/124.13

Self Discovery

 — Lucy begins a journey of self-discovery. by afficionada08/21/143.91

Self Exploration

 — Once of my first experiences with anal masturbation by ChastitySommers11/17/134.42

Self Love

 — Girl who loves herself, does herself. by ~Black-Wolf~08/04/013.85

Self Love

 — A woman consumed by her need to masturbate. by Thrall_6703/26/044.37

Self Love - an Inspiration

 — For a sensual and inspiring woman. by Lixalot07/02/124.23

Self Love at Dawn

 — Morning pilates turns into a session of self love. by jenniferleigh09/14/144.03

Self Pleasure

 — Enjoying a bath after a long day at work. by SweetSassyVixen09/30/064.40

Self Pleasures

 — He comes up with a great idea. by Many Feathers08/03/054.43Contest Winner

Self Pleasuring

 — Excited by her writing, she take care of her needs. by ilikeice01/08/103.87

Self Sucking - A Great Discovery!

 — He discovers the joy of sucking his own cock. by writingmakesmehot12/05/114.37


 — Play with a dildo. by seeape09/27/084.43

Self-Pleasure on a Cold Night

 — Lonely woman, dirty movie, & new toy. by Sassypoo06/29/044.11

Self-Portrait on Masturbation

 — Self-portrait of a woman seeking release. by gorgeousmika11/18/053.92

Selfsucking Adventure

 — A masturbation exploration. by TheGWAG11/08/044.39

Semi Detached

 — An enhanced neighbor transforms a bewildered friend. by The_Great_Cerdan01/06/113.76


 — Dare she take the leap from friends to more? by big_brown_blowjob_eyes07/27/094.57HOT

Send Ch. 02

 — The morning after... by big_brown_blowjob_eyes02/06/104.47

Send in the Clone

 — Joining by proxy as the wife and lesbian babysitter play. by RejectReality08/26/144.50HOT

Senior Week to Remember

 — Young man gets more than he bargained for. by playn4fun12/12/083.77


 — They enjoy candles, wine, massage, & a new toy. by Coltrane02/05/013.36

Sensual Exercises

 — Self gratification through exercise. by CathyO195507/13/114.28

Sensuous Cell Sex

 — She receives one hot phone call. by kiki_larue04/22/02

Serendipity and a Beer Bottle

 — Sometimes, life just smiles on you. by pdp6802/12/144.23

Session in Skype

 — Allie plays with herself on cam for long distance boyfriend by JagFarlane04/23/143.96

Settling in Bradbury

 — Young teacher finds herself in a large house all alone. by Anitole01/03/093.69

Sex Between Vinnie and James Ch. 02

 — Vinnie gives James a farewell bang. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/08/084.00

Sex By Candlelight and Internet

 — Jackie keeps an internet date for the first time. by jacquioh206/05/054.40

Sex Lies and Lamborghinis Ch. 03

 — Fun and games at Mick's house. by aussie_10109/27/114.51HOT

Sex Patents

 — She invented 101 new ways to have sex. by Writer_Biker07/27/074.64HOT

Sex Slave Story Ch. 8

 — Teddi gets it from all sides. by M10/09/004.32

Sex Slave Story Ch. 9

 — Slaves enjoy Orgasm Machine. by M10/09/004.19

Sex Toy Marathon

 — Couple uses sex toys to enhance their bliss. by mrsdozer07/20/034.03

Sex Toys

 — Friends have fun while husbands away. by The-oldmans-wife11/03/023.62

Sex Toys for Joanna

 — Unique pleasures for her long nipples. by HeyAll07/12/154.42

Sex without Sex

 — Battery powered sex, with a man thrown in. by rkm1011/14/064.46

Sex Writer Symposium: 06

 — Masturbation: Chaos Cure. by PenningFreer03/03/104.10

Sexploration Ch. 03

 — Being alone...quenching desire. by Mystsubmissive03/01/133.38


 — The story of my sexpo experience. by lustyem05/31/114.25

Sextoys R' Us

 — A guy finds a very weird thing in his girlfriend's bedroom. by Svenskaflicka01/03/034.12

Sexual Healing Ch. 02

 — She continues journey to find an orgasm. by justme105906/01/044.21

Sexual Institution Ch. 03

 — Young women attend an institution focused on sexual behavior. by NudeDreams02/22/144.14

Sexual Studies Ch. 01

 — Samantha completes the initial examination. by smalltitslovr02/18/154.41

Sexual Urge

 — Fantasy gets mixed with reality as a couple masturbate. by BloodWhore200302/26/043.81

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