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A Phone Call to Judy Ch. 01

 — Sarah's sexy colleague becomes her phone sex partner. by pixie200206/14/064.60HOT

A Photo Shoot: Real or Fantasy?

 — A special gift - for him or for her? by MzTich10/02/043.70

A Pile-up on the Interstate

 — Even a traffic jam can be fun. by dawoolef12/20/104.02

A Pleasurable Vacation

 — Toys plus a holiday equals a whole lot of fun. by CandyBree8311/26/084.40

A Present from Santa

 — A new widow recieves a present from Santa. by DaddysTisha12/24/084.07

A Private Moment Shared

 — She catches lover masturbating in bath. by VelvetTipper01/01/054.16

A Private Time

 — A private time and first anal experience. by welshpaddy12/03/153.92

A Promise

 — Coworker promises best blowjob. by MyRealAutobiographyOfSex04/06/183.89

A Question of Lust

 — Megan becomes a contestant on an adult game show. by JukeboxEMCSA02/05/114.54HOT

A Quick Frolicking

 — A young woman breaks out of her shell just a little. by fulmineo01/11/143.96

A Quiet Night at Home

 — Siobhan begins her night of wild masturbation. by bingochalice10/23/074.22

A Quiet Night at Home Ch. 02

 — Siobhan continues her night of masturbation. by bingochalice04/24/084.22

A Quiet Night at Home Ch. 03

 — Siobhan's story continues from a different point of view. by bingochalice07/25/134.36

A Rainy Day

 — Rain inspires fantasies and pleasure. by LatinPashn07/04/093.53

A Real Evening (Getting) Off

 — Pleasuring yourself is the best fun. by agnetha10003/01/174.46

A Real Man in My Life Ch. 01

 — Yummy Mummy reads a book, gets turned on to sex again. by Androgynousother03/26/174.68HOT

A Relaxing Bath

 — During bath, she remember your fantasies. by naughtyblondie04/24/043.95

A Room with a View

 — Some views are better than others. by Ann Douglas08/16/174.53HOT

A Rose Alone

 — A lonely woman, memorable dreams, a single rose. by _aris_07/14/043.52

A Rubber Dolly

 — An inheritance very well spent to improve his love life. by Boxlicker10111/06/114.12

A Rubber Lover for Leanne

 — Her first experience with a vibrator. by XXNoraJeanXX11/10/074.09

A Salesman

 — You enjoy a door to door salesman. by Traveler_au08/01/023.57

A Self Portrait Threw Mine Eyes

 — Me, myself, and I. by EgyptsGoddess03/20/123.79

A Selfish Pleasure

 — She pleasures herself to your pictures. by Goddess6805/28/064.06

A Shopping Trip

 — Fun with toys in the changing room. by cahab05/28/033.81

A Shot in the Bathroom

 — The story of a man addicted to porn and masturbation by ChronicMB01/27/082.39

A Show By The Door

 — Learning to let her watch. by just_wondering_man05/25/104.10

A Show for You

 — Leggings lead to a show for him... by CleavageToBeaver03/21/164.20

A Simple Night Alone

 — The story took place as it was wrote, so it's nothing big. by Entricity01/08/114.40

A Slut's Journal: All Over the House

 — The latest task is completed. by DominantOne0004/17/123.82

A Soldier's Wife

 — Keeping out of trouble while her husband is deployed. by Irish Moss09/17/083.92

A Somewhat Discovery Ch. 01

 — A discovery that leads to a whole lot more. by juturuna02/08/073.75

A Somewhat Discovery Ch. 02

 — She catches on while its his turn for the fun. by juturuna03/09/073.33

A Special 40th Birthday Ch. 01

 — He comes home from a hard days work. by Patsplaything02/16/063.85

A Special Birthday

 — Julie receives an intimate gift and surprise. by Master_Vassago04/02/034.43

A Special Holiday Treat

 — He takes a hot trip, she gives him more. by Blackz_Sidez09/11/053.70

A Spring Bike Ride Gone Odd

 — A warm naked afternoon of assorted firsts and infidelities. by yowser06/19/154.18

A Stimulating Yoga Class

 — Once aroused, Faye's needs are not to be denied. by Lexi_White04/07/184.33

A Story Of Pleasure - 3rd Person

 — A short story of a night in bed I've made for you. by theH12/09/123.54

A Story To Make Her Cum

 — A woman masturbates as her lover reads to her. by partyfairy05/28/133.76

A Stroker for the Ladies

 — For ladies who love to masturbate. You know who you are. by AlwaysHungry03/16/184.63HOT

A Subscription to Satisfaction

 — Technology gives him more than he bargained for. by J-Stroke05/28/084.22

A Suitable Answer

 — She gets a taste of a stranger and wants more. by jane_is_dead03/03/053.73

A Sweet Treat

 — A little candy makes for sweet fun. by juturuna01/11/073.64

A Swim and a Sauna

 — A man has some voyeuristic fun on his business trip. by flsexwriter11/14/164.02

A Swimmer's Tale

 — She masturbated for the first time at age 20. by julieshining07/11/053.50

A Tale Of Two Jerry's

 — Her mind started to wander while in the tub. by DarkrSide04/06/083.27

A Teacher's Business Ch. 01

 — Clay has desires only a student can fulfill. by HRose09/15/123.60

A Teddy Bare Massage

 — We both got rubbed the right way. by daddy_o5108/26/094.00

A Tentacled Dream Come True Ch. 01

 — Pleasure to a tentacled fantasy... by cultofstrawberry05/18/184.17

A Thakur and His Bahu Ch. 06

 — The young man has his fill of Binita. by misterwho06/08/074.42

A Thank You Note!

 — Erotica author "inspires" reader to "relax and have fun". by Apple_of_Eden09/03/144.32

A Trip Away

 — A cure for insomnia? by cait170311/20/074.23

A Trip by Car

 — A car trip with a difference. by pjd6602/26/183.32

A Trip Down Memory Lane

 — Remembering first attempts brings her to a new climax. by Bibrarian03/31/104.04

A True Fantasy

 — Junior college girl puts on a show with her toy. by J-Nite06/27/054.23

A Union Consummated

 — Co-ed girls with a very special toy. by wet_special09/01/104.55HOT

A Vacuum Cleaner from Japan

 — Sam masturbates with a new vacuum which she bought in Japan. by Cairne2703/03/184.37

A Valentine For One

 — Self love reaches a new climax. by darktwin01/27/093.04

A Valentine's Day Letter

 — A special delivery on a special day. by nancygibson01/23/064.65HOT

A Vegas Surprise

 — Dan surprises Stephanie with a special toy. by D_Burrows03/21/074.49

A Very Special Delivery

 — Bulletin board exhibitionist gets a creamy surprise. by xPhantomKissX02/05/064.49

A Very Special Delivery Ch. 02

 — Another delivery arrives, along with a few more surprises. by xPhantomKissX03/12/064.68HOT

A Vibrating Kind of Valentine's Day

 — Husband buys his wife a dildo/vibrator for Valentine's Day. by andtheend01/27/103.07

A Video of Kelsey

 — He received a package in the mail he never expected to see. by DarkrSide03/13/104.16

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 03

 — Ready to end her virginity, Jessica masturbates herself. by SusanJillParker10/09/143.98

A Virgin Wants to Learn to Write

 — Betty-Jo discovers a great guide to writing and much more. by leBonhomme01/29/134.14

A Visit to an Arcade

 — She thought arcades were for kids; you proved her wrong, by pinball_fun02/22/084.21

A Visit to Grandmother's House

 — She discovers Grandmother's amazing past. by Ann Douglas08/24/174.64HOT

A Vivid Imagination

 — She fantasizes about him while masturbating. by Angelpheonix01/28/054.00

A Warm Shower

 — Every girl should start the day with a shower. by DevKaif05/25/074.18

A Wedding Gift For Darcy

 — Some old home movies are always appropriate. by Mike Franklin06/14/064.10

A Welcome Surprise

 — Lonely woman yearns for her soldier to return from war. by HeloJeff12/01/084.00

A wet weekend

 — Emily enjoys her time at a private cabin. by Othermoose12/16/143.98

A Widow's Tale

 — Woman masturbates, unaware of voyeur watching. by WhosOnFirst10/31/043.90

A Wife and Her Dildo

 — An unfulfilled wife's sexy romp with her dildo. by MDuchess01/09/124.25

A Wife's Fantasy

 — Her secret coupling. by Fielden10/30/044.00

A Wife's Secret Pleasure

 — She waits for her husband to leave so she can play. by partyfairy01/25/074.08

A Winter Wonder

 — Mature woman masturbates for the first time. by curiositykitten03/20/074.13

A Winter's Reverie

 — She recalls that day of passion. by GeeGee201/22/134.53HOT

A Winter's Tale

 — She warms up with her dildo. by littlemuffy01/01/034.12

A Woman and her Vibrators

 — A neglected wife experiments with her favorite toys. by jenniferleigh08/01/144.01

A Woman's Best Friend

 — Em responds to an ad for quick cash. by NothernBelle10/04/033.99

A Woman's Secret

 — The desires that women keep hidden. by WickedWitch07/16/014.27

A World of Cyber

 — My first multiple orgasm chatting with a friend. by pmpkty05/19/093.79

A Writer's Secret

 — Young erotic writer comes with her fantasies. by RedHairedandFriendly03/04/074.38

A Year Apart Ch. 01: The Prologue

 — A college freshman gets a sexy email from a girl at home. by frozenhero104/07/154.65HOT

A Year of Firsts Ch. 02

 — She wants to feel skin on skin. by melaniej11/10/054.47

A Year of Firsts Ch. 03

 — She begins to discover essence of sex in practice. by melaniej12/05/054.28

A Young Womans Bath

 — She explores herself while bathing. by DarbyAnn2301/08/043.62

A-Cup Runneth Over

 — Hotel room mutual masturbation experience. by Amandas_secret02/14/044.21


 — Testing the toys for anal pleasure. by Heinz5707/18/124.25


 — Friendship begins with dinner and ??? by Heinz5708/10/174.00


 — Robb discovers Abby has the same problem her cousin has. by Imaslut10/15/083.86

Abigail's Assignment

 — A photographic assignment leads to a fantastic finish. by WoodyTheWise06/01/124.49


 — He doesn't let her miss him while he's away. by arbenitre07/21/114.02

Absence Ch. 01

 — She was already missing him. by TonyDowse10/09/084.41

Academy Bound

 — She changes her mind about her future. by hmmnmm04/11/173.52

Accidental Discovery

 — 18-year-old girl finds anal joy. by AnalAnnie9912/25/054.30

Aching at Bedtime

 — I had some trouble sleeping, decided to take some web advice. by letsgofucksome_honeybuns08/01/143.70

Across a Dimly Lit Room

 — A boy. A girl. Erotic and Esoteric. by John98802/05/183.73

Across the Road Ch. 01

 — A follow up to #86 - Mark reflects on his previous adventure. by SaucySexySlut09/12/173.85

Across the Road Ch. 02

 — Mark arrives for the dinner party. by SaucySexySlut09/13/173.80

Across Time and Space

 — He helps her find some relief over the computer. by ebunny1507/11/11

Active Imagination

 — A girl helps herslef while reading a story. by xblondie2235x11/08/093.74

Adam and Sandy's Plus 1

 — Husband and wife share a toy and a fantasy. by ProfessorAshton02/27/184.56HOT


 — I want to share my fantasy with you. by CaliforniaKitty02/21/093.67

Adding Cream to My Coffee

 — Wife tells husband to cum in his coffee and drink it. by Horny Couple02/12/133.97

Addison's New Friend

 — An eighteen year old girl meets with her psychiatrist. by eroslit07/18/094.64HOT

Adrienne's Secret

 — Cybersex fantasy. by rolechick2207/04/033.71

Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 03

 — Day three: human anatomy. by smalltitslovr12/14/144.58HOT

Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 04

 — Masturbation, sex toys, and orgasm. by smalltitslovr02/28/154.57HOT

Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 04.5

 — Samantha plays with her new toy. by smalltitslovr06/26/154.29

Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 05

 — A lesson on oral sex. by smalltitslovr09/21/154.53HOT

Adventures in Amsterdam

 — Laser panties? Are those for real? by jadeserenade02/01/044.18

After a Long Day of Work

 — After a long day, a woman fantasizes of an erotic encounter. by realclear05/17/163.92

After Class Ritual

 — College schoolgirl gets horny and must get some relief. by Sethleham09/15/053.40

After Hours with Mrs Jenner

 — Horny MILF shows him how she uses her fingers. by geronimo_appleby07/09/124.42

After I Caught Her

 — Wife is caught masturbating and shows all. by IRonMan7804/16/084.04

After School

 — Lonely fun is had after school. by RichCharm05/10/163.47

Afternoon Alone to Play

 — Left alone to rummage. by alexander20038605/25/183.89NEW

Afternoon Delight

 — Every afternoon, she makes love to her imaginary lover. by midnightfalcon07/22/084.00

Afternoon Nap

 — Her toy gives her sweet thoughts. by KarennaC01/19/083.87

Afternoon Play

 — Play with toys and light bondage. by Audiomicrowave03/21/073.20

Afternoon, Home Alone

 — Can gray afternoon be colored when loneliness is here? by Vickymp10/28/054.03


 — After chatting, he needs to come for her again. by lustybard01/10/114.05

Airplane Hand Luggage

 — Groped by a stranger at 50,000 feet. by buttnhose09/21/094.05

Airport Security

 — She accidentally wears a toy into airport security. by zipzap109/15/063.74

Alexa's Inbox

 — Erotic writer gets feedback from horny fans. by CeliaisAliena05/29/104.24

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